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Positioned for Increase

2019-12-08 | 🔗
When something ceases in your life, that’s a sign that something better is on the way. God never stops provision unless he has something better in store. Don't be discouraged when a door closes. God is about to take you where you could not go on your own!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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there is great in you work aid to live off a man don't have man a mentality don't complain when something ceases in your life if it stopped it wasn't supposed to be permanent just a step on the way to your destiny this is a jewel victoria base for downloading or podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i know you want to leave encouraged and inspire make sure you scribe to get new messages every week and follow us on social media to stay connected we appreciate your support it helps keep the ministry going enjoy the mess oh god bless you it's a joy to come into your homes and if you in our area please by be a part of one our services are promise you we will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny and i heard about this
a girl she asked her mother how the human race got started her mother splain how god created adam and eve and they had children on and on here we are the day few days later she asked her father the same question explained how many years ago there were monkeys and little by little they became more like people now here we are confused she went back to her mother said mom you said god created people dead said we came from monkeys how can that she's at all honey that's easy i told you about mass out of the family dad told you about his say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do they will be taught the word of god boldly confess mine is a more my heart is receptive ever be the same
jesus name god bless you talk to you today about position for increase we all have to deal with this is that come to an end we lie our main client approach we can always count on is moving away or a loved one went to be with the lord we ve god's blessing in the past we know we have his favour but it seems like that favour been taken away but odd will never remove something unless you as something better coming if he didn't stop certain things we would never get out of our comfort zone we stay with what's familiar so sometimes god will pay an end to what doesn't make sense to us we don't understand why the french walked away while the bill is pushed us why sales aren't what they used to be god not doing that to make your life more difficult he's getting
you in position for increase he had stop what was working too force you to stretch so you come in to greater provision greater opportunity this is happened with the israelites they i've been in slavery for many years when god supernaturally brought them out these two million people headed into the desert toward the pro this land the poor room was there wasn't anything to eat out there wait to survive so every morning god them something called man it was like bread that formed on the ground for forty years as they travelled the desert one day they could always count on was the man they enemies to fight they had overcome the heat there were snake and scorpions but every day like clockwork there the manner
they knew that was the hand of god taking care of them they didn't realize the man was only temporary provision they were satisfied they had some the aid but god since satisfying he was taking them into a land flowing with milk and honey land filled with resources with plenty of food when the israelites got close to the promised land something interesting happen the scripture says the man has ceased and they never saw the man again imagine what the people fought after forty years of heavy man over fourteen thousand mornings they got up and had breakfast at their tent now it was nowhere to be found i can hear that panicking god what's happening why won't you provide for us anymore
they would have lived off of manner the rest of their lives so god on purpose stop the man he said from now on i want you to cook you food there's probably in all around you don't need this manner to sustain you i'm bringing you into abundance not a coincidence that the man a start when they were about to go in to the promised land when something ceases in your lie that's it into haitian that increase is coming god will never stopped some unless he has greater provision on the way maybe a friend walked away a contract fell through you have set in your family so not as easy as it used to be the man is not coming you haven't a cook your own flew it's because about to step in to a new level them drying up is
sign you are close your promise lay what you were satisfied with was only temporary provision you were blast life was good but god has so much more in store for you he had ceased the friendship he had a move that personal way not the cause not good but they were limiting you they can go where you going god had to close the door so he can in people into your lie that will push indeed your purpose or maybe that position you were counting on didn't work out you are open it would last but was not permanent it's because it was only temporary provision god stopped the manner but cause he's forgotten about you he's about to take you do your promise lay he ceased for one reason increasing
you were you couldn't go on your own when things seas is easy to thank god where are you where the man what's happening it's been there wait for years i'm counting on it is tempting live worried we're doing something wrong we must have stepped out of god's favor go wouldn't have ceased did it didn't have something better coming when that man acquits appearing being discouraged have a new perspective on the verge of a new level that's an inch patients that walls or about to come down giants are about to be defeated you about to take new ground see new levels new opportunities not friend tony done jean played professional ball for many years after a success for career in eighteen ninety six he landed his first job as a head coach of the temple bay buccaneers football team was a dream come true he knew
it was the hand of god opening the door for years everything went great they were winning more games make it more progress there anna was there every morning the favour the provision one day he was unexpectedly let go they fired he thought i know you gave me this position when the man stops that means god is up to something the question is whether you get negative god i can't believe this happened this is not fair or will you say god i know you wouldn't have closed this door unless you are about to open a better do so i think that you are in control that your play as for me or for good that what you started in my life you will finish the man a c c is a test many people get better give up on their dreams you have to understand
and the reason the manner stops the red endorse closed the reason people walk away is you are closed your promise lay that's god taking away the temporary provision may look permanent too we were satisfied but gods for your life is much bigger than your own coach done gi was disappointed but he didn't sit around in self pity thinking about how bad life was he the same god that open the door in temper bay had now closed the door it was it long after he was let go than he was the phone call from the indianapolis colts football team they said we're looking for a coach are you interested coach dungeon took the job he went on to win the superbowl with the court's what looked like a great disappointment getting pushed down
the man of stopping was really a great blessing has some things east in your life you went through a disappointment a door closed a person walked away is more difficult than it used to be the man is not there every morning god say and get ready to do something that you ve never seen didn't cease the provision because through with you he stopped it cause it's only temporary he's at the launch you into a new level at all it's our you why did this company do me wrong what are these people leave me out it wasn't their choice it was god closing the door god was moving them away it was god stopping the man god told the israelites you need this man anymore there provision all around you they were so close to
promised land there was all kinds of food available but if god kept giving them manner they would have missed the abundance that belong to them when the man ceases in your lie like with them you're so close to promised land the provision is already there now you have to cook your own food god how could you do this for you you can stay where its familiar what you as to what's easy you have to stretch get out of your comfort zone take some steps of faith there is great news and you weren't created to live opera man don't a man a mentality don't complain when something ceases in your life if it stopped is supposed to be permanent its justice on the way to your destiny the israelites head do accept not
having any man amid the was a new day and god was doing a new thing if they would have been sour because the man is they would have no seen walls of jericho come down they would have reconquered city after city and live in the land of abundance have you let what feast in your life cause the bees sour or do you see it as a sign that you're about to go in to your promise lay when the man ceases you have to dig down d this business they have slowed down but lord i want to thank you the new doors are about to open this person walked away can you have somebody better come marriage is difficult but lord thank you piece joy restoration is on the way the closer the israelites got to the promised land the less god did for them when they were in slavery gods
plagues on the pharaoh israelites didn't have to do anything they just that back and watched god chain the faroes my god parted the red sea god drowned their enemies in the desert god gave them out of a wrong god gave them quail to eat on and on they saw the hand of god man every morning but when they were about to go into the promised land god said now i want you to cook your own food i'll bring the walls down but you have to art around them seven times out meet your enemies but you have to go in and possess delay as they closer they had grow up god expected to stand on their own two feet courage themselves to find all the fear he was saying day is over when i'm gone bring you the man the programme
is all around i brought you this far all your battles i gave you brecht every morning but for new level enter into this place of abundance you have to step up with the promised land comes a new level of responsibility maybe in the past you rely on other people to keep you incur is sheer god is going to begin to wean those people away at some point that is going to cease not because god doesn't love you but he wants you to stand on your own uk but calm who you were created to be always depending on somebody else you don't need that crutch start encouraging in all through the day i am strong in the lord something good it is going to happen to me god for me is more than the world being against me take it
your promised land you have to cook your own for the things god has done for you in the past having people encouraging cause neighbour to fall into place that's not going to continue if god can do everything for us we and see the abundance all around you may wonder why certain things seem more ethical raising your children is not as easy at work is more complicated in your finance and your work and harder for the same income state encourage you cook in you food you're about to enter in to your promise land that's and things will shift in your favour that's what you'll see increase promotion ever like you ve never seen but we have to pass this test of not falling apart when the man ceases when things not coming as easily as the used to take it
a compliment you growing they say and i don't have to reading you manner i don't have to sustained you off this temporarily provision you're getting stronger to where you can handle the fullness of what i have in store were the israelites could enter the promised land they had to say goodbye to the familiar good a manner that they had had forty years magic when it stop coming could have been discouraged lost there ashen instead they said we'll go get our own food they went found all kinds of corn grain we it was all available some people never succeed because there willing to say goodbye to the familiar goodbye to a friendship this holding them back goodbye to a job where they're not fulfil or goodbye
two old mindsets too limited thinking when the manner ceases that friendship is feeding anymore it's just pole the down making them more negative if you're not going to say goodbye you'll miss your promised land when you know you're supposed to take a step of faith and teach that class starch of business right that moving to that new neighbourhood don't stay its comfortable you can't play it if your whole life and the com you were created to be gone is the one who put the desires in god the one that caused the man to seize it was for a season but you weren't to live off a man you have to say goodbye to the familiar if you go they keep moving forward it doesn't mean that people are bad but every one is not supposed to be in your life forever when
odd closes the door the longer we hold on the more miserable we're going to be when the man a stops for that certain position you know you're supposed to step up you got are things in you but you're afraid the problem is the grace old position is not going to be there god has moved on the face where is waiting for you at your sign you have to stretch get out of your comfort zone if you say goodbye to the familiar use the new things that god has in store this is what i did i work behind the scenes here at lakewood for seventeen years i thought that's what i do rest of my life i was happy fulfilled but in nineteen not in and my father went to be with the lord and everything changed for me i knew i was supposed to step up and passed through the church but i like
in behind the scenes i was comfortable did want to have to get out in front of people when my father was alive it was easy like with the two friend of israel the men came to me every morning but window they passed it was like them ceased he was gone nothing i could do to bring him back sometimes god will close the door no matter how but we don't like it is going to reopen the good news is god never ceases the man unless he has greater provision coming here closes the door if he's not going to open up another door too often trying to hold onto old man oh friendships old attitudes all positions we god ceases that manner it means about to do a new thing you have to let go of the all what's in thing is the manner god gave israelites was
good for one day they could gather up enough three or four days but in twenty four hours it would spoil it wouldn't last when we a hold on to old manner what god used to do ship that was good for a season but not now job we're we're not fulfilled all that is spoiled growing it's not feeding you anymore maybe in your career what use to challenge you doesn't challenge it anymore you gotta tell stretch to take steps of bay you wonder why you're not fulfilled why you're not growing it's because that man is all god has fresh he's a god of new beginnings the man was fine for a season it brought you to the miss land if stand you while you were learning but it's point the man
is going to cease that's when you have to prepare you own food you have to step up you were created debate when my father passed i was afraid but did what i'm asking you to do a guy emma comfort zone i said goodbye to the familiar i stepped up to pass to the church god is taken me further than i ever imagined but had my father not i want to be with the more had men are not ceased i would never made it into my promised land use have to lose a loved one there will be times that guy cease is good thing in your life you don't feel like you have the favor you used to stay encourage that means you're about us step up to a new level god taken you from glory to glory what's yours
it is bad with was one level of glory where it was just temporary provision about to take it to a new level of glory where you see faith an increase like you'd never seen god told them profit allied due to go down to the brook cherith and the right evans would feed him they're alive arrived at the brook here provision week after week he didn't have to go get the floor every day like clockwork the ravens the him at home delivery before dominoes i'm sure he thought ignorant any better than this god you treat me oh good for months the ravens kept coming he was blast new gods favour was on him was comfortable one day the brook dried up the ravens quit coming god so the lodge and now i want you to go to the city of zero path
a widow that's going to take care of you i you could have thought that couldn't be god he's blessed me here i've seen is favour almost hey where i am he could have held to the old problem is the brook drive the ravens quit coming why it was temporarily provision elijah wit to the city of zero path that where his ministry began he saw some of the greatest miracles ever recorded in the scripture it's not a coincidence that had happened after the brook drive after the man ceased when it looked like he didn't have gods favour in blessing lacking to actually that was assigned he was about to step in to a new level of his destiny are discouraged because the brook dried up are you first because the man sees things are not happening like they used to
what you don't realize is god is positioning you for increase it looks like a setback but really it's a set up he's to do something that you ve never seen them fruit drying up is not the end it's a sign that greater provision is coming greater opportunity greater influence don't complain about the brook ready for the new things god is about to do thank you when you don't see any sign of water we believe in even more doors club keep stretching doing the right thing the look may have drawn up but what you can't see is a flood of favour is headed your way two thousand and six a friend of mine i had a dream to put the bible on computer he developed a webs where the bible was available you could write no
south to the side like a traditional print bible and you could pull out passages and send other people a lot of features that had not been available he thought it was a good idea but the first month only twenty thousand people visited the site and that was fine but they were hoping for a lot more there was very little engagement here spain has been a lot time and money three year they were they d shut it down it wasn't worth the effort two weeks before they pull the plug he had another idea what if instead of making a website with the bible they made the by available on a mobile phone tat way everybody would have the bible where they win he was a little concerned about how such a big book could bit on time these screen but something the inside felt right two thousand and eight he and his team designed and built a mole
website for the bible not long after that apple announced the opportune to develop we now know are apps for our phone my friend submit his up it was approved and available the first day the app store launched on apple they were hoping for aid thousand and downloads the first year but three days they had eighty three thousand downloads today the u version bible developed bomb apprehend bobby goon wall has downloaded on over four hundred million phones in every country of the world what interesting is the success came after the brook driver after the manner ceased when bobby was tempted to give up sometimes god will shut the door to push us in that promised land
he seizes the manner because it only temporary provision it could sustain us but what god as in mine is much bigger much better now maybe the manner has ceased in some areas of your life you attempted to give up on a dream who's your passion like with him it means greater provision is coming the brook drying up is gone getting you in position for something that you ve never seen this is not the time they get discourage this is the time to get ready story your faith up you are close to europe mislaying if you will do this i believe even declare like elijah like with bobby doors or about to open that no man can shed new opportunities favour promotion healing fullness of your destiny jesus name
they receive it can you say amen today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just say lord jesus i repent my sins come into my heart make you my lord and save read that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible based chart and keep god first place thanks so much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep be encouraged and inspired all through the we helplessly continue to share the message of hope with those all around the world visit joel
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