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Under Construction

2018-07-14 | 🔗
Like an architect draws up blueprints to build a house, God has a master plan designed for your life. He can see how to work out things in our lives and how to weave everything together in His perfect plan and timing.Let this message build your confidence in the Builder. He knows how to take the messy places in your life, the mistakes, shortcomings and struggles, the places and things you think may “disqualify you from God’s blessings” and turn them into a masterpiece.God loves you just as you are, where you are, and He knows how to get you where you need to be. No matter where you are in your walk with God, you will find encouragement that God will complete His good work in you.
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welcome to the dual loose dean podcast helpless new to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe augustine dotcom flash give hope to give a gift today it's a joy to come into your homes and if you're in our area please stop by and be a part of one of the service is a promise you will make you feel right at home alex it was something funny and i heard about these three pastors that we're in a boat fishing too one day them said we never get to let our here down less to tell the area that we struggle in the most so we can pray for each other first one said i hated admit this but i have a problem with gamely
sneak out a lot of night and go gamble second one said i have a problem with cheating are hardly ever pay my text the third one just sat there silently they waited and waited what he wouldn't but i say leaving till you tell us yours he said all right greatest sin is with gossiping and act wait to get off this both say it like you mean it this is bible i am it says i have this is all i can do what it says i can do they will be taught the word of god boldly confess is alert what is receptive i will never be the same in june may god bless you i want to talk to you today about under construction one time victorian our building a house foundation was poured most the framing was up the roof was in place but no shingles there was a big storm
it rained on and off for a couple of days when it cleared up we went over to check on the head it was so messy living room was lower than the other rooms it had about a foot of water in it like a dog these swimming pool plywood was floating work had track mud all through the house outside there was trash piled high they couldn't be picked up because all the rain look like a disaster disorganized things out of place what central thing is we didn't say let's start building this place so message is never going to be what we wanted we knew it was all a part of the process you can have a beautiful house without re sheet wrought dust paint that doesn't smell good in the same way you have to see the things that are messy in july that things struggle where the thing
it seem out applies as simply under construction doesn't mean it's not going to work out that water in your living room the disappointment the betrayal the lay you may not like it but it's all a part of the process you are under construction uk the com or you were created to be with some messy places the untrained outcomes auction site can disorganized random but to the architect it's no big deal they're not worried they drew the plans they know exactly where it scully your contact is the most tat god design a specific plan or your lie the good news is the mess places can't stop your destiny the delays the things you don't understand even the mistakes you may he's already taken them into account
you may not see how your dream could ever work can you feel like you're stuck god is saying right on schedule you're not a finished product still work in all new ones darted i'm going to bring to completion they occur user whisper not you you have to and if laws to many weakened as you might do many mistakes just remind him i'm under construct i may have some messy places but gods not finish with me paul said interfusions you are a masterpiece you may not be there quite yet but instead of being yourself up living with that negative recording how you dont measure up our attitudes me i'm a masterpiece in the making will you still i'll go with that addiction yes but i know a secret i'm under construction god still working on me you still have the temper you still say things that you shouldn't yes but
better than i was last shoe growing i'm coming up higher and i know that what god started he's going to finish you have look beyond the mess and see the masterpiece god told abraham that he was going to have a son and become the far of many nations but here his wife serum we're too old way past the child bearing years they prayed stood in faith for years still no baby serious at abraham i have an idea why don't you sleep with the made in may may god will give us the sun that he promised abraham did even have to pray about this no problem honey whatever you say he's with the maid had a son that they named smell they were so excited they finally had their baby god said abraham sera that is not the promise
now that your own doing this caused all kinds of strife in division so got mad at abraham what were you thinking even with the main is it what do you mean you're the one that told me to do it she said i know but you shouldn't have listened to me lord here all of us man ahem and sarah were at odds arguing with each other if that it's bad enough so i was so upset with the maid she gave abraham an ultimate either the maid is leaving or leave it but we're not stay in here together abraham felt badly about the maid done anything wrong yet he had this and her and his son out into the desert now abraham is the father of our thing you would be hard pressed to the more dysfunctional family then then he was in a messy place had baby out of wedlock strife troubled division in his house most
people would have written them all thought it's too late for you guys you need to be only reality tv real housewives at the bible you ve got so most drama in your house god looked at them and said under construction messy places are all a part of the process it may be uncomfortable don't understand it you may have brought the tree we're on your cell but not a surprise to god he design your plan he took that into account despite their wrong choices despite their dysfunction at ninety years of age god costs to conceive and give birth to isaac the promise child abraham and sarah saw them promise come to pass after all that mess what makes you think god is not going to bring the past what he's
a few well you're my situation is too messy it couldn't be any messier than theirs why have we in my living room model forced you under construction that's a part of the process it doesn't mean that god is not going to finish what he star here's how amazing gaudy as it says in romans that abraham did not waver in his face having a baby out of wedlock to me that's wavering be an impatient trying to make things happen in your own we haven't a kick somebody out of your house it seems like wavering but god not see the construction process as wavery domestic sabre handmade destroy the dysfunction god didn't hold that against you in fact god called abraham a hero of thing why don't you wit beating yourself up because you under construction when what brings you to completion
when he delivers you from the addiction when he turned your family around he's not the remembered your weaknesses he's not gonna bring past mistakes and failures god knows when we're under construction we all have missy places we all make mistakes we all have things to overcome but that is not going to keep you from becoming a masterpiece is only temporary one of the worst mistakes we could make is to go through life against ourselves focused on our failures at times we blew the times we fail you have enough people and circumstances already against you dont be again you're so you have to be at peace with being under construction you're going to have some messy places things you don't understand some weaknesses that you haven't overcome the accuser will work overtime remind
then you have everything you ve done wrong how you upon to read your destiny i do believe in those lies corner guilty no passion or don't you turn it around father thank you that your deal workin on me i know this mess is a sign that i'm under construction just like me abraham despite my shortcomings despite my failures you're still going to get me to wear i'm supposed to be when you live like tat god will say about you what he said about abraham you did not waver in your fate we see this with peter wanna jesus disciples he was hot tempered he used language one time he got angry and cut office soldiers ear one moment he was finding jesus a man of great courage another moment he was denying jesus swearing to the authorities that he didn't know people could i looked at him peter you
ass you have issues god looked at him and said under construction the difference between how people saw him and how god sign is god had the plans god could see what he was going to become people just saw his paw his hot temper is in stability this is why it is so important that we don't judge people right any body or we can't see their plans we don't know what god is designed for then we these people that make mistakes have weaknesses more there never going to get it together we don't realize there are under construction god still working on them i have enough weaknesses of my own to deal with i don't have time to judge somebody else for their weaknesses but i loved the fact that jesus chose peter even though he knew he was hot tempered he knew it was impatient we use bad language
he didn't choose him because he was perfect he chose him because he had the blueprint he knew he wasn't a finished products peter ended becoming one of the most influential respected leaders what am i saying where you are now is not necessary really important is where going that mess did not disqualify you the mess means you're under construction when you see other people that look like they have it all together who feel bad about you everyone is under construction in some area we all have some messy places here's the point let god may q and lord you stay play we should be better this year then we were last year don't let the mess become permanent the addiction the hot temper the negative attitude that is not who you are
growing keep resisting the temptation saying no to carnal desires every time you do the right thing the next time it gets little bit easier nothing wrong with being under construction but there is something wrong with not making any progress do european be willing to change god will do his part he ll help you to come up higher sometimes when you see a construction site you can't tell if there too something down or building something hours downtown one time it was this big pile of dirt so stories high over other side there was this pile of debris metal bricks they had torn down this small structure they were digging the foundation for a huge skyscraper there was a whole probably a hundred feet in the ground they were poor in these the peers holler the building the deep
the foundation has to go what's interesting is you can't see the foundation its underground its but you could argue that is the most important part they build a huge tower but if they didn't take time to put the proper foundation it wouldn't last there are times we know we're supposed to be going up we have big dreams gods promises in our hearts but it feels the opposite we're goin down we're not growing not seen good breaks what we may not realised is god is working on foundation on our character on how we treat people on how we respond adversity we don't like these terms but they are strangely important like the building the high
you're going to go deeper your foundation has to be don't get discouraged when things are not happening on your timetable god knows what he's doing passing the tears those things that are not changing but you keep a good attitude thus making new stronger when you good to people they are not good to you foundation is going down deeper it's a sign you getting prepared to go higher but god will not release what he has for you until he know you can handle it would be a blessing if he gave it to you and you weren't ready if god hasn't eighty story building plan for you but he only designed a forty story foundation it may be easier but that would be doing a disservice don't fight the founding
she wore don't get sour because things are moving as fast as you would like something is happening that you can't see your foundation is going down deeper you're being prepared to go to new levels when our house was being built most of the walls were but the carpenters they put in a couple of extra walls i was over there with the plans i thought these laws are out of place these walter a mistake that right in the middle of the room i asked them we're about it he said there predicted how wins the next couple of weeks so i had them building temporary walls to help waste the main ones until we could get the reform as the builder cause he had more knowledge more experience he was things that didn't make sense to me all can see is this wall is out of place it is not supposed to be here but he did it on purpose he
it was out of place he also knew it was only temporary in the same way god is our elder will allow things that we don't understand looks like a mistake but god has arrived he allowed it for a purpose that we can't see then he's going to remove all i'm working this job were using my gifts i have so much more in me this seems like a mistake god knows that's not your final destination but he will you have allowed it if you didn't have a purpose for do you think god who is so precise so detailed then he causes the earth to rotate down to the exact the second is going to somehow fall on your plan let something happened designed a bad great to keep you from your destiny if god made a mistake with you you would be the one
what am i saying trust him why under construction trust in the messy places trust when you're sure it's a mistake sometimes god has to take us backwards before he can t as for he has dig down d before we can go a pie prune you before you can blow if you day in favour going to see how it all going to work for you cold called moses to deliver the israelites that was plan laid out for his lie but there were a and things that look like a mistake when most was born the king put out a decree that all the hebrew mail babies to years of age and under would be kill it look like chose the wrong time for him to be born why god wait till the decree was over god likes do things that define the arts thing
it seemed impossible that way hideous all the credit most mother hit him in a basket and sin i'm down the now river there were snakes alligators he couldn't tipped over drowned but what god has ordained for your life what he has planned before the foundation of time what's on your blueprint can't be stopped by decrees bus but people by any kind of opposition just so happen they daughter was at the river taken aback she heard the clause coming from the best when she saw baby moses it was love at first sight she took him in and raised in in the palace he grew up moses knew he was supposed to deliver the israelites one day he saw an age supervisor mistreating a hebrew slain and think anyone was watching so he killed a man
someone saw him he had to flee for his life they spent forty years in hiding on the backside of the desert look like he missed its destiny i'm sure he felt like a failure but when he was eighty years old god appeared to him through the burning bush said our moses now time to deliver the israelites you can't find anyone in the scripture they did something significant they didn't have messy places times i didn't understand times it wasn't fair terms they felt disqualified but like with moses when it all came together it made sense they went from construction to completion here's the key you cannot prob really judge the construction process without the plans you may think i'm done jaw i'm finished
i too many mistakes i miss my destiny if you had the plans that's what they say i would agree with you but the problem is we don't have the plane god said in jeremiah the plans for you are for good and not harm to give you a future and a home what god has planned for you does and in the feed in failure in mediocrity and in addictions in this function your story ends in victory positive corinthians thanks the god who all causes us to try i've heard it said god always ends in all is well if all not well then is not the end if there are things holding you back that applies things messy that means you under construction don't get discouraged god is still working my father was a
passed through a man loved and respected by so many if you saw him before the end of his lie with the law church successful happily married children loved him you might think that it was easy and things just fell into place that every person has to go through the construction process when you see someone blast for filling their purpose they didn't get there without missy places things i didn't understand people that tried to stop them my father was born in a messy situation his family was very poor when he gave his life to christ at the age of seventeen he left the farm with no money no education he hitchhike and went out and started a strange he was married at an early age but it didn't work out had to resign from his church lee i told him that he would never pasture again
a messy situation he was so discouraged he left the ministry and started selling insurance you didn't they he had ever have a family until he met my mother they fell in love got married had five children he started pasturing again his church was growing had over a thousand members back then that was unheard but but the people turned against my father they didn't like his message of faith and victory he had to resign from that church another messy situation he didn't you stand he was being his vast yet the door closed he and my mother went out and started it would in an abandoned feed store he was it would never last nobody's going to you're wasting your time but here we are
today fifty nine years later still going here's my point all those messy situations my father withdrew their own gods plain he didn't understand why people turned against him if they had not opposed him he would have never started lakewood like math other you may be in a messy situation people come against you may this directive had bad bright god is saying it's not over it's all a part of my plane you're under construction going to understand everything that happens gods ways are our ways here's the promise god gives us if your stay in favour and keep on him then what started in july he's going to bring to complete what he has planned for you will come to pass you didn't miss it because you had of childhood somebody walked out broke your heart people tried to stop
from your dream god has the final say to not all those voices telling you that you blew it you is your chance god would have allowed it if it was going to keep you from your destiny it's all a part of the process we trust in when you are under constant should we trust him in the messy places where you trust him when it doesn't make sense job in the scripture with do all kinds of bad bryce he lost his hale his business his family everything fell apart for a while he was negative complain but then he came back to a place of peace nothing had turned around it was still i see but he said in job chapter forty to god i know you can do anything and no one can stop you're playing this was after forty two chapters of defeat negativity when
said this a versus later it says restore joe and brought him out with twice what he had before when he changed his attitude maybe that was the catalyst for god to turn it around i wonder if we would do like joe instead a complete in about the mass being discouraged but what didn't work out what if we start saying father wanna thank you that nothing can stop your plan for my life thank you there what you have ordained for me is on the way when we're building our house at one point all the switches we're in the floors were down the cabinets we're done the only problem was the power wasn't connected we were waiting for a permanent a few other things every night victorian i would go over to check this if it was on for over a month we were ready with no power fund
one evening we went over in the power was connecting everything was different we had lights air conditioning the appliances work with that one connection it was a whole new world i believe you're about to come to one of these connections you been on the verge of it you ve been honouring god you're about to see god flip the switch suddenly the door opened suddenly the healing coms suddenly the right person shows up believe and declare you're about to go from construction to completion these are hindering you like joe gods going to bring out better despite mistake you may like moses you're still good to fulfil your destiny and become everything god created you to be in jesus name if you are can you say today i'd like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you play with me just
lord jesus our of my sins coming my heart make your my lord and saying if you play that simple prayer we believe you got born again get in bible based turned keep god first slice he's going to take it places that you ve never dream victorian i'll be right back to seek a blessing over you as a thank you for your support of our ministry this month joel korea we'd would like to send you a copy of jewels new series your words of power in this inspirational series you discover how the power of your words can turn a negative situation around you can speak
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