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The Rain is Coming

2019-05-29 | 🔗
Every person goes through dry seasons where we don’t see anything changing. It’s very easy to get discouraged and not expect anything different. But in this exciting message, Joel wants to help you get your hopes up because the rain is coming! ----Visit https://joelosteen.com to receive daily updates and encouragement from Joel Osteen.----Have you followed Joel Osteen on Instagram? https://instagram.com/joelosteen.
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hide this goal in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is god bless you always joy that come into your homes and if you ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services i promise you i will make you feel right at home but think so opportunity in and thank you again for coming out and i like to start with something funny i heard about these three sons that left home and went out and prospered they got back together to talk about the gifts they had bought their elderly mother the first said are built mom a bit
house the second said i got her a fancy car the third said since mother loves to read the bible but she barely see i've got her a spell we trained apparent that can cause the entire bible a few months they got a letter from their mother said milton the house built me is way too big gerald the car you ah me is way too small but my dearest donald you're simple gift was my favorite the chicken was delicious hold up your bible say it like you mean it this is my bible i am what it says i am here what it says i have do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly confessed my mind is a more heart is receptive i will never be the same jesus nay god bless you talk to you today about the rain is coming out in africa years ago and there was a
the drought the girl was so dry that it was breaking apart debate irritation at all dried up the livestock survive it was baron de no life all cause there had been no reign in every person those two times of drought draw seasons when we don't see anything happening we got big dreams were standing on god promises but we just don't see anything changing its dry emberon you can be blessed in one area and in a dream in another have a successful career but he's struggle your marriage a drought in a relationship or you have a great marriage which you just don't feel well a drought in your hair i know a lady she has every go on for she's beautiful talented successful but year after year she struggled with the same addiction missy the thing this is always always gonna be out
please be lonely i'll always have to deal with this depression i'll always struggle in my finances no i won't i announced that in twenty fourteen that drought is come to an end the area of broken this drawn is loneliness every empty place you will stay in faye god is the rain down fave rain healy rain down restoration some sixty eight says you said and abundant rain oh god what you get that in your spirit you're about to see an abundant right every drought is only temporary dry season is not going to last forever why the rain is coming that addiction is not going to be with you your whole life rain is coming struggle and lack is not your destiny its temporary rain is headed your way
some of you have been in a drought in your health chronic pain you don't feel well you can easily settle there are you need to get your umbrella i see loud starting to four maybe in your career you feel stuck can't seem to get a good bright you got passed over the promotion dont get discard god has something better for you going to be a drizzle not sprinkle but downpour an abundance of rain when you get up in the morning you need to declare father thank you the drought is ending and the rain is coming thank you that in twenty fourteen i'll see an abundance of your goodness in my life i have a friend lost his wife to cancer a while back they ve been married over thirty years didn't friends since high school their son had grown up and were successful and just when they thought they'd
dip into this new season travel and joy each other's company she came down with this sickness for months and months he took care of her treated her like a queen she fell the good fight of faith ended up going to heaven was very difficult on the strong man has a deep faith but it harder than anything he imagined he told me how this house alone at night built so lost so empty ray over in bed and she wasn't there anymore he never dreamed life was going to turn out that way he was in a drowned he could have gotten bitter depressed would have been easy to settle in that empty place but he understood this principle that the drought may come there are dry seasons where we feel empty but that is not the of your story rain is coming there
picture says weeping may endure for a night but joy come in the morning when you can take a draw baron place in bring new life it may have been that for a month for a year or for twenty years but when the rain comes things seeing dead begin to bloom begin to blossom begin to forest they just needed some rain what you may think is over india the loss of a loved one loss of a dream loss of our relationship you feel lonely empty like it could never change no all you need is some reign the guy we serve is saying i'm going to sin rain to your baron places it's not i'm going to rain down new opportunities new relationships new ideas new dreams not long ago my friend met a young lady never been met before
hit it off and started dating recently they got engaged now he's got spleen back in his stead weeping endured for a night but joy came here in a barren place but god rain down favour some of you today you in that droplets things haven't turned out the way you can hope been through some difficulties but that is not the end joy is coming you may be in a drought but rain is headed you away this is your year to bloom to blossom to floor it's your year to see new growth new opportunities god about a rain down his favor in abundance he's going to turn your morning into answering your sorrow ended joy you're loneliness in the he's going to give you a beauty for those ashes the drought is coming to an end first kings chapter eighteen
the samaritans had been in a great famine for three half years there have been no reign the people barely had food we're surviving the profit i just showed up and said the king ahab i the sound of the abundance of rain when he said that there was a cloud in the sky no sir of rain yet hitch we too believe what heard in his spirit in spite of what he saw with his eyes he saw drowned famine barrenness but down in here he heard the sound of abundance of rain this is what fate is all about you i believe what you here in your heart even when what you see is just the opposite you hear abundance but you may we lack you hear health you may see sickness you hear rain but you may around and see drought i'm sure i have fought odin
did the heat must be given him because there's a cloud in the sky it's not gonna rain it's easy to talk yourself out of what god wants to do god is saying there's about to be an abundance of favor in your life the drought is coming to an end you're going to see healing right duration new opportunities new growth now don't we like king ahab look around i don't think so jewel the medical report still bad much still acting up all never meet the right person now what to be like a lie yeah and have bonus to believe what god put in your heart why don't you start declaring the rain is coming from where is coming twenty fourteen is my year to bloom to blossom to flourish to see new growth eliza went on top of mouth carmen ask as assistant to go look the other side of the mountain and see
there's any sign of wine he put actions behind his spain he was expecting it to change the assistant came back said no elijah there's not a cloud and this guy is i'm going to write elijah didn't get discouraged think well i'm muster her god wrong he told him to go back and look again he went and came back with the same report nothing no clouds this happen six times if you're going to see abundance you can't let people talk you out of what god put in your heart let words of doubt and discouraging take root people tell you things like you you think you're gonna get well my grandmother that same disease you think you're going that position i don't think you're really qualified lifted in one ear and out the other people
determine your destiny god does what you here in your spirit is more powerful than any negative words that have been spoken over you if you will listen carefully you're the sound of abundance the sound of increase the sound of new levels that's the queen of the universe call now you're seeds of greatness god does not would you to stay where you are he's got new levels to you get into agreement with him you got night this moment and say yes this is for me today much maybe off course but i'm not worried i hear the sound of restoration and know the rain is coming i may not feel well i'm not discouraged i hear the sound of healy i went through a loss i'm not live in depressed i hear the sound of new beginnings know the drill is ending and the rain is coming
look attitude you know what i hear the sound of doing i'm coming to pass the sound of marriage is being restored the sound of that baby you been believe and for the sound divine connections you meeting the right person the sound of new opportunities it's the sound of abundance the seventh time the assistant came back instead elijah this time i saw a small cloud in the sky wasn't much don your hopes up it was just the size of a man's hand one thing i love about god is can take something small in turn in the mass god need the whole sky to be filled with clouds he can take a tiny little class most people would do mrs it's nothing it's insignificant yet god can bring a downpour out what am i saying you don't need
bunch of people behind you you just need the right person behind you you don't have to be the most powerful the most influential god used a teenage girl named esther an orphan to say all of israel god the donkey to speak to a profit no offense but most just don't pay any attention to adopt is insignificant god two slingshot and a few stones to defeat goliath and put down with a shepherd boy with no training on the throne of israel don't disco the little cloud god can take the small turn it into something great that's how lakewood got started nineteen fifty nine my dad this did believe leave the church was past ring he felt limited but denomination he was in here the sound of something bigger on the inside daddy we need to start a new charge but he didn't have any money he didn't have a building
there wasn't a cloud in the sky but one of his neighbors said john i've got an old run down feed store there we're not you in any more you welcomed your surface is there this little wood frame building had holes in the floor still hey in feed in it parents and some others they cleaned it out put ninety wooden chairs in started lakewood church come a long way baby don't despite the day a small budget some of you lack elijah all can see is a little cloud a glimmer of hope that might look like much a voice tells you don't get your hopes you're gonna be appointed again nothing's going to change i want to take just the opposite get your hopes find your umbrella put your raincoat god's about to rain down an abundance of faith there's gonna be abundance of good this in your life god
done it in the past he's gonna do it in the future that drought is coming to an end a large told king ahab you better get your chariot and take off but the sound of abundance that i've heard on the inside is about to to pass on the outside ahab took in his chariot elijah took off running this was before there any sign of rain notice largest faith he was making plans abundance when all he saw was a little cloud if you wait around discourage negative our believe it when i see you waiting your whole life you gotta like a larger and start making plans for abundance short making and four increase start talking like it's gonna happen not if i get well but when i get well not if i break this addiction but winner break this addiction
if i start my business but when i start my new business you show god that your trusting him this is what elijah did ass he was hitting out the heavens opened up the reins pouring down the three and a half year drought was over joel that sounds great but we even see a little cloud in moscow i've been believe in the meat the right person but i haven't had a in twenty seven years i don't how it get have just because you don't see anything does mean guards not working you don't know what god is up to behind the scenes ago i was in my back yard so beautiful sonny blue and clear i was in a long chair just relaxing enjoy today all of the sudden out of nowhere it begin to reign did not see one cloud in the sky it was is blue this can be the sun was out very bright but for about three minutes
there was this downpour i thought whereas this rain coming from it was like god said joe i can make it rain whenever i want to i can use a little cloud a big loud or no cloud i'm god i'm the all powerful creator of the universe when i say ray i don't need a cloud when i say healing i don't have to have medicine when play promotion i don't need your boss disapproval when i see abundance i don't need a bank i'm not limited by the natural i'm a supernatural god all of your circumstances may say you'll never get well you'll never get out of that you'll never compress your dreams there's not a cloud in the sky but take home he still god he's still on the throne he doesn't need a cloud to make it right
i met a man after our services a while back and his head percent of his vocal cords removed had some kind of infection wouldn't go away and finally the doctors had to remove them he was told that he would never be able to speak did be able to make some sounds but he would never be able to state but he talked to me just like i'm talking to you i didn't know anything was long the docks couldn't explain it they said medically speaking you shouldn't be able to talk what was that god making it rain without a clan can do what medical science cannot do don't talk yourself out of it don't let your search stances discouraging everything doesn't have to look the way you think it should look guy ways are not our ways god brought out of a wrong g this toll peter to go catch fish opened his mouth
there was the money he needed for taxes god so young lady name mary to have a baby without no one a man god he'll my mother from terminal cancer without god put me up here in front of a lot of people without going disseminating god gave me beautiful wife without find a mate dot com he's gone he can use those things or you can do it another way without a cloud without a bank without the treatment without the experience god has ways to make it rang in your life that you ve never dreamed you have to figure everything out all you ve do you believe in fact it says proverbs lean not to you understand sometimes there is no logical solution you a turn your mind off if you can't it is time to figure it out that she's gonna make
discouraged depressed frustrated the college you don't see a way doesn't mean god doesn't have away i heard a store about a little girl that wanted a kitten so badly he kept asking her mother week after week but didn't want any more pets she told or no again and again this little girl wooden letter for months she then you'd asking for that kit her mother said listen honey if god gives you a kitten i'll let you keep it the little girl did know any better she went out in backyard got on your knees and said god please give me a kitten when she finished pray in with her mother watching this kitten came flying dying out of the air and landed unharmed right beside her other thought she was seen things she would ass i looked around there was no tree overhead it was like this
it had been rain down from the heavens little girl picked it up thank you lord for my kitten several weeks later the mother learn that one of her neighbours that live behind her and about four how sit down was true to get this little kitten out of a small tree the father couldn't reach it the latter so he too a rope around the tree and the other to the bumper of his car we begin to put forward two been that's we over when he got it been far enough over where he thought he could get it the rope and the tree acted like a slingshot its long that kitten over two hundred yards away landed wrought by that little girl friends god knows how to make it rain in your life he doesn't need a cloud he may not do it an ordinary way quit to figure out how it's going to happen in just believe it will happen
received the letter from a young lady named lana she her parents brother they ve been a part of lakewood for about ten years in a land was born with spina bifida several months oji had to have surgery to untie her spinal cord her parents were hold you'd probably never be able to walk to run or do any kind of physical activity they believe that god can make away even when we don't see any way everyday her mother would do leg exercises with little lana much to the door your surprise at seven months old she started walking is like god put exclamation point on it she grew up in and our children's choir loved to seeing loved a dance life was good but at ten years old she had complex with their spinal cord had to have emergency surgery when she woke up she was paralyzed from the neck down the doctors
i'm sorry alone you'll never be able to walk again she could have gotten depress thought just my luck i knew this was come in no way ten years old she said doctors god it for me once he'll do for me she said i walked in here all my own and i'll walk out of here she was in a drought but like elijah she heard the sound of everything some states said your paralyzed just accepted your life is limit but on the inside she heard god say and this is not the of your story you will walk again i've got a destiny for you to fulfil when she told the door i walked in here and all look out right then for the
first time since the surgery she felt her toes begin to move or if their of has told her out of all of my patients with spain a bitter you're the only one that can walk without leg braces her doctors load on their report there is no scientific explanation as to why a land is the way she is what was their god making it rain without a cause or doctors are so impressed they call her gobs rock star alonzo recently graduated from an early college programme is about her nursing degree her dream is to a pediatric neurosurgeon to help their children in her same condition is alive and our family roddy on the front row you may be in a draft that you don't see any cloud in the sky but remember god doesn't need a cloud
he didn't for lana he can do it for you you gotta get an agreement start saying thank you that the rain is come they give that helium coming thank you that restoration is on its way dared to make declarations of faith like she d i walked in you're all my own and i will walk out why the god sir is a rain making got this is what abraham did when he was waiting for the child that god promised in it was way to old it looked impossible but the scripture says he grew strong in favour by giving praise to god he got up every morning and said lord thank you that your rain is coming thank you that mob it is on its way did your faithful to your word he kept thanking god for what he heard in his spirit lack abraham god has put dreams in your heart he spoken promises over you deep down you know you'll get way
you know your break that addiction you know you will accomplish your dreams but in the natural it looks impossible no see how the odds are it's been so long god is saying what started in your life i will finish rain is coming the cloud are starting to fall i can hear some thunder rumbling in the distance now keep pray keep believing keep expecting one touch of god's paper one downpour and like a lana you'll be able to again like abraham the baby was suddenly be conceived the drought will come to an end i have passed friend he needed a larger auditorium church was growing but he didn't have any way to expand he was landlocked year after year he kept searching
at the real estate listings drive in the city but nothing was available door after door had closed he could have gotten discouraged but he just kept praying believe and kept thank god that the rain was coming last fall a large retail store about two miles from his church unexpectedly went out of business broke their lease the owners of the property came to him and said would you like to lease our building for your church now he has four times the space four times the parking in a premiere patient he's a jewel is better than anything i ever imagine what was that a down poor of god goodness suddenly the drought came to an end you get ready in twenty fourteen rain is going to come looking for you you're not gonna have to go after it good rights opportunities restoration divine connections is going to track you down
friends i hear the sound of an abundance of re you need to go your umbrellas god is to show you a downpour of his favour ev the drought in your life is coming to an end the drop place the baron spots are about to see new life this is your year to blue to blossom to flourish get up every morning expecting it lord thank you that your rain is coming if you do this i believe and declare you're going to see not a trickle not a sprinkle but downpour gobs good is an abundance of rain in jesus name if you receive it can you say that today we never lacked oppose our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me just say lord jesus our repent of must come into my heart make you my lord insane fringe if you pay
that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in a good bye waste church keep god first lice he's gonna take it places that you'd never dreamed thank you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast helpless help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world does it do steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wind boy i know gods best is still ahead we'll see you next time
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