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Episode 105: John Wayne Gacy

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The Heavy Hitters series continues with the Killer Clown himself, John Wayne Gacy! Join us in this first installment as we explore Gacy's early life as a pudgy Boy Scout to his sodomy conviction in Iowa and landing back in Des Plaines, IL where Gacy's murder spree of 33 teenage boys begins.

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on the cannibalism started people, so many lonely go let alone we goes on. I put up a really go I had smorgasbord Siam Benjamin kiss all to my left. We have a fella, then we'll go through specific gotta be odd. Accurately and Christmas, but I've been nobody numbering going being I started, is a brass given out of the train today were in the exact same g train different cars. Now he got off our I did. I was walking behind him for quite a long time enough time to stab you multiple mall.
Old times? If I so wanted to? I was wrapped in a fantasy. He was wrapped in a fantasy Henry Henry he maps out of enemies. I owe you believe what I was just thinking about an hour, It was something peaceful and wonderful, something about love and bodies. Now know what I said was. It is very true I was I was not looking like, whereas I was imagining in my brain when my parents surely die. Has a lot of eventually die ominous spend Christmas in Cancun. And how many people are even has been Christmas in our body. Nobody, myself just me this They does an forgetting about pint martinis, so you can think of anything in your head. You could fantasized about going to. Spain literally was imagining myself on the plane going to conclude on we're in Santa has just spoken. A leather thong get out Finally, after the fantasy fast twenty seventeen canker, misters eyebrows, you would you will like another hoagie,
martini, fuckin, light obsessed by occasioning for Christmas, I've been fantasizing by being a magician lately, you wanna Arcas what what? What? If you could juggle one thing, what you want to do now reigns not gonna, do not that a magician. What kind of a genuine practical magician other practical magician who at a wizard with their zeal with you, wanna, be a wizard, normal rhythm, all episode about who you are buying around our trip to be, which I would have a wizard too, but mostly, I just want to be like, because I am and have like a joy, show up the world's most stone with Henry wizards or stone, not magic. That's there would be a conjuring spell elliptical Miss Netteke, and this is gonna, be the earliest nerd alert I've ever known. That's not when we start Hogwarts gay
and die nerd talk, though, before we get into today's major subject, John, when we get pretty masculine before we start talking today. Yes, you present once more asked Olenin store in a major motion picture that comes out in December, twenty five called above all straight and go into them. Your party, Mr Henry's, eyebrows gay. You gotta check it out. It's good check it out. The Good film Mr Brown on Tuesday night, every other. Every year than any of your life. You ve, been a peasant here papers had gone back to be in one, nor for one night includes and glad that would bounced off my sunglasses by patent leather shoes, and I walked the red card
Yes, you did you a glorious, walking their red car have Salute Lee. I did I tried it was from and I got a woman's where Digest asked me a couple of questions here. The really really only wants to talk to me like this woman's where Dietaries Nancy Women's, where daylight sorry late hour. I will, as interview be coming out, maybe because they asked me later on to they re quoted me. They asked me to clarify something. I they got together by the pleasure of them, asking me that, so what are you wearing and I was like the liberty than I really know about you not say if it's a thing in New York, it's really good. It's called men The warehouse Odin leads it what's funny about it. Is that you'd think it's warehouse, the building put it
where happy with the word way or in the title, that is fun and she stared at me in silence, but that is greatly women where daily check out their Henry's, a browser yard, a call and each year's thrown revives yeah. I've been told I'm gonna like the way. I look like the way you luck with. That too, would you is it in an interesting with sensitive brethren impression of what this impression of removal on? Ok we're good.
You every ruins, daughter, a foreigner roads, belgian border. Where there's no, I had reached the rolling stone. That's going down the tubes, no women's daily women's way her daily. I want a wolf of Wall Street about men with big giant hard, fuckin coxey. Nowhere to put their mind, you know how to treat the ladys and other boys they pal around with and there's another guy out. There are really two knows how to treat the ladys. Who knows how to treat some of his boys downtown he's got the manly. His name in a game. Welcomes number two at our big hater sewage enter the pig ashikaga Fuckin killer, clown himself, John Wayne Gayle. We cover Dahmer before and now upon re entering into this world. I've are you relaunched my love for John Wayne? a single job windy sees a charmer. Yes, a joker was right. Funny guy well connected. You don't mean he knew suit. He knows he knows where to get the free
the sausage in town is he your Spirit, animal John Wayne Gaze? He would you describe him is the incuriously. Besides? Is the obvious, just physical connection, right he's, obviously Hu, I d, if I was a serial killer, got the gift. A he's got gift of Gabby gives he's, got the gift of cloud and he's got to give to make people to be around him, which is exceptionally difficult in a rare skill for the majority of zero views. The true politician and men found probably even closer to the truth of politicians, will only like what happened and boys town would happen very differently. Is that we have already seen where we ve seen the politicians who openly not a totals sexual freak, undeviating depended on the union's always turn again
The holding of the island cover. I uncover outwardly. You know with pipe and in boys, Yea Hauser, Jose Bach, suppose, a grotesque ritual abuse going on, but mostly it was just politicians fuckin, but having such I was to learn to be always resident whose, where it manages to get the glue to keep his fuckin the poor man gone right right by the way. I read that article that somebody posted on the facebook page about the lost profits, lead singer and you get one of the twenty nine twenty two years waiting egg is twenty, nine and seven. On top of that, that's all regional God knows how things for thirty five, but That's, it is being you, babies, less research is, if you give a baby orgasm your fine under the law, like all these babies loved under british law? Yes, yes, because baby that smoking cigarettes just go on any tat, any TAT Cumberland over my crib, literally in Zagreb. I, like that
it's a great roads I get. John Wayne Gayle Gift gave a real charmer. He had every tool did he needed to have in order to be one of them. Serial killers in American absolutely was molested by an uncle. He was beaten by his father coachman Where is whole life and I mean not, like you wasn't same- was already going on inside his own fuckin mines, right which- and I really find it interesting as fathers- a bit of a psychic. Ok, his father really knew his son gaps knew some better than he did yeah does it say: you could tell you was a liar, especially withdrawn when Gacy just hanging out with his sisters. You know and is being like. I'm gonna be a big strong men like you daddy majority religion very well yeah, go predator clown, up in time. The kids, the rope Dr Marcus, gave me this book called defending a monster. John Wayne, Gacy by John Wayne, Gayle sees defence attorney resume our MRI Anti. He wrote it entire book from his perspective in any case, which is entirely
flawed, because the GPA securities cases entirely followed yeah, because he had thirty three forget: boy he's wrote, buried his house, ok is now, it doesn't look good, twenty six boys in his high now and then by on the river in a river because he ran out of ruminant right right. That's a bad Robin than where am I but these extra five children should have one so the containers store of those around one of their personal organizers. Therein they'll come over the house and a look at your stuff right again, what I want I wanted to do. I want to do a reading we're going to several readings from this book, but I wanted to paint tv they picture of we're Samara. He's coming from its really makes. You feel special about country, that's about it's about the american flag. That's right is the amount justice system, justice system, the chain
this man has a hare pieces, one hundred percent ran so little machine. Oh yes, yes, yes, he's got the yeas got like Alan fix TOP, and that is modern. Vase looks like a voter in seventeen. Seventy, when this country was in its birth, throws the most hated man in America was a man named Captain Thomas Preston. He was the commander of a small country of british soldiers who fired upon a gathering of disgruntled colonists, killing five This event came to be known as the Boston massacre. The five men who died a result of this events are considered by most historians to be the first casualties of the revolutionary war. Oh my as is, it the case. There are two sides to this story as to why this tragedy occurred. The colonists primarily by SAM Adams, one of the most outspoken writers and revolutionary the day claim that the British fired upon the peaceful crowd and killed five patriots without just cause. The british soldiers claim that they fired upon an angry mov in self defence. There are two reasons that will cause good
and to abandon their long standing dearly, held morals, values and principles and revert to more primitive, barbaric practices to resolve conflict. This is about a beaucoup, kid who dares to do who killed your thirty three children, okra centres, joy and still there yet charming is this? Is this guy? By about air? The zip sounds like affords weighing less than two hours a day. That is when their hearts are filled with anger, when their hearts are filled with fear because The colonists were angry over taxes imposed by the British without representation, along with other perceived injustices bugging that and because they were you're full of the sheer might of the british crown in general and of the soldiers who are now being built it and their town to quell potential uprisings. In particular, their hearts were filled with both. We want to revenge against british Captain and the british soldiers under his command evidence be damned facts, be damned they wanted review.
That was swift, ensure fertility want to kids running woody recently rabies anymore, ok, ok, you want heads of the captain, then is men on the spit German Casey one man came before and said loud and clear eyes. Stands for. The law, The man that took the city just case, when no other man would would stand in their defence, was John Adam Hooks John Adams, one of our nations, true founding fathers assigned or of the declaration of independence, our first vice presidents, our second president Rates of inflation and a red sublime with I've, also known as SAM I'm guarantee peace. Once who said to be this some of the last thing and accused person should black and a free country. He agreed to defend these men in spite of what it may do. His reputation to his law practice. Orchard was future plans
thirty, three that we re that we know now that I've been there really was horrible. I relied every member's neighbouring ok, he took the case because he believed that free men had certain rights. These are among the heartfelt principles on which he built his life. Those principles are woven into the fabric of our constitution. Those principles represent our principal Americans. Every person accused of crimes will have the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of his fears. Every person so accuse shall have the right to thinks his accuser and a court of law every person's. Would you shall have the right to council many men and women have fought and died to preserve those principles, those rights silk. That in mind, when you hear someone say that this crime is to groups or that this person is too dangerous for that. This issue was too complicated to allow these principles, the stance that includes the frightened flock.
Today, seeks to exclude terrorists from those prince interested and keep in mind that the very men the John Adams defended we're uniformed members of an army of a foreign power that would soon become an enemy seal. They had their day in court. There is cause. This invitation to usurp the constitution. When heritage nervous people jump in front of microphones and scream and rail that which suddenly do something and direct contravention to than upon which we have based our very system of justice. When they tell you that we should abandon that which man I thought I'd die for which has worked so well. Does it we're getting these beautiful experiment? We call America in favour of that which we have always criticise about. Lesser countries timely.
Invite them to pounce and John Wayne. Gayle says in his way down the revolutionary WAR their young man was and then we'll cover in the second half of this episode. The only took an hour forty five minutes ago, Victor about thirty three council injuries day Dante I thought a year ago and ever run to no small ego on that guy. He actually change his first name actually when they came from or else out. Firstly, what am I right? I am I right. I'm around I am, however, I literally I was reading this embedded was reading it out
it's called himself John Adams. He didn t AMS you. He is bigger than John M love, this guy, so much diverting monsters. One of my favorite through crime books is incredibly written. We're going to read a scene out of John Wayne Gacy life at the end of this episode and you'll really was line a tale spinner. This man is yes tribute. I wanna go back in the way way back machine and start when German Gacy was born a fat little child, not unlike Larsson little Lars and look in baby, overweight and ass like in underpaid? Well, I don't have a job to do in a very close. He had two sisters. He was very close to his two sisters and I welcome the very close to my sister. Isn't that when you are in a very weird I play sports six years, a catch, her cause a virgin goal
he knows a lot. Oh yeah Henry did have the two fattest positions that you'll, where I was a cancer undergoing kids, do basically kids just wanted to throw balls and Pugsy actually than you found a way they were. Let them do it s so they see was all of his life trying to find his father's approval from the age of five start being be by his father round the age of four and his father. Father beat him with a leather belt for disarranges car parts is really what this is really. What happens when you name your son. John Wayne you when you were set, but like literally ass, it think about what you set up a kids life for when you name him John Wayne, if he's anything but a fuckin tenant, Dick cowboy he's gonna be less manly. Did you want him to be right without a doubt eyes, so he was named after the movie star. Yes, yes, John Wayne, even he never of Father Favorite Movie star, and he did
friends grown up like he wasn't very popular, but he was. Boy scouts, very popular within the boys and with these girls he was how he was popular lady will ensure that a nice friendly they could confide in certainly wasn't a grab and on their scattered on hand like slope, shoulders he's great at these may smitten with them absolutely rate and the more his mother tried to shield him from his father's abuse. The the more the father hated him, the more he called them Assisi, Mama's boy, a queer god that was right, you know really not real and guess it there's a in the book. There is right, there's a little name, the John Wayne Gaze. He says over and over again, when varying gay people, which I'm sure he picked up from his father. He just is over and over ain't no fruit, picker fruit. Did you say and fruit finger real noted and bits of it sounds more legal racial slur against like a mexican work. You know it's just a job title: it's a deferral!
engage yeah, yeah yeah, that's all it is no young gentlemen. Gacy violently defended the fact that he was not homosexual every single turn, but I don't know why you said bisexuals being fine, then we'll talk about we will talk about when we get there. So at nine, that's when he was molested. He was miser by family friend, and this is an interesting thing. He would probably flirt here's really. Interesting. Is that the man who molested him was a contractor which, as we all know, was the he began molesting children, it's like I'm gonna, get out molest stations in assault before he saw a pdf contractors, but once he started medium contractors, that's when you really kicked, and I give them what explains a lot about me as if I was elected by Dumb Delaware as a child. I hadn't Delaware amiably stay eyes. If they thank you for the career, though, that you really been great and every morning, yes, lemme, whipped cream pie right here it's really been great.
Every morning. Yes, lemme, whipped cream pie right your failure and I got to get real hard from really that's something special everyone's gonna have a contractor. They go to house to house right. Yes, we do have access to all series of different people and trades and again it is a perfect job. At the same time, Scarcely would Dennis Rater Dead, perfect jobbers era killer, because you get total access. That's what made You know Jeffrey Dahmer, so especially just work to the chocolate factory. He just what you know you could have been echoed it then, what's his day, what's the name, the ball? Dude, you could Ex Brenner Yazzi reality with the other bawled, the MAX Brenner, the chocolate man stores around every Dahmer is chocolate tears. I could almost see it. Does Sunday may, like man, look at all these wonderful crudely done bananas covered bones. Why is that
Where's. He had an extensive head injury. Oh, he was hidden ahead by a swing and so from the ages of eleven. Sixteen, yet blackouts he had seizures. I think all this was horseshit, so I don't think there's cylinders will horseshit, because when you look on later on any he's lying so much, I think he's been lying since that age, because he figured out tat. He was fine weather. That's how we got out of June supports where he would die ignores, does having blood clots by a doctor. I mean put down ports where he was diagnosed as having blood clots by a doctor I mean pedometers back in the day I mean they were probably How do we ve, probably dodgers, word less dynamic? You know there were just check. In all his cavities. That's fine formalities, no days that he seems like the kind of frumpy dumb kid. You know who stay,
scream? I my short beds over gives it man I could see. I could see, there's been a little thing to have happened now that he likes me say it's right. Why said about the way by eight is bad making rang. That is exactly what is now the like of dead on a deadline- oppression, what he sounded like. Yes, He has listed the school truancy officer. I just want to beat him up myself when a volunteer to run errands for teachers got such a brown knows there, as we do on the EU appeal to authorities who get authorities, Such a brown knows there as we do on the EU appeal to authorities who get authorities power and he always did painted edit, and he got a politics at a very young age. He started volunteer for the Democratic Party at eighteen year of my horse and call a necessity for that to what was the actual official term that he called them for that someone, Patsy father would have loved his son was TED Bundy appealing
the other, is loved. It was tat he was just good look at and big and, like my lady, has only area get out their duties Ghek. I guess we're not even by John Wayne Daisy, because at the same time showing daisies like humour was not nobody wanted funny. You was back. What he was like gum. Your dad's friend, any like. I remember my dad. My friends use ever joke where they go like the bull and he wouldn't go and put up like hordes of like each other and then a go? Do God knows what went outside? my family and I was the joke there. There was a joke. It was all like them slap and each other's ass, and talking about you know like essentially rape night, Rogers laugh what about rape, women, probably Nypd officer S. Well, yes, absolutely o clock a cloud of em. Yes, you call a group of has had enough with his with his father he's had enough with his family. He drops
did you Gacy has had enough with his with his father he's had enough with his family. He drops out of high school moving out. I mean they actually build. Your wrote this about Big John Wayne DC. Any movement you're gonna LAS Vegas, the monies to LAS Vegas Nevada and became a mortuary attendant when a very bizarre incident happens with our main Gacy one night he's clean out the embalming room. I there's a young boy in their naked on the table on the old slab and gay, see crawls up next to him and starts Craig. The dead body. I mean that it only it's like the television show pushing daisies. Maybe thirty could bring the boy back to life where hug I bought Ben Castle, that body pillar to keep you company, and I would like to extend its torn to shreds. Well, didn't keep me very good company. Didn't know. I wasn't happy with what it was saying even say: embrace Peppino he fucking my touch
sit down he Trojan every inch of that boys body that's also dead. You sure shows how shockingly lonely a person can be like yours, just lonely. He had no real relationships graduate school, no key. Eventually. No, he never did know now. You never did know each classes, while he was in prison for the first time that will get to that. Non already got to meet that will get into a gambling in order that yeah the rise of John Wayne Gacy. His pretty interesting utilitarian lies in his defence. He had every reason to you know: I'm secular molestation, I'm sick of the babies, I'm sick of money, not molested once he went, Once we got unmolested multiple times, I wondered. Who just does it once you know but she just stop all young John Wayne Daisy Nine Year old pop the don't stop! That's right. I just keep going back that sweets. We well water. I just behind of nobles. I just think that he was. He was rain. He was raised to be isolated and he lived ice.
Waited well. Yes, I will say this is so far the perfect recipe for creating a total demon creature absolutely. But then there was, I mean you know within the same time, in the nineteen fifties I just feel like ever was gettin labor was get molested, every presupposes that everybody ever was get molested. There's a port has grown up yet a funny uncle have legal how the angle of body uncle, unlike nineteen, fifty two like there'd, be like an uncle. Where did you couldn't go in here? We know how the impulse of body on golden line, nineteen fifty two like there'd, be like an uncle. Where did you couldn't go? Any nearer than Google tyrannies is going on is playing with his children's toys being like many racking voices in Maghreb Review Ethnic, maybe NATO has in dairy and they like stay away from Uncle Terry yeah eyes of others. Forever family does the stairway uncle fabs
we do so downward Gacy after the incident with the corpse he is shocked, at least that's what he said is that it with the corpse and incident in the result of an accident, the Levant, this language back in the day, he's gotta figure, I hadn't alike, dissociate, say it's dissociate himself from what he did usually incident doesn't involve seem get newly ominous triumphs. Of course, you did well to say they began. This breaks amounts How much did he calls up his mom and he says that listen. I want to move back home. She talks of the father. Father eventually says: yes, you can come back home enemy or whenever a bag, Vegas stays invasion and somehow he did manage to enrolled in north western Business College a display, Having no high school degree slide is way through he's very good. At lying jumpin hurdles and nineteen sixty three, he graduated and undertook a management training position with her. This is really funny that none Bush shoe.
But not on an? U n you in in boy none. But how do you and your body? How do you, like your boys, John, no you're, going to fit in justifying the Sioux company as drop them? Parents Johnny, oh you're, gonna, have to get the tutorial before your dominance. There there there their rulers. Burke I can imagine John Wayne Gayle Bushehr be relatively back. You know, I know I honestly measures like long red and wispy like yours,. This decision for some reason that I had to apply only running through the fields of dynamism browser you may end up in a way basking in the sunny daddy. This is some forty corn yeah Clorox Liege Commercial, like sheets blowing in the wind, yet all henrietta
How do you feel the dreams? If you back in March of this year, he got engaged to his first wife Maryland Myers. He worked with her at the nun. Bush shoe come nine underwear, moments later they got married and Marilyn's father. He for german gaze. He purchased a whole series of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants of Waterloo. I. Why isn't that? And I did notice about the Kentucky Fried Chicken yeah yeah, by four years up and tell his Zena re arrest that will get too. He managed Kentucky Fried damn fool you literally again, another food connection. They love it. I mean you can imagine it Bob remember, went back and they would Kentucky Fried Chicken was like a sit down restaurant similarly it. As do I sit down restaurant, how you treat it. What do you do you go in there and get out just hide in shame. You do that Mothers, a goddamn table. You have a bug. Do yourself when you are talking to couple refills for free. I haven't castles.
Sure, I'm sorry, sir? We don't serve rum here Riyadh just when they take you out immediately, and I should have asked for that. I really want some chicken, He did he manage coming. Didn't say how many biomedical Bogle Azeri dreaming ST went to look for interviews with charming, Gacy wives and it couldn't find any now. Just like most of us. Thousands of zero killers, like I think, Dennis Raiders family- did they change their Navy, Jane that as a very, very carmathon, all changes, Can you imagine also like what was shown when Gacy like in bed? You mean like think you know, because you know the story of his will get it to assume second wife. He called it off. He said I want when he's like we're, not haven't sex anymore,
Oh yeah yeah. I know you know like him just kind of Poland on top discussion. Like always, you was long like you like Soviet underplayed. Don't, like I mean you know, do ears the ball. He was thinking about the corpse baby that he was cuddling at the goddamn mortuary. You know that's what I was thinking about areas that are. Maybe there was a full grown mailed men corpse was seven year old child and I was a man knew what it was like a sixteen year old boy. There was a man in a coffin, a man in a calm and also call when I got it shit and toilet a man I got is a man in a coffin and right. You have heard of that. I've heard that call such things. It's also at this time. The dome way get because he describes this time in his life is perfect. Yet this is
and he is as happy as because this is also win. He joins his favorite group of all time. The J C. I saw her look up the Oda up when you look up notable Jaycees, there's only four of us, as it were Charles Limburg, Hubert Humphrey, while Richard Neck and John Wayne measure be it in that car. What I found out that crew o Lord I got so if you don't know the Jaycees are this, is they are a leadership, training and civic organizational? Don't know what that means. Only the civic organization, it's like the shiners, they do volunteer stuff. They re did he just. I did BC when the way they describe what charming Gacy did these Tracy meetings. I think I thought that they were all like that either all this writers and Jaycees animations, all they do- is sit around and look at fuckin like dark. Nineteen sixty support
when in fucking beat each other off was yeah, that's what they actually do, but the pollen tier of stuff is their front, so they can get out so they can sell their wives like normal. We're gonna go we're gonna figure out this fun run and then really that just watching stag films and Johns garage, I just like Stag films, always involve a girl dying them for the most part. That will make some fun. Therefore, only individual so he's living the perfect life he's gonna couplet gives you, restaurants, he's in the J C group he's any friends with everybody. Everybody knows him he's a big shot. He becomes wireless like key member yeah. Key member It is also this time he joins the Jaycees and he finds himself a bit of a second fuck partner. This is when he has a second homosexual experience, and there is the mullahs stage. That's his first on him, wouldn't on held a gay, obviously no dummy homosexual experience means molested with molested I mean it forget about when he thought the corpse
Well, here we are used to the clinic Samuel technically, his well that a homosexual experience as we call it that yeah I mean you're gonna dick on it. It Evelina play. With anybody's boobies railway line over that corpse United really gets like. That is a fox news. Talking point is whether or not this homosexual activity or just straight up necrophilia dad business daddy. I, that is a good question, though, who knows sides The guy that gives gay see the speech that he made to so many many rely on every victim that he would give this speech you go so were you ever try to go out and just can't find any girls, the ambassador, Mr Gacy. I don't always have luck with the girls. Were you know no you're a lot of guys have that problem by our here? I just wish. I was away too. You know, I don't know Becky I'll never be with me. You know I knew this guy back in Springfield Illinois,
Taught me this trick than I ve stayed true to this day. You know just get your dick saw by man. It's really feels no different. From figure takes up by woman. No, Mr Gaze Year, my boss, I know you're, but you don't have a beer. Just haven't have a beer. You no answer here. Then all of you did he get a boy back of a day's active when he couldn't get a good result in that way, and that way you get lucky a hundred percent of the tiger. That's lady, ongar percentage did as union always got crews and for somebody and find em over their buying them on the road or somethin about there's always a fag there's, always a fruit picker well and of giving away, please be polite, even while all the care of sea employees or trashed off the road with us
He would have a parties at his house were only the male employees that would come over and hang out and his rumpus room and hang always really gross. It's like when I saw the pictures of the crime scenes after the fact yeah look. They dent my uncle had the identical rumpus room, an orange that birds orange plain from the connecting seventies few visually and these rooms as a rumpus were pretty guy right. There grades are you going to fuck young boys, and then I ordered it doesn't seem like you could do anything else in a rumpus rumpus rooms adjust we're dead, goes to get fuckin, cryptically, drunk and listen to his old songs and pitch about his wife, rumpus room. I gotta get one of those Jaycees, wouldn't even close to the only organisation he was a part of he was in the air. The Cairo club, where he was membership chairman the Catholic Inner Club Council, where he was a member of the board good fat like he was good. Can you be able and later on when he was in jail full time? He was the the head server for the Catholic,
church inside of his eventually the altar boy. He me was very religious using a federal. We'll defence row annoy the Chicago Civil defence, for he was a commanding captain. The whole name's society where he was named an officer and of the Jaycees eventually becoming first vice president in man of the year, this man of the higher the did terms that they call themselves rather sound, so important that it just a bunch of stinky old man in dumb VFW halls. This rate, major owing to hear his neck. You won't be saying that when you win the Jaycees man, ITALY or earlier that ministers a brow scheme, if that's what you said you would throw parties for is bouquet of stable he's a random. Basically, what happened is that he's took over what was it be moved to Iowa, the business all Waterloo Ion yes, so this die away from where were they worry, was from original argue, as from outside of Us cargo, yes Chicago, I call you gotta. We have a lot of listeners out there a unless your lanes earlier
suddenly gleam of delay, and in so doing I went out the silly, but then he started dumb. Basically, you showed up at the Jaycees it I won. T relate the only like eighty five members of any managed to jump the whole thing two to thirty, six, absolutely in the way he did, that was by his dead parties, like his legendary porno port said he throw with all the boys coming over absolutely will be. As you know, I read or write spines or builds a group than a series of secrecy. You cannot tell anybody else. You were happy do exactly since it was so what happens now you know now that he's like you live in the perfect life Will you join the Y yeah he's got a wise member of all these groups. All these boards is rising.
Randal chain worker, possibly go remain of the year. Fatter me all being a fifteen year old boy named Donald Bore he's like eyes in war. He he was the son of a fellow J C as the weird thing about all of us. First homosexual experiences, it's in all the whole J C community legal people. Here, You know what it is, but also, but that that was what they're saying here is that you can do you can manipulate Dolly, I'm sure it all happened because then later on, the way he try to get out of it was saying that his father was just coming at him politically and jealously, accusing it I'm sure, was issuers brain the whole time, and there were a tunnel Jaycees that came to aside there like yeah. That makes sense I've sold within he didn't with a larger kids. Did you read all the other things he did when there was the one that was the one he got caught for? We before that he was molesting boys? Who will you do if you make a sexual advance and then, if they said no he'd be?
ha just God, just fuckin, with the urban areas yoke around forty I'm a clown, those revolt nobody's or the you know, he's laying the groundwork of clowns yeah, it's like being a funny kitten school like that. Like you know, it's like every guys at some point. In my case, domes industry. My girl urbanists took my finger in your, but all you know and then she's like absolutely Look I'd never do it does targeted. But if you Yes, you then you'll, I've heard a group. He got oral sex room but young boys by giving them fifty dollars and telling them they were doing a scientifically spare me somehow, whether or not being gay was real or non rife. Rhino and guess what it had saluting ass. You Lord Dartmouth, Vorhees into this house will probably ease told them. You know. If you come over, we can watch some porno movies. We re what you will about. The widespread support augur fee these days at least perverts can't use
excuse me! More data is wanting it. At least now you have seen you want to see porn. You could just go on the internet by yourself when you remember I phone, because I never under eye on its exact. Never did that its can. I never went and watch porn with friends I always just like. I did it by my weird, it's weird with really weird at the time it seems kind of normal, but will I weird yeah? I did what while one porno tape, secrets and lies with my friend Jerry and when I was growing knows about intensive, I'm not gonna I love the dear I'm so happy that now it's not called like you know a misdemeanor in his demeanor like now, I'm glass, like you know, it's like ass, a pound and seven currently set about is, I mean a misdemeanor in history, remunerative pretty good I'd, one called the shaving of Trinity law. We would have loved organised none Bush shaving. That sounds great, so finely Donald
rose to his father and tells him like lesson, Mr Gacy, he sexually assaulted me. He puckered me any suckered, puckered sucker. You say, and this all that this tells you John Wayne Gayle sees this. Tells you the arrogance that he had the confidence they had in his own a bill. Why? Because I was gay when he was arrested, he told the cops like give me a polygraph test. Give it to me. Right now pass it right in a failure fairly well miserably, I'm a man he just couldn't vocs. Whether we fail disperse polygraph test. We have a boy who claims that he's sucked off Gacy. You know I didn't I didn't want to. Second, mafia was forced to how does he wiggle is out of this one, a mode of fat man. We try to wiggle his way out of it by hiring another kid to beat the shit out of dumb, avoid trying to intimidate him into not wit, testifying against John Wayne Gayle,
when gaze, what we ve learned before he thinks is, if he can invoke his name, is connections quorum, quoters, no fucking, terrify that no one will dare defy am, but literally as soon as a bit like that, you got beat up. He went to the police. Is this could beat me up that kid got picked over the police he's like German Gacy pay me three hundred dollars with appointing a face, just shot him down the river. He also find out every single instance that someone is ass about Gmos, see from here on out like once these once the investigations grow like play, some creepy everybody just cells, another every avenue. That's also shows a lot about who he is and what he did. He never had a sincere real friend, oh there's. No way I mean how Possibly, could he, but this once you get a little bit further in the book you'll see I once people start testifying, he did have a couple of people who they did consider him a friend wolf. We never consider them of rendering? No one would never be able to fully believe that your close friend raped and murdered thirty three,
boys, I'm leaving. I go against, comes out about Ben Castle about what he had. Why positively, we're going to defend the evidence, comes to evidence of what I'm saying. Is this not big enough to hold any bodies, but it is interesting and I can't stop thinking about how badly I wish we had Iphone cameras back then, because I just concealing ranting about this kid who read them out very similar to run who may arrive born graduate about how you gonna take a guy out five minutes. John Wayne Gacy read about how he's gonna get this kid? How is it a higher another kid to kick the shit outta, this other kid would be earlier. You be so funny it's. It is Joey Daisy has his first experience with mental health professionals because after they re like oh fuck, this guy sodomized a kid and then paid another kid to beat up that kid is
he's got some problem. He's got some primarily as a growth hologram tests than he fail exactly and he's telling everybody. Basically, you know what I guess you know. That's what he's. I guess I'll get the chief of police in here, because I got him on my phone dial. I can call em anytime, I like rather time yet so he gets diagnosed anti social personality disorder. However, he is deemed mentally fit to stand trial, but the doctors at the time said like this guy's gonna have problems of society for the rest of his life is a monster I'm sure he's he's never going to fit any is always he's gonna be in and out of jail for the rest of his life. But what are you gonna do? Did you have the mustache I do. He did not have the most I didn't I didn't have. The mustache was after his first in prison, which came from the conviction forms of autonomy in which he was sentenced to ten, is in jail for five years again. At the same time, you can't get a good man down, he walked into prison and he was a fuckin shining star,
and by the way I his wife the day he was convicted divorced him and you never saw his wife and he also had two children with this woman. She didn't love it, so she knows no answer, but I make its funding She waited until the state decided if he was guilty or not before divorcing about it. Ok. Well, a jury says that he's guilty. Didn't I learned nothing from the prologue jury is word word. Is God Yankee gets into prison and he's a mob? prisoner? He becomes head cook at the prison kitchen, actually he oversaw the building of a miniature golf course. Resin Empress gang only understands the value of entertainment, Ye D and is for a while using prisons is also when his father is kids, really all these guys in prison where there were just plain puppet yet all time in the yard
different times a red light people Prince visit? The white parameters is that this is the middle of August in Iowa, present sodomy prisoner only for satellites thing. For somebody who did such discussing crime. It's really strange daddy, I mean Saddam is that of discussing but the fact that he raped a boy rape, throwing Yemen is right in your boy, yeah and then he goes to prison in constructs that the gayest of all things up put park. Eliza. Was it like a cotton Indeed fact: true thirds Dahmer TIM yeah. That's our allotted to the gaze of honour killings, the Christmas nineteen, sixty nine gambling daisies Father dies of cirrhosis of the liver any does it fight like everything I had fired, sought his whole life to try because Father proud of that probably Gilda, yeah, yeah, whiskey and all of them died of cirrhosis of the liver after Germany Gates was doing so well and had the family in the
the wife and kids. His father did tell him for the first time you like, I am very proud of you yet I was wrong. Yeah yeah, so yeah he'd, broadly trash that one of course Gacy. When he told his father was again they died. He broke down some say that might have been like that was the first kind of king and towards him actually killing someone willing- and I was the first like kind of bent because after he gets out of prison because now he is he's released of the need. Who are you and worry about his father's approval? Any right, so you at this point is just sodomizing again Coon for Christmas net and don't forget your family is yours. My gaze. He had a heart and the first kid he talked him into a you know. He paid him roar. It wasn't a forcible type thing I so I may now I mean
No, don't talk a comparatively imperatively work is comparatively wasn't forcible, as he does eighteen months in prison, he gets paroled an almost immediately after getting out of prison. Takes up a kid, a greyhound bus terminal and attempts to force him to have. I just don't understand amazed at fourteen months. For eighteen. He said eighteen month of a ten year said: yes, you wrote a cookie was eventually made an approach as we did. It is willing to put park like tat. We ve never seen such a good. Damn windmill year out here. You have to be as funny in this life. That's all you have to be the best kitchen slop we ve ever had here at San Quentin at her out of here. These prisoners are having to do good with you around its also
in recent years. All we're stupor. Seventy loud, what we're going for do I Jan and, if you're, asking why he was never convicted, for this is because the kid fail to show up to court, so it's very possible that German get this may have been showing Gacy. First murder really is possible because the kid was never seen again. So Greyhound bus terminal, which is where prisoners tending it dropped off at Yale waiting Dagmar all thereafter go to, and it's like, I, how many young boys more just to hand over fist murdered at a greyhound bus It is our eyes. Only man, with the ten to fifteen percent of them a young boy who was at a greyhound bus station at like sixteen seventeen, I did have a convict, try to get me to help and steal a car, and it was one of the scariest This is of ever began. Its really round buzz terminal in Dallas, Texas is not friendly. Yeah salute we not well shock.
New moves? The greyhound bus terminal? I decided as it's like. Why would they choose? You is a crime partner, not saying that you're not looking devious incapable? I mean you. I would definitely choose markets as a crime. The reality of my would each other yeah, but we year old, seventeen year old may again oh yeah, I'm actually been a butterfly night by firing on a chain which I gotta get better at this Lama on raised me to be a rebel up. I will border pearl did not hear about this incident at all course. You know it's the time before all these places were interconnected. Rio near his parole was not revoked. He was on twelve months. Men were his three back than guy word also. If he did kill the kid there but there was no like second investigation be like: where is the victim of the sexual? Nobody cares about drafter. Sarah era.
Everything from research exert killers that is open, gives a shit about a drifter. You need an address to be investigated in this life. That's a good that is very, very true and Campi Street corners. Now so after gaze, he gets out of prison that, He puts together a little money with the help of his mother and he buys eight to one three West Summer, Dale Avenue where he would resign and tells arrest in nineteen seventy eight and where he performed every single one of his known murder. Young lady, like all that was his chocolate factor that yet in this is when he also ye gotten gazed Carol Hoff, who had two daughters them in such a charmer yeah he had to have been, and then you must have been able to turn it on me. Truly though ugly man he's been in prison, we design that easy to get engaged in also know it it back. In the day again, if you're, a single mother, your single mother, I because our mountains, like my dad, was a big blowhard, a big naughty dude and news. I get it like a view, talk what the good guys
good job, but back in the day, women found being allowed to be attractive and powerful. Just a major problem. You too early be allowed in ninety again. Nineteen sixty five rise that'd be loud and act like a billfold, and you get an iota fiance of thy Father single mother. Just hang out in a fog Are you a bar bridegroom, extra jointly Daisy, Divina Billfold? No doubt absolutely this. AG in Illinois all back home interpret article eighty two thousand. What's the what's that? What the address eighty two thirteen West Summer Day, eleven if anyone lives in Chicago or that area worthy aims, horror that more dialogue down now, what was it? The twenty six corpses on you the floor for TAT was the way it was given was hard for them to flip it. They had to flip it guys from from deal c of the horse. They could, even whatever they were alive and now. What you can do here is that we can make this an island or would it take an hour, but for some reason I can't might myself in saying he's picking up.
Howls and screams of your boards. Well, we're I just grab blow this hope like spell it out. Property Brother Eagle, these walks in their search crying Moliere no place to go Burnham, though a week before gaze, wedding. I he is charged once again with battery and sexual. Resolving it keeps happening any rights. It keeps happening, keeps escalating this time he flashed a police officers, Bassa fake police officers badge the kid got him into the car, forced him to blow him, and then they could hear how he's all car. To look like a police girl, you not guns lilies officer, Aria experiment as Officer Dick hard to get to my fucking job. We already plays an already plays he's experimenting with us at this time. When he's gone
leading up to his first kills. This is when he's trying to figure out what is email should be right, he's trying. What do you think he's gonna work best is going to end in murder and get is not off and I'll. Tell you, the police, the flash of fake, please Badge is full if it works very well mark as you and I read an article recently in green point of view, heard this story. It happened last weekend, two guys we're leaving a bar of Van pulls up next, whom flashes of police badge they get into the van with a girlfriend to one of the duties like. Well, that's not right tracks, the Iphone they find one guy about to start getting tortured in some Short a bizarre chamber. The guy had a blow tortures round of handgun some handcuffs. The other guy was just cruising around with a dude, so it's doing all manner of more than a badge daddy had more than edge. Absolutely this kid. I they are hard. If you see an erection,
do not you not even or they may be copied. Amy digitally definitely need a hat at least that right. You know, they'll never have a barred van either asking what they like Stevens ago. It they say no A car cannot a real car. Your favorite diehard regret they re, not aeronautical gaze. He got out of this charge, because the kid apparently tried to blackmail him into dropping the charges and for some reason in Illinois. That is reason enough to draw the charges against the first guy men wiper full shirt. I take her white people really do and in nineteen seventy two John Wayne Gacy, as we said before he started, is construction company He d constructors would stood for painting, decorating and maintenance. It's also and then a one year later he
has another sexual. Otherwise we vote, because this is what he starts figure it out, that he has this contract or business and contracts Businesses are younger boys. They employ young boys, so he can employ young boys without looking we're, and then he has the perfecting, because we're obviously would gets him off. Now is being like warm your boss, and you know you could eat does like here LEO's any music. You know to things like I'm very, like they'll. Go, oh Papa, join little bit me like you, I'm pretty liberals, Really, you know a lot about. Will you hang out here? Well, I like to party unknown and, like you can either party with us? one thing I want to bore, you can hardly with us in fine without we'll cut opportunities you get if you already, with a minimum of promotion. Nice like a Fuckin Republican, senator exactly but of course he's a Democrat. Isn't that fund? Yes regular Babo. Over there we have a rude second campaign to get young boys involved. I mean that's the thing he's really court in the youth
Naturally. Definitely argue that these rocking the vote yeah. How can change this gazing Arabian a hotel room and Florida, and when they got back the kid I think told one of his bodies in the bodies like our let's go fuck and get this guy drives to John Saucy. Does press charges against him just beats the fuck out of a modest frontline? Why ask what's going on here in cases like eyes. I buy refused to pay him for some shoddy work that he, which is another cause you got jamming Gacy car that he plays always is a victim he plays of acknowledging constantly. It's always like he's he's a part of circumstances that are terrible and he's an innocent man rise wants to do the right thing. Of course, all these guys are martyrs, especially when it comes to sexual predators like a jury sand I mean Dahmer didn't were all over, but he understood what I wasn't a child molesters job,
John, and you know Donald killed. Me here, though, was fork and they were like seventeen. Now they had to be of age. There were no other routes, their retirement. Wanna one philippine Filipino would not necessarily a browser. Fourteen though Filipino right a different culture, very, not all much more mature, yet agri their wise eyes. So, of course, german Gacy. He was known as a real. Guy around the neighbourhood through partly through theme parties all the time he had one that was Lou one was a western tea party. I saw some pictures of him dressed up in revenue. Canary war, Gar Variant, you is a really good. Cassio, no yonder, some Fuckin Epic Party Jesse did what you have to do to cover up your curb. Second career of murdering young boy could have a roman Polanski type move any
ask. Why are people ass like men? How did he have that many people, owners, floorboard and no one noticed the smell? Everyone noticed the smell. Everyone said John: how smells bad yet every day earlier they how smell bad use big fat, so we did have assumed it was a big fat house and smell bad. My uncle's, how smell bad news was causal. The kids started. Yeah end your uncle as it is, is the uncle with the rumpus road. We should probably surgery. I floorboards never want to know his secrets. Ok, I die don't even care. I regard as guilty utterly well. I don't want to know I mean this is exactly why John Wayne Gaze he got away with originally. I was only because no one wants and I was thinking the same thing- he's got shark ice body any same funny. Things be look at em, there's nothing going on behind eyes. It was like my uncle work for Fuckin Panam, four years old and luggage. God knows what was what he did:
on what they all dead may always higher. The smartest eighties were at that time, the seventies and eighties. It was every father. An uncle was due in southern crooked. On the side, however alone and in nineteen seventy five, he creates the character that we all know I pogo the clock. He heard a donation for Burgo. Why new studies? I guess I got a name pogo, because I'm polish animals undergo pogo many said a very brilliant way to us to come up with a name. That's pretty good. Had your nationality in there and what you like to do go around you. I was gonna, be pall mall for both polish and be enough. Boy murder. I decided I pogo was more of a clown Pablo, isn't it doesn't really flow in Britain, Promo sounds like a soft white light cartoon character that yeah? I love you almost a lot like other garroters, have herbivores lifestyle tools so thrilled.
It's amazing, homo homo you dont have a penis opponent of was born with airports are at pulled. Will you are just born without the penis does your species a sexually reproduce split until four votes. Before we haven't the brothers and sisters all the aid? oh my goodness, another Donald, this low and in so doing strong ones are strong enough, though a wise rule, scandalous, and sometimes you don T move you killed them. There was so much food right around Well, I'm fairly certain. There is enough food around you're surrounded him beef of roundabout beef.
I will go see, go back to POGO the clown. He designed all of his own costume, more suited. He created his own style of make up, which the sinner resting. Yet, though, is this has really interesting, is mostly time clowns. If you'll notice, the make up is very round there's no sharp edged. But if you look at the poker, the clockmaker therefore sure a lot of really sharp edges too too sharp edges on the sidelines and two points right above underneath each eye and that's very strange makes him. I hereby yeah, Is Are you always we're? That's what everyone always said. There is nothing ever totally right with John. We no way. Nineteen, seventy five and, up to this point America, a relatively good relationship with the king,
oh yeah, you know right case. We are not sure of tat. He said that he did that. There's no evidence of him doing that was like he. They said that he performed like children's hospitals, but then, when they went to go investigated, it's like he never did. No, no wait. No! Definitely not so ushered in the anti clown movement you could use. The stars are absolutely gas Ghek, as he was known as the killer, clown yeah penalize the conference's pogo the clown, who were in Togo, Google is real. Guy Lugosi did it in seventy five Gacy fight Lee, told his wife. Listen we're not fuck anymore, I'm bisexual. They divorced by March of seventy six. They lasted like of an almost another. Here and he molest her daughters at all. Now, no, never ever girls, never generals recruits the other area nothing's, quite like a perk young boy. So there's really
safer person than a young girl around Gylingden. Absolutely anyhow, you look at it now. Where do not look at him, he would adore them. He was a great with girls was, but then again you know, look any deal. You know. What can you do? You know you just either born luckier, not yeah, and he was devil not born lucky, he was just knowing that way. You could have been fine, it could have been vine right now he could have been so now is pogo the clowns nineteen. Seventy five is quite a rap she going on, and this is when the fifth assault happened. Because there's been a lotta gay rumours been going around this whole time. It. Had a libyan gaze, not gaze out of fruit. Trickery just knows that he wants to get a hundred percent laid whenever he goes out at all he took his kid tony aunt. Sixteen oh gee, anthem, Oji! Here they were cleaning up the Democratic party headquarters in this is when he first start using the rope trick, the handkerchief trick, the ale. Let me show you:
I've got this trick. I wanna do check it out and he almost does. It always gets the gibbet. The kid overpowers him in handcuffs gave wrestling champion yeah! That was really funny using wrestling champion and he wrestled a thing out of him and put it. But then he said the words like you're, the only one who ever get me out of these things and you got me into and all the rest of them fall for it. What all the rest but you're talking about and this kid stead work forget see for like a year after the totally safe familiar can beat the shit out of regard. What within his boat off as a big funny thing again, everyone had a funny uncle re. Everyone gotta, you aviary young, tight boy, you had nine dude, surpass it actually a couple times all the time you had a right, oh yeah, yeah. I had some passes, yeah, Looking at you weird yeah go like me, I mean I never had anything very one can yeah. Why, though,
because you re yeah Red headed monster. I think they want, like you, didn't understand your body. Yet he's gonna rounded, through your high school yeah, we're getting in trouble for targeted, as I'm just too funny to have sex with Yeah, that's what it was Henry. You were too funny to have sex with eyes, adorable ripe for a secular, yeah right allowable bottom turn around. I ask for it a perfect victim mark as perfect victim of sexual assault, all absolutely I'm very lucky. I came out the other side unscathed and you're. Doing. Right. In Asia we got pogo decline, he's trying to beat up arrests or that's not happening, and then finally, the the final story is: is that so his first murder you reserves were, did what it was How many Mccoy writing believe Tom Mccoy heed to found this again, a drifter boy rise, you told them. It was like a L. Take year round, no show you the sites, and so he drove him
you got a joint comma gather, smoke, loaded, simmering fur and then went back to the house, and then they went to sleep together. They really say what they did. I'm sure there's little suck an unpuckering going on him when he wakes up intolerant because got knife in his hand. So we freaks out attacks, Tommy Mccoy grabs knife, room, stabs and multiple times. I've been goes into the kitchen and sees that there is a pan with breakin and eggs in it in two, lay settings. He was just making him fuckin breakfast right or I rise to have this candidate had then threw him underneath house soon. I was the first one and when he discovered was so when you killed him, he came in his pants, and so when you realize you ah that's that there is little time buying. That's very big. His penis made a noise in a very interesting so hard, and then he also found that he enjoys two plates of.
Eggs and always like way. I'd say that for me, the other day I had a full breakfast with a slice of gray fruit in a bowl of twigs. Next of animals have been great oh absolute Louis, I loved a bowl of twigs Isaac, anti twig. I love Eden breakfast alone. Yeah, always when it comes to sounds what these, whatever you, when you gotta get up next day is echoing. I that's why I like to hear right Russia, so how long was it until he actually got to a murder? I mean I feel, like he's been highly dealing with these sexual cells for a decade. Now me here is one of those guys that Emmy here mitted all these murders through what two years the inability to reading is the age of thirty, and sometimes he killed more than one day more than a day next. You next episode. We're gonna cover all of you, We need in order to really get to find all the gold he's return. Is he didn't know that he was going to come if he killed a kid he
had actually do it, and then you never killed Animal Olivias Games involved a rough sexual play arrives and tying them offshore, and that's why I got him hard. It's always a slippery slope. It is always if I figure a great majority of people who stopped the slippery slope, may add handcuff, you have the gene, it will have that x factor gene and makes you a serial killer. You're done as he's got that accelerator, because our people just don't discover at their second undermining and business like all. They looked up like psychopathic trade area, unlike businessmen, and they all have it isn't like some audacious downing thing. They haven't. They just never got that sexual. Kick that feeds into your evolutionary thing of survive like
He's into like well, I want to make babies. My dick has only gonna wanna make babies are from killing people also now right. It is an evolutionary trick. Now you have to kill in order to come. I gets why that's what happens now, your doom? Now you have to do it. Well, then, what are you in a YO, YO, Yo Turkey baser, I mean. Are you fucking? Get your dick and balls cut off and you stop having sex. You be done. You cash! You get castrated, you're down that were used, that's what should happen to these be right if it ever gets caught it just like in our discussion. Asked radium, get him down cut him write off their home right off. That's what's make him. Do it put a rubber ran down there for a consolidated, Paula Natalie at all our yeah treated like a dog there, more sheep, actually yeah one egg. You can wear
of balls all series, allegedly any animal, isn't a medical show that it has. I worry about you, don't take our advice, so we do. We want to do a little theatre, or do we want to save it for the next episode? What do you think we're war at an hour? Three right now need to probably wait. Let's legislate well, we'll start off at the next episode. We're gonna at the next episode. We're gonna be at the end, with a little bit of theatre. Yes, we ran a. We got too enthusiastic about our information is habit it just so great there is no relation is fantastic handed it now and I will start with some John John when they see masterpiece theatre. Yes, I would be quite the theatre critic guys superiority I do I don't know no! Mr Gaze, is it did you sure I'm supposed to be here at all Yale, the guys you, like your mother, Ray you of your mother's yeah? What's the best present your mother beside shown up with a brand new job, there five dollars an hour
he'll be able to get their cheap. You want the reason you got your drug abusers. I was scared. Shitless, that's great! While awesome guy and remember. There's a facebook page dad lies in fine Emma Henry and iron administrators. Now I'd like to also say to people that stuff that's got away from just the offensive semblance gets a creepy stuff, I've been seeing, subject A while ago is, regrettably, generally lack the Means gay. I want some goddamn games. Yeah I'll, go, all its aliens at me and I guess I can provide an availing suffer anybody else. I don't want to subject anybody necessarily to look into more of that and I'll be on a man. If you see, if you see some of the doesn't belong on that, Like sunglasses, I mean that one hundred zero sheriff in TAT. I wanted to give a shot to Maria Driscoll who Ben Castle met. Yes, I met Maria and she's wonderful. He has to give her a shout out. I just want to say hello degree I you're
why did she asked you for it? Oh, no, no average! Absolutely not very! There is a very interesting that's right who's ever having a birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you and if you have a funeral coming up every funeral, for you is that gap We merely for days results in a plaintive about that long ran. Oh yeah, it's a whole to do yeah. Jewish than you gotta. Do it within twenty four hours, Russia, so on a word all right. I know my own peace absolutely Hale thing, everyone pale, say: modulation, game inhale yourselves yourself, go for yourselves!
the new you'll go be of go, be inferred picker. If I want to be one just be one, I have jointly gazed with lotteries, be one we would be in trouble right now. There was neither was the final comments section there with her with her face the future climate change, castles, foreign of your blankets, mingled tent with bread and cheese cans and hurts my feel no come on all right. I just.
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