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Put God First In Your Life

2018-02-14 | 🔗
Moses prayed this important prayer: “Teach us to number our days, that we can gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12). I can hear the cry of his heart, “God, teach me and show me how to order and prioritize my day.” Remember that Moses was God’s man to lead all the Israelites toward the Promised Land, perhaps two million people. He was responsible to know how to get to the right places and find the answers to their problems. He had to hear from God for them. Perhaps you feel a little bit like Moses. Everybody’s asking you for things, and you need to fix all the problems, bring in the finances, and care for them. You feel overwhelmed. You need to pray Moses’ prayer: “God, teach me to order my day. Teach me to put a priority on the right things, to put what really matters first.”
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit gmos dean dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today courage as all that of this year do not allow business to consumer lives do not allow just the business of lie too the well muff and overtake us we i'll have a million things to do there jobs are families we have responsibility of all kinds we have chores to do plenty of activities that can keep us easy but i want to encourage us to not be busy but the protective you see
if we're going to see our dreams and desires come to pass for the sheer those things that were expecting we're going to have to make room for them we're going to have to clear out some of the clatter and set some priorities see if you want a healthy strong family this year it that's the desire of your heart you're going to have to move some things around you're going to have to give your family the first and best of your time not your left maybe you're learning a new car you're getting ready for a promotion you can't stay out your friends all night and expect to get to work the next day and perform at your top ability your desire is to get out of debt this year this is the year i'm getting out of debt i can feel it i can since it you can't go in in everything that you see you can't buy everything that you see
you can't be spending your money you ve got to learn how to save it you got a set some priorities you see if we're going to see our dreams and desires come to pass we can't just let everything occupier time and get us of course you know at one point in my life i thought that multitasking was a gift and i had it in abundance could juggle all these balls in the air sometimes i would look looking jewel and they look at me look how my jakin do now you women we do have a little more tendency than men where a lot of hats we try to do it all so women weaken somehow fall in this a little bit more than men but i realized one day that mine
multitasking was not productive what it was doing was burning my energy i was working on one thing thinking about to other things it was causing me to have a hurry spirit the ad hurry and do this so i could hurry and do that the people around me had to hurry because i have to hurry no that brings stress into our lie that is not productive you say so often we think that activity equals productivity and it doesn't activity sometimes just means busy just busy and we don't want aware business as an important attribute in our lie we want aware fruitfulness productiveness we want our light to represent the good things of guy
we want our life to be in a place of priority getting the right things done at the right time i want to encourage as let's don't put the lesser things in an leave out the more important things it says in sounds ninety twelve teach us number our days so that we can gain a heart of wisdom that song was a prayer moses and i can only here the cry of his heart god teach me jimmy and show me how to order in prioritize my day most this was the man who was in charge of the israelites he brought them added captivity and was gods man lady them into the promised can you imagine the great responsibility on moses lie they say tat was all
six hundred thousand men that's not incur in all the women and children that he was responsible for all eyes were on moses he had to have all the answers he had to know how to get to the right places he had to be the one to hear from god for then i'm sure some of you feel a little bit like moses everybody's asking you things you need to fix all their problems you need to pray for them you need to bring in the money you need to do it all you feel overwhelmed you see you need to pray the same prayer moses did god teach me to order my day teach me to put the right things into perspective not to put the lesser things farce what matters first you know there was a town of those an account of moses and he was trying
to settle all the disputes among the people he would sit day in and day out listen into their arguments listening to the things that we're going wrong in their lie he was trying to give them the right answers trying to settle disputes among them day in and day out one day godson his father in law jethro and you throw observe what was happening that moses was just where in himself out sitting among the people trying to resolve all the problems and do everything else he was supposed to do you throw spoke india why is it you need to set up a system unita appoint your god god fearing men put them over the tribes begin to set up a system that you can meet the needs of the people don't wear yourself out doing that that other people can do you need
do what only you can do you need to set your priorities i truly believe that was an answer to moses prayer he's a wise counsel to him to help him gained the right perspective to help him clear some of the clutter and rear range his lie you see cod what's to help us he's got people out there to help you he's got ideas to make your life easier we ve got a pray god help us it's about ordering our life so that we can see our god callings come into existence come into full to wish and we want to be all tat god has called us to be
my question today is are you put in the big roxanne first see the big rocks represent the important things the things that are going to move forward the things that are going to satisfy you and bring forth god colleagues out in your lie in the lives of those you love you see there was a professor and he stood up in front of his students and he held up a glass jar a sea through jar and he put three big rocks in it the rocks fill the top of the glass and he asked his students is the jar fall to them it looked full they were to the top of the container and then he grab some gravel and he began to put it in the jar and shake the jar and gravel begin to work its way down he asked his did
is the jar for then he got some sand and he began to pour the sand in and the sand started villain in all the other empty spaces you see his illustration example was to show his students a lesson in productivity he was showing them that you will put the big rocks in first all the little things will make its way around them
but if you put the gravel the sand and all this stuff in first you're not gonna have room for the big rocks you see my question is what rocks are we putting in first the big rocks are the important rocks we have to put the big rocks in our container of life first if they're going to get done and what are the major big rocks that would benefit all of us would be spent in time we got you see our god wrong should be the first try that we put in our container apply the scripture says in proverbs three that if you will acknowledge god first place in everything that you do that he will direct your path and he will crown your
efforts we success you see it's so easy in the morning to pull our phones offer the charger and begin to look at our text messages are emails checking out social media before we know it time has gotten away from us so we have to put that god rock aside for a later time but if you want god to direct your path if you want him to crown your efforts with success he says put me first nobody wants to move in the wrong direction nobody wants to waste their time hanging around the wrong people no one wants to do the things that are important we all want to be productive we want to reach the fullness of our day guinea so my hurried you today is let's all make a decision to put the god rock first in our jar of life
as in all the other things will begin to make their way down put that god rock in and god will help you identify the other rocks and all the other things can make their way down to your jar of light amen a man he's a nice guy i will be eleven from new york times best selling author victoria boosting her brain new thirty day audio devotional embracing every day in this of lifting thirty day audio devotional you'll be challenged pen inspired to start living with greater phase and favour every day request your copy of embracing every day today i jus steam dot com flashed embracing orca k five six seven jill
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