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Roll Away The Stone

2018-04-04 | 🔗
Nothing is more amazing or significant than the power displayed at the resurrection. This is what separates our faith from any other on earth. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins on the cross. He lived a perfect and sinless life and gave it as a sacrifice for your sins and mine. And when all hope seemed to be gone, He miraculously came to life again. What this means is: When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we are completely forgiven...for anything...for everything...forever!
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit gmos dean dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today have you ever watched a movie or a show and you'd seen it before you knew the end of the story maybe you're watching it with a friend and then no they didn't know the end of the story but you did so when all this is spent small parts were coming you weren't anxious or concern because you knew the end of this why you say today you and i are living in the end of the resolution story so we know what happened today than jesus die we know what happened when he was very he rose again living at the end of the story
say two thousand years ago there was this apples and followers of jesus that actually living in the story they didn't know what was going to happen the interesting thing about a story when you're watching it that's one thing but when it happen into your all alive that's an entirely different thing you say when it's happening to you and you face typical these challenges and suspend small plots it's difficult you can't always remember the end of the story you can always remember what has been promised so today i want to talk about a ban women one being mary magdalen mary jane mother of james and a few others you see they live they were living the story two thousand years ago in fact they saw jesus ass he walked the
they saw him do tremendous miracles saw him open blind eyes and deaf ears in fact mary magdalen her life was completely changed radically changed by jesus she had a miserable like the bible says that she was full of darkness but jesus touched her and she i am full of line since she was eleven the story of his grand savior jesus but she also lived the story of his death she walked through the story when he hung on the cross she saw him as he died solely on that cross she saw when they took him down and joseph ass for his bodies but he could rob human linen and take him to a turn and that too with seal that day with a huge huge stone she saw it all
and ass jesus lay in that turn her hopes her dreams later with him you see she saw it all she was living in the store when day after the sab she woke up early in the morning the bible says the sun had just come up and she and that band of women they gathered spices they wanted to annoy jesus spotty one last time they were on their way to the tomb i can imagine it was still misty in the air that we still do on the grass had all their stuff they knew that simon they know what they're here was beating for and they on their way but on that path to the ten they remembered something they remember the large stone that seal entrance of that time and they began talking among themselves about that big obstacle
again thinking how in the world are we going to move that stone the bible says and marks steam for they said among themselves who will help us rolled away the stone you see that stone represented a block to them is ongoing stung was there they couldn't entered the two and anoint the body of jesus that's stone was too big for them to move themselves have you ever felt that way before there's something ever blocked your life maybe you ve heard your own self scion who's gonna help me move this have you ever had a block in your life may you wanted to start a new business which kept hidden obstacles drain and resources maybe a stone of an unwanted divorce stone of a bad medical report stone the fear stone a debt to those stones the ring
they come in different shapes and different sizes maybe this down you're not base your facing today is not as big as the one at the ten maybe it is what can i tell you it's it's a stone was to block you it's real they come indifferent shakes become indifferent sizes but you know the purposes the purpose is to stop us the purpose is to trap us thinking that will never overcome that stuff it's too big the challenges to heart we minds will quit now you're a loved about miriam martha marian mary was the fact that when they remembered the stone they didn't stop it kept going
and when they got to the tomb the bible says that they looked up and they were so surprised the stone had been rolled away the stone was not blocking the two anymore i was trying to good faith and had been rolled away think about that just a minute what they were worried about what was there is now a boy i walked into the term is all the angel and age i plan to her are you looking for jesus he's not here he's risen he's right hand you see the problem that you was facing that day was met with a promise the promise of the rest direction as soon as the angel told our he's not here he's risen the bible says that she was reminded of the promises
jesus he said our rise again he said the devil will be built back in three days see when she heard it she remembered the promise sometimes when you're walking through a difficult situation and there's obstacles in your path it's hard remember those resurrection promises but can i tell you today stones were meant to stop you some i'm there are stones in reality that you cannot move on your own bulgarian possible there are out of your control what can i tell you they die but jesus is alive and he's still wrongly in a way that it was this sunday and mary didn't even now and i hope this is its easter sunday makes you take it look at those blocks in your light those stones those things
we're trying to why you down cause fear and anxiety those things that would like to stop you from billing your destiny i hope you look at those stones differently and next time you run into one of those things i hope you look at it and you say he has risen and i will stand on the resurrection of the working time if you are facing us down a discouragement today i want to remind you that he hears the broken hearted binds at their wounds if you're looking at the stone of fear today i want to remind you what the promises says it says that i am not giving you a spirit of fear but it's our love and sound mind do you know them restart there's a promise just like that
that mary walk to that to that problem was resolved by the promise of the resurrection know today whatever your facing there's a promise to help you overcome there's a promise to strengthen you he's still here he's still delivers and he's still sets free today by the power of the resurrection but it's up to us to remember the power of the resurrection and the promises that he made to us and attach the promise two it apprehended by the other day was working on a project and she was so excited about the end result she said enjoy all i want to send you the before and after picture of my project i said i'd love to see she said to me albania the attachment and up came the before picture it didn't look too good i went to find after picture
it wasn't there i emailed her back and said hey worse after picture gene we back and she's at all my goodness i forgot to attach it here to me it open it up it was magnificent can i tell you today you may have a before picture but if you will attend the promises of god you open up a picture of the actor and it will be magnificent because he's alive and he's risen uc david mary walked through the tune history was changed i was change forever and so was arms he's risen and steel
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