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Episode 113: Henry's New Orleans Adventure

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We got a minisode for ya as Henry comes to us live from New Orleans to tell us about some of the creepier things he's experienced since he's been there, including the horrors of the Lalaurie Mansion, a bearded nerd, and a very bothered sandwich shop worker.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started, New Orleans set array, beads arise jazz. Sorry, I just can't I'm in north This is Hungary's browser. If less progress in left I'm New Orleans and walking outside raining was haunted place in America.
That's how you? Why welcome and assure the one that's Marcus parts, I'm Ben Kizil did Henrys boys change what happened he assimilated into the culture of New Orleans in what a matter of forty eight hours, forty eight, and that at the moment, still reminds me of that Woody Allen. Characters, Zella Z, like this elegant character, that blends into his surroundings, like a wonderful chameleon chameleon and, of course I can resume browser, is one of the greatest chameleon around their fantastic actor and we all love em and we currently missing, but he seems to be doing very, very well in the home the streets of New Orleans and that's what we're gonna be talking about today, we're gonna be following Henry on his adventures:
We at some point tell you stopped by the burrito standing is constantly bragging raving about and we can hear the actual interaction he has with the individuals who work their aid to disappoint you. But it's a sandwich, sharp, it's a sandwich shot. Nobody does go to the sandwich. Maybe may be well to look forward to everyone. So yes, today, we're just gonna talk about New Orleans, some of the HANS and spooky things that occur there and we're going to overturn a follow. Mr Brown, ski his trail of horror. So I guess it's just pick. It up again soon see what has up to now I'm down Saint Charles Avenue in front of a genuine Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, which I'm really excited about. Try here, it's really good! No Spanish, though it's gotta, makes me morlands is the police contradictions started off as a sort of rotation spot french aristocrats? First, portuguese Napoleon perched. It
basically turns out about rich people. Don't want to come to a fuckin swamp written. Mosquito infested, hellhole down in the body, the new country filled with savages so they sent a bunch of criminals. Here. Is criminals ripped murder, everybody as well is literally a most hard place in America, took a tour guide. Ghosts ghost out in french quarter basically said: Building the french quarterly. Seven people have been registered, esben murder ghosts We single block. Tor, guided confess named Trevor Big Long beard. Can you ask him if he believes in ghosts, and he says why can just show me the old man that used to visit me in my sleep, every single night of my old apartment right outside New Orleans in the Treme, like hell. Let's go see or carbon that Romania's, like you, don't want to go. Could they will turn you into human lamp there
we can all agree the super winded right. I think it is most I've ever heard Henry talk well walking and you can hear the pauses, because Henry does a pause when he talk when ox he's very rapid fire machine guns hypothesis when he walks in talks- and we know that imagine if he was trying to chew gum doing this entire thing is well yes, so he's touching in on some of the more my Cobb MECCA. Things that occur in New Orleans and a Trevor his his tour guide. He must have break out of sight, o Henrietta has a bad day for a dual guy. When you see the big fat nerd come up in the air like this douche bag, going to ask me a bunch of questions about the bull shit that I'm doing, I'm making seven fifty an hour, and I hate to break it to you. I don't believe in goes is us. This is a God. Damn tourism season job. For me, ok,
expand a little bit on some of the things that Henry said when he said that it was bought by french aristocrats. New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in America. Definitely one of the oldest in the south, where I was founded in seventeen eighteen, so you ve got hunter. Upon hundreds of years of deaths, will of course no nothing. Bad was going on. Nothing bad was going on in the south. In the seventeen hundreds I mean that was a it was peace and harmony. Wasn't it oh? No. It was different than that. It is the opposite of as the absolute up is wisely and also the new policies to be much smaller than it was up and tell the lady teen hundreds. It was essentially just the french court or about seventy eight blog square O, also known as the most annoying quarter in America. The free quarter in the seventeen hundred solely Lord, who wants to be there, and now we have another very inch. Dean Factoid from Henry's eyebrows gay about New Orleans. Another interesting
factoid about New Orleans is the fact that when the first began, the first in of settlers here they started a gigantic convent when people did knows. Amazingly travel with them was This was a gigantic epidemic of tuberculosis and the symptoms of tuberculosis. What it does you overtime, gaunt drawn face? rules on arise aversion to light. You started because back in the if begin to resemble empire victims and then eventually vampires themselves, whose entire convent that was riddled with tuberculosis and over here. Its rigour on the french quarter offered dictators and you go, and apparently the the there the epidemic was so massive solely because he thought the Romagna revamp. As of course, as we normally weren't like super Gale was they were gone creatures like knows are too when they believe that they were crouching. Your chest at night soccer saw energy wrath kind of like a girlfriend
So you go and people certain, seeing these gaunt drawn nuns every where in their starting believed, there was a vampire epidemic inside of this content and so a cardinal. Came the Cardinal of Louisiana Debate, the newest cardinal got petition and you have to calm. You have to shut down this vampire epidemic, so we showed up. He made a big show: there was a gigantic parade down to cater street of people just be like burner. Nuns Myrna NUTS, which I gladly would have been in front of a via, could have had the chance. So they go. He goes. The convent goes inside it comes out and he says: don't worry guys. I handled it and it's like they want proof. So we hire you pull gigantic nine inch, silver spikes and he's like I'm, going to put these I'm going to I'm going to take a bunch of nuns, I'm going to put them in coffins my closing with these silver nails and you will never get out. So even the convent exists, which is now in all birds on building. They believe.
There is coffins vampire nuns in the attic they were and they are nailed shut by long, nine inch, silver spikes, but according to this, most going this tor leader. He said that His body came and did a bunch of a bunch of recovery, work after Katrina and saw no such coffins, which I think is bullshit and going back to my previous point about forever the poor ghost triple leader, Henry squeeze an m about cop ends, burnt down. Nunnery began
yeah. I don't know my friend after Katrina that huge natural disaster that devastated the city ya know. Yet he was helping put sandbags up and stuff because people were losing their houses, but what about the car is? Well, I'm sorry, chubby! What's your name and Henry I'm sorry Henry there were no carpets. There were no comments and by the way, those nuns they were on meth, that's all those all the symptoms of Crystal Meth during Katrina. There were reports, many reports about coffins being unearthed by the floodwaters I've seen very I've. Seen I've seen the videos. I know that the evidence, of course, not the which none nail coffins that Henrys talking about actual real, people with real families. I think that in real life, that's a wonderful irony, though, of your floating down in New Orleans straight
would you not suppose we ve blown down I'm in here we go, I'm drowning, I'm drowning, and then a coffin comes up from the front. From the muddy waters, to save you, that's kind of sweet and enforce a puppet open, and then you look at your grandad. You look, I know them a gold teeth. Next thing, you know your multimillionaire. That sounds pretty great. I did like Henry have an interesting point, and I don't think it's really brought up very often the gun
dangerous vampire versus the gave empire. Of course, what's your vampire? You know it feel great now, where we really gone into more of a very erotic sort of Asia. What is it what's? Lawton her head tat, Taylor, Lautner, dream, boat of a vampire yeah yeah raw saucy elsie. I lied thing. Gay right, acquitted, waited gay ones it it's sort of on power with the conversation over slower fast zombies will accept that there is an obvious choice. As far as I am pyres go scary, yes, scary, gaunt belong noses, long, fingernails ILO, not for all to man, that's right, a best and most in the best and scariest vampa. That has ever been cruel to remind me of what an episode yesterday of What is it I always study in Philadelphia? Ninety vetoes and urgent replaced the troll told total withdrawal. That's what I that's. What I want my vampire to look like you want to look like Danny to veto short fat. Big knows weird ears, but
because he was mentioned in a bunch of diseases in things you know about that yeah. You is vision about tuberculosis. There was a huge yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans in eighteen, fifty three, seven thousand eight hundred and forty nine people died just that you're alone, while between eighteen, seventeen and nineteen o five over forty one thousand people died of yellow. Ever say, you ve got of course that hanging over neurons as well as far as the death toll. Yellow fever is a fuckin horrible disease yachts, mosquito born. Of course, no garlands is fuckin full of mosquitos. This it S. Music brings amount as large. As everybody knows, the symptoms are fever, headache, vomiting backache. As the disease progressive, the pull flows, gum, stir bleeding your urine is full of blood. You start developing jaundice, so you turned yellow. Hence the aim. Yellow fever, and I usually that occurs but three six days after
But if you have yellow fever yawns, you have a lifelong immunity to it and incorrect. There was as far as Tine all this into voodoo, which we be remiss if we did not discuss voodoo of inner conversation about neurons to talk about a little bit later on, but at that time of his yellow fever, epidemic, black people were not They were not infected. Very large white people were effected so much more, and there were rumours around that there was some sort of a voodoo curse being put on the white man by the black man or that black people had some sort of voodoo protection by wealthy these blatant over. They couldn't get a break up. There let go, we avoided, need the yellow fever fiasco, but way your blame, it s boy, what? How is it possible blaming the reason why they were essentially immune two's because A lot of them have already died a generations ago, because I M in the area
be no over a hundred years of this prize ride people who survive. Past energies naturally were more immune to a short eyes. So that's why black people survive and the white people, and especially because the majority of the white people who died were immigrants, so they were new to the area and had no immunities whatsoever. Much like us bring the smallpox over the native Americans and killing ninety percent of the population. Will you know it we stopped to move as what it's all about. It's interesting, yellow, yellow fever does sound again like crystal Meth, but it also it something similar attributes yellow fever, I feel like that's the nicest thing it gives you a fever. I would go with a yellow person or yellow insane diarrhoea, like yellow fever. You, like you, got the yellow fever and Eric I've been out in the cold. Before that a headache I can deal with a yellow fever handle it, but then the dimension, everything and when you, when you vomit up your own insights, but no,
of Beaver, there's, just one of the men He catastrophes that have just brutalized this poor city of New Orleans hide. So no Henry he's going to explain a couple more those theirs the town, riddled with a catastrophe, It says here this paranormal New Orleans article about the seven reason why New Orleans, the most high- to place in America, the one this is it. This is a very great deal tragedy here, of course, we all know about Katrina I was sitting in a bar by myself, just drinkin some such spend in the time I was in the bartender talk to a patron talking about how you're she goes to her who dawn healer every week, which is that she goes to a locals, only plays down the street and they were talking about the influx of Do you would know Orleans since that what the soldiers did after Katrina and, like you know, there's a lot of conspiracy theory. It so happens because apparently, there's thousands of body still missing and that she was saying that the soldiers would go and like lit
really during Katrina, the survivors. They would line up the girls that work that they found and they would make kiss them in order to get them onto the helicopters to take them out. There is up in that there is all new breed of evil energy. That's coming back in flexing the city, what you think is kind of cool Henry, wouldn't that's kind of good. Yes, he would of course, be a new breed of evil energy gonna, take it over the city, our rights. Henry might mentioned. Vous Don in vote on his very respected tradition in New Orleans, yeah yeah near obsessed with death, oh in New Orleans yeah. I think so. Yeah I've heard that about cemeteries everywhere there is even the there's. One haunted intersection canal street. Add city park, avenue; ok, thirteen cemeteries converge on this one intersection alone.
It's fine, yeah, that's great! You know it's always important. Whenever you're driving through their just to say the sentence, nothing bad can happen now, because everything is going to be totally fine. When you were gone to the place where thirteen cemeteries meat. Thin bad can happen there, that's not where the devil the cement. No, no, not at all. They say that there is the ghost of woman in a white dress. They said that she's a pale ghost like creature, with a gaunt skeletal face and long bony hands. They make a horrible clap. And noise, and always I walk around William Athwart broken all the time, she's just a hipster she's a model, and so oh you kid made. They clapped clack on car doors out yeah, that's always trying to get a ride. I have not dish, and I have an additional well, not here, lady ghost ship of oriented on your face, something like that. Some like near now, Our aid will very interesting, and now, Mr Eyebrows guy he's gonna continue
continue guiding our hand and wonderful to have. This has to stop about Hoddan things than this when he covers what is argued to be the most hard place all of New Orleans, the lower house so I mean it's second to his belly button. It's raining in New Orleans and when it rains outside smells like Poohpooh, vinegar, spices, disgusting and the night time, it's beautiful. You know you got tidies out, you got bomb and on your shoes you don't care because aside, ECHO is care and you want to feel that notes back and forth to every single cramp bar during the day. It's broken weird city What has jobs so
went on a ghost or call the french quarter phantoms out of Flanagins pub, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was super creepy. I would really with lot of fun. If you go tell him, we said she was going to try to get interview with one of the tour guide I'll of the place. The bar is amazing and the the tour is very informative. Matter of fact it literally walks. Arturo guy there was his nerdy bearded dude break up a duty beat the shit out of some woman, which is, I guess, that night, The thing that ever happened in New Orleans, so Mr Delors dimension. Now we know that we ve covered. Or imagine a little bit in the podcast, but just as an overview Madame will lorry ran the lorry mansion. She was a forty five year. Old super The woman who had basin had to husbands previous the both died in mysterious circumstances. She married a hot young, new doktor in town, the surgeon name, It was also a lorry, nay, when she wanted to have the pretty
mansion in town, so she bought with, which is so. The law remains from when you walk down. Royal street is the biggest building on the block, its three four words, unheard of a time that a court gardener gigantic separate. It shouldn't slave quarters, as we know, basically they they love the throw lavished parties would spend up to what was the equivalent of modern day of like four thousand dollars on booze per week, and for these shrike antics weaken parties, because she loved to entertain right. She loved appearances and she had something like twenty slaves on the premises, which is like ten times anybody hat and the entire front quarter for any one building. What people notice is that these slaves bicycle turn over four to six times a year. You leave forty six slaves would kind of be turned over and left and team did they quit where they go they give promoted. You know No one asked questions because minimal lorry was heavily connected. New Orleans government,
brother was a prominent lawyer and her father was going to be eventually going to turn to be the Governor Louisiana. Basic, it all came to a head when a fire asserted in the kitchen by a slave women they show up it's the middle of a party. She says everybody liked. Basically, this fire breaks out in the kitchen. She says TAT: everybody in the party gravel the Expensive furniture grab the original working get out of the house, and there are like about the slaves and slave quarter, and she should like you can buy new slaves next week. That's it! regional Renoir! This is that this is an incredibly expensive table, get it out here. She didn't care services. The cops show up. They go looking and they find a woman that has been shackled to the stove and she's but she said to me: she set up the kitchen. Fire on purpose, SK or wine she's. Just because of the time is the very Catholic, this a very
catholic community soon suicides of the worse. In that you could possibly do she said I'd rather be in hell. In the afterlife, because I'm already in hell now and she's like why she's like have you seen the attic they go up sciatic they find that monsieur Le Lorry has been running a series of experiments, surgical experiments in the attic. Having slaves and affordable. Swans wreaths of any galley slave. The disobeyed, any one of their orders, would go up to the attic and be a part of the experiments. There was one that had a strip of flesh missing from the top of their head, all down in a spiral or on their body in a continuous strip it they know it can continue as strip as they found it in a jar filled with alcohol, from a young slave woman. Girl a little girl in a cage with awe of her longest bone shattered, and she was basically made fitness cage like a bunch of veal crawled out of it and she died on the way to the hospital. Now all is overview view so across Europe,
There's this fuckin awesome sandwich place called the very Timor which Ivan frequently Apparently, one of the biggest goes that haunt the law, the law or invention has basically had new where's every nine years, because every nine years there their lives or overlook the last owner was an occasion on the ninth year. He went bankrupt, It's the allotted to it, isn't right now it's on by a Texas billionaire who basically has parties there once every six months, the kind of show everyone his summer home, but he is apparently The official word is. Is it he's decided that he's no longer interested in owning the house? And now it's going up production? It is supposedly Riddle with ghosts and the most famous Kosis, but only on the balcony at the lorry mansion, loudness porch physically. The story goes that are men. Ammo lorry was beating a young slave girl and a woman, spoke someone spot on the street and said hey, stop that these
They grow run away from her ran up the balcony, minimal lorry Chester around the balcony and essentially through her over the side into the quarter below, and then she disappeared. The cops all covered up. And so barely this goes to the slave girl keeps running pack forth across this porch, sucking the dude The guy you works. It is. This sandwich place the very marked which is amazing and I was like, have you ever seen? The scope in it's like I never seen that goes is have a nice like so people. Companies like I, don't know how many times they come in here because they cut I got a little crunch: either old meaner, since the time someone would come in here and be I call my god, oh my god, are you just saw little girl drawn from about me and Asia like yeah, yeah, what yeah sure a little girl jump on the balcony and early really just a little girl with all the balconies she'd been doing there. Four hundred and seventy five years, what kind of sandwich you want? Ok, so we
all agree. Henry is the most annoying to arrest a new test, our right to do that you're guides at his poor bastard who runs the barbarity, meets the verity market. I mean he is just he is grilling people go mad. Emmy will he's been there all alone by the way for a plague I mean five. He's, been there all alone, all by himself. Of course, he's going bother and the locals. That's a good boy. That's a good boy. He did describe a slave girl is veal and then the next May the thought was sandwich. I dont want to point that out that that was the Mental sag way to get to the sandwich shop was to describe the poor slave girl, who had all of her legs broken because Miss LA lorries are complete monster, piece of shit and then immediately into sandwiches. Anything anything trigger this guy's hunger button any they will. They were my God, but it sounds like em, do something amazing sandwiches. They do some great heat
scribe them to me in full details. I mean unsolicited really didn't do that one of the ghost stories that happened in the city, where so many incredible stories that I've heard already, but the injured jack an hotel which has been basically haunted by a sea of little boys ever since a little but boys boarding, school burnt down there and then. Studiously will like play with your stuff. When you leave, apparently on. This goes towards a couple were on our honeymoon came and told the ghost I do you baby they guide was taken. The introduction of hotel, like on here's Andrew Jackson, hotel famous forego scenarios that anybody staying here in this couple than we are and they are complete.
How they didn't see any ghosts and so they're gonna leave too there are going to go and find a new hotel and of completing stay as you know like in Sydney, goes to get home and go through their role of they go through their role of pictures. They go home. They go through the role of pictures, and they see there's one picture taken from the ceiling of the room of the two of them asleep and They end up sending extra tore fee. To to the ghost tore. People do basically say sorry for earning that, tore that day well again com in New Orleans this most a place in the world. It's beautiful, the people are beautiful, big butts, ivy, pork, nine times I mean I'm seeing goes because of my blood pressure. I imagine it's probably like to see. The new nine over forty
I don't know: what's good and bad blood pressure, I've been to doctrine in eight years come here the luscious food drink. Some beers Communist party group could we hear the rest of my life I don't know what I'm gonna leave. This is a very special remote last podcasting left sorry for my rambling. This is what I do when I'm alone in a hotel room, never mind when it's just recording. I just sit here. Talk too, as it goes, No, it's gotta go searches. The maiden here when a terrified made there must be no imagine walking on the Henry's eyebrows ski sure less time.
Gideon to have telephone about goes, maybe even pay less. We don't know if he was wearing any clothes whatsoever. We know that when he's alone he doesn't wearing clothes whatsoever said. I do know that he was now wearing any closer to us. We ve nude buttered up Henry's brows gain a poor made walks in using filled Henry's a brow ski yes, indeed, indeed too, to fill. Appears develop as a refrigerator there. That's I'm sure, completely empty of all booze. I'm sorry, bring all the little airplane bottles of Buddha? They offer. You know Del room, Are you sound, drunk the ita yet out naked misters, a browser that poor poor me all right will. There has been Henry's New Orleans adventure and
You know where I wish we were there with a goddamn unaware if we were there with them mark, as we would probably save him, two thousand calories a day. I mean you imagine boys possibilities is Dayton, Dragon old, that's all! I would do as well as to what can you do and then, of course, just Did he where a fairly pack on these tours? That's what I want to know. I want to see exactly what Henry Henry, when you come back to the show willing it was bad to the german grill em on exactly what he wore on these doors because man, these two were guides. They aged they age like a Vietnam, badgering the five days and Henry spent in New Orleans. Alright, everybody. Thank you so much for listening. It we'll be back to a normal. More, a normal asthma guest next week and the following weeks, and we love you very much course: Hale, yourselves algae,
hail, Satan I'll, say Hale may, but I'll do. What I can re tell me that and of course, its markets parts is the twitter in the name of Ben Castle and eliminates Henry loves you and all right, we'll touches it. Miguel deletion, that's right.
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