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2020-09-30 | 🔗

You are not an ordinary person. You are exceptional, and sometimes, exceptional people face exceptional difficulties. The good news is, we serve an exceptional God. No problem is too big to stop your destiny.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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hide this job and dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is less you always enjoy to come into your homes we love you and we know god has great things in store for you god rewards the people that seek after him that you you wouldn't be watching her you wouldn't be here today so bless yo today fewer ever in our area come out and see us a promise you women will make you feel right at home but thanks for tuna i'd like to get started each week with something kind of funny and you know these are not doctrinal correct there just because last but i've heard of
this husband and wife they were celebrating their sixtieth birthdays together suddenly an angel appeared in said god was going to grant them each one special request they were excited the wife said my request is that we'd be able to travel all over the world and poof when the smoke cleared she had take it in her hand the husband hung his head in shame he said request is that be married to a woman thirty years younger than me and poof smoke cleared he was ninety years old they like i mean this is my bible i am what it says i have what is his hair can do what it says i can do today i will be taught the word of god boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus name god bless you
talk to you today about how you are an extraordinary person we all face challenges we all have obstacles to overcome but if we can keep the right perspective it'll help us to stay in faith one thing i've learned is average people have average problems ordinary people have ordinary challenges but here's the key you're not average you not ordinary you are extraordinary breathed his life into you this means you can expect average problems you can spect ordinary challenges you are sectional an exceptional people exceptional difficulties the good news is we serve an exceptional guy and when god allows a problem in your life he doesn't match to the size you think you are he matches to the size of your destiny
god knows what you capable he sees your potential we you have an incredible problem instead of being discouraged you should encouraged knowing that you're an increase one person and you haven't credible future will you say your why are these people talking about me at work while they trust make me look bad listen they don't talk about average people they don't talk that ordinary people they talk of exceptional people that's why they're talking about you it's no big deal just shake it off and move forward it comes with the territory a report or say to me last week joel i've done all my research only to tell you you have an extraordinary amount of critics smiled and say this because i'm an extraordinary person how come every time i try to go forward joel every time i try to pursue my dreams i have major challenges its because
you are a major person with a major future the enemy would leave you alone if you weren't a threat wouldn't bother you if you weren't headed for great things you need to dig your heels in and say i'm not coming discouraged by these problems it may be big but it's not too big for me knock on go around complaining because somebody's about me how can i get upset cause i'm struggling little in my finances stay in faith no one the enemy wouldn't bite me this hard if he didn't know god has something great in store and understand the size of your problem isn't indication of the size of your future if have a big challenge that means you have a big future now go around complaining why did this happen to me why did my plant closed down why did my love wonder why do i have this sickness no
that obstacle is not there to defeat to its they are to promote you if you're so in phase right past that difficult you'll see a new level of god's favour this is what happened to david he still be known as a shepherd boy if it were not for goliath he faced an extraordinary problem goliath was three times his size he was skilled warrior the leader of that army here david was a teenager he didn't have any formal training he had no equipment no armor in the natural they didn't have a chance what was gone doing that didn't seem to make any sense but god have presented david with that extra mary challenge unless we already knew that david an extraordinary person no doubt david felt average i'm sure he failed ordinary just taken care of his father she nothin special
bout him but when david her goliath toning the people of israel somethin rose up on the inside that said david this is your time this is your destiny i believe at that moment a seed of faith took root in his heart and he began to realize he was not average he was ordinary he could feel those seeds of greatness his man told him david you're crazy never going to defeat this man you're gonna get out there and look like a fool but in his heart here the voice of base saying grey is he that in me then he come and against me i am well able to fulfil my destiny not see away but i know my god can make away he went out and defeated the giant do you realize what made david king promoted him it was goliath the extra
ordinary problem brought out the extraordinary person some of you today you are facing situations it seem impossible you don't see how it could work out but even right now a sea of faith is rising in your heart something the inside is saying bigger than this problem was created to overcome i was destined live in victory now gotta do like david and let that seed take root believe that you can overcome every obstacle believe that you're a person of destiny stir up the fire god put on the inside you can't sit back and be passive and kind of complain talk about how bad it is how you ever rise any higher know that obstacle may look like a goliath it may look impossible but god wouldn't have allowed it if he didn't already know you could overcome it quit
in your difficulties as obstacles that are going to hold you back and start looking at them opportunities that are gonna pushing forward stand incredible people will face incredible challenges but the good news is you're going to say incredible victories outstanding people will have outstanding problems that limit you gonna see outstanding promotion to ordinary people will have extraordinary critics but you're going to have extraordinary vindication i've learned this guy doesn't allow big challenges to face small people you we face in something big today seems it's over your head you could easily be overwhelmed that is a sure sign you're a big person with a big destiny you feel small you may not see house gonna work out but you gotta remember who you are a child of the most high god you have created in his image
you wearing your crown of favor you ve got your blood flowing through your veins when times get tat and you don't see a way out don't go complain and all this is never going to change no dig your heels in heavy attitude i've come too far to stop now this may be extraordinary but i know i'm an extraordinary person southern an extraordinary guy every morning you need to remind yourself you are equipped you are in you are anointed you are strong view are talented you are creative you been armed with strength for every bad there is no challenge that's too difficult for you know sick can hold you back no person and steal your destiny no less the trouble is gonna defeat you your enemies may be powerful but our god is all powerful one thing i love about god is he will never give you a goliath with
giving you goliath size favor all david had was a slingshot and a few stones it did look like much but a little with gods favour is all you need all god has to do is breathe in your direction and things will begin to change our member when we were trying to acquire this place the former compact centre our new facility it was like david horses goliath our opponents the group that wanted this property they were the largest taxpayer in texas a huge corporation very influential very strong in the natural we didn't have a chance and at first i thought god what we'd be face and somebody more our size somebody more reasonable maybe small or company and other non profit but god not these huge corporation but overall i learned this principle god match you to the size you think you are here
it is due to the size of your destiny god will not give you a goliath here allow a major challenge in the give you a little favour a little story a little wisdom no god equip shoe with exactly what you need to overcome every obstacle you have been empowered to accomplish redressing the gods putting your heart we begin to realise the reason we have a huge obstacle is because we have a huge future we made up our minds we were not going to back down we won't go go round negative complaining talking it wasn't gonna happen our two was if god before us there be against us this may be a big challenge but we know we're big people servant a big god we state in faith three years later we saw god show up and make a way where it look like there was no way god
wants to do the same thing for every one of you but you gotta know who you are when times get tough you cannot down and get discouraged you gotta know that you know you are equipped you are in power you are well able to overcome when i was we had a dog by the name of scooter scooter was a great big german shepherd he was the key of the neighborhood here strong and fashion always run in here and they are chasing after squirrels nobody would miss with scooter one my dad was out taken a bike riding scooter was following along beside him math there told how he looked over there and was so proud scooter scooter looked like he could find a tie you can see his muscles rippling out but about that time funny little chihuahua here
bursting out of one of the homes about thirty or forty yards in front of them racing toward scooter ninety miles per hour barking at the top of his lungs mad dead poor little dog you are messing with the wrong dog scooter can put one paul on you in question that little dog just kept coming forth bargain is loud ass he could and my dad would just waiting for scooter to back him down but much too surprise the closer that little doll got them scooter begin to hang his head when that little too while we're finally got all the way up to school you know what scooter did he laid down rolled over and put all four legs up in the air daddy said i wanted to kick that dog all the way home but i've learned the size of the problem is not what matters is the size of the person scooter
not near as big on the inside ass he was on the outside but really that's thing compared to what we do as sons and daughters of the most tat god when we back down and allow every disappointment and every adversity to stop us we ve got the greatest power in the universe on the inside god is made us to be more than conquers but too often when times get difficult we do like scooter we dont remember who we are we think all man this is too much i'll never get out of this situation now put your shoulders back hold your hidden you are well able to overcome if you recognized you're an extraordinary person you haven't to ordinary future than you don't be surprised nor frustrated when you face an extraordinary challenges this is what joseph deal he had a big dream but with
this big doing came big problems he suffered incredible rejection his own brother sold him into slavery threw him into appear it was incredibly unfair he was lot about in spit thirteen years in prison for something that he didn't do an incredible ingest but joseph understood this principle he knew he was an incredible person with an incredible future so here get discouraged by incredible problems he just keep doing his best day in and day out he could have easily let his green get pushed down it couldn't buried under disappointment bear under rejection buried under injustice most people would have gotten better and lost their enthusiasm but not joseph he just look at all knowing he served and incredible god ensure one day he saw it incredible promotion he was put in
large of the whole country he saw incredible vindication his own brothers came back and bowed down low before him what am i saying without incredible challenges here we have seen the incredible promotion summit you did i don't think that you could really full they'll your destiny you ve had too much against you pete didn't raise your right somebody war tat of a marriage you had an increase we'll disappointment it was just so unfair but you need to do like david and have the attitude i've been through incredible problems of incredible rejection i've had some incredible disappointments but now i know my time for incredible favour i'm expect incredible promotion i'm expecting incredible vindication don't let your dreams get pushed down determine your heart you gonna become everything gods created you today i see too many people get discouraged
take your why did this happen to me it was so unfair and i won't you have a new perspective those checks ngos were stepping stones to your destiny if you didn't have big problems you wouldn't be a big person most of you you're so you can look back in your own online and see how in the difficult times when you didn't back down but you pressed on and you overcame that addiction you overlooked that affair you did the right thing when the wrong thing was happening when you got past you saw a new level of god's favor this may sound kind of odd but all you have as little challenges problems little opposition really that's not a good sign that means your coasting you're not stretching you're not growing unity store up what gods put on the inside i mean if you can push all your dreams in your own strength you can win all your battles without gods help you need to get a big vision
you need to look down on the inside and you will find a god size dream how do you know from god it'll be so big it looks impossible you can accomplish it when your own you know you have to god strength gods system and god's favour to see that dream come to pass the scripture says in some one o seven twenty three they that go down to the sea and do business in deep waters they will see the wonders of god fringe you and i were created to do business in deep waters we're not support to have little dreams little plans just pray that i'll never face anything big if you have a big dream you're gonna have big challenges big people face big problem the good news is we don't to be worried we sort of a big god is all apart fulfilling our destiny we out there in the deep waters you can't touch the grail
it can get a little rocking at times see how it's going to work out it looks impossible but on the inside you know god can do the impossible when you're in the deep waters you not move by your circumstances you know not only who you are but whose you are a sickness make against you a child not doing right you're struggling in your finances you don't get discards you don't not complaining you gotta made up my mind you know the reason you have a big challenge is because you're a big person with a big destiny you're not a lightweight we're in those deep waters you don't this courage because somebody's talking about you you just get off and say god bless them i mean god bless them you don't give in because wonder closes you keep going known that gods going to open up another door you don't go around feeling sorry for yourself cause your dreams are taken a long time now you know in due season god will bring them to pass
jesus said to his disciples come out the deep i believe god is saying that each one of us today let go of little dreams little ideas little plans there too believe for something great store up there gifts those dreams at gods put on the inside one thing i love about joseph here never let go of his god size dream through all the disappointment through all rejection through all the injustice he could easily scale back his dream said god i thought want me to do something right eye i would lead a country i thought people would bow down before me but belong god nothing in my life has gone right now in spite of his disappointment in spite of his own family doing him wrong the scripture says joseph remembered his dream is so important some of you need to get alone and in your car
time search your heart and remember the dream god put on the inside may have been pushed down by varsity berry the disappointment buried a failure buried under rejection but god is saying that dream still alive still have a way to bring it to pass just like with god is still in control you may feel like you in the pit you may we like you in the prison so to speak the good news is the palace is on its way if you'll get a new vision for your life and stir up what's been pressed down in god's gonna bring out a you buried treasure that is those hidden desires that you haven't told anybody about those dreams that your head when you were younger before through you some carbs those promises are still alive and well in fact is ever thing you ve gone through in life is to prepare you for this time
thing in your life has been wasted every mistake you made god had a purposeful every per and did you wrong they didn't just take something from you god depositors something in you every discipline every lonely night it may have been if a call but it has prepared and made you into who you are today like esther this is your time this issue a moment too soon into a new level of god's favor joseph this is your time to go from the pit to your place of promotion like david it's your time to go from keeping the sheep to keeping the i should go from being in the background of being in the foreground to see those dreams come to pass why don't let these seeds take root i know some of you have had more than your share of unfair things happen plenty of reasons to just settle where you are but understand the depth of your past
is an indication of the height of your future if you ve been through a lot of negative things that just tells me you're future is bigger and brighter and greater than you can even imagine let me ask you are their dreams and promises that you let go up things gods put in your heart but because a time because a disappointment you given up on noted is the day to give your dreams and new beginning faith is housing in your hearts what's here and to you is nearly as important as what's happened in you god was getting you prepared it may have been difficult but i know i'm not looking at lightweight i'm not looking at pushover average people may have gotten discoveries with your circumstances every people may have given up by now average pay what i found some reason to settle where they are average
people wouldn't be sitting here today they wouldn't be watch and let me tell you again you're not ordinary you are extraordinary you know god has you in the palm of his hand you know right beyond that difficulty is a new level of god's favour you recognize that challenge is not there to stop you it's there to promoting all you may have as a slingshot in a few stones but you know the favor of god is upon it you out there in the deep water honouring god do in your best being a blessing to others just like joseph just like that good god promises you gonna see his wonders in many ways that means you're gonna see supernatural doors begin to open you gonna hey promotion you gonna see vindication you're going discover talent that you didn't know you had you gonna compress goals that you thought were impossible you gonna go overcome enemies that we're more powerful than you
you go rise above that sickness you gonna break every addiction what was meant your harm gods gonna use to you advantage when you're in those deep waters it may get a little rocky but know this not gonna go under god is fighting your battles for you and it just a matter of time before god shows up in shows out in a great right way but here is something that we have to do if he's in chapter six put on whole armor of god every morning before you leave the house you need make sure you have your arm you gotta get prepare for what comes against you when you have on the armor of god you are bad to the bone i think in defeat to you your helmet of salvation that means you not only at peace with god but you ve got your go in the right direction positive hopeful expecting god spain you're wearing your breastplate of righteousness you
oh god already has approved and accepted you dead matter how people try to make you feel you ve got your belt of true you don't live life stressed out you were in your shoes of peace and even looks difficult no big deal you got the shield of faith you know i'm gonna make away finally you ve got the sword of the spirit god's word coming out of your mouth you don't go around complain and ah my master dropped in half last month i'm depressed or that's been hurt and for six months ok really set me back no europe attitude is unblest i'm proud as i have the favor of god i can do all things surprised i and strong in the lord not this days are still in front of me when you have your armor on nothing can take you down you don't the scars cause somebody's talking about you you got your shoes pieces you shake it off can keep going you don't get overwhelmed cause you went to a disappointment
to shield of pay you know god is still directing your stamps when you're wearing your armor your protected power jura quit no matter what against you know it so they know disappointment no challenge all the forces of darkness cannot stop you they may do their best but their best will never be enough when it's all said and done you will still be stand and strong here something important about the armor did you notice there's nothing for our backside there's nothing cover us from the rear you know why god never intended for to be running from our enemies don't run your problems don't run from goliath but it's no big deal no the size doesn't matter what matters is whose back and you were a creator of the universe is on your side
you may have some big challenges but you always remember it is only because you are a big person with a big destiny when time to get tough do like scooter with all that strength well that power all that ability no back down and settle where you are dig your heels in have the attitude in it to win it may get knocked down but i can't get knocked out i've got combat power not know not only who i am whose i am a child of the most tat god and if god before me who dare be against my friends asking you to come out into the deep let go a little dreams little ideas shake off disappointment shake off failure take off offences this is a new day you are in to ordinary person if you have this extraordinary mentality that media player was call happen you go step into an extraordinary future you gonna see supernatural doors open you going we'll come every obstacle you gonna defeat
we enemy and every dream every desire gods put in your heart you gonna see come to pass do you receive it today you for listening to the jewellers dean podcast help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give a gift today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you'll subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the wind will play employer no gods best is still ahead we'll see you next time
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