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You Have Hidden Treasure

2019-04-24 | 🔗
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hide this goal in victoria thanks for downloading our podcast we enjoy spending this time with you i hope you'll leave inspire make sure you subscribe to get new messages every week we appreciate your support and help keep the ministry going enjoy them is god bless you always a joy to come into your homes and if you ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services these are the finest people in all of houston texas right here at lakewood but so glad you're tuned in and thank you again for coming out i like to start with something funny each week and i should men was sent to me by a woman but into the alaska department of fish and game while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer
male reindeer lose their antlers at the start of winter in early november female reindeer keep there's until the spring this me is that all of santa's reindeer from rudolf tablets and had to be female she goes on to say we should have known only women drag around a fat man we're in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost like you made it this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says can do what it says i can do they i will be taught the word of god boldly beth my mind is a more heart is receptive i will never be the same in jesus name god i want to talk to you today about how you have hidden treasure
too easy to get stuck in life till we think we ve reached our limits i'm gonna or as i can go and i'm not that talented i could never accomplished my dreams now odd wouldn't have given you the dream and then not giving you the ability to do it you have what you need the problem many times is better on the inside its hidden treasure you have gifts and talents that you'd not yet tapped into there is potential that is waiting to be released when god laid out the plan for you alive he deposit in view of the scale the wisdom the creativity everything you need to fulfil your destiny now here's the key it's not what you in you that matters it's what you get out if you're going to read you a highest potential you have to tap in tat hidden treasure our red where the continent of africa
has more natural resources than any other continent they have more goal more diamonds the north america then europe then asia but isn't it interesting though one of the poorest continent europe and north morocco have these big cities wealth prosperity what's the problem it's not it's in you is what you're getting at bury on the inside of you right now is hidden treasure you are full of resources there are books move these songs ideas inventions business is putting you by the eight of the universe now my challenge is don't die with the treasure still on the inside you have something to offer this world that nobody else can offer you are unique of a kind when god made you he threw away the mall don't go around we
you had somebody else's gift if you had their give it wouldn't help you it would hinder you're not anointed be them you're anointed to be you if god wanted you to look like them have their personality and what they can do then he would have made you that way you have exactly what you need you all enough you're smart enough you're attractive enough you're talented and quit comparing yourself to somebody else you been fearfully wonderfully may when you are in your anointing competent and who god made you to be no one that you got what it takes then you are hidden treasure you give your talents that potential is going to be released you'll step in to them fullness of your destiny it says in evasions three twinning god is able to do exceedingly abundantly
of all that we can ask or think here's the key according to the power that works in you notice is not according to the power this in your neighbour or your balls your past or your priest the bank the stock market its according to the power that works in you in other words it depends on what you believe you go around telling yourself i'm just average not that talented outcome the wrong family then the acceding greatness of god's power is not going to work in you that treasure is going to stay bearing do yourself a favor quit this counting yoursel quit be little in your sale when god cried did you he wasn't having a bad day he didn't make any mistakes you're not lacking you're not at a disadvantage you didn't get short changed you being created in the eu
of almighty god you have treasure on the inside if that treasure is going to come out you have to have the attitude of god what it takes not waiting on it i'm not hoping get it one day i'm not big somebody to give me a break not wishing to look like a friend no i realize it's already on the inside equipped empowered i want a creative waylay you live like that and you ll see the acceding greatness of god's favour this is where sarah in the scripture almost mr god gave her a promise that you we have a baby but she was well beyond the child bearing years she thought the promised would come through somebody else at made more since she was to all so she got her husband
abraham together with our young maid and they had a baby seriously thank you or the promised came to pass but god said no sarah i didn't put the promise in them are put the promising you you hidden treasure that still buried in your work but as long as sarah thought unto all i'm at a disadvantage like these younger women she was talking herself out of what god wanted to do how many times do we do the same thing i could never be in management could never write that book i could never build that house no god is saying to you what he said to sara i didn't put the promised somebody else i've put the promise in you the treasure is on the inside now it may be buried under out in fear buried under disappointments what didn't work out for him
buried under low self esteem intimidation but the good news is the treasure is still in you you may have talked yourself out of it but you two talk got out of it god does not aboard dreams if you'll get back in again with god then what he promised to he will bring to pass cyril was almost a hundred years old when she gave birth to a baby boy named eyes the treasure came out not through somebody else wasn't according to the past in her may are in her husband the greatness of god power was released wins he chose to believe she rose up and said hey wait a minute this is my time this is my destiny i am not going to sit on the sidelines i've got something kick in on the inside i've got potential dreams
this promises did are waiting to be released now want to light that same far under you today some of these have been sitting on the sidelines celebrating everybody else continue to see the promises come to pass in their life good but god wants to do something amazing in your life he wants you to be celebrated you don't have to sit on the sidelines you have buried treasure there are promises the goddess broken over you dreams that he wants you to give birth to it's not too late you're not too old it may look impossible but our god can do the impossible when you believe favour is released when you believe hidden treasure comes for when you believe like sarah you're going to give birth to those promises
it's interesting when sarah first heard the news that she was going to have a baby the scriptures as it was so far out she in the latter i can hear her saying abraham a baby are you kidding i've gone through the changeover that defies the laws of nature she was saying i'm at a disadvantage i don't have what it takes belittling herself discounting herself that's going to keep the treasure bury i've learned its just as easy to talk yourself into it as it is to talk yourself out of instead of thinking of all the reasons why you can't get well why you can accomplish why your marriage is not going to last it's too late i've made too many mistakes no zip data and in data talking yourself out of it start talking yourself into
do all these through crimes god is make it away even though i dont see your way i'm anointed and quit talented more than a cock joe this sounds good but i don't see how could get well this sickness has been in my family law for five generations my grim the door to the same thing if you keep talking like that is gonna be six generations why don't you start talking yourself in god is restoring health back into me the number days he will fulfil the tide of this battle is turning out will live in not die in the scripture god gave a promise to jeremiah that he would become a great profit in to the nations but jeremiah was young and afraid he didn't see how it could happen he started telling got all the reasons why it wouldn't work out he's a god when i get up to speak people mock me and make fun of me
young i'm tired i'm intimidated owning on just when you thought he was going to talk himself out he said in jeremiah twenty verse nine your word in my heart is like fire shut up in my bones he was saying god i may not see how can happen all the odds are against me but this problem you put in me i will not go away its lack of it's a alive i can't get away from you may be at a place right now where you could easily give up on what god is put in your heart but i believe like jeremiah there is far shut up in your bones what program promise you will not die you can ignore it you can try to talk yourself
out of your mind may tell you that is never going to happen but deep down you're going to feel a story a burning a restlessness that's the promise god putting you he loves you too much to let you be average he's going to push in the greatness you're hidden treasure is about now you need to get ready the gifts the talents the scales the ideas the untapped potential is about to come for you're going to step into a new season you going to feel a bull to do things that you ve never done it's going to be a supernatural strain god he's going to open doors that no man can share now don't say back intimidated the queen of the universe not only equipped and empower jus but he's breathing in your direction right now he's breathe in favour rhythm keeping conference
restoration see a lot of times we hear about what we can do but i want to tell you what you can do you care and accomplish your god given dreams you can live healthy and whole you can overcome every obstacle you can set a new standard for your family you are not every you're not ordinary you have treasure on the inside when i was a little boy drawn up our next door neighbours had a big german shepherd dog in their back are we even though their yard was fenced off they always kept the dog on a leash one day when i was about nine years old i was play in baseball in the back with some friends and the ball when over into the neighbors yard i didn't think much about it i've been over there many times i got my ladder and climbed over our six foot finns when i got to the ball
dog was about fifty yards away when he saw me he took off in toward me many miles an hour my heart for some reason he wasn't on a leash that day i knew i was as good as dead i turned on and took off running toward me science is fast as i could a whole time democracy and lord forgive me my sins i'm about to come me too when i got to the fin all in one motion i grab with one hand and jumped as high as i could and some now i got over that fence right before the dog got to me just a little boy i had practically jumped over a six put things and you know the say white men can't job that they are doing there's no point that dog help me to discover
ensure that i didn't know i ahead that dog help me to find some hidden treasure never jump at how before the truth is i have never junk that house yeah really know what's on the inside and to you demand on your potential so you are going to be offered a position that you think is way over your head you can be tempted to swing back i can do that i'm not qualified i don't have the experience no it may be over your head but it is not over god said he has already deposited in everything that you god wouldn't have given you the opportunity nor put the desire in you if you didn't already have everything when you rise with bonus with confidence
you're going to see new gifts new talents new strength new carpet is all these things are going to come up how do you there on the inside you just have to work with god to get them some of you are going to have an opportunity to go back and finish school or to change careers or maybe the start your own business the easy thing to do is to play it safe and stay you're comfortable but if you are going to see this hidden treasure come out you to be willing to do something that you ve never done if you when the walk or water you gotta get out of the boat you can't play it so if your whole life and expect to reach your highest potential
you gotta be willing to take some risk now would you to feel this nuisance of competence new born this you are a fool a possibility don't sit around thinking about what you can't do i could never be in management i could never speak in front of people like you george i could never jumper that six put bans i bet you could if you saw that german shepherd chasing you you discover things in you did you i knew you had paul told timothy in the script you're store up you gives god is saying i'm about to take you someplace you ve never been i'm about to show you new ways to increase i'm about to open new doors of opportunity which all i'm not that talent i could never led my company in sales who told you that the we ate or other universes you have every
you need to excel you are equipped you are empowered you are pointed this is your season to come up higher god is back to release hidden your this been buried on the inside get ready to do in that you ve never done get ready to go places that you ve never been i love the story of susan boy our special guest today many of you have seen susan singing on britain's got talent she's surprise the judges in the world with her incredible voice what do you mean not realize with susan had not had an easy life was the youngest of nine children or father was a minor struggling to keep the family going
when she was born her mother had trouble with the delivery susan wit without oxygen during the chopper while the doctors were pleased that she survived they told her parents don't expect anything from susan she's disadvantages had this problem during birth she'll never amount to that much but what didn't know what almighty god had placed on the inside the doktor gave information from a medical point of view they did their part but there was hidden treasure did nobody could see medical staff san marino birth injury slow learner at a disadvantage god said masterpiece
one of a kind empower susan she could have let the experts talk her into settling for an average ordinary life not hey i'm at a disadvantage not my fault i've had this trouble during birth though she had this attitude there is a treasure on the inside of me i'm not going to go through life in self pity focus what i don't have no there's something did do have been fearful and wonderfully may at the age of forty eight her parents had both passed away and was living alone look like the odds were against her didn't know how she's gonna make ends meet she could have gotten encouraged by early one morning she took a bus headed toward a singing competition in another city she had never travel that far
she accidently got on the wrong burst in ended up taken six buses to get to the then you would you walked on the stage using shows most of the contestants were there yeah real here really super cool and when she went out it seem like quota contracts the league judd simon cow ask what you wanted to do and she said see some in the audience begin to snicker and laugh they thought here's another performance that we're going to have to endure but when susan opened her mouth and started the whole world listen to wear that clip was viewed over three a million times on new to the most ever knew organizations from around the globe carried the story with the headline the voice that stunned the world here's my point there is a treasure on the
inside of every person god did not leave any body out it doesn't matter what people have spoken over you does it matter how many disadvantages you pay or how many odds are against you if you just keep doing like susan not get discouraged not let people talk it out of it not let your own thoughts tell you you're just average you're ordinary nothing special about you know just keep taking those steps if they honouring god being your best talking yourself into it instead of talking yourself out of it you do that and your treasure is going to be released like god did for her god will take your place that you ve never dreamed of it a story that a five year old boy that love the p m the only son
he really knew how to play was chopsticks just a very simple to one day his father surprised him with tickets to this company to hear this world renowned italian pianist this man was one of the greatest piano players that ever lived that live on the way to their seats the little boy noticed the beautiful grain p anna upon the state when no one was watching he snuck over and sat down and begin to play his elementary version of chopsticks about that time the curtain begin to iran everyone was expecting to see this world renowned pianist instead they saw this little five year old boy he was so called been is world he didn't realize what was happening when he finally looked up he was petrified just as he was about to take off running toward his seats he failed to big arms
reaching around here it was the world renowned pianist he was bird in the little boys ears keep playing as that little boy kept playing that simple rendition of choice sticks this world renowned pianist started playing a beethoven symphony peace that was scored in the same cadence and the same key under the direction of the master he brought the rest of the orchestra first the wood wins then the precaution then the brass the father sat there in the art with tears he never dream that simple tune that he heard in his home so many times would no longer sound like chopsticks but it would become a beautifully inspired fully perfected beethoven symphony what happened the master stepped in sometimes in life you may not feel like you have the time
the streets the ability but the good news is god does when you use what you have the master will show up we'll put his hands over your he'll take what you think is very evident average talent average skills average education but when the master steps in he'll mix his super with your average an amazing things will begin to happen when i first started ministering thirteen years ago after my father went to be with the lord ma sermon we're very elementary very basic and don't you say amy i'm like that little boy it was like i was playing chopsticks i was doing the best i could using what god had given me the thoughts told joe you not a minister you don't have what it takes out would replace those thoughts without can do all things through christ i'm equipped anointed in
instead of talking myself out of it a talk myself into what happened the master stepped in god put his hands hands he brought ability out made that i didn't know i had the treasure begin to be released new may feel like you could never accomplish what gods put in your heart you don't have the resources the education the talent you may not but god does when you make a move god make some i would still be sitting on the sidelines if i had not taken that step of faith every voice told me not to do it i was nervous i feel unqualified inexperience but when i got out of my safe zone and over into the fates zone the master stephanie god will bring things out to you that you didn't know you had in the
mean days as you stretch your thing you're going to discover a confidence and abilities that you didn't know was in you instead of just in chopsticks you're going to hear the woodwind joining a supernatural breaks are going to come your way just when you think it can't get any better the brass the precaution were joining the ripe the right opportunities before long it's going to sound like a beautiful symphony you'll know luck i do this is not just my talent my ability this is the master stepping in god taken my ordinary and making an extraordinary let me ask you today if your time on earth was this week is there something that we're missing out on is your treasure buried under doubt fear under what somebody said
you owe it to yourself and you owe it to the world to tap into that hidden treasure it's not too late you're not old like jeremiah there is far shut up in your bones god is spoken promises over your line dreams that the creator of the universe put in you and don't do like sarah and talk yourself out of it start talking yourself in get up every morning no one that you have exactly what you need if you do this you need to get ready you are hidden treasure is going to come out the masters going to step in and mix his soup with your natural now believe and declare before you this earth you release all of your potential all of your gifts will come for and you will become everything god created you
be in jesus name if you receive it can you say have ended i we never like to close our borders without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your line would you pray with me just say lord jesus i repented my sins come in them hard make you my lord and savior principally pride that so prayer we believe you got born again get in good bible base church keep god first place he's gonna take your places that you ve never dreamed thank you for listening to the jews dean podcast helpless help us continue to share the message of hope with those all over the world is a joke steam dot com slash give hope to give again today thanks much for listening to today's message i hope you subscribe so you can receive the latest podcast to keep the inspired all through the we were playing
i'm no gods best is still ahead will see him next time
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