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The God of Acceleration

2020-06-10 | 🔗
In the natural it may look like your dreams aren’t going to come to fruition. Don’t get discouraged. God knows how to make up for lost time. Ephesians 2:7 says, “In the ages to come we would see the surpassing greatness of God’s favor.” God is going to accelerate things quicker than you imagined.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope, you'll leave inspire, make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them. As we know that has great things in store for each one of you. He rewards the people that seek to him if you ever our area. I hope you'll start ban be a part of one of our services approach, Should these are the finest people of all of used in right here, Lakewood we'll make you feel right at home, but they were too many thanks for coming out again, I'd like to start with something funny, each weaken our heard about this lighted. It dad She found herself standing at the poorly gates, Saint Peter said
Can't come in yet you have to correctly spell a word. She said what were he said anyway, so she spilled the word. Love O. The Peter said welcome to Heaven then Peter ass. If she would take his place for a moment, he instead It hardly just follow the same procedure. If anyone else should come up will in a few minutes, lady sees her Ex husband walk in She gave believe it. She says what are you doing here? He said I just had a heart Did I really make it to Heaven? She said not yet you have to come actually spell a word. He said what word there was a long pause. She said Slovakia, the Bible say it. Like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am have what it says I have. Do what it says I can do today? I will be taught the word of God. Play confess. My mind is alert
heart is receptive. I will, ever be the same in June, This name, God, I want to talk to you today about the guy god of acceleration, one I've learned. Is God doesn't always follow a natural timetable? You We go along the in your best living a life that honours hand. And all the sudden. You come in to favour two way: you're thrust years ahead. What should have taken you, five years, you accomplice in less than a year? What took your parents a lifetime to achieve you cheap, in a fraction of the times we are living in a day, we're goddess, getting things. I want you to get this down in your spirit. God is going to take you further quicker than you ve ever imagine in new career. Maybe it should take you twenty years to work your way up to the
position you really want, or that business should take twenty years to really build up and make it successful. Now you need to get ready. The God of acceleration is about show up he's going to give you breaks that you didn't, he's going to move people, so you can be promoted, he's gonna help you, gifts and talents come out to the four. It's not one to be business as usual. It's gonna be business as unusual. You won't look up in sight How did I get to where I am so quickly? Should it take me twenty years- and here I am five years later- that's the God celebration. Speeding things thrusting you years ahead, maybe in your health, you been told that is going to take five years to recover from that illness. Five years of therapy tree men and taken medicine. Now the Good NEWS is, God has the timeline
and he's saying, made your body and know how to correct? What's wrong If you will stay in faith, I can speed up the process going to get well quicker than you thought. I talked to a gentleman last week that it had a stroke. Back, and he was a young man in his early fifties. He had lost almost total control of his left side. He couldn't move, is left arm and he had to drag this left leg and part of his face was paralyzed, and I ask him about his prognosis and he told through his sword speech how the doctors had said it would probably take between three and five years of going to therapy five days a week for to just regain partial control of the left side. They clearly stated he would never be able to lift this left arm lucky head before. I told him what I'm tellin you, God can speed things up he's in control, keep believe in key.
Hope- and I saw him six months later. The first thing he did was lifted on way up in the air is a jewel gimme, a half ass it I thought you said it would take five years to do that. He said, that's what they told me, but I did it in less than two months his therapist hold him. I've been doing this for thirty years, and I've never seen anything like this. What is that, God? Accelerating things God is doing it faster than has been done before that's the day, we're leaving? Some of you think that it's gonna take years to accomplish your dreams and years to get out of their years to overcome that addiction? No, you don't know what God is up to you in your future. He has explosive blessings, blessings that will thrush two years. I hear you be facing a sickness, but your attitude should be father. I want to thank you that you are accelerating my recovery. Thank you that
going to get well quicker than have been told. Maybe in your finance is when you run all the numbers and the projections in their calculations, you don't see how you could get out a dead for a twenty two years, but don't ever rule out the God of acceleration. He has ways to promote you. They don't fall into your calculations instead of all around think. It is never go help far behind this is impossible know our report should be. I know I serve God of acceleration. It may look like it's gonna take fifty years but I'm not moved by what I see a movie. I know- and I know right now- God is speeding things. He has increased and promotion come in my way and I'm expecting his favour
to accelerate things in my life ass. What happened to us when God gave us this beautiful facility, the former compact centre, it thrust our ministry, probably fifty years down the road, the respect in influence this gave us could have taken us our whole lifetime to earn on our own. One touch of God's favour in it thrusters many years a here, my father went to be with the Lord eleven years ago this week, and I was thinking about how just ten years ago I was working behind the scenes. I had never ministered before didn't go to seminary. Never trained to do this mode Minister start off in their early twenties by the time, their thirty five, the age I was when Mouth father went to be with the Lord and I took over. They already have fifteen years experience, but fringe God knows how to make up for lost time.
He knows how to speed things up now with never ministering before two ministering to people all over the world now say this humbly and respectfully, but God has thrust me far past influence in the region that my father ever had my father laid the foundation, but here's where I've learned God once every generation to increase. He wants you to accomplish what your parents did much quicker is going to external right things in your life to where you look up and say like me, how world. Did I get to where I am, How did I end up being a minister, this scene all over the world on television when a few ago, I wouldn't even get up in front of the church and make the announcements friends gods dream for your lie, is much bigger than your. There is paint your on the inside that you have not yet tapped into their
our seeds of greatness. There are not only gonna take root, but God is going to excel array, bringing them to pass he's going to make up for lost time. You may have been in the background for years working hard or maybe you ve been overlooked for promotion that you deserve. Don't worry about, don't get discouraged, God is keeping the records and when your time. He's gonna thrush due to the foreground, you're not going to sit on the sidelines wishing you could do something no you'll be in the game. You'll be can a mark that cannot be right. God knows how to make up for lost time. I think about the first miracle. Jesus ever performed turned water into wine. You just attended a wedding afterwards. He was at this big reception, a big celebration. And right in the middle. They ran out of why Jesus mother Mary came up and told him about the problem.
Jesus said mom. Are you telling me that I can't do anything about it? Not time has not yet come I can imagine marriages smiled and she said to the workers. Do me a favor whatever he asked you to do, just do it. Mary knew what he was capable they were sick stone water part over to the side they held about thirty gallons each Jesus said to the workers fill those parts up with water, they failed them up and then is now dip out some of the water which now wine and take it to the host of the party when the host tasted it He called the groom over and said. This is amazing. Most people serve the best one first and then when people have had a lot to drink and they don't know any better bring out. You know what I mean. I don't I don't drink, but anyway, then
I'll bring out the less expensive one, but you ve done just the opposite. You ve saved the best one for last now was leading about how long it takes to make one thing very lengthy process. It course planning the course in the seed in the ground and the vines have to grow and produce tempted the when they get. When they get mature and just why they pick the grapes and eventually it's made into why but the process from the time they plant the sea to the time they have. Wine is typically three to five years, and that's just Average quality wine, but the better quality wine takes between five and seven years to make not only that to increase the quality and make it more valuable. Sometimes they will age, the. Why put it up on a shelf and leave it years and years You ve seen one that twenty years old,
and its thirty years. All that would be considered the best. Why here's? What I want you to see the first miracle Jesus ever performed. He took what should have taken twenty years in did it in a split second, what was normally a twenty year process? He did in a moment of time. You may think: how can I ever get we're, I'm supposed to be I'm so far behind. No God can take what should have taken you twenty years and get you there in a split. Second, Maybe it should take you years to get well, but just like Jesus sped up the process of making wine, he can speed up the process. You getting well, maybe in the natural it shouldn't. Take you twenty years to pay your house, you ve run the calculations, that's according to the laws of economics, but the Good NEWS is: God is India
celebrating business. He can give you one good boy that are thrust you, thirty years down the road. What happened? He turned your water into why he sped up a natural process. This is all part of the Athenians three. When a decade. God is going to speed up natural laws and take you further quick then you ve ever imagine it's one to go far into accomplished a lot in. Eighty or ninety years. That's great, that's commendable, but God wants to take you further quicker, in other words He won't you to accomplish eighty years worth of goals in half the time or who knows a quarter of the time. Maybe in the natural you can see how one day you'll pay your house on twenty years from now you ve got it all calculated or you can see how one day, you'll get that position that you really want if you keep working hard ten years from now twenty years from now.
Your supervisor will retire. You'll have Senora, you got it all figured out this. Could they have goals and plans and vision? But what I want you to see is- God is examined These days in the coming days, he's gonna turn your water into. Why that promotion should have taken you five years. You need to get ready. God is speeding things. That business should take ten years to get off the ground, but right now God is working behind the scenes. You know what he's doing he's filling up your water parts that problem here
and with could drag on for another twenty years, but God is going to convince the time is going to work out much quicker than you thought. I talked to a lady several months ago. She was here in town from another state at the medical center. She had just been approved to be on the list for a liver transplant. She was told it would take between three and five years. She didn't know she could make it that law. I encourage her that God can heal her without the transplant or God could speed things up and cause it to happen sooner. We prayed she went on her way. Few weeks later, I saw her back in the lobby again and she had a recent banned from the hospital. I thought maybe something was wrong. She smiled real big adore, you are a woman that has a brand new liver? She got a call,
Two weeks from the hospital after she'd been put on that transplant list. It just so happens. They had this liver available and didn't work out for anybody else. They said, if you can get here, deny this your lover, she jumped on a plane immediately went into served with the Good NEWS. If there were no complications, she said ask me all better. Today, then, I felt since I was a teenager. What happened? God turned her water into. Why, God, took what should have taken five years indicated in one month's time the day we're living in God is accelerating things. The apostle Paul, their innovations to seven in the ages to calm. We would see the surpassing greatness of God. Spain Paul wrote this. Years ago the day we're living in is the age
two com that he was talking about. I don't know about you, but I'm expecting acceleration, I'm expecting to go further. Faster than I can in my own natural ability, I'm expecting God to show himself strong or maybe, if you too, will take the limits off of god- you will see, God do amazing things, you look up and say how in the world did I get to where I am not the most qualified, but I'm run in the company, I'm not the most talented, but they why asked me for advice or never went to seminary, but I've got a pretty big charge or China, Can we tell our retired but already paid my house all one touch of God's favour can put you thirty years down the road one good break one promotion, one inheritance, one divine connection. Well, you said Joe, you just give their bodies hopes up,
believe gods going to accelerate things in my life? I don't believe this is gonna happen for me, then this is for you. This is for believers. This is for people, people who will rise up and say yes, Lord, I know you're the God of acceleration and if you did it for the win, part two years ago, if you took a twenty year plan, says and did it in a split second, then I know you can accept right things in my life. I know you can trust me years and years here. I have a friend that thirty two years old and right after he got out of college. He went to work at this huge corporation, I've known his parents and family. For me, the years there good people, they love the Lord, but they ve never risen any higher and they were thirty years ago, just stay. At the same level as their parents and grandparents and there's nothing wrong with that, but I believe God, once every generation
increase. This young man has a big vision for his life, his dream was the one day be run. A major cooperation, he started at the very bottom level at that company working in sales he just kept given it his birthday In and day out after three years he was already in the top five percent of sales. They promoted him to a manager the next year. He got it new account? It was the largest account in the company's history that one, good bright immediately, made him by far the top salesperson it twenty eight years old he was appointed vice president. He covered all the southwest. Things continue to fall into place. His boss left and went to another company He got another promotion. The c o of this huge corporation was only fifty one years old. Look. He had another twenty years in, but one day unexpectedly, he went to the board.
Said I'm going to resign and I would like to nominate This young man is my successor. They voted and today Thirty, two years old, the youngest ceo in that corporations. History. He is one in a major company, they have thousands and thousands of employees, friends, that's God, etc. Doing things in the old days that could have taken a lifetime, but in they were living in God is turning water. Into why it could have taken a lifetime to achieve but if you will believe, if you will put your trust him. If you'll live your life that honours God, then like this young man, god I'll give you a good breaks. He'll opened the right doors. You move people out of the way here I urge you to stand out in the crowd. He'll, let his face shut down on you and you will accomplish goals in a fraction of the time. This is what happened to David as a teenager- God,
the big dream in his heart. He knew one day he was going to do great things, but year after year went ban, he didn't see anything happening. He was stuck out in the lonely, shepherds Beals, taking care of his father. She nobody knew him. He didn't have any influence, nobody paid him much attention and I'm sure he felt like he was falling behind like you would never get to where God wanted him to be. One day David went out and face Goliath: he didn't have any military training, all the odds were against him, but he knew the most TAT God was with him and when David defeated Goliath in a split second, he became an instant national hero in a split second. He had this influence in credibility that could have taken him his whole lifetime to earn on his own. What happened? God turned
water into why one touch of God's paper thrust in many many years ahead. What's interesting, is God used an obstacle to promote David? When you face giants in your online disappointment, setbacks things, don't work out, don't get discouraged that adversity could be the very thing gods going to use to promoting. That could be where you see, God speed up the time and you accomplished something that should have taken you your whole lifetime and, like David, you may feel like that fallen behind you're, not where you'd hope to be in life. You ve got big dreams in your heart, but you haven't had any good breaks. Doors is closed and you haven't seen things work on these two get discouraged, but let me tell you if you will just being your best day in and day out, if you will live a life that honours God, God we're not only make up for lost time, but he will thrust you first,
there he will do more than you can even ask are saying years ago a friend of mine wanted to pass on property to build a school. He had a few acres buddy needed more right behind him. There were ten acres directly connected to his property. He had paid four thousand dollars an acre for his land and when he enquired about the ten acres behind him, they said they wanted twenty five thousand dollars an acre more than five times what he had paid. He prayed about it that he just didn't feel good. He didn't think those ten acres well worth a court. Of a million dollars so he passed. He said no thanks down deep. He was very disappointing. He knew he was supposed to build this school. That was the dream God put in his heart year, went ban. He didn't see anything happening another year three years for years, he felt like he was fallen way behind. The good news is, God has not forgotten
how to turn water into why? God knows how to take a twenty year process and cause it to happen in a split second one day out of the blue, this government official came by his office, unannounced, never even invited him, and he said we ve got a hundred and twenty acres ride out in front of your property. It all has street frontage. It's been for closed on five times we sold it and had to take it back again and again, but he said I've been authorized to sell you, this property, if you're interested in it, just make us an offer and will see if we can't work something out it just so happens that one hundred and twenty acres had now. Buildings on it that he could easily use for a school right then, and there he offered demand two hundred thousand dollars the main shook his hand and said you got a deal he got all hundred and twenty acres with non buildings, much better property for less.
Money. Did they wanted for the tin acres behind him one good Roy thrust him years ahead. Now he not only has a beautiful campus, but he has enough property for the next generation to explain what happened. God turned his water into one. God took what should have taken him fifty years and gave it to him in a split second. Some of you today you ve, been through setbacks, something didn't work out. It's taken longer than you'd hoped you need to get ready. God is about to make up for lost time right now. He's bill enough. Water pipes You may not see how you could ever get to where you want to be, but don't ever rule out the God of acceleration. We can give you one good boy that will put you thirty years down the road. One touch of God's favour and you'll go from that has never going to happen to saying, while God made me with your goodness. You ve done more than I can even ask a thing. One time
the old testament David his men were out protecting the borders of Israel, While they were away, some bandits came in to their home town attack the city burned down, stole all their possessions and kidnap their wives and children. It was the greatest defeat that David had ever suffer when he and his men came back and saw the city in ruins and realise that their families were gone. They went until they could not weep anymore. David thought it was he didn't think you'd ever get to where God wanted him to be too hard. That saying, when you're down to nothing, God is up to something block a permanent setback, but the fact is, God was incomplete, control. God was getting the water parts out, God was about to make up for lost David and his men shook off that discouragement. They went out and attack the enemy and the scripture says they recovered everything that had been set
They got their wives and children back. They got their positions, but not only there On that same day, King Saul was- killed and another battle and David was appointed king. This all happened just three days after his greatest defeat. Just three days from his door Is our David? Not only saw God help us overcome an obstacle, but God promoted in and put him on the throne of Israel. What am I saying in your darkest moments? You could be just seventy two hours from your greatest victual. Sometimes we think it's gonna take me years in years to get out of this problem. This is major challenge. I don't see how could I have a work out? No god still no how to turn water into why? God can accelerate your victory? You dont know like David. It could be just seventy two hours. Before your situation turns around. It could be.
Just seventy two hours before you get the break. You need would be just another three days before that problem is totally resolve, like David God, not going to just bringing out he's gonna bring it out promoted gonna use that adversity to thrust you years ahead now. Would you take? these two words down in your spirit, further quicker goddess, speeding things. Are you going to see acceleration in your It's not going to take you your lifetime to accomplish your dreams, God is breathing in your direction. Is going to happen in a fraction of the time? It's not going to take you thirty years to pay off your hand. Supernatural increase is come in your way. It's gonna happen quicker than you think. It's not wanting You two years to get out of that problem. Ten years, become that addiction, ten
here's to get out of there. No God is going to cause things to fall into place to where it happens. Suddenly much faster than you thought you may be facing today the greatest challenge that you ve ever faced, or maybe you just went through the greatest setback in your whole life. Remember just like David. You could be just seventy two hours away from your greatest victory. Friends. We are living in the day that Paul talked about where we're going to see their surpassing greatness of God, Spain. This is the day we gotta speeding things. Now I'm asking you to make room for acceleration. Git up morning say father. I want to thank you that you are accelerating things in my life. Thank you your turn in my water into. Why? If you do that, we'll see. God do amazing things you will not only accomplish every dream and overcome every obstacle, but it will happen quicker than you think in a fraction of the
to where you think how in the world did I get to where I am so quickly. Here's how it was the God of acceleration. Hey man. Do you believe it today? Do you receive it and we never like the clothes are broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life, when you play with me just say Lord Jesus. I repent of my sins come into my heart, make you my lord and saving for independence. Simple prayer, we believe you got born again get in a good bible base. Church keep God first place, he's gonna, take it places you ve, never joined, thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world. Visit jewellery steam dot com slash, give hope to give again. Today, thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe
so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing I know, gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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