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Special Strength Is Coming

2020-08-02 | 🔗
You may feel weary today, but the good news is, strength is coming. When you’re weak, God is strong. He has the supernatural strength you need to reach your destiny.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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God has forgotten about you. He sees what you're going through here he's the lonely nights, the struggles, all those terms you ve gone the extra mile he's about to increase your strength. The opposite may not change yet, but you hold it a new passion, a new, far to stand strong, an outlast. What's trying to stop this german Victoria, thanks for downloading I pod, can we enjoy spending this time. What do I know, you're going to leave, encouraged and inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week and, finally, on social media to stay connected. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy them. Such God bless you great to have you with us today we are praying for you in your family. I hope you'll stay connected with this. During the week you can download our podcast, and
into the messages any time or go to our you to channel, but they export tuning in today. I'd like to start with something funny, and I heard about this cat Mouse that died on the same day, in wit, to Heaven after a few weeks, Peter solve, mouse and asked how he liked it he's at all it's great but is so big. I wish I could get a pair of roller skates. Peter said: no problem. Some skates due east later Peter saw the cat and ask him how he liked it. He said: oh, it's fantastic and just we're not thought it couldn't get any better govern the meals on wheels, say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says. I have do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God: boldly confessed My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk
to you today about special strength is coming. We all have comes in life that we feel tired. We ve been. Do our best Stanley strong it's been so long. Nothing has changed. Now we're fatigued. We don't feel like. We have the strength to raise the children, the strength to fight the illness, the stream to pursue our dreams. A woman I know has struggled with depression for many years. He's always been no strong, so determined, but I saw her recently and she was very discouraged. She said I don't have any fight left in me. I can't do it anymore. Sometimes we see that as a lack of faith, but God doesn't expect you to be strong. All the time He understands there will be times that we get weary weed, feel like we can go wrong. We prayed we believed, but nothing has changed. Now. The weight of what we're facing has left
exhausted. The good news is, God, doesn't falters us feeling week he doesn't say what's wrong with you, you need to have more faith, the scripture says when you are weak, he is strong when feel overwhelmed like you can't go on. He comes in and give you special stream string that you didn't get on your own strength to move forward. When you should be stuck strength to overcome the addiction string to outlast the opposition, new may feel weak. Today, fatigue. That is not your destiny. You are going to run and not be weary. You're gonna walk and not faint, there's going to be a string, that's not natural, but for natural. This is what happened with the larger there. Had been a three and a half year- drought, in some area without reign, the Israelites we're going to perish. There was no food, no way to grow crops
Eliza, went on top of Mount Carmel and begin to pray for rain, but nothing happened. He prayed again and again, had his assistant go out check the weather. Look for clouds nothing. Finally, on the seventh time they saw a small cloud start to form in the sky Elijah Toll king, had that he better get in his chariot and quickly leave because there was but to be issued. Downpour the scripture says the Lord A larger special stream and he outright The kings chariot to give real gesture wasn't just next door, it was a twenty mile journey. A horse can run twice as fast as an average man. A man can only sustained at top speed for a short distance but this I'm sure Elijah was tired being in the famine not having the proper food.
Could he outrun a cherry? That's not possible! God gave him special street. You may look at what you're up against I don't have the strength, the stamina, the endurance, the fortitude? Maybe you when I was at the top of my game, but now I'm tired now get ready special street is headed you away. When you have spent your string, you're, gonna, outrun some chariots you're, going to overcome what looks impossible can accomplish dreams that seem too far gone real, was known as the city of cherry. Is it had a vast fleet of these powerful vehicles? They could move swiftly in the battle they gave the people of Israel and increase, more advantage enemies knew not to come against just real it significant that Elijah ran a cheery. These cherry
represented power, speed the ability to dominate with force. I can imagine a lie just standing before King Ahab. As I have sat in his big impressive stated, the art cherry I have had his drivers are brought his staff in the back. Elijah looked up to king. I have said in effect you have this powerful army. You commander vast fleet of chariots, pull by these fast strong horses. I don't you equipment. I don't have your horses, I don't even have a chariot, but I'm not worried. I don't need. What you have I'm going to run you to give real. I can hear Ahab laughin say saying you talk about a larger. These are the fastest horses of our day. These are them. Scale driver this chair it just one. The J D Powers period of the year you cannot run me. They took all the scripture says the whole way. Twenty miles
your ran a head of the chariot. When I have got to give, I can see Are you with his feet up drinking a glass anti? say, and I have what took you so long when God gives special strength. You gonna accomplish things you never dreamed, you could accomplish you're going to overcome opposition, this more powerful than more resources. You may not be up in the chariot, but when you look at that counts, it seems so much bigger than addiction. The trouble at work, the slowdown in your business you don't see how you going to make it? The difficulty is: scourging enough. But on top of that you tired You ve been standing strong, but the famine, the lack of things changing, has warned you down, there's no way You cannot run this chariot in. Our own strength, you can't, but right now, God is brewing
in special strength into you, like a larger you're, going to have the indifference, the stamina, the forty two to do what you can do on your own. You may think: how can I raise these children take care of my elderly parents at the same time? How can I make it through this? treatment. How can overcome this anxiety when you are weak here, strong, now get ready to out run some chariots. God has not brought you this far to leave. You has a said: God give screen to the weary. He increases power of the week. You may be weary today. The good news strength is coming. Maybe you feel weak, you, worn down by everything, that's going on the pandemic, the unrest, the uncertainty- God is saying, about to increase your power, I'm about to make you stronger? It's
Something you have to muster up. You don't have to make it happen, is the hand of God lifting empowering you re energy as a new cause, a new that out run chariots given use special strength. That means string to out last stream to try again string to step up to a new level. When I look back over my lie, I can see these terms, were: God gave me special strength when my father went to be with the Lord. That should have overwhelmed me. Cause me to lose my passion not be able to move forward, but I felt a power rising up in me that I had never felt a strength, a courage, determination, stamina. Now, Is it just me being strong that was God giving these special stream? God is not going to list,
You miss your destiny, he's not going to let you stay overwhelm. You may feel that way at times, but that is not how your story ends. You're, going to feel a string that pushes you forward a power to do what you couldn't do before when we were trying to acquire the car. Pack centre. It was a three year process after we won the city council vote accompany found a lawsuit to try to keep us from moving in. They were the largest taxpayer in Texas, a huge real estate business. It was David, verse Goliath it first. I was passionate, I prayed a believed. I stood strong, but week after week went by month after month, nothing changed one year. Two years I started to get weary battle. Fatigue begin to set in not that we are strong. We just get tired of
I thought there so much bigger than us. They have many more resources. They can drag this out for years. God understands that we can get, He understands that like can, whereas down that's why he said I will gives drink to the weary. I will increase the power of the weak. Don't beat yourself up propellant weary, don't be down, on yourself, because you're not strong all the time you human gods, not bothering you he's saying when you're week, I'm going to step in I'm going to make a strong, I'm gonna give your power or to outrun the cherry I've been worry. A long time have been exhausted Anything changing your time is coming, wouldn't be hearing this. If special string wasn't on the way, God has forgotten about you, he sees what you're going through his
he's the lonely nights, the struggles all those times you ve gone the extra mile he's about to increase your strength. The opposition may not change yet, but you're going to have a new passion, a new fund. To stand strong and out last. What's trying to stop you at one point, when I didn't think I could go on it, looked like the lawsuit would never resolve all of a sudden. It was like. God gave me a second wind. I had a determination that I didn't have before wasn't something I did it was God giving string to the weary. It wasn't long after that that the company suddenly dropped the losses. And the building was ours- lack Elijah. We have ran the cherry. We debated something much bigger, much more powerful. How did that happen? God gave us special strength. The scripture says some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, but we trust
in the name of the Lord, our God, God is going. Get you to wait, you're supposed to be the night before Jesus was to be crucified. He went to the garden of Yosemite to pray, He knew the pain and suffering he would face. Even though he's God. He was also human. He could feel what we found. He got tired, there were times. He was weary fatigue and felt lonely in that garden He was so discouraged so overcome with emotion, many sweat drops of blood. He told the disciples my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow here. Jesus is the Son of God, yet he felt overwhelm lackey. Couldn't go on. You would think God would say come on. You need to be stronger. You need to toughen up, but God understands like can be overwhelming. There are times we do
weary towered distressed, doesn't mean we don't have enough. They doesn't mean that we're not strong enough Jesus felt so overwhelm when it looked like he wasn't going to fulfil his destiny. The scripture says God sin and angels to strengthen him. You may be tired today, tired of believe in for your dreams, tired of trying to make your marriage were tired of raising those children. God sees what you're going through it. He feels the weight of what your carry he's not going to leave you they're here angels come in your way to strengthen you to encourage you to lift Jean thoughts, will try to convince you that you're not strong enough? You need more faith. Look at you, tar discourage letting that problem overcome. You don't believe those lies geez, in his human body felt week. He felt discouraged he didn't know if he could go on
God sees you be in your best rays. The children fighting that addiction facing that illness. When you run out a string, don't hurry angels are coming. Help is on the way you gonna feel string that you didn't have joy when you could be discouraged hope when you should be depressed, you're going to have the power to endure the favor to overcome the determination to outlast is now because of your own efforts is the angels ministering to you before Elijah outran the chariot. He called down far from Heaven and defeated four hundred of the false prophets that worship, the God damn when King a. Why just a heard about it. She was furious. She said two Elijah's saying if I don't kill you, but this time to Morrow, I will take my own lie. Elijah was afraid he took off running into the desert. He ended up sitting,
a tree so exhausted, so overwhelmed they didn't wanna live. He said God, I've had enough. I'm done take me home. Here. He had just called down far from Heaven. He had just outran a chariot. He had seen, God goodness in favour, but he got tired when we're tired, we can lose our perspective. Problems get magnify. The sickness looks bigger. We think that trouble at work will never resolve. We feel oh well like? We can't go on, but the beauty of our God is here. Stand what we're going through. He knows life can be overwhelmed me. He knows it's difficult to get out of the garden of Yosemite on your own. Elijah was under this tree. Desert depressed not wanting to leave. This could be the end of his story. But what happened
angel showed up just like in the garden wall. Elijah was sleeping. This angel cooked in food. He woke Elijah up and told him to eat, lied. You looked up and saw freshly baked bread. He thought he was dreaming. He ate and went back to sleep. The scripture says the angel woke him up a second time and said: eat some more Elijah eat the food. Now he had the strength to make a fort day journey his whole added to changed. He got his far back. He got his passion back. He realized, God was still on the throne that he was bigger than what he was saying Seeing Elijah went on to fulfil his destiny. What I want you to see is when you are weak. God is going to strengthen you you can't go on angel I'm going to show up and make things happen that you couldn't make happen. I love how the angel didn't just help a logical
on food, he didn't just lead him to an animal where he could harm led him to water. The You're not only brought the food to a larger, but he could to food goddess. Not going to just help. You get stronger, but he's going to cook some good, for you he's going to bring blessings, increase favour healing that he's already prepared it's going to be easier than you thought, and it's gonna happen quicker than you think. Martin Luther King Jr told how, in the height of the civil rights movement, when so much was coming against him, he felt overwhelmed. He didn't know if he can go on to make matters worse one evening in the middle of the night, the phone rang when he answered Was an angry voice, telling him how he wasn't wanted in that town how he was going to be harm if he did Lee King was so distress that he couldn't go back to sleep. He begin to paste the floor exhausted. He tried to think of a way he could. Quite
Lee bow out of leading the movement without appearing to be a coward feeling overwhelm all of his courage gone. He said, God, taking a stand for what I believe is right, but I'm afraid I'm at the indivisibility. I have nothing left to give. I cannot continue on Martin Luther king said at that moment he felt the hand of God a divine presence, something that he had never felt before street getting encouraging him breathing new life into his spirit. What was that a ministering angel? God is not going to let you give up he's not going to let you get so discourage that you can't be calm who you were created to be. You may feel that way at time. The task looks too big, the opposition, two strong. The dream has taken too long. You don't have the string. Don't worry,
angels or on the way, you're about to feel a strength that you ve never failed power that you ve never had. God is about the list he's breathing victory into your spirit, encouragement hope not just drink, but special Strain Street that causes you to outrun a Terrier street too old come the sickness string to outlast. What's trying to stop you straight to accomplish what God put in your heart When Jesus was about to be crucial, bad, the custom in that day was the person had to carry their own crawl. Jesus was so exhausted. He had not slept the night before he gone through much suffering and pain. He did is, best. He was strong as he could, but he fell down. Under the weight of the cross. God could have given him the strength to carry it the whole way.
He could have given him a second wind to finish the journey and not look weak and not fall day. But God was sending this message. You don't have to be. Long all the time. It's ok to feel overwhelmed, it's ok to say, like Martin Luther King God, I don't think I can do that. Sometimes the wake of what we're carrying gets heavy. We think this childish. Hard to rise. I can't stay in this marriage. I can't deal with the sickness, I'm lonely, I'm hurting voices will try to condemn us. You know have enough faith You need to be stronger gods, not gonna help you you too weak. Believe those lives. Even Jesus, couldn't the weight of his own cross. What's interesting is when he fell down. God didn't leave him there. He saw a man by the name of Simon to come across his path and carry the cross for Jesus. When you die
winder discouraged, God is not going to leave you there always have someone to help lift you Chewbacca someone. Encouraging someone to help you carried the load that you can't carry, if it's not an angel, God will send a person we'll be Simon there. For you One tat Moses was up on a hill Joshua. What and the Israelites in the valley below fighting the Amalekites Moses held, is up in the air, as long as his rod was up, the Israelites we're Winnie when he put it down, the Amalekite would prevail, the battle it kept going longer and longer. The problem was Moses, got tired. He couldn't hold his hands up. That law, God didn't say Moses. You should be stronger. You should have more indirect, more stamina, God sent two men Erin in her they stood on each side of Moses and held
his hands up for him. God has the right people that will be there to help hold up your hands. God knows we're going to get He knows there will be terms that we don't have the strength on our own to do what we need to do. He doesn't follow us he doesn't cancel our destiny. He sends the right people, Erin and her to lift our hands. Few years after I became pasture, everything was growing. We were seeing great favour gods blessing, but at the same time there were people that didn't understand ass. No one point it seemed like things were, come any against us from the left and the right never had any opposition. I thought all we're doing is key. People hope and letting them God is good, didn't makes to me why people would be against that. Was concerned about how it was going to work out. Thoughts, told me that
We weren't going to last these other voices were whose strong I was tempted. The live, worried discourage afraid. When afternoon I was walking through the lobby of the church about to get on the elevator when the doors when an older lady stepped out that I've known all my life cheese to take care of me in the nursery, I haven't seen her in years, but I always knew that she prayed for me every time I would see her grow up its violence. I join you know, I'm praying for you. I thought. Yes, I know you ve told me four hundred times. I gave her a big hug she's a jewel. Can't believe I ran into you. I was going to send you know when I was praying for you this morning. I heard God saying whatever you're worried about is going to be fine. The people, the opposition- is not going to last when she said that it was like a weight was lifted off.
I walked away from their strong carbon. We energized too. In its earlier, and I would have MR two minutes late She'd been gone God. No, How to bring the Simons across Europe path, people that will encourage and help lift your back before. Jesus was crucified. He went up a high, with Peter James and John Jesus appearance Change, his face. Shine like this on his clothing became dazzling. Why is known as the amount of trains be suddenly Moses and Allied appeared and started talking with Jesus. It's interesting that those two were chosen. There were other great. He was a fate Abraham, David Joseph Jesus was about to face all this hardship and suffering go through things that were very difficult things that could be overwhelming and eggs
lasting. Maybe Elijah was there because, even though he had performed great miracles, even though he'd call Far from Heaven a little boy from the dead. At one point he was too exhausted to carry on to weary to move forward. Then God sent angels to strengthen him. I don't know what the conversation was, but may Elijah encourage Jesus that God would give special strength to make it through. That angels would be there to minister to him, maybe Moses on De Jesus how, when he was too tired to hold up his hands when he was fatigue. I couldn't do it any longer, God sent people, to hold his hands for him to lift him when he fell to help him carry the weight of the cross. May god. Has you hearing this to remind you when you ve,
these terms. Will you feel for tee overwhelm like you, don't have the strength to go on? That's ok. Jesus felt overwhelmed Moses Elijah. They didn't think they. Go on. God is going to have angels to strengthen you. The right people are going to show up, God is, I'm going to. Let you miss your destiny. He gives screen to the weary, not condemnation, not why aren't you stronger take the sure even Jesus fell down under the weight of the cross. Sometimes you cross is too heavy carry by yourself like Jesus. All down, but God will always have a sign in their someone to help you carry. Perhaps today you don't feel like you have the strength to move forward. The strength to fight illness. The strength to raise your children remember When you are, we here
strong now believe right now, God is breathing special strength in the year That burden this way you down is being lifted. This is a turning point God is re energizing with fresh passion, fresh and you will run and not be weary. You walk and not thing like Elijah you're about to outrun run some chariots. You gonna think. Where did I get this energy? This power disability it's God, giving you special strength. I believe declare you are strong. You are big Victoria You are well able you're gonna accomplish dream, Can you imagine overcome obstacles that looked insurmountable? and reached the fullness of your destiny in cheese, This name loud like to give you an opportunity,
to make Jesus. The Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus, our repent of my sins come into my heart, Make you my Lord insane. If you pray that simple where we believe you got born again. We love this just some free information on your new ones. With the Lord just text, the number on the screen we'll get it to you. You'll get into a good Bible Base Church and keep God first flies. Thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe so you received the latest podcast to keep be encouraged and inspired all through the we helpless continue to share the message of hope. Without all around the world visit Joel,
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