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Remember Your Dream

2020-07-17 | 🔗
When God gives you a dream sometimes there is a delay. The good news is it’s still alive. It’s time to remember your dream and believe again!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this job and dictatorial. Thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is about bless, you always a joy to come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services are promise. You will make you feel right at home. So much for tuna in, and thank you again for coming out today and I like to start with something funny in a hard about this man died and went to have Saint Peter S, courted him down this long, hallway filled with clocks the hands on the clocks. All moving at different speeds. Peter explained that every person has occurred,
when they soon the clock ticks the man saw a clock, barely moving Billy Graham's clock, it was another clock creep. Along Mother Teresa Clock. He said curiously, cannot see my clock. Peter said: yeah we keep years in the office. Use it as a fan hold up your Bible, say it like you mean it This is my bible. I am it says I am. I have witnessed, I can do Would it says I can do today? I will be taught the word of God. Our boldly confessed My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus Name, God bless you. I want to talk to you today about Remember your dream! All of us have things. It believe me for something that we want to accomplish now down. We know it's a part of our destiny. We can will it so strongly, but then
we hit some setbacks. We didn't get the promotion. The medical report wasn't or a relationship didn't work out. Life has a way of pushing our dreams down. They can become buried under discouragement buried under past mistakes. There are dreams buried under divorce, very under low self esteem? This easy to settle for mediocrity, even though we have all this potential buried on the inside, but just because You gave up. Does it mean God gave up your dream may be buried. The good news. Is it still alive? It's not too late to see it come to pass. We ve all been through disappointments and setbacks. Life things, but instead of remembering the hurt the pain, what didn't work out the key to reach in your destiny? Is you have to remember your dream? Remember what God promised you
Remember what he whispered to you. In the middle of the night. The scripture calls it the secret petitions of our hearts things you haven't told anybody about. It may seem involve possible every voice, telling you it's not going to happen. You pushing it down, but God is saying what our pro must you I'm still going to do. I spoke to you. It may what happened here, but I am to do my work. It is on the way, if you do your part in start, believe and again get your past back, God is going to resurrect what you thought was dead dreams at you, given up on. You tried, didn't worked out? It's been so long, they're going to suddenly come back to lie problems that looked permit. Going to suddenly turned around what, taken years gods going to do in a fraction of the time he had
changed his mind. He has the final say now. Don't let circumstances talk you out of it you may not understand why a business didn't make it why person walked away. Why you came down with an illness, you doing the right thing, but the wrong thing happened. It's all a part of the process, every disappointment, every delay, every closed door. Not just to sit back, it's a set up forgot to get you to wear you're supposed to be. They may be taken a long time may look impossible. All it takes. Is one touch of God save? What are you remembering the heart, the pain? What didn't work out turn it around in remembered your dream, what is putting your heart? What did you used to be excited about now? You think been too long to big, it's not possible, you don't think you could write a book finish school
see a marriage restored. Start the business now get your passion back. You have not missed your opportunity. You have not had too many bad breaks. You're. Not. Lacking you didn't get short changed when God breathe life into you, he put in you everything you need to fulfil your destiny. People can't stop you bad breaks. Disappointments lost them, tat. God is on your side. You have Your blood flowing through your veins our seeds of greatness in you right now. Dream, so big that you can accomplish them on your own is going to take you connecting with your query. I believe that you're, a person of destiny that he's directing your steps that if he before you who dare be against you, when we go through opposition these challenging times, we don't have to fall Part, God controls the whole universe. He wanted
anything to happen. Unless he knows bring good out of it. But you have to do your part and keep your fate starter. The enemy, would love to see you in the burying your dream, thinking that it never going to work out. Don't believe those lies it's not too late, too big, all that you were created to be every time You remember your dream every time you say Lord, thank you for bringing it to pass. You remove in some dark. You dig it back out. Maybe use Ruggles with an illness for a long time earlier and you believe you could get well, but now been years and you're just learning to live with it. What's happened. Is your healing your break through your freedom? gotten bearing it's still in you, still alive. If you'll start believe then again, God can bring it to pass. Instead, I think we're never gonna work
I've had so many bad medical reports, that's putting more dark on it. That's bearing deeper Don't you get your shovel out in start removing some of that dirt? How do you do that? Lord? Thank you that you restore in health back into me. Thank you that the number of my days you will fulfil. Thank you that I'm getting stronger healthy if you'll, keep talking. Thinking like there that dream that's been buried, is to come back to lie. This is what allows God to do great things. God is moved by our faith. He's not move our discouragement bar complaining bar self pity, Joel I'm never going to meet the right path I've been hurt too many times you remembering the wrong thing as well. Long. As you remember the hurt you're going to get stuck turn it around start. Remembering your dream, father. Thank you that you have Divine connection, come in my way, somebody perfect for me better than I ever imagine. Instead
I'll, never be in management, I'll, never get to promote this company, they don't even like me, you're putting more dark on your dream, your bearing deeper, get your shovel and start digging that dream Some of you have done this so long. You need a bacco. You need some heavy equipment. Dream is weighty, but you can dig it out. You can bring it back to lie. It starts in our thinking in what you, believing in what you're saying. No more, it's never gonna happen. I'll, never break this addiction I'll, never live in a nice house, I'll, never finished college, no surrounded by gods, favour blessings hated me down because our delight herself in the Lord God, you promised you would give me the desires of my heart, whatever gods put on the issue,
side, no matter how long it's been, no matter, how impossible it looks, I'm asking you to store it. You have to get an agreement with God he's the giver of all dreams, he's the one, that put the desires in you. You may need to get alone in your quiet time. Search your heart, say: God anything, a push them anything. I've given up on showed me: what did he is? God? Don't let He died with any dreams still buried on the inside. This is what Caleb did in his brain Joshua went and spied out the promised land there came back and told Moses. We are well able to take the land, let us go in at once, but the other ten sparse came back and said just the opposite: they talked Moses out of it. The Israelites became afraid
some two million people, even though they were camp right next door they turned around and that group never did make it into the promised land. How can imagine that Caleb was this pointed discouraged he knew they were supposed to go in God. Put the dream in his heart. They look like somebody else. Cost is dreams to get buried, caused him to miss his destiny. A lot of people could settle there and thought too bad. It didn't work out, but not Caleb. The true mark of a champion and is even though some dark gets thrown on your dream. Data, letting it get buried. You keep shaking it all. You keep moving forward. You keep looking for a new opportunities. Forty five years later at the age of eighty five Kalen could still feel that dream. Storing on the inside. He wasn't sitting around feeling sorry for himself saying
if only those people would have done right back then no, he went back to that same mountain that same place. The others refused to go. We and eighty five, He said, God give me this same mountain. What significant is that mountain had five giants living on it? There were other mountains with less opposition. That would have been much easier. Can hear friends say: come on Caleb, you're, eighty five, this go! Take this easy mountain. He said no thanks, not going to settle for mediocrity when I know God has play, greatness in me. I want that same mountain, that's the dream, This been storing in my spirit, all these years and eighty five he went out and conquered the mountain saw, the dream come to pass Have you allowed any dreams to get buried in you at one time? You believed you could do something great.
You believe you could lead the company and sales you believed you could break that addiction. There's been a long time had some bad breaks, wasn't all before you could easily. Several, where you are, nobody would fall to God sent me a lot of new. Far on the inside, that dream is still alive. You may I tried a year ago, five years ago or forty years ago, didn't work out. But he was there to help you, God is saying to you what he said to Caleb go back and try again. This is your time. This is your moment your destiny is calling out to you. You have to be like Caleb, you can't have a weak defeated. Spirit I'll, take the easy way out I'll settle for second best. I don't wanna put forth the effort. If you dont stir it up, you can miss who you were created to be
you may have been knocked down, but you gotta get back up again and said: God give me this same mountain. I don't want to The two I dont want second best God, I'm going after what you placed in my heart. If you Remember your dream like that. God will help you to accomplish what you didn't accomplish early on us all port about this man. He was raised in a very dysfunctional environment in government housing, very low income. His father was not a part of his life. His mother, a teenager, was around from the time he was a little boy. He had a dream to become a rider. He went to school, but there was no structure in his house, no guidance and fifteen. He dropped out of school. He had never learned read or write. He was so embarrassed by. He started drinking trying to none the pain for
forty five years. All he did was hang out streets and drink with his buddies one. Somethin rose up in him like fire on the inside. He told his buddies This is the last time you will ever see me take another drink alcohol. I am fed up living like this. They laughed, and yeah right, but that day was a turning point. He was instantly set free from the alcohol. He never touch again. Fifty one years old he went back to school. Learned how to write. God is diploma. He was so proud He started writing poetry. He was very eloquent, very talented, Dream had been buried under dysfunction under addictions, but it was still alive at one point. He entered this very prestigious national riding contest. Anyone the grand prime
first place today at seventy five. He continues riding inspiring others letting them know that it's never too late to accomplish your dreams. What am I saying you gave up on. God didn't give up all what you wanted to do earlier in lie just because it didn't work out. Does it mean that it went away it's still in? Jeremiah said your word o Lord, is like far shut up in my bones. I believe there are some dreams shut up in you like far you're going to feel your destiny collar now may not happen the first time the loan didn't go through you didn't get. I was in for the part. The medical report wasn't good, that's ok! This is a new day. What God started he's going to finish
You may have missed some opportunities, but God knows how to make up for lost time. He's going to give you another chance. He said in the book of out. I will restore the years. There have been stolen. You may have lost years because Somebody else put you at a disadvantage or year. Because of your own choices. God knows how to make up boy he still going to get you to wear you're supposed to be. This is what happened to Joseph in description. God gave him a dream that one day he would rule a nation. This dream. He saw his brothers bowing down beforehand. Joseph should have is more wisdom and not told his brothers that part of the dream, certain things you should keep to yourself. Some people can handle what guy put in you, they won't celebrate. You they'll, be jealous fine for the critical one day.
Joseph went to see his tin brothers when he walked One of them said sarcastically. Here comes the dreamer. They weren't upset because he was their fathers. Favorite child, hey weren't, upset because he was wearing a code of many colours a coat. That represents favour. They were ups, because he had a dream. They were offended because he was determined to break out of them all to do something grain to leave his mark, They would have been fine if he was content to be average to accept the status quo but when you Storer what gods put on the inside believe did you have seeds of greatness, believed, you can overcome that illness break the addiction pay your house all be blessed. In spite of pay, mistakes. Let me warn you: every body will not celebrating
when you have a dream, you're going to have some detractors people will get jealous, try to make it look bad trotted talking out of it say things like you really think you can get that promotion. You don't have the expense in the town, and I don't think so. You really think you're still gonna get married. You ve tried three times hadn't happen. We you're getting kind of all, let that go in one ear and out the other people, don't determine your destiny, God the critics the naysayers, the detractors. They cannot stop your dream, It may do something that put at a disadvantage, but God knows how to take what meant for harm and use it for your good job. Its own brothers tried to push its drawing down. I say this respectfully, but
sometimes your relatives won't celebrate you. Sometimes the people closest to you would be the least supporting don't get distracted, fighting battles that don't mean trying to prove to them who you are trying to convince them, how they should before you, you don't their approval. You have all money gods approval, let it go and run your race. What's turn them up is the fact that you're moving forward pursuing your destiny, they would love Vince you to keep your dream, bearing, so you Ross higher and make them look bad They don't realize, God is put dreams in them. If they were stored up, they could fulfil their purpose. Successful people, people that have a dream. Don't waste their value, what time looking at what everybody else's do, and there too busy focused on what God is putting their own heart.
Bottom line the enemy targets, people who have a dream. You use opposition discouragement delays, jealousy everything he can to try to convince you, very that dream, if you're going to reach your highest potential, you have to make up your mind: did you in it for the long haul. You're not going to let people talk you out of it circumstances, discouraged delays caused you to give a critical people, cause you to get distracted, you're going to stay focused on your goal. Now, here's the key. You wouldn't be having that opposition. If you did. Have something great in you If you're doing wasn't alive and own track rotten schedule that come to pass, you wouldn't have so many things come and against you, but when the enemy looks at you. He says. Oh no, here comes another dreamer. Here comes another person full of fate.
Believing that they have seeds of greatness, not move by others, Circumstances not upset because they have a delay, their a dream. They know they have the labor of God they know because they believe all things are possible. They know God can make away when they don't see away fringe. You're, a dreamer you dangerous to the enemy. You get a nervous breakdown. He know your headed to a new level. We know you're, coming into overflow. He know you're, going to set a new standard for your family, and here is the most important thing he knows, there's nothing. He can do to stop you, the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you, but he will work over time trying to convince us to settle to give up to Where we are you have to this principle when neck, If things happen, that's not stop. In your destiny that's a sign that you're on your
way to your destiny, every day, the set backs, the disappointment that didn't stop your dream. It's all a part of the process, Joseph others they were jealousy him. They threw him into a pen They were going to leave him there to die, but they saw this caravan. Come in by they ended up. Leave him as a slave to an end. Winchell man named potter per year after year, Joseph work for Potiphar kept a good attitude can be in his best, but one bad thing after another happened to Joseph Potter. First wife lied about, falsely, accused him. He was put in prison for something he didn't it he spent years there one night, this favor, I had a dream. He didn't understand what it meant Joseph was able to interpret that dream. Pharoah was so impressed with him. He brought Joseph out of prison and put him in charge of the whole nation. Just like Joseph had seen in his own dream years.
Later there was a great famine in the land. People were desperate, trying to survive tryin to find food Joseph was in charge of the food supply, one of the most important positions of that day. His brothers, the same ones that threw him into a pin data. About a long distance and showed up at the palace looking for food. They were right before him bowing down, but they didn't recognize. Who Joseph was you can imagine? This is a very dramatic moment for Joseph. These are the brothers that betrayed these. Are the brothers it caused him all the heart ache in pain. You would think Joseph would be angry bitter vindictive this his chance to pay them back, but the scripture says when Joseph saw his brothers He remembered his dream. He didn't remember the heart, he didn't remit, but the betrayal
The lonely nights the times he was confused, He remembered the promise He remembered what God had spoken to him and all the bad breaks, it look like Joseph missed his destiny, the whole time, God was directed his steps, leading him guiding him. It was all a part of the process to get him to where he was supposed to be. When God puts a dream in your heart, when he gives you a promise, it doesn't mean that is going to come to pass with no opposition, no delays, no adversity. There will be things that you don't understand. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get negative and think I'm must not a herd God right in those tough times you have to do like
Joseph and remember your dream. God has not brought you this far to leave you. He has you in the palm of his hand, he's directing your stance now. Do your part dare to trust in their to believe, led him fight your battles? Let him be you. Have it cater. He has it all figured out we'll Joel, I'm upset. I don't. Stand. It I got thrown into appeared, don't worry! Another caravan is coming to me you're onto your next location waterfront. About me, I lost a loved one to a divorce. Don't give better it's just a detour on the way to your destiny, the palaces common. The promise is on track, the dream will be fulfil. The scripture says these light afflictions are for a moment,
When you face opposition things, don't go your way, recognise that is not permanent. That's not your final destination quit worryin about things that are only temporary like Joseph here is temporarily the injustice is temporary. The betrayal is not your, permanent home. It's a temporary staff, the song, Put it this way, passing through the valley of weeping it doesn't say settling in the valley. Getting stuck. In the valley building. Your house the valley, the valley. Temporary you are passing through it. My challenge quit lose any sleep over a temporary staff, being discouraged over something It's only for a season is permanent. I was in my back yard. One time in my grass looks so did it was Brown worn out run down a called the man,
with my landscaping, what happened to my grass wanted, it died, he can't laughed and said Joe. It's not and it's just not in season its dormant right now, but in a few months it will be as green and less as candy. See, I was worried about something that was only temporary. I thought that's the way it was always going be when I realized that that was not more unable worried about it again. When I saw my brown grass. I thought no big deal just a matter of time, poorest back degree or are you about things that are only temporary lead something still, your joy, because you think that's the way it always going to be, cannot tell you your dream is not dead. Is not in season. Your time is coming the right people. The right breaks, favour restoration, vindication! That's what's headed your way. These lie
fluctuations are for a moment. It goes on to say they work in us any eternal weight of glory, in other words the Adversity is temporary. The glory is eternal fringe store up God's put on the inside you. I have a dream that you bury. You need to get your shovel thou and start thanking God that is still coming to pass. Perhaps your own, a detour right now, something you don't, understand, don't get discourage its temporary. You just passing through It's easy to remember the heart, the disappointment that failure. I'm asking you to remember your dream. Remember what gods promised you! If you do this, I believe declare dreams that you buried or about to come back to lie. Promises You ve, given up on our being resurrected, like Joseph God is going to turn every stumbling block into a step? stone you're going to rise higher accomplish.
Your goals and become everything you agree to be in Jesus name. If you receive Can you say amen to that? We never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me just say Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins come into my heart. Make your my Lord and Savior Prince. If you pray that simple prayer wheel, leave you got born again, get in a good bye. Ways charge: keep God first place he's gonna, take it places that you ve never dream Thank you for listening to the Jews Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam, dot com, slash, give hope to give a gift today thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you'll subscribe,
so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing for you. No gods. Best is still ahead, will see a next time.
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