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Shame Off You

2020-05-15 | 🔗
Are you carrying around guilt, shame or heaviness? This is your day to be free. Let this motivating message inspire you to transform your heart with the powerful Word of God. God has removed your shame! Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this goal in Victoria, thanks for downloading our podcast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave inspire, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them. Is God bless you always a joy to come into your homes and if you ever in our area, please stop by the part of one of our services? I promise you, I will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much for tuna in. Thank you again become a now I'd like to start with some funny I heard about this young lady. She came home from it, very sad. She told mother. Did her boyfriend just proposed to her her mother civil. Why are you so sad? She said because
told me he's an atheist mom. He doesn't even believe that there's a hail or mud said Mary him anyway, between the two of us will prove to him how wrong hold up here, I will say it like you mean it. This is a Bible it says I have what is I can do What it says I can do today, we'll be taught the word of God, boldly confess mine is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. In Jesus name! God bless you hold it! to you today about shame all of you all heard the praise. Shame on you started from a child. Clean your room. Shame on you You were dear little sister. Shame on you, even as adults. We may not hear it out loud, but it plays in our thoughts. You back into that bad habit. Shame on you!
went through a divorce. Shame on you! We don't realize how destructive shame is We use it to try to convince people to do better, but shamed us just the opposite, causes us to feel guilty unworthy like we don't deserve to be blessed A young lady told me how she had a bit. When she was a teenager, she was unable to keep it. She put it up for adoption. Now ten years later. She said, I feel ashamed. I abandoned my baby. I can't sleep at night thinking What a terrible mother I am! That voice is constantly whispering. Shame on you! Shame is one of the enemy S. Favorite tools, he's called the accuser. He'll reminds you of every mistake: every failure, even things that weren't true or false he'll! Try to deceive you into thinking that you were to blame people that were abused as a child had no choice in he'll whisper
you're, not good enough. You deserved it! That's why they mistreated you he'll trotted twisted and Vince you to carry around all this heaviness, but the scripture talks about God has removed our shame whether it was your father, are somebody else's. You don't have to carry the heavy load of guilt. Beating yourself up feeling raw on the inside the enemy says. Shame on you! God says: shame off! You are forgiven. You redeemed! You have made your valuable what people did or didn't do to you? They dont determine you're worth your worth. Comes from your query. The most TAT, God breeds his life in the EU. Crown do with this favor. He calls a masterpiece don't go. And ashamed guilty condemned shake off the shame
every time you hear that voice, whispering shame on you by faith. You need to God entering back? Shame off. You don't accept the shame and I'm not saying a course to be flippant and Well, I made a big mistake. I hurt somebody no big deal now. We should be remorseful asked for forgiveness. Do better next time, but the problem is, if you don't put foot down and say, shame off me: either though God has removed it. That shame will follow you around. The young lady asked me, George, you think, God what, for give me. I said, no God will forgive you. The real question is: you could give your? Will you shake off? The shame I found is more did call to forgive ourselves, then it is to forgive other people.
The enemy knows. If we feel wrong on the inside will never become who we were created to be asked why he works over time to try to bring guilt. Shame make you feel like you, don't deserve to be blast. You have to all the accusing voices you may have made mistakes, but the more. Will you ask God to forgive you he not only for gave you. He took it one step further. He doesn't remember it anymore when those try to remind you of mistakes of the past, saying things like Shame on you. You were unfaithful in that relationship, shame on you. You were dishonest in the business deal. Shame on you, you a route that family member last month you ve ready asked for forgiveness? That means God Remember that a sure sign the acute or is it work? You can either accept the shame
you're wrong on the inside You can rise up and say no shame off me. I know I've been forgiven, no gods mercies bigger than this mistake. If God, Remember it! I'm not gonna remembered either When the Israelites had been in slavery in Egypt for many years there were very beaten down not only physically but emotionally they were constantly told they were no good, they couldn't anything right. They would never measure over time. They let that steel there, since a value they felt inferior in secure, like they had no self worth when a person is being mistreated, abuse especially for a long time. Instead of recognising that the other person is doing them wrong, it's easy for them to accept the blame and start thinking they deserve. What's happening before
were long there not only ashamed of what's happening, but they start to become ashamed of who they are that's the way the Israelites fell ass, how the enemy, twist things but two four hundred and thirty years, God brought them out of the slavery out of the abuse, just as they were about to enter the promised land. God said to them this day. I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt offer the reproach means. Shame blame disgrace, noticed they couldn't go into the promised land. With the shame an unworthy, not valuable, God had to roll away the reproach. In the same way before you can read, You are highest potential. You have to get rid of of any shame you may have made mistakes People may have done you wrong, but you can't sit around guilty candy,
and blaming yourself blaming others. Whatever your Egypt is a divorce and addiction, somebody Did you wrong? God is saying this day, not tomorrow. Not next week not six months from now. Today, God is, in a way the reproach he's role in a way the guilt roll away the shape. Now it's up to you to accept it. You have to quit dwelling your failures quit believe in those laws that you too many mistakes. You been hurt too badly. No, the reproach has been rolled away. When you get up in the morning, and you hear those voices and they come to all of us. Shame on you! You have to answer right back. No shame off of me. I know my reproach has been taken away. I know this man. He was Happily married has a good family but
his guard down and got involved with another woman. They were friends at work. The heated them it turned into something else that happened that one time that was it he felt so badly about it. He knew it was wrong. He asked God to forgive him, but year after year went by and he still felt this heaviness on the inside. He knew God had forgiven, but he couldn't forgive himself on the outside. He looked funny. He was happy. But on the inside he had the sense of shame. Gill Lucky had to settle for second best one day, a minister that he respected, pull, to the side and whatever is holding you back Whatever lie is keeping you from rising higher today that power is being broken, odd is about to release you to a new level of your destiny. This man began to weep and we all the guilt the shape
The heaviness that he had allowed to become a part of his lie, it suddenly lifted offer him. It was like a chain was broke, a strong whole came down, for years he had allowed the accused to pile on the shame, tell him you don't deserve it. You blew it, sit on the sidelines and showed up and said I the final say, and I say. Not shame on you, but shame on you in that more He was changed. Maybe like him, you know, God is given you but you still have this sense of unworthiness. Like you don't deserve it. You could never reach your highest potential freedoms. That chain has held you back long enough. Today, God has removed the rope today, the chains have been broken. Burdens have been lifted. God is saying, shame offer you now you have to get an agreement quit listening to the accused.
The voices quit believe in the laws that you have to settle per second best. Nothing, you ve done is a surprise to God he's up in the heavens scratching his head. In all men. I didn't say that last mistaken. I do me all. No God had the mercy Before you made the mistake the solution before you had the problem, why don't you shake off the shame? Shake off the gear This is a new day. The reproach has been rolled away, nears a keep, don't one negative event, become your identity. Let one failure a divorce, a bankruptcy and addiction become. Who you are it's easy to take all the blame consume you before long. You become known as the man who blew his marriage woman that was abused. The young person it has the addiction. Note, that's what you do That's not who you are that's what
Ben to you. That is not your identity. Enemy would love to stick these labels on us addicted Unfaithful, divorced, bad parent, don't believe those as you may struggle with an addiction, but you are not an end What you do does not change your identity. You're still a child of the most toggle. You may have build in some areas of your life. We all have but you're, not a failure. You may have heads bad breaks, but you are not a victory when those thoughts of guilt and came trotting relabel you you have to remove. And your sale. I am not who people say I am I am not whose circumstances say I am. I am, who God as I am, God says I am approved. I am accepted. I am valuable. I am a masterpiece in scripture.
Name's had a lot more meaning. And significance than they have today. Isaac had a son and named Jacob Jacob means trickster swindler deceiver every time someone said hello Jacob. They were saying hello, trickster good morning, Jake good morning con man, time to go to Jacob time to go to school. Cheater here This so long. He didn't know any better. He became exactly what people called here. For years he was told you a con man. He can't this brother Esau out of his inheritance euro cheater he cheated his uncle went around tricking people. Later in life Jacob got tired of living like that one night he went down to the brook to get a with God. An angel appeared to him in the form of a man the angel Ass Jacob. What his name was
he said I am Jacob. He was saying I a cheater, I'm a judge However, I am dishonest the angel didn't, say: you're right, Jacob you ve, never really terrible lot. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. The angel said you are not. Jake He was saying you are not a deceiver, you may have. Let people talk you in that, but then it's not your true identity. The angel told Jacob God has a new name for you. Instead of Jacob, you will now be called Israel Israel means Prince with God, God this man that lived a life of dishonesty gone around, cheating people instead of giving him what he deserved steady shaken his finger, saint, shame or new Jacob, God said, shame or few J you're, my son. I have
Asking you to leave your mark in your generation, not in disgrace not as a failure. I've called you to be a prince. I've called you to rein in first thing God had to do- was removed. The reproach God had to get the shame offer him. Are you wearing any negative labels today? Have you let circumstances they all yours or even people put a label on you that says not valuable, not worthy addicted bad parent blue is made. Didn't raises children right doesn't deserve to be blast brings. This is what grace is all about. None of us deserve it, but God says I'm going bless. You anyway I know your true identity agreed by my life into you. You may feel like Jacob. You made some poor choices. You could easily live with that since a shame, but God in a
is changing our names today to plants to princess to redeem two per given to highly favoured people. Take up could have easily The angel, I don't see how God could ever make me. Opponents are made so many bad choices. No, he accepted it into his spirit. He agreed with what godsend in fact he told the angel, I'm not in here. Until you bless me, he was saying I may not deserve it. But since the shame has been rolled away, I'm asking for favor I'm asking for new levels, I'm asking for the fullness of my destiny, God didn't say Jacob. Who do you think you I'm going to bless you. You know the life you live. God said Jacob. I like your bonus. I like the fact that you shook off the shame. You got rid of the good now you're ready to step up to who have created you to be. You live like
tat! God will bless you and amazing wise, even if you're still struggling in an area. Is no shame to ask for help. Sometimes we think we're supposed to be perfect, we can't let anybody know we have a bad habit and addiction. This struggle we'd be embarrassed. No don't let chain keep you isolate, real healing begins when we get honest the scriptures says confessed. Europe falls one to Another- and you will be here some things you can overcome. Oh, you need somebody to stand in faith with you now. I'm not in that you have to announce it, but you can find a person that you can trust to walk with you through it. There's something about getting it out in the open. Don't let the fear of what other people think keep you from your miracle
I've learned everybody is dealing with something that people that you think Have it all together. Look fine on the outside their good. It pretending everyone has. Issues is easy. Hard things in only let people see what we want them to see this in person that comes to on Sunday and way. To you. So friendly on Monday. If you cut them off in traffic, they may wave to you with one finger in the air not say in one way. Jesus the other comes out. Even the scripture some the heroes of faith. They all had their weaknesses. One day Peter was preaching to thousands tell a crippled, manned arise and walk another day. He was coarse people out denying that a new Jesus one David was defeating a giant leading gods people another day he was committing adultery. Heaven, the Ladys
has been killed. He was so ashamed of himself. He tried to hide it for a year fund, They got it out in the open. Confessed is false. God restored him. One day Noah was building an arc save and his family another. He was getting drunk runnin around naked did you have issues? You have nothing to be ashamed. Here's another thought most widely the things you are. Struggling with didn't start, we see they were passed down. Now. This is your opportunity to put an end to you be the one to break negative cycle in your family. The first step shake off The shame don't be embarrassed, don't try to hide it. You don't have to go through life, pretending if you'll get honest, go to God and ask him for help fund a friend to stick with it in the faith
you can overcome anything. They told him, you back the forces. Therefore, you are greater than the forces that are against you. I received a letter from a teenage girl that lives in another state sheet how she struggled with Anorexia. She wouldn't hardly eat anything. She got where she was skin and bones. On top of that she was cutting herself. The only She could find relief from the pain she felt on the inside came from a well respected. Family was to embed to tell anyone. She felt ashamed who she was Gill.
For injuring herself? She knew it was wrong, but she kept hearing the voices you're, not valuable, you're, no good! Look at you! That's what the enemy loves to do heap on the guilt, the shame he knows it will keep us from our destiny and she got to the point where she wouldn't look anyone in the eyes she was so beaten down. One day she heard me on tv talk about how God will heal your hurts. You give you beauty for ashes. How there's no shame and be an honest going to God and asking for help here. I need a decision that day that she wasn't going to pretend anymore. She told her parents what was going on. They got her the help she needed long story short today: she's not only healthy whole free, but she counselor helping other young people that are struggling in that same situation. That's what happens when you.
Call the shame. God will take your scars and turn them into farmers who use you to help other. Maybe you're, struggling in an area right now, the next time you hear that voice, whispering, shame on you. Instead believing that lie. Beating yourself giving depressed. Why? Don't you run up and say. No shame off me if you will start shaking off the guilt. The shame, then you can enter into your promise. Lay that's. When you see the healing the breakthrough, the new levels, some people are living with a sense of shame because something that happened that wasn't even their fault they mistreated growin up. Somebody took advantage of them the way the enemy, Twistings TEAL trotted convention? It was your fault, you deserved it. If you would have been better that wouldn't have happened, don't believe those lives. You can't help how some
untreated you when you were younger. If they did you wrong the problem was it with you? The problem was with them. God said he will be your vindicator, God saw what happened. He saw the injustice. You may think. Nobody knows what I've been. Nobody knows, the hurt, the shame the pain, but God knows He saw every person that lifted a finger against you. He saw every lonely night, every tier, every her. I'd say it and as a fifty for you or for get the shame of you used, you will not remember the reproach. God is going to pay you back, for that injustice in such a way that you don't we, remember what happened is not going to be in the forefront of your mind, he's going to make your
I've, so blest, so rewarding so fulfilling. You won't even think about those people that hurt you now do your part. Forgive the p, Did you wrong? As long as you continue to dwell on it? You are allowing them to continue to hurt you. Let it go what they did did not change. Identity you're still a masterpiece you're still wearing a crown of favor you're, still destined to do great things. Why don't you take off the all labels that say damaged mystery abused. Put on some new labels accepted approved valuable master. When you do that, God promises You will not only forget the shame of your past, but he takes it a step further. As a sixty one. He said, instead of a former shame, You shall receive a twofold recompense. Instead,
of dishonour and reproach. You will possess double what you forfeited. You may have had some unfair things happen, but play in the face because of that injustice. God is going to pay you back double because of what happened. The person that walked out and broke your heart, the people that mistreated you made. You feel ashamed that did not go unnoticed. God saw it he's going to pay you back with double the joy double the peace, double the honor double the fulfilment your life is going to be richer because are in fight of that injustice. Now this promise, do us any good if we sit back ashamed guilty beating ourselves up. Put your shoulders back, hold your head up her, nothing that was done to you! Nothing that you ve done has to and your identity, you are still a child of the most TAT God. His plans, for you are
steel for good and not evil. You may have had some bad breaks, but really those setbacks. We're a set up regard to bring you out with double no a lady that always struggled with her self worth, she never felt like she was good enough. This insecurity came from being born out of wedlock, her mother in the work married it as a child? She saw on her birth certificate, the little box that was checked. That said illegitimate, that raise became ingrained in her thinking. All her childhood her teenage years. She felt inferior anytime sheets. The move forward, she'd hear voices whispering you weren't wanted you're, not valuable. There's something wrong with She went around with this sense of shame. Unworthiness she would wear the label illegitimate. Not up to par.
One day. I was talking about how are worth in value. Does it come from people? It comes from God. She said it was like something: experts, on the inside instead of believe in those lives that she should be ashamed that she has no value. She started reprogramming her thinking I am not an accident. I am not a mistake. I've been hand picked by Almighty God I am fearfully in wonderfully. Her attitude was no matter what my birth certificate says. I know I am legitimate, the most God breed his life into me. Today? She is living a free, blessed covered it saved life, just like God promised. She doesn't remember the shame of her
are you carrying around any guilt? Shame, heaviness, friends! This is your day to be free. The reproach has been rolled away. The door is open, but you have to walk out of take all the negative labels when the enemy whisper. Shame on you answer right! Back no Shame off me. I've been forgiven. I've been redeemed. I am valuable. If you do this, I believe and declare every chain being broken. God is going to pay you back double for that injustice, you're going enter into your promised land and become everything God created you to be, in Jesus Name, and if you are, Today. Can you say we never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make
Jesus. The Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus, I repented my sins. Come in to my heart. Make your mom ward and save. If you pray that simple prayer, we believe you got born again get in The Bible based keep God. First flights he's gonna, take it places that you ve never dreamed. Thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean Podcast cast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com? Slash give hope to give a gift. Today, thanks Much were listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy. No gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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