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Something You've Never Seen

2019-01-09 | 🔗
In this exciting message, Joel reminds us of the powerful verse in Exodus 34:10, “I will do great things that I have never done before anywhere on earth.” This means God is going to show you favor in ways you never imagined. It’s going to be unprecedented, out of the ordinary, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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Hi. This is your on Wednesday's. We bring you the best dove. I hope you enjoy the pod cast about less. It's always a joy to come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you, I will make you feel right at home, but thanks so much for tuning in today, and thank you again for common out. I like to start with that's funny, and I heard about this archaeologists from New York. He dug down ten feet and found traces of copper wiring dating back a hundred years. He concluded that New Yorkers had a telephone network over a hundred years ago, not to be outdone, an archaeologist from California.
Doug down twenty feet and found copper wiring dating back two hundred years. He concluded that Californians had a massive communication network. Hundred years before the new Yorkers upon during this Bubba from Texas, they'll down thirty feet on his farm and found absolutely nothing. He concludes three hundred years ago, Texans had buddy gall Wireless arising out of the Bible say it like you mean it This is my Bible it says I am. I have witnessed I can do it says I can do today be taught the word of God, boldly confess these are my heart is receptive? never be the same. In June May God bless you. I want to talk to you today about something that you ve never seen.
I grew up in a ministers home and we always had church. Auditoriums and tradition sanctuaries, that's what everybody did, but in two thousand and five God gave us this beautiful facility. Now we have church in a former sports arena that's something that I had never seen. I worked, seventeen years behind the scenes at the church doing the television production. I thought that's, how would spend my lie but when my father went to be with the Lord, I was suddenly thrust into this position. Now instead of being behind the cameras, I'm in front of the cameras. That was something I had never seen in two thousand and nine, the New York Yankees we're about to open their new baseball stadium, one of their staff members called in ask if we would calm and hold a night of hope, the first non baseball event in the new stadium
out of all the entertainers musicians, artist in the world. They called a minister. That was something I had never seen. I want you to get this down in your spirit. God is about to do so. something in your life that you'd. Never. I'm not I'm not just sharing another message, I'm speaking prophetically. God is about to take you where you could not go on your own. God is about to show you. or in ways that you ve, never imagined, scorned, to be unprecedented out of the norm, unlike anything that you ve seen, maybe have struggled in your it is for years can't seem to get ahead. One step forward, two steps backward, no God is about to Show- You abundance, like you, ve, never seen he's about to increase to two where you have overflow,
you land and not borrow not burden down by debt in land. Some of you have fought depression. Discouragement. Your whole life that dark cloud follows you around. You think that's the way. It's always going to be no take heart. God is going to show you joy, like you, ve, never seen that Spirit, a depression. Discouragement is being broken. God is going to release a new happiness, a passion that you have not experienced before maybe have struggled with an addiction. a bad habit for a long time, be encouraged gods going to show you a freedom that you ve never seen. Some of you have felt in secure, intimidated. Like you, don't quite measure, you think that's the way. You'll always leave. No God about to show you a confidence, a bone. This where you can step into the fullness of your destiny, God is saying creativity like you, ve, never seen, promotion,
Opportunity, like you, ve, never seen. healing restoration favour, like you, ve, never seen. That's the promise. God made an exodus. Thirty, four I will do great things that I've never done before where on earth we ve all, the gods, goodness in the past, every one of us can say God is Blessed- promoted as protected us, but what God is about to do is going to be unprecedented, now all you gotta do is say. Yes, Lord. This is from today, I received this into master. So your mind would try to talk it out of it. tell you all the reasons why it's not gonna happen for you to all too young maid to many mistakes, don't have the education. If you are just a different national quality. If you just knew the right people, listen God not limited by your age, your education, your connections,
resources in spite of what you have don't have you need to get ready, God is but to show you something that you ever seen, he's about to take you where you could not, on your own John chapter. Nine Jesus was traveling through a view. He saw a man in the side of the road was blind. He went over to this man. The man didn't call out to Jesus, he wasn't like blind, a bias. They said. Please Jesus have mercy and he'll me this man was yes quietly sitting there in Jesus went to him, threw out the scripture. There are examples where people use their faith reached out to God and they receive their miracle. woman with the issue of blood, far away The crowd touch the edge is this role She was instantly made hall. The leper cry
about Jesus, please he'll, ass, Jesus heal them. An army captain came and said Jesus if you'll just speak, word my little daughter at home that so sick she'll be healed. Jesus spoke and the daughter was well these people all initiated their miracle. They reached out in faith and saw gods goodness, but God is so. merciful he's so loving. There are times luck with this blind me even when we don't have the faint, even when we don't rynch out God reaches out to us if it would have just been depended our faith or what we believe or what we are asking for. Jesus would have never stopped to help this blind man. he didn't show any signs of bay. He would sitting there. My in his own business. Yet Jesus went to him.
He had been blind since his birth never seen before. This is much different than someone that's head side at one time then becomes at least they would have a memory of what things look like this man blonde since Birth ever seen a sunset, never seen a flower never seen a purse. He had nothing to draw upon. Having never seen before Mason Sting. Jesus didn't say anything to him. He didn't try to figure out if he had faith, try to figure out what he believed: Jesus simply made mud, put it on the blind. Enzymes, told to go wash it off in the pool looks alone, some friends, let him to the pool he washed it off and his eyes were instantly open. He could see perfectly clearly. I could imagine, for the first time he looked out and saw the
the clouds in the sky for the first time he looked down and saw beautiful flower. No, he ran home ass, fast ass, he could for the first time I saw his children his why that night he looked up into the sky for the first time saw the stars twinkling the moonlight glimmering off the lake. What happened? God showed him something he had never seen. God wants to do the same thing for you. Some of you think that you reached your limits, As far as you can go, the medical report doesn't look good. Now you settle there. You been single along time. You don't think you're ever meet the right person or you took a step of fate, but the business, the charity, the project didn't make it now. You don't see how you could accomplish your dreams, but, like with dismay, even when we don't have the faith.
Even when we think it's impossible, John, it's too late. I try a failed. It never gonna happen. No God is going to lookin for you and show you his favour, like you, ve, never seen God wants to give you some first times for the first time you are free from healthy whole strong for the first time more than enough you're, not struggling you're into overflow. For the first time your whole family serving guy For the first time you live in the house in your dreams. For the first time you run in the whole office, you thought you'd always be workin for people now you ve got p workin for you. You need to get ready. God has some first times in your future part of this. If God is going to show you something that you ve never seen before, you
not have faced for. It may seem too far out. That's ok, gods, gonna come looking for you he's going to get you to wear you're supposed to, it's going to be bigger than you imagine it's going to be unprecedented, something that you ve never seen. That means, if you ve seen it in the past That's good be grateful, always thank God, for what he's done, but what God is about to do is later than what you ve seen when God gave us this beautiful facility. was a visions. Three: twenty seemingly abundantly above and beyond. This was more than I could ever imagine. In fact, I'm ill amazed every time a pull up to this facility. I still get goose bumps. When I go over to my all seats run over there, where I watched the Rockets play basketball for years,
but is amazing, as this all is our realise, what God is about to do is going to suit see anything he's done in the past when God shows you something that you ve never seen it's gonna Boggley your mind. The reason God doesn't, must rely on. Our fate is because some of he's going to show you is so far out so amazing, so rewarding you couldn't have faith for right now, like line. May God is so good? Even We don't believe even when we don't have the fate, God will show up and do it anyway before is this healed, the blind man, the disciples ass Jesus, who send this man or his parents, It would cause him to be born blind Jesus, nobody's seen he was born. This way, so the works of God could be manifest. In other words,
when that baby was born God already knew exactly when he was going to heal him. There was a time already set by the creator of the universe. At that point in time, God opened his eyes and showed him something that he had never seen in your life right now. There are set terms, has already established the date. When he's to do something unprecedented in your life. You don't have to worry. You don't have to be discouraged because it hasn't happened. Yet you don't have to give in to doubt they never gonna get well, never accomplished. We never get married. No. Those moments of favour are already established in your future. If you'll, just keep honouring God being best, you will suddenly come into one of your set times. God will do something out of the ordinary you didn't go after it. It came to you
You didn't even have the face boy. What you are praying about was only a fraction of what God had in mind. One scripture talks about the fate of God. Normally we think about our hey how we need to pray, big and believe big and take the limits off a god and that's important. We should do that, but God has things in your future. Tom, that he's already established that are so big, so amazing, so rewarding God knew you couldn't have faith for it right now. If you would have told me a few years ago that one day I would be up in front of people and have the platform that I have, I would have said Thank you for believing in me, but you ve got the wrong person God knows there are things in our future that we will have the faithful, but that doesn't stop when you run out of faith, there's a secret weapon is called the faith of
When God releases his faith, you can be certain doors, were when that should not have open tat, we'll come out to you that you didn't know you had the right people will sort you out Promotion increase, will show up in ways like you ve never seen before, and now some of you think we're your. I don't have much faith. That's all the faith of God, we'll get you to wear you're supposed to be. When you have faith is low, don't worry, you have a friend that will never let you down When you have doubts, don't worry, he has faith we need I think he's gonna happen. That's all right he's got you covered. The faith of God will make up for your lack of faint asked what the scripture means when it talks about having faith the size of a mustard, see mustard seed is one of the smallest see you can find. God was saying, even when your faith is love,
When you discover is when you have doubts, God doesn't cancel his plan for your lie. God doesn't this qualify use a couple may do need to have more faith. No, that's when the faith of God kicks these moments of favour that have already been established in your future, they're, not solely dependent on your faith, the faith of God. is going to cause them to show up. You think about Peter. He was on the shore by the lake early one morning, cleaning fishing nets, putting away all of his gear. He'd been outfit all night? He wasn't a disciple, yet he was a rough men who use rough language. Not somebody week would consider to be a person, a faint Jesus ass to borrow his boat. He taught the people in the crowds.
Afterwards. Jesus said to Peter GO launch out into the deep and you'll catch a great number of fish. That's how Jesus was going to pay him back for using his but Peter said, Jesus we ve been- in all night, nothing is biting besides. This is not the right time defeat. Jesus said, in effect Peter. I control the fish. There may not have been fish out there earlier, but I can guarantee there out there now notice Peter have any faith, but that didn't stop God. This. Didn't I Peter I'm trying to help you but you're such a daughter, even though he didn't have they Jesus. That's all right. The faith of God will make this happen when your faith is low, when you find it hard to believe when doubts
bombarding your mind. Don't worry, God is not only full of mercy, he's full of fame. His fate will hold you over until your fate can be strengthened. Peter got out there and caught so many fish. That is both begin to sink gods. odium him something that he had never seen. He had been out fishing known that lake for years many times he knew winder fish where the fish, what do use, but this day something happened. That was unprecedented out of the norm. In the same way, you can They go into work. Doing this thing the same, why everything looks just normal ordinary, but then you, come into one of these set times these moments of favor. You weren't, expecting it. You didn't have faith for you didn't deserve it, but like Peter, suddenly a good break, a promotion. I healing restoration.
more than you could imagine its overwhelming is something you ve never seen that wasn't your faith. That was the faith of God right now, in your future. There are these moments of favour that are going to catapult to a new level. Some of you. Been facing a sickness a long time and you don't really know if you have the faith to get well, that's, ok, God has your cousin. when you come into this moment to favour, lacked the blind man. Sickness didn't have a chance in Hell, healing wholeness will flood job God can do what medicine cannot do? You may think Did you could never get out of that? You tried you keep having set vacuum settled there, that's all right, the faith God? Is it work in your life there,
moments of favour that are going to throw us too in the abundance. I read about this couple: they had both lost their jobs and all kinds of things come again stand and unfortunately they were about to lose their house. They had done everything they could to try to get the funds, but just hadn't worked out They started selling off their possessions little here little there. They got so desperate. They do so and to sell all of their furniture. Everything inside and out patio furniture lawnmower wash your drier everything they put it on Ebay had pictures Somehow word got out that the reason they were selling was to try to pay their mortgage and save their house, a lady in another state bid, twenty thousand dollars her bid by far was to have been nothing else. Even came close. They accepted
her bed when they went to make arrangements to have the furniture shift. The lady said I don't want your furniture, that's a gift! You can have to keep your They had never met the woman, never talk to never seen her. That was a moment of thieves They didn't have faith for it. That was the faith of God. Say animal! Show you something that you ve never seen. I'm ok somebody out of the blue to be good to you. You may be faced situations, you don't know how it's gonna turn out, how you could have come your dreams- that's ok, God has it all figured out he's already lined up the right people, the right opportunity solutions to problems just like with this couple at the right time, Google. Come into your moment, a favor in Israel call you to overcome. Call you to step in to the fullness of your destiny. I talked to adjust.
In the lobby not long ago, he was town for treatment at India, Anderson, the cancer hospital had some kind of tumor in his stomach area gone through its chemotherapy, but that hadn't helped now we're going to trust surgery was very risky, but this was his only option. Medically speaking, Whole family was here a wife son two beautiful daughters and they were weeping ass. He telling the story we prayed and ask. to make a way where we couldn't see away here, Joel, I'm tryin to have faith, but I'm worried, I'm so afraid, almost like he was apologizing, had told him. What I'm telling you win. Your faith is weak. The fate God is strong when your faith is low. The faith of God is high. You somebody standing in the gap for you, this
you're saying Jesus. Is it the right handed the father constantly praying for us. One thing to have me prey of wooden prey upon our partner pride. That's all great, but don't ever forget this, I've got the one who raised from the day the one who faded, our enemies, the one who speaks whirls into existence, he's playing for you right now. This man came back a couple of weeks later with his family when they took the fight, or x ray before the surgery they couldn't find. It anymore that, sir, You said that in sixteen years, heed seen anything like this. Man had big tears when it down his cheeks. He said Joe, I didn't even have faith. My mind was filled with doubt, yet God did the miracle anyway. That's the way our guardians
He knows where human we get discouraged, we have doubts, but I've learned you don't have to have great thing in order for God to do something great, you can have small, and God will move amount. You don't have to strong invincible, unwavering faith. I hope you do, but even if you doubt, if you just keep honouring God, keep being your best, then his bay will make up for your lack of faith. That's what policy in Romans to twenty the life live. Now I live by the fate of the Son of God. Paul wrote over half of the new testament overcame incredible arms. He was saying I didn't make it just by my own Faye, my own strength, my own determination I had a secret weapon are fulfilled. My desk
Because of the faith of God, you may be facing a situation today looks impossible. You, health, you're, finances a relationship, all the odds are again shoe but be encouraged. The fate of God. Is it work in your there are moments of favor, God has already established in your future. God is only going to bring it out he's going to do something unprecedented. Out of the ordinary something that you ve never seen. I know this mom. She was praying for her son. trying to get him in church year after year, but he just wasn't interested It was on. The wrong course run in with the wrong crowd started selling drugs. It seemed like the more sheep Ray the worse. He got in the more discouraged she became. He ended up in jail,
this mom was so heartbroken. These thoughts bombarded or man saying no use praying it's too late. Your prayers are doing good. She was so discourage that she found it hard to pray. three even when we don't believe even when we are tempted to give up the Good NEWS is, God doesn't give up that's when his faith kicks in one Sunday morning, her son, the jail was watching television in this common area? Another inmate came and they begin to argue over what they were going to watch. They started sling over the remote control, trying to get it away from each other about that time. This, huge inmate walked in stood about six put six had huge muscle,
bulging. Out of these short, look like a professional football player, walked over grab the remote control gimme that thing I'll decide what we're going to watch started flippin through the channels and he came across our programme. Instead, he said we're gonna watch jaw were her. Her son, he turned around the walk out of the room. He thought a Muckle Watson Tv preacher he's already mad this big inmate by the assure pulled him down sit, sit down, you can watch with me. I like that got he'd make a good answer. They started. I'm only give those years don't get any ideas. They started watching the programme. This young man begin to feel gods. Love presents like never before. He started weeping right there in the jail that big inmate lead that young men to Christ. Do you know that young
and is at our services all the time now sitting next to his mother. did something tat, she had never seen. He walked in to one of those moments a favor God had already destined for his lie. For the first time now, her son is in charge. My message for us today is get ready. God has some first times per year for the first time, totally out of debt for the first time, you're healthy whole strong for the first time, families servant God. For the first time you meet the right person, you fall in love. You may not see how this could happen. That's ok, the faith of God. Is going to get you to wait. You're supposed to be what God is about to do is going to be bigger. It's going to be more rewarding, it's going to be something that you have not seen the clay, and believe over each one of you Faber, like you, ve, never seen
creativity, like you, ve, never seen opportunity healing restoration, vindication, joy, victory like you, ve, never seen in Jesus name. If you receive it, can you say in the day we never liked oppose our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus. The Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus, I repented must end. come into my heart, make you More than saving fringe viewpoint that simple prayer We believe you got born again get in a good Bible based church. Keep God first place, he's gonna. Take you places that you ve never dreamed Thank you for listening to the Jews dean Podcast helpless help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com, slash, give hope to give again today thanks,
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