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Episode 106: John Wayne Gacy Part II: Maybe He Didn't Do It

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We conclude our two parter on John Wayne Gacy with detailed accounts of his murders, the investigation that led to his arrest, and the trial that resulted in a lethal injection in 1994.

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time
soon very strange dreams in a row, but the same thing last night about being kidnapped by people that don't have any control over me, tiny, indian men. I it was tiny, indian, merrily, yeah you're watching Gulliver's travels before you pull slow. No, no! I was a crew member. I'd fall asleep in the lobby of a seven eleven they're just there to get you out of the his goal. Please go and I'm just like this is my home right everywhere. There's a slushy! There will be. I use your free refills and I you can buy one and that you can buy a soda stealing the soda. All forgive me to be forgiven. I didn't know that was a sort of sense of the contractor was was a sign one of the shorter one. That's markers bars on Ben Gisele is two thousand and fourteen and we're joined by. Who is the new? It's great have aborted baby new year. Can't you believe it? The abortion? Didn't stick
believable. And how do you feel half aborted baby new year, your mother didn't win? You fought your way out of that disgusting, cavernous, pussey and you're here to save America. Papa, don't even he adorable God on his lamb in the blood there. Two thousand and fourteen is gonna, be a Goodyear. It's gotta be better than the last one, no doubt about leash it. Well we're going to continue on discussing word back though we're back, and you know honestly, we missed you one week off is too many weeks off Christmas. Fucking blows! Christmas is off. I understand, maybe you like Christmas, because there's a lot of people. You know it's like when you have a toothache and you stick your tongue deep in your own cavity yeah. I guess that's why you like Christmas, it's like when you have your third burrito in a row and you're like oh, it's tummy hurts, but you have to have. It is a diarrhea fuckin' milkshake, that holiday? I'm glad it's over folk Jesus Christ, fuckes Fuckin'
birthday, Hail Satan! Well, let's not judge people who might enjoy a nice diarrhea milkshake that were open minded here. If you're into the diary, diarrhea milkshake would be back in I hate December. Everyone just looked upon Jesus on President kill. You gotta help people focus more on the presence. That's why Christmas is such bull. She put her fucking animals during Christmas. Speaking of bizarre fetishes, such as a diarrhea milkshake. If someone likes to slam or those down part, two John Wayne Gacy is there wait a second. I hear something off in the distance on my dad dad Is it a fruit? A man is emerging, through the mists, a thin man no, no, no he's round as about a stack of marshmallow. So my
pointed hat Who is he? Who is he Henry? I can't see it. Wow and we have here I see him now to longer than I thought. Yeah she's doing this slow, slow healing up attention. This is Bams right yeah. This is Babs missed risen. Wait for it, wait for it wait for it wait for it
turn in the Claus: Jaycees bad weight, gainer Introd by Barbra Streisand. Well, the world is complete. Two thousand and fourteen is already been any other year in the history of the world. So, as you may recall, from our previous entry into the John Wayne Gacy part of last Pakistan, we ended with John Wayne Gacy Populous chair popping his old killer cherry. It was quite a cliffhanger. Absolutely I guess the the big surprise was. It says, turn to page fifty eight was like, and then he wrestles boy wrestle boy V8. It goes back to your book that you're the John Wayne Gacy written by. What's the name of the lawyer, yeah it's same emerante you cut today, choose your own adventure. Get to that. You choose who want adventure, and you know he came his pants. I was trying to say: oh you're, trying to do is just along which he came his pants, what he actually what gas he said following the first murder. This is in an interview after his arrest back before he was saying that other people have committed
I imagine you're, it's more like your stab, it's happening! Uh! We don't realize how hard you work and then it's just it just shoot now to you in ropes, right right. That's how I imagine it always like when Btk came over that little boy. I always imagined him later on, like
spider webs all over yeah, like a little silly string, candid never runs out yeah yeah, the miracle of the silly string. All you got, there's ammonia should did is really three seventh grade birthday. Just keep on happening. Okay, Casey said when the guy First Chemical over by the way. This is new year's day, but Casey said when the kid first cut his arm, because he got into a bit of a struggle with them. They didn't wanna, get raped and murdered, no one. It is not. He will typical rebellious. What was his name again, his name? What well his name was a good Jack Loy named Jack Mccoy. This is what I'm saying John Wayne Gacy referred to him as the Greyhound bus boy that is discussed because he had picked him up from a greyhound bus. The actual scenario was gazing was at a new year's Eve Party with his wife. He got wasted, he got bored. He ran over the Greyhound bus station picked up this kid Jack Mccall. He was on a sightseeing tour of Chicago him, like you know, old, right, hander that, like have a moment seven, you sure you see a collar bone is sick. She mister, I don't know seen heard I guess I can go with you. You look respectable, you say you're, a cop well judge oils drug anyway, so Chicago well, I mean what could they have possibly done of this new year's Eve Party that wasn't going to board John Wayne Gacy yeah? I mean I want to go rape and murder, kids so triple a bed. You've had the Wolf of Wall Street scene where they're throwing little people against a a dart board, he'd already burned through a chunk of the dips right. Well,
judge John left there. Still a guacamole immediately get a my chip when the kid in so they fought may go home. They probably just have a blow job, something like that, the kids. Yes, we also have a job. Wait, a cup of tea, all right how you like it do one long per too yeah the days he wakes up the next morning. He said that the kids stay in the other room. Yes, where was his wife? His wife stayed at the house of the people were having a new year's Eve Party, no real real. What way I mean just be an awful and the kid shows up at the door with a knife in his hand, Gacy freaks out immediately. He tries grabbing the knife in the kid the kids slices him on the arm case. He said that he quote felt a surge of power from my toes to my brain and he x great. You grab the knife from the kid sat on his chest and just stabbed him in the chest over and over and over again, and that is when he went to the kitchen and saw a couple of eggs cook in and and and sly side obey get us realize that the kid was just making him break. He was depressed, prostitute in the Tri state area that you were. Not only did you blow a fifty year old within you made him breakfast unbelievable incredible would be on. Gacy was only thirty one yeah when this happened. Gacy was thirty years old, always kinda had the look of a fifty. That thing like this woman is, is do like a former like Bell Hop at the plaza. Thank you just know how to take care of the customer I mean I just did.
Tell him. I was trying to make you bacon and eggs. I have heard that before yeah. I think it's breakfast, you will make it right. Have you been your the J but not to the rise in Jackson? You was the first kid to go into the crawl space so which you know, there's got to be a first for everything is real pioneer real Jackie Robinson of the crawl space. So this party, what we learned from this new year's Eve Party, this one is jumping to if you left halfway through, because he was drunk Borden ate all the food and his wife got so wasted. You had to stay overnight. Yeah she was staying overnight in order to get yes is great eighties. Over for new year's Eve and John Wayne, Gacy is very first murder happened forty two years ago today, that's right for he's a jolly good fellow for he's, a jolly good fat. Isn't that good? Is it appropriate? I don't know sometime again murdered the boy in, but with the crawl space there? Okay, so we have our first killed. John Wayne Gacy is officially losing his mind. No, we just discovered he discovered just that you know yeah. This is a good
I thought we talked about. This is the ultimate deadly mistake. This is him finally, tying murder to his sexual impulse and it's going to be the only way he gets off from here on out. You could you imagine, that's a part of it too 'cause. I bet he's try, but there in during the mixture of all of these, which is, crazy. When you go through the Wikipedia page of his murders. It is so long because you forget it's fucking thirty three separate once they have all the bodies. It's not just a bunch of nonames. Only twenty five were identified. I mean the countless other ones that could have happened, never my probably the countless other rapes, the countless other sexual assault- and I bet, there's probably a couple in there of him just trying to get a blow job like literally just being like. I got this kid from the greyhound I'd love for him to just play with my notes for an afternoon, and hopefully that gets me off right, but a bit by that point. It doesn't even make you calm anymore. It is a pretty bad news. You surprised when you realize, murdering a child makes you come. I would not be thrilled with that new information. I would much
preferred. I don't want you really bad. I just having sex with a normal Cuban. Make me I'd be upset if, like filling my gas with my car with gas, maybe communist stuck my fucking pipe into the God Dam like gas hole, and you know what I'm still really erotic, I'm certain shooting all over my pants. Now I can't just go to the fucking gas station anymore, because every time I go to the gas station I'm hard as a Christmas Fuckin' angel on top of a tree right right right. Well, I don't know what kind of fail you grew up with, but our angel was always very softly. Big lasted yeah, so weird yeah. I have an angel top my tree, that is giant leather, like bat wings there from real leather, bat wings, and it's got one of those like weird, like Druidic Lakeshore, public erections, yeah yeah and that's kind of interesting, my dad sucks it
Weird people here that is, everyone is a different Christmas tradition published. So you know that's a polish thing.
Yes, so for months after this John Wayne Gacy, he goes out. He finds a kid to keep. Tell them hey, I'm a cop get in the car, he hand cuffs them brand. They talk for a little bit. Gacy said: what's it worth to you to get out of this in the kids? Is I don't? I don't have any money. You know I can't do anything. He said we just suck my dick, absolutely yeah add to gaze. He takes the boy to the restaurant where the boy worked at like three thirty in the morning the kid had keys forced himself and they were in the bathroom. He was still Hancock. Gacy punch the kid in the head over and over again, but the kid managed to escape. He ran down the road, Gacy bumped him with his car and then in which is which this happens every once in awhile. He just lost interest and kid because they got away he's. Also alert on went down in the sea is broken down because he's so deeply involved in his fantasy of like he's a cop that all this is real. That he's, if and the kid is old, like a graphic novel sex fantasies. Yes, some point, the kid doesn't respect him. He punched a multiple times in the face and could not come out, so we felt like a yeah but that he went on to make how to make a deal for NBC, which is a pain choose. What you have to do is about negotiation and at some point, when you're driving down the highway, the kids outside of the car he's fat he's tired, it's, but
four hundred and thirty in the morning to this point so he's hammered bucket, you know always drunk what does he give it yeah it's just like. Well, I guess I go drink some more and stick my dick inside of running out of gas, but he could breathe in the gas tank a little bit. Yeah yeah! I just go down and look at a crawl space for a little bit at a couple of dead, naked boys. You're fine you'll get it fixed, and if you ask ok, so this boy got away, he wasn't actually murdered. You know why wasn't Gacy put away for this. The kid did go to the car. Ask. Why wasn't gay
The way for this. He wasn't. The kid went to the cops, but for some reason, at the time, the court system, so over worked that DC slip through the cracks and he was let off with a warning, the Irish, a warning wars. You know somebody more kids, John, it's just because you're getting all time, he was already arrested for stiffer sodomy in another state, he's also the kids. What you're gonna go through that he's. He raped and then got away yeah. Well, the at that time the state's didn't really communicate with each other because he had been charged with and other it's all just a few months after he got out of prison, but because the two states didn't communicate with each other, there was a to have a fight cabs system. At that time there was a time in America were state lines actually met, something yeah yeah. I would like you literally, could rob a bank in Illinois and drive over to Chicago just flip off the officers as soon as you cross the state line, but we'll get a job yeah. Why Jc ever times? What actually happened in court is that his the charge was reduced to the status of stricken on leave to reinstate this met, the gaze he had been issued with a warning and that if you were brought in front of the courts again, the charge would be reinstated, and then it makes you wonder why people believe in the conspiracy theories that our government and like actively participates in gigantic like PETA File, rings right right, torture, because it's if you're covered all these dudes, you keep covering them. You cover the priests, the priest get away. Well, the the k,
the church is a whole nother, said yeah, absolutely yeah, no there's, there's a bunch of PETA file. Reason those been proven right with the federal government. Although I don't know if John Wayne Gacy was really allowed into the into the club. So let's go to the stats look into these big time so that when John Wayne Gacy killed the kids you put in the crawl space, did he ever go down? Do we know? Did he go died and he postmortem Jack? I think that he did not do any of that so different in a bundle. It was once the process he did. He will. He was a process guy, not a product. Guy yeah he's going to call a power control killer yeah, but he was the type of guy he's. A lot like Bundy, in which he is very calculating, is very, was probably more like b t k to like he's closer to be taking a look at all. The company seems like a mix of the two in a lot of ways. Bodies
right what he well our power control killers out there, it's kind of two different place or two different categories at which is where Bundy in Gacy kind of converge diverge and that gay see a lot of power control killers. They keep their bodies of their victims, either in their house more in a safe place, so gay see what he would do is that he would keep the bodies usually under his bed for twenty four hours or more either in the better in his closet, like he did with the second good about it or he and then, after that, he would bury it underneath the house, where he's TED Bundy would go out. He would he had his little special place out in the mountain which he'd have his yeah he's playground where you've got me like younger lol, ok, they're, all like having a tea party at old singing about how he should kiss the girl. You know yeah little mermaid over exactly
so is sucking. Kill was two years after that last night. He waited two years before killing again. First instinctive us here, a killer like doing is the cooling off period gets gets. The first thing he is he's get right into it right now, but at this time he still does live with his wife and that's what you may and that's another question might be asking: is that his him as wife didn't get divorced, Intel nineteen? Seventy seven! I ask you to not have sex anymore well I'll, get to all that yeah. So they got divorced in nineteen. Seventy six and by that time, bond at Bundy Gacy had only killed you idiot Mark, he would go and the victims after they were dead market said this time. He had only killed three kids before him as well or not, but he during this whole time he was his employee jack in the kids. He was a contractor. He was bringing the that his wife said that you would come home late at night with the headlights off his car and he would go straight into the garage which is wife was not allowed into. However, one night she did get a key to the garage and when she went in there she found that there were mattresses on the floor, red lights plugged into the wall mirrors on the ceiling cool and she could smell as sweet sickly odor coming from underneath the house and the reason why that was because John Wayne Gacy is third victim. He murdered and buried in the garage he identifies later on by spraying the body for them all into the got the pavement of the garage the body was laying underneath. If your John Wayne Gacy, though you can easily just cover that up, I mean what was this: the sixties, the seventy seventh nineteen. Seventy three is just like I mean I don't even know the references ten years beyond that, but Nikki Sixx for Motley Crue, yeah, there's little rock and roll lifestyle. I be different if you feel like you're gonna, have to balance that sex room where it's like it's gonna, be a sex through and then have like a jagged,
his collection. I don't want anyone to go in there and mess up the or my pet when you, when you open up the Donald Duck, has the entire rooms which is next on. That would be it, ladies. If you are dating a man, and you are not allowed into a wing of the house or a room of the house murdering the league's of human launches in Bonn. Absolutely yours, Ariel Castro, same thing at a whole, back, no, no you're going good, and what is the house that we're in? Why can't I just go into it: noble grown you'll go on both the board. What would you always go above, though, no room for doing no there's no room, but there's a say if you'll go you'll keep the good night, though you'll both be stillborn well, you know what I'm suspicious, but it's gonna be another nine years before I say anything: no, that's fine! Okay! You were saying to him and his wife agreed not to have sex anymore yeah, the expenditures that is much much more up. I could imagine it's not like you're, not there. I do want to forget. I don't know what what it was it wasn't. It wasn't a Denny's morning breakfast rather, let's just agree not to have if you would allow his wife's name by the way Carol Carol of that, so that it Carol okay trusted Uncle Kevin. Who is the same house that I was talking about interesting thing, yeah, so Gacy Word lounge around their bedroom completely naked just to gay mag, all right right now I don't. You would find semen stain silk, a male underwear like little bikinis. He found some behind your bedroom dresser her bad. They would be out at a bar in Japan Gacy. He would comment on quote a gun,
is Thai DAS. You would openly describe the type of thing that type of young men that would turn him on. I mean it's like so it's like. Why did she keep denying he's gay then right? Well, he's not denying he's gay he's saying, he's, bisexual nobody, then he says he's no fact he's in a fruit, picker! Well, of course, because if you still have sex with women, then he wasn't having sex with when he was married to a woman yeah exactly trying to find logic in John Wayne, Gacy Difficulty donations. Man almost like he's a line, manipulative social socio path. I want to see the conversation where Karol fully realizes that she's married to a madman which is like, I know, Becky your husbands always leaving the socks around John it's always jacking off to gay porn. The bedroom. Girls know what I'm saying: there's no, no! No. We went into his red light room where he's got the mirror ceiling and he's got all the all the bullies in there. So you're allowed in the garage two of your house. Yeah yeah absolutely keep our car. What do you keep in the garage
I don't know, but there's always a chainsaw sound thing going on in there. So I just figured I'd, make some tables or something like that- he's always been kind of hands. The woodsman. You know what the final argument was that caused him to have a divorce,
They were arguing over the checkbook. God is the problem, finances hi, my name on a Monday money. That's why I can't tourniquet rape and murder these women yeah, but do you have any idea hi? This is that's why things even worse like when you see these little telltale signs of him taking the body putting on the bed for twenty four hours right, putting into the crawl space. All of these things are it's almost it blatantly symbolic it is it you putting making what what may making your bed back again taking the body putting enough meat in a race is the whole thing from your memory. You look at me like nothing ever happened in this room yeah. I did you take the body you break out. You take the body, you dump it into a centrally. What is symbolically your sub conscious it made. You think that the basement of the house like, if you had your house like you, is your life. You just took all that portable should be buried in a dirt basement, so that you'll never have to think about it again. It didn't happen, and it's interesting that you bring that up. So it is, it is the it's where his second half lives. This is similar. Marcus was telling me before the show his father used to you wasted. Well, his father used his father's get wasting was extremely abusive. His father used to get wasted in the basement in his. He would talk to himself in two different voices: very interesting, yeah, yeah yeah. That's like that, and you know in a John Wayne using our son John Warner's, gave me a bit require little wrong, Leslie,
I did. Why is half of your face bloodied and beaten pride in being together beta gay half, but that is true, but what is what is that symbolic Nate? It's like the tooth fairy pictures under your pillow there's a lot of like under situations. Why do you put something underneath the bed or under the pillow like? Where does it come from? You forget you forget about it. It's all just just deeper and deeper and deeper, each one is a layer deeper. He forgets he can allow himself to forget it, we're going to say something dumb or dumber, kept them all in the bed with them
he was up in his crimes. Again, he does. It is a product killer. This is the guy. You wanted the body. So it's like he's here. He spoke with the body. It's about. The body is having that type of control. That is all about. This is this: is it Gacy living a fantasy tents and the when the fantasy is played out? It's done done right, it's not a sadistic thing. It's a control thing, it's a power thing which, of course, plays into his relationship with his father. A because you know you can. It could be said that Gacy when he murdered, he was his father. He has strong beyond annoying thing or yeah and he was killing at you know a fruit picker in an ironic, kinda way, yeah think about that yeah man now dad I'm a man now covered in blood ties with its own kids. I hear those words come from kisses up and it just the images cover. An awful good spirit was always so much man days, yeah, yeah, love it so at him in his wife, they get divorced in nineteen. Seventy five. She lives in the house until nine edge. They get divorced in October nineteen. Seventy five. She lived there until February of nineteen. Seventy six she moves out and, as we said with Bt Kay, this is when the ball game explodes yeah. This just is Winnie his killing spree over dry. He got the whole passel his relationship he's where info again, you know Cole, why Insured said, like neon sunglasses everywhere. Just call me on, like a you, know, Brad I'm in a bit of a honeymoon with myself and everybody. You know it's like he's enjoying himself he's like a loose. That's the bizarre thing I mean you could make a strong argument that his wife did keep it together, for I don't think he cares much had gathered. I can to get you know if we could have him hang on yeah. She was because she kept him from going to the life that he wanted to live. Yes
another woman, a man back unbelievable! I don't want you to go over all the boys yeah. Do it yeah Carol plugins like talking smelling, brought up either yeah. So, within a month of his da of divorce, he abducted and killed an eighteen year old kid named Darrell Sampson, five weeks later he killed. He kills Randall Ref at a fifteen year old kid a few our hours after he killed that kid. He killed another fourteen year old, Samuel Stapleton, and this is what he would call his double doubles: yeah, double nine double nine double yeah, and it's it's very interesting because now it's good to talk about two or visit guy. I was watching a talk about a g Gacy in they were saying that were it's at: U watches zero killer get cavalier overtime as he kills tech. The first five you super cost any kills ten, and then he kills fifteen twenty going back on a Monday clovers like sometimes you just lose a screwdriver yeah. It's like. I can't member. Where you put the wrench yeah yeah.
And the interesting thing about his doubles nights is that he would always bury them in the same grave. Every other case, that's on scene yeah, it's one scene, every other. I had got one grave, but the doubles always had the same one interest rate on top of each other. I know any big, then there's also stories were. I was reading afterwards. There is some evidence that he had some conspirators, that they were at full that he worked with. They were boys. There were like sixteen there's quotes of them, saying something him basing something it's like you want me to bury him like. I did the other five and that he may have you. His secret on
full in order to, and then they probably just ended up dead. Well, here's a murder. There was a murder that happened when Casey was out of town. It was proven he said: yeah it was a. It was proven that Gacy was out of town at the time of the murder and there it was said that one of the guys he worked with he gave him a sign painting. He gave the painting after yeah prison and it was signed. If you what you must repeat the field before you enjoy the harvest. Are you telling me that everyone that works in construction
could be a pervert. I don't know, and not only that one of John Wayne Gacy is employees, went on to become one of the Chicago rippers. Well, it was in the room yeah. It is the thing because they were because they were having some naughty phone back. There he had to do was write in central stuff happening in that red light room. There was stuff that was happening all the basement there were, they were doing stuff together and then you, you have one gigantic secret, and then you know your boss is going to tell you. The soonest includes one a secret of help me build very these bodies. You know for a fact, you're going to probably get a warm those bodies. Unless you help him yeah, you have a better help. Only a point: you can go,
Please would you watch to not get caught by the police for a decade? What I would say one of the one of the kids completely admitted to the police that he dug holes in the basement. Anyway, then, they said that he could practice where he spread quicklime button that kid didn't know what was going on yeah. I thank you. I think that was David CRAM, who was David Klein, Mccloy's Sampson, crammed with names. So on August, twenty first after working for Daisy for about a month cram moved into Casey's house the very next day. I can't you want to know. Should he didn't even wait a call, at least you could have got, let him got used to the house right right up with the very next day, love to see Jc Justin for Breeze Commercial, so where they have everybody blind folder. Thank you can even smell anything at all. It's just like those blindfolds walking into a call center, the tentacle garden. Well, remove your shades really puts the rope over the neck and looks like that three, and that was the last day. I worked in marketing, so but the ad the day after David CRAM moves in case. He gets some drunken says: hey. You want to see a hand craft. Okay, hang tough trip Elway's with the tricks. However, the kid survived it he overpowered John. We okay was an all state wrestling champ, that's right, yeah! He will know this kid where he had spent a year in the army. This is me I kicked him in the face. The only metaphase freedoms of my hand because- and he didn't move out after that, did you know you can beat the out of him so yeah? How do you put the boys being boys? Game goes down right, so you can sit and, like you could you've made grab bass, so full could normal to all these. You that's like. We don't touch each other. When we hang out, I don't know, try to grab your balls in touch your. I know the other night. I fell ahead, two hands with that, but he still soft. So I just want is like one big yeah. I was like oh yeah yeah, look at the space, really that's a b or if I just close my eyes, Biggs yes, but just somehow managed to look at the sides of his head. He has long hair, maybe yeah, like that. It's like a beautiful woman or an elderly lady, the picture about a month later Gacy. He shows up at crams bedroom door, and now he was definitely intending on rape in the kid he said. Dave you don't do you, you really don't know who I am maybe would be good. If you just give me what I want. Jc tries to assault on the kid once again: fights them off and finally, he gets the out of there. You got to go reports, nothing. The police he's had to what he said to assault and one of your great Kate, all these kids and other he you know like is he always get a all the weeds around all the other, to write right writing, like you tell one you tell anybody about this and I'll tell about all the that you did. I know that you base, that is the ultimate irony in the the conundrum of most of the building is old and population. I mean of of of criminals. If you tend to be doing something kind of legal yourself, if you see something super legal go on yes and then the judge you're, just yourself, yeah, you're, totally trapped at all thing. He built his own hall of secrets. He did it perfectly. Anybody wanted him. He did what he did, what he did it with people yeah. If you could have one person, dig a grave and throw some lime, salt or whatever on a body. That person can no longer say anything about you. Yes, because they'll go to prison for life, he'll go to pre, exactly you're done, you're couples. So after this he just goes on a bigger killing spree. He killed two kids and one night in October, twenty nineteen, seventy six, he starts killing more and more employees. He kills a kid named William Bundy. He kills a kid named Gregory God's sake, and a lot of the reason why he got like I was read about this thing made a really good point. The only known at this point- TED, Bundy yeah. This William, is all about a tendril. My phone was around the same. I think this was after TED Bundy. I wouldn't be surprised to be killed at Bundy. Just do a killer bonding
No! No! No! You don't even think about that. I mean he's so ashamed to have ever been lumped with Bundy and man. So this is a straight overtime, is Bundy. Okay at Bundy Spree was from seventy four to seventy eight one time in America, boy you're talking about the you know the mental eggs that were dropped by the M K old for ticket in nineteen fifty finally coming to roost. So would you still like Jesse Ventura the accident? Well, if you want to talk about a up mine, we missed it a little bit earlier, but Gacy said that all of these crimes were committed by mad jack yeah Jack Hanley Jack Hanley, which is the the he got that those cop credentials from a detective, the new name to text of Jack Hanley, and he would pretend, is B Jack Hanley he tell when he would pop act. He would tell them that he was detective Jack and what he was obsessed with Jack Candy, because Hanley was everything the gates he wasn't. He was muscular right is confident and he boy he hated gay people. Yes, he was one of those guys that just so I bought cardiac column like whacked on dudes, with will long here, yeah right right, like some skinny kid belong here. Any beat the out of them yeah how you love that and you got it made him hoarders the deck and so, and that was the man at the alter. Ego is based off. Yes, yes, based on Jack, and it was the worst person who did
Zhenya actually were staying at John Wayne. Gacy is, worse is worse. I think the on Wayne Gacy demand, it seems like it seems, like crazy, just saw the things that Jack had his whole. I know, but that's like that's all. It's all a lie. All of this the whole check handling thing. He said this after the fact after he confessed to fuckin'. Fifteen different people after he definitely finally broke down, will get to that point yeah. He he this was him. Trying to save his own users will one of like a nine different ways. He was just like you know, I'm a schizophrenic all I didn't do it only knowledge of five of the murders. I get type two diabetes. What I guess, if you zero, he had type. It is no way a man with diabetes could could could ever commit these crimes or he himself at you hear me 'cause, I'm fat is that it no no there. Twenty five children now just watch him get killed now and then everybody we've got caught now everybody talking about there being fastest, Boosa Bell or whatever it is people. Boo Bell is one of my favorite fat websites,
in nineteen? Seventy seven! In January he killed a nineteen year old kid name, John says Ich. Who was an acquaintance of two of his former victim, and this is a guy that also get provided a great deal of evidence for the police later on bowling alley they found later on, they found Johns, is x, ring in a gay sees just roar and they found what they under your Gacy. They phoned israeli side of gays, yeah yeah yeah. Well, the kid was gonna sell, Gacy his Plymouth satellite, but Gacy Nearest big city. No, that is okay. Now I could just tie a kid up and recognize that is a cute and course deep gaze. He did his rope trick on strangled him and buried him. This is the only time that he buried two separate murders together, he buried says egg. With God's egg berry, he dug up the grave of God sick, put cyzicus running out of room. Will he not only zero, but there were friends like they've got some sort of connection to each other, so in his mind they do that they belong in the same grave. What in his mind, he was probably thinking he was doing them a favor yeah yeah that he was being sweet with the that's, because these are all his checks and balances yeah. I think these have checks and balances. They really believe will take. Well
All you know: they're they're runaways are asking for it on the other. They were trying to pull one over me. I got a validated he validated many. He does. Other things will help the community. Why do all this charity work? I work for the did the you know. I work for the no Democrat society yeah. I do all this, so I killed somebody else about in kill him. You know that kind of yeah, but it wouldn't when he was killed where these in his his employees. These are one of us to those are the two kids Buchnevich and and Gaza that clock a line back. You know, I know, I know it. Yeah they're, all polish good kids. Those two would work for him, but says it was just a friend in a did. Was there any time where any of his employers were? Employees were like anybody yeah? So where are? I had wondered about that because they were quite a few employees of his that went missing. I think the same time no
we don't know all the stories I bet you could. Probably. I could imagine that these are kids asserted, asking questions. It started disappearing when I imagine that as soon as people started, seeing the fuqing pattern of like Casey's kind of weird He'S- obviously weird he's not he doesn't hide it well, he thinks he's a fucking Mavrick, but he's not, and it's like you are you noticing your coworkers aren't showing up for fudge on Friday night Fuckin' Bola night. You know something's going on he just to get to a point where it's like. You just know that if you say something, coin. Is construction construction comes like the people's Republic of the John Wayne Gacy the construction community, and ever since I know you don't ask questions, Kim Jong Daisy. You know in cystic disappeared. This is once again a failure on the part of the police department because they had told the parents knew that Physic was going to gaze his house to sell in the car. Everybody isn't this the case you want to solve. If you
please list the case that gets you fucking paid they're, not getting their neighbors any of these together, because a lot of these they don't care these kids are there the same type of kids there. The reason why your olds are the reason why everything a lot of serial murders get going for the longest time is because they're killing what is known as the less dead, like the people who are dead there, less dead, run away, is less dead sure than a college girl. You know better than what is it. The group sleeper black prostitute looks good on it on, like you know, it's like it's locked up. It looks good in the newspaper like especially TED Bundy's happening. At the same time, you got all these big one coat. Let's go up these hot chicks on the front of the newspaper have a spectre situation. Yeah! It's like people are excited about that. With this, it's it's it's.
Workers going missing and it's tied to a guy. He was like I'm I I mean who knows it's like half a line have true how much clout he had the gays right had with the states in, like being a politician, a friend of a bunch of cops he's, got his hand in nine different pots, it's hard to catch. Somebody like that, because everybody's willing to keep a secret just keep the status quo run and honestly nobody wants to think that they know a killer because it yeah sort of poorly on your social, because you didn't see it. I don't think any of yours that person's wife, you didn't see it or you can always be, and I mean I can hit when Carol flipped over in the guardian New Year's Eve Party, he dipped out to go pick up a boy. The greyhound station arresting thing about Carol in winter in autumn of nineteen. Seventy seven they started dating again back when they got back together and then he was temporarily engaged to another woman earlier that year in nineteen. Seventy seven is garnering money during his most worst fates Q right all day here in t he was exceptionally charming and happy. I don't think that arming were happy. I don't think so. I bet you could turn on when POGO the clown was at its height yeah, but I in the community he was no. I don't think he was being. I don't think he's charming. I just think he is money he looks like he could take care of you if you're a desperate like a person who has kids who needs to be like need someone to come to be the Father child yeah he's a big yeah he's a big blow hard to get, but he's got a ton of money he's willing to dump it on me. Your mother, the idea of masculinity in the seventies and certainly in the eighties, was being a big loud. When he's not you he's
fucking you, we're going on a date with John Wayne? Gacy he's probably kissing. That's because he respects him because he respects you. So much
I think so, ladies, it tells of fifty with the you would not be able to know of a do it. I guess he could have been the ultimate liar. Ladies, who have dated a game, and then later you found out he was a gay man. How did he act? Let us know Katie on the radio and why mail dot subject is the ultimate betrayal ultimate betrayal. Subject that the cave comedy radio, let me hear those stories. Everyone has one every act that I know every and again fellas yeah, but you know it depends on whether or not you cut you cut a half, no watery or they're great liar they just like physical contact. If I have a daughter, I pray to God that her first boyfriend just a raging homosexual until she's like twenty five, you know. That's fine with me. No problems there under service on December thirtieth, nineteen, seventy seven he has what is the first of two assault and releases. These aren't kids that he was trying to up and they somehow got free. These are kids that he abducted, raped.
Beat and then release. Just so strange to me he's very good, because now it isn't here anymore he's again. I honestly, I I think the what we've known about this man is that it is quite. It's possible that it's all because of the fact that he's running out of room in this call space. If I will certainly look at it because he looks at things with a weird sort of practicality, so I think that when he did, I think it probably is like well, I'm not the end of my in my crawl space space and I can't be killing all these kids. Some is going to rape of an right scare, the out of him. He won't guilty and just disappear. It also reminds me of that song. The thrill is gone. I feel like he's like done with it. You know he's like yeah, I don't know you know BB king and heard that I feel like if, if that ran settings, DR that's what the song is based on the right. I don't think I don't think so. No,
begin beating or any boy go. Not all songs are about project yeah. I say I mean we're looking at a serial killer escalation here he is out. He did actually start escalating with this, because he didn't just strangle him. He raped him. He tortured him with different devices. He dumped his head into the bath tub yeah until the kid passed out. Many revived him right, but the kid was in such pain. Yes, Gacy was like just get it over with just kill me in case he said get around to it. Susan Parker Ray thing going on here, yeah and then, after that you just drove the kid back to where he worked, removed the handcuffs and then released him. The kid goes to the cops they bring casein any said they were having Ex quotes slaves sex, but everything was consensual. Just forget just blew over their heads, it gives you just go the sixteen year old boy. It was nineteen but excel in. Not a legal right, but exceptionally similar were was illegal in the Dahmer case as well. If you don't know you, there was something back in the day, we're when cops, it's boys being boys but is also gay sex in countries like I don't I don't deal with it. It was too gross to discuss your case six with its own punishment. Yeah. We got tortured, it's vied for the second one. Is this kid named Jeffrey Regnal? He get he days. He gets them into the car, Gacy Chloroform, semi, rapeseed, tortures and torture. Was he doing lit candles? Okay, some of the victims were after they found some of the victims. Some of them were found with prescription pill bottle showed up their yeah
really weird. These were plastic pill, bugs yeah, ok, plastic uh, so is it better? I think I did really through his glass of white. No, I mean usually asleep, probably be better. If it was class 'cause it be smooth, never did it break
yeah, but he's done was try to do that. He was just trying to fill it up home. We a I'll make you gay gave it a non orange right now. Well, you got a little as you can open, hatches, Gacy dumps this kid after he'd, chloroform semi dump some unconscious the kid staggers to the apartment and he goes to the police and he's only got little bits and pieces of what went on because because the second okay altered to yeah- and he was absolutely glory, so we had little bits and pieces. He just he remembered a highway off ramp, any remember the car, so he went back to the highway a friend he staked out and tell you saw Gacy driving by in the black Oldsmobile that he remembered from the night yeah, and he goes to the cops he says this is the guy and the Cubs do arrest him and finally charge him with the salt finely- and this is this- is all right around on him so that he gets released on bail, he's walking around yeah. This is that the heat the charges were pending when he was arrested for murder and by him. I think you is this. What happened? Next really does league lend some credence to what you said because, yes, he was out of room and he did attack and rape these two boys, but to no avail, because this is when he starts dumping bodies in the Red River. And it's responding you mean like wall, because now it's he's just not getting his rocks off because he's not killing these boys yeah. So now he has, he has to go back to it, so he searched dumped in the river, which is just not yeah. He dumb yeah, five kids in the River and Casey's very last victim, and the reason why gays he got caught because he killed someone whose family loved him right I mean that's. I think it's a good. This is what the big men like case, you don't understand. This is like what he was doing is just like a
you know you're you're, not the only human yeah. You know I mean these. These people are connected on other days. He was smart, he did team, I'm sure the gay scene notice people has yeah, but what can families he with the families were called looking for infertile but give rich kids. Parents were looking for him for was listening to pop buchnevich once and no one cares. You know, but the I mean if we know families with any power yeah,
no commas any power, but this kid he was rich. You know he was definitely from a place of power. People were able to M for the first time he slipped up, because people were able to put the kid with Gacy the night key went missing. The kids name was Rob Peist, so he finally abducted and killed the wrong boy. Exactly like he found a kid that you, the kid was working at a drugstore where Gacy was contracted to do work. Casey saw man fell right in love with someone else come along with butterflies, so shut up in the store. That guy seems to be really smitten over there in german guy she's talking to her squirrels and then he's found his perfect boy. You know now I mean I don't know, but he says he's going to do all these counters for seventy five dollars, the Jc. He approaches the kid and he tells him is like hey, listen. I would like to offer you a job at my company. You know, like I think, you're the time I see I've been watching you work all night or just stick type. A tight, big long blonde here. Just
kind of boy that I just want what you, what bold? What's your company, all about all thought, the company? What I say that I say when you are yeah, I want to work at you'll, come see, it you'll see school. He already has a job. This kid he already has a job, but a headhunter yeah, but Andre Agassi is a go getter I mean he is a. He is definitely a go getter. What's interesting to me that you know Gacy, he does go out sober man hunt. I mean don't or would only go out after that's why I have sympathy for Dahmer was Dahmer had Dahmer was just for life. Or it's like Jc, is a predator, through predator he's, the worst type of monster yeah So he brings Rob Peist back to his home. He's like you know what just come on over to my place. I need you to sign some tax documents. I need you to fill some stuff out and you know- and it was Ropice mothers birthday that night, and he said he like you know a guy. I need to get home and what did he say? Henry? Oh, just like
but you know there's nothing. I love more than my mom, but you know what it comes down to it. I just need a new kind of job, so I could get that new keep a good morning. Ohmygod. You know it's gonna. Take us some money. I bet the extra three dollars an hour is going to be just a type of thing to help you get your team, I'm actually kind of sold I'll. Take the job too. I had it. You know what better birthday present to your mother didn't come home with a new branches, job brand new job they gets. Casey gets the kid into into the house. He offers him a beer and then, of course, one thing leads to another natural and what that led to was the rope trick. The rope trick came out and
and Gacy strangles the kid to death and the next day, of course, you know this kid would came from a very close knit family. It wasn't like him to stay out late, especially on his mother's birthday, so her mother, by the way- God that's awful. It's awful news to find out on your birthday, terrible news. So the boy, probably it's the worst, probably so, the job shining harps and heaven oh well. Now I feel better. Well, I guess they don't need that cheap at all anymore. Beethoven, thank you John. Beethoven in Heaven is really just as crazy as Beethoven was on earth. Weird
I'm making Scooter music Beethoven is the last time I like gays and having no Jesus after that Beethoven guy came in will tell me who tell me young Roberts: did I thought yeah? You did. Heaven smells like hell right now. Thank you for veep russian intimate boutiques, but I didn't heard anything the only Americans in Heaven from now on. Ok, the investigation against John Wayne Gacy begins on December 13th. They get a search warrant for his house. They find one thousand nine hundred and seventy five high school class ring engraved with the initials Js. Various drivers licenses handcuffs a two by four with holes drilled in the ends which the two by four, by the way he was inspired by dean, Coral, the Houston serial killer, who killed twenty eight kids in one thousand seven hundred and seventy four also the cops- are all over his fucking eyes now, because kids are being kids are disappearing,
they came forward and was talking to the police to certain things, to like two and two together. Finally, Roberts going like what runs robber goes missing,
They know who did he was allowed to. Casey was last one to see him with the most damning evidence they found with that is they found a receipt in case? He's garbage only find out, because yeah photog a receipt for a photography from a girl that he liked yes, hi, just wanna put out from under high general, like they talk to this guy, they founder C, they went in, thank they had a different name on it and they went and found the girl, and she said that she liked Robert and she thought if she put a read the receipt in his parka. That would give him a reason to like all her yeah. So he knew for a fact like he was there and also used is actually the only person, the the only victim so far that I see as an actual human in a weird way, because he is a girl who loves them. Another seller, it's kind of felt a similar way. A lot of these people did. It was just the fact that this was the first one that a file a finally it just dawned on people. It just finally happened. Finally, cracked open, I like it now he's getting. The tail cops are telling him every day in a twenty four hour, surveillance, which this is the height of Gacy, like power like hit a power air again, he just hang out with them coming over to hang on as places of take out to dinner like to speak.
Because it's more self delusion it's more like being like all you know, I can find my way out of this like a guy in a way out of this, you know thing come out, we'll have some dinner and some some drinks. The mail understands all big hullabaloo out there I mean again. I I do believe that he was very charming yeah, I'm sure that he was Charlie this season, that was loud in through his money around. I think that down that's just Wisconsin charm, it will mean nineteen, seventy seven Wisconsin Sharman as a tan suit, throwing your money around and being loud yeah. Absolutely that that that's all you need to do. He brought on one occasion. He brought the surveillance team to breakfast for him, and this is when Gacy uttered his famous line, he's talking about his business and he starts talking about pogo the clown, and this is when he says the famous line clowns can get away with murder, yeah, absolutely so yeah. You know, yeah you'll be surprised. We can get away with as a clown, and I had a client probably get away with. So basically so this kind of boils down to to John Wayne Gacy search Losin it it's. It starts to really take a toll on hold on here, surveillance. Thirty, five, I think so is it: okay, as we're looking at a five year span he's been doing this for five years, and so he finally shows up. He gets his feet, which we re read from a defending a monster by us. A member on today is a defense attorney. He just shows up one night and know that I, like legitimately, because now he's being followed everywhere by a police surveillance, his v a is used to is trying to like do whatever you can to file a a well. What's it called a Evan? Well,
things weren't there trying to find out what actually got them a search warrant finally is doing. It was in another active arrogance. He invited the got the surveillance guys to come in and in the world the House well one of the guys that what he did is he went and he took a piston. He flushed the toilet and he just he's a homicide. Detective he's like that's a dead bodies, dead body like that's a dead body, and so finally, on that he was finally, they finally were able to get the search warrant if he was trying to trying to set up a just lost it again. The restraining order against the police for him and then case
it shows up in the middle of the night. This would have some dumb meeting that he set up to have with them, because, because now that he is a defense attorney, he'd never shuts up goalie going he's he's calling all day every day talk about the case to deal with it and with his defense with his defense attorney. He shows up with the equated himself with a John Adams yeah by and by the way, it should be noted that this was this defense attorneys first case in private practice. Yes, in a public defender for that before that this was his very first very first case, and so Casey, shows up. He leaves a surveillance crew in the lobby because they can come into your lawyers office with you, because there's like that, whatever that is there for the eternity attorney client, privilege yeah, so he comes in here. It's like he slaps the newspaper down the thing he points to the picture of rough pieces like this boy. This boy is dead, that is in the boy from the drugstore, but this boy, this
he's dead, he's in the river and it turns into an all night confession: senses like session, where he tells his defense attorneys and I've been there judge, jury and executioner of many many people. Now, I'm going to be my own judge, jury and executioner really start doing this whole thing about how you hate that they have to let him do it his way. Fun judge Judy by the way, Jan Wayne Gacy Judge John Wayne Gacy's court. That's what I want to say. So you tell me you still your lawn mower, but you had it for seven months as your lawn mower, this your lawn mower now welcome, Judge Casey, Casey, and so he then proceeds he spills. His guts tells him. Everything is di, mean there just looking at him. He then passed he's so hammered. He shows he so drunk yeah basically they're going to do individual business. So there's two partners the two days. One leaves left alone with John Wayne, Gacy was passed out on top of themselves in a chair, and he said he watched John Wayne. See John Gacy stand up,
raise his arms up like Frankenstein in the middle of sleep he's. Obviously, sleep frankensteins monster walking around the room like Frankenstein's monster, like he's like he starts walking around the room like Frankenstein's monster in his sleep, walk, pose yeah and then goes back to sleep. Yeah he's got a very strange, very strange, very strange stuff and even leaves there. It goes superseded, tells everybody he knows that he's killed a bunch of people right he's going from friend to friend and he's telling me I killed thirty some odd people crying hugging, everyone kill me. These guys are going to kill me. Then he gave a buddy Abaga joints. He had a bag of joints from his own stash. He gave it to his buddy to smoke him That's the question that John Wayne Gacy gives you a bag of joints. I would I would smoke one. You know it's wrong. It has
these drugs drift toward longer, yeah. No kid immediately took them to the surveillance. Tail was watching right cloud, the car, the cop car that was watching him- and this is when Gacy starts, getting really erratic he's driving around with his rosary up to his chin, he's heading out to a graveyard that police thankful to see his dad his dad that they think that you know gas is going to kill himself. So they end up arresting him on the marijuana charge. They arrest him for dispensing marijuana there like fucking, get him in jail. You give me change for some reason and what about the the fact
It is whole house smell like a quote. This is what I don't know if they do not get the search warrant, yet it could be no at this time they were in the middle of getting the search more like this yeah. Did you see four hundred yeah yeah? They don't have it yet and they can arrest him because me could be a read. It could be a dollar yeah. I have a psychological breaking talking out of his, but then you watch him finally usually are where he had a ton of we. We can arrest him on that ledge and ride in a cooler and then, when they show showed up in jail said he met with same RON Teh. They simmer to met him in the jail cell and then Casey turned rooms are being like a gonna get out here. You know it can take a heart attack right. I can take a heart attack to get out of your music. What John literally hits the ground search seizure ring? They took him to a hospital like he got himself out of jail again right again and got himself out right. Bundy got himself out of. There is yeah yeah, so good yeah they're just going to do so. I do want to see I'm around a walking through a the jail
with like super fly. Music playing he's got this huge fuzzy bear hat on, and ship coolest guy date, Jw G! yeah baby, you will figure, horror, show baby, oh yeah, let me see you freak
their mind. If I don't, I love prison, love hearts. I love the hospital just slamming fuqing Jello they get. The search warrant is in effect, while Gacy is imprisoned. The first thing they do is go straight down in the crawl space within minutes they just found putrefied remains like they wanted it with water when he flooded flooded with water. First I mean he just turned off his sump pump and thinking like oh that'll get him, and then they get there and they're. Like turn on the side, just turn on the sump pump and within minutes they found an arm, and I love this. I love this image. Is that the guy that was download the investigator he found the army turned around. He goes charge him yeah. That's a great moment for detective cartoon and so then charming Easley Jjc. Thank God never saw the light of day again right now he stayed in jail. He did not good jail experience either
I don't know he was. He was great Joe. He got to paint the entire time and then a I hated. You did actually become very religious and actually got to it. Teacher was always have been really really true, yeah yeah, so, okay, so they found all the bodies this. They found the twenty five in the crawl space they. Finally, twenty yeah. Twenty five calls: no twenty five in the crawl space, one of the garage one out near the barbecue pit, where, by the way to win the race ever I mean in the town of much of those bones are just you know: rib bones from I'm from a brood rose right right, which is using an amazing think about this. For a second that John Gacy was known for his party right. This guy was our does barbecue in all the time. So all these people get Lansing Revival of a grave yard yeah they were dancing on a great. What are what is about that Mr Daisies House, but I can just really move in there. Yeah, like I, you might might might move quicker, feel like the second half of defending a monster is basically just like watch like SAM member on Teh just be a total pc fuel. Everything until like, because he's trying to say that you know the first german Casey is insane because he did his. He said he was like had multiple personality right and they were like. No that's Porsche, that's not true, and then they try to do a does so much different stuff trend throughout the case, one of the things that he tries that he said that you know it's possible. They
All of these murders were accidentally. Erotica is sixty eight yeah. They tried yeah, maybe thirty, three accidents, all those fourteen year old boys, you just love that David Carradine adults say love the choke themselves until they come all of them do come immediately if they see a TED, the hard core stuff and so the trial the trial goes on. It goes on for awhile, like it's a long trial, yeah and the defense attorney in his closing arguments. This is just I mean this is so dramatic. Is that he starts he goes through. All of the victims is a big poster board up there and he starts naming all the victims, and then he grabs a stack of photos of all the known victims and they've got the door to John Wayne. Gacy is crawl. Space in the court room has evidently incredible day out an injury deadly on Holy great show, yeah, oh my god, yeah and then con call. You look to the jury, says yeah yeah. It was the prosecuting attorneys and call call call call call call gold ever want to gaze before this is because, in talking in total, can't win this case he's just fire, so he turns to the jury. He's got a stack of photographs in his hand, and he said I ask you Jerry to show the same sympathy. This man showed when he took these lives and in through the through the photos I at the kind of rose is thrown out of mention it took less your times. Is there to review on taste it up? It was like maybe
I didn't know it, but have you thought about that? Is that a door or is that a window outside the doors and it took less than two hours for the jury to go and find John Wayne Gacy guilty on thirty? Three charges of murder wanted to give him thirty three injections too, they were like. I was like one of those too long, less than two hours alone for minutes per charge, all white yeah guilty guilty guilty innocent on that with the do. You think that we want each one because it wasn't just murder was also sexual. How was he with how many counts do they had with total thirty three charges of murder and he was also found guilty of sexual assault in taking indecent liberties with a child? I will vote was another thirty Robert. Each one is also a fiat, so you're here, okay, yeah a
And then, of course, it comes to sentencing an once again. It takes less than two hours for them to decide to put his as today, and so then he began his grandstanding from jail. He did countless interviews, we played it with chunks of them before the best thing that he had some knowledge of five of them. By the end he was totally denying everything and then his final words were kiss my ass. He said that most twenty eight of the bodies have been committed are playing. The murders have been committed by employees who are in possession of keys to his house. He said this is a quote:
perhaps my biggest crime is running, a cemetery thou license. It's a great show. It's a great show. He still had a sense of humor, even until the end of your choice in America when it gets and the death, you can really play that up for quite a while. He was senior fifteen years in prison, so we died fifty years old, yeah yeah and he was a he. Of course, this is when he became a painter. Hi is spraining soul from anywhere between two hundred dollars to twenty thousand dollars, and he got no profit off of this, though, that if you get into the victims now he got probably he'd get money when this would lead to the law than that the maid at twenty, when he was done when, when the put to put him into definitely would buy the paintings to burn. Well, you know it's illegal now for preserving make profit off their crimes. Yeah he claimed his artwork was intended quote to bring joy into people's lives. I mean I want one yeah. I think I really want one. I really I want one so bad, the one my prized possession, that's where we
it's so bad. I want to go. I want to real one: you got one, you get a line on one. Let us know if you got it wrong, it's making a sale of 'em I want,
you want him. Prices range anywhere from a hundred ninety five dollars for a painting of a bird to ninety five hundred dollars for a painting depicting the seven dwarfs playing baseball against the Chicago Cubs. You know and, of course the beat the Cobb's Ford is always losing to the door and the baseball pay only nine of them, the baseball painting, was able to get actually get autographed by a lot of hall of famers. Fellow members, I had no idea so that all they knew was that this is a real just, a cute seven north. Something is wrong. Is there a wrong to want a painting from Jenny, gays, yeah yeah, whether it's exactly every that's very wrong? But it's just such a touch, your morbid piece of history. I just wanted. So that's the thing. I don't yeah how to figure that out of my our yeah yeah, that's the thing that I'll just bring to a therapist yeah exactly is always sentenced to death and we wouldn't have so okay. I do want to talk about his prison life. Well, I mean we his prison life. You know he just spent the whole time doing interviews. We talk to. He had a couple of, I guess, dalliances with women, just like any serial famous here. It's illogical visits. Let me know he never actually had account. Conjugal visits can have conjugal visit on death row: okay yeah, unless you're married yeah, which is how TED Bundy was able to get the control yeah his wife, because he had a rape, somebody yeah yeah. They really really had to pass that Bundy seat on yeah. What a lucky see that was in there are two there to Bundy to fund these children are out there. I believe they're, both one row, Bundy Gacy to okay sees children are still out there, daughters with the first one that.
There's no way they're attractive, these daughters probably very attractive, but daisies daughters. I'm here now, if God gave sees every day sees daughters ever want to come forward and talk till has no idea what what after we just call them before. I can pay exit daughter and she did very well. She was on the drew Carey show me both get out of town leave. The town, yes in, as so Bundy are Gacy. Why you? He is gay, I every time he just raping girls, Casey Rich poor use, as in reset his last words were kiss my in in this the strangest outcome. This is fascinating to me. The strangest outcome of the entire set of Gacy murders is that it led to the creation of the Amber alert system. Yes, really interesting a days because it used to be a seventy two hour, mandatory waiting period on like starting a a missing persons report for child in tow Adelante death himself anymore, onto made this made it real starting lineup, so we'll some of that same never worked again, but he'd.
He's still in he's still very successful law practice. Always he said he is I think he used. These are tired judge. You became a judge. Oh, I thought his career was completely ruined after that in John Wick was he did that because he made the child the Amber alert system. It can redeem the result. In the end, he he's a piece of shit, obviously, but he was doing a job he was everybody deserves said everyone deserves. Representation was talking to her. I don't think he's that bad of a person, no just to shoot. He's a piece of shit writer, yeah he's just a very arrogant, but I think that, like SAM arrogant now, I think people like Santa Mirante are very necessary to the american judicial system, and I did talk to her friends scene. He was, he was on top out there lawyer friend of ours, and he was saying that perhaps he used it as a tool to kind of the president to get rid of like this, like through all these defenses out in defense of John Wayne Gacy, so that they cannot be used
so powerfully with other people who are obviously so she'll do interesting, take itself from a different attorneys standing point. It's it's an incredibly interesting case to take because you can throw anything at it. You go through the most obscur, weird fucking rules and ideas in like legal precedents, an you can make something.
Rangers thing happens. He was thrown into this whole thing because at the beginning of the truck would how he first got involved in this. Is that the first thing that, like a Gacy, called Mommy, says SAM? I need you to do me a favor yeah route, because at this point Gacy all he wanted was the cops office back use yeah because he was already as an injunction against the top convenience by com yeah use like because that will they and they'd confiscated is old mobile. You know he was driving his all shitty PNC truck, and so that was the only thing so Gacy was being retained. Are Amarante was being retained by Gacy at the time of the murder. Amarante says that if he hadn't already been retained, he wouldn't take. You probably wouldn't take he's like. I probably would have done this because he knew I it's funny is like you said it's like yeah. I know he's like. I know my new. My life was going to be a living hell, but you know I kinda enjoyed it yeah yeah I mean I'm like that's what I love about and on days that he is he's a, but he is at least a minute break. Yes yeah. I I know he's like. I know, I'm kind of a bad person read the book read defending a monster. It's a really interesting, take on the serial killer genre. It is this. I love this story. John Wayne, Gacy is the ultimate killer. It's fascinating, don't get into a car with anyone who offers you a joint just, don't you don't if you're calling for look at the whole, the whole uniforms see the whole uniform. Look at his badge. Look for Cyril numbers on the batch. I just did you do anything wrong. You know. If you didn't, then you don't get into a cop car. If we have some younger listeners out there and so be aware, be alert and no do
get into a car with anyone who offers you anything you just going to be an ashtray as your for murder. That's! So it's not good! It's not good in. Ladies, if you can't go and all the rooms were house divorce, your house, you got a mayor yeah. He exactly if you did go to bed room. It is a bad yeah, you're, a bad, it's jet off to a bunch of gay porn, he's gay. Let him go, let him was when did we just want to end here on some, but they do
lethal injection. They do they do they do three thousand and ninety four: did they do the thirty three? No, although his execution was painful, they fucked it up. The first time that solid inside of him yeah, I got real solid and he bought. It was a very painful death because solid inside of him yeah, the the prison didn't know what they were fucking doing animals just like. I could just do this myself. I know exactly how to kill. Ok, just can I just kill myself place and in fact, based on that on the experience with gas heat, there was a complete overhaul of the death penalty system in Illinois. So there was some positive blood that came out of this and it's an incredibly compelling story. It's the perfect example of american fuckings cycle, psychological public behavior, he's nuts. So before you leave. I just wanted to plug something real quick. If you are in the Chicago area, we got a lot of friends living in the Midwest lot of people, listen to show, come seat murderfest, since the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival on January tenth and 11th at one thousand one hundred pm at stage. Seven hundred and seventy three,
So are you? If you want to come, see me and the lizard and big fat add and Jackie do some stuff in Chicago? That's the time to see it. I don't like it. You have to go see, murder fast, because they're, the greatest sketch group operates a full, inter If they have experience- and it's absolutely hilarious, you never have to see him have to fully covered in blood. If you do it right, you will like it. Yes, you will enjoy the facebook page. Are you falling asleep? Alright, Henry Song, I'm dying. Alright, we got it, we got ended so yeah, so we're going to end up with John Wayne. Gacy singing is beautiful, tenor for the prison prison Christmas, choir,
This is truly John Wayne Gacy singing in a prison prison Christmas choir at while he was doing time for his original sodomy charge. Some people form nine hundred and ninety eight ARAG Tag team football team in prison. Now he sings songs. Second, Acapella groups like glee in there yeah hell yourselves, everybody happy two thousand and fourteen were going to great year. Hail Satan alkene go see Wolf of Wall Street Hum
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