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Episode 164: Playing with the Dead

2015-03-04 | 🔗

Whether you like to use them as Google or a variation on the Fleshlight, the dead are at your disposal on this episode of Last Podcast. It's necromancy, necrophilia, and the connection between the two.

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started, so my grandmother's say about they burned her.
They burn burner. Now, don't stop you from look as though you it's weird about ashes. Human ashes is that they are so dry inasmuch as I had a bunch of spaghetti that I have, I would go. We're Mamma has made us we're getting she's like you, want some parmesan and also, of course, mom, and then she took out the box and my grandmother's ashes and she says like its weaker puncture, those Ngos, mom, and then she dumped a bunch of my grandmother's ashes all over the spaghetti. Then we just ate it it's just so dry. It was a fine time. You know yet sounds yeah absolutely theirs.
Than about death. That really brings the best, not everybody. Absolutely we laughed a lot that so why were I'm happy that you enjoyed your grandmother's funeral? It sounds like you might have had a little bit too much of a good time. I promise that I mean I wouldn't want to serve its. You know supervise the corpse because each she's just to revise it, provides a bit of a vampire, and so I made sure we put her in a silver spoon tuned sarcophagus. I chopped off her head with a shovel, and I stuck a bunch of garbage closed in there and I set on fire outside in front of our house on a girl. Sounds very good family ate your grand absolutely could. Then we had heard all corpse live in an eight there than we used to think were very profound spaghetti. So yes, yes, yes, I'm very sad! I Mary sat right got well, is better than having sex with the corpse of I guess. That's what they're disorder, margus bogs, I've been Kizil were joined by the not nearly grieving enough. Henry's eyebrows have made us lost his grandma Ernest saying, she's she's, not. She was not necessarily very fond woman. She is dead now, yeah she's dead right now, yeah she's, making a fuckin pain in the ass fer for James Gang Ovine right now probably know nag at him about his light. I gotta get a day to day are away
had he, nobody was got me grandma's eyebrows. Do you will never never started there have been? No? No, no, you would start to go into. The gems are doing some full of citizen crunch. It is a city really get that blood pressure than they were be talking about necromancy necrophilia. Yes, if you look at a corpse nicely, oh that's just something to be buried in the ground, but some people look at a corpse and they see nothing but possibility absolutely yak as it's like in necromancy people in necromancy necrophilia, basically we're looking at. If you decide to treat a body a human corpse like it was either Google or like you was a flashlight sure. We're emergencies episode last progress unless please reproduce, maybe he's getting creepy J noises, replete with the dead. I will say this number one, The only way you are allowed to listen to this episode, I don't care future office or, if you in your home,
must go to Spencer's gifts and you must by at least one or two plastic skulls and I'm in your lives off first and then, why you're back when I do ninety five and Spencers gifts, reseller, and also you can not. You cannot licences episode unless you are fully nude wearing a executioners clung. So what is the difference between how you start a lot of these shows? In the end, the movie compliance went ahead, calls and up the rhythm, burger joint enforces the birth, the sexually assaulted one of its employees. I don't get to see which do compliance. He got to see. Clearly the tapes forms I'd have to imagine a credible out as it away. My brain works is always the worst possible thing. It's like. I always want to see a lie: the voluptuous woman, but it always some fat man yeah. I mean it's gotta, be our audience that you are requesting tat. You know we're not talking to young Sophia Lorens out there, although you are all very beautiful people seriously. The women are beautiful promises that they won't do the naked thing at the work, but a guy named like sparse.
Do it at his office will naturally, of course, where he is a start up in Silicon Valley, squashes, the multibillion right now set down the war, so necromancy is one of the most forbidden of the dark are oh, yes, it has to be the most dangerous and one of the most difficult of the dark arts. Let's start up with a definition in case you dont know exactly what necromancy as well, because necromancy is form of magic impulse in communication with the deceased, either by summoning their spirit or as an apparition or raising them physically, so it isn't necessarily raising the dead were having the walk around doing what you will withdraw as well. There is well necromancer Youtube or said it's like it's like a medium can be called a necromancer a chance. The term of the week you wanna use heteronomous use being very cool, yet a headset on what it always elicited doing that had. I don't either way also do. How far does it homies rituals do
to perform before you just start. Looking at the person's genitalia, yours, like maybe I'll wiggle it Maybe if we allow up like you, do the same, it's real early and nothing. I know it's a letter that you have the intention going in that you're gonna wiggle at around you're gonna beat. I mean You say it. You got a dead body. You might well bred the pubic error by the first messy events, but Necromancy Whittaker. That's! Actually I wasn't. I click clear Onyx Marcus was like. I want good episode. Odin grew may at sea and I was like ok well. What a technically is necromancy and it's interesting ideas that you use like
in normal magic, enormous, normal black ritual black magic rituals. Would you do? Is you create like a magic circle and yours, sigils neutrality, basically put your will upon the universe or possibly join your will to the universes will malerba you trying to get Jenny to love you in math, Lou dryly shredded get out. I like you know whatever court trouble you're in sure. If I just gotta make a schedule and I put a bunch of Budweiser on Their- maybe my do you. I will go away Juliet yeah absolutely in December. Will you go, but we find out the only way to make a do you I go away? Is you just gotta euro? Colonel Euro locker you're, a bit of a jogger I so but necromancy is, is a type of magic or were you basically use spirits and you ask spirits to either give you powers or do shit for you, The problem is that the reason why a comanche so dangerous is because, in order to do it, basically you have to die what they say is that right, romancers use all this magic. They go to
the realm of the dead. The fish up some goes just a year. Are back? and a big one? Yet I wonder they pull on the boat, but the problem, get rid of them they use our energy to feed on them jobs, and this is all again saying if Israel so when, of course, for the sake of this cast? It is so you fish out a ghost, but unlike fish, not a fish, the ghost eads you, you don't eat the fairly, but hopefully wallets eaten you you're gettin other shit from it so really be
spirit, being the Spectre Bein. A ghost is exhausted by MRS Kendal yeah yeah. Another US. Some of the other reasons for dividing the dead for summoning the debt is to possibly asked them about future events have anything about future event, because the dead possess knowledge that we do not possess. Annual, also find out that like alien, sometimes the dead lie, and then, when I read the fuck, do you then how much money is spent on black candles? Gotta go down to the smelting house and get yourself a crooked dagger gallia how much it costs on Ebay? That's a crooked dagger, undergo in four or five, Ninety nine point eight and I do not agree and we believe unbolt leave a waste and all this money, just they have a go show up me like. I think Hillary Clinton gonna,
Next week, thanks Demetrius Soup from the fuckin level, nine Demetrius, the line ghost or early necromancy, was related to a most likely evolved from chauvinism, which that is calling upon the spirits of ancestors classical neck romancers addressed the dead end quote a mixture of high pitched squeaking and low droning and
do have bible evidence for this. This is a grand and there's nothing more reliable than the Bible. O absolute eyeball mentions neck romancers, I think about fourteen or fifteen times by name. My will also answer my grandfather. S used to call for can David Copperfield of memory. You know to this point your grandfather as yet not to be proven wrong, but I feel like necromancy here you go anybody necromancer thing, that's gonna be a good new insult to be light. An earlier you goddamn necromancer. This is from the Bible, Isay, eight nineteen and when they say to you enquire of the mediums in the neck romancers who chirping mutter should now
people enquire of their god. Should they enquire of the dead on behalf of the living. The answer is no. This is before you know. Nowadays we have a very high standards of embalming and things like that, but back in the day, these people were just really having sex with rotten court, all absolutely pretty much immediately. What we're going to cover right now, you weren't even having sex with corpses, as this is it. This is the time before. Having sex with the corpus is a spiritual connection. They have with the idea, which is yell at a dead, but is yelling and waving a y know virgin, embodies a pile of San High, pitched squeaking and low drone, its legitimately sitting and going
do a mouse. You blew it. So weird is spoken bodies not give me the safe number, so the Bank of America, it's insane. I guess the highest is cancelled. Ever getting back road map, the lead of our high esteem. I want Debbie to marry me demi conjure up his spirit as well. The process of my neck romancing, I seem to have shot
my robe other Georgina said I thought you were going to say. Lives lived, the life of lonely, and I suspect that one too, as we said earlier, that it is very dangerous. If you go on the internet. Looking for information necromancy, most of them tell you do not do it. It is the most dangerous lifeguard that you can do it. If you know you are happened to be curious, they are several Youtube channels that will get very thorough discussion, but a very thorough instruct. Yes, I wanted an orderly, confused and irish. These people are intense with their neck romancing. Well, let me alleviate that confusion. Ben forget. I found user named old timers on the Occult Corpus Message Board. This is what they said. They said. If you want to do necromancy, here's what you need to do. You want where to look with Canada basis as high necromancy. Do you talk to the veil? Of course,
to control. Car Marquis learn the crown of fire meditation embrocation. So you could turn it. To the death shroud, so you know to those you can learn the afterlife and I'm a key user. I'm not a ritual is out of use, robes or salt or anything like that. Only have three weapons: forger: rework the harm and kill shades and provide basic protection in the key words here or the belong. Would you J Jaguars my Raphael a psycho pomp dealer, a pill. Your death go into greek necromancy. That's that's the hardest, former necromancy understand and its because, as legitimately, all Greek to me milk and honey and water? The did enjoy these find out. Why so this
who's, the guy at their giving wherever one pretends like they're gonna go home, so he leaves and then they all come back and he's a real perspective is basically there's two sub branches. Well, that were now tomato here. Well, there's a ass, though we're gonna get back a day, yeah! That's not him say in that, but yeah user, old, timer, remember Miltonian why the dead enjoy these you find out. Why it's on you to fight on you to find out why it I'll tell you why it is because we have a sore throat, because Craig keeps Breakin more force to throw all these courts was the worst part of being a ghost give new throat. I e when, when the order,
come in and face rape me up. I thought I was gonna be egg out with Michael Jackson, dance in the harpsichord music. I forget bait off, but instead I keep get mouth yeah. You want to. Do you throw Heaven so that that, unlike starship gray along the of work, so basically there are two sub branches of necromancy. Theirs Geller necromancy and necromancy light out alone, and fifty percent of the calories romance is win, which you call up the spirit of the deceased and then there's infernal necromancy, in which you returned the deceased spirit to what is left of the body of Guiana them. One of them is simple, let's say like medium see a spirit mediums and the other is going and physically digging up the corpse
turning the spirit to the board zlotys, you can have a conversation with a disease. They are just like says, says goodbye to its goes through Meda sexy in a couple hours, and he just comes back just like you wouldn't believe web pages. I gotta tell you man, it is rough being single is ago. That's why I gotta get married. I got I gotta find somebody special because I just can't handle the scene anymore. There's all these guys with neck beards, trying to rape thought that is now it's. It's also a it's very interesting. I also feel it is a difference between like regular necromancy, like people that, like who do Garcia, say they can deliver their house. An infernal necromancy is like omelette. Mon Jelly is combined with a story it at all or Jamaica, because it's hard and it takes ours that make the jelly like people who make their own barbecue saw. Oh yeah, yeah people hours suspend, do nothin, but pickling. Those are the people who take up all Kevorkian corpse and try to shovel goes back inside of it on the road to get a piglet might as well will therefore allow
a different motives for necromancy. Some people conjures spirits out of affection for loved that the sorcerer may miss. What is the difference here eyes, forest conjuring? What's the difference between, I could say ants and somebody with necromancy heritage it is that is who is the only lie gap? Deputy hazy line? You could say that a say on is the regular necromancy, ok, yeah, there's all so people that want to conjure up the spirits for our Kane or secret knowledge that only the dead are said to possess. Yet like what a casket smells like the same moment and what went having put their order didn't have, I hope it Tita, ready, devil, baked potatoes to say the most common reason, or at least way back in the day is treasure those magicians believed that the dead, of course had the secret knowledge that the living did not possess run. They knew of the secrets of say
banish silver, but that's why up of over two who were gonna, get to a man and a catering add runs a website called become a living god dot com and he talks about the basically the turtle of the idea of just definition of being a god. You use necromancy in order to know all be all and seal. I would say the person who's trying to summon a ghost or summit of spirit for the four four information on where silver raises an educated enough to even out of order, regions in the world you dislike were. Where's exuberant, whereas other renown, Dick Adept at all they got all about. It- is cousin Randy with a sheet over his head, rub Nobby, unlike her sin,
causing Randy's parameters bar guy goes, pry can marry me and take a metal data during go out to the beach and find a like. Everybody else is a future millionaire necromancy was most effective in the year following these subjects. Death. Yet I be within the first twelve month yet asked me within the first twelve months after that, reaching the spear was either ached. Consider to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, it said that these ceremonies could carry on for hours, days, sometimes weeks, leading up to the Joel summoning of the spare. Is that just because, like Darwinian aligned to get into Heaven her hell and not just like? Well, I got about a year to wait here. They draw light as a one year white. What's the logic behind that, it is because it is another arbitrary ruled on older, Jaime Magicians. Do I keep people it is like, while you got about a year ago, we need us like a thing. I have to say that are yet to give it some sort of parameter right. So the preferred spots for necromancy were on
ground vaults, hung with black cloth and lit with torches or a forest. And we're privacy could be expected of Europe. Also very popular as were ruined castles, abbeys monasteries, churches and, of course,
graveyard, so we're like drawing on price, was possibly a real estate age. Exactly I without whose goom do is lit the girl lives. Do us up, I'm just looking for a nice to bedroom for moves to better American away. Look, I have a boon staff to be viable, digits gap. Look, it's got a half bath, very lovely, its roots, especially good for one food. You have a wife. He has no right, especially good for couples, and then we have- and this is why I put my cauldron- where I will look into it and aroused outward out here to buy so we're just gonna go lovely. They meet you here, my card. It's made out of fish in the neck, romance the car backing for the best time for necromancy, naturally between midnight, and one aim is the witching hour meeting our a full moon is acceptable, but the ideal conditions here wanted gay about. If you will be super gave the former was acceptable, but the ideal conditions were dark and stormy nights. As spam,
its have trouble showing themselves in good weather. Yet this is so. We there used to be an abandoned house in the middle of the woods and was gone where I grew up and we used to go do very similar. We d bore things like that. What I'm saying is, if you are in high school right now, go do these things in the woods, because, as the last time in your life, where you're allowed to do its work, won't judge. You really really harsh yeah. There could have been less thirty year. Old men go out and do know now. Can that means we are confirmed. Loner, yes, gotta have swept pants and they come with. Like pre statements, we re on em filling the same time. It could be a good group day with a bunch of people. Maybe we go out, maybe will even propose that all you can come to New York last. My ass much will go to a graveyard long island and we'll just will have some beers with some tunes. You know maybe we'll dance little bed, maybe I'll disrespect a tombstone things are not going to come back on the matter. That fairly is barely a thing, whatever brow whatever and you know, there's some single people here, people here talking to you right now from last punk. Yes, I'm alive. So, ladies
the grave graveyard. Already I graveyard. I really hope it's not just man, you know it's gotta, be munch, chicks, man, so cool nice. So as far as the process goes in you to we're, gonna need to know this process. If you're going to carry out this little field trip. Yes, in the nine days leading up to the ritual necromancer and his assistants are required to bring themselves as close to the shroud of death as they please the can come. They should wear faded. Worn, close stolen from corpses, and I'm six point seven well find was put seven where art we're gonna have to go to a freak show graveyard outside is suddenly some weird some Florida trailer park through its terrible in your also required to recite funeral rights, as you put them on for the first time, and you are not allowed to remove those combat clothing until after the rich, and here's where you gonna hit your snag: you're, not
allowed to even look at a one. Whatever the nine days leading us. You just say this is automatically assume that you would have to be a fog neck, bearded geek breath right even do the runaway, always information. This is from grim wars from the middle ages, so it was definitely It's always been a male dominated field from neck romance. What's a good, what's a good definition of grim war for people may be more layman, while I would say a good definition of a grim or would you spell yes, Belburg Magical, a text that has magical spells, roars bindings things like that the oh. You gotta, wear a corpses suit for ninety nine day. Looker women not look at women, and you can't have any salt becoming all tat? Young men are all you can eat? No meat, but dog meet the world is happy. Happy for dogs are the creatures of her coffee. The goddess of ghosts
Indeed, to be honest, I think I may have sat next to this guy on the subway earlier today and in a perversion of the holy communion, you can only eat black unloving bread in the only drink. You're allowed to have is the unfair minted juice of the grape grape juice reduce their grave. She pretty good use actually gonna risky because it so hard to get out its Danes so thoroughly ride. So you don't want to spill it on that corpses. You just dug up from the corporate died about nineteen. My doing I might get a white suit from the corpse. If you open up the grave and wearing a white suit, you must go to the next ground. If you two white signal and obscene all the smack mom, I love it is also sort of like the original thrift store. Just old, tiny, middle evil. Medieval air is drifting, isn't drifting with the aim of all this is to form a sympathetic bond with the dust
because I don't like that with far bit of its close and then you're supposed to be sympathetic with the with the cormorant you took over going hunting attic is a different atlas. Sympathetic means something different psych Eighty meets its psychically sympathetic means. Basically you set up a vibration in your own mind and in your in your fucking aura his old nice market. No, what you do is you have that fucking too. Could then, because of brains are like fucking tuning forks? This is how ghosts work right. Is it really tuning works and sometimes other energy
a break ins match to our own vibration and then your connected, that's calling generating sympathy was being single, go and it's been very thorough leaves a single penny. I do. I do want to say right now. I know that we have a lot of listeners out there who practise ritualistic mount. We are not made now. We are definitely not may mean Henry. Both press at practice ritualistic magic s, very fun. It's like it's a little. I do light ritual is sick, magic. Ethylene I've created sigils. I've done I've done all of that. I've. I've done my own version. I've lit clink candles if it works ritual jack works. You can manipulate your reality. Using purposeful will adopt Miss is is this is just this is where, it's all a nerd yeah. Oh, what did you say my email powerfully nerdy how our leaner, yeah and good year these things ground you back in reality in their short, evade their they're, nice restart for your weak, absolutely
could be a modern day sorcerer with now did a dead body yard square? That's nice! So, let's get to the night of the ritual, the romance or his assistance If you ll notice, the necromancer always has a the next. Answer and his assistance. You enter the graveyard with torches. You draw a magical circle around the grave of the one that you would aim to disturb. You then set to a mixture of henbane him long, saffron aloes word Mandrake OPI. I would love to see a press conference with all these guys apologizing for starting the next wild
in California up. I do not know that it was gonna, be such dry brushing out at air. Now this is where it gets spoken. Really heavy man, then you zoom the corpse, and you lay the head of the corpse to the east with the limbs arranged in the crucifix sustained Chad stand, ask other how the next, to the right hand, you place a small dish which burnt with a mixture of wine, mastic and sweet only you can take your that corpses. Hand if I can put it in that, while they value added that as far as funding do necromancer then touches the corpse with his magic wand three times, and where do you get the magic wand from Amazon, lizard story, a wizard froze luck and I guarantee you get it from the alley. To be honest, I know you get over. You have to make your own want. I have v from Atlanta, sometimes create once and she does them very
Thirdly, ogre have you gone when ya know. I did because you cannot ask for one they have to just be given. You have the floor fine one or make one your own, I did not know how they go, so it is magical it It seems. I'm not gonna. Do this around. You bet. You touch the course with your want three times, and then you cite recite a conjuration from your grim more here's an example magnet children have yet another action on my Haggerty's other damned. I conjure you come on these spirit of insert your name here, Paul Reuben, my demands, a baby sacred ceremonies on pain of anabolic things, ornament, but all but allow bobbin day I have all alike, ease eyes: HR drown, govern them,
I myself would bring me my inhaler, because I am feeling ass match it. If I was a kid you're higher knew would be a great fake wizard. I love that there are some variations on on necromancy if the person commits had committed suicide, the source is required to touch the body. Nine oh instead of just three, and you are also required to ask her coffee who is
You know, God of got all of cheap method. Cod have cheap, mexican Bear had got up and you gotta ask her where the soul is located, because apparently suicides go to a different place. Yet now I say there are the back like a size. Thirty eight genes that Fuckin J crew, I dont enlightenment, even get me started. This is said the way we pay a tree people who committed suicide post mortem. They obviously had a tough time on earth. They should be our. Do they go to a better place now they do not know absolutely. Besides, I always go to a worse play right. I mean all you gotta discouraged the act by ITALY's give him something nice you get a discouraging, because if they went to a better place than anybody be doing it, I don't know man, like watching basketball, too much up they're, probably is keeping somebody alive is absolutely absolutely a lot of people alive. Horse said Sylvia Conjuration worked this spirit will
for every question that the necromancer asks the lottery numbers mainly on the wrong one. Do I rest mega millions learn alive or one round when I was alive, what is a lottery quarters? What is but dollars what our dollars? Please. Let me just every go back, I'm in a vote. They re just about to get here, overcoming about literally just about to get Harriet Tubman Give video drew down on my last security sack. I would love any idea how hard or not she was to crack. I'm sure she was. He was dealing with so much shit. All the time talk about just like. I can't trust you. Your white began a thousand I'm different on one of the good ones. Well, those things are going to Harry. It's gonna have a long way to go before she can trust. A white fellow that for certain occurs in the tear geishas, is over the song, sir, has to reward the Spirit, so you reward the spirit by burning its body.
Ensuring that it will never be disturbed gap goal the abilities goes. You just have a lot of questions like. What's that thing, with the lights in the wheels yeah yeah? What is that an Iphone? What's an Iphone goes would have a lot of questions about the world that we currently living yet Our thoughts go through necromancy throughout the ages. North wizards were said to be so skilled that they didn't even need to wait until the body was in the grave and could make hanged men still hanging from the gallows answer there. Questions about the after furiously those are like three different, like Metallica albums like titles, in that one, paragraph idea of net romantic Norse, wizards spoken making hanging from
Dallas Dancin from the grave handymen still hanging who yeah yeah man answer in bullshit up like in medieval Spain, necromancy was taught almost matter of family in Toledo, Seville and Salamanca in deep, dark, caverns beneath cemeteries and mausoleum. Also, the birthplace of the top US loving yeah. No, we mention the Bible Little the earlier one of the earliest stories of necromancy comes from the Bible, says: we'll twenty nine king Saul, frightened by the Enemy army of the Philistines was advised to consult with the woman known as the witch. Of indoor. Now that a star trek thing
Well that is our war stand or restart. Oh, I was star wars that so that you are left will endure. They associate wishes like a tiny fat woman, all covered and hair, so yeah, typical, italian, so far went to the witch summoned, the prophet Samuel, who told him that he would die the next day who which he did not talk to that ghost ever again. Here's another verse from the Bible. This is from Leviticus nineteen, thirty one and remember the same book viable that tells us that being gay is as sir I was just. This is the path Robertson. This is seven hundred km of bibles, yeah yeah. This is Leviticus. Nineteen thirty one remember that do I turn to mediums or neck romancers. Do not them out and so make yourselves unclean by them. I and the your God, a man or woman who is a media, more necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones, their blood be upon them. I felt real
I feel really bad for biblical era. Goths has again is that what are hunted community? They ghost ghost inhuman marriage should be allowed yeah yeah. I think they should open that I'll. Think about it. Actually, you know the problems. Gonna be said: ghost human divorce that'll, be that's all I say. Let him get married as eleven go. Marriage can see how much of a punishment isn't. It says when my wife It died of the fire when they get there really has been going through a rough time. A window corkscrew factory shut down its really just been caught a rough in its budget, pretty hard bread out here be any no aspire. Man in times square about those things are good. I think, as long as we can hope to make sure these humans can marry ghost, I think we're gonna be ok. I agree. Yeah, that's west off really ruin that corkscrew factory la other
subsidization, yeah ingress according to a Greco egyptian text. Here's how you do that. First, the magician must make a wax doll and stick with thirteen needles through the eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, stomach, brain anus and genital homo graphs were different than I thought you know. Yes, Pinterest would have been quite a white dove. What's the term Mccall birth at sunset, the dollars then placed on the grave of the person of a person who had died, and placed on the grave of the person of a purse who had died either in Greece violence or early in life. This was done. This is what you want. When you are trying to. Who's the dead as a source of energy. You want someone who was killed
let me for or suddenly in an accident, occurs young, oh no, that they're dead a lot of times that are easily accessible will not only that, but they also have a lot more life force within safe Orban, enriching organ energy, exactly so After summoning the corpse the reanimated monster would march to the desired woman's door. Bring her hither and bind here, and this is what he would say to our natural sleep with none other that there are no pressure. The intercourse with another man, save with me alone that have neither Iep nor drink Norma nor be strong all well. Let us have no sleep. Example me. Oh, I am frightened Kizil! Well hello! Rachid! If you took up I'm a was firmly but also a that's kind of like the guy, the ancient jewish idea of the Golan, our you basically use the dead too. I mean in this case its be a match maker up a slash at that
yeah sort of yeah. So next, answers they also played in the cadaver racket in ancient Egypt, sorcerers would by bodies from an bombers and keep them on hand for whenever they may be needed. You never know or no, whenever you really never know, in the middle ages, sorcerers would search grave sides. Four pieces of corpses, which were thought to have a cult power like stinkin, so Ard and makes all the people leave the remedy as it oars errors, don't seem quite as like cool as they are now. They seem like any other kind of just like stinky can collected a big problem with sorcerers back in the day is that they didn't have Ed hardy shirts show everybody how fuckin metal they were. That's true in that in reality show either now they didn't have albino contacts that they could put in do does our coquet are pretty dope now powerless girl, Laundress a sixteenth century, which judge wrote some take a small. So very cops, especially the corpse of anyone who has been hanged or otherwise suffered a shameful have the nail
teeth by our ears are eyes: sinews, bones of flesh and They make a juilliard must be really difficult to which judge. Really, I usually just be like she's away the words you gotta dig rather united we do is we do not do what happens to him afterwards? No idea that would set a drama really sure. I'm too busy inventing this thing called hockey do is get a guy said, had not just some which is not, and I am opening around with a crooked stick and about your nets. They did. I think it's gonna be really great when it gets cold here and fifteen times near. The US visa waiver that sport, however, most sat after sought after was the flesh of baptized baby Isabel Gouty, a scottish which was said to have dug up a freshly buried infant. She buried buried it in a farmer's manure power as a way of putting a curse on him and his cry. Tolls are really good way of ruining a birthday party, yet
I think someone's put dead babies in our shit, pile against those, and I need you to leave my piles of shit. I deserve my special piles of shares. Its budget, the liquor grids way given I will put this debt baby in your pile of dug up, don't think I will not necromancy was also sometimes used as a public spectacle in one magical content contest, Roger Bacon of France's can fire and a pretty famous guy in a cult circles, and a man named vendor mast. Germany's most renowned sorcerer, her raised during also carry Oki. Did you two vehicles is that things are being active added, I say: go so even think about touch and rush, because on the fucking rush master arrived, you put that automatic shut. You offer item a play you up for those aged, I'm so love rush or those two faced up during a festival after Bacon burned a village to the ground using his magical burning glass fell asleep as wrong. I drop son, his glasses just right, so vendor mass, let off by conjuring the Spirit of the General Palm pay but Bacon very
Cleverly summoned Caesar who repeat of their original battle, defeated Pompey, unimpeded with vendor messed anway unimpressed with vendor mass display. He turned the it'll over to his friend friar bunk now. The problem with this thing is it in modern times. This is, would also be known as a I set from the comedian, our Jeff, This would be a Jeff Dunham set in real life. I'll I've learned view. Do you realize how this region's our public, so Bungay waved his hand uttered incantations and conjured? The tree of has is complete with a drag. No, he didn't in the towns. Gossip, these guys see MIKE unbelievably. I just did that. I feel it third, their feet kick
You know these oil yet another always daily abandoned random acid. In of in a report in response conjured Hercules. A defeat. The tree as he had in the story, but bacon unable to stand by as Bungay was losing the content for related to South America. Now drawing to drawing up a I just, don't maybe I don't happen of juice saga. Poky mine was real at. It was too that this is a good time to live through Europe and and yeah Bacon waved his wand and stop Hercules dead in his tracks. Immodest pilots fall down even commanded. The mythical figure to carry vandam asked home to Germany, which he dead, throwing the sorcerer over his shoulder like a sack of up up up up up one huge dude, really I'm not a mythical fab. Just the guiding got a guy on. So yours will extend front like only places that seller General store a butcher like a bag early form a bank or we Albemarle shrouded ascribing Ya'Ll justified alike are getting my way here. You will do your fake magic battle. In August, I swear to God I'm about to invent a thing called a wedge ye. Do I thought about it? Does underwear now we hear about it. He s about our weakness we be going down. The wedge is the only way, the blue eyes, the cruellest punishment of an egg romance eyes when a town constable comes and stick to your head in a in it in a trough for useful the pigs and swelled your head around. I believe it is called a swell up.
Cries the dreaded punishment of an annual, that's a brutal one, I know you're asking guys. I really want to trial so necromancy, but wanna get my hands dirty absolute. I don't want to go and dig up a corpse because your book it well. It is illegal to do your well. You ve got a practice of your talk. You fuckin rose you go to where they go, sir, it's like have an update environment aroused and use the guy, not slots. I don't know I don't know, that's like that, but we all if you have, is a magic hand bell invented by the now
romancer, Gerardi S and seventeen thirty, who also sounds like a pickup artist. Yes, a better that he was. The bell must be cast of an alloy of lead, ten iron, copper, gold, silver and mercury. So much smelting in these episodes went to a lot of smell like talking about smelting for, like five episode, uneasy things to make the right, but then they realize it's just a bell: that's all it does, so they had to give a reason to continue making them go to the blacksmith yeah you go to the blacksmith local smelter and he'll take care of it for it all a pitch writer pitch what the bellows forgot exactly these metals must be melted, quote at the day, an hour of the birth of the person who desires to be in confluence, in harmony with the mysterious bell, near the top bell. The necromancer must engraved the date of his birth and the names of the seven planetary spirits needed to make the incantation work, that's Eric! on four Saturn Bay thought for Jupiter.
Leg for Mars, OC for the sun, Hagen for Venus O feel mercury and fuel for the moon,
it's a long story again beautiful gift, her some one you're searching for a goat, the mysterious gift for preferably someone you just kind of vaguely no at the off yet as the real good Secret Santa get it right, and then this go into great detail about what it means and why? Yes, she go out sometimes put laser. I mean: don't get the bill for a long time, no gap. So beneath those names and around the bottom of the bell, the sorcerer was to write the ancient hebrew formula that Chechnya Grandma tonne on one bell. Bizarre, it's gotta be a pretty big big about where you gonna write, real small. You dad TAT Thou Bell. I see. I see these documents bells for really go needs. All ten tat well down bow saw twelve gala. Now we're gonna get it got to smell response. You worry about. We got you cover body radiated, add a solid niner nine days at a gay pop out. One of these natural manner throughout that is not a bad deal. Will it does need to be a bell that is small enough to require a handle, because on Randal you have to write the word adena on one side and Jesus on the other, I'm giving you a hundred busted what she does do all this for orbit, but once the bell was constructed, the sorcerer was to wrap the bell in green taffeta anti.
To the cemetery where he would bury it for one week. The idea was that the bell was to absorb the neighboring corpses, emanations an confluent vi regions which would give it the quote perpetual cos Eddie inefficiency require requisite when you shall ring it for your in guy, like marinating a laptop. Would you want, as is our would you want, is a four hour. Marinate marinated, don't you have to have as it is our only one hour, but what you really we need for the magic belt is one week after a week, the necromancer, dressed in ceremonial clothing resembling toga world. I put that we're the potential where nice I knew you'd around my Iphone pulling a picture. It's like an iron. Your coroner familiar streaming, a picture where your apartment, he would hold the bell in his left hand and apartment with the signs of the seven planets in the right. The deceased would care.
Sympathetic ringing in be compelled to come forth and answer the sum and I'll tell you what mammal goes don't function normally me ring a bell for me, like I'm some kind of fuckin ghosts. Bottler I've been no; no, no! No! No! No! You make an appointment. You can find me tell me ring a bell like I'm just gonna fuckin hop to fuck you, man right, that's gmail me, I always say shoot me a gmail, so we ve been talking about some pretty heavy stuff. Here we have talked about some super heavy stuff superintend stuff, but before we get to the really heavy stuff we're gonna take just a moment. You hear a word from our sponsoring. Yes, indeed, this epoch, it has brought you buy, lewd crate, consider yourself a geek gamer or pop culture nerd then this is the description box. For you. I don't know what a subscription box was until this moment for in twenty dollars a month. You get sixty eight items of gamer and pop culture items like vinyl, figurines, comics, shirts and more, and if you go to
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impressed use promo code, L E, F tee for three dollars off: that's Luke, create dot com, slash, Ellie Empty and the promo code left empty Hale sake. All right. Wasn't that excited our worries, guiding it was almost like we pre recorded in early life and what a lucky sponsor they are middle of Harden Chris Nancy Episode, whichever that sponsor was very very how these here to visit freely dot com, slash left, but in the code like already done, we did our move it moving on, so to move on to this, you to burn named a K yes, he runs a website called become a living God com, which is a bit confident diving. So, but this is a series of so again these are modern, necromancer right because living person outside of your mother's basement. That I would we ensure that Jimmy they call you should Yosemite spells or maybe get a job outside,
Taco Bell again. What I like about necromancy specifically, is a lot of these guys are Idee guys at your specific office. Right now. Actually, actually educating were his day. Job is carpet cleaner, carpet, cleaner I would like to assure them that is very invasive job. Oh, I don't want him in every room of the house will be our and so yea coding caning is. He is the self proclaimed necromancer with a group of guys, including will? Who, here from now, we want to show you so The problem is that again necromancy is poor, Bobby? How do you put it? The nervous of the magical scientists it there, and so this is kind of evidence of the kind of shit I've been listening to the last few days. This is from a what is the series called the most evil grim war of necromancer? Yes, on, become a living God, I'm now this done by a guy who calls himself Timothy,
it was then this is real. May I know I would make it make up Tibetan. I dont need because the other ones are name like areas and right, dark sword and like blood angel and so every as they were sitting around in a circle, and you get to come up with your own name. What do you want to being? I will bees score see? Ok, what do you want to be? I will be dragons helm and you to turn to my name, any name. Term of quota getting confused. Ok Tom is now gonna, be Timothy, everybody I'm so So I hear from Timothy his person. Experiences in the world of necromancy. Not carpet. Cleaning of necromancy home again is that it is the darkest most being full magic there is. There comes a certain points where demonic assent ends and neck. Romantic,
sent begins and while working through that it near inviting these rituals of death into you, your body into your life in ends into your loved ones, lives and sparks insanity it in there. You know there is some believe you even becoming ill. I myself have had my in my lower back deteriorates point, they are no longer there yeah I'd. I don't. I don't think that's his mountain do addiction. I that's not this guy. He would take this guy in our to read a tweet slow does he have to talk? I didn't he. Could be half office. Chair really oil, where play some more from a from timid, Absolutely this entire process that I was going through. I met a man named John in front of a coffee shop and received a formal initiation into the order. The thirteenth judgment, which
on a glitter starbucks- was simply and ordered devoted entirely to necromancy and they are one hundred percent behind me at this point, and they are wanted few orders. That said, you know what this information needs to be out there. While working with the orders. Thirteen judgment I discovered their secrets of a car subterfuge and who are cautious. Subterfuge really was the Ark angel of death magic? peeling back to disguise is in the masks allowed me to dig further into this dark painful currents while all this is happening, I had- already received a voodoo initiation to answer specifically haitian vote on Central while working with the lowered now not only where they willing to give me their dark secrets of
Nancy and all dead. Vd gave me permission to allow those to be really lost, always Brody high minutes. It s my guide, also, Lady mayor his boss, hearing aspect also up, I guess, maybe I found that time are to be they secret air initiated and today the fir tree daughter of necromancy when your fifty minutes late for your ship that there cannot be addressed in a few minutes later, like that's gonna, be like a professional. Would do that like a professional necromancer, would do this twin, seek like Frank.
Who is manager at Starbucks and their well. When you took on the responsibility of bein a manager, that means you have to go. Take the two nerds out in the parking lot ragged! Oh, yes, you must be a manager to a more selection from Timothy while morsel. How more Timothy? Please is a two hundred page grim war. This is him pitching the grand more that he selling already today right it. No it'll be growth is grim while the before we play it, he wrote this grim more. He selling it at the very beginning is like you will get proper initiation and to the ultimate depths of the dark. Ass of madness and also a show you away to get a fifty percent discount code for the evil the grim war, and it was basically, I am myself it's to its three hundred dollars That is in, say I would love to see this. I hear this like recorded. It would take what he had twenty four hours for him to read this, but we might learn o Lord awry. Let's hear the format of the book is a two hundred page grim warm. It as extremely,
mine, all three mass total live transformation rituals and tackle the since in another themselves, are sure original lap contagion. Who- and I received from the spirits, Timothy or awesome, I will have a story, he's of both my sanity and how I descended into essentially the underworld and came above a God. Is that why you're wearing a creature greener there will be new signals that were never before seen. Ways, cool things nature, which, the western necromancer would love to be able to see cast. But what I do is I bring these in and I show the necromancer the practitioner to use these signals and gay ways
in their own life, dear replay, settlers attempt, but also how to get to the point where they no longer any of those cooler you can have some hard cover choices related how copy of the book we're gonna have a real leather addition which is going to include free virtual relics that were made by myself cool and your you can have a beautiful, beautiful, fine cloth, whether at a fine cloth edition yeah dad- and I am sure that you want to leave out on the table for when it's come out exactly it's a great coffee table book. If you never want to have for our friends over four areas, are now we're going to blend a world of necromancy and necrophilia yeah. This is you
find out? It's actually a slippery slope rather makes a lot of sense, though you would want to ring a bell, but we're gonna be taken away mark, as you found all this. This is what you spend your time. Creating I listen to nerds, do live out, indeed fantasies and you listen to a lot of people. Talk about corpse, fucking, a lot of people. I ride the lesson of people's aka corpse blocking I read about people talking about Corpse Viking. I will need deal in the world I would like this are always is the sector, the episode where, if you actually pull the headphones out at work, you You will be five. Oh yeah debts is that if that is your warning for this portion of the sure yes- and this is an interview with a woman named Lila Window is the head of, I believe, call the American Association for the x
dense of necrophilia sunlight by five out of I'm so glad they take it. Tax exempt status. That's great! I do really great, and this is her doing an interview on W B, a be out there and long island. She is from Long Island and she is a very big believer in combining the worlds of necromancy and necrophilia and by the way, she's doing this interview with a sex therapist, The ABS am enthusiast, awhile right, let's listen up, but one there is no actual intercourse number one when we give her something that there is for some nickel? There is not for you, nothing personally, because I believe it is a corruption of the dead. What do you do wonder? In the muslim world? tuna, chromosome ceremony NEO.
Happily I'm familiar with them, but I have not attended all right we'll the basic principle of new currency is reducing the corpse in order that the Spirit may come through it. If you will confirm that basically audio metaphysical metaphysical, that's basically what I do going more specific, nothing but into force all everything my tops, the body fears to correct the body. He is kiss the body I do just answered the one I answered The Marines question say slower
She'll exactly Bator ski in high school. Does everything got the ever depend burglar, Burchell Sally? I love the sound of that one man cause, you know is obese. Yes, you have deeper and deeper worlds here, a little bit more from which we made a worn out. I believe on some occasions and bodies have responded till you haven't nobody, nobody believes bodies have responded, will be just one identified W B B, the queen of the grow files, the king of the pseudo master around and reach out and John calmly joining meteorites. Please, the bodies have responded to the right, we're places the work and will place. I worked with a man who was a psychic photographer. I guess you call me to take his as a psychic phenomena, and he's too have an observation window, and he used to comment that the bodies used to respond
we being there which nobody ever believed, but it is truly, is not just move because of muscle contractions, but long after they ve been dead, set up, move get me turn around. Follow me around so forth and so on. All kinds of little maneuvers like that. This is true actually happen. There have been quite a few witnesses to it and whether you believe me, I'm not, I don't care, because care anymore. It has happened and that's that absolutely I know that all you hey you wanna Lila woman comes short How everybody's dick regret? I gotta go on that junior,
How do you get so many blowjobs weak? I just pretend to be dead now. She's, she's, mentally ill or corpses are following. Our ambition is now go into this day I mean she's got well she's got a website. You can go visiting eyes. Definitely backed away on the necrophilia. Thing does not talk about that on our website. Quite ass. Much but she's got a lot of lovely paintings foresail. She sells handmade lamps and her music and her music. A lowly up she's got some wonderful. Nine, so now are so basically cynical fairly again into sexual attraction corpses. They did targeting of theirs genuine necrophilia. Pseudo necrophilia right, which is a genuine necrophilia, means I suck gonna fuckin dead, dude scar on they all had a pseudo necrophilia. It's like I like it. Quiet, yeah, I knew a pseudo necrophilia back where you mean I don't get it. What's a pseudo necrophilia likes a woman delay their like people who, like that, when you watch at porn of like women, asleep in shit like that yeah, it's just a woman. Staying completely. She just with here
Ask women to stay completely and totally still, he would turn the air conditioning up in the room really high to make the body really cold. You would ask him to day the extremely still in some people actually asked their partners too. We have an ice bath before they have sex under the ice. Bad, that's pretty much exactly what David Letterman does to his studio audience. You know you ve called super cool, Letterman Studios responsibility. Fifty five degrees yeah that super called, but you found a thing here that you like to call
you did, you didn't even call I didn't call. I found this posted anonymously on a message board at so weird, it was an animal is called her necrophilia, beginners guy. What is this that this is for the layman, who want to get into being necrophilia says for someone who wants to get into the business of fuckin dead body is a lot of money, and I remember like four typing: it was always Mavis Beacon rate it may visit is unique and type in was great. So this is one of the many of us being here. For that reflects the necrophilia eggs. They prefer to go about their business alone. We're sharing is not a part of this alternative lifestyle, as the corpse usually wears out fairly quicker. Can anybody hop on top all day long yeah? Does that? Where out, it is aggressive and mutilate torn to pieces? Ass? Not to say that the occasional orgy involving four or five necrophilia acts in about a dozen or so corpses dozen occur. We haven't done somebody's birthday, so here's how you find a partner finding a partner for your neck feely activities is death.
We the hardest part beer when you're fifty eight yet gayer exactly you know we have to gain access to the corpse, but you gotta find one that suits your specific, oh yeah, because you can't you speak, you can't just be a slut for any. That's like you know. What is it you gotta, take a look at the corpse and be like you know, one man that debt Woman really makes me hoary. I feel terrible further corpse. Eddie Corp should do we have that change? Will you get when you re fat? I ain't no, not good enough for you. Do you will feel the ice? What are you up? I thought corpses, but no fairies. Well, we will get to some necrophilia ex later, where that exact same upon you the liable back to finding a partner if you have access to a morgue. That is absolutely your best bet in fact euros. Necrophilia. Eggs are a part of the funeral industry godless sentence. So
Terry's or a bit harder to deal with this. Finding a scruple corpses harder to do at the direct quote. However, if you know how to interpret signs, that should be a problem if a grave consists of a mound afresh dirt and cover with flowers, chances are that the stiff hasn't been lying there for two yup rotten flowers on the mound, usually hint to the state of the corpse. Some people are exclusively into court on quote pork and the bone sex with skeleton exoskeleton scholar by aid alone, Emmy every like having sex with a cure nightly those gay juggle Hollywood woman. If this is the case, you can dig up pretty much any grave you on India that the the inhabitant hasn't yet disintegrated into dieters by a bunch of chicken and take all the meat of vulnerable goes. Button is not the same. I don't know what you used by cadaver a barrier than I care about. You can't buy it no matter by both you buy a skeleton. You can buy a skeleton Yale. They fail to put its all about the fuck. It's all about the digging, because some people like an elm,
the danger. Is here try to school, but a fairly secluded, fetid cemetery for your passions, unless you like a sense of danger to go along with the fair for your me Ashton's a book that Fabio was on the cover of ninety eight, but is totally different. So now, let's talk about preparation depending on upon where you are at this point, you gonna. Have a lot of work to do. Or a law or to do the person in the morgue will obviously have to do little more than just open up a locker, Poland. Absolve, bang away you're. One of this cemetery people you'll have a lot more work to do and experience deck reveal act as always equipped with the bare essentials, a shovel of glass Celine and a boxer Roberts yeah protect. In all our doing a priori necrophilia eggs stress using condom that every euro happy that they're all about Kinabu, that's gotta! You safe sex when having sex with somebody's dead, family men well, vaseline is used to loosen up the corpse a little bed at night
less likely for a body part to break off while you're having fun, and it also prevents quote your dick for becoming too irritated while screw and dried outposts, the box of condoms used to play it safe, no necrophilia shouldn't be without it. You know which, as cities, your partner had during his her lifetime and believe me, it doesn't get any better after the person dies, shadows disguises all word for. I just feel like the word for word. Nature of this is perfectly. I reminds me this. Who is who are you taking these words from not Amis poster I on the internet, the out and do it I have the feeling that the same feeling when you can read these words, as I did during the toy box killer episode and we're I'm just like those people, getting hard that no one is none of our visitors are getting our drive. I not you. Can and put on more than one rubber for extra protection if it is warranted, but screw and a core
without protection is just plain stupid. Unless you want to be the next day for a nagging feeling of urine, a cemetery try to drag the corpse out of the grave and behind a bush order. Another secluded place pump anyway. The grave we see more convenient, but it is a view the van and see if you need to take off and are sometimes they want you well, you will definitely have to take off at a hurried. Sometimes the corpses too fragile to be moved emotionally. Why? Why why in that case, make it fast or just break off the head hand or lower torso and take it with the affrighted convene who'll yet like it's a piece of string cheap, so actually horses can be recycled, have treated properly if you're a proficient in bomb, or you can keep a course over five years, but has been properly and bonnets through that's free sex. Whenever you want it, you naturally don't now want to be too rough with embalmed corpse because they are more fragile and
the beginners guide to necrophilia debtors landlady, I gotta admit it's pretty much. All I've experienced necrophilia guide is like how to fuck em an image g had a fundamental rowboat. They all sorts specialty areas. Here we got a lotta necrophilia acts here on the show we ve covered a lot of really famous necrophilia govern TED Bundy. We ve covered aid yards yeah thing, you're gonna be covering Edmund Camper here in the future, too, we helped his mother's head, like it was a blow aw machine, that's all true, you dead, but let's get to some of the reg. Joe Necrophilia Data Day, necrophilia civilians, the layman, the people, the list,
people to people that do it for the love of the game. I just love at that. Guy was anonymous, though, because Anonymous also takes down large corporations, they take down corrupt governments and I assume they meet certain places. Ever we also judge you had a fuckin court as a strategic sector capital, a anonymous suggest, an anonymous so he's other guy fox mask. You know that there are divergent needed embryo there. Definitely some guys on B, the fog corpses without a doubt oak, and we know that in fact, I think that was photographed evidence once the guy fucking occur, after he had killed it hey. I know it takes. Village. I dont even know that certain workable ass they were in Rome yesterday, do kill people in fog their corpses, but they also take down Scientology. Ok, so not of his is ok with a let's go with that. Let's talk about this woman named care and greenly team. Seventy nine gay national notoriety when working as a morticians apprentice in Sacramento California, she absconded with a
containing the body of a thirty three year old man disappearing for Two dates police founder over in the next county. She had o deed coding and left behind a forward. I have paid the letter and the carpet confessing to necrophilia encounters with somewhere between twenty and forty dead. Young men red, and these sound like these cell, cool fucking, like heavy metal, lyrics yeah. Why do I do it? Why? Why fear of love nation ships no romance ever hurt like this. It's the pits, I'm a morgue This is my rat whole. Perhaps my grave! It's the bids, refers to. When you lose your job and then you lost your job by your boss punching a space through your top hat. I, as the period begins by citing, starts rating bad. The pits days is having sex with a corpse Ba Ba of Works. She
charged with a legally driving a hers in interfering with the burial? What as necrophilia was not a crime in California at that time in the seven days now ability? But here's an interesting fact that I look up only too The eight states have laws against necrophilia and there's while federal statute borrowing. For failure, I that is a true shocker age, is just a number of well. I have something other than other another Euro cousins, Corbians data, so stealing the body and the hearse care and got eleven days in jail a too at fifty five dollar. Fine two years, probationary people, Servan lifer, stillest acres for three times rather has nineteen seventy nine. This is before three strikes: oh my god, the mother of the dead man. However, soon her for mental anguish asking for a million box, she did get a settlement. Hundred, and seventeen thousand
years later care and gave a what I can only call a surprisingly jovial interview to a guy Jim Morton. I found this in a book. I got called Apocalypse culture, which is a fucking, yes alone, red book love that book. It's the second edition be sure to get the second edition, because he's got some her bonus material, but here's a couple of the things that she reveal there's no penetration involved. She receives her pleasure from clitoral stimulation, Olga specifically. Sixteen. I saw that adding that yeah. I saw that again and again a lot of sixty nine with a female necrophilia. There's a corpse just built man couldn't get your bush.
Nor shall I concentrate on a blow job, while you're sitting on my face a man. Is the man horror door no now away worldwide, it has falls off. I have. I have read a story from a necrophilia. I've told a couple, a necrophilia stories on previous episode. I've got this book called cemetery stories. This has spoken, it's fantastic, it's mostly about simply their line of attack. Cultural bodies are purely stiff from rigour mortis anyway, so you can kind of angle the dick up now. Here's what you do is, there is a hydraulic pump that you can insert into the penis to make
a penis erect com. You can rock back and forth on the erect penis that has been made a wrecked by I draw upon. That's why the hydraulic pump was invented. It wasn't to make the great highway system that we have. No. It was to Philip corpses Dick, so weird people can write em all night. I thought I'd also today, as I love the tiny pain smirk on your face as the details like Ben as a perfect look on his this guy's. We talk about it. It's like, oh, it's almost like forcing vomit but its goals, and with that that is where we hear this when she finds the odor of debt to be extremely erotic. She said now you get now at your body. That's been floating obey for two weeks or a bird victim bad as it attracts me much like that faith hill. Is it fulfil the
that down imbracus floating in the in the bog they dont impress me much he's also attracts blood. Is the body constant purge blood out of its mouth when disturbed in such a way? Tat is specially in the car in specially in their sex when they blow up the cock that the rocking back and forth, especially after being embalm, causes the mouth to purge blood morning, fluid bile, all kinds issue Yes, in that tends to froth out and her quite disgusting amiss in Bali. Voters be dangerous for the body right at me. In smoke, embalming fluid, you know you can do all sorts of things with embalming for but TAT is weird shit. You man very true with blood out ever. That was the main reason why she stopped the year. This interview was nineteen. Eighty four right win the aids.
Big started national. Thank so she stopped because then made them pretty much the age. The men that she preferred There are only two mid twenties. Those are the guy that world dine from AIDS right. That's why she stopped doing what worries as this is one of that's the collateral damage of aids- that no one is talking about that and I feel I outlined a hit on the community- should regularly attend funerals of men. She had necrophilia relationship with. She said I get to mourn right along with the family. At the loss of that love, one except I was groaning and a little different tone, so she was nominate the funeral yeah. She was coming at the funeral, the mother of the victim. She was caught with our sons, body zoomed, saying she wouldn't barrier cat NAD Cemetery Karen attend.
The exclamation from afar and watch the whole thing. If you're the kid there you're like just leave me alone, leave us alone. She liked me MA. Am she enjoyed in bombing everyone, except for the obese, especially they ve been autopsy with slight out on a foreign and all this multi fat yeah. I did top see. What did they do not like the autopsy duties, just like other fat fat got of fat did it. That is our back up. Here's an interesting coincidence. The second funeral home she worked for all got the bodies of another famous necrophilia act, the bodies of the victims, of Richard Chase the Sacramento vampire with the Mister J was before she worked. Their related baby in the other one was a pregnant woman, supplicant yeah yeah. She said that she had been caught before one funeral home and she said
happens quite a bit. The fuel homes just chased him off gonna shoot em away because they don't want to report it. Woman is very similar to what the a final word of the Catholic Church, the necrophilia sort of a funeral, and it is no bad for business out. You gotta be banned, prevent less and less you advertise. It's not your fault. I love ordinary this story than she did this story. She sellen Rainier, one petition. I work with used to like to take a trolley car, a large hollow needle eustace, suction, fluid some corpses and push, inside any mail cadavers dick he'd, say: oh look. This corpses about this Guy was really weird. He looked like Larry from three stooge at the weirdest thing about over wow and add to the court mandated therapy. She said these people Always trying to change me only help me get myself more in touch with my feelings I used to go from. Europe is office to the funeral. Home did work,
all are like go. She did the Porky PIG ending and hold them as well. What's? We're word a little short on time here. So, let's let skip over Courtney Heinz the small thin blonde, skip over to a real piece? A share? This is probably one of the grocer things yeah. I've got that you picked out for us to carve yet really up to this boy over with Fuckin said. That was a very accusatory, tony and well. You take tat for us that all take full responsibility for the show about budget was the up to this point. They ve been fairly Juve. You know it hard about hearted and greener, and this woman Courtney Heinz you're just to give a very quick things that she is extremely. She believes that she's being very respectful to the bodies. She believes that she's giving them a gift that giving them the gift of love and doesn't but she's, doing anything wrong whatsoever Suddenly, you see what these necrophilia eggs is, that none of them believe they're doing
anything wrong, no there! Yet all the old people, just yet among their just another area, more out of a matter of fact about it like just like. We would talk about having sex with our girlfriends. They talk about Fuckin court, saw a man of men out you'd guy was haven't sector that other, I would emphasise the chick the other night dude weird. I was hollow and not not like the no. She was real you're sweating, unblinking drinks now you're, the guy from rejects the let's talk about this guy Rob, which is of course a pseudonym. I found an old article in L, a weekly that interview Employees are real name is Bobby. Let's not get this guy rob complete ass, all the highest order. He was air again, he was a bully. He absolutely terrible to his wife. Any other woman that he came into contact with rights, the kind of get ready,
bikes, allow a guy who has an extensive collection of like us of of years and years of Nugget magazine and cause it's about that judges to treat women as disposable This is all a fascinating necrophilia. Came, is kind of a teenage lark. His best friends, father the funeral home and the boys would finger
corpses, while masturbate I am used to. I mean I did baseball practice in new, and we play with parts of a gap in our kids would do that. Georgia has different kind of kids, different groups of France, so after rediscovered women that would voluntarily have sex with them. He stopped that nice years later he returned with their habit. He discovered women that would voluntarily have sexual. You re like thirteen, but then once you get debate like fifteen and he started lying the women enough where they would fuck em, given what kind of those public? What were you doing before its kind like how Columbus discovered Cube Railway came in an injustice, killed all the people that had gotten as a way of discovering Cuba? Oh yeah, so after he covered living women stopped. But years later he returned to his old habit because he had she. On his wife after their second daughter, was born and felt horrible guilt. He said online next to her. At night feeling guilty in my own home, I learn my values.
Think about it all the time, but I don't act on it as well. I think and my heart that I'm doing the right thing in he's talking fucking court always not doing. The right now know now is do the wrong things. Those old school friend from back and junior High was stolen. The embalming business we're getting the gang back together out during a strong and a drunken stroll down memory lane they went back to the funeral home in the visits, became a guy's night out ritual and now Rob spends his Saturday nights with other, Politicians at the mortuary, while they tell the wives that they're playing poked his kind like you're playing poker like per that's your problem is that you know you're. You know your
he's lying! You gonna fuckin corpses when he says like naughty naughty Senegal, with with the Bob Nn Steve's we're gonna put some poker piglike noises rob City like the cat camaraderie among more teaching Sid. It's like a secret society. He said a hell of a lot of people would be into this if they had easy private access to fresh, but no, I suspect, half the people come in contact with course play with absolute inaccurate, the hard not to take advantage of line passive. You connect down any fantasy. You have access to those tat place I love that he put the blame on that like their hard. Not are you wanna? Do they wanted me? They wanted me to not fought their dead corpses, they'd be allied. Yet why did they die of? Why did they die of cancer birds? He said he said the neck rose. Sex hurts no one. I hate the way they do this too, with the calling it narrow sex at macro plant. The idea that these are robs terms he cities
to not his wife with another woman, and he is running the risk of falling in love. I dare say it's worse: Nicaragua, Artemis worse, it is worth neck replay require, only one consulting adult the dead or death still harm them. It is safe painless six sex. I don't like this guy Keziah comes out with the typical male mindset of just like just put it in don't be around with it like he has no necromancy with it there s a romantic romance. No! No! No! No! No! No, could you be frustrated because you billing I've been going down this course from forty five minutes, and I dont know we probe until upstream maybe take up a different orfis each really Hammond up for really hard up or had no fears will experimental males to wield score every week, but it's always. It's like enter in another world. You leave your who's buying. You feel free
There are different episode of cheers. They never talked about and then ass. If he would care if any of his relatives were violated, a key said. I guess I mean if it were my mom but never touch. All people were normal. That's what he said here old and Maud is a huge debt movie is just Stadhuis grow. I cannot believe that movie got made, and that is our episodes on necromancy arrow failure. I haven't had this feeling a long time. I am right back in the toy box, yeah right back, I'm waiting yeah do that! Do let's creepy as hell. It's Henry's voice is the same for the toy box killer as he is for raw arrows thing it it's it's that cause it's the husky secret voice. Did I want you to have sex with a german shepherd voice or beggar, corpse, voice, got all right every amen, You say this a sleeping,
corpses Ilona leave. The Arabs is, allow him alone, pleasantly malign no they're just lying there and it so sexy that they're, just liner did every want to open a man. It's given break you're, welcome and also don't bother amino just leave necromancy out of it. Don't ask questions. If there really daily life better, but it there's nothing wrong with a say on snow not that girl that voluntary, that's right they have to come to. You all right? Everyone? What do you guys so much for listening and I want to say, LISA, Davis's, wife, hey It is now pay LISA Dave well as his wife and man, Hale, Satan, sweets, we'd, Satan, be sure to go to Itunes rate and review and be sure to go. Get your last Pakistan a t, shirt commonly radio dotcom, slash last. Cast on the left, and if any of you out there,
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