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Unclutter Your Mind

2019-08-25 | 🔗
You have to be protective of the thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind. We may not be able to stop thoughts of worry, guilt or bitterness, but we can keep them from stealing our joy. If you will empty out the negative, there's no limit to what God can do in your life.
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hide this adjoining dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you leave inspire makes your used inscribed to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is so much for letting us come into your homes and if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services these are finish people in all of houston texas right here in lakewood i promise you we will make you feel right at home but thanks for portunity and thanks for coming out again i like to start with funny and i heard about the three sisters ages ninety six ninety four and ninety two that lived together the ninety six year old draws a bath she puts one
t in stop downstairs i can't remember getting in or getting out the the four year old is hang on i'll come up and help you she gets halfway the stairs and stops remember if i was going up or coming down the the do your own sugar hands a boy i don't get that forget phone she on wood for good luck then she said hang on i'll come help both the daas soon as i see who's at the door sam like you mean it this is my vibe i am what it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus name bless you i want to talk see today about clutter your mind easy to go around worried about our future one
rated with our boss were tempted to live guilty because past mistakes and over what didn't work out we wonder why we dont enjoy live why would passionate about dreams while we can't sleep this because our mind is cluttered you are created to live worried guilty bitter upset if you're going to reach your destiny you have to clear out the clutter uk to stop negative things from coming but you can keep them from staying on the to hold on to it when we mistakes guilt will on condemnation in how we dont measure up you can hold onto it go around down on yourself or you can it go and say father thank that i am forgiven that a redeemer
it is over this is a new day a moving for when you go through a disappointment something doesn't work out you can hold onto it lived score you can let it go and say god i know you have something better i know your for me or for god i know you're directing my steps when the mid coalport is not good when the contract doesn't go when you're in a legal situation you can hold on to it live worried thinking what am i going to do or you can do go and say god i know you're fighting my battles i know what's for harm you turn into my advantage i mean see away but god i know you have a way you can clear out the clutter you can get rid of the negative things that are stealing your peace taking joy draining energy the scripture tells us to guard our minds you have to
be proactive when it comes to keeping your mind in peace because all through the day there's clutter no noise there's jealousy there's hertz there's a fence they may come but you have to hold on to it documentary about hoarders these are people that never anything away this one lady bower sail in a two story house but you couldn't get stairs so proud full of trash old newspapers empty your boxes food that she had eaten thirty years ago there was a small path to the kitchen to the bathroom into a place to sleep big walls of trash on each side you can imagine how it smells how unhealthy it was it got so bad the authorities came to do an intervention they knocked on the front
or but she couldnt open it they went around to the side door barely squeezed in at one point this man picked up an old popsicle wrapper there were thousands piled up in the corner he asked if he could get rid of it the lady told how that belonged to her children that admits the to and to put it back if its obvious to everyone all she was doing was keeping trash i couldn't see it she was so focused on holding everything she didn't realize it was limiting her life and i wonder how many of us are orders in our minds letting anything go there so with clutter we can enjoy our line god has you hearing this because he wants to do an intervention he one to help you clear out the worry the offence the gil the bitterness those things that are cluttering your line what's interesting is the author
it make her throw away the trash it was her choice eventually she decided to do it but it wasn't easy verything in her said to hold onto all she had known for years i cluttered he normal to her and sometimes living worried has become normal to us weve done it for years guilty is what we used to we've gone around think no we dont deserve to be blessed too many mistakes we've let that going place so long that we've accepted it or maybe living inferior feeling less than perhaps that you were raised thoughts have always told you youre not that you're not attractive a good personality we didn't know any better we believe those lies and now our mind is cluttered the good news is this is your day for an intervention it
time to clear out the clutter those thoughts that are telling you you're not up to par you need to say no thank you i am fearfully and wonderfully made i have royal blood flowing through my veins i were a crown of favor clear out the negative you have enough people in life against you dont be a yourself you've been made in the image of a marigold god does make any mistakes he didn't make you all day he called a masterpiece a prized possession my challenge don't say another negative word about yourself quit and on those thoughts telling you what you're not you are actually how you're supposed to be you have been wonderfully made now get in agreement with god all through the day this recording should be playing in our mind i'm a masterpiece one of a kind
im attractive i favored i'm empowered i have seeds of greatness you dwell on what god says about you it automatically clear out the clutter fear stay where faith is encouragement can't stay where hope is killed stay where forgiveness is mediocrity can't stay where greatness is program your mind with what god says about you this lady had a beautiful house enjoy it we couldn't get upstairs because of the trash in the same way if you don't clear out the clutter it will keep from go into new levels worry will keep you from rising higher living guilty will keep you from pursuing dreams going around defended better will keep from new opportunities what all these people hurt they did me wrong that's why i'm bitter that we that have
twenty seven years ago you still holding on to it why are you still sour over the person that walked away still up and over how you were raised still bitter over that company that let you go be order don't let that in your future they heard you want don't let them continue to hurt you by holding onto it recognize thats cluttering your mind that's limiting your vision saying what did wasn't hurtful i'm not making excuses for their behavior but as long as you hold onto it giving them your power you're letting them control you we only have so much emotional energy each day do you know how much energy it takes to hold a grudge to be bitter to go around trying to pay people back that
valuable energy you need for your dreams for your goals for your children god said he will give you beauty for ashes but here's the key you to let go of the ashes before you received the beauty go round hurt an offended upset and see the new things god has in store you have to clear out the clutter that's what makes room for god to give you the beauty take we make sometimes is we think we have to get even we have to pay people back no thats not your job if you turn it over to god he'll be vindicator hell bring justice into your life every her every wrong every person that took advantage of you god will vindicate you better than can vindicate yourself david said god
a table before you in the presence your enemies that men when god brings you out those that did you wrong the they tried to hold you back they will see you promoted honored in a position of influence god is not going to vindicate you in private going to do it in public so your enemy see you bless favored successful when my dad went to be with the lord and i stepped up to pastor the church i was very secure i had no ministered before one sunday radar first started speaking i was walking the front lobby and overheard these two older ladies talking one said he is not as good as his father the other answered yeah i don't think he's going to make it that was the last thing i needed to hear it was like my worst nightmare i was to just swing back
you do this nobody's going to listen to me but i felt something rise up in me so strongly i thought who are they to tell me what i can't do they didn't breathe life into me they don't determine my destiny they didn't know me before i was formed in my mother's womb i don't need their approval i don't have to have them to be for me i did what i'm asking you to do i cleared out the clutter me time their voices came to my mind i said no thanks i am well able i am strong in the lord god being for me its more than the world being against me they still may not like me but thats okay when they
are on television they probably see me when they're flipping through serious exam they might hear me what was that god preparing a table in the presence of my enemies when we were trying to acquire this building the form of compact center a well known business leader in houston told a friend of mine that it would a cold day in hell before who had got the compact center he was very against us the we were up against was much bigger had many more resources but gods in and made things happen that we never could make happen and here we are today but i can imagine every time that man drives down the freeway cesar building with the big lakewood sign he must think it's a cold day in hell cause here we are what was that god honoring us in front of the opposition
gloating over it not to anyway but here's my boy god knows how to vindicate you it would be one thing if he did it in private we would be grateful god is going to do it in public he pairing a table in the presence of your enemies means when you have position when you have probable and thing come against you god has a the is will fight with the opposition live worried upset stressed out no case at the table god has prepared if you i stay in rest then god will go to work when you work god rest as long as you're uptight worried to make it happen only in your own strength it will limit what god will do the same said and now that he is gone clear the worry clear out the
nativity live from a place of faith a place of peace god has you in the palm of his hand nothing you're facing is a surprise to hear he said that the israelites stand still and you will see the deliverance of the lord he was talking about physically about in their mind under attitude in their spirit you may have plenty of good reasons to live up not able to sleep at night when you're in peace that a when you peace youre showing god that you trust in one can stay in faith when everything is going our way the comes when the contract doesn't go through your child is off course when the medical port is not good it's we let the clutter in no be still that's the time to show god that you trust him not
with your words but with your actions see the enemy's main target is our mind thats the total center for our life if he can keep it cluttered filled with doubt what it doesnt work out joe what if my health doesn't improve what if i don't meet the right person as long as our mind is cluttered it keeps god from turning it around god works with their fate the second chronicles to the king of syria had a huge army they had invaded that whole region conquering all these large footed cities tearing down the walls and capturing the people the the jerusalem was next in line word quickly red throughout the israelite camp the people panic so worried thinking what are we going to do there's so much bigger than us a israelites inverse even seven don't be afraid
of this mighty army for there is a power far greater on our side they may have a great army but they are just men we have the lord our god to fight our battles for us when you face big enemies big opposition you have to remind yourself our god is bigger than the cancer bigger than the addiction bigger than the people that are trying to stop you know the stay in faith is don't talk about how big the problem is about how big your god is he flung stars into space worlds into existence he healed my mother of terminal cancer he gave us the compact center the good news is right now he's in your direction pushing back forces of dark he's lining up the brakes that you need don't let a lateround
i keep you from your miracle don't let people talk you out of your dreams the king of syria sent a letter to the israelites threatening them it said conquered all these cities we had all these people none of their gods save them what makes you thank you god is going to save you the enemy will always try to defeat you first in your thoughts things like you get well the data the same thing you never break the addiction that problem will never turn around dont believe those lies he wouldnt telling you that he knew it was on the way do like a this problem may be big but i know a secret my god is much bigger he's on the throne he has the final say what he started in my life he will finish had his ocaa not been proact
to guard is mine and to speak victory to the people they would all panic lived in fear instead they stayed in peace first twenty one says god sent an angel that is stroy the whole enemy army king went home in disgrace returned the island land god knows how to vindicate you he knows how to turn the problem around one angel wiped out the whole bunch now stay in faith when you attempted tempted to worry turn it into worship father thank you that your angles or work in my life they get it no weapon formed it gives me will prosper thank you that the trap the enemy set for me they will fall in themselves if we're going to keep the clutter out we have to know what's our job and what god's job sometimes were frustrated because we're trying to do what only god can do you can't make yourself get well
make somebody do what's right make on our part to believe or to stay in faith and then god do his part trust to work it out his kid could have i know gods on my side im going to go attack this army show them who they're dealing with we be reading about it and always sit back and be passive there are some battles you are not supposed to find god fight them for you even with the center we had three year legal battle and we did what we could but we ignores god this is too big for us only you can make this happen so were going to be still and know that you are gone like with god stepped in made things happen that we could have never made happen but while you're waiting for things to change thats a test
easy to live worried focused on your problem about how it's never going to work out it clear out that clutter i said if you if your mind stayed on him god will keep you in perfect peace our part to keep our mind on here god thank you you're in control than that you are for me thank you that destiny for my life will come to pass if we do part god will do is poor he'll not only keep it in peace but he you to where you're supposed to be in the scripture there were three the brew teenagers that were about to thrown into a fiery furnace because they i bow down to the kings golden idol the king in them one last time they king we're still not about down we know our god will deliver us they had ati to the faith but
they said next was the real key they went on to say even if the livers were still i not going to bow down powerful position you can say im going stay in peace if it works on my way and im going to stay in peace if it doesnt work out my way then you take away all the power of the enemy if you're only going to be happy if it happens your way you're setting yourself up for disappointment why don't you take this next step god this is what i'm believing for this is what i want god you know what's best for me and if it does happen my way i'm still going to stay in peace i'm still gonna have a song of i'm still going to be good to people that's what allows god to do amazing things but there's a lot of noise these days there's a lot of drama things we can get pulled into worry conflict
jealousy that may be all around us but it doesnt have to get in us pay attention to what you're allowing in your spirit just because there's conflict with your relatives i mean it has to get in you dont take that babe stay on the harrow maybe at the office you could be frustrated people are playing pinot tweeting your right its see to let that sour your day come home negative no clear out that clutter your time is too valuable to leave it bitter this day is a gift from god we live it we can never get it back and sometimes we become so hooked on drama so used to live in a this situation putting a fire fighting with relative weve forgotten it is like to be in peace to not have all that clutter
that is not the way god created us in the garden of eden before they ate in fruit any noise drama jealousy backstabbing i'll take it was peaceful joyful and not like that now but can choose to live from a place of peace you don't have to let outside inside maybe you become comfortable with the clutter this lady you don't recognize that is your vision that is blocking your potential not that it doesn't smell good worry doesnt look good on you living guilt the bitter offended angry that is on your style clear out that clutter and you'll step into new levels i read where a sheep won't give birth in a noisy place when i have to go into labor it will leave the flock
from all the commotion all business and found a quiet place in that piece all atmosphere it will give birth in the same way you won't give to your dreams in a noisy place you give birth to that great through you believe in four if youre worried your mind is stressed you won't give birth to you potential if your mind is full of hearts regrets bitterness you may wonder why god is not doing anything perhaps he is waiting for you to find a quiet place it may be noisy all around you but in your mind you can be in peace when you know god is in control when you know he is directing your steps when you know nothing can stand against him he you can live out of a quiet place david said god makes me to lie down in green pastures
he leads me by the still waters you can think they had an easy life everything on his way he lived in the green pastures it was just the opposite david's life was full of difficulties people under stop in army stranded to feed him his own family didn't believe in him he said i lie down in green pastures but waters just about physically he was talking in his mind despite that came against him he chose to live in a place of peace is saying to you come into the green pastures come by the still waters you don't have to all that clutter is time to get rid of the offense the hertz guilt the there are some new things god wants you to birth you know are you going to burn them by this still waters
you'll be still you will know he is gone you will see him show out in your life us to clutter our minds being guilty is not your destiny down on yourself think the problems are too big is not who you are created to be empty of negative and program your mind with what god says about you if you do this i'll believe and declare you're going to give birth to dreams to promotion healing to break god going to the feed enemy is much bigger indoors that you couldn't open a into the fullness of your destiny in jesus name if you receive it can you say in today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you play with me just say lord jesus
rapid of my sins come into my heart i'll make you my lord in sage and if you pray that simple prayer we believe you got born again get a good bible based church keep god first place victory i'll be right back to speak a blessing over you
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