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The Secret Place

2020-03-25 | 🔗
Are you ready to experience more peace and joy in your life? Then let Joel teach you in this empowering message how to guard your heart. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life.”Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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Hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you, I hope, you'll leave. Inspire, makes your used scribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is about bless, you always a joy. They come into your homes and you ever our area. Please stop by and be a part of one of our services promise you that we will make. You feel right at home, fine as people in all of Houston take, right here. It likewise come out whenever you can, but thank you got for me here today and I like to start with something funny and please now this is just a joke, don't be offended, but I heard of this blonde lady. She.
Robin down the freeway when she got pulled over by female police officer, who also happens to be blonde officer, asked for drivers licence she dug and dug in your purse. Getting more and more agitated couldn't find families the officer. What does it look like? She said it's a little square that has your picture on the They found a mirror SAR Seven's at all and handed it to the officer. Officer, look, looked in the mirror and saw herself and handed it back and said you can go. I didn't really You were a police officer hold up your Bible. They, like you mean it. This is my bible what it says I am. I have what is I can do what it says I can do today. Our we taught the word of God boldly confessed My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same, in Jesus Name, God bless you. I want to talk.
To you today about the secret place in the old testament. There was something called the Holy of holies. That was the inner part of the temple where the presence of God was. It was a restricted, area very protected. No one could go in there except the priest and only within certain times a year they had to take the right sacrifices, be extremely careful there. New. If everything was in order, they didn't treated with the utmost respect and honor. They would be killed. It was a very serious thing, so they went to great lengths to guard it and to keep the wrong things out. In the same way, every one of us should have a holy of holies, not a physical place, but down in you there could be a secret place, an inner sanctuary. Were you allow everything in any worry offence. Bitterness
trouble termorrer that may be happening on the outside, but you got your secret place. You don't let it into your inner sanctuary. Your secret place should be a place of peace of rest of fate. Will you know? God is in control, but if you make the mistake of lead Everything in constantly dwelling on your difficulties, Livin Worried Upset offended. The problem is your secret place will become contaminated This is where you live out of its the core of who you are proverbs, is, above all else gorge. Your hard for out of it flew the issues of life. This is saying above everything, protect
your secret place. If you are allowing everything in what they said, what didn't work out the disappointment, the heart, the pain distress, the traffic, didn't because your secret place is poisoned it. What impact everything about you you're attitude, your relationships, your joy, your vision out of you secret place flow, the issues of lie. We all have negative things come against us. We can't get away from that, but don't bring it close to you quit giving it so much attention we living the hard thinking about the offence dwelling on the disappointment that doesn't belong in your inner sanctuary. This is a very hallowed space. You have to keep your secret place consecrated set apart, you very selective about what you allow it
If you don't respect your secret place, if you dont guard your inner sanctuary, then you'll go through life. Offended worried, upset discouraged This is why many people have no joy, no peace, there are always down it's not because they have more difficulties, necessarily it's because they are not protecting their secret place. Sometimes, when people see in peace, you always consistent, they Thank you must not have any problems. I wish I had your life. You should see what I'm dealing with the truth is we all face difficulties We all have unfair situations. That difference is the people that are in peace. Positive. Hopeful they're, not allowing the negative into their inner sanctuary these can be happening on the outside
a friend. Did you wrong set back in your hail? The feelings will calm offence worry discouragement. You can't stop the feelings from coming, but you can't stop them from getting into your secret place. I'm not saying to never feel worried, never feel offended, never feel discourse ass, not reality, feelings or a part of life and don't bring it close to you. You have to put your foot down said this person did me wrong, but I'm not gonna be offended. God is my indicator. The medical report is not good. I'm not live in worried. Nothing can snatch me out of God's hands. I didn't get that promotion but I'm not sitting around in self pity, and no God has something better. Install you'll have to protect your secret place. Your feelings will do everything they can
to try to get in worry will knock at your door every night. What are you gonna do batch of finance is what the report isn't good. What, if your child doesn't straightened offence, self pity discouragement they don't give up easily they'll come currently whisper. Let me in come on. You had a bad bright, feel sorry for yourself. They did you wrong. You have a right to be depressed. Are you lost, a loved one. You should be sour, you have to be determined to say now, we're not getting into my secret place. I am not live in worry and upset friends when you're in peace. That's a position of power When you have a good attitude, despite what's going on around you you're sure, when, God, that you trust in our actions, speak louder than words. When we go around upset worried, discourage that's a sign that we're letting the wrong things into our secret place. The good
whose ears you control that doorway. You can do something about draw the line in the sand. That's it this. A new day. I'm sorry an addiction notice to all the negative, worry offence, trouble term more from this day forward. You are no longer welcome. In my secret place. The scripture says: don't let the sun go down on your anger. Some Katy feel anger token. To feel her to feel disappointment, but it's not ok to let those feeling stay. You can't bring them so close to you that you wake up the next morning upset wanting to pay some body back, not excited about your future. That's going to poison your lie, keep it on the outside. Don't let it in your inner sanctuary Friend of mine is fighting cancer. He's had several surgeries gone through came Oh and radiation. There's a lot
turmoil on the outside, he could be upset were Ray discourage he's just is calm and peaceful. He still has its since it Humor he's learn this principle to not let the turmoil get on the inside he's protecting his inner sanctuary see ships don't see because of the water around them ships saying because of the water that get indian ocean. Can be in the ocean and have hundreds of miles of water in every direction. The waters can be call or choppy rough, big waves water around them is not a problem, but if that shit, let's what's on the outside, get on the inside. Then it is a major problem. It will sink. We can't stop. What's on the outside opposition offence trouble delays, traffic. These things are going to happen. The key don't let what's on the outside get on the inside.
A lady. I know emailed me. Her husband has cancer of the esophagus in during surgery. They had complications and weren't able to remove it. He's had to take chemo and radiation has been a long, tough battle. If that wasn't bad enough, she just got news that she has cancer of the liver. Now she's gone, to take. The treatment lot of people would have been better in self pity God. Why is this happening to me? The end of her email schedule said we ve gotta rough road up ahead, but we know God is with us, we're it. Yes, we're happy and we're enjoy lie The only way you could say you're at peace and enjoy lie when all hell breaks out like that is when you know how to protect your secret place. She's, not letting the term or the worried the discouragement get on the inside in that inner sanctuary. There are no people there. Just the office,
There are always upset, worry discouraged, it's because their allowing everything in somebody is rude today and they get offended. I get stuck in traffic there's thrust out. They can't find the remote control for the television ruins the rest of the evening. They are not protecting their inner sanctuary in the scripture. The I support base all kinds of difficulties, but he said none of these things move me. We should get to that point did no. What comes our way, it doesn't move us. We stay in peace, we keep our joy, you may have things come and against you today in your health you're finances a relationship like that ship. Nothing on the outside can bring you down
trouble. Opposition unfair circumstances may be all around you. You can't stop the stones from coming, but you can stop that storm from getting in you. This is what Joseph did. He was Trade buys brothers sold into slavery, falsely accused spent time in prison on the outside. There was a lot of turmoil He had the right, at least in the natural to be angry bitter in self pity, but Joseph didn't let what was on the outside get on the inside. The feelings came, he felt bitterness the rejection, the loneliness, but he made the choice that here, I'm going to keep dwelling on it, reliving the hurts thinking about how unfair it was and because he kept his inner sanctuary, pure he operating out of a place of peace, of hope of fate. That would allow
God to turn things around when King Saul was chasing David, trying to kill him David could have been upset thinking. Why is this after me I haven't done. One thing: wrong begin saw chased him through the desert month after month, making David's life miserable. You can imagine how David could have let the first relation the worry, the term all get on inside caused him to be sour. David did what we almost do. He didn't let that India, his secret place at one point while Saul was chasing them David, had an opportunity to put an end to Saul. Was sleeping, David's men saw it and said David: this is our big chain. We can go, kill him David said now. Don't do it he's the king, even though he's doing wrong I'm going to honour his authority by doing the right thing
The only way David could do that is to protect his secret place He wasn't allowing the anger, the bitterness on the inside, with both David and Joseph God. Only took care of their enemies, but God promoted them and took them to the throne when you face trouble opposition bad breaks, that's when it's the most easiest to let bitterness in God. Why is this happening to me? Why did you come down with this illness? Why did my child get off course? Why did this company? Let me go those tough times when you don't understand you doing the right thing, but the wrong things happening more than ever. You have to guard your secret place. Come back to that place, a peace that place of trust like David Lighting, If you could say God, there's trouble all around me. It doesn't make sense
but I am not going to let it get in me You will make my wrongs ride. No no weapon formed against me, whatever cost. For I know this was meant for harm, but you will use it to my then. What am I saying be careful? What you, let's get close to you bitterness, does not belong in your secret place, offence, self, pity, discouragement that will keep you from your destiny jewel. The loan didn't go through, I'm so disappointed. I worked hard, not didn't get the promotion them, her report says I'm never going to get well, don't let what's the outside get on the inside your interest sanctuary needs to stay positive, hopeful, peaceful. This is what allows God to work. This is what Mary, the mother of Jesus had to do as a teenager. She had just met the man of her dreams
Joseph they fell in love, God engaged life couldn't get any better. Every was going gray, then it totally changed. An angel appeared. The Marian told her that she was gonna have a baby without no one, a man that he would be the Messiah We focus on how amazing that must have been a supernatural birth while she must have been so thrilled. Sometimes we forget what Mary had to go through she started showing signs of having a baby her feet. Say Joseph noticed they had not yet been gather they were waiting for marriage. You can imagine, didn't marry trying to explain. Yes, so far more have a baby, I'm pregnant, but I didn't anything wrong this angel here, the main I can him saying: I'm Sonya go find me an angel somewhere where got out. People started talking negative chatter, there's that girl Mary,
she's, not marriages, pregnant, he said and even his baby Mary had to accept the fact that she would be misunderstood. Her whole life, everybody he didn't believe she was going to have a baby without knowing a man. There were people that said she's a fraud, the crook. She should be ashamed of yourself. She just cover and harmless thanks. Everywhere. She, when Mary, had to put up with rumours in new windows, negative talk. She could have become defence, cynical better, but Mary didn't let the negative chatter on the inside when the angel told her she was going to have a baby. The scripture says she pondered that in her heart that mean she thought about it over and over notice. What Mary, let close to her heart was what God promised her. That's what she allowed in her inner sank
where she could have. Let the rumours the questions the innuendoes in but Mary guarded, our inner sanction, where the odds may be against you, it looks impossible. People are talking, do like Mary, don't dwell on any other, keep what God promised to close to your heart. Your secret place needs to be not only a place of peace, but a place, a faint, a place. Expectancy instead of letting the doubt the discouragement the offence, the rumours in, let what God promised you into your inner sanctuary. What I'm saying is closed the door on the negative people. Talk about me, no big deal, God is Mov indicator I went to a loss of disappointment. I should be discouraged, but I'm still in peace, no not a surprise to God. He can give me beauty for these actions. You may be having trouble at work
term. All in a relationship set back in your finances, you can say like Paul, all. None of these things move me: you ve got your secret place protecting to do this. We have to get good at letting things go. Sometimes we let small things, keep us from gods best. Somebody cut you off in traffic. You don't even know that person, don't let that offence in. Let it go a co worker is rude to you. Leave it out of a meeting. You feel offended, that's ok, that's normal, but don't keep dwelling on, don't let it sour the rest of your day. Keep it out of your secret place, or maybe somebody is Can behind your back trying to make it look bad spreading rumours, don't let the negative chatter get on the inside.
There will always be people who are jealous, who don't like you, who will find the smallest mistake you made and blow it output, motion exaggerated, to try to discredit you so easy to get offended self pity, try to pay them back. Best thing you can do is let it go. They cannot stop you. That is a test. If you get distracted and become bitter, your plane ride into their hands were Joel. What people believe You're saying what did they do? Make me look bad what if they damage my reputation? No, you keep doing the right thing. Honouring God and he will protect your reputation you'll make your wrongs. Why don't we? The negative chatter enclose there's so much these days. With social media. People can hard be an anonymous say. Hurtful critical things to trot
you feel small insignificant, not good enough had talked to a high school student, She's in a freshman year, beautiful young lady, smart well spoken articulate, but she is very discouraged in secure almost a little confused because there was this social media campaign. Against, or at school seem like. It was the whole high school. The truth is, it was just a handful of bullies, people that were jealous India's haters. You can't top there. I told her what I'm telling you let it go, don't dwell on it. Let it bounce offer you the trick of the enemy is to try to deceive you into bringing that into your secret place. If you stay focused on it, keep thinking about what they said is going to poison your life. Let it go. Negative chatter does not belong in your
sanctuary it takes a mature person to say I am not going to read that comment. I am not going to get that down into spirit. You can tell when somebody has let bitterness in self pity offence. Your friendly, the damn, but their short with you. They are always defensive thinking that people are out to get them. The problem is what Dave Lady into their secret place, is become contaminated. That's why the scripture says, guard your hard, don't let them ways and in what are you thinking about during the day? What are you dwelling on at night? What you constantly playing in your mind, that's what you're, allowing in your secret place. Most of the response I receive about. Our ministry is very positive. People come up, stop me and take me I'm very grateful. But I do realise there are a few people. They don't like me, maybe two or three
but no more pay any attention to that. I have never read one negative article about me. If I'm reading it and it starts to go that way, a move on, I don't let it on the inside want that in my mind, so I have to try to not think about it later. It's dear to guard your secret place if you're not taken in necessary things. Did you know or going to contaminate you quit reading every negative comment about you quit asking your and for all the details of what the hateful jealous critical people are saying about. You like me assume that everybody loves you. But I, like everybody's, my best friend the truth, is
better to leave out of a place of wholeness, positive, confident, secure faith than to live out of insecurity, bitterness being defensive. The scripture says think on things that are of a good report, things that are wholesome. Positive hopeful, sometimes where our own worst enemies. We call that for it now, me again. What that person was saying about me before long. We're want to pay them back, it's in the forefront of our minds. If, keep thinking about it. We live in the her dwelling or what I said, you're letting it into your secret place. Not only going to contaminate you, but then God will step back and wait. If you want to handle it, God will let you handle it. But if you say God, I'm not gonna worry about this, I'm not in this close to me, I'm staying on the high road unprotected must secret place, then God will step up and say
Let me go to work. Let me be you the cable you don't to vindicate Yoursel just run your race stay focused on new goals and God will take care of your enemies. Job says those who hate you will be clothed with shame quit letting chapter, the jealousy the people that are never gonna like you, don't let that poison get on the inside, years after I started ministering. There was this person that was very against me. It was like their mission in lie to try to make me look bad and they were very vocal about it. I've never met them, but I hear reports that they were making disparaging remarks. Trying to discredit me. This went on for seven years in the natural course you now you want to get in there and fight that battle. Defend yourself. I did just what I'm asking you to do. I let it go. I didnt pay any attend
into ass, a God. I am not going to let that poison into my secret place, I'm staying in peace, I'm keeping my joy Do it just one time, and I was done. I did it again and again year after year that offence kept coming back, knocking on the door. One day this person had some negative things come out about them. Some things they weren't do in wine, that was the beginning of a domino effect. Everything started to come down. They lost their business, their influence, the reputation their platform like the scripture says they were clothed with shame, and I'm not happy about that. I pray for restoration for gods blessings, but my point is: if you protect yours, being place and not take the bait of being offended. It will not only not tell you, but God will be you better tell you, God can vindicate you
better than you can vindicate yourself if you're gonna do. It is why the victory will be much sweeter. Jesus said allowing yourselves to be upset. Stop allowing what they said into your secret place. Stop allowing the trouble, the determine the worry the offence into your inner sanctuary. It doesn't belong there. What you constantly think about you're. Putting on the throne of your life. The key is to keep God on the throne. It's easy to put. Negative medical report on the throne go around worried all day. Some people put the heart the Support meant what somebody said on the throne as long as you're focused on those things, giving them? Your most attention you gonna live worried, upset the problem. Is you have your circumstances on the throne? You need to put God back upon the throne,
when God is on the throne, you're at peace, you he's your healer he's your deliver. He's your way maker he's your vindicated. You know you give your beauty for those ashes. Whatever you have on the throne, that's what you're worshipping? Are you worshipping you're circumstances worshipping what Somebody said if you would put God back on the throne, you would see things begin to turn around. That's what the solemnly said late. God arrives in his enemies, be scattered when you put God back upon the throne, he'll take care of anything. They told him. You back. Friends, I'm asking you to protect your secret place. Negative things happen to us all like that ship. Nothing on the outside can bring you damn, If you let it on the inside, don't allow it in your inner sanctuary guard your heart stay in peace. If you do this, I believe and declare like Mary.
You going to rise above the negative chatter. God is going too far your battles promote you he'll, you vindicate to bring it. The forerunners of your destiny in Jesus name. We never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportune ready to make Jesus the Lord of your line. Would you play with me just say Lord Jesus, our repent of my sins, come in my heart, my lord and save print it. That simple prayer. We believe you got born again getting a good Bible based her keep God first place, he's gonna. Take it places that you ve, never dream thank you for listening to the jewellers. Dean podcast helpless, continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit, jewellery, steam, dot com. Slash, give hope to give again today, thanks much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe
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