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2020-09-23 | 🔗

Even when our circumstances feel out of control, God is still in control. You don’t have to live stressed out or worried because something didn’t work out. Stay in peace knowing God has a plan of victory for your life. 

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Hide this job and dictatorial thanks for downloading our pod cast. We enjoy spending this time with you. I hope you'll leave and make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy. Them is less. It is always a joy to come in your home. We love you, and we know, God has great things in store for each one of you if you ever in our area, I hope you'll stop by and see us we love to. Have you be a part of one of our services? These are fine. Is people in all of Houston right here at lake was so come on out, sometime, we'd love to have you I'd like to get started each week with some kind of funny in a hard about this cup? They ve been married for over sixty years and they were
fellowship, and somebody asked in the secret of their success. The man told how he all treated his wife with respect and he took her own. It's all over the world. He said in fact far too the fifth wedding anniversary I took her to Beijing. Chan, embody kind of clap. Some They spoke up said. What do you do for your fiftieth anniversary? He said went back and picked her up. All right, hold up your Bible say it. Like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same in Jesus Name, God bless you, talk to you today about how we are in a controlled environment. Sometimes it may feel like life is out of control. Things can get kind of hectic in
finances in our Hale, with a faint We issue have to remind your sale, even though my circumstances feel out of control God. Still in control. When things don't go our way, the stock market goes down became hits. You get bad news concerning your health understand None of that is a surprise to God. God, still on the throne, we to come back to this place of peace. We don't have live. Like stressed, we have to go around worried because our it didn't work out. We went through a disappointment and now we're on certain about the future, no weakened day in faith knowing that we are in a controlled environment. That means nothing, happen to us without permission, no sick, This can endure lie before you for you're divine purpose. No
financial difficulty can keep you from your God. Given destiny, no person there you in the past or even someone that may hurt you in the future, can keep you from coming all God created you to be God. New everything you would go through and the Good NEWS is he already laid out a plan of victory, God, new person? That would do you wrong he's already laid out your vindication God knew every disappointment. He's our laid out new opportunities. God new. Everything that would be stolen, he's already laid out your restoration you're in controlled environment, I think about how the disciples we're in a boat in a great Storm arose, Jesus panic. He didn't say I think. What are we going to do now? He's the and told them to get on the boat he knew the storm was common. He knew, we're going to be difficult, What did he do? He simply spoke.
The storm he said. Peace be still and here's the key the storm obeyed him that tells me, God is in control, even of storms, winter get tough. Lose money in the stock market you struggling in a relationship. After remind your sale, goddess in control, not just of me but of even storm heating, control of my financial difficulty. Control of my marriage problem, I'm in a controlled environment is freeing when you realise no matter, comes against you, it's never going to be too much. It may be a surprise to you, but it is not a surprise to God. He is already predestine due to overcome God has solutions for problems, you haven't even hand. All you gotta do is stay in faith in you. Go walk into your divan destiny. What you say,
you're sure seems like this sickness is in control. I got a bad report from the doktor. It seems like that enemies are getting? The best of me cheated me out of a promotion at work I don't see how can fulfil my dream. I don't have the connections, so you ve got a new perspective. Do you know whose back and you up Do you realize whose, on your side, the all powerful Almighty creator of the universe is breathing in your direction. God has surrounded you with his favor. He has armed you with strength for every battle. He has equipped with talent quit activity, wisdom, strains determination, you have everything that you need when you're tempted to get discouraged. You need to remind your sale forces of darkness. Heaven- ever want. Stop gods plan from coming to pass. And let me assure you, it's not going to start with you you're going to fulfil
Oh you're divine destiny. You going to overcome every obstacle you're going to defeat that sickness you gonna that addiction you come in. Out of not enough into the land of more than one you touch is going to prosper and succeed because you honor God his blessings are going to chase you down in overtake you. Why don't you? Let no seed take root in your heart today I know some of you are facing thing is it could easily steal your joy? You can easily go around upset and worried But God is saying: I've got you in the palm of my hand, the storm maybe raging the wind may be blowing, but I'm in control of the storm, going to let it overwhelm you. Everything is gonna, be all right. It says nausea forty three to you will through the flood, but you will not drown. You through the river, but you will go under Let me add one you
through the hurricane, but you'll come alive and well. How about one more you'll go through the fire, but one translation says you: ll come out without even the smell of smoke, you may feel like you're in the fire, but God say, and you come in and you Rocco come out, beat up bedraggled half dead, you going to come out without a brood without a blemish better off than you were before you need to get your second wind. You need to dig your heels in and say: that's it, I'm done living depressed, discourage worried. I know I've got a provider. I've got a protector, on a defender, I've gotta, deliver. I've got away maker, I'm in a controlled invite us all report on the news, this man filming a movie, you isn't it a cop over the ocean. He was the actor, this take it seeing he was to hand something from the helicopter to the people in the boat below
so the helicopter got real close to the water and it here an unusual burst of wind and the pilot lost control. Started spinning around and around and finally rushed into the water in it we begin to sink after about thirty. Second, the pilots head popped up. He was ok, people were so we're relieved that he was alive. But there was no sign of this other main, the lead actor a minute wit by two minutes. Three minutes for minutes stillness people were fearing the worst but about five. Minutes later all the sudden, his head drop out of the water, and he too was perfectly fine later he told how he had been knocked unconscious. We came to. He was very disoriented and couldn't find his way out but he said I'd like to thank the rescuers and especially the man that grabbed the back of my neck and maneuvered me through the helicopter and gave me being push up to the top of the water, the people listening to
what are you talking about? There were no rescuers. You were down, thereby yourselves yourself, big, too, Here's begin to come down his cheeks. He look up to the Heavens and he said then I want to thank God because it was his hand lifted media. What's my point: if it's not your time to go, you're not gonna, go The forces of darkness cannot take your lie. Guy! Always has the final say, and it may look like net answer, is gonna be too, but you need to keep telling yourself no signal. It's gonna take my life. No, accident is gonna short, mad divine destiny by a single second, I'm in the polls of God's hand a minute troll environment. One time in the old testament the army had come against the people of Israel. They were much bigger, much more powerful in the actual. The Israelites didn't have a chance, but return. This enemy army made any kind of move.
People of Israel were already there waiting for them if they decided to attack from the north the Israel It would be in there and calls to change their plans, if they decided to sneak up in the middle of the night. The people of Israel were up ready waiting for that battle, Norman. How hard they tried. They could never get the upper hand Finally, the commander of the Enemy Army said to his men. Somebody is a trader, some is leaking valuable information where Never gonna defeat these people, they every move we're gonna make before we even make now who's the trader? One of the captain spoke up. Said, sir. I dont know how to tell you this, but it's none of us. There's a profit we're in Israel and what you whisper in secret. He announces in public to the whole army. Brings you and I have an advantage. God is in control of our enemies. He knows there planning he know
their next move. We don't have to be worried. We have inside information the commander of that army got so upset. He said: here's what we're gonna do we'll go, go, get that mean we're gonna go capture that profit. Do you know he's thousands of troops and thousands of horses all take actual one main filled with a spirit. Of the living God. The same way the enemy looks at do when he sees you here. Just see you. He sees all the forces that are backing you he's he's the creator of the universe. Standing by your side. He sees his body angels guarding protecting defending. He see your crown of favor, he sees your robe of righteousness. Don't ever the affrighted, the enemy he scared to death. Are you somebody may be doing you wrong today, and it looks They have the upper hand, it looks I could never gonna change. Junior keep reminding yourself. I have an advantage
it is in control of my enemies. He fighting my battles for me he is my vindicator in this just a matter of time before change in my favor. Scripture and Hebrews. It says: don't care way your confidence One translation says for pay day is coming in got times to remind your sale that pay day is on its way. God is a faithful God. If you, doing. The right thing honouring him expecting his favour. God is promised. He will pay you back, In fact, God said he'll make enemies. Pay you back. It's like little old lady. I heard about she lived way way out in the country I mean she was so far out in the woods. The June bugs didn't show up till August
every morning she'd go out on her front porch and she just thank God. She was alive and thank God that he was supplied all of her needs her neighbor. She was a little off of her rocker. He was always making fun of her telling her. She was just waste in her time, given our a hard time, he didn't believe in the things have got one and he heard her thanking God that he would prefer groceries for the week. He decided to play a trick on her. He went to the grocery store, got a few bags of groceries the next morning early, he snuck over there and put them on her front porch and then went around the side of the house in here when the He came out and saw the groceries she started rejoicing saying God did did it again, you brought me groceries for the weak. The main came out a hiding and he laughed and laughed. He said I told you so told you. You are wasting your time, God did Put those groceries there at the delay
They started rejoicing even ladder. She said, God did not only brought me groceries, but you made the devil. Pay for prince. God is in control of our enemies. You know have to try to get even you don't to try to pay people back God is you have indicator If you'll stay on the high road, God would even use your enemies to bless you You remember Mordechai in the scripture. He was the one that encouraged Esther to rise up and take that step a faint There was another man by the name of Heymann. He worked to directly with the king and Heymann did not like Mordechai he's, always pushing them down all trying to make him look man, but more? understood this principle. He knew He was in a controlled environment. As long as he keep doing the right thing be in his best God he has vindicator and one night,
this king couldn't sleep. So he an assistant to bring in the records of everything that has happened in that city. To bring in the history books, and it just so happens that king opened to the exact page where it talked about. We're Mordechai had done a great deal and had kept the city from harm that It's not a coincidence that was gone. Causing the keen to see the right thing. And if you ll stay in faith, God will come. Was the right people in your life, your boss, the supervisor your clients to see what We want them to see. I can make things happen that we can't make happen on our own is called the face. Of God in one touching gods. Favour can trust you years ahead, one touch of his favour can take you from borrowing to Lindy Joseph it can take you from the prison to the palace. It can t
give work and at that business to own in your own business, but God calls this keen to see the exact paid where it talked about motorcars. Faithfulness, the next, Morning the king called Heymann in said, Heymann What do you suggest? We do to honour person that is really pleased. The king really done a great deal. Hey man was so caught up in him sale. He thought the king was talking about him. You played up real big. He said King Arthur We ought to put a royal role. Boning pudding, The chariot parade up and down the streets. Berwin trumpets announced everyone about how great he is. I mean payment haste he thought this was his lucky day the kings at home, and I like that that's a great idea. New in charge now go get Mordechai and do exactly what you say who parade him up and down the street, and you announce honoured. He is by the king. You talk.
About being vindicated God will not only pay you back you'll make you in these pay, you back. The very ones that are talking about you at the office the ones that are trying to make it look bad, the ones that kind of laugh. When you make a mistake, God will use them to help promote you that's why you don't have to try to get even don't try to pay, people back stay on the high road, let God your battles battle, for you know that your pay day is on its way what does it mean to be in a controlled environment? It means that nothing in life happens by accident. There are oh coincidences, no random events, you didn't just happen to get that job and happened Mary. That person happened to be here today The creator of the universe was directing your steps all along the way- God was hopefully orchestrating every detail of your lie. If we could pull a carton back
behind the scenes, we would see God pulling the strings just like a puppy, manipulate doing things arranging events strategically calls on you to be at the right place at the right time. You're not randomly go into work each day. Come in home. Doing you're saying you are a person, of destiny. Before you were born, God laid out a plan for your lie. He has an assignment for you to fulfil The good news is, God, already lined up the right people. The right breaks, the right opportunities, we're meeting people now that very whale may somehow some way be instrumental in your life, even twenty or thirty years from now. I remember when I was in my mid twenties there was this situation in a business dealing that look like going take a lot of time and energy and resources to get corrected. I was in the right, but it seems
he's gonna, be months and months Brit ever to be straightened out and ass. She was looking forward to it, but one out of the blue. I got a call from this gentleman that was in charge. He told how he had straightened everything out. It was over. And I was so relieved and of course I thanked him and told him much appreciated him taken the time to see my way, these are your. What really did it for me? was my grandmother's. Best friend lived down the street from where your family lived when you were growing up you told my grandmother went when you were about ten years old, You are right in your bite down the street and she struggling to get her garbage cans out and you got off your bike and you went over and helped her, and that made a big impression on me. Does he was telling me this. I thought to myself. I don't know what you're talking about I don't even know if I'm the right person but I'll deaf
they take credit for, but the truth is. I did not even remember that, yet a simple The kindness was still like an impact in my life some twenty years later. That was not coincidence. God knows the end from the beginning. He knows what we're gonna need in the future. God had to have that lady coming down the driveway at the exact right time. I had to be ride my bike at the exact right moment. If I'd go, back to get a drink of water. If she's gone into answer the fat telephone, we wouldn't be talking about it. That was that We ate or of the universe directing master, down to the man details. I thought we just random event, but I've and I learned that nothing in life happened by chance. Or in a controlled environment. That means I'm not meeting you by accident. You did come across my path by happenstance
God ordained before the foundation of time that our lives would intersect My life will be better off because spending this time with you, I'm drawn strength, I'm drawn encouraged. Who knows you may hear something today or even have some kind of feeling some kind of impression that willow two years from now something we'll give you encouragement. Something that'll give you inside maybe you'll, be going through a difficult time and all the sudden God brings this up. Adding your spirit and you realize it's exactly what you needed to keep pressing for I received a letter from a lady that went to one of our events in New York City, He told how a couple of years later one more she woke up early before her alarm. Went on and when she awakened she could hear our little daughter singing the song that she sings at the end of these events is simple little song, it says, come just as you are
Come believe, come receive, come and live forever, and it was so clear in her mind, She could see a standing on the platform together. She was just reliving chicken here, Alexander's little voice, so innocent. So pure it really ministered to her that night, and ass. She lay there in bed. She felt an overwhelming since of peace and justice. Extraordinary sense of God's presence that thirty minutes later the phone rang. It was her father, She was kind of star because nobody call that early normally her dad said Just want to remind you it three years ago today that mother went to with the Lord. The exact time of her death was five thirty in the morning. That was the exact moment that she woke up with that song play In her spirit, what am I saying? Go is deposited in. U s thing you need for now and you think, you're going to need in the future. You may
just be listening to a song. You may be just talking to a friend. You may just be in scripture, you dont twice about it, but the fact is gone is depositing there in your spirit, because he knows is going to strengthen you in the days ahead. There are no coincidence is with our God article in the newspaper about this male carrier, she was delivering the male one day like she always did, but she noticed a package they needed to be at a certain address by noon. Quickly. She wasn't in the neighborhood until after two o clock, so she the change her out with got to this address. It was a two story: apartment building. She rang the doorbell stepped back waiting for somebody to answer and all of a sudden out of her they feel vision. She noticed something fallen from above and just in who actively she reached at our arms and believe it or not. She caught a one year old, baby
This little baby was in an apartment upstairs the window. Was open on them. There, the mother turned away and the baby rolled out the window them came running downstairs, hysterical screaming the postal work. Calm down and said worry, I caught your little baby. There was none scratch on that baby, not a blemish. The little child was per quickly find they interviewed the postal worker. She said all I can tell you is godhead me at the right place at the right time, she was exactly right. Only God could orchestrate that think of the things that had to fall into place, what the chances of her being, there, when the baby, fill out the wind, If she hadn't ahead that package, you wouldn't even been in that neighbourhood or what is the likelihood that she would be quick enough in sharp enough to reach out and grab that little baby.
Men. I wanted to sign her up for the Texans football team. We need some of that kind of favor. I want you to have this assurance today, confident that, wherever you are, God is Acting your steps, no matter What it looks like in life, no matter how out of control it seems to be no. This God is still in control. During World WAR to Captain Eddie Reckon course plane crashed into the ocean. He objected right for impact split into the water when he came up. He found piece of the wreckage, so he could stay afloat day after day went by with no signs of hope. He had eaten in so long. There is strength begin to wane. He didn't think he could carry on just when he was about to give up out of nowhere. A sea gull came in landed on his arm. He grabbed it and ate the whole thing bone. In all
it not only strengthened him physically. It strengthened him spiritually at that when he knew God were still in control, wasn't law after that that he was rescued and brought back home to a heroes. Welcome He told everyone how God had used that single to spare his lie come to find It was a much bigger miracle than he thought he. Hundreds of miles from the nearest land. There are no seagulls out. There see girls, don't Why that far out they would never be able to survive. How could that happen got simply spoke to the sea gull instead, head out, I've got an assignment. Point What am I saying we're in a controlled environment? even if your stranded in the middle of the ocean, God has a plan, let me make it more practical. If the stock market, Those down forty percent if gas is four dollars a gallon. You lose your biggest client God.
Still has a way to supply your needs. God said he would prosper you even in the desert. He said you would flourish even in a famine he's called ill shadow, the God is more than enough. David said I was young now old, but I've never once seen the righteous forsaken winter to get tough the scars. Thank God man. What am I gonna do stay. In fact you have My father has not run out of options. We you fall he's already arranged for the milk area to catch you when you're in need he's already spoken to the sea. Gull When somebody does you're wrong. He's already lined up your vindication, when you're having a setback he's already planned. You'll come back he's deposited the right song on the inside he's already told the angel to protect you in the accident. When you realize you in this controlled environment takes the pressure off at you. U can relax and enjoy you alive. No,
that nothing can happen to you without gods. Permission now. I know some of you today have a lot of things going on you can easily be upset and worried, but skin you to come back to that place of peace. The storm, maybe rage. The winds, maybe blowin, but God essay and I've got to in the past of my hand, everything it's gonna be all right. May get a little rocky. It may get a little bumpy, but God the final say, and he say, and all cause you to try. What was for your harm. I'm gonna use to your advantage. My prayer today is it you would know beyond a shadow of a doubt. The creator of the universe, is directing your steps down to the details in your problems He's already land favour good break. Solutions to problems, he's gonna, be your vindicator, your provider. Your way maker, as you go out each day in faith, no that you're in this controlled environment, let me
Declare what's gonna happen, you're going to see gods paper in a great away, you're gonna, higher you gonna, we're come every obstacle. You're gonna defeat every enemy, you gonna, see every dream. Every desire gods put in your heart is going to come to pass in the name of Jesus amen. Do you receive it today? We never liked to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your lie. Would you pray with me just Lord Jesus repent of my sins. Come into my heart. Make your my Lord insane four interview, you that simple prayer, we believe you got born again get in a good Bible based charge. Keep God first place. He's Take your places that you ve never dreamed. I think for listening to the jewellers Dean podcast helpless, continue to share the message of hope. With those all over the world is a joke.
Steam, dot com. Slash, give hope to give again today thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope your subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing boy. No gods best is still ahead. We'll see you next time.
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