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Mix Your Faith

2020-08-16 | 🔗

If you want to see God’s promises fulfilled in your life, you have to mix them with a special ingredient.

When you add your faith to what He said, you activate the power of His promise. Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Doubt doesn't activate the power talking about how it not going to happen. How big the odds because our how you Eddie advantage that's going to keep you, your destiny, why don't you start mixing in fact when you believe angels go to work when you believe supernatural doors when believe TAT John. When you believe pill accomplish dreams. Much bigger. You thought I'd. This is joining the Tories base for downloading or pod. Can we enjoy spending this time? What do I know, you're going to leave, encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe, to get new messages every week and follow us on social media to stay connected. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy the message, God bless you it's great to have you with us today, I'm no God has made seeing things in your future hope you stay connected with this all through the week. You can download our podcast, listen to the messages anytime.
Or you can go to our you to channel, but these pertaining in I like to start with something funny I heard about this mom she was cooked breakfast for her to young boys. Rhine was far. Kevin was three then begin to argue over who should get the first pancake. She saw this as an opportunity to teach them a lesson. She said boys boys. If Jesus were here, he would say. Let me brother, had the first pain K ran turned to his younger brother. Said: ok, Kevin! You be Jesus, say it like you mean it. This is my bible, I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I could do says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God, boldly confess mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. In Jesus Name, God bless! You want to talk to you today about mixture of faith
God has given us all these powerful promises in the scripture promises that say we will an abundant lie. We will be healthy and whole we can do all things do cries own in hundreds of promises, of favor increase restoration, but is powerful. As these promises are as encouraging and inspiring as they can be bad themselves. These promises won't. Do you any good on there? you won't see any change there. Just nice incur bridging words you have to add and ingredients that activates the power there Then you have when you put it with the promised. That's what makes it come alive and become what God said he Bruce Force is. The word did not profit them not being mixed with faith when they heard it. These people heard the promises, God told
they were going to overcome opposition defeat enemies and make it into the promised land. He told them they would live in houses that they didn't build and have vineyards that they didn't play, but just because God promised it does, it mean is automatically going to happen. He throws the prom does out like a sea. What kind of ground is it going to follow some people here the promise that God is restoring health back into them instead of mixing faith, they think, I'll never get well. Did you see the medical report? There are mixing something. The problem is it's the wrong thing there mixing doubt mixing unbelief! That's why gods word did not profit in Prague.
It means they didn't see, increase they didn't overcome the challenge. They didn't have the favour, not because God wasn't able, not because the promise lost its power its because the promise was it mixed with fate. God brought the Israelites out of slavery. He parted the Red Sea drowned their enemies. They made it to the promised land. They were camped next door, you would they. They would be full of fate ready to take the lead and no one that guy brought them to in the past and he would bring them through this time noses sit twelve men to spy out the promised land. Ten of them came back in We don't have a chance that people are too big. We felt like grasshoppers compared to then God had already promised them victory. He'd already told them the land was theirs, they just had to go in and possess it. They had the promise guarded spoken to them, but
Promise alone is not enough. God does his part Vinnie wait to see what we're going to do. What are you going to mix with the promise, there's only one ingredient that activates the power only one ingredient that ignites what God said and that's Spain. How do we mix our fate? We agree with what God promised Lord. Thank you that, as for me in my house, we will serve the law thank you that the number of my days you will fulfil? That's not just be an positive. That's mixing your fate, that's what activate the Aramis. When the Israelites heard this negative report, it begin to spread all throughout can't before long two million people were afraid, complaining, say and Moses. Let's go back to Egypt. Let's go back to being
lives the mistake they made. Is they mixed in doubt they mixed in unbelief? What happened? The word did not profit in there. Never made it into the promised land. What are you mixing with what God promised you God said he'll make streams in the day even in famine, you will have more than enough. Joel. I don't know this pandemic has slowed my business, I don't how I could ever get out a did. Your mixing in the wrong thing. The promise, even though its powerful, even though it can cause doors to open it's not going to property, doubt doesn't activate the power talkin about how it's not going to happen. How big the obstacles are, how you at a disadvantage, that's going to keep you Your destiny, why don't you start mixing in faith when you believe angels go to work You believe supernatural doors will open,
You believe, you'll defeat giants You believe you'll will accomplish dreams much bigger than you thought. Now, here's the key you don't to have a lot of faith? The scripture says if you have paid the size of a mustard seed, you can move a mountain. What you're up against may seem impossible. The odds are against you, but when you say God, I know you can do, the impossible. You said when the enemy comes. In luck, applaud. You would raise up a barrier, You said whom the sun sets. Pre is free. Indeed, you said my children mighty in the land. You know what you did you just mixed in faith, faith ignite the promise like Matt, even though it small, even though it doesn't look like much its powerful there's fire in the match, it can become a huge force, but nothing happens until you ignited when you strike that man
and it catches bar. Then the power is released. The same way with the promises they are powerful. They can bring healing they can restore relationships. They can catapult you to a new level, but what do you any good until you ignite them when you make your faith with the promise is powerful. Things happen. A little match can start a huge fire. A little faith can start a huge blessing. Obeyed, can open big doors. Little faith can A compact sinner little faith can heal. You from Herman illnesses. Little faith can defeat great giants. Don't believe those laws that you don't have enough. They you had the faith. You need to get you to your destiny. Now, do your part start mixing faith with the promise? it's easy to mix in doubt, make sphere, make self pity mix, complain
but there's only one ingredient, that's going to property. All Others won't. Do you any good when I was growing up, my mother always cooked for the family, and there were five of US children. She was a good I'm saying that by faith, remembering the males that I could eat, then another was interesting sheet. Necessarily go by the recipes. She just added one. For she had available. One time I was in the kitchen with them. I was about seven years old and she was making She realized she didn't have any sugar the recipe call for a half a cup. I thought: what are we going to do? She said Ojo, it's no problem, I'll just add a half a cup of applesauce. Instead, you love applesauce. She mixed up all the ingredients and poured them in till one of those tall containers, bout, six inches high, like a bunch cake, it was supposed to rise and feel that contain
thirty minutes later. She took it out of the oven. It was about an inch tall, you think I'm an optimist. My mother said Joe. It will still be delicious. I took one by it. Tasted, like washing detergent, take the scripture says if you eat any deadly thing, it will not harm you. What's my point when your cookies the right ingredients matter? You can substitute applesauce per sugar, but you're not going to get the result you're. Looking for in the same way God has a recipe so to speak, to bring his promises to pass. There's this Specific ingredient, you have to add, is called thing. If you put something else in you're, not going to get the right results too often, we're mixing in doubt fear worry. We wonder why our cake is not rising, never gonna happen I'm too old is problems too big ever
body in my family. Has this addiction? Do yourself a favor go back to the recipe, adding all these ingredients that are not called poor start adding in fade father. Thank you, what you started in my life, you will finish. Thank you. Strong in the Lord. Thank it that I can do All things do Christ. They did that the enemies see today, I will see no more, you keep doing that You're, going to see those promises come to pass. The other two spies Joshua in Caleb came back from the promised land. They had a different report, They said Moses. We are well able to take the land. Yes, the giants are big, but we No, our God is bigger. Let us go in at once. Unlike the other spaz, these two men chose to mix bathed with the problem
they saw the same giants, same obstacles, same problem, I'm sure they were tempted to complain. We don't have a chance, but they understood this principle. If the promise is going to be fulfilled, you have to add the right in greedy. You can't go around talking defeat. You can't live worried think it is never going to work out afraid that you're not going to get well. That's not going to activate the promise you'll have to mix in your face faith. Maybe a child is, of course not making good decisions. Running the wrong crowd. God promises the seed of the righteous. That means your children, we'll be mighty in the land that promise gives us hope it. Let us know that gods favour is on our children, that they will be influential successful history makers, but although this promise is powerful, although it has the potential to
whilst our children into their destiny to break chains that are holding them back to set them on course to rise higher it do them any good unless we mix our fate with it, you have to make it personal father. Thank you that matches then, we'll be mighty in the land. Thank you that your hand a favour is upon them. Thank you that they will become. Who you ve created them to be you just ignited the promised that when you're going to see the word property need may not have. An overnight but keep mixing. They keep declaring what God saying, keep Talkin like it's on the way God is faithful to his work interesting is Josh away in Caleb, where the the two out of that whole group of over two million people that ever made it into the promised land it's because they were the only to the mix.
Faith with the promises that only two did saw. The word profit there now wonder how many promises are not profiting simply because we're not mixing fate with their well. If God wants to hear me, he'll hear me: if he wants to bless me, bless me no, even though God is all powerful, even though he controls the universe he needs. An ingredient from you the scripture says without fade, it's impossible to please God he does. It necessarily need your talent, your ability, your magic agent. He need your fate. He need you to get an agreement with him to take that problem and believe that it will come to pass to a young lady there was trying to have a baby years had gone by with no success, and she had taken the fertility treatment now
Legally speaking, she was told it was not possible, it's easy to accept it. Think it's not meant to be, but there are promises you need the active. It says in some one thirteen God will make them a woman, a happy mother of children guy can bring your wound back to lie. It's not too late. He can cause you the five the odds and give you a child, but this promise on its own, or do you any good it just to hope statement. It needs another ingredient, your faith. I can declare it over you. Other people can play. That God will give you a child and that's good, but there's nothing more power. Then, when you make your faith with the promise, that's when angels go to work. That's when miracles are set in motion and said. I think it will never happen all through the day. Father. Thank you that the fruit of my womb is blast,
Thank you that there's a baby that already has my name on them. Thank you for what you promise that you will make me. The happy mother of children find the promises that have to do with what you're, believing for and start mixing your faith with them their blessing, healing freedom, new levels that God has for you, but their own I activated when you get an agreement, so I'm thirty says God has blessings stored up for the righteous. I want to activate that promise. I need God's favor to fulfill my destiny. Everyday. I say Lord, thank you for those blessings you have stored up for me. Thank you that your opening doors that no man can shut. Thank you that your favor surrounds me like a shield. It is no good thing where you were told, because our walk uprightly- that's not just quoting scripture, that's not just making hopeful statements. That's mixing! Nothing
that's adding an ingredient that causes what God said to become profitable to me a couple of weeks ago. An opportunity came, was more than I can imagine. I wasn't looking for it. I didn't know the people wasn't trying to make it happen. It was one of those blessings God had stored up. For me, it was his favour cause in meat. Stand out. It was his goodness chasing me down, but I dont believe it would have happened if I had not been mixing my faith with the promises wasn't a coincidence. I didn't just lucky, that was the word profiting me because I'm mixed it with faint, maybe you ve, been through a disappointment, a bad breath. It's easy to live down discourage. Why did this happen? Try a different approach! Father! Thank you for what you promised that you will give me beauty for these ashes. Thank you that you said all things are working together, promo use
no weapon formed against me, will prosper this may form, but nor DA, thank you that is not going to prosper when you in tough times the enemy would love for you to mix in self pity god I don't understand in bitterness. It's not fair mix in doubt I'll, never meet the right person. That's when you have to dig down deep and say I know you are still on the throne. Know your plan, for me our programme and know what was meant for harm your turn into my I know my latter days will be better than my former days. What your mixing with the promise is, what did Herman whether they come alive and you see gods, favour and blessings or whether the promises will not profit? You I know a young lady. There was graduating from high school her when was to be in theatre? She loved, acting and singing being a part of plays. There was a.
Stages school that she really wanted to ten. She applied for a scholarship. The problem was there were only twelve positions available, but twenty six hundred other students applied as well. The chances of getting in we're so small. She could have been discourage thought just. My luck is never going to happen, but instead of mixing doubt with the promise they. Can she didn't have a chance. She did what I'm asking us to do all the day. Father. Thank you that you are Aber is causing me to stand out. You said because our delight self in you. You will give me that his hours of my heart she kept mixing Faye thanking God that he was working. Hearing favour believe in the right. Doored would open a few months later she see didn't email. It said. Congratulations out of the twenty six hundred students you're one of the twelve that we have chosen
God can make a way. Will you don't see away he's limited by what you don't have he's not, intimidated by what you up, against the odds being kids to doesn't stop is playing, God is about to open a door that you can't open he's about to turn that illness around he's about to free you from that addiction that child is about to get back. On course, God has blessings stored up, produce healing freedom favor, Breakthroughs, George. I don't think this will happen for me. I never get, any good, brags you're right. You can't mixed down and see gods promises property, you can't mix negative talking take. It is not going to happen, start mixing, fame You don't have to see how it's going to happen. God has ways you ve. Never thought of. All you have to do is get in agreement with him.
You said, innovations that we would see their surpassing greatness of your favor. You said whatever I touch would prosper, succeed. You said you would always caused me to try and I don't see a way but Oh, you have away the odds, against me, but I know you are for me: you keep mixing faith like tat. God will make things happen that you can't make happen Hilton You were you can't go on your in John Chapter for Jesus was true. Going through Galilee. He came to the town of cane and there was a government official in another city that had a son that was very sick, close today when he heard Jesus was in CANA, he washed over. There fell it Jesus feet and big the heal his son. Jesus didn't go at first, but the man pleaded
please Jesus come now. My little boy is about to die. Jesus looked at the man and said you can go back home. Your son is healed. This It says the man believe Jesus word and started back home. The main could a thought, I'm not heaving Jesus. You didn't even pray for my son. You didn't even big healing too I'm staying here too. You come with me. He said. Tat was I've heard the word. I've heard what God promised that my son is well, I'm not going to mix in doubt I'm not going to mix in worry, take it it's not going to happen didn't. Do it my way, I'm gonna mixed the ride ingredient I'm going to add my fate. Lord. I believe what you said it and around and headed home, no sign that in
thing changed. Nothing looked any different. Ali head was a promise, but he did what I'm asking us to do. He mixed bathed with it. He was moved by what he saw. He wasn't discourage because Jesus didn't come. He wasn't complaining that it seemed impossible. He just kept thanking God, but what he heard every thought told him that his son would never get well it's too late. Jesus wooden com. You should be disappointed. He had a thousand reasons to doubt to worry to be upset, but he kept mixing his faith with the promise. I believe these, I believe what Jesus said that my son will live while he was walking home people from his house. Came running toward him. I can imagine him seeing them in the distance thought started bombarding his man. They come in with the bad news. Your son didn't make it it's too late.
Deep down. He kept play in those words. Thank you Jesus. My son will live long believe what you promised that people finally made it to him. They had a big smile. They said we have good news. All of the sudden. Your son got better. How he is perfectly well run and around playing like nothing was ever wrong. That's what happens when add the right ingredient to the promises. Not doubt not worry, not fear, mixing your faith. Dare to believe what God told you. Don't he moved by what you don't see that how long it's taking that, how bad it looks, but what you don't have, God has the final say there are promises. He spoken to you. You don't see anything changing! It's been a long time. He attempted to give up. Guy has you hearing this because its
The way you are closer than you think this is not the time to start doubting. Now, more than ever, we need to stir up your faint keep thanking God, but what he promised, keep declaring. What he said keep talking like it on the way, don't let those negative thoughts override what God is spoken to you when you're fighting the illness. Father. Thank you for what you promised. I will live and not in declared the works of the law. When you're struggling, and your finances Nord thank that I will land and not borrow that, whatever our touch, what prosper in succeed? That's what brings the promises to lie? The scripture says all of God's promises are yes in a man. God gives you the promise he gives you the yes says, I'm going to do it but the yes alone is not enough. You have to add the aim into it
Amen means, I believe in God, I'm in agreement with you, When Jesus told the man your son is well, he gave the yes, but the man add the aim in. If you we have gone home discouraged. I can't believe Jesus wouldn't come with me. I don't know, It would have been the same outcome. God says yes, now do Europe's the aim in two: it God said your children, Be mighty in the land don't go by you see, go about what God said it You'll get an agreement with God. It will change. What you see God said he's gonna when you to a flourishing finish, your response, just three simple words, Lord believe God said he will open the windows of Heaven pour out blessings that you cannot contain I don't see how your you don't have to see how Lord believe, God said he's
to restore the years that were stolen. Lord, I believe God said enemies. You see today, you will see no more. You may think of a thousand is and why that's not going to happen. I can give you one group reason, while it will happen the creator of the universe, the God who spoke whirls into existence, has declared he doesn't go back on his work. I asking you to add the right ingredient, no more mixing in doubt, no more mixing, unbelief start mixing your faith, so the promises will become profitable to you. So you will see the greatness of our guy. He wants to show out in your line, he has awesome things in your future dreamed. I would be up here
never dreamed. We would own the compact centre. This didn't happen because I had the most talent, the most education the most face. The truth is, I had mustard seed bay, but I dared to believe what sir. I dared to add the amen to what he promised. Doors have open that I never dreamed would open Can I encourage you you're on the verge of something you ve never seen. God is getting you prepared for their surpassing greatness of his favour. It's going to came to beg, you don't see how it can happen, how you could afford it, how you could accomplish it? It's not going to happen by your my by your power. The most TAT God is going to breed on you in a new way. He's going to make things happen that you couldn't make happen now every day. Thank him for the promised in a fee and for the far and beyond favor, if you'll keep mixing faith with the promises
leave and declare what God said. It's going to property. New doors are about to open the right. People are about to show well Nigger situations are about to turn around healing is coming freedom, breakthroughs, abundant! The fullness of your desk, any in Jesus, nay, and if you receive it, can you say a man I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus repent of massive come in by heart, my lord and safe. If you private, simple prayer. We believe you got born again, we'd love to send you some free information promotion on your new walk with the largest text. The number on the screen, I hope, you'll get it. A good Bible based charge, keep God first place. Thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe
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