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The Path To Greatness

2020-03-20 | 🔗
We all want to be successful in life, but are we overlooking the true path to greatness? Greatness isn’t found in fame or accomplishments. It’s found when we live for something greater than ourselves. When we give and serve others, God will always give us more in return.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this jaw today, our sun Jonathan is going to be sharing with you. I hope you enjoy the plug cancer and I don't want to talk about the path to greatness each one of us has a desire to do something meaningful to live a life worth remembering We all want to reach our dreams and become the best, version of ourselves, it's the way design this. No one way up in the morning and says I bond is mediocre today, God please
we need to be more insignificant. That's not in our nature, were meant to advance we're wired for greatness. We admire people who have done great things and wonder how we could achieve something great ourselves. God put that desire and each one of our hearts, but many times the true path to great. This is completely overlooks. I had a friend, they had a dream to work in politics. You got a job and why? it in DC, enjoying a group of talented up and coming people in the same field? They worked on all sorts of projects together, but it wasn't long before he began to realise these. Friends we're only his foot. As long as he was, in the way of moving up, they were so determined. Succeed? They would do whatever they had to. They would talk down.
About someone in front of their superiors to make themselves look good, they were share about opportunities. They were only concerned with Our own elevation It was all a means to an end. After a few years, my friend decided that just was the way he wanted to leave his life. He saw greatness, but he knew there had to be a better path. Society says you, to do whatever it takes to get to the top win at all costs. It's now or never doesn't matter who you have to step on. Or what stands in the way? That's what it takes to succeed. Most of the time. It's not that we're trying to put people down But all that we have been told is, you have to grind work, your way to the top fight for position. That's what's required to be great, they can
like: if we're not giving all of our energy to our own goals and ambitions and we're falling behind. But what is, there was a better approach. What if there is a path to greatness society doesn't talk about who could show us the way the disciples we're arguing about this very thing too. Had asked Jesus if they could be the ones to sit beside him in his kingdom. When the others heard about this. They were so furious. They couldn't believe, They had the audacity to ask them to ask for this position of greatness a place of honor. It finally got so heated among them. Jesus himself spoke up to put an end to the debate. He said Whoever wants to be great I'll. Tell you how I can imagine, the room fell, silent Peter might have pushed his way to the front
everyone, leaned forward in anticipation and Jesus, said who wants to be great, I mean truly great must become a servant, no one said a word, but I can almost hear them asking is that it then Jesus said again. The greatest of all is the one who sir, the disciple could have thought Jesus. I don't know how to tell you this, but if that's the new book in writing? I don't think it's gonna sell they. Probably directed him to say if you perform miracles, if you have influence when everyone knows your name, then you'll be great, but soon things in the kingdom of God seem backwards on the surface,
This isn't found in notoriety acknowledgement or accomplishments its found. When we live for something greater than ourselves, Society says we have to we're on our way to the top. But the truth is we serve our way up. Jesus laid out the true path to greatness and its paved with helping others when we with people, when we lend them a hand when we offer we have then. We rise higher God lifts us. He gives us more in return. That's, not why we serve that's just how good our God is. My friend that worked in politics can attest to this. He decided to take the right approach when he began to serve God brought him to levels
We have never imagined when he decided to change this focus from. How can I outdo someone to what can I do for someone greatness started looking for him. Opportunities began to chase him down now many years later, he's an executive at worldwide Organisation, that's making a difference in people's lives across the globe, he has a happy family he's helping others, but he said he would have never had this kind of moment if he had taken another wrapped, so many people, What look God offers, but they go about. The wrong way there sat on dead in road when the true path to greatness is right before them principles, Heaven values most are often the most underrated in the modern day.
Society says you have to fight your way to the top, but God says serve your way. They say stay busy. God says take time for they say take all you can get a God says give all? That's? U can instead of thinking. How can I be blessed we can ask ourselves, how can I be a blessing? Who can I, sir? How can I be good to someone today? We might think, but what about what about my dreams? What about my goals? Most of us would never push someone down to rise higher, but we're too busy to sir. We don't have time to show someone else favour. We have goals, we have ambitions How will we accomplish our dreams if we're always stopping help someone else along the way would have it slow us down
or worse what if we put in a good way for them and they gave them vision, we want what if they go further than us, and is our fault I imagine one of the reasons the disciples we're so upset when they found out two of them had asked to sit beside. Jesus was not because those two would be honoured. It wasn't because they would be considered great. The other disciples we're concerned about what would happen to them. Maybe there wouldn't be anything left, thoughts may say, don't help, there won't be anything left for you or don't serve. You are too busy. You don't have time. For that But the truth is you don't have time not to Jesus said who ever to be great, must be a servant. It's not an option
Until we learn to serve we're just treading water, we may think it slowing us down, but in reality not doing it could be the only thing holding us back. That's what allows God to take us higher. That's what causes him to promote us, ever wasting time serving others. It's not slowing down its building momentum, will cause the rest of your time to be met a valuable and effective than all of it would have been as a whole. And you don't have to worry about people taking your spot when you build someone else when you help them reach their next love, God will do the same for you to control the universe. Open doors. You didn't even know where an option. How do you know he's not using here to help promote them so that they could wreck Men do
even higher level that's what happened to Joseph when he was in prison. He helped interpret someone's dream, but soon after that, man was released. Joseph could have thought? Well, that was a waste of time. Now he's free and I'm stuck here, but it was that act of service that actually got Joseph introduced to the era through it. He wasn't just set free from prison. He was put in charge. Of the entire nation. All this happened because he was willing to help one man with his dream, whose dream can you, Sir, I was in school. I heard a lot about networking. It was all about who you know how to work your way up through connections. Everyone was asking the same question. How do I make it and other
words. How do I do something great? The professors would tell US data job in this field. Try to me this person did them to see your work. Maybe that will through a door opened. I studied film and I heard the path to Hollywood laid out so many times it became exhausting? It was always. What can they do for me, but not once did I hear what can I do for then? How can I help what? If that was the approach We took to greatness what, if TAT, was how we live our lives, less grinding, more giving Less about who we know more about how much we chair less comparison and more kindness, our value for people not being in what they can offer us, but what we can offer them
I'm not talking about laying down your dreams and ambitions, I'm not saying settle for less or let people walk all over you. Jesus is trying to teach us. How do we create? He said it s if you're not after greatness, then this is for you. If you don't, have been calls and aspirations than you actually missing. The first part. This is for those with vision. People who are motivated this for leaders, doctors, artists, people with passion on the inside. If you want to become great, find someone to sir if you want to rise higher list, someone else. If you want to it's your destiny. Somebody reach there. When you take care of children. He will always take care
you have the opportunity to visit. One of the major Hollywood film studios with a friend of ours that works in tv is one most renown. Successful producers in the whole industry. He was shown us around the lot, given this passionate speech about how he got started with the studio. When all sudden. This older woman interrupted him to ask how to get to a particular office First, I was kind of nervous. I wasn't sure how she would respond to this We clearly have no idea who she was talking to see. He just cut off one of the most important people in the business to ask for directions, but he stopped turned to her and in the most genuine Sir: I'm sorry man, I don't know where that is, but let me help you find it. He told us he'd be right back and I watched him. Walk probably
fifty yards to another building, to help her find what she was looking for. I would have understood if he had said I don't know, just go, ask someone else, but he care he took time to He showed this woman the way everyone else knew he was the boss, but he wasn't too big to Sir that's the mark of good. Agnes. Those are the signs just someone's talent or a bit lady or education, it's the heart of a servant That's what I got him there and that's what sustains him. Someone is busy, as this producer was willing, to stop what he was doing for a moment to be good to someone else who even went the extra mile and he didn't ask for anything in return
it's not about taking a lonely position. This guy was in charge. He was the boss, but it's about an attitude, wherever I am I'm here to Sir I'm here, to give. How can I help it's easy to think? Well, not a big time produce their like this man. If I was the boss, then I'd help others. If people were watching, then I could be an example, but that's backwards. This is the path to greatness. These are the actions that lead you there when you're willing to put some one else. When you help solve their problems, when you go out of your way to be good to people, then each day is a step in the right direction, the quality
that we see in this matter are things he developed long before he ever reach that level. When you make serving your priority, God will give you promotion, breakthroughs and opportunities. You couldn't have gotten on your own. One week before Jesus went to the cross. He gathered with his disciples for a meal. At this point he already knew his time was coming to an end. That gives us such insight into what his priorities were, the he didn't have a moment to waste. If we We only had one week left on this earth. We would make account we do something meaningful. So what Jesus was planning must have been utmost importance. These people, working on his biggest miracle. Yet maybe this time he was going to feed ten thousand or twenty thousand people with one meal, maybe
was planning to open every blind eye or com and even greater store. But in the final moments of Jesus is life when every second counted he got down on the floor, Poured water into a basin and washed his disciples feet. He didn't do it because he had to he did it because he loved him and then he told us to go and do the same. The importance Jesus placed on serving others cannot be overstated it with everything he was capable that's what he considered the highest priority. What if we made others a priority in our lives? I want what would happen. If we took five minutes a day to think of ways, we could be good to someone else. What would our world begin to look like? We could
in some one and encouraging text, and let them know how much we appreciate that we could help our friend move into their new apartment. We could, by our coworkers lunch one of the best ways to say. Thank you. Jesus for what you ve done for me is to ask what I do for someone else. It's great God brings us opportunities to sir, but when we start looking for them blessing start looking for us, think of something you're good at and use it to be good Someone else- maybe you can cook why not deliver a meal? Maybe your brilliant with finances, You could help someone else, balance their budget or maybe less fashion. By someone a pair of shoes,
when's. The last time we stopped to get creative with how we could be a blessing, taking five minutes a day, to really think of what we could do for some. What else could not only change their lives, but it could change us. We could start with the people closer to us, our family. How can we honour them? We could consider who's going across our path that day. What's one thing that we could do for that person? That's all it takes. God bless us to be blessings not to be hoarders He gives see to this or not to the seed collector. When we begin to realise every good thing comes from him. It starts to shape the purpose of it. We begin to recognise just what we are meant to do with it
think of it like this, if God gave you that car- who are you going to give a ride if he gave you that management Who are you going to mentor if you that creative idea, who is it going to serve there is none the greater the coming to the end of the day and knowing Someone else is better off because God bless us so that we could bless them. My mom was about twenty years old. She would pick this older lady up from her house every Sunday and bring her to church. It means so much This woman that this young girl, but take the time to do that she lived alone in the person had brought her before, had moved away My mom had realized she hadn't seen or in a few weeks, so she began to ask where she had gone once she found out. She
for it to give her arrived from then on this woman was so grateful. My mom told me that was one of her favorite memories, of how great friends they became over those use serving is as simple as asking someone what they need and doing what you can to meet it. I've found, when you take the time to ask a person how you can help just the question itself shows how much you care and adds value to them. Life. It shines a light and the people that really need help will tell you how it could be a woman looking for a ride to work. It could be a single parents struggling to pay the rent. It could even a friend. The just need someone to talk to you don't have have all the answers, but will you do what you can.
We're not meant to be the centre of our lives twenty four hours a day. The reason some people aren't happy because all they think about is there once their knees and their problems. I say this respectfully, but if you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Maybe you need to take a break from you We all do is not healthy to have us on our minds. Twenty four hours a day take a break from the business Break from: what's bothering you take a break from the struggle and be good to someone else, give you thoughts a chance to think about something other than just what's wrong. When you focus your attention on good things like helping others, it releases the rest. The Bible says our father already knows what we need before we,
We ask that gives us the freedom to live in peace and spend our time on other things serving people is like saying God. I trust you show much with my life, but I'm willing to put my time energy and focus towards someone else. When you put serving at the sinner you pudding Jesus at the center. You're, taking care of people and allowing him to take care of you? It's the best way to live it's the path to a great in fulfilling life. It feels good its exciting. That's what God intended we can look forward to all the ways. This is going to add joy, energy and strength to our lives.
There was a boy out in the shepherds feel tending to his father. She he had greatness on the inside. In fact God had shows in him to be the next king of Israel, but he's first stop wasn't the throne, or even the palace at all after he was annoyed to King David, went right back to the field that he came from and continued to care for the sheep one. His father came to him and asked him to deliver food to his brothers, who were in another city serving in the army. David could have thought, some errand boy, I'm supposed to be king, can't someone else deliver this food, but we don't read one instance where David was too proud to serve. God had given him a big promise, yet he was willing to do a small thing. That's the mark of greatness, showing through the next morning. David said.
With food for his brothers when he arrived at their can't. He began to hear the shouts of a man named Goliath champion of the philistine army taunting the Israelites in their guard. We all know where this story goes, but if David hadn't gone to deliver his brothers lunch, he would have never met Goliath, if hadn't been willing to do a small thing. We wouldn't be talking about him today, his destiny, we disguised in something that looked insignificant. His purpose was hidden in a sandwich. It's not, always the impressive giant slaying moments that lead to greatness, but the little acts of obedience along the way they are just as important. I wonder
What levels of greatness are waiting for us in something that looks insignificant? You may have a big future ahead of you but the job you're out right now seems to small you're, tired of serving someone else's vision. You might not see it yet, but your destiny Could be waiting, very next act of obedience. That could be how you meet your Goliath. Don't miss an opportunity to serve because it looks insignificant. God is searching for people. He can trust with the little things before he gives me something even greater like David. We have the humble ourselves and serve others. Even when we know there is much more inside of us. We king saw heard that a teenage boy
was enquiring about facing Goliath. The Bible says he sent for David Royalty came looking for him. David, went to deliver a sandwich and found himself standing in the presence of the king. That's the power of serving that's the path to greatness. God will cause you to be sent for cause people to notice, you you'll be in the right place at the right time. David didn't leave home that morning. Looking for an opportunity, he wasn't trying to make them. This happened in his own strength. In the same way. You don't have to manipulate the situation. You don't have to try to force the door open. You don't have to convince people to like you. Promotion doesn't come from people, it comes from God when you're being faithful in
Small thing putting others first year on the path to greatness. You don't have to stress or fight for your position. You can live in peace knowing when it's your time we'll send for you. I heard this story about a professional mountain climber he and his team we're making one of the most challenging crimes in the world. Even some of the most experienced professionals haven't been able to complete this. It was well below. Freezing in oxygen was scarce about six hours from the summit they encountered. Huge unexpected storm, making the journey even more dangerous as they made their way through the swirling snow and ice. This climber began to faintly make out the figure man curled up on the side of the path he was completely unconscious and barely breathe,
it wouldn't be long before he froze to death. So this climber stopped and began to help, but his team urged him to keep going. They said if you stop here, you can lose your own life, but he couldn't leave behind. This climber knelt down in the snow and begin, massaging circulation back into the man arms and legs. He did whatever he could to keep him more tried his best awaken after fifteen minutes, this man miraculously open. His eyes and the two made their way down the mountain together. Later when they were examined by a doctor. He told the climber that had stopped to help. You didn't realize it. But your arms and legs were actually becoming known. If you would have kept going, would have only gotten worse, but by starting to miss
circulation back into his body. You actually increase. Your own circulation and probably saved your life. We may not even realise how vital serving is to our own lives. You have greatness on the inside. Do your part two Don't let a day goes by without being could to someone else. When you're looking for people, you can bless, blessings will come looking for you take time, for others lift those around you be quick to lend a hand as you walk this path to greatness, like with David God will cause you to be sent for to cause the right people to find you bill open doors. You didn't even know we're an option that
why we, Sir, that's just how good our God is in man, thank you for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast, helpless, continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a jewel boosting dot com. Slash, give hope to give again today, thanks, How much for listening to today's message, I hope you're subscribed, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep you inspired all through the week. We're praying for you. I know God's best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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