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Power Thinking

2020-04-19 | 🔗
The thoughts you think help determine the direction of your life. You can’t dwell on defeat and expect to see victory. Choose instead to focus on the promises of God. When you think thoughts of power, you’ll feel His strength empowering you to overcome any obstacle in your path.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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It may be top now, but keep the right perspective. Victory is in your future Healy is in your future. Abundance breakthroughs is come in your way. Yes The giant may be big, but God is the barbarism Be powerful but our God is all powerful hide. This is german Victoria. Thanks for downloading. I can't we enjoy spending this time with you. I know you want to leave encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and following on social media, to stay connected, we appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going, enjoy the message. Thanks for letting us come into your homes. We are paying for you in your family for gods, protection, his favor and his blessings on your lie. I usually start with something funny, but since no one is here, I quit telling my jokes:
many people have emailed and asked what happened. So here we go, on Sunday morning. The past was in the pulpit preaching away when he noticed a man sound asleep on the front row that made him so aggravated he started printing louder and harder, but the ladder he got the more the man slept. He finally and said that the man sitting next to him. Would you please wait that man The men said: wake him up yourself, you put him sleep, Allow me to do my best and not put you to sleep today. Come or say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says. I have can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God: a boldly conferred. Ass. My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. In Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about power. Thinking,
Did you go around thinking that the obstacle is too big, we'll never get well. This virus is going to get the best of us. We wonder why we don't have any strengthened while we can't get ahead it's because our thoughts are limiting ass. We draw in what we constantly think about. You can't think defeat and have victory
You can't think weakness and have string your life is going to follow your faults. Instead of thinking these weak defeated not able to thoughts, you need to think power thoughts. This sickness is no match. For me. This virus can't stop my destiny. This trouble at work is not how my story ends. The forces that are for me are greater than the forces that are against me. Victory starts in our success. Breakthroughs new levels depends on our thinking when told this virus has me afraid, I'm worried about my finances, I'm stressed over my children. That's drawing in more negativity, that's making you weaker drain in your string, your energy, your passion, you'll, be amazed at what will happen if you start thinking
power, thoughts, no weapon formed against me will prosper. God has me in the palm of his hand, he's made me untouchable to the enemy when you dwell on that, you'll feel strength, rising courage, determination- and this is not just being positive. This is your faith being released. Proverbs forces be careful what you think, because you have fought run your lie. Are your thoughts helping you are hurting, you are you think, in power, thoughts, victory, thoughts, well able thoughts or you thinkin defeated thoughts are never get well, never accomplished my dreams, never great. This addiction, your choosing, which direction your life is going to go, pay attention to what you dwelling
Don't just think any thought that comes to mind if its negative, discouraging fearful, don't give at the time of day turn it around and dwell on what God says about you, thoughts, whisper, nothing good is in your future. Signor best days. If you dwell on that, you'll miss your destiny. To now that defeated, thought and start thinking, power bought. Something good is going to happen. To me favour is in me like a shield. Goodness and mercy are following me when you into, times the enemy will work overtime, trying to convince you that the problem is too big. You'll never get out there that child will never turn around. He knows if he can keep you defeated in your thoughts. Then he can keep you defeated in your lie. The battle is taken place in your mind when thoughts tell you it's never going to church
you can't take it anymore. Instead of thinking those we thought drawn in more weakness, turn it around. Yes, this problem is big, but I've been armed with strength for every battle. I am full of can do power. What God started in my lie, he's going to finish. God said he would never let you face anything that you can't handle. He will always gave you the street. The grace the fate for work who's your way, but if you believe in these laws that is too much you're dwelling the weak, limiting can't do it talks, then you're going to feel overwhelmed and you'll get stuck where you are pay attention to what's going on. In your mind, this is what happened to the Israelites most sent twelve men to spy the promised land after forty days, tin came back and said, Moses, we'll never defeat in the people are huge. They look like giants
We don't have a chance, God had already promised him the victory. He had already said that was their land but notice what they were thinking. Weak defeated, limiting, fearful thoughts, the other two spies, Joshua Caleb came back
the different reports. They said Moses. We are well able. Yes, the people are big, but we know our God is bigger. Let us go in it wants in take that land what's interesting is Joshua in Caleb saw the same giants as the other tins bombs. They saw the same problem, the same opposition, but instead of thinking defeated thoughts, they chose to think power thoughts, Joshua Witten, Caleb weren't, any bigger than the others fires they didn't have more training. More experience will weapons. The only difference was there thinking the negative report from the tin spies begin to spread throughout the Israelites came before long or two million people we're afraid and worry they said Moses. Let's go back to Egypt. Let's go back to being slaves, that's how powerful our thoughts are. Ten men infected the rest of the people they ended up,
wandering in the desert for forty years be careful how you think don't get infected and miss your destiny. Are you one of the ten spies? I can't beat this illness. I can't accomplished my dream. This be an isolated. Not going to work is going to ruin my business. None of this is a surprise to God. You wouldn't be facing it. If you couldn't handle it like the Israelites, God is already promised to the victory. The scripture says thanks beta God, who always causes us to try and not some other time, not most of the time
but all the time it may be tough now, but keep the right perspective. Victory is in your future. Healy is in your future abundance breakthroughs. Freedom is come in your way. Yes, the giants may be big, but our God is bigger. The virus maybe powerful, but our God is all powerful. I'm asking you to be a Joshua, be a Caleb. Think power thoughts think can do thought. Think victory thoughts. Don't look at how big the problem Look at how big you'll gaudy is, he parted red seems he closed the mouths of lions. He brought the did back to lie that obstacle is no match for him. Didn't bring it this far to leave you When you believe all things are possible, get your thoughts going in the right direction. The scriptures
When the enemy comes in, like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise up a barrier. You're, not adding this battle on your own. You have the most powerful force. in the universe, fighting for you he's pushing back forces of darkness. Keep in that sickness from take new out, move in the wrong people out of the way. All through the day, I am well able. I will overcome this obstacle. How will defeat this sickness. I will rise out of lack in struggle when you think, like that, the creator of the universe goes to work. Miracles are set in motion. It significant that the tens bars were negative and two were positive. It's about the same today. Eighty percent of people will be negative. Twenty percent will be positive. Eighty percent will focus on how big the problem is live. Afraid tell you how you won't get well. If you're going
fulfil your destiny? You have to go against the grain. You can't just fit in be afraid, like everyone else complain like the other co workers be negative, like that neighbour. God is looking for some Joshua's he's looking for K lips, people that stand out people that believe when it seems impossible. People that aren't discouraged by how big the opposition is. This is going to happen you have to guard your man, because negative news spreads faster than good news. Joshua Caleb said. We are well able bad news. go anywhere when people heard the giants were to be that they didn't have a chance that spread like wildfire through at the camp. Negative thinking is contagious. All around us there's negative news: how bad the sickness,
how bad the economy is analysed, telling us what could happen, how it may get much worse. I'm not faulting them they're doing their job, it's good to be informed, but you can't let that poison stay in your spirit, if you keep dwelling on that, then you're going to end up afraid, worried panic. Think you're not going to make it when you think, like that, it's a negative cycle that keeps drawing more fear. More worried, mortifying, as they ate says, do not think, like everyone else, don't be afraid that some plan can see behind closed doors would be the interview. do not fear anything except the Lord God almighty. If you fear him, you need nothing else. He will keep you say you don't have to fear the virus here what the economy is going to do fear the future just keep
honouring God and he will keep you save healed the feature enemies he'll do what medicine can't do he'll turn that child around this says, don't think, like everyone else, don't think like the tin spies when the majority is afraid, worried negative. You have to be on the offensive and say now: I'm not fallen into that trap. Don't you think we defeated thoughts? I'm gonna think power thoughts and no, my God, is still on the throne. I know him, being for me is more than the world being against me out of these two million people, the only ones that ever it into the promised land were Joshua in Caleb. It's not a coincidence They were the only ones that thought power thoughts. You can't reach your destiny, thinking negative, limiting thoughts.
I was out riding my bite the other day. I had this same path that our travel down takes about an hour. Most of the route is flat, but there's this one very big You have to dig down deep and really push to make it up that hill. I liked to exercise always get prepared for this hail and enjoy the challenge, but this particular day I was, I'd worked out hard earlier and had been traveling a lot not had much sleep about ten minutes into my ride. I started thinking. I don't want to go up that hill. I don't feel like it. I don't strength. I don't wanna have to push on at all and I kept dreading it tell him myself how hard it was going to be wondering if I could make it up. At one point, I received a phone call and I put it on speaker. I started talking as I was writing we talked and Tom that twenty minutes later hung up. I got my man back on my bike.
I thought, okay, I don't wanna go up that he'll. When I looked around, I realized I had already gone up the heel. I rode up it when I was talking, but because I was distracted, not thinking about how hard it was going to be not convincing myself that I couldn't do it. I made it up the hill with no problem. Now you weren't burning, I wasn't winded, I didn't feel any more tired. I don't even remember going up. I wonder how many times were telling ourselves what we can do. I can't stay at home for a month and teach these children. I can't with these unfair people at work. I can handle this challenge in my hell. It's gonna be too hard we're drifting things taken these weak, defeating thoughts. When the truth is, you have already been equipped to handle it. You have strength for all things. When God created you he put in you,
everything you need to fulfil your destiny. Now court telling yourself what you can't do and how it's not going to work out. All that's doing is draining your strength. When you get to that he'll you're going to discover like Andy it's going to be easy, then you thought you were going to have strict but you didn't know you had just like when your car is going up. The hill and the extra cylinders kick in to give you more power. When you need it. Gods grace is going kick in and help you do what you didn't think you could do now. The key is: don't cancel it out with we. thinking every morning. When you wake up, you need a power up, get your man going in the right direction. This is going to be a good day I can handle it thing that comes my way. I am strong. I am company. I have the favour of
angel to watch it after me, I'm excited about my future. At the start of the day, you need to set your mind for victory. Don't let's just any thoughts play. You have to think thoughts on purpose. If you wake up and just think whatever comes demand, thats, what hey you? You have too many problems. You're too tired, you'll, never overcome this obstacle. Nothing good is going to happen today. If you don't set the tone for the day negative thoughts will set them for you before you check the phone before you read your email before you see what the weather is lie. You need to think on purpose power, thoughts, victory thoughts, abundance thoughts can do thoughts. Some one twentieth says God will be good, did those who are in tune with hand notice, you can be in tune with God or you can be added.
The way you get into is about thinking victorious, overcoming faithful thoughts. If you go around take I'll, never get well, this depression, This anxiety, this addiction, is going to hinder me all of my life. Unfortunately you're not in tune with God, you can't find anywhere in the scripture. We're God says: I'm weak undiscouraged, I'm afraid the enemies getting the best to be. God says I am all powerful. I spoke worlds into existence. I flung stars into space Moses, asked God what his name was. God said my name is I he was saying. I am everything I am stream. I am Healy, I am provision, I am protection, I am abundance,
favour. When God said, let there be lie, it came at a hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second one angel in the old testament destroyed a hundred and eighty five thousand of the enemies of Israel. If you're going to get in tune with God, you can't think little weak defeated, get hope. This works out parts. You have to think bull thoughts. They thoughts, abundant thoughts, healing thoughts, victory thoughts. Yes, the opposition, maybe but. much stronger, just agree with what God says: Lord you said when the enemy comes. Give me one way: you will defeat them and caused them to flee seven different ways. We thought tat, you you'll, never get well get in tune with God. Lord. Thank you that your restoring help beckoned me take it that the number of my days, you will fail
the thought comes, this shut down over the virus has ruined your year, financially just accepted and wait for next year. Lord thank you The economy is not my source that you are my source. You said you would make rivers in the desert that you would supply all of my need. According to your riches, you have that thought. You'll never have a baby. You heard the expert, it's not possible father, you said what's impossible with people is possible with he. You said: you'd make the Baron woman a happy mother of children, so father. Thank you that my baby is on the way
the way to get in tune with. God is to think what he says about you, not what you feel, not what the experts say, not what the economy says, but what the most TAT God has spoken over you, the scripture says whose report will you believe what the tin, spies or say the negative report telling you what you can't do, how it's too tough or what Joshua and caliber saying how you are well able when my father went to be with the Lord and I stepped up to pass to the church, every thought told me that I couldn't do it then I wasn't qualified. Didn't have the training I was too quiet. If I would have believed that report, I would have miss my destiny. That's why the scripture says be careful.
What do you think it gives us a warning? Your thoughts are setting the limits for your life and all they came to my mind, we're fearful intimidating, negative faults. I did what I'm asking you to do. I didn't just think those thoughts because they shoulda, I didn't dwell on them and think they were the truth at tune them out and got in tune with guy. On purpose, I thought I can do all things do. Christ, I'm strong in the Lord I've been raised up for such a time. Is this Thank you that I'm equipped empowered and anointed thoughts told me nobody's going to listen to you jaw. You don't have any to say instead of believer in those laws. I said father thank you that your face is causing me to stand down that people are going to. Like me, they're going to drawn to me when they
me on. They can't turn me off if I had not got into with God and thought these power thoughts. I wouldn't be here. When Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden, they ate the forbidden fruit that God told them not to eat. Then they ran in here. God came looking for them said Adam. Where are you Adam said, were hiding because we're naked God said Adam who told you you were naked, God knew the enemy had been talking to their God is saying to you who told you you're not qualify, who told you you made to many mistakes, who told you that you come from the wrong family that you're never be successful. Those are the wrong voices unit
tune that out and get in tune with God. When thoughts tell you you just average, there's nothing special about you, get rid of that defeated, thought and think power thoughts. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a masterpiece. I have royal blood flowing through my veins crowned with favor. I will leave Mamma if you'll get in tune with God, he'll open doors that no person Kinshasa, he'll. Take you where you can't go on your own when thoughts tat you you ve been through too much, you lost that love one. The business didn't make it that friend walked out on you. Nothing good is in your future. Don't believe those lies father. Thank you that you have beauty for these ashes
Thank you that what was meant for my harm, you are turned into my advantage when you're in tune with God, he'll pay you back for the wrongs, as they said. God will give to double for the unfair things that have happened instead of taking you seen your best days thank you that double is coming. Thank it at my latter days will be better than my former days in the script. There was a young man named the Thibet. He was the grandson of King Saul and the Son of Jonathan David's best friend, the fellowship was born into royalty destined to one day. Take the throne, but it five years old, his grandfather
Father were killed in a battle when word reached his house. The made that took care of him picked him up and took off running afraid that the Enemy Army was going to come after the in her haste she accidently tripped and dropped method. The share both of his legs were broken, he became crippled for lie. Sometimes well meaning people can drop you. This nurse had good intentions. She was trying to help him, but she dropped. In years past the fish have ended up living in exile in a city called logo bar it was one of the poorest
most run down. Cities of that day, the name load of our means without pasture it had no greenery no place to grow crops. It was like a wasteland, humor favour. Ship was the grandson of the king. He had royalty in his blood, but he was living in the slums barely surviving one day. King David was thinking about friend Jonathan. He ask is men if there were any of his relatives still alive, so he could be good today, David's men went out and searched? Do the slums of load, a bar and finally found method? The sheer now he was a grown man they had to carry him back to the past, I'm sure my paper ship was afraid. Thinking David was going to pay him back for his grandfather, King Saul, trying to kill him, but it was just the opposite. David was in
notably kind to him. He said from now on you're going to live in the palace. With me, every night you're gonna have dinner at my table, I'm going to give you all the land that belonged your grandfather. King saw the figure ship was over wound. He couldn't believe what was happening, but the way he answered shows us why he was living in load a bar all those years. He said the David, why would you be so kind to a dead dog like me notice his thoughts, weak defeated? I don't deserve to be blast. I've had too many bad breaks. People dropped me. I wonder how much of us are doing like Matilda share. We are sons and daughters of the most TAT God we have royalty in our blood were desk
the rain and lie, but because somebody dropped us, we went through wrongs, disappointments things, it weren't fair or we made mistakes. We got off course brought trouble on ourselves and now we're living in load a bar. They can. We don't deserve to be blast. We just have to say on the sidelines accepted our dreams will never come to pass. Can I encourage you get rid of that? Did dog thinking? Nothing. That's happened to you has to keep you from your destiny. No mistake you ve made is too much for the mercy of God. You may have had some bad breaks gone through some failures, but that didn't stop gods plain for you, and I know you have to do your part and quit thinking limited defeated. unworthy thoughts and start Thinkin victory thoughts, abundance thoughts- they
our thoughts put your shoulders by hold your head up and member who you are and whose you are a child of the most I get in tune with him. Like David's men went searching through load a bar, God is looking for you today. He saying I'm about to do a new thing. I'm about to pay you back the wrongs, I'm about to open new doors, turn negative. Situations around you're going to be amazed at the goodness of God. Asking you to pay attention to what you're thinking you are drawing in what you are constantly dwelling. Your thoughts are running. Your line is what you're thinking about what you? What are you thinking we debated? I can't do it thought or you think, in power thoughts Well, a bull! God is fighting my battles. Something good is, in my future, don't be lacked a tin spies. The
eighty percent that are negative stand out in the crowd Joshua be a Caleb and think victory thoughts. If you'll do this, I believe even declare, like God did for them you're going to make it in Your promise, late you're going to say show out in your line lighten up every ship. Everything you ve lost, God is about to restore the health, define it the dreams they're going to come. Looking for you Jesus name and if it will save it, can you say man well I'd like to give you an opportunity. play Jesus. The Lord of your life, when you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior. If you pray that simple prayer, we believe you got born again we'd love. To give you some information on your new journey, a faint just text, the number on the screen and courage.
to get into a good bible base. Church keep God first place thanks. So much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest pod cast to keep me encouraged and inspired all but we help us to continue this year. The message of hope with those all around the world visit, Joel hosting dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share this mess with a friend and be sure to follow us on socially reply and for you I know got best is still ahead with the next step.
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