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The Power of I AM

2018-10-17 | 🔗
Instead of saying negative “I Ams”, - “I am unfocused. I am never going to succeed”, say what God says you are. When you change your “I Ams,” your life will change for the better. The seeds of greatness God’s placed on the inside will spring forth. -Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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Hi. This is Joe Hold on wednesdays. We bring you the best down. I hope you enjoy the podcast. God bless you, we love you you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. I promise you will make you feel right at home thanks so much for tuning in. Thank you again for coming out. I like to start with something funny. I heard about this ninety two year old man. He wasn't feeling up to par and he went to the doctor for a check up. Two days later, the doctor saw him out walking in the park and he had this beautiful young lady by his side and he seemed as happy as can be. Doctor said wow, you sure are feeling a lot better. Aren't you. He said yes doctor, I'm just taking your orders, you said, get a hot mama and beat you
the doctor said, I didn't say that I said you got a heart. Murmur, be careful, hold up your Bible, say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do but it says I can do today. Will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess. My mind is alert heart is receptive. I will never be the same in, Jesus Name, God bless. You I talk to you today about the power of. I am what follow these two simple words will determine what kind of life you live. I am blessed. I am strong, I am healthy, or I am slow, I am unattractive. I'm a terrible mother. The items that are coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure.
all through the day. The power of I am. Is it work? We make a mistake. I am so clumsy we look in the mirror. I am So we see somebody very talented. I am so average we get caught in traffic. I am so unlucky Many times we use the power of. I am against us, don't realize how it's affecting our future. Here's the principle what follows the I am will always. Looking for you, when you say I am so clumsy clumsiness comes looking for you I am so old, wrinkles, looking for you, and so overweight calories come looking for you, it's just like you're in hiding them. Whatever you follow the I am with your handing it an invitation opening the door, giving it permission to in your life. Now, the Good NEWS is you get to choose
follows. The I am when you go. Through the day, is saying blessed blessings come looking for you, I am talented talent comes looking for you. You may not feel up to par, but when you say I am healthy, healthy heading. Your way strong. Strength starts tracking you down inviting that into your life. That's why you have to be careful. What follows the I am don't ever say. so unlucky. I never get any, good breaks, you're inviting disappointments I am so broke. I am so in dead. You are inviting struggle you're, inviting lack you need send out some new invitations get in the morning and invite good things into your life. I am blessed. I am strong. I am talented, I am disciplined. I am focused. I am prosperous when you talk
that talent gets summoned by Almighty. God go find that person, health strength, abundance discipline starts heading your way, but how many for when they wake up in the morning, look in the mirror. The first thing they say I am How old, I'm so wrinkled. I am so worn out. You are in All this. Your fighting fatigue. Do us all a favor Stop inviting that when get up in the morning. look in the mirror. Instead of complaining, you should yes saying I am fear Lee and wonderfully made. Attractive. I am getting younger. You talk like that, God will renew your youth. I know the older they get the more attractive they are. A lot has to with our attitude the other day our daughter Alexandra had a copy of my first book from two thousand and four and I was comparing the picture to my new book that was just released,
She said daddy, you look better now than you did back, then I said what would you like me to buy you? I was with my college roommate last week, Joe. What do you do when you getting taller you growing has that I receive them. I do want to tell him that he's getting shorter, but when you go around saying I am being renewed in my youth, I am full of health vitality. Wholeness, that's one of the best anti aging treatment. You ever evertite? My mother is a great example of this. I mentioned how she just turned seventy eight. She still looks fantastic still just still energetic still beautiful. So when you get up in the morning, don't talk about how old you are, how did. You look there, say the I am. energetic I am via bread. I am ready. I am fresh,
Some of you, women have never I said I am beautiful your sofa First on your flaws and what you don't like about yourself and you wish you had more here unless there not corny, but you know what I mean when you say I am beautiful. Beauty come looking for you youth come Looking for you, freshness comes looking for you, nobody, Do this. For you it's got to come, your own now listen, ladies, don't go around telling your husbands, how unattractive you are you sure? never put yourself down an especially don't put yourself down in front of your own husband. You are prize to him you're, the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, how would you don't tell him anything differently, best thing he needs to hear is how bad you think you look don't put those thoughts in his mind. It's not going
to him, nor you any good to discredit yourself. If you, keep telling him how bad you look one day. He may believe you you say beautiful. Not only does beauty youth freshness, starts coming your way, but inside your spirit, person comes alive. Your self image begins to improve then you'll start carrying yourself like you're someone special. You won't drag through the day, feeling less than inferior you'll. Have that being in your step that you go. Little attitude, Boo, he is not in hell, then Paul, you are, how perfect you look beauty. is in being who God made you to be with confidence if you're a size, four great, if you're a size, Twenty four great take what you have and make the most of it.
God made you like, you are on purpose. He gay view. Your looks your hide your skin color your nose, your personality, nothing about you is by accident. You didn't get over love, you didn't get left out. God said in Ephesians, you are my masterpiece, Instead of going around down on yourself, attractive too tall. short, not enough. There's too much of that no dare to get up in the morning and say I am a master, Yes, I am created in the image of Almighty God. Instead in Psalm one hundred and thirty nine God. I praise you, because you have made me in an amazing way, what you have done is wonderful notice. David's amps. He was saying not in pride but in praise to I am wonderful amazing
a masterpiece that goes It's human nature. Most of us think there's nothing amazing, about Maine me, nothing, wonderful, I'm just average, I'm just ordinary or the fact is There is nothing ordinary about you. You have a fingerprint that nobody else has there will never be another you! Even if you have a twin somebody that looks exactly like you, They don't have your same personality, your goals, you're saying fingerprints, you are an original, When God made you, he threw away the mold as long as you go around thinking, I'm just average Well, I'm just one of the billions of people on the earth. Nothing special about me the wrong. I am, can keep you from rising higher, wonder what would happen if all through the day, not in front of other people but in privacy, in the shower driving to work underneath are
instead of being down on ourselves and discrediting so we are focusing on all of our flaws. What would happen if we would be bold? Like Dave? to say I am amazing, some wonderful. I am valuable. I am a masterpiece. I am a child of the most high god. You. Talk like that. An amazing comes chasing you down, awesome heading, in your direction. You won't that we defeated. I'm just average mentality. Talladega you'll carry yourself like a king like a queen, not in not being better than somebody, but with a quiet confidence with an o and that you've been hand picked by the creator the universe, and you have something amazing to offer this world that's what to a lady in the scripture named Sarah, she had to change her! I am, God promised Sarah and her husband Abraham, that they would have.
Baby, but Sarah was eighty years old way passed the childbearing years and back in those days, if a wife didn't give her husband a child, she could I can see for some reason, even if it was the husband's fall. why it was seen as a failure she? look down on greatly. There was a shame for not being able to have a baby. This is how Seraph She was eighty years old, never had a baby. She felt like she had let Abraham down our self esteem is so low. I can imagine some of her Iams. I am a failure. I am inferior. I am not good enough. I am unattractive now she's got this promise. That is an older woman she's going to have a baby God knew that it would never come to pass unless he convince Sarah to change I am. It was so imperative that she had.
new mindset, God? really changed her name from. Sarah to Sarah Sarah means princess now, every someone said good morning. Sarah they were saying good morning princess how Do you Sarah? How are you princes? Would you pass me the ketchup Sarah? Would you pass me the a princess she heard this over and over. In those words, got on the inside and begin change her self image she went from. I am a failure. I am a this is from. I am unattractive to. I am beautiful from. I am ashamed to. I am crowned by Almighty God. Instead of hanging her head into feet in a better, she started, holding her head up high from I'm not good enough to. I am child of the most high God. Two, I'm inferior to. I am fearfully and wonderfully made her new
two was. I am amazing, I am wonderful. I am a masterpiece and, ladies, like Sarah, may have had a lot of things in life. Try to push you down bad breaks disappointments. Maybe even people have tried to make you feel like you just don't measure up you're, not quite attractive enough. you could easily let that seed get on the inside and ruin your sense of value called you to live in the God is saying to you what he said Sarah! I want you to change. Your name to princess is physically, but in your attitude, You gotta shake off the negative things people have said about you shake off the self esteem. Very and start Kerry. yourself like a princess start walking like a princis start talking like a princess start. Thinking like a princess start waving like a
instead of I am inferior. I am less than no I am one of a kind I am hand picked by Almighty God, I am valuable. I am a masterpiece get up in the morning. Focus on all your flaws Look in the mirror and dare to say I am beautiful I am young, I am vibrant. I am confident I am secure. You may have had some disappointments. People may have tried to push it. and but quit telling yourself you're all washed up. Do like rotten and say am royalty. I am crowned with favor. I am excited about my future, this since his spirit got on the inside of Sarah. It change her self image. I've learned you got change on the inside before your change on the outside at a
hundred years old, against all odds she gave birth? To that? Maybe the promise came to pass. My question today is: what kind of hands are coming out of your mouth. I am victorious I am blessed. I am talented I am anointed when you in the right eye. Ends you're, inviting the goodness of God some of you. If you would. Change the I am. You would to a new level. Words have creative power. with your words, you can bless your future or you can curse your future. Words are, like electricity used the right way. They can be very helpful. It can give us lights and air conditioning all kinds of good things, but electricity used. The wrong way can be very dangerous. It can harm you. You could even kill you same way with our workers. Proberbs said
life and death are in the power of our time. It's up to you to choose what follows the im. My Encouragement is never say negative things about yourself. Most of us would never go up to another. Person at least to their face and criticize them. Yet we have no problem criticizing ourselves. I am so slow. I am so attractive. I am so undisciplined discipline that is cursing your future. Do yourself a favor in zip that up we have enough in life against us already, don't be against yourself. I had a friend I used to play get all wet and when he would miss an important shot, he would say I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot three or four times I heard that month after month He didn't realize it, but idiot was coming looking for him. I hate to say,
I think it found him. If you go around saying I am so dumb it may. Be good English, but dumb is coming your way. and so on attractive. I am so plain ugly this says I hear somebody calling my name use your words to bless your future, not curse your future. The scripture says: let the we say I am strong notice, just the opposite. God I am so tired. so run down, that's called in the wrong things let the or say I am well off, not I am broke, I am so in there. Let the six say I am healthy. I am improving, I'm getting better and better. See it says in Romans, four hundred and eighteen to call the things. are not as if they all the work that simply means don't talk The way you are talk about the way you
I want to be senior finance, it don't go around saying off man business, is so slow, he's so down it's never going to work out. That's the things that are as if they will always be that way. That's just describing the situation by faith. You got to say I am glad I am successful. I am surrounded by God's favor. I ask a young man after church last week, how he was doing in high school, Is it all Joel I'm doing? Okay, I'm just as these student come to find out one of his teachers back in. elementary school years ago. Told him He was a c student and he let that scene take group him. What I'm telling you as long as you're, saying I am a c student you're not going to make a you call, and in the seas and those seeds come, find you wherever you go careful you'll make a c in Homeroom Asi in lunch, a CMP e check
The I am I am I a student, I am smart, I am full of wisdom. I am good learner. Some of you, like this young man, you've allowed what somebody said about you to hold you back: a coach, a teacher, a parent and ex spouse. they planted these negative seeds of what you cannot do. You're, not smart enough not talented enough you're, not disciplined enough you're not attractive enough you'll always make CS. You'll always be mediocre. You'll, always struggle with your weight and get rid of those lives. That is not who you are you are. Who God says you are? people may have tried to push you down and tell you what you can't become. Let that in one ear and out the other year. Somebody said about you doesn't determine your destiny, God does you need to know not only what you are, but you
I don't know what you are not. In other words, I am not who people say I am. I am, who God says a hand. I am not the tail I am the head not a borrower. I am a lender, I am not Kerr, I am blessed like this young man, somebody spoken. Negative words over you, even when you were younger, but no this before anyone could put a curse on you. God put a blessing on you before you were formed in your mother's womb, God knew you and he approved. You when God made you he stepped back and said I like that that was Another masterpiece he stamped his approval on you, other people may try to disapprove
don't go around feeling less than feeling inferior or attitude. Should be, I am approved by Almighty God, I am accepted. I am a masterpiece when you talk like that, the seeds of greatness God's, on the inside will begin to spring forward? See you have gifts and talents that you've not yet tapped into? There is a treasure. on the inside throughout life. The He will do his best to try to keep it pushed down. He doesn't want us to reach our full potential. That's why there are forces constantly trying to make us feel intimidated, inferior, unqualified go to fulfill your destiny. You got to shake off the negative voices, shake off the thoughts that are telling you I am unable. I am unqualified. No, don't invite weakness. Don't give intimidation an invitation. You may
feel unqualified, but before you were born God, a he empowered you. You are not king. Anything God is already stamped his approval on you, people may try push it down. But when you God has approved you. You realize I don't need other people's approval. I've been equipped empowered anointed by the creator of the universe. I know a man he was told by his high school counselor that he wasn't very smart. He should focus on the lowest skill job, You can find I'm sure the counselor were meant well, but he didn't What was on the inside? He did see the seeds of greatness God planted in this young man. There's a high school student. His I am was distorted I am not up to par. I am not smart. I am very average
didn't realize he was inviting that into his life and sure enough. It showed up after high school. He got a job at the local factory and he stayed at the lowest level year after year after year, one day the factory closed down and he went across town and applied it another factory. This company had a policy that you had to take an iq test. He took the test and he scored the highest in the please sixty three year history, his rq came back at a genius level. He went on to start his own business and he invented and patented very successful products. Today, he's extremely blessed what happened he changed his. I am Could it be what someone has told you is keeping you from God's best Will it be that the wrong I am, is keeping you from sing higher in reaching your full potential do like he did.
Change the, I am don't what somebody has spoken over. You determine your destiny, get in agreement with God. know what you are and know what you are not I'm not lacking. I am not average. I am inferior. I am equipped. I am empowered. I am anointed. I am wise. I am a mass peace in the book of numbers. Moses many in to spy out the promised land to forty days ten of them came back and said Moses, we don't have a chance. The people are huge compared to them. We felt like we were grasshoppers notice there I I am. I am inferior. I am intimidated. I am afraid what happened fear into nation inferiority came knocking at the door, the other two spies, Joshua and Caleb came back with a diff,
report. They said Moses, yes, the people are big, but we know our God is much bigger. We are well able, let us go in and take the land at once. No is there. I am was just the opposite. I am strong, I am equipped. I am confident I am more than a conqueror. What's interesting, is the negative report from the spas spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the camp. Before long, some two million people were intimidated into afraid. Nobody even paid attention to Joshua and Caleb the report of faith. Here's what I've learned a negative port always spreads faster than a positive report. When people are murmuring, complaining talking to feed, be on guard sure you don't let the wrong. I am take root these tens. Went on to say Moses, why did you even bring us out here. We're going to die in the wilderness are chill,
our wives they're, going to be taken as plunder. God answered back, something very powerful. He said in numbers, one thousand five hundred and twenty eight. I will do for you exactly what you have said you said you're going to die in the wilderness, so you will die in the wilderness, I'd saying the same thing to us, I'm going to do exactly what you been saying: don't never say I'm weak, I'm in so they did I'm inferior fringe. The song, I am, can keep you from your destiny in the scripture. Have you ever heard of a man named Sether? I mean Gabby name, change, never heard You know why they were some of the inspires some of the ones that never made it into the promised land. The fact is, they were called to be a history maker, they had seeds of greatness on the inside,
the wrong. I am kept him from really making their mark. Don't let that be you may be facing some major obstacles. My challenge is be a Joshua, be a Caleb I am strong. I am confident I am equipped. I am more than a conqueror. I am well able make sure you have the Right Iams coming out of your mouth Joshua and Caleb were the only the two from that whole group to ever, make it into the promised land. Do us all good to make a list of a dozen or two of these? I am read over them all through the day, get them down in your spirit, meditate on them, may not all be true right now, but you have to call the things that are not as if they are anywhere. I'm blessed. I am prosperous. I am free. I am talented, I am young. I am beautiful. I am attractive, remember what all is the I am is going to
looking for you if you want right, the right things into your life, the creator of universe will breathe in your direction now believe declare you will overcome every obstacle, defeat every enemy and you how everything that God created you to be a man. Do you receive it today? We never like to close our broadcast without Send you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me? in Lord Jesus, our, pin of my sins and in my heart and make you my Lord and Savior friends. I prayed that simple prayer. We believe you got get in a good Bible based church. Keep God first place he's going to take you places that you've never dreamed of thank you for listening to the Joel O'Steen podcast help continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit Joe.
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