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Ready To Rise

2020-05-17 | 🔗
When you pass through a difficult season, you have to remember that’s not your final destination. The time is coming for you to rise again. You haven’t seen, heard or imagined where God is about to take you.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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You may be down, but that is not your final destination. God is saying ready to arise? Get ready for favor get ready for breakthrough get ready for Healy. What was meant, your harm. God is turning to your advantage. Hide this Joel in Victoria, thanks for downloading or podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I know you're gonna, leave encouraged and inspired make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and following on social media, to stay connected, we appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy the message God bless you, and thanks for letting us come into your homes, we are praying for you and your family for gods very, very best. I'd like to start with something funny- and I heard about these two brothers ages for in six
They were spending the night at their grandmothers house. She told them before they went to bed to make sure that they said their prayers. They went in the bedroom got down on their knees. The youngest brother started playing at the top of his lungs God. I pray for a new bicycle. I pray for a new play station. I pray for a new puppy. His brother stopped in instead why're you screaming, God isn't death. He said. I know that, but grandmother is say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says. I can do today our He taught the word of God, boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus Name, God bless! You want to talk. To you today about ready to rise. We all face things in lie that try to push this day
it's easy to lose our passion and think that's the way it's always going to be, but God didn't create you to be overcome. He created you as an over calmer. He put something in your spirit. Called bounce back, bounced back means when you get not now You don't stay down, there's a force breathing in your direction. Making things happen that you couldn't make happen given new strength that you didn't have it causes you to rise, because you have bounced back that difficulty cannot defeat you they hold you back temporarily, but it's just a matter of time. Before you rise back up, you may have things come and against you now thoughts tell you you'll, never get This pandemic has ruined your finances. You'll always struggle with this addiction. Don't believe those lies you may down, but that is not your final destination. God is safe,
get ready to rise, get ready for favor, get ready for breakthroughs, get ready for healing what was meant for your harm. God is turning to your advantage. Michael said: rejoice not over me, my enemies when I fall for ash, arise. He wasn't complaining about the trouble he wasn't discouraged. Overbear knock down. He understood this principle that there was bounced back in his spirit in the middle of the difficulty. He was speaking victory if you're going to come That challenge you have to do like MIKE this problem. Didn't come to stay in came to pass God be in, for me, is more than the world being against me. I shall arise when you say that for
is of darkness. Tremble, when you declare our shall arise, angels go to work. No more is never going to change. My business will never make it not Charles, never going to get back on course, zip that if you talk to feed you're going to have definitely say with mica, yes of had difficulties, I'm not denying the problem not acting like it. And exists. All I'm saying is I'm not stay in here I shall arise. I will see gods goodness The latter days will be better than my former days. God hasn't brought you this far to leave you. He won't. Let you get in a problem that he can't get you out of that person that walked out on you they didn't stop your destiny, could giving them that much power thinking that they
in July: God has somebody better come David, said God lifted me out of the pit and set my feet on a rock. You may be an so to speak. You don't see how you could get out. The good news. Is you don't have get out by yourselves the most TAT God, about the lift you out he's about to free. You from that addiction he's about to turn the medical report around he's about to open new doors, bring new opportunities, new relationships, that kid is not your destiny, get ready
arise. Paul said the same spirit that raise cries from the dead lives. On the inside of you. The forces of darkness did their best to stop Jesus, but they couldn't keep him from rising. That tells me nothing you face. Can keep you from your purpose: no pandemic, no sickness, no addiction. The enemy may have done his best, but his best would never be a few years back. We had a big hurricane hearing Houston and noticed all the different kind of trees were blown down huge oak trees, three or four feet around us all: pine trees over a hundred feet, tall laying in yard, F.
Yard, big trees, small trees, none of them could withstand the hurricane force wins. There was only one type of tree that wasn't blown down. It was the palm tree. It's because God design the palm to withstand the store. Unlike the other trees, the palm is able to bend so it doesn't break. A certain kind of palm can been all the way over to where the top is almost touching the ground during a hurricane. It may stay that way for three or four hours all been over looks like it's done, but when the wind ass down the storm is over, it stands right back to where it was before. All these other trees down on the ground, The different god put bounced back in the palm tree. It may get pushed over, but it's only temporary. Some ninety two says the righteous will flourish like a palm tree
the reason God chose a palm tree, not oaks or pans? Is he knew we would go through storms? He knew things would try to push us down and keep us from our destiny. So he said I'm gonna make you lack a palm. I'm going to put bounced back in your spirit. New may go through difficulties, a loss, a disappointment, but at some point the winds will stop. The storm will pass and like that palm you'll come right. Back up again, you may be been over right now You are facing challenges, thoughts or Tellin ya. It's never going to work out. You'll get ready to rise. You have bounced back in your spirit when storm is over you're not going to be laid down, beat you're going to rise up healthy blast, prosperous you're, not gonna, look like what you been nobody is going to be able to tell that you even had that difficulty. What I love about God is, he does it just
through the storm. He makes the enemy pay for bringing the trouble when the palm tree is been. Oh during the hurricane, you would think that was damaging the tree and making it weaker but research shows just the opposite when the treaty is being pushed over and stretch by the strong winds that strengthening the root system, giving it new opportunities for growth when the palm trees straightens back up after the storm, is actually stronger than it was before, and when you come out of that storm, when you straighten back up you're, not going to be the same you're going to be stronger, healthier, better all ready for new ground when you're in difficult times, you need a remand yourself, I may banned, but I'm not going to break God. Won't let you face anything that would be too much for you to handle. Things may become and against you, but no
down is not your destiny. Defeat is not how your story ends. Sickness trouble not having enough is not permanent. I believe. Even now, those wines are starting to subside. Forces that have hindered you are being broken. Powers of darkness are being pushed back. You're about to see breakthroughs, freedom, joy, victory, mica, chapter, seven, Michael list: all these negative things happen. He talked about how he was overwhelmed with sorrow, had gone to bed brakes if he would have stopped there. We wouldn't be reading about here, he went on to say inverse seven but ass. For me, I'm not giving up
I'm sticking around to see what God is going to do. I know he will make things right. He had this attitude of faith. I've come to far too Scott. Now he was expecting God to turn it around. That's why he said, and the next verse don't rejoiced when I fall, shall arise, but sometimes we ve been in the storm so long. We ve forgotten what it's like to be standing backer, the enemy would love to convince us to settle for being been over in this function better over who heard us think it will never be happy again. We need to do like MIKE. Yes, I've had some bad breaks. Yes, life has told me some curves, but I'm not giving for my dreams, I'm not settling for mediocrity.
Looking around to see what God is going to do. I know he's going to make things right. Don't get talked out of your dreams, don't let the delays, the unfair childhood, unexpected storm convince you that you seeing seen your best days. God is up to something. What looks like a setback is all a part of his plane. He may not have Cynthia difficulty, but he wouldn't have allowed it if it was going to keep you from your destiny. If you want to have this attitude of faith, God will make things right in your life. He will restore what the enemy tried to steal. You'll pay you back for the wrongs, he'll, open doors that you couldn't open. He will get you to your destiny in genesis. Thirty seven Joseph was a teenager. God gave The dream that he would be in leadership, he would have great influence. He had many older brothers, but he was the favorite son of their father Jake.
Because he was born later in lie. Jacob treated him differently even had them make Joseph Especial robe of many colors. I'm sure Joseph was proud of that rope made him stand out, gave him prestige, but his brothers were jealous of Joseph. They didn't like this special treatment. They didn't like the fact that he had these dreams and that he thought he was going to do something gray. One day his father ask him to travel to another city. To check on his brothers. They were out working in a field when they saw Joseph coming from a distance wearing that colorful robe. They thought this is our big chance to get rid of Joseph. They took the robot of him and threw him into a appeared that we're going to put blood on his robe and tell their father that he had been eaten by wild animal. But about that time a caravan ishmaelites came passing by
the brothers decided to sell Joseph as a slave. Instead of leaving him to die in the pit. It's interesting how, God will always have the right people show up at the right time that caravan had been travelling for months. They left long before Joseph went to check on his brothers, but God has everything. Figured he knows what you're going to be when going to need it who's going to need to be there. You have to worry God. Has it all lined up he's going to get you to your destiny? People can't stop you a bad break. Injustice! God is ring your steps he's not only in control of your lie, he's in to all of the circumstances around you now Joseph is no longer the favorite son wearing the cup.
Full robe, he was slain in a foreign country. Workin for a man named potter per year after year, went by Joseph kept doing the right thing being good to people that good to him. I can imagine many nights. He thought about home about that robe he used to have and what that man tears would feel his eyes. Thoughts would whisper. It's not fair. You'll, never accomplish your dreams. You'll, never see your father again. You'll never have that robe of many colours but deep down, you're. Just a plain father. Thank you that what you started in my life. You will finish. See away, but I know you have a way, maybe down
but I believe I will rise again that what you promised me will come to pass. Thirteen years after Joseph was thrown into that pit, the Faro had a dream. He didn't know what it meant Joseph was in prison. Someone remember that he could interpret dreams and they called him in. He told the Faro what the dream man, how it had to do with the food supply had they needed, store up grain, get everything prepared for a famine. The failure was so impressed with Joseph his advisers were discussing. Who should be appointed for this new position. They were told them. No one could do it better than Joseph. He put Joseph in charge of a whole nation,
he said inverse Forty four, no one will move hand or foot in all of Egypt without your approval. He had his staff, bring a royal robe and put it on Joseph. He took off his prison. Clothes took off his slave clothes and he put on this robe of honor robe of influence, robe of authority. Imagine now Joseph thinking back about the role that his brothers took away from the road that represented favor. He was disappointed. At the time he wanted it back. It didn't seem fair, but now he realised without seeing the robe of many colors. He would have never had the robe of authority that road that said, I'm in charge of a nation If you knew what God has in store for you, you wouldn't be. Scourged over the robe of many colors, that you lost that job that didn't work out the person they walked away. The loan that didn't
through. If you could see the robe of authority, it's coming the robe of influence, the robe of abundance, the robe of unprecedented favour. You wouldn't be bitter over who hurt you upset over the time in the peer prostrated by what you lost what God has in your future is so amazing. You will never complain about your past. You may be down now, but light Joseph get ready to arise. Favour is coming like you, ve never see, God is about to do something unusual, Somethin uncommon, something catapult you to a new level. Your story doesn't end with a robe of many colors that you lost doesn't end with a dream that didn't work out, a relationship that didn't make it a business that went down the road.
Of many colors was simply foreshadowing. What God is about to do? It was supposed to be temporary, wasn't supposed to last. If the door closed, except it and move on, don't spend your life wishing you had the robe of many colors back when God has some so much better in your future. Don't go around bitter, because someone through you into a pit, someone betrayed you, you would cheat. In a business deal, God saw he wouldn't have let them take the colorful robe. He wouldn't have let that bad break happen. If it was going to keep you from your desk but how many of us are longing for the robot, many colors which, as we can go back where we knew we were favoured before this setback before the health issue before the pandemic, his dick not having the robe of many colors. Does it mean Did you don't have favour? It means greater favour, is coming
had the lose that road to step into the awesome future that God has in store. You haven't seen heard or imagine where God is taking you. You may feel like you're in a pit. That's ok! The pit is leading to the past you had a set back, that's ok! It's setting you up for greater influence, greater authority, greater honor. Sit around sour wishing for the robe. Many colors get ready for the greater things did, God is about. Today Joseph was in charge of the food supply There was a great famine in the land and the only place that had food was Egypt one day jokes,
brothers, the same ones that threw him into the pit travelled to the palace. Looking for food Joseph came out, but they didn't recognize him the last time they saw Joseph. He was in the pit, defeated no future, but God has the final say they knew him in the pit, but now he was so successful. He had so much influence prestige didn't recognize it that's the way God vindicates when he raises you up your best, oh blast, so favoured that your enemies, don't recognize you, fourteen years earlier, Joseph was down and his brothers were up. Joseph was in the pit they were on top now Joseph was on top.
And his brothers were down. Joseph was in charge and his brothers were in need. When you, let God fight your battles, there will be a day like when Joseph, when the tables are turned. You will be up in those that trying to stop. You will be down. God knows how to make things right. You may be in a tough time, stick in there and see what God is up to keep believing keep playing keep dreaming. Your time is coming. The pit is only temporary the depression, the sickness. The lack is not how your story ends. God is working behind the scenes. You are closer than you think it's going to happen sooner than it looks, God is going to surprise you Joseph woke up one morning in prison seem back another ordinary
day, but a few hours later he was the prime Minister of agent. He didn't see it coming. There wasn't any sign of it. That's how God works many times. You don't see anything burning and suddenly things fall into place suddenly, help turns around suddenly you meet the right person, the psalmist like God arise in his enemies, These scatter, let means you have to allow it, you can let it or you can not letting we can't stop God from I think this is talking about in our thoughts when you God arise you make in bigger than your problems, bigger than the sickness bigger than the financial trouble. You focus on his greatness. You think about his power. You talk about how he's brought you through in the past. You go around bragging on what he has done. Declaring no weapon formed against me is going to prosper,
What was meant for my harm? God is turning to my advantage, the bigger you! May God the smaller your problems will become and the more fate will rise in your heart but the enemy is always trying to get us to let the problems arise. Maybe a child is of course easy to talk about how he's not making good decisions he's never going to reach is death. The name. I don't understand what I did wrong you the wrong thing arrived, turn it around start letting God arise father. Thank you that, as for me in my house, will serve the law. Thank it at my children. Would mighty in the land they get. That must see the seed of the righteous is blessed. That's letting God arise. That's what causes things to change. When you speak defeat, you bring defeat on the sea. When you speak victory, you bring God on the sea. He created the universe. He flung star
in the space. There's nothing did he can't do maybe you're struggling in your finances business. Slow. You can't go to work. You can either let that defeat arise You'll feel discouraged, worried or you can, let God arrives the thank you that I will lend and not borrow. Thank you that the economy is not my source, but you are my source. You said you'd prosper me even in a dense when you, like, God arise, the scripture says your enemies will be scattered. Depression. Lack trouble cannot stand again star God when you let him aroused chains did have held you back or broken problems. It look permanent. What, around when God arises, favour comes new doors open things that you couldn't make happen at the question is You letting the problem arises or you
God, arise all through the day is so important to keep a song of praise in your heart did of worrying thinking about all the things that are wrong. What might not work out in your thoughts? Lord, thank you that there's nothing! You can't do. There's no mountain that you can't move your away maker, a miracle worker, a promise keeper. Take the same time that you would normally worry and turn it into worship. That's not just be a positive das, God arise, that's what allows the most powerful force in the universe to go to work on your behalf, Joel this all sounds but I don't think I'm all right back up and made a lot of mistakes. Nobody did me wrong. Like Joseph, I brought the trouble on myself Jesus told a story about a young man like this in lieu chapter. Fifty he ask is
Father for his inheritance early, he left home and went out and spent all the money partying living wild, making poor decisions. When he ran out of funds. He got a job working at a hog, pin feeding hogs. He was so desperate, so hungry then he had to eat the whole food to survive. One day he was sitting around depressed mad himself, feeling condemned. He begin to think about home how even the servants at his father's house had a hot meal every day they had plenty of food here he was out there starving. First, seventeen says he said to himself, arise and go to my father's house we made a decision that he wasn't going to stay in that the feet he wasn't going to sit around depressed guilty. Beating himself up, but he was going to go back home. He didn't know how his father would respond, he did know appeared, tell him to stay off the property, but when
The father saw him a long way off. He took off running toward his son. He hugged him and kissed him. The sun was wearing these dirty clothes. Smelly had been in the hall pen. The first thing the father said was: go, get the best robe and put it. My son, not any will not one. That's been used, not a hand me down, go get the finest wrong. It's interesting, God gave Joseph a royal robes of influence, a robot authority. God gave this young man a robe of honor a robot favour. Both of them rose out of what was holding them back. The difference between the two is, God call Joseph Tereza. He didn't have to do anything to make it happen. He just kept
ring, God be in his best and federal called him in, but with the prodigal son he had to make a decision, then he wasn't going to sit around discouraged, defeated, think about all mistakes he had made. If he had not said our will arise as he would have never seen this code of favor, I'm wondering. Are you waiting for God to do something for you when he's waiting for you to say arise, I'm not going to go through life. Beating myself up living condemned. Yes, I've made mistakes, but I know I'm forgiven. I know I've been reduced, and if you ll arise, there's a robot favour waiting for you, a robot honour. Those mistakes didn't cancel your destiny. Quit listening to the accuser, reminding yourself of everything you ve done wrong. God is already put given you now, forgive yourself
Move on its time do arise and go to your father's house. Proverb says a good person ball seven times, but they rise again. Get your fire back. Get your passion back! Nothing you ve done is much for the mercy of God. He knew every mistake we would ever make he's already taken them into account. He has a plan even for the time where we missed now arises and go get that road that belongs to you, you can still become who you were created, debate when the winds blow in your life, the storms com. Remember this phrase: there's bounced back in your spirit you may banned, but you're not going to break, lacked a palm tree you're going to come right back all through the day. Late God arise in your thoughts, keep thanking him for
promises making him bigger than what you are facing. If you'll do this, I believe and declare like with Joseph you to see. Promotion been education. Breakthroughs! God is going to make things happen that you didn't see coming. You may have ass, the robot many colours, but get ready. For the robe of authority, the robe of influence, the robot favor. In Jesus name. Well, I'd like to give you an paternity to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repented my sins come into my heart I make you my Lord and Savior. If you play that simple prayer, we believe
You got born again we'd love to send you some information to help. You get started on your walk of fate, just text the number on the screen it in a good Bible Base Church in Cape God, first place thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest pod. Ass, to keep encouraged and inspired all through the we help us to continue this year, the message of hope with those all around the world busy Joel those dean, dot, com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share this mess. With a friend and be sure to follow us on social media. What for you, I know got best. Still ahead with the next time.
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