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We're Wired With God's Power - Victoria Osteen

2017-11-01 | 🔗
Can you imagine a house fully wired with electricity, but with the main power switch turned off? It wouldn't make sense to live without power when it's available to us.When you make Jesus the Lord of your life, you become fully connected to your source of power. But you have to turn that switch on. Romans 10:19 says to believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord. When you believe and confess the Word of God, you are activating God's power in your life.
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welcome to the dual lose the implied cast helpless continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world visit joe roasting dot com flash give hope to give a gift today can you imagine levin big beautiful house all wired with electricity well able to you're refrigerator well able to run your air conditioning all of your life you can plug in all your small apply this is all the modern things that we have can you imagine living in a home like that but not being able to run any of that stuff it's all wired with power and electricity
but you didn't go out to the breaker box and click on the switch when that be crazy i can't even imagine how they live there without power every cobb too to imagine because we have gotten so use to have in our apply it plugged in listen i bet nobody in here pretty madge would go out of their house without charge in their phone would they and i don't know if you're like me of my phone runs out a battery for someone with the charger plug into that power could i don't wanna be disconnected i want my phone fully charged it would be crazy live without power when it's available to you but do you know so many people are living in a house and there never switching on the power there never switching on the breaker box is a guy
has why're you with power who are wired with power but you gotta turn it on how do we turn on this power listen to what is his in romans ten nine no you have to understand this farce is so key to the past of god in you not only tells you how to get wired but it tells you how to flow in the power says if you all declare with your mouth that jesus is lord if you will believe with your heart god raised him from the dead then you we'll be saved with the heart man believes we the mouth may makes confessions unto righteousness you see
when you make she's as the lord of your lie by saying i believe god sent his son died on the cross for me he rose again on the third day so that i can be free having said that i am all my way to heaven guess what happens you go from a house a temple that has no wiring to bean bali wired you're fully wire but just switch on that power that is in you it says its with the heart man believes and with the mouth he can you see that is the switch that turns on the power i talked to a man the other day he told me victoria i've had seven strokes the
doktor has found three lesion two areas on my brain is i found myself walking with a cane could hardly get around he said i'm a pastor of the church he said i began to realize my life is just powerless and i began to think god what is going on why do i deserve this what is wrong and he said between built in my heart and i saw in the sphere i felt like i saw this sewage swirling around of thoughts and i have been thinking this these poisonous thoughts and confessing these poisonous thoughts about myself for so long in writing the power right out of me he said was just like a sewage of thoughts i had been so critical mysel i've been first thing how
i wasn't good enough you know i didn't have the favor of god that nothing goes right for me and he said that fashion made me believe it and he said no power about serious exceed one twenty eight he said aloud and to listen to your i begin to listen to the word than he preached the translation my thinking little by little he said stop those negative boards and i began to pass and believe the right over my lie he's not walking with the cane anymore victoria is that i am able to get around here now what i confess and now what i believe are the promises of god see that man was fully wired he just wasn't using how were correctly he wasn't
looking on the switch he wasn't believing in his heart and confessing out of his mouth now if i asked you today do you believe that jesus christ gave his life so that you could be saved many of you most of you would say yeah do let me tell you about it was a little girl and it was when i was in sunday school are you would tell me when i was a young man i met god and he saved you tell me a beautiful testimony i bet i couldn't you gotta be in sight did i tried you'd probably saving gorgeously me alone what i'm saying i am saying we wouldn't let anybody talk is out of that would we want i do we let our circumstances why do we lead discuss regiment taught us believing that cod to bless our lie
why do we let what people say about us define us and tell us don't have favour we're not talented we don't hold great value we wouldn't let anybody talk it's gotta be inside it will certainly let things all this out of our destiny us out of the good this guy has for us why is that we may be fully wired because that's what happened when you gave your heart to jesus but you're not turn in on your breaker boxes you're not best thing out of your mouth so you can build even your heart you see when a circumstance comes against you you to say no guy has this about me he said fearfully and wonderfully may when you start valence no god is my healer he's my redeemer he's back pearl of great price when people are too in about you when their prey
can you down no no i don't listen to that and i certainly dont repeat what they say i dont repeat the enemy says about me i really my god says about me that's not compassion that's what i believe in my heart and i'm not gonna let anybody taught me out of it here david the psalmist david israel god call have a man after his own heart calling a man after his own heart but when you read some of the psalms you see that that was susceptible to discouragement here also susceptible to cutting off the power instead of turning on the power in so forty three and forty two
can read his writings any he begins to talk about is overwhelming feeling his soul wrenched within him the army's encamped around him on every side he begins to talk about all the problems that he has continued arrayed and all of a sudden you see a transition in his prayer you say attorney and he stops any challenges that scourging boys he challenges those negative situation and he says this he says why must also downcast why am i so discussed like a wired man slip on the switch and then begins to say put my hoping guy i won't trust in god my saviour i'm gonna phrase yet again you see he turned on the power this is
man that's that man that served under guard god loved i believe he is there to show us that weak and go down the road of discouragement but we're fully power charge our batteries change our situation does besides our strength to stay strong against power of the enemy we have the power in got jesus that i'm going to heaven this is i'm going to heaven but i'm leaving you my power and then he said because you're going greater works that idea now i ll tell you i don't understand all the theology in that if god says i'm won't do great works do great works great discouragement negative self talk it hold you prison in hold you captive
the only way you can break that chain only way that you can break through that is to begin to compare with your mouth and believe in your heart to salvation and to europe righteousness because the enemy doesn't want you to know who he doesn't want you to know it god there's about you he wants you to hear what other people are saying he wants you be dictated by your circumstances hey your bill get in poland up in your finances are getting a little low he wants you sent poor poor garden you know at the bosses he says that the poor samara he says that those people who are we begin to say you're strong why because principal that's been established by god what you and passed out of your mouth and what you believe in your heart was supersize your power will plug view and to the brightness of guy evasion three twenty says to him who is able to do more than i can think or
agent into the power that works with in me it doesn't say according to gods power poured into if god is happy with me it says according to what i release and crease on the inside of me listen you're wire today and you can in great power you can overcome every obstacle you can climb every mountain you get out of every valley you don't have to we discourage you had to to be defeated you're not a victim you're a big victor god on the inside of you your words
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