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2017-02-04 | 🔗
Are you ready to give up on what you’re believing for because all you’ve heard is no? Well, it’s time to get ready because yes is coming! No matter who has said no or how many times a door has closed, God has already set a date to bring His promises to pass in your life. But there is one thing God needs from you, and that is your yes. Second Corinthians 1 says, “God’s yes and our yes together make a sure thing.”Let Joel teach you how to be determined in your faith like never before. Your faith will grow as you hear amazing stories from the Bible of men and women who dared to believe God for a yes and saw amazing breakthroughs. You, too, will receive your own breakthrough as you say yes with God!
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God bless you. It's a joy to come into your homes and, if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a of one of our services? These are the final. People in all of Houston, Texas right here at Lakewood, would love to have you come out. I like, start with something funny, and I heard about this older lady. She came to search one Sunday morning. Friendly Usher meter at the back door said man? Where would you like to sit? She said. I want to sit on the very first row. He said all no ma'am. You don't want to do that. Our pastor is very boring. You, put you to sleep. Let me see just somewhere else. She looked a pool Sir, do you know who I am He said no ma'am, she I am the pastures mother He hung his head in embarrassment. He finally look Ma'am. Do you
Who, I am she said no, he said, thank God. Say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. Do what it says I can do today. yeah. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. Heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I wanna talk to you today about yes, is coming. Sometimes, we've gone through. So many knows that we get discouraged and give up on our dreams. Maybe the loan didn't go through. You didn't get the promotion. You tried to break the addiction, but you couldn't do it. Young couple told me how they've had four miscarriages haven't been. I have a baby we have had a lot of nose in the past. Your dreams haven't come true. Yet I believe God is saying this is,
to be a year of yes, yes to the healing, yes to the promotion, yes to the breakthrough, yes to Heaven that Maybe what hasn't worked out in the past is suddenly going to fall into place doors you thought were close others are suddenly going to open. dreams you've given up on? promises you've. Let go of thought, there's no way, God is about make a way in this year of yes, God is going to reverse the nose. The times I've been turn down told no thanks. That's not the end, It just wasn't the right time. Yes is coming. Yes to the dream you quit pursuing. Yes, the child getting back on the right course. Yes to the business you've been wanting to start now people may tell you know you can't get well look at the medical report No sorry, you don't have the experience. We need no you're. Not calendar. Dinner know that I
He is not going to work for us there, no doesn't cancel out God. Yes, don't let them talk you out of your dreams. God The final say he's saying: get ready for yes, yes to increase yes to freedom from the addiction. Just to see in your family restored yet just new opportunities. God is going to put you at the right place at the right time. He's going, in divine connections. It will go out of their way to be good to you you couldn't make it happen. It was the favor of God bringing. Into your yes, I talked to allow It been out of work for over a year she worked as a executive in sales, very successful after many years. Unexpectedly, her contract was not renewed. She, an impressive resume and she applied at a couple isn't companies, but no one was interested,
He was turned down again and again. Several months later a company called and asked her to. come in for an interview and she excited, look like something in finally opened up, and interview went well. She thought she had it, but they called back and said she just wasn't the right fit. This happened for more time, where she went in an interview. Look like she was front runner. Then she this told no one know. After another few months later, a company from out of state called they were very interested. It was between her and another man. Fluted that city for an interview on the way to the office. The taxi cab driver struck up a conversation. She was very friendly and told how she was there to go on I have interview and how she I've been praying and believing that something would open up and out of all the offers. This the one she wanted, the very most he dropped her off and told her that he was pulled
for that he believed that she was going to get it later. That day, the see that interviewed her had to catch a plane. it just so happened. This same man came back to the office and picked her up when she called for a taxi? The of only taxi cab driver that he was. He asked her how her day was going. explain how she been interviewing: two people, a man and a woman. and couldn't decide between the two, the taxi. Cab driver said. Let I tell you who you should pick She said what do you mean? He said I picked up that lady. You interviewed and brought her this morning, and you won't find a better person. She. Smart she's, talented she's, articulate plus she wants to work for you. He went on and on singing her praises delayed I said, you know what I just made. My decision. she called the lady in the other state and told her that she got the position
She said if you ever see that taxi cab driver again, you need to I can because he's the reason I chose you What are the chances in a large city that the same taxi cab driver would pick up both ladies that wasn't incidents, that was the hand of God in this year of yes, God I have the right people put in a good word for you. You may I think you have the connections. Don't worry you friends in high places, God is not only guiding and directing your steps he's lining up the people. You need he's arranging things in your favor Paul, said in second Corinthians from the message: translation, whatever God has promised get stamped with. Yes, that means the dreams gods placed in your heart. The prom has he spoken over. You have all They've been stamped with? Yes, God
There's already set the date to bring it to pass already on the schedule, but one more thing that God needs it goes on to say God, yes with our years together, make it's a sure thing. God is saying yes now he sure, yes to make it happen, God yes by itself is not enough. God works. Where there's is faith, if this lady would have gone around thinking I'll, never get the position. Nothing good ever happens to me that would have kept it from happening when it comes to God. Be a yes man, this woman, God says he's restoring health back into the. You Think of all the reasons why you're not going to get well or you can yes, man, this God. I agree. that I'm getting healthier. Thank you that I'm getting stronger God said in Psalm sixty five that he's gone
the crown your year with a bountiful harvest. you can go around not expecting good brakes not expecting to get ahead or you can be a yes man, yes, God. I agree thank you that is going to be a blessed prosperous abundant bountiful year. That's not just being positive, that's putting your yes with God! Yes,. God said what was meant for your harm he's going to turn used to your advantage you can dwell on all your hurts? What didn't work out? The peep the digit wrong, or you can be a yes man, yes, God. I agree, Thank you for beauty for these ashes. Thank you that Bob Indicator. Thank you that you're fighting my battles. It's God waiting for you. Yes, Are you letting the nose the disappointments? The delays convince you that it's not going to happen. You may not have seen it yet, but this is a new day
we're coming into a year of yes, I'm can you to put your yes with God's, yes and watch what happens? There was a young lady in the scripture name Hannah. She was me to a man, but she wasn't able to have children. She kept a and believing, but the scripture as the Lord had shut, Hannah's womb after year went by, she was so discouraged. Didn't look like she'd ever be able to have a baby to make matters worse. Her husband, was married to another woman as well, and she kept having children she didn't have any problem conceiving and this other wife would make fun of Hannah. Try to Her feel like she was inferior, goes along with her and Hannah would end in tears, so upset One day Hannah went to the Temple crying and asking God give her a baby and the he last saw asked what was wrong. She
explain how she was there and she was Thank God, the open up her womb Eli said cheer up the go. If Israel has granted your request. You're going to have a baby. Hanaway back home, like a different person. She spring in her step. smile on her face on outside, nothing had changed, baby, no sign of a child, but the inside she put her yes with God, yes at that which she believed she was going to have a baby. And that other wife made fun of her. too bad Hannah you'll. Never the child instead of getting upset instead of find her new attitude was I if had some knows, but I have, inside information. I know my yes is coming the God. Israel has spoken it over me. I may not see it yet, but I walk by faith and not by sight. I know a baby is coming.
A year later, she went back to the temple with her baby boy. she came into her. Yes, like Hannah you may have had a lot of knows. People have tried to discourage you make you think that it's never going to happen You need to get ready your yes is coming the same God that shut Hannah's womb opened Hen's room God may have said. No in the past doesn't mean it's. I to be no in the future. Just as God, turned Hannahs no into a yes. God is good. turn around some nose for you Will you do like Hannah and start acting like what God told you is going to happen? all Hannah had was a word from the prophet that who going to have a baby? She didn't have ultrasound. She didn't have a prayer, these. She just had Elias Eli, said to her. He could have been wrong.
We have something so much more powerful. You have the promise from the God, who spoke worlds into existence. He's saying, if you'll put your yes with my yes I'll, the nose around those two that seem permanent. The addiction you've dealt with for years, health issue that won't go away go. Maybe a struggle in your finances seems like your. stuck thoughts. Tell you just accept the nose just get used to it. Don't believe Those lies, God is about to open up your womb. What you've been dreaming about that child to get back on course that is to take off that person to spend your life with. You need to get ready, your time is coming your yes is headed your way. young lady, I know, was working as a news reporter she was early twenties. She had a problem with their skin. She had real bad rosacea and when she was,
filming a report if she sweat it or accidentally touched her face, rubbed her makeup off that redwood shine through so Breitling looks really bad. She couldn't find any makeup that would cover it up and last she ended up quitting her now a news reporter I started working on a new makeup line that would fix her problem. She developed a pro that she really liked she believe would be successful. She and her husband went to bank after bank trying to get funding, but they were turned down again and again. Her husband started a website, so you can order the product up for weeks and weeks with no activity, no orders, fine in order, came through she, but run into her husband, said. Look. We got our first order. He said. No was me, I was just testing the website. She knew God had put this dream in her heart, but all she Getting your nose her goal,
to somehow get on a home shopping channel like QVC, years she sent them product. She met representative trying make it happen, but it didn't work out. They were down to their last thousand dollars, didn't know what she was going to do she went to a large cosmetic convention. All of the major companies were there. She had a three foot. those where she was showing people her product, just the way. Qvc had a huge booth. This older lady came over and said honey. I love your product, I'm Tell my buyers at QVC. We need to have you on our channel that lady, is an on air personality that had been there for over seventeen years. She just her influence to open the door This young lady, went on QVC or product was a huge hit today, our friend Jamie Kern, the founder of it
medics goes on QVC two hundred times a year. Her company has well one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, but like him, for years it was as if the wound was shut up, no good brakes, no favor very little progress, then one day she came into her. Yes, One good break thrust her further than she ever imagined years later, she was talking to the lady that put a good word for her that day and she asked why she did it The lady said well, I like your product, but it wasn't about the cosmetics. When I saw you that day, I felt, like God said to me, go help that Young Lady God has the right people lined up for you in this year of yes, you're, going to see doors open that you haven't been able to open for years The dream God has placed in your heart has already
been stamped with. Yes, Are you adding your yes to God, yes, are you doing like Hannah and thanking God, even though I don't see anything happening we be bold enough to believe that you're so going to give birth, even though it feels like your womb has been shot? Heaven is saying yes, yes to your dream. Yes to your healing, yes to the freedom, yes to the break. well Joe. This sounds good today, it's encouraging, but I don't I'm going to have a year of yes. I've had so many knows, you're right, we're Hannah was The problem is, if you keep, getting your know to Yes, you can cancel out what God has in store? people's! No cannot stop you but they say what they do, they don't control your destiny, the enemies! No, cannot stop you! what you believe is what matters God needs you. Yes,
He has amazing things in your future. To give you more influence in favor than you've ever imagined. Now keep adding the yes thoughts may tell you know circle This is made it going to happen your yes and yes makes it a sure thing. Why? Because controls the universe. One touch of favor can turn a no into a yes from. No, we don't need you to. Yes, you have the position from now. You'll never get well to good news. You're cancer free from going to interview the interview with no success to having a taxi cab driver put in a good word for you friends. You need to get ready. Your yes is on the way like Hannah. God is about to open up your room. The book kings. It was a king name, Hezekiah that told no but his no didn't come from people. It came from God.
He was very sick, close to death, His mentor, the prophet Isaiah, came to the palace to see him. Isaiah was called the Eagle Eye prophet he was the one that spoke for God. He didn't make mistakes. I can imagine, when King Hezekiah heard the news that Isaiah was at the palace. He brightened up Maybe there's hope, maybe he's going to pray for me and I'm going to get well maybe he'll. Give me an encouraging word that I can stand on, They came in and said, king. Hi. I have a word from the Lord for you Hezekiah leaned in closer as I said, the Lord says, get your house in order, for you will surely die he say you might die is a car. Look too good. Maybe you'll pull through. He said you will surely die What do you do when God Yes, no, his attacker I thought well too,
and for me, I'm done no use even trying the scripture says head Kya, turned his face to the wall and started praying he reminded God how he'd served him torn down the pagan altars and how you set a new standard for his family. He asked for his mercy to give more years. attitude was if I die, I'm going die asking for the yes, but or Isaiah could leave the palace grounds, God to him? I go back to. izakaya and tell him I heard his prayers and I changed my mind, I'm glad fifteen years to his life, even when you feel, like God, has said. No, if you where do like Hezekiah an and ask God for the yes, your faith. Calls God to change his mind, in this year of yes, God it's going to reverse some nose? Mr
that you've made God is going to correct them. give you another chance opportune things that you've missed he's to bring them back across your path. The things that have been a struggle, the constant pressure, is going to suddenly turn around his Achaia Hannah, both face situations where God said, no, God shut Hannah's womb, told izakaya that he was done, Hannah went the Temple and ask for a baby his S ask for more years the the nominator was they both asked for? Yes, in the face of no every circumstance said forget it. God said no just live with it. Their attitude was God We know you control the universe, even though this seems like a note to us were asked in in your great mercy change your mind and give us a yes.
Are you bold enough to ask for a yes, even though all you keep getting our nose. Jesus told parable in Luke twelve. About a widow woman that went to a judge to try to get relief. someone that had done her harm He was an unjust judge. He wasn't fair he didn't listen to the lady didn't at the time of day. He just dismissed her and sent her away. Today. The lady was right back in his courtroom, asking for justice a lady. Did until you know. Yesterday she I yes, you did, but I'm not going to leave you alone. Until you give me a yes He had her put out again. She came back the next day and the next and the next asking for justice pleading her case final. That judge got so frustrated. He said The inverse five, this woman is driving me crazy.
that's a message all on its own. That's next week he went on to say I'm going to see that she gets justice because she is wearing me down with her constant request. She can. asking for yes. In the face of now. If you are going to see you, yes, you have to be determined. If you The first know you, serious about it. the nose are test God to see how bad do you want it discourage give up you didn't want it. badly enough, you have to do. this woman. Keep asking keep praying, keep believing keep dreaming, keep hope if one door closes try another door. company says no try another company. If one, bank turns you down. Try another by bank I wanted to start his business. He was turned down by thirty one banks thirty one times he was told? No sorry, we can't help you this seems like a good idea to us.
he knew that dream had already been stamped with God. Yes, he just kept at in his years, going through the the store's not getting discouraged. Thank thirty two said we think it's a great idea He started his business. It's taken off and expanded all around the world. He told me how some of those same banks now are trying to get his account. You know what Tells them no what am I saying? Don't discouraged by the nose. The nose are a part of your destiny. they're leading you to the yes, you have to come You close doors before you get to your open doors, I've had a lot of nose in the past, things haven't worked out. to get ready. Your yes is coming God is going to open doors that you could not open he's going to call most people to change their mind and go out of their way to be good to you. It's going to be unprecedented,
You will know it is the hand of God. I talked Lady named Cherie, she's a single parent living in Compton ca, and, of course, is known for being a rough environment drugs and violence. Her husband was, in the federal penitentiary, sherry, is a school teacher for fourteen years she raised her son EJ by herself There were a lot of negative influences lot of opportune. the for him to get off course, but she is a praying woman every morning more school. They would listen to our messages. Her goal was for her son EJ to go to college even though look like he had some disadvantages it rough environment. odds against him. Believe that God would open the right doors that had a lot of nose in the past, but they knew there Yes was coming
They were waiting for different colleges to respond to see if he got accepted anywhere several weeks ago. the way to school, they were into a message where I was talking about unprecedented favor. how God was going to do something unusual and out of the ordinary When should we heard that something came alive on the inside He told her son EJ, that's for us later that day, Ejay Open set up an email is, congratulations. You have been accepted into Harvard University. The reason is that he did is the first African American from Compton to ever get accepted to Harvard his goal is to become a neurosurgeon. You heard that phrase straight outta Compton
lot of times. We think of the negative, the gangs, the how 'bout straight outta, Compton and straight to Harvard Jesus came from the city of Nazareth. That was a poor run, some city in those days his can any good I think a modern Ezra's. That's not unimportant! flew place. Yet the Son of God came out of Nazareth. Can any good thing come: Outta Compton, yes, EJ! Yes, you, Yes, a whole lot of others can any good then come out of your neighborhood. Yes, you can so history maker, Yuri the exception you have seeds of greatness, like EJ injury. There are, yes, is in your future that are going to thrust you to the next level. God is going to open doors that no man can shut. He to bring divine connections. People will use their influence to push you into your purpose.
You may have had a lot of nose in the past. Do you need to get ready I believe, and declare you're coming in to your year of yes, God is saying yes to the scholarship to the right person, yes to the healing, yes to the breakthrough. Yes, is on the way in Jesus name, I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me say: Lord Jesus, I repeat my sins come into my heart, thank you, my Lord and Savior, If you pray that simple prayer, we believe you got born again get into. good Bible based church in keep. God first place Victorian. I will be right back to speak of as it
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