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2017-07-15 | 🔗
Are you worried today or living frustrated because something isn’t happening as quickly as you want it to? We all have things we’re waiting on—a dream to come to pass, our health to improve, maybe we are waiting to meet the right person. It’s easy to grow impatient but Joel wants to show you how your times are in God’s Hands. Let this message teach you how to relax and live at rest knowing that God is unfolding His plan in your life.
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about life it's a joy to come into your homes and if you ever area please stop vine be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny in what about this pastor he was walking down the street when he came upon this group of young boys that we're surrounding a small dog he asked what they were doing makes they were having a contest whoever could tell biggest law would get to keep the dog launched into a ten minutes sermon starting with don't you know lying is a sin and ending with i was your age i never told a lie there was please silence and just when he thought he'd gotten through to them the youngest boy spoke up and said all right
the dog say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i have this is all i can do what it says i can do today i will be the word of god are boldly confess is a more my heart is receptive never be the same in geez may god bless you want to talk to you today about right on time we all have things were waiting all waiting for a dream to come to pass waiting for a health to improve waiting to meet the right person we know god put the promise in our but we wonder why it's taking so long but the scripture talks about held there isn't a point in time for the promise to be fulfilled if there's a right tat that means any other time the wrong time if you don't understand that god
i'll always be right on time then the delays the detours the waiting periods will cause you to be frustrated it's not enough to just trust god you have to trust his timing he knows when you're ready he knows when is the right person window opened the door when to turn it around if it's happening year you have to be met sure enough to accept that is not the right time instead living upset why don't you do like david and say god my terms or in your hand you know when the bless me window promote me window lever me god i trust your time hebrew says through faith and patience we inherit the promises zizi to have faith zizi to believe or your dreams but fate without patients can get into trouble just ass
this is as a young man he knew he was supposed to deliver the israelites he had the promise but he didn't have the patience he got in a hurry and killed a man that was miss treating a hebrew his heart was light but its timing was all he had to flee for his life forty years in the desert all because he got out of god's tiny some one o six as they did not wait for gods plan to unfold what you believe in four may be taken longer than you thought you not making progress i see in a dream come to pass but god knows what he's doing don't try to force things to happen
you don't have to promote yourselves manipulate people convince them to like you yes we should be determined but you don't have to be down a door at the right time things will fall into place at the right time the right people will show up now do your part and wait for the promise to unfold you're not fallen behind you not be left out you're right on schedule god is working behind the scenes you may not be able to see it but he's lining up the right people he's arranging the right breaks he's ordering your steps be patient and see his plan unfold matthew eleven in them its translation it talks about the unforced rhythms of grace unforced means you don't have to struggle fight against everything
make it happen you can relax and live at rest no one that god unfolding his plan may not be happening on your timetable but god knows when the right time is if you don't understand this you're wonder wise and happening fast why am i not make it progress what's wrong nothing is wrong is just not the right why don't you come into the unforced rhythms of grace quit worryin quit being frustrated your times are in his hands god created the universe is going to unfold his plan for your lie the scripture says when you delight yourself in the lord he will give you the desires of your heart doesn't say you have to work for it to earn it make it happen god is going to give it to you is going to happen without the struggle
without the prostration without all the experience it's going to be easier than you think you'll no it was the hand of god because you didn't have to force the door open and have to manipulate people you came in more time and god made things happen that you couldn't make happen now know you trust god but i m asking you to trust his tiny quit being frustrated because it's not happening is spent you would like every season is not a growing season every season is not harmonised there are seasons of planting seasons of watering fertilizing pulling up the weeds those are important seasons they are too of testing we're we're showing god what we're meda are we going to keep a good attitude when we're not seeing growth not making progress are we going to have faith
impatience someone tells us to meditate on god's word day and night it means we're not worried we're not upset wondering why it's taking so long we're at peace we know god's in control when you do this it says you will be like a tree planted by the waters that brings forth fruit in its season it doesn't say it will bring forth fruit three hundred and sixty five days a year it says in it season it imply there will be waiting periods periods of no grow periods where we don't see anything happen we have some lemon trees in our backyard at home they dont produce lemons or your law they have a season where full of lemons all kinds of growth but at certain times of the year when there is no growth no blood
sums if those lemon trees could talk they wouldn't be worried they can what's wrong with it i've been lemons we ve lost our touch god is forgotten about ass they would be as calm and peaceful asking me why they know there's nothing wrong just not in season maybe not seen any growth you feel stuck but like lemon trees there's nothing wrong it's just a tiny you're in a waiting period or perhaps a development parry but when you come into your season you're going to bear much further now the question is when you're not in a growing sees a harvest season are you going to get discouraged and think it'll never are you going to lose your passion and give up on what god promised you if you keep meditating god's will keep your man feel with thoughts of faith and hope then without it
trying you're going to come in to your season those lemon trees don't have to work to produce lemons they don't have to struggle and put forth all this when therein season it happens automatically issues who they are when you come into your season you're not going to struggle you're to make things happen you're going to naturally bear fruit that means gods going to cause the right people to find you gifts and talents are going to come out that you didn't know you had good grades are going to chase you then you may been waiting for a long time he attempted to get discouraged ready your season is coming europe to see new growth unexpected favour blessings catapult you to the next level you couldn't have made it happen on your own but may call you were faithful in the waiting periods because you did the right thing
when it was slow gods going to bring you in the harvest into a season of abundance truth is none of us like to go through them waiting periods zizi to get frustrated say god going to come into my season in six months i'm a season in two years why don't you just do it now save me the frustration bring the right person now give me the promotion now god knows what he's doing if he promoted before you were ready it wouldn't a blessing it would be a burden you wouldn't be able to handle it he has to get you prepared for what he has in door he loves you too much to do it to send you may have a promise in your heart you know god given it to you but you don't say anything happening that's a season of waiting gods use it
to do a work in you if you will pass the test if you will have faith and patients then you are growing your spiritual muscles are getting stronger your character is being developed my friends there all being promoted but not me i don't understand it come to church every sunday they only come on easter no don't compare your situation to somebody else's you're not running their race god may be going too take you to a higher level is going to acquire more character more commitment more discipline doing the right thing your season is coming when son jonathan was ten years old i didn't given the car keys say jonathan go take a dry what you to have everything i have stored up for you i didn't let him have the car not because i wanted to keep something
from him push him down make his life miserable i didn't do it because i loved him i knew him having a car at ten wouldn't be a blessing be a curse sometimes god shows his love for us not by what he gives us but not what he with homes if god would have let you marry that first person you really wanted to marry you probably wouldn't be here today at least in your right mind if you why do you have that baby promotion that new house before we're ready it would have limited your future god knows what we can so sometimes in order to protect us he says not now don't fight it trust his
i'm no doesn't mean never it means is not the right time jonathan has a car now he just had to grow well it's all a part of the process a good father may have a good gift but he won't give it at the wrong time god is not a good father he's a great father he has great gifts in store for you he has more than you can ask or think what am i saying don't be frustrated if he's not giving it to you yet keep growing keep being good to people keep passing the test i can see the big picture he knows what you're going to need you may you're ready but you can't see how high god is going to take you home its influence and resources he's going to entrust you wear gardener only knows what you need he knows who you are going to need
sometimes god is say and not now because somebody else that's going to be involved is not ready he still working on them they're going to be instrumental in your line they're going to open a door a close friend you're going to be a spouse be patient and growth the waiting periods with good attitude after college i came back to lake would in started the television ministries love doing production editing putting my father's messages on television plus we would do big concerts and live television specials my father was we supported he let us by the best equipment and put on these exciting events but towards the end of his life he didn't want to do that anymore one time a land of all these radio stations to carry my father's broadcast told my dad if you'll come down once a month
for less than an hour we can make the openings and closes in the radio programme will go out all over the world never forget what he says he's a jewel i don't want to do that i'm seventy five years old i'm not looking for any more work i just want to relax and passed through the church was so disappointed i thank god i'm you put big dreams in my heart i don't want to do less i want to do more i didn't understand thought maybe it was time to move on had had an offer to go work for another large ministry but when i prayed about when i got quiet i could hear the still small voice saying jewel not to be patient you're in a waiting period but you're season is coming at all victoria this is my father's vision he's in here for nearly forty years and i'm not going to get sour because i'm not getting my way i'm going on
my father and do what he would like me to do i made the decision to be my best in the waiting period to do the right thing when i didn't feel like it i never dreamed two years later my father would go to be with the lord and would become the pastor are realised oh god put those dreams in my heart for my own ministry it just one at the right time had not passed the test in been faithful in the waiting periods i dont believe out be standing here today god knows what he's if he's asking you to wait that means he has in store is going to be bigger then what do you imagine this god saying to you not now in some area you pray for something to change believe in for a dream a bright through its not happening that's a test you in waiting period keep doing the right thing
the scriptures is the steps of a good person are ordered by the more we are grateful that god is directing our steps but the truth is he's ordering arse perhaps when you're steps are ordered you don't have a choice and yes we have we will but god will put us in situations on purpose that we can't get out of you can be there sour complaining fighting it or you oh god i know you bordered must stamps you have me here for a reason maybe uncomfortable it may be taking longer than i like the god only trust you i trust your timing i know what i'm ready you bring me into my season of much fruit this is what joseph did he kept passing the test in the waiting periods when it was unfair when he was betrayed when he was false
the accused hetty not gone through those tests with the right attitude developing its character showing god what he was made up he would have never taken the throne you can have great faith you can believe for big things but without patients you'll give stocks without going through the waiting periods with a good attitude it will limit your destiny joseph wasn't in a hurry knew he had to wait for gods plan to unfold along the way it did not look like his steps were order
thrown into a pit by his family being put in prison for something that he didn't do cuz i said god it's not fair look at what they're doing to me but you're not going to understand everything that happens you may be in a difficult place doesn't look like it's ever going to change stay encouraged your steps are ordered your right on schedule the delay the detour the disappointment it's all a part of god's plan if you'll be patient and wait for that planned unfold then like joseph you'll see god vindicate you promote you and take it to a new level of your destiny we got did something significant in the scripture many times it says it happened sudden or immediately or at once prison doors were open they were no waiting period they see anything changing
no sign of it happening than all the sudden it happen god was showing us he can turn things around got any warning he can increase you unexpectedly out of the ordinary you didn't see it coming you were just doing the right thing go into the difficulty with fate impatience and suddenly you came do your sees sudden your business took off suddenly your help improve one touch your godspeed labour can catapult you to the next level when you know god has some suddenly is even wanted taken a long time you'll still haven't expectancy no wonder at any moment you're suddenly could show one good break one phone all meeting one right person you'll come you're waiting period to a season a blessing see just is god order steps in the times of testing times approving he orders
deaths in the seasons of increase seasons of promotion you may have been in a waiting period a long time doing the right thing be impatient guy they say and get ready you're about to see some suddenly is you're going to into a season a much poorer a season of new growth we're god thrust due to the next level he's going to put you at the right place at the right time when it says god orders our steps that doesn't mean god does it vaguely over here in this general area do it in next week or two god is not vague he's precise he's detailed he's specific down to the splits one sunday when my father was alive i was up in the tellers control area at the other facility in the service was about to start
i remembered and needed to tell my father something so i ran downstairs the stairs were curved to wear at one point for four or five seconds when you walk in you would look out over the front lobby then they turn back toward the offices as i was running down the stairs surpassed i could in a big hurry i came around that curve there was a man walk into the lobby right position too where our eyes man he stopped me and said my cousin has a construction permit for a full power television station here in houston we'd like to talk to you about it he handed me his number ten second conversation long story short we bought that construction permit put this station on the air a few years later we sold it pray significant profit those funds were very instrumental in us renovating displace the former compact centre
but notice how precise gaudy is if i had been right down the stairs five seconds later i would have missed him if he would have left his house a minute earlier got caught by another stoplight our paths wouldn't have cause god ordered our steps down to the second you be at this place you be at that place suddenly we came into our season god made things happen we couldn't i happened right now gone is not only ordering your steps he's ordering the steps of the people you need he's going to cause them to come across your pants we're opportunity bungee we're good breaks track you down what you believe in four may be taken you don't see how they ever going to change but stay encourage guy has some suddenly land produced things you didn't see common work
had at the right place at the right time and unexpectedly you met the right person or like with me the business fell into your land the problem turned around don't be frustrated because is not happening as fast as you would like you ride on schedule your steps will be an ordered any moment you're going to come in to your season in more chapter five leader in the synagogue came up to jesus he fell it is and said my little girl is so sick she's close to their please come to my house and pray for her jesus agreed he said he would calm and they started work in that way i can imagine this father was so excited he knew he was going to get his miracle but as they were travelling in the middle of a big crowd this lady that had been sick for twelve years for her way through the
proud touch the edge of jesus robe and instantly she was he'll jesus stopped and ask who turkestan spent time visiting with this lady while it was a great miracle it delay jesus from getting to the little girls house i'm sure the while there was happy this lady got healed but because of the delay his little girl died his friends came hey don't bother jesus anymore to too late your daughter has passed he had to watch somebody else get healed why his daughter didn't get it will you keep a good attitude when you see other people being bless but you're still waiting
your friend got engaged but you're still single waiting for the right person you're coworker moved into that new house you're still in the apartment waiting for an increase in the middle of the commotion in the middle of all this excitement this man felt like jesus had gotten about him is too late he turned a walk away jesus stopped him said don't be afraid only believe this was saying in effect it's not too late i haven't forgotten about you're right on schedule you steps are being ordered this delay didn't stop my plan i'm still going to do what i promise jesus showed up at the little girls house where she had ready died he spoke to her and told her to wake up she walked back up and was perfect
normally the scripture says the people were completely astonished here's the principle this main came to jesus asking for a healing but because of the delay he received a greater me call a resurrection one is taking longer than you fall down this courage that me god has something bigger something better that you weren't expecting like this man he's going to do something we're not only you but the people around you are astonished me is overwhelmed and at his goodness prince god has not forgotten about you he knows how long it's been he's heard all your prayers he's seen all the times you ve done the right thing i'm santa's might tell you it's never going to happen it's too late
god is saying you're right on schedule you're about to come in to your season it's not going to be a healing it's going to be something better a resurrection now your part and pass the test in the waiting periods keep a good attitude if you'll do this because you have faith and patients eve and declare you're going to see gods plan oh for your lie promises the pass dreams filled problems turn around the fullness of your desk in jesus name if you receive it can you say amended i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me today just say lord jesus our repent of my sins come into my heart make you my lord and saying if you pray that some
rare we believe you got born again get in a good bible based charge keep god first place victorian i'll be right back to speak a blessing we as a thank you for your support of our ministry this month gentlemen victoria we'd like to send you a copy of jewels new three message series anchored to hope when you're anchored to hope you're not moved by your circumstances are worried because things are changing as fast as you'd like you have your trust your confidence your when the lord you now he'll get you to where you need to be europe days or not behind you they're still out in front of you request this resource it will help you stay anchored to hope request your copy of ankara to hope today at joe loose dean dot com or com eighty eight five six seven joe
several years ago i was diagnosed with what's called a goiter that's it extremely enlarged thyroid it was the size of both of my surgeons fixed and i had to have surgery and they told me i never sing again and i felt hopeless but you know what this ministry teaches us that whenever victims but we are always pictures and that is what gave me the hope and the faith to be able to press on i had that surgery but now i'm thinking like i could for in my life has never been the same your support is changing lives thanks for partnering with us we appreciate prayers your generosity is making a difference around the world know that victorian are praying for you and your family we believe you're going to reach your dreams overcome any obstacles that are holding your back and not only that but did you go places that you never even imagine no god has in the palm of his hand he's breed
in your direction right now until we meet again noted your blessed your strong your talented you're a masterpiece a child of the most tackle
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