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You Have The Cure

2020-04-26 | 🔗
When Jesus went to the cross, He not only bore our sins; He bore our weaknesses and failures. You are not at the mercy of what’s coming against you. Two thousand years ago, the antidote was created. What the enemy meant for harm, God is going to use to your advantage.Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love. To give visit JoelOsteen.com/GiveHope
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You have to receive gods, mercy and move forward. You can't reach destiny. If you always look at bath, nothing you ve done is a surprise to God. He every mistake you in my every failure. You can still give to where you're supposed to be, but you have to shake off the gale and move ahead hi. This is german Vittorio thanks for downloading pod. We enjoy spending this time with you. I know you want to leave encouraged and inspire make sure subscribe to get new messages every week and follow us on social media to stay connected. We appreciate your support. It helps keep the ministry going enjoy. The message
God bless you, it's a joy to come into your homes. We are praying for you and your family for gods very best. I like to start with something funny and I've heard about this minister. He was driving down the road when you got pull over by policemen, the officer came up to the window and smelled alcohol. He saw thermos instead, sir. What are you drinking? The minister said just water officer. He asked to see the thermos. He took one sniff and said it smells like one to me. The minister said: What are you know? Jesus? Did it again come on hold up your Bible, say it? Like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says. I am, I have what it says have, I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God: boldly can ass. My mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same.
in Jesus, nay, God bless. You want to talk to you today about you, have the cure. One of the challenge we face with this corona virus. Is there no antibodies we ve never seen this strain a virus, so there is no give yet researchers can tirelessly to develop a vaccine. Most report say it's going to take about a year or more, without a cure where at the mercy of the virus, a friend of mine is a position that specializes in infectious disease he said there are diseases that he treated thirty years ago that he doesn't see today because we found the antidote because vaccines and anti bodies were developed. What used to harm us? Doesn't he
much anymore. Once you have the cure, you don't have to be afraid of the disease. But what about these viruses that you can't see with the microscope? Guilt fear, depression, addictions, some viruses, you can't treat with the physical vaccine. There are poison they can. In fact our thinking are self esteem. If we only had an antidote to deal with the guilt from our past mistakes, the terms we failed didn't make good decisions. Now we go around in regrets down on ourselves. We only had the cure for the hurts the disappointments, the unfair childhood. Now we're tempted live bitter, insecure, no passion. The good news is two thousand
go. The antidote was developed for everything that will come again, do not by leading scientists, not bad team of researchers, but by the son of the living God when Jesus went to the cross. He took on our guilt,
shame our failures. He not only bore our sins, but he took our sicknesses before he was close to fight. He was beaten with thirty nine stripes. On his back studies. Tell us there are thirty nine major of categories of disease. He took one strive for each one. That's why it says by his stripes. You were here, we are not at the mercy of fear, depression, addictions. We have the cure, the most TAT, God is breathing in our direction him be in, for you is more than the world being against you, don't let the fear the guilt, the depression hold you down, take the antidote father. Thank you that I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I am free. I am healthy and whole when thoughts tell you you're, just to average, there's nothing special about two. If you dwell on that poison, it will infect your thinking. You have to take
your medicine. I am fearfully and wonderfully made am we're in a crown, a favor I have royal blood flowing through. My veins proverb says: Gods word is like a medicine when you meditate on it. It brings healing and holders when thoughts, whisper, you'll, always struggle in your family this low down, he's going to ruin your business, don't let that virus take root. Father! Thank you that the economy is not my source, but you are my source. You said you would prosper me even in the debt You have the cure now make sure that your taken your medicine, one time the Israelites had turned against God started. Worshipping idols, they ended up exiled
Their own land and brought into captivity in Babylon was their own fault. They had brought the trouble on themselves. The prophet Jeremiah was very discouraged. He ask: is there no bomb in guilty? Add? Is there no physician that can help ass, he was saying: God is there no cure? Is there no remedy from this virus that we'd? Let in fact does he like and it to be an bit by poisonous snakes. The truth is we ve all been bitten by something bitten by guilt, bitten by fear bitten by rejection? How do we deal with the venom? How do we get rid of the poison and not let it stop our destiny? I read about how they develop anti venom for snake bites years ago. After much research scientists took some of the poisonous venom from the snake.
injected it into horses. The horse would naturally develop antibodies did that they could then remove and use it as serum for some one that was bitten by a snake over time. They realized the enter venom from the blood of horses. Wasn't working fast enough in peace, many, were losing their lives, they needed in and have been, that was more powerful, more effective. They test many animals and finally discovered that the of a lamb produce the most effective anti venom. Unlike the blood of a horse when the sheep was injected with poisonous venom, the antibodies created work. faster in people and produced a much stronger and more powerful and to have been a few years ago. They discovered that cheap in South Australia
do some of the most effective anti body than anywhere in the world is because, though sheep are in a prestige environment where they are free from disease that typically affect other she and the fact that these sheep are so healthy and have such pure blood. That's why they create the most powerful and I've been think back to the garden of Eden. That's the first time we see a poisonous snake, the enemy is called a serpent. He bit Adam and Eve not physically, but in their thinking he deceived them and they became poisoned. They ate the forbidden fruit. They did wrong and open the door to trouble all the sudden. They were afraid they realize they were naked. They ran in here.
Ok, me, guilt, shame, heartache! God had to come up with a plan to deal with the venom that had poison mankind. He needed to create an anti venom, but it had to be something incredibly powerful that made it had to come from the purest blood. The most effective source. God didn't choose the blood of a horse. He didn't choose the blood of a go. He didn't choose the blood of a animal. This time he chose the blood of his only son. The first time John the Baptist saw Jesus. He said behold all the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Jesus wasn't just in.
Lamb. He was the sinless spotless lamb of God. That's why his anti venom is more powerful than any poison that comes against you, the enemy, we're trying to poison you with down, never going to work out poison, you're with fear. What, if you can't set virus poison, you with insecurity, you're, not good, and nobody wants to be around you- that poison cannot keep you from your destiny is no match for the anti venom created by the most tat. God acquit telling yourself you made to many mistakes. Living
We condemn. Take your anti by father. Thank you that your mercy is bigger than member states. Thank you that what you started in my life, you will finish. You have to receive gods, mercy and move forward. You can't reach your destiny. If you always looking back, nothing you ve done is a surprise to God. He knew every mistake. You would make every face. Every failure you can still get to where you're supposed to be, but you have to shake off the guilt and move ahead when you're dealing with fear, depression, anxiety, don't just accepted. Think I'll always struggle in this area. Take your medicine father! Thank you that I am free. I have the mind of cries. I have peace that passes understanding lies, will tell you what
you're dealing with is permanent. There's no solution, you'll never get well, never break the addiction. Just say no thanks. I know the blood of the lamb is more powerful than the venom of any snake. Yes, there are times that we get bit things happen, we didn't see common. Do you have to remind your cell? God is not up in Heaven lookin for a cure. When that virus. Didn't Fiji trying to figure out what he's going to do he's already created the cure two thousand years ago, repeated the enemy once and for all. The scripture says he rendered him powerless one version says. He brought him to not not mean zero. The enemy has no power over you. He can't keep you from your purpose. The only way he can. stop. You is, if you start believe in his last gods, not going to bless. You look at the mistake you may
you'll never accomplish your dreams. You bad too many bad breaks. Don't let that poison? Keep you put the awesome future. God has in store start taken. The intervening God has brought you this. Or to leave you just because you don't see away. Does it mean God doesn't have a way right now he's working behind the scenes in Europe?
you wouldn't be allowed if he didn't have something amazing in front of you, why do you think the enemies trying to stop you? He doesn't bother people that are not a threat. He wouldn't wasted time or new. If he didn't know you were a world change history maker that you have seeds of greatness. He knows, God is about to open doors bigger than you dreamed you about to step into new levels of your destiny and don't be surprised if you get a few snake bite so to speak, a print walks away. The company doesn't need anymore and unexpected illness that poison can cause. do they get infected, lived, worried, give up on your dreams, or you can take that kinda, Vienna gotta know you're still on the throne, and no no weapon formed against me is going to prosper. I'm not going to just come out, I'm going to come out better than
was before there was a young lady that lost your father to an illness. They were very close and spend a lot of time together. She was so devastated and so heartbroken she had been bit so to speak, but something she never saw coming. She could have become bitter sour, let that poison the rest of her life, but she believed God was still in control. It wasn't easy, but she kept moving forward when you go to Lawson things that kind of knocked the wind out of you. It's tempting to give up on live. Thank you, ve seen your best days, that's when you have to dig down deep and say father. Thank you that you have beauty for these ashes. You said weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the mornin roared. Thank you that there are good days up ahead every day you make this choice to stay faith to have a good attitude when it's not fair to believe when nothing is improving, you can't see it, but God is
working behind the scenes. He's making things happen that you couldn't make happen as a part of the healing process Every day this young lady texted, her fathers number in tone What went on that day in what she was feeling it was her way of staying close to her father. She told him how she had overcome cancer, how she had finished college and graduated with honors, not just the good things she texted about the boy prince that broke her heart, some of the other challenges she had face, all the while she thought she was doing this just to help her heel. They help her move But, on the fourth anniversary of her father's death, the young lady received a response from the number she had been texting. She thought it was no longer working, but the text said my name is ran three years ago, I lost my daughter in a car accident. Your text every day have been what's keeping me going.
He went on to tell her how proud he was of her. How proud her father would be. young lady said that was her sign, that everything was ok, that she could lead her father rest in peace today, she's moving forward and doing great things when life throws us occur too easy to take the venom go around poison, but the chip on our shoulder. If you keep moving The word God will give you beauty for those ashes. He didn't bring this far to leave you that loss the disappointment, the bad break didn't stop his plane. He has in the palm of his hand, there are great days up ahead. Don't let that poison stay in you take the answer,
I believe that God is in control and that your latter days will be better than your former days in numbers. Twenty one, the Israelites we're in the desert headed toward the promised land God had given them victory over different armies, parted the Red Sea freedom from slavery, but they got tired of travelling through the desert. They begin to complain and be disgruntled. They said Moses, there's nothing good to eat out here. We can't stand this man anymore. Why did you bring us to the desert to die as she's go back to Egypt and be slaves again? They started talking bad about Moses, stirring up trouble. The scripture says poisonous snakes came into their camp and many of them were beaten and die after all, God is done for us when we are tempted to complain, be discontent that shaky ground here
was giving them man each morning, supernaturally providing food in the desert, but they were funding for the next First says they came running back to Moses is instead Moses. We have sinned it's funny. How quickly their attitude chain trouble has a way of helping us have the right perspective. They went on say Moses, please pray, God would take away these snakes. One moment they were talking bad about Moses. The next moment they were asking him to pray for them. If you're going to be a leader, if gods going to trust you with influence some you have to pray for people who were criticising you the day before you have to be good to someone that doesn't deserve your goodness, I'm sure Moses was tempted to say yeah. I would love to pray for you, godson, more snakes, God get rid of the rest of them.
you're going to pass this test. You have to swallow your pride and do the right thing, even though they don't deserve it. It's interesting what God told Moses to do. He said: make a bronze snake put it up or Nepal, and everyone that looks up at that snake will be healed. Why would he chooses snake? That's what they were trying to get rid of. You would think God would say, make a bronze down or make a brow architects coven, but God took the very thing that was the problem and turned it into the solution. That's what the scripture says, what the Inn they met for harm. God turns to your advantage. The snakes didn't stop biting the they weren't free from trouble, but from then on anyone who looked up at that Braun snake was he'll years later. Jesus was talking the Nicodemus he said and John Chapter three just as Moses live
it up the snake on a Nepal in the wilderness. So I, the Son of Man, will be lifted up on a pole and everyone that looks and believes in me, we'll have eternal lie: Moses, having the bronze snake. Paul was foreshadowing, Jesus dying on the cross, but the snake represents evil. Jesus represents good. How could that be Paul said in second Corinthians Jesus became sin for us so that we could become the righteousness of God. He came what he wasn't so we could become, who we were created today on that cross. Geez took all of our failures? All of our shame our guilt. Now, whoever looks to the sun and believes in him we'll leave. My question is: what are you looking at your circumstances? How big the problem is this virus has me so worried
You need to look up. There's healing when you look, there's freedom. When you look there's victory. When you look up there salvation when you look up, don't go through life. Looking down they get. This problem is to be it's never going to work out. I've been through too much kid. A new perspective, the forest is better for you, a greater than the forces that are against you. You may have been bitten by mistakes bitten by divorced bitten by hurts, but that is not how your story ends. That poison doesn't have the final say, God is saying. Look up you haven't seen your best days healing is coming from ocean
coming. The right people are coming with. Jewels sounds good, but I've made a lot of mistakes join the crowd. We all have look up. There's forgiveness, look up, there's mercy, look up, there's another chance! Look up! There's a god did doesn't give up on the scripture says the calling on your lie is irrevocable lab gone through loss. I've had bad breaks, now, relationship didn't work out. Look up, there are new beginnings. Look up, there are divan connections. Look up. There is beauty for those ashes. after Jesus was crucified. Two women went to the tomb early eastern morning to annoyed his body. They noticed the huge step to the entrance was rolled away. They were puzzled, went in and saw a young man wearing a bright white robe sitting next to wear the body should be. They didn't realize he was an angel, they said,
during all knowing something special was happening? The angel said don't be amazed. You're looking for Jesus he's, not here, has risen. The angel was saying in effect, you have good, pensions but you're looking to love, you're. Looking from unnatural point of view, you need to look up why God is going to do in your life is not going to be ordinary. It's not going to happen like it happened for your relatives. That was that you grew up with you going to stand out, you're going to break mold you're, going to set new standards where God is taking you. No one in your family has gone that don't have a small vision, don't go around looking low thinking. You reach your limits. God is about to do a new thing, something that you haven't see he's going to open doors. You never dream would open take it places that you couldn't go on your enacts in chapter twenty eight
The apostle Paul was a prisoner in route to Rome to stand before Caesar boat. He was sailing on encountered a huge storm and broke upon. He in the crew grab pieces of the boat and swam to the shore. Listen, polity and panic. He didn't fall apart. He simply shook the snake all and went about his business with the local people knew exactly what was going to happen. They had seen this again and again. Paul was going to swell up, get sick and suddenly die. They thought too bad he'll be gone in a little while and our wit by he was five two hours, nothing wrong. Eight hours, still healthy first six says when they waited a long time and saw that no harm came to him
and again Paul was going to swell up, get sick and suddenly die. They thought too bad he'll be gone in a little while and our wit by he was five two hours. Nothing wrong eight hours, still healthy, first, EC says when they waited a long time and saw that no harm came to him. They decided Paul was a god they weren't far off. He was the son of God. Yes, there will be times we get bit in lie bit by sickness bit by divorce bit my loss. Things happen. We didn't see coming but like with Paul that poison is not going to have any effect on you. You have the and have been what stops. Others is not going to stop ii. The most tat, God is pushing back forces of darkness he's order in your stems making cook in places strain. What he's
purpose for your life will come to pass. The scripture says: God destroyed the works of the enemy that were destroyed in the original language means to not have its intended purpose. When the snake bite in releases that venom its purpose is to take you out, you should swell up, get sick and like everyone else, but because God destroyed the works of the enemy, it's not going to have its intended purpose. The sickness came to my mother in nineteen. Eighty one is Post was to inter lie, but it didn't have its intended purpose. God has the final say: nothing can snatch you out of his hand when my father went to with the Lord and ninety ninety nine, the enemy in tended for Lakewood to go down
fade away, have no more impact, but that loss didn't have its intended purpose. God had another plain that we would expand, reach more people, have greater influence, don't get discourage when negative things, com We can't play away all the difficulties, but when you realize it's not going to have its intended purpose, then you can stay in vain. The divorce that trail that slow down in the economy should sound. Your lie, but it's not going to be what it looks like pay. Are going to look into like they did Paul and think how are they thriving when they should be surviving? How is she so blest after going through that rough child, who, how is he still so strong, happy successful after that bad break in his business? It's because what the enemy sit to stop you is not going to have its intent
did purpose when that snake bites, don't panic don't fall apart, just shake it off and keep moving forward. Keep thanking God. Betty spotting your battles keep taking him that what was meant for harm he's. Turning to your advantage, I read something interesting about a honey bee is one of the few bees that, when it stings it leaves it Stinger It just has one staying and then it's done the next time it goes to staying. There's nothing. There is like having a gun with one bullet, a boxer with one punch you better make it count, because that your only chance two thousand years ago The enemy came against Jesus. What he didn't realize is like that honey bee. He only had one chance. He did his best to defeat Jesus. He was crucified on the cross. Jesus breathed, his last breath and died. It looked like the sting was successful,
Satan was rejoicing, think it he had won, but on the third day Jesus came out of the grey he set out was dead, but I'm alive ever more and I have the keys to death and the good news. Is the enemy doesn't have his stinger anymore? He tried his best, but his best was not enough. That's why pause o death. Where is your c o grave? Where is your victory? We can live from a place of faith, no one that God has removed the sting or from the enemy. He has rendered him powerless what he brings against you
not going to have its intended purpose, the blood of the Lamb is greater than any poison. This trying to stop. You have put your shoulders back. Hold your head upon the most powerful force in the universe is breathing in your direction. Friend you have the cure now get up every morning. Take your medicine, dwell on what God says gee. If you'll do this, I believe and declare chains that have held you back are being broken. Favour is coming healing, is coming. Promotion is coming the fullness of your destiny in Jesus, nay. Well, I'd like to give you an hour to unity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you play with me just say: Lord Jesus, our repent of my sins. Come into my heart. Make you my Lord insane.
If your pride, that simple prayer, we believe you got born again we'd love to give you some information on your new walk up. They just text the number on this. We emit challenge to get into a good Bible based charge and came God first place thanks so much for listening to today's message. I hope you subscribe, so you can receive the latest podcast to keep be encouraged. sparred all through the. We help us to continue this year. The message of hope with those all around the world busy join those dean, dot com or click the link in the description to partner with us today. We hope your share. This mess with a friend and be sure to follow us on socially reply and for you I know, got best, still ahead with it.
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