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Surrounded By The Most High

2018-01-13 | 🔗
Do you feel overwhelmed today? We all have times when we feel like we’re surrounded by difficulties. It’s easy to get discouraged and think, “I’ll never get out of this trouble.” But Joel wants to remind you—in the natural, all you may see is your troubles and obstacles, but take another look. The Most High God is surrounding you!Psalm 91:11 says He will command His angels to watch over you. God stands watch over your life. You’re surrounded by favor, surrounded by healing and surrounded by angels. We all go through some fiery furnaces, but the fire is not the end. The only thing it’s going to burn off is what’s holding you back. Learn how to stay in peace knowing the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you.
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit gmos dean dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today is a joy to come into your homes and if you ever in our area please stop by and be a part of what our services i promise i will make you feel right at home i like to start with something funny and i heard about these two others ages four and six there were seven
the night at their grandmothers house she told them before they went to bed to make sure they set their prayers they went in the bedroom got down on their knees and the youngest brother started playing at the top of his lungs god i pray for a new bicycle pray for a new place station i pray for a new puppy his brother stopped him said why are you screaming god isn't he said i know that but grandmother is say it like you move it this is my bible what it says i am what it says i can do it says i can do today will be taught the word of god are boldly confess is alert my heart is receptive out would be the same in jesus nay god bless you i want to talk to you today bout surrounded by the most tat we all have times what we feel like we're surrounded by difficulties surrounded by sickness surrounded
they're everywhere we turn its facing us see did they get discourage and think i'll never get out this it has me surround that's the way a young men failed in second kings chapter six the king of airum had just sit a great army with horses in chariots to surround eliza house they snuck up in the middle of the night and had it totally encircle then morning when the young man when i saw all the horses in chariots he nearly passed out he ran back in totally panic say that you'll wake up we're surrounded by the enemy what are we going to do eliza said don't be afraid there are more for us then there or against us i can hear him say and what do you mean eliza
just you and me i saw thousands of them eliza prayed lord opened his eyes and let him see all the sudden the young man looked down and saw hundreds of thousands of powerful warring angels all across the mountain side standing side there chariots of fire he thought he was survey led by the enemy the truth is the enemy was surrounded by our god like him you may be surrounded by trouble surrounded by sickness surrounded by an addiction but what you can't see is the oh tat god is surrounding what surrounding you sickness may be surrounding you're dealing with an illness the good news is sickness doesn't have the final say sickness surrounding the right attitude is cancer you thank you they surrounded you better look again
god has used around it that you think surrounding me i have bad news for you the lord provider is surrounding you trouble at work you think you're going to keep me from my purpose depression you think you're going to stop me destiny you may have me surrounded i'll give you that much but i know a secret the mostar god is surrounding you when you understand god is surrounding what surrounding you you won't go around discourage because of problems worried about finance is upset because somebody's against you you'll be lack a lie here you'll stay in peace no one that there are more for you then there are against you eliza prayed i would open the young man's eyes so he could see there's another world that we cannot see with our physical eyes if god were to pull back the curtain like he did for this young man
and you could see into the unseen realm you would see all these powerful warring angels at work on your behalf standing guard protecting you pushing back forces of darkness you would see god move in the wrong people the way lining up things in your favour good breaks being deliverance don't get discourage but what you see with your physical if you stay focused on the opposition the addiction the sickness then you'll live stressed out you give up dreams through your ass a fake to see every obstacle holding you back surrounded by the most that addiction be strong but its surrounded by something strong god controls the universe he flung stars into space one angel
old testament defeated a hundred and eighty thousand of the enemies of god you may have big obstacles in japan you feel stuff i believe today god is opening our eyes we're getting a new perspective recognise rising he's surrounding what surrounding us that child this of course does it look like you're fulfil his destiny in may in him surrounded by mercy surrounded by favour surrounded by the most david said in some three i am not a fraid of ten thousand enemies that surround the on every side you would think with so many in is he be a little worried upset afraid he went on to say i know victory comes from lord he was saying yes i'm surrounded by all these enemies i could be overwhelmed but the reason i'm not fallen apart is unknown see
good god is surrounding what sir finding me he had his spiritual as open he didn't just see enemies through his eyes of fate he saw them stop fighting is battles make it is crooked places strike like david you may feel surrounded by enemies addictions sicknesses maybe forces or kind to keep you from your dreams you can easily well just not meant to be but here's the key what you see with your physical laws is not the only thing surrounding you if you will open your eyes are fake you'll recognised the trouble the addiction the dysfunction it is surrounded by our guy you're not just rounded bob and negative that one layer but god supersedes that you're surrounded by favour surrounded by healy surrounded by
i saw a movie one time based on a true story from back in the seventeen hundreds army had surrounded a city they were planning to attack and they were very strategic to go completely around it to make sure nobody could get out they cut off the food supply and we're going to wait several weeks until the people were famished in didn't go in this army was very arrogant cocky people they would stand outside the city walls and hurl insults make fun funding the people to engage a month later they decided to attack they rushed into the city so confidently the only problem was nobody was there when they turned the leave they said we realized they were the on surrounding the people in this eddie received word that they were going to attack they snuck out before they got there and witten hid in the hills
while the enemy was surrounding the city being so strategic thinking they were gaining the upper hand the people from this city where surrounding them they realize they were totally surrounded they put up the white flag drop their weapons syringe when you in difficult arms the enemy would do a lot of talking he'll tell you i have you surrounding this sickness will be the end you'll never get out you'll never break the addiction you'll never get out of that look how long you been there don't believe those laws he thinks he has used around did what he doesn't realized is the tat god has hymns around god knows everything that's going to happen here every attack every disappointment every unfair situation when you feel like you're surrounded you have to come back to that place of peas
and say i know my god is still on the throne he's bigger than this sickness greater than this addiction more powerful than these enemies this is what the three hebrew teenagers did in the scripture they wouldn't bow down to king nebuchadnezzar golden idle here so upset he said ah moaning you're one last chance either bowed down or you're going to be thrown into a fiery furnace they said king no disrespect to you but we're not going to bow down to your eyes we know our god will deliver us but even if he doesn't we're still not going about ass they were saying you can't stop gods plan for our lie you can throw in the far we be surrounded by that far but we know god is surrounding the five if it's not our to go we're not going to go to the king
so furious he had the furnace hated seven times potter than normal the teenagers we're todd thrown into the forerunners they weren't bitter complaining god why did you let this happen they stayed in peace little later the king went to check on them he looked through the window in the furnace and said didn't we three men in bound i see woman loosed and one looks like the son of god i feel like you're in the fire today you ve had a disappointment you don't see how it could work out the good news is you're not in thereby yourselves the god who controls the fire that fourth man is right there with you this is the beauty of our god he doesn't leave us in tough times he comes into the fire with us the king thought
throwing them into the furnace surrounding them backfire surely that would be the end what he didn't realize is the god who created the fire the god who controls the universe he has the final say what's surrounding you may seem big strong surmount noble but our god is all powerful that sickness mace look like it's the end but we god says live you're going to leave that in may look permanent thoughts taking you'll never break it god is saying you're not going to stay in that fire that addiction is not how your story ends the fourth and is about to show where things are about to change in your favour what you thought i was going to stop you instead is going to promote you
when nebuchadnezzar saw that the teenagers we're still alive he couldn't believe it he shouted shed read me jack of indigo servants of the most target coming that far few minutes earlier he was telling them to bow to his golden idle now he's calling them servants of the most high sometimes god will allow the fire just so other people will see he is gone you use you as an example they made believe before but when they see show out in your line when see you beat the cancer brightly addict set a new standard going you'd never dreamed they will be able to deny the blessing god on your life these teenagers came out of the furnace people never looked at them the same way again
they had a new influence a new respect a new level in fact nebuchadnezzar said praise be to the god of shed wreck measure in a bid to go we may not like the fiery furnaces but if will do like them and keep the right attitude god will use that difficulty to establish you to give you more credibility to take you to a new level interesting it does it say that the teenagers saw the fourth man it says nebuchadnezzar saw him the one that through them into the fire in other words the people that tried to push you down the people that try to hold your breath don't worry they're going to see the hand of god on new things you may not be able to see this is why you don't have to prove to people who you are you don't have to vincent that you're right god is you have indicated he knows how to get their attention he knows
to change their mind what joel upon surrounded by the most why did i have the problem in the first place why didn't god keep me out of the furnace god never said we wouldn't have difficulties being people of faye doesn't exempt fun challenges unfair situations the psalmist said many are the afflictions of the righteous but the lord delivers us out of them all the promise is not that you won't have challenges the promise is god will bring you out not of some of them not a most of them but i don't all of them when you're in the fire the right report is i'm coming out this sickness is not the end this problem is not permanent this slow down at work is just a sees you may not realize it but god is in the process of
can you out right now you may not see him but the fourth man's in your far right now without him there you wouldn't still be here he's the one keeping far from harming you he's the one pushing back forces of darkness don't complain in the bar give god praise in the furnace be your best right where you are that difficulty cannot keep you from your purpose but we pray god keep me out of the fire keep me out of this problem sometimes god would do that but most of the time god will make you fire prove and take you through the fire coming out of the furnace is a greater testimony that's what gave the teenagers a new respect with the key that's what changed the way people solving if god kept us out of every furnace
we wouldn't reach the fullness of our destinies here's why when the teenagers were in the fire the only thing that burned or the cords that had been tat your clothes didn't burn their shoes didn't learn just the cold when you're in the far god knows how to protect what you need and at the same time burn up anything they told you back you are not going to come out of the fire the same you go to come out free from things a whole new back with a greater influence people are going to look at you in a new line people that looked down at you are going to look up to you people that wouldn't pay you any attention are going to want your friendship some thirty four says the angel of the lord in around those that fear him one day
relation says gods angels set up a circle of protection around us that's what happened with the teenagers that circle of protection didn't keep them out of the fire but it kept the fire from harming there and if you're not supposed to go in the far you're not going to go god will keep you but if you do go that doesn't mean god let you down prayed i was doing my best your i got thrown into the furnace came down with this illness but company had to we go the enemy cannot break the circle of protection god has around you if you go in the fire that means god aloud the good news is the same god that you go in is the god this to bring you out
the enemy is not in control of your life gaudy is god said to satan have you seen my servant joe there's nobody like him he always honours me satan answers something interesting he said why shouldn't he honor you you put a hedge of protection around here he couldn't test joe without first asking god for permission job went through the test the unfair situations but he didn't get better job said though he slay me yet will i trust him he would say what the teenagers say god my life is in your hands i'm surrounded by trouble but
oh you have the final say you're surrounding what surrounding me like joe like these teenagers god has a hedge a protection around you and your family i heard a story about a young girl she was walk into her car after class late one night and is in a dark parking lot and didn't look like anybody was around all of the sudden these three men stepped out they were hiding and a car about fifty feet in front of her and her heart skip to beat she knew they were there to harm her she went the wrong she didn't have a chance she stood there praying under her breath as the man continued coming closer in our man she was afraid but in our heart she was at peace somethin told her everything is going to be ok when them
got about fifteen feet away suddenly they froze in their tracks their eyes got real big terror came across their phase they begin to back up slowly carefully did they turn and ran as fast as ass she knew that god protected but she didn't really know what happened few days later they arrested one of the men he admitted that they were going to harm her but when they got close to her he said this mighty warrior suddenly appeared he begins describing he stood over ten feet tall he talked about this physique how his arm his legs his chest were rippled with muscles how his was radiating with so much line they can hardly looking he had his sword drawn he was standing over this young lady she only came up to his waist had a sword in one hand
building the other he stared at three men just like he was saying come on make my day there you have to touch her in the same room just like her you these powerful warring angels protected you you may be surrounded by trouble the good news is the most is surrounding that trouble some one says when you oh god here command his angels to watch over you these three men thought they had the young lady surrounded no big deal one girl against three grown men what they didn't realize was like eliza god m surrounded those warring angels we're standing guard instead a goal ran worried afraid turn it around father thank you that
angels are watching over me thank you that i'm surrounded by protection surrounded by your goodness when you go through life in faith no one that god is surrounding what's surrounding you you showing god that you trust him that's what allows to show himself strong in your line which all i had a bad great got thrown into the furnace we'll see how it's going to work out that's going to keep you where you are there attitude is yes this sickness has come a gives me but i know i'm surrounded by healing yes i had a bad break but this is not my final chapter i'm surrounded by favor surrounded by restoration god didn't bring you this far to leave you it's a test every person gets thrown in the farmers it's not to defeat you is to establish its to let other people see gods is on your lie enter
let you know that god is still in control every furnace god brings you out you coming with a greater trust in god a greater confidence a greater faye that's getting you prepare for the next level of your destiny with every experience something is deposited that you will use down the road if you did need the forerunners if it wasn't going to work for your good god would have kept you ass you may not understand it may not seem fair but who knows what he's doing he's not going to let it defeat you thought whatever you you'll never get out you'll never get well it'll never turn around don't believe that god is bringing you out right now like these teenagers you not only going to come out you're going to come out stronger promote
to a new level of your destiny in this story second kings chapter six eliza prayed for the young man the lord would open his eyes he saw all those powerful angels but when the enemy army came closer eliza pray just the opposite lord make them blind the commander knocked on elijah's door sit on to see eliza eliza said you ve come to the wrong city he doesn't leave here let me take you to where he is sometimes you have to lie for the lord eliza live this enemy army to the city of some area where they were surrounded by the israelites then trade lord open their eyes they said
we realize they will capture it was a trial they were at the mercy of eliza eliza let them go the scripture says they never bothered the israelites anymore god knows how to turn your situation around like eliza there are enemies that are not going to bother you anymore that sickness you struggled with the years god he's going to put an end to that financial difficulty you seem to get ahead you keep honouring god being your best you're going to see those forces that have hindered you broken wants for now realise that we will never lived trouble free but are some enemies like with eliza god will free you from permanently god told the israelites
enemies you see the day you will see no more knows things at a whole new back a sickness depression addictions dared to believe like what god told the israel the sickness you see today you will see no more that addiction this door do super years you will see no more had trouble at work track people trying to push down you will see no more a man hold me recently how for over twenty years he wasn't treated fairly were because his boss didn't like him this man was in sales he sold more than all the other salespeople but he was always overlook for promotion never given the bonuses that he deserves he didn't get better he can't be it is best he told me last week your mom all was just suddenly terminated they didn't tell any anyway but out of over sixty salespeople he was chosen to take his boss this position
god is a god of justice you keep doing the right thing and lie can you will come in they were enemies you see today you will see no more they think have you surrounded the good news is the most tat god sam surround my prayer for us lord open our eyes help to realize their or more for us then there are against us that trouble this keeping you awake at night come back to a place of peace god has trouble surrounding sure we all get thrown into the forest but the fire is not the end the only thing it's going to do is born off what's holding you back all through the day spent when you're tempted to worry remind yourself i am surrounded by the most if you'll do this i believe and declare god is going up
tat you deliver you promote you things have held you back or being broken right now you come out of the furnace into freedom in their favour in the healy into them fullness of your destiny in jesus name and if you receive it can you say men today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just say lord jesus repent of mercy come into my heart you're my lord insane if you play that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bible base church and keep god first place start each day off right by having jewel leads you in declaring the truth of who you are in christ through this power thirty one day audio devotional discovery
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seven jaw ten years ago i was messing with drugs and having severe panic attacks but through this ministry and jewels message of hope i discover the gods the god of new beginnings ten years and i haven't had a panic attack since today a married have two beautiful children i feel gods peace this minister changed my life your support is changing lives thanks so much for your generosity for your prayers and being a part of our ministry we loved you and we especially want to thank our champion of hope partners for all you do to make the ministry possible we pay for you and your family believe in that in twenty eighteen you're going to see dreams come to pass and just got
favour in new ways that he'll exceed your expectations be a believer stay in fate your favor your blessed you're a child of the most tack on
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