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2020-10-12 | 🔗

What’s limited you in the past doesn’t have to limit you in the future. You have the most powerful force in the universe breathing in your direction. God wants to put an end to the strongholds trying to keep you from your destiny.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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hide this goal in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is a blessing to joy they come into your homes and if you're ever in our area please stop by be a part of one of our services are promise you will make you feel riding home i'd like to start with something funny i heard about this elderly lady it was close to death she we ve been married she called her past or over to talk about our future she said that she only wanted female pallbearers pasture looked at our kind strange and ask why she said the men wouldn't take me
when i was alive they're not gonna take what i'm then say it like you mean it this is my bible i am this desire what this is all i can do what it says i can do today we talk the word of god our boldly confess mind is alert heart is receptive i will would be the same in geez this name unless you want to talk to you today about rest from your enemies we all have things come against us and try to keep us from destiny most of what we struggle with didn't start with us it was passed down things like depression addictions
anger divorce studies show how that can get passed from generation to generation if your mother was depressed there's a good chance you will have to deal with depression if your father was an alcoholic had anger issues wasn't faithful to his wife those traits they can affect you just like a lady that's on drugs and gives birth to a baby that baby can have the same addiction as the mother was no fault of the baby's its why the good news is there is a way to put a stop to what you're dealing with may not started with you but it can stop with you god wants to give you rest from those enemies he wants to put an end to what's limiting you there's something we have to do as long as we accept dysfunction as the norm it will never change
if you see that addiction that depression that lack and struggle you a lot in life you not only get stuff but you will pass it on to the next generation this is what the israelites did in judges fifteen different stiens had been ruling over them for forty years an angel peered to a young lady and said you're going to have a son you are to name him sampson he's going have supernatural strength he will deliver the israelites from the philistines as he grew up the philistines could tell there was something different about samson every time they tried to bind him he would break those court he was a huge threat to them so the philistines circled the israelites camp and we're about to attack the men of judah went out said hey where are you when against us we're not bothering you were your slaves they said we ve come to me
samson he's causing there's trouble instead of recognising that's samson had been raised up to deliver them from the philistines instead of saying yes this is a new day living in mediocrity anymore we're done being ruled by this enemy the israelites we're so comfortable in dysfunction they went to samson in tat emma he wasn't tot up by the enemy he was tied up by his rooms they said inverse eleven sampson don't you realize the philistines rule over us why are you making it even worse they were saying this is our lot and lie safe there's been this way for forty years you really think something's going to change just accept it how many times is god there s a samson but we think like the israelites i'll always be lonely drawn up in this way for years i'll never break this
diction i've had it a long time we get out of there my family always struggles long as you accept the dysfunction and when god send you away out even samson shows up you'll talk yourself out because because they were stuck in their thinking they tat the one that was sent to deliver them are you tie up you break through so to speak tying up your healy you promotion you're abundance but caused the disk function is so familiar is that way so long you think it's normal to live depressed addicted angry lonely this is a new you may have been ruled by those things for years they may have been passed down by previous generations but that is not your destiny god sent me as us
hamson he's using my voice to tell you it's time to break free it's time to arrive higher its limited you in the past doesn't have to limit you in the future you can break that addiction you have the most powerful force in the universe breathing in your direction can rise out of lab struggle not having enough you have seeds of greatness you were created to land and not bar you can be free from depression low selfish insecurity god crowned you with favor he put a robe of honor only you have royal blood flowing through your veins don't limited thinking keep you from your destiny you can't think this the way it's always going to be and expect to rise to the next level this is where the israelites mr they were so afraid of the philistines
convinced they were going to rule them their whole life they went to samson therefrom their deliver entirely emma the philistine saw that he was bound they went over to get him finally we can relax but the spirit of lord came on samson he broke those cords like they were threads he picked up the jawbone of a donkey and wiped out over a thousand philistines what's interesting is he broke the chains not of his knees but of his brains god was showing us sometimes the people closest to the ones that raised your family and friends they made yeah just settle where you are you know that things rule over us you'll never get your degree you'll never meet the right person you'll never break that addiction like samson they cannot keep you change
odd has put a supernatural strength on you to fulfil your destiny your fan your friends your neighbors they don't what's in here they can't keep you from rising higher they may be good people their sincere but their vision is limited don't fall into that trap god is called you to be a samson today liver your people to set a new standard for your family to break chains that upheld you back sometimes is our enemies that are limiting us our friends have taught us everyone close to you may not be fully they can say discouraging things just settle there pressure runs in this family your day was broke your grandad was broke you're gonna be broke to no offense but there to tell you what are you going to accept the dysfunction
settle for mediocrity or you going to say i don't think so better than this i know the power this is me is greater than before destructive sought me when guy with his life in the u he deston due to leave your mark he gave you the power to break chains that have held your family back for general since he annoying to do as a samson to take new ground don't let mediocrity become the norm they have been that way as far back as you can see you have to do the line in the sand and say the buck stops with me i'm not going to live tata my relatives may have been bound my friends may be fun with dysfunction my co workers may be ok with live in depressed angry addicted but not me i'm going to be a sense
i'm going to break change no i was born to make a difference somebody has to be the first one in the family to not be addicted to not get a divorce do not live paycheck to pay do not go around angry and defended why can t you why can't set a new standard why can't you raised great children why can't you have an exceptional career you're a samson you been equipped our god has told you to deliver your people second chronicle sport a young man named acer became the new king of israel his father had died and now he took the throne he inherited a land that was filled with idols pay
in france monuments to different kinds of god's his father passed down compromise dysfunction mediocrity that's what he had seen growing up that was normal to him he could have continued it on thought this is it's always been there was with these idols everybody likes worship in these different gods i'm not going to rock the boat but ace understood this principle that just because something gets passed down doesn't mean you have to continue it just call somebody close to you has changed you so to speak to compromise dysfunction doesn't mean you have to stay
bound he knew he was anointed to be a samson that he could break chain did he could take new ground the scripture says s removed the pagan franz he smashed the sacred pillars he's chop down the ash or impose where the people worship s didn't except the dysfunction he did let what was passed down limit his lie he took responsibility set in this compromise didn't start with me but it is going to stop with me he didn't make excuses he had a reason to live that way he was a different maker he wasn't passive he didn't do it quietly smashed the pagans rhymes he pulled up those alters he was
serious about fulfilling his destiny because he did this verse six says the lord gave him rest from his enemies if you won't rest from your enemies you have to do like he did and git instead of negative things that have been passed down as long as you're accepting it you're going to struggle the bad attitude the anger the addiction most likely it didn't start with will you be the esa and remove it will you be the wanderers up and say i am not going to let this gunnar ruined my life anymore i'm not going to accept lack and defeat and struggle as mandela i'm not going to learn to live with depression anxiety low self esteem i'm going to be an ace i'm going to smash those holes imo poured down those long mindset if you
the common aim and not take what was passed down edge your destiny god will give you rest from those enemies i talk to a man there had been an alcohol for nearly thirty years twenty two years he had had a drug addiction these are the things that keep getting past until someone rises up in decides to be an ace and do something about it they show that if you have there was an alcoholic you are tin more likely to become an alcoholic that's a spirit going from generation to generation ninety percent of the people in prison one of their parents was incarcerated somebody has to rise up and break the negative cycle the reason people tell you that if your father struggled you will struggle is because there looking at the
father when you gave your life to christ you became a new created there may be a lot of negative baggage in your bloodline but now you have a heavenly father you're not limited by the natural you have a supernatural force to help you overcome this gentleman wasn't a religious person he wasn't raised in charge but one day so low he was so desperate he said god please help me he went to a book store to try to find a book on overcoming addictions and he pull one off the shelf this other book on his foot very strange he didn't know what caused it to fall he picked it up and it was my book here see me he didn't know who i am but he's darted flip through it reading some passages something big come alive on the inside he took it home
learn what i'm telling you that just because something was passed down doesn't mean you have to continue he read that book in three days and said from that day forward he never touched another draw never too the alcohol he was completely free what happened he became an ace he didn't except the dysfunction as the norm when you make that decision that enough is enough you're not gonna live addicted angry letting things rule you then god will help you overcome what you could not overcome on your own joshua said it this way you will the feature enemies until you remove these things are there some things you need to remove asia had to remove the idols that weren't pleasing to god this man had to remove the alcohol the drugs that were destroying his lie
her father had to remove a poverty mindset that he was raised when he hadn't done that i wouldn't be standing here you may need to remove the anger the jealousy the regret when you say like this man god i can't do this on my own help me break this addiction help me resist this temptation god help me get rid of this bit this when you humble yourselves and ask god to help you and then take bold steps like a to remove what's holding you back god will make things happen that you could never make happen he will give you rest from enemies here's a key what you don't put a stop to will eventually put a stop to you if you don't put us
that bad attitude is going to stop you you don't put a stop to the anger the addiction the regrets they will keep you from your destiny if ace had not put a stop to the dysfunction that were passed down his life would have been a constant struggle always appeal the message translation says s clean house do you need to do some housecleaning are you allowing some things to stay that you know we're not good my challenge is put a stop to it before it stops you don't let a critical attitude keep from your purpose every body in your family may be that way recognise that's not normal don't learn to function in the dysfunction remit bid and god will take you to a new level don't let lack mentality
poverty mindset keep you in mediocrity joel never have enough nobody had my family is successful god wants to give you rest from that enemy of lack that enemy of not having enough if you will get rid of the limited thinking start having a prosperous more than enough mindset no one that favour is surrounded you like a shield then god will open the windows of heaven he'll calls opportunity blessing increase to chase you down the too often we think what's on the outside stop in us i believe if we ll look inside and get ready what we know is not good then we'll see gods favour in new ways there was a grandfather that phyllis one afternoon in the family room his grandchildren decided to play a trick on him
it took some real strong smelling cheese very potent smelled very bad while he was sleeping they snuck over and they carefully rubbed on his moustache run under his nose in a few minutes he woke up and thought something really stinks in here he left the room and went into the kitchen and our boy stinks here too we do his bed room same thing why does smell so badly finally one outside hoping to get some relief from the stinking he took a deep breath shook head said man the whole world's thanks this is what happens when hold on the things that we should get rid of if you remove the bad attitude distinct will go away if you remove the compromise giving it a temptation distinct willie
as long as you're allowing it to stay it's going to follow you everywhere you go if you live guilty in regrets beating yourself up from past mistakes that's going to stink up your office still your attitude stink up your relationships why don't you remove the regrets why don't you get rid of the guilt you can't do anything about the past but you can do so than about right now maybe you need to remove the self pity you ve had some tough ranks went through a loss somebody did you wrong if you stay focused on that your lie going to stick you may not realize it but when you stake other people can smell it when you're offended bitter angry nobody wants to be around you that stink is gone push your way new relationships new opportunities why don't you remove it may have been passed
you have a good reason to feel the way you do itself where's your life long enough don't let it continued to sour you the truth is we all have some stinky star some dysfunction some regrets i've learned the people that keep moving forward the people that keep enjoying their lives are the people that are good at removing the state complain about the stake only makes us think even more if you stay focused on this day you're angry at the people that hurt you all thinking about how they did you wrong the problem is that sea can get in here you can become the very thing that you don't when the scripture tells us to not taken offence not just so we
we'll be offended so we won't get sour if we take the offence the seed we'll get in us we can become what they are that's why it is so important to remove it let it go i will be your vindicator god will make up for what you didn't gear how you will raise what was passed down that does not have to keep you from becoming who you were created to be friend of mine grew up in a home where his father wasn't faithful to his mother he saw is dead run around on his mom and this young man became very hurt confused by over time he got to the point where he hated him other he wouldn't be around him wouldn't speak too he couldn't wait till he got older not to leave the house he went college and eventually got married have several children of his own a few years later he stood running around on his why
doing the same thing to his kids that he hated so much about his father that's what happens when we hold on the things that we should let go of the sea can get in ass you have to do like asia and say i am removed leaving it i am not live in angry offended letting dysfunction affect me and my children to be a difference maker the book is going to stop with me there was a young man in the scripture namely by he had a lot of issues he was angry he was dishonest he deceived people one time somebody took advantage of his sister it was a big deal he was very angry he went to the city where it took place here the leaders everything will be fine will forgive you if all the men will be circumcised
once you do that then we'll make peace act like it never happened they agreed the men were circumcised while they were kneeling when they couldn't defend themselves levi and his men came in and wiped out the whole town he had deceived them what's interesting is leave us father was jake you remember jacob deceiver he cheated his brother out of his birthright tricked him into trading whole inheritance all for a bowl of soup now jake son leave was just like him but it go back one generation jacobs mother rebecca was the same way when her husband isaac was near death and about to give the blessing that belong to their first born son esau rebecca love jacob more than aesop she came up with a plan to trick icy he couldn't see was almost
blind she told jacob to dress up like esau they made sure he smelled like his brother then she said now jacob go in and tell your father that you are esau he did this and received the blessing that belong to his brother but the deception the dishonesty started back with rebecca got past her son jacob he was dishonest now jacob suddenly there was the same way look like that was going to continue to get passed down but one day moses was up on a mountain he just received ten commandments and when he came down the israelites we're having a wild party they had made a calf out of gold that they were worshipping when moses thought he was furious you gotta just delivered out of slavery parted the see now these two million people were worshipping an idle moses pulled out his sword and said
who is on the lords of all the people there that day the leaders of the different of israel didn't say anything joshua didn't say anything aaron didn't say anything the scripture says the sons of lee bass spoke up and said moses we're on the north side they were saying in effect this is a new day we are not going redefine by our past we're not going to let how our fatherly grandfather live what our great grandmother did we are not going to pass that dysfunction down in our family like we're going to take a stand and do what's right that day they broke a generational curse and started a generation blessing because of that decision god said from on all the priest will come through the tribe of labour
in the book of genesis they were cursed by their grandfather in the book of leviticus they were the most blast people this is what happens when you get rid of negative things that have been passed down you're not only have rest from your enemies but your set a new standard for your family it also large when you remove what's holding you back do you need to remove anger rage dishonesty remove a wrong mindset it made started with you but it can't stop with you there may be a lot of negative baggage in your bloodline god is saying today who is on the lord's if you arise hey that's me i'm a difference baker and i believe declare like the sun leave are god is going to promote you and honor you liked and you go bright chains that have held your family back for generations and king asia gods going to give you rest for
your enemies in jesus name and if you receive it can you say amended i never liked to close our broadcast with giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you pray with me just say lord jesus i repeat my sins come into my heart i'll make you my lord and save you if your pride that simple prayer we believe you born again didn't goodbye mugabe's church he god first lies thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wind will play in volume
no gods best is still ahead will see him next time
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