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Episode 167: JonBenét Ramsey Part I - And Hence

2015-03-25 | 🔗

It's possibly America's most well-known unsolved murder on this week's Last Podcast two-parter as we analyze the circumstances surrounding the murder and the infamous ransom note.

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There's no place to escape on it's happening, we'll towards the end there and that's it yeah John to it the thing about Jon, Benet Ramsey. Is that listen. I also have problems time your time, but I actually think it has a really despicable to learn a little girl like that. Do you think that we would that Taylor gone crazy? Who has just like most high tide today must learn how to tie a tie for a run the world's smallest neck. I'm going to say that this is this brutal though oh, my god, yeah yeah yeah we're Jon Benet Ramsey. Today, yes, ok, I've, Jon Benet, Ramsey rest in peace,
beautiful girls did not deserve anything that happened to her, but we're going to discuss her case, which is a worldwide phenomenon and much much larger than we been led to believe John you're with a jump in a house. Heaven Jon Benet, it's so much fun, but I like Kevin is at the slides everywhere and I can take a slide from the ice cream store to the this This is called the present. This God make you wear a little dress and dance like you're, an adult, even though you're a child who shouldn't be sexualized, he says that it's sexy how my knees are shown, and so much of my thighs he loves. He loves that about it or was that I think he loves my at my special skills segment, which it which I always did. I was still my tell I wrapped it up. It's almost like clincher. You know they just I already heard this song we've seen address now, which is special skill and I'd go. Let me suck,
Dick. Oh, I see that's good. I think God's calling you back to the slides now Jon Benet now, ok, go alright! Welcome to the show Marcus Parks, bed, kiss old, Jon, Benet Ramsey is here as well. Perfect, obviously we're discussing this case. Another amazing job of research, Mister Marcus part! Thank you very much, but this is I'm going to call this a tangled web of Horsh it that's your the professional term for it. How we- because you know we like to this- is because there's the case which we're going to cover, which is the case in general which is just brutal. Sad and there's a lot of on unknowns, a child is dead. Yet, yes, because it was such a high profile job case of such a up beautiful. I you know I this is, I'm already feel despicable, even saying of it, but it's like
a picture of the perfect victim. You don't like yeah with her in the pink dress, but she's got those like sad eyes, yeah well, so she's great for newspapers. She is perfect for newspapers. We discuss it on the other end of the spectrum, with the less dead black prostitutes elderly, because he is the most common- is the most that person in the his she. She is our she's, our baby, the baby that was stolen from the Limburg babies, R, Limburg Basic. I don't. I watch documentary basically sort of exonerates the parents to the city, all of America. It's sort of natural you soon to the parents, did it, which is not entirely true, they may have a hand in it in terms of clad, Ystein Secret, ops, govern Association, will talk about trying to get into all of that. But the idea is that I feel like with something like this. When there are so many unknowns and the killer wasn't caught, it's really easy to just dump a bunch of conspiracies from every size right into it and that again, like the Lindbergh baby. If there's no conclusion
everyone has their opinion and everybody is technically right, as the other person yeah. Absolutely if you don't know the Jon Benet Ramsey case. This is one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. So some of our younger listeners and some of our international listeners might not know about is Jon. Benet Ramsey was a six year old beauty pageant queen, who was brutally murdered in her own home on Christmas day in nineteen. Ninety six she was strangled. She was sexually abused and she had her head. Ashton in the basement of
and smash mouth was playing on the radio smash mouth over there having fun on the sun. I'll, never forget this day, because that this is the day my parents told me. I could no longer compete in pageants Isaid, it's getting too dangerous for a pretty girl. Like you better, doesn't know and you're like. I was never pretty girl. You just wanted me to be mom and dad knew and that huge fuckin' dress huge lollipop. It's like we've been chowing halfway through it and they're like that start, decoration, LISA, so sweet, let's start with the World child pageants. Child pageants is a specific, the american phenomenon despicable and disgusting. It is awful, it is a multi million dollar industry. Children compete for trophies crowns scholarships cat, or modeling contracts and like a little blonde girl twisting back and forth about big shiny crown,
in preparation for this I watched, I watched a couple. Episodes of toddlers and tiaras what about it. But it was my duty. This shit is discuss. I find it harder to watch that yeah, we did live death, yellow, absolutely get ripped apart. Absolutely! No. It was the worst thing that I've seen in a long time like it is truly disturbing ship, but no one. No one's killing, honey. Boo boo, though now honey, boo, Boo is saying that people have tried to kill her. She had diabetes, yeah, that's good, she's, too big to be killed. She is too large to choke on anything yeah. She will bring down how many entertainment DINA they're all going down so Bonet as a veteran of the child. Beauty pageant circus, So this is the best word for by the way, not Circuit circuit circuit. She It had amassed two dozen trophies and titles, including Colorado all star, kids cover girl, because Little Royal Miss Little Miss Mary.
Yes, Miss Little Miss Sunburst Little Miss Charlevoix Wall and the national tiny, Miss beauty. Did you also get a tiny assured her whole? Did you get that? I don't know if that was a category of everybody in the audience? Is that any one of these events, unless they were the mothers of the child, should be arrested for pedophile at so yeah? If even the mothers Hell Rank Rangel Mall? If you're a man there in the Cleveland Browns Jacket, is common, not too slow to watch to see to I'm sure we're going to have to ask you to go wow wow everyone's everyone's daughter, they're, even magazines in this industry, not long before Jon Benet, was killed. She was chosen for the cover of the spring issue of Babettes, and Babette's pageant and talent Gazette at its. Right now, it's bad. I know, but it's supposed to be, but it's a little babe, it's a babet, not a bad
is a woman's name, all ridge to it's, a french name for, for you have to be So why did he called back if you are working in the crypto? Would sex crime business just follow the follow the magazines list, arrest, whoever buys yeah whoever's buying it who's, not yeah, exactly mother or father to the children that are in the magazine? How do you just like in in the in the in the the circuit in general right. This is a perfect example of how wealthy people began their reign as PETA files. They do. Right in front of us yeah. This is this is no. There is not one babe at magazine Bob at mega You go into a lower income family. Oh no, the publisher of Babette magazine Buffy death. Import. Who just sounds like the person that, like has all the baby K ultra like process.
Team, show Buffy bring me number seven thing: Centerdale Ronald some Senator Reynolds Buffy Describe Jon Benet, as quote, and troll, a real dynamo. She was the up and coming one hundred who could win the cars and the cat and she's probably going to end up dead, most likely an it's a good thing: they're, given a six year old, a car, it's a huge win for that six year old, oh, no way way way in the future. I see she's talking after she's been a veteran of this business for one thousand and fifteen years, so great, so that you can wrap around the tree when she's taking too many xanax and drinking martinis, all night she's been molested or old am likely when she, when she tried to forget that right, right, yeah put her in a nice car that'll help well about the effects of child pageantry, William Pinsof, president of the family Institute at Northwestern University, study child actresses and models. He found them prone to drug a dick.
Eating disorders and depression in puberty. He said for most kids performing is not a good sign logical I'd like to see the raw data on that. Oh wait. A second, oh there's, there's piles of it. Oh wow, look no further than Corey Feldman. So let's answer the question who are the Ramseys who were Jon, Benet's parents now Jon, Benet, she had the breeding to make a beauty nice tidy little horse hey. I know that I like is a good, solid couple. Calm full of a Vulcan rich man is female and in a good, tiny, hot woman's agony smashing together, you don't get one all glee, you bash in the head with a brick people move into them eyes a big and pretty yeah I'll. Just it's such a creepy grandfather thing to say when he sees your future a day: she's, not she's, good for the breeder, all wired, yeah, broad, hips, lonely and just like
brown, big Brown, so her father, John Bennett uh was a handsome forming former Navy officer in private pilot, but, most importantly, he was filthy, fucking rich. Yeah, he was. They had two homes, their home and their home in Colorado for stories and their vacation home in Michigan, where John was from also a gigantic mansion. He helped found a company called access, graphics, which was eventually bought by Lockheed Martin. I love like a name of access. Graphics of that kind of company, too, is that it's so nebulous. You could not tell any what like what it is that they do. No He once he's a software company. When you look access graphics. I was like service dibble around so but they all just kind of said software company. Lockheed Martin, we know, is a weapons. Developer right sounds good. I worked for
you needed a lot of miscellaneous things were probably not We would see nefarious company, but like Lockheed Martin is just there the war makers of America. Everybody knows what they do. It's interesting, if you ever watch the CNN or MSNBC's of the world, they're all sponsored by a company called Northrup Groman. So when they leading you up to war there, basically just we're gonna miss just like you do fifteen minutes about how we should go invade Syria to get our numbers up. It's all a huge game. People all Lockheed Martin Rq Mart is the exact same way yeah. They find it's a lot of good, a lot of everything that we all the finance a lot of our news. Yeah I have two and a half men. They are part of the team behind that yeah, so access graphics, they reached one billion dollars in sales in nineteen? Ninety six? So it was a job. I get the company, as far as Jon Benet's mother Patsy, goes, she herself
Also a beauty pageant queen. She was Miss West Virginia in nineteen. Seventy seven and her and Jordy's aunt PAMELA was Miss West Virginia two years later, sort of like the culture of generational influence, M K, ultra breeding programs, absolutely nothing yeah, absolutely which will hook it in like Mommy, like Delta, the hologram? You had to use a very appropriate name for this woman because she wouldn't she would end up becoming one well. The conspiracy websites that I read made numerous references to that yeah yeah pat see and John had both a son. And a daughter from previous marriages, John Ramsey, daughter, was killed in a car accident. I don't see any quotes over car accident, I That was just four years before when
The daughter was twenty two years old, so John has two dead daughters understand. Well, she was the only girl to die in a car accident who was shot in the head. He was murdered in the head, so Patsy Ramsey son, he lived in Atlanta at the time of the murders which that will become important later on Linda Hoffman Pugh. Who was the families cleaning woman for about fourteen months prior to the debt? That's how white they are is that they had a white cleaning, woman, ultrawide, wow straps, how rich you can be yeah. They had a cleaning woman with a hyphenated name. That's fucking, rich yeah yeah, so she the Ramseys had a very troubled marriage. She said that Z, berated, Miss Ramsey for being a so lousy homemaker an cooked. Why does she need to be either she got? You got fuckin' window, yeah yeah, I'm sure they have a cook as well in short, for the murder. She said that the couple never once demonstrated any affection for each other physical.
Or otherwise in front of the cleaning like the honeymooners, but this is how it is in real life. You know, when you're very mean to your wife, she has of killing your only daughter. Let's go through the timeline. Let's start at the time when of the murders- let's start about a month before on. I'd, say about twenty days before on December. Sixth, the lights of number parade? John Buchan? I hate these fucking putrid white people, so when you just the description of any one of these things just makes my function: blood, crawl, yeah Jon Benet appeared on her own Little Miss Colorado float. During the lights of December parade on the boulder mall was really weird. Should she had this great crown on that? Had this like target it look like a. The scope of another, which is really weird? It's kind of fun yeah on December 21st access graphics had their first billion dollar year and celebrated
one billion dollar mark at a very public bank? Well what they do with those banquets when you reach a first ever billion dollar a year. Is that most of this bank, which have black people dressed this table and food dishes put on their backs. I didn't know that yeah on December 23rd, the Ramseys have a Christmas party. About thirty people attended and for journalism. Professor bill make Reynolds played Santa Claus. Well, that's great! That will become important later on another indication of how wealthy these people, where do they get a professional Santa Claus? No, they got a journalist. Thomas said a quote: a powerful man is due to rest up and it cost on to December 25th they go to a Christmas party at their friends house, the friends say out of the ordinary occurred at the party other than the fact they didn't, they didn't bring their family. It's a Christmas party is a family event. They did bring their family did,
the Ramseys yeah. It was then everyone was there. Jon Benet was there Jon Benet was there Burke was there because they also had a son named Burke, who was about four year? Okay, now, where is Burke, was hanging out? missing, link here. Well, we need be looking at yeah he's only four now there could possibly have beaten strangled his sister to death. Actually, there is a theory about Burke, not innocent Burke, it will get to Burke later so they, arrive back home, hours later and according to Patsy Jon Benet, last seen alive at one thousand pm. Well I mean
the one thousand pm is when she has to go through her dances and songs routines, every single night daddy does not even Christmas can have Christmas, absolutely not Marcus or you are not a fucking. You haven't been out there in the circuit. I don't know with these fucking animals are prepared to do yeah, I'm not a champion. That's the only way. Patsy ever saw her alive when she was dancing on stage. Netspend eight a that night. For melody. Stanton heard a prolonged. Team, from a little girl which was cut short very abruptly. She thought nothing. It made a note of it but went back to bed. Is it the blood curdling shrill cry? a dead child and then back to sleep, and I would never met happens. Thirty. Am the please wake up to catch a private flight to their second home in Michigan God, right, ok, so one thousand pm to five hundred and thirty am
yeah, yeah yeah the as far as they know, little girl still alive five hundred and forty five am, The ransom note is discovered Patsy. Ramsey wakes up. She goes down the back stairs towards the second floor. Remember it's a four floor house. She goes down the spiral stairs towards the ground floor on the step near the bottom of the stairs she discovered A3 page handwritten ransom, note saying that Jon Benet had been kidnapped, so Patsy at five hundred, and fifty two am calls Boulder Colorado took her seven minutes, seven minutes of freaking out, but yeah. That makes sense. That's not that long ago she had to search the house first. I wanted to make sure that Burke wasn't playing a bit of a goof on her classic. Being only for for the world's greatest career criminal about to be born park was ten. Oh definitely killed near puberty
Not if he's me he's got another five years. So let's hear the one one call that Patsy Ramsey placed that night
find me what's going on? Ok,
One of my dates ends Patsy Patsy Patsy Patsy had seemed asian who's number eighty I see well, but that is a very intense. I believe her emotions in that for sure absolutely straws. I don't think she I mean you know it may be premature but I don't think she's got anything to do with the actual crime now I'm devastated. I would say like that. We can't say right now that the in theory. Is that the Ramseys did not do it, it will go Why later, but no evidence there's zero evidence and really the Circum fences surrounding. It would be if the Ramseys actually did it would be the most bizarre crime in american history to do to do a fake ransom note is like a sort of head fake to the at least for some reason, and then it just
in the shared history. Physical abuse will talk, will talk about this, but it would be like this where they say it's like. Ninety percent was like ninety two percent of the time that eight child is found dead in the home, the Family is responsible there's a history of abuse. Almost one hundred percent of the time there's a long history of abuse, but there was none reported none found on Jon Benet, ninety two percent of the time, but one hundred percent of the time Abuse would be kind of fun to make your own ransom letter, though, because then you can write a check, but to self. So you lost money, but then you make it right back yeah and all you have to show for it. In the end, it is probably mutilated, daughter, yeah, dead, dead child there. So, let's read the ransom note! Oh my god, and by the way this ransom note, the longest ransom. Note it as far as we know the longest ransom note in American history, most ransom notes are no longer than fifteen words long. This is three hundred and seventy four words so
were like a tandem. A do doing that, I'm sure the a one member was just like what you do and write your novel over there. You know much about anybody come automatically if he'll Stephen king on my right, you have your red his later novels, all when he got hit by that Van. I I got to tell you. The quality really read out anyway, guys we gotta go because his dad girl start to get cold all right. Let's hear the letter. He said- Group surplus power forward. Fractured heel spur interesting that the country that had served at this I love you daddy in our position. It was so sudden heart into two Walker deceit, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. Another word structured still alive eighteen thousand dollars in your account. One hundred, I was looking at one hundred dollars bills and remaining eighteen thousand dollars in twenty dollars. Bills. Make sure that you bring it which artist attach it to the bank, and you did
put the money in a brown paper bag. I will play Tomorrow, can we step toward delivery, but the weather will be exhausted, so it Goodbye should get rested, are you getting the money early in my paper, barely do iterated, Collier delivery of the bunny and hence and only ability pick up both your daughter instructions will result in him execution of your daughter, also the title remains for kappa burial. Two children watching over your daughter do not particularly like you said, full of it. So GI, etc, mystery dog. She gods river. God
You should be in great, multiple captured with dogs. You will be scanned for electronic devices and, if any are found, she dies. Porn videos teenager with no endorsement Congress is in practice. You stand a ninety nine percent chance of killing your daughter. Would you try to outsmart us forward sections, and then you send a one hundred percent chance of getting her back, spanish words You are not alone kill Bill Clinton, killing him difficult, dampened arrested. He said good southern now drag strip away as lettuce
You do not inhale cigar smoke, very bad for your vocal cords and thanks to Ed Larson from the brighter side for purchasing this voice changing machine. It's my new favorite toy. I've been using it for the last three days, just Willy nilly we're having far too much fun. Dare I say: you've used it before an actual ransom situation, Mister perfectly executed. I just think it's so sad that Jon Benet never did get to see one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, because in Sync came out with no strings attached, you would have loved it loved it. Oh my god, she would have too bad she's she's a skeleton, at this point. She is and she's never been a better model, which is sad so after the someone call almost immediately the ram please call their family friends fleet. Priscilla, White and John and Barbara Fernie. These guys Mexicans they white
just a correlation between having a bunch of money and having old american wealth and just white trash in his cousins marrying each other because the richer you get it's not poor, people that fought the at least poor people fuck their significant other. Because you look in that within the same family right, rich people believe they're, making each other smarter by just in the family. For the Rex, family yep keep in that blood a royal purple. Six, a when the police arrive those family friends that they arrived after the police got there, but police let them inside making their very first mistake, failing to secure the crime scene in any way whatsoever and let I would say right now that the Boulder police Department bumped this up worse than any other crime investigation that I ever research. That's why it's that's way points to suspicious like questions
but when he comes in there like, basically, they showed up they. Let them trample over the Rhine. Seeing their friends came in there, they're walking around the kitchen, they didn't even serve. The entire house, because literally what you're going to see right here is. They searched all for the search the house, but they neglected to really search the basement. Her body was sitting. There. The entire time behind a closed door yeah, you should open the door. Yeah yeah, not not who's there. Oh this is the Colorado, high school, marching band come on through come on through bits, Piper Piper Piper Pepper, exactly it's like. They didn't open the basement door 'cause. It's like well just hate to interrupt anybody. Privacy. We go to have a little bit of evidence, melt off the body. You know- and I wouldn't be surprised if this is also just rich bowling, where
Police are there in the French. Oh, why aren't exactly is white oval white white, hello, hello, yes, gold coin, for you, sergeant, York, York, computer of skinned in brown of I come with me, join my family crest, so bye, and thirty Am John Ramsey has already collected one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars it's about an hour. Half later boom, one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars the guy, pretty much pulls it out of his pocket right at eight hundred. Am the police, not the Ramses, the police call a victims advocate group become an council, the Randy Ramsey's, bringing more people into an active crime. And in fact after using the kitchen, the advocates cleaned and wiped down the counters with spray cleaner through like all this is just oh. I can't even yes, I know daughter was actually hacked up and FED to a bunch of dogs.
Last thing. So then you know what I to the thing that really just take me off about. It is that when I was thing sitting there, just being like all my God, my daughter was cut to a point just to meet. I was just like all these counters and Matt yeah and then I remembered can't concentrate. I remember: Clorox came out with a new lemon scented bleach and I can't wait to spray it all over the place. Is that made or may may or may not many. You would see a similar situation that happened in the Simpson trial, where the kit with the guy just came the cops, let everybody trample everywhere and then a guy came and wiped changed. The doorknob that was full of probably Simpson's blood. Absolutely so bright. For one thousand ten, a m, the police, the very least sealed companies room it took him three hours, no four hours to figure a logo. Maybe we shouldn't let people go to the scene of the crime, let's see all that off and it's the only place the entire house, where any attempt to seal the crime scene is made, but also
but I find this fact to be really true as well as that is that they were suffering a lack of manpower because it was Christmas and everybody was on v. Yeah. It was Christmas day in all the rookies drew the short straw, so you had a bunch of inexperienced police officers who didn't know what the fuck to do coming over to this house and just bungling I don't really understand. I thought criminals called true Song Christmas yeah. Exactly do they know it's Christmas It was that the gulf and stuff like that but killed off Geldof yeah and also during this time, Jon Benet John himself and Patsy they're very cold with each other they're, not the same room there in separate rooms and got all the good they didn't act as if a couple at a like a couple of morning, that's what people said is that Patsy was beside herself upset and ball a lot, but John was just kind of pacing around yeah. At one point he checked his mail right, yeah, which I mean I will admit that it's odd behavior, but not
shock, shock, hey everyone and that's it for that's one thing that that pisses me off about people's analysis of this case is that they're, judging how a parent should act, grief now if there is no standard for how someone acts, if he called the air find that he owns or his private jet and demanded a refund. Then I think that would be it we're not taking the flight. So I will have my money back at these haggling with seamless about how his summer rolls didn't show up right. Like that's the problem he just like this is just this is a problem that needs to be rectified. I am, I am emailing and calling customer service. Here's an interesting fact, though. It's crazy to think they don't even have email back then, Well, they did, but it was just nine years I had emailed them. Metallic rose Yahoo dot com. Customer two favorite bands were Metallica and guns and roses tonight. I had no idea at the time like how much it made me.
Like in any yeah? I think we should be doing anal gay porn on Webcam Metallica Road. I thought I was so cool now, wouldn't you were eight to ten, because remember in the ransom note, they said that they would call them between eight hundred and one thousand am that win came and went nobody. Mentioned it. Nobody a single after one thousand am came and went. Nobody said anything, that's very weird, so you would think would be waiting by the phone for these two hours. Eight hundred am hey guys, yeah Colombo was on, right and when I am in, are you going to Colombo? Jag? It's like I may as well, be deaf and dumb Colombo is a really good, detect, with the murder happened in the bizarre way. They would've been great at helping this case. Yeah he's fictional, but if you would just see somebody shoot another person, I don't think he could solve it. So little before one hundred pm this detector. This up officer her name is, I think Karen aren't she was the only cop
left on the scene. This is very interesting that they had one cup Stream Lee Rich man who had connections to the defense, who had a ransom note that mentioned a small foreign faction which indicates the possibility of terrorism? The FBI came, they came at about eight hundred. Am they dropped a wiretap? They dropped a wiretap and then they fuckin' left there were in the area, there were other examples of ceos having their sons being kidnapped and the FBI just fucking swarmed these prices right, but with this case they left one rookie officer to watch over. The entire scene, so this room, officer, is just this just this is so fucking dumb, She said the John Ramsey. She said the room was tense. Sure. If to give John something to do right. She John to search the house
from top to bottom, looking for her bucket list for literally like if you're an NBA basketball player, and then you also have to deliver beer to the stance you know like he is the Father in morning. Why is he doing the detective work quickly? So in any other case they would be considered number one suspects, a part of what they have to do is they have to eliminate the family out of the equation and basically you're giving him Carte blanche to go hey once you John, you seem so Why don't you go hide all the evidence of your crimes? Yeah? What? What's that in your back pocket- or this is the come rag? I always used to clean up my semen, but why you bring it, throw that out dirty and filthy he's got one more wipe of job yeah. So he just gets to go, will walk through the house. He gets to walk through the house and he gets too. If you know, if you subscribe to the theory that they get, that he killed her, he gets to check that, he didn't leave any evidence behind. This is what I'm saying this is what yeah, oh yeah, just let him go.
Hey- I just let him go so about five minutes later and John A It goes down to the basement. He goes right down there. First, it's weird been down there a whole bunch in like maybe like furiously the night before. But it's not that weird, because she said quote top to bottom he's going: take it top because he's a ceo and he ain't going to have no one tell him: how does he started from the bottom killed us killed? His daughter went to the I believe that rap song, he did this seriously- did the ceo movement, where he goes. He was like she's. Just like challenge go search. The house he's sitting there silently goes you're going to do search the house It's got to be his idea right right, so he goes under the basement and not the cop who had gave a cursory glance to the basement earlier. He opens up the cellar door turns on the light and screams- oh my god, my baby, oh my god, my baby,
in the wine cellar where I did not lever said Jon Benet when he found her. She had black duct tape covering her mouth accord, around her neck that was attached to a wooden. How is this pronounced? Garrote, its garrote garrote? Yes, because God forbid bid mispronounced something: okay results. Are you getting upset or people getting upset? I have no idea what human emotion is anymore. Are you mad market? I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. We ain't from Websters Dictionary or not Websters dictionary. We have a fun way with words. Yes, we do so the cord was attached to a wooden garage in her head. We're bound over her head and she was covered by a light colored blanket now the crime scene is at this point buck because he walks over. He rips the duct tape off
but his mouth right. He tempts the entire hands. He carries her up. The stairs set her down on the floor. Like basically, then detective art came in pick up. The body herself moved it to the living rooms and then Patsy came in freaked out and just went to the body and just basically Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Williams. Over I mean totally insane is the did you a pro wrestler die in the ring. There was a video on Youtube about a pro wrestler. He just died during a week ago. He broke his neck, an obvious, pro wrestlers, just immediately start throwing his body around to make sure he's to see. If he's dead and it's like well, he definitely is now yeah, absolutely it's not only John Ramsey that contaminates the corpse, but it's also the detected or, let's not say, detector she's, not a detective she's, an officer because it isn't to know that they left a beat cop. Watch over this crime scene and Pat MZ also contaminated again as she now as she
over the body, repeating my little angel over and over and over again, so at about one hundred and thirty about twenty minutes. Later John calls, the pilot of the private jet that was waiting to take. Them to Michigan was John Travolta, which is also strange. Who is John Travolta? It was Henry Kissinger was a compiler for some reason: yeah, oh yeah, and a guy dressed up as ET hole in the front of his dick hanging out weird special guy. So he's heard saying to the pilot: hey everybody, I'm hey, I'm a little bit of little snafu going on here. So whenever we could go ahead down, our hotline are no check out. Some of the clubs or something we do that instead, he actually does. He asked him. He says: hey
We need to go to Atlanta we're going to Atlanta right now, but the police don't like hey, you can't leave town they actually make. They actually do that yeah. There were like you can't leave town is because CNN was there. Did you want to go talk to the news or what was the reason that there's no reason the only and now there really is no reason, because at this point his Patsy son who live Atlanta was already on a flight back to boulder. So Why would you want to go to Atlanta? Was it possible that he what was going on. Was he going to Atlanta to passably, settle a score and what he would he do? He would he would speak to their manager problem and he was going throttle throttle this vile beasts. No, it sounds like he got mixed up with the wrong crew people always
I just think that's what happens in order to have order multiple, multiple millions of dollars. You have had to have seen something up and not set it or have done something up. He didn't know what to do, because at this time in in history, Liam Neeson was still starring in romance movies. So he didn't. He didn't, have a role model for how to go, seek revenge on his daughter's death, but you know who did have a role model. The people who wrote the ransom note there's a lot of weird things about this ransomware. By the way. Before we get to the ransom note, it should be noted that the cops did not fully secure the crime scene until almost two hundred o'clock in the afternoon they were, they were eating right,
They were just having fun. We're having a meeting when they were had there were apparently day after Christmas. They were putting together toys. You have any grow, how long it takes to set up and like a new playstation. I know actually old school teacher, all the cords in there and then you can. You tell me, were going to spend an hour in that setting up this playstation and not we're not going to play a little bit. Kids are crying because, if I remember one thousand nine hundred and ninety six was the year that place Asian one came. This is what I'm saying it's it's it's. They were busy I'll, never forget it. That was the year. I got us, I got yeah well, would you like the poorest hugest rich child yeah yeah? Please someone write that children's book, so let's talk about the You know, like I said earlier, it was the longest ransom note in the history of kidnapping. Most were no more than ten words. This one was three hundred and seventy four words long. The materials used to write the ransom note were the paper
legal, yellow pad that was already inside the house and a sharpie pen additional sheets were missing. Pat, but we're never located at the defendant's home the pen used. The ransom note with source to the defendant's home and found placed back in its normal place by the phone, so they use the pen put it back where it was it's retarded. Is but they found another page in the pad that only had it the only had it written, MR and MRS Hi yeah yeah, like he just started, to write the Ark yeah you know which all he messed up yeah. You know what you just said: that's kind of a fun Little blooper he's like oh well, laugh about this later. What is goofy, here, because he starts writing out Mister and MRS, but in the second draw he just writes Mister Ramsey right. It's just like he's, got Bobo next to him. Like no? No, no! You know why we're doing this. Now you don't come on now change it or just talking either the mothers a sweet woman. She got no
to deal with our raping her daughter right right, the hand writing an analysis was done and it was found to be an eighty five percent match to Patsy Ramsey's handwriting. Now there are two possible excellent explanations for this. It could be that the eighty five percent match came from the sharpie pen, because Sharpie pen, You can't really see the nuances of handwriting or it could be that the kidnapper forged the handwriting it just sucks. It's like four layers, deep, Then it's like what are we even talking about this ransom? Note literally, is the most puzzling part of this whole case. Yes, it is it's. Why was it there? They had no intention to kidnapping the girl, it's obviously trying to throw people off, but in the dumbest.
A possible right. He just close the door on her corpse. It felt like the really hit it even wrote to a mountain. He didn't do anything with it to to disguise or or get rid of the body get ready at any sort of evidence. He left it all out. No, it was. Each day is obviously a stage crime scene in every way past. In the thing and the fact that they had to write it in the house, they didn't bring it with them. They must have taken. What do you mean? Does it take fifteen minutes ten minutes that you murder, daughter you're in these people's houses, you're just going to hang out well there's a theory later of when the note was actually written, an right call James grow popular crime, and I got a lot of really good analysis for integrates bill. James is a fucking genius if you haven't read popular crime, go out and get it to my favorite, true crime book or among my favourites, but he's got some theories later on. As far as when the note was written. So let's go through the significance of that one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars. It was during the nineteen. Twenty four world's fair
I don't want to spoil anything, but it's I mean it's a hundred. Eighteen thousand dollars really odd number right. It's very not exact. It's not one. Hundred thousand dollars is not a hundred fifty it's not two hundred and John Ramsey was a multi millionaire. He had and tons and tons of money. So why a hundred eighteen thousand By the way there is there's a great website called the Jon Benet and Jon Benet case encyclopedia. They just got there's, so many different conversations from around the entire world wide web. I'm really like happy that they did this. But what is the quality of life people in their whole lives investigating just the murder of Jon, Benet Ramsey or not to be honest, sexual you. To Jon Benet Ramsey, hey, I'm saying it's better than watching tv.
Maybe the maybe the people who did killer were just super big and then there are super dumb and then one guy was like. What's the biggest number you can think of using one hundred and nineteen thousand, that's a fighter dancing number who number we could get it. We could get one hundred and eighteen thousand big macs for that wow. What were only on wednesdays? We go down to Burger King get Whopper wednesdays for one dollar 'cause we're still saving money, So the most likely explanation is that that year, John Ramsey's bonus was one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars, so we would have to know that somebody had no that hit me with it within the company would have to know that yeah. So well, there's a couple different there is. You know it could be that Somebody within the company knew it could be that the these new? That they could get that money very quickly? It could be
I found a paste up in the house yeah, the other things they kind of went through his personal effects saw a paste up for a hundred eighty thousand dollars me like. I know, we've got that yeah. I know he's got that and I know he can get that quickly, yeah which he did. He got it in about an hour and a half or again. This is this is what he wanted to spend, as bonus on number of Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase is looking through the window. He was going to say he was a fantasize about the pool. Will he was gonna, buy with yeah a hundred eighty thousand dollars to have your daughter, murdered, yeah, hey man? That's he John unchain eagles, I mean by filing going on vacation. We always never wanted to go on, because I hate you, my wife, not why you looking at the wine cellar. You look at your fantasizing about something: no, no! No! No! No just thinking about the bonus just wanna buy some rd yeah. So a book by Steven Thomas says I have, ledger reflected his increasing wealth over the years. This guy would later find records showing that, as of May first one thousand nine hundred and ninety six Ramsey
assets of over seven million dollars and the total net worth of six million dollars total liabilities were in even one million one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars interesting. So that's another one hundred, here's one, that's a little more esoteric. One hundred and eighteen minutes is the runtime of silence of the lambs. Well, there's a lot pop culture stuff going on here, because the I mean the letter, the and so, if you read it, it sounds like the person who wrote it this taken everything from me that's why it sounded so good with the voice changing machine that exactly like you know, if you, if a stray dogs easier, you see diet, which also play into something I feel like. That is very John Ramsey ask you know that seems like. His brain, like I know how to write the perfect I've seen movies. I have a right. I can just read some note and it's very it's it's very interesting. It's it's very theatrical, yeah, it's extremely theatrical right! It is one eight
pm is associated with this in a movie related way in the movie Nick of time, possibly Johnny, Depp's last good film. Oh yes, that's right! This is the I quote, Nick of time at which the Father could have saved his six year old daughter if only he'd shot the governor, the Gov at this exact- and I would also say, people that would call themselves super fans of the movie Nick of time are also possibly had a fight could be, and also this is just straight races that a hundred eighteen dollars he call it a hundred. Eighty thousand dollars in American means one billion in mexican Pesos that really the currency rate at the time. No, no, no not raises that is not race. Is that is a fact. The currency conversion rate. At the time one
Eighteen thousand dollars did equal one million mexican pesos painter own you and all we get a hundred eighty thousand dollars. We can get one million taka hole that that's racist, that that is the yeah, because my factors- numbers right mine is number is yours- is talk to be fair. Tacos are an amazing food and thank you for your work and you made dean, pays real, won't mean dog goals, We go along these full name yeah. That would definitely get your full. Let's get super esoteric here, psalm one hundred and eighteen in the Bible is a chapter that often used in the Kerr is Pentecostal Movement Song
is one eighteen verse. Twenty seven can be seen as offering a person as a sacrifice to God. This is the man who works at a seven eleven, this conspiracy theory. You know I mean that s sort of you spend a lot of time alone. Thinking about this case. Well, the reason why he was drawn to this, because supposedly the Bible in pads he's better room was turned to psalm, one hundred and eighteen, which includes the following. Verse, God is the Lord, which has she I'll slight bind the sacrificed with chords, even unto the horns of the altar yeah, very interesting, say anything about rape, not a single thing. I mean plenty of plenty of other books in the Bible. Talk about raising away the ripening, go to the old testament. Ok! Well, we don't know if that was necessarily even the case in this situation. Yeah we actually don't know
and the term at the very end. This is really weird use that good southern common sense right. John Ramsey was not southern. He right from Michigan. His wife was southern. Now his wife was from West Virginia yeah. So it's kind of weird that Patsy would say, use that good southern common sense and less it was like a weird in joke included in the rent, some tool so running, really bad taste. If you include an inside joke on the on the faking kidnapping, sure that you're writing in order to cover up the fact that you, both Ray murdered daughter. That's why sometimes on those comedy central roast, I just don't get it. You know 'cause, it's like to incite yeah, it's one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars or I'll. Tell you what barber is going to get the banana and then we just need to just like how that is funny. Remember that definitely that was a good story. So if you'll remember, the letter was signed as Btc victory as Btc. There are men
many different possibilities as to what, as b, could stand for first of all, Santa Barbara Tennis lob worst rapists in the world. I would I will put that on air. With that in writing. I know for a fact that the worst rapists in the world exists at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club and I'm going to go next time. I go to LOS Angelus. I'm shut If you imagine, if you are detective- and that was true- like Mister Ramsey, I just hate to tell you the Santa Barbara Tennis Club yeah they. Did murdered her daughter, the other Santa Barbara Tennis Club, I'm not paying my dues anymore, but do you wanna be with Amber, still serve? I do I do yeah quality. The whole club left when we LOS Andre Agassi's are club pro unbelievable. The whole quality dropped. It could be seduced by the child that is victim, blaming that that is victim blaming, but that is victim blaming on the account of the perpetrators, who could have seen. I mean it is possible,
Gary Ridgway saw prostitutes as verb yeah, something that you should clean up, and so it's possible perpetrator of this sign salt, Jon Benet Ramsey of such as some sort of sirens. He was one of those guys in the Cleveland, Browns jackets. You go to see the the patch insult again. Look at layer, fight, Jon, Benet Ramsey would have never been a fashion queen of her parents. Didn't want her to be no six year old. Just like I want to be our honored, a bunch, a dude with crusty pets I want to be with. I want to make guys with beards really around. They are all forced. I don't care what anybody says. They are all forced, because, even if they're, if they aren't directly forced you supporting the idea. Drills. In their head that it's ok for them to be sexualized and literally grants in front of grown men who cried, who decide how pretty they are in Florida. They banned dwarf tossing with this still legal and possibility sign. By the captain, okay internet,
poster Maim says that this is a very common phrase in sailboat racing. When there's a win, they refer to it as VIC and signed by the cat John Ramsey, participated in competitive yacht racing with his friend fleet White who's, also weird that his name is fleet. That's also the name of a group of boats, so stupid term that you have to be so rich and white to even understand by the captain. Richer Buffy brings the Mimosas, because you know I can't I can't chunnel my SS impervious Eminem. These guys were just promotions. They were hanging out in the basement of whatever both they were in her. What someone else was growing all this, they weren't doing anything. It could be square Bible and the compass as just making stuff up internet Post cold case suggested it might stand for these
three masonic symbols which are depicted on their crest or seal square, the Bible, the compass and then what's the third one with t t is the where Bible and the compass can think of Jack. Much credit well Patty's, Father John paw is a Mason 32nd degree. It's already. Engraved on his two stone. This could be a way for the writer to point to whomever had been. Using Jon, Benet, less btc and then raved on his tombstone. You know I just heard about the let's: let's see here, the entire seal: okay, seven, eight six sealed! I feel like the way, though you know, if you're right or instead on your ideas to to tell everybody old to be is going on. This is a tip to people, they're going to use kidnapping to illuminate abuse,
the names in the details right, I didn't cold, just see who it is and where you can find them in your phone number and where they'll be with their work. Schedule is where they work yeah, especially if you're, depending on the boulder police department, to figure it out yeah because they're too busy skin and in the end, because it around with girls in bikinis, at like a ski lodge like an eighties comedy right now, what was happening in Colorado in the 90s, pretty pretty laid back So in fact, in nineteen ninety six this was December 25th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. It was the first murder in Boulder CO that year. Well, they have definitely made up for that with John Holmes, Columbine whole series of different things they really as well. They really have very interesting yeah it could also be stopped bombing third world countries, because access graphics was a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin and it seems like it's like the people who blow up I don't know how long for peace, so you want to inspire piece. So what you do is rape and strangle a six year old girl. Well, I mean you know the
of the environmental groups, will just blow up random hummers and things like that, and I like it when they let all the monkeys go from the kind of fun. Because then, that pee wee Herman thing when he goes and he saves all the animals from the pet stores, but then it would be really weird if you save all the snakes in the annals from pet store and then raped and murdered a six year old girl right, I am right now it could be Subic Bay. Technical center, which is John, was allegedly stationed there at one point when he was in the Navy, and that actually seems like kind on the nose. That seems a little closer like that seems like that could be the most likely one. It could also be swallowed by the competition, because John RAM He said in the book death of innocence. He said I also recognize that larger, better find companies were growing around us, even though we were doing fine. I will pray that in less we expanded our company would soon be swallowed by the corporate douche. So in this book was written after the death
yeah, so that makes no sense then yeah it could. And finally, it could be saved by the cross if you'll remember back to psalm one hundred and eighteen, which is used in the courage Mattick subculture acronyms. Are comment, anagram c and like that yeah very common S, Btc is if well used acronym. That represents the word say by the cross. Also said that Patsy Randy Ramsey was but what? If it would, if it actually stands for Sean Berry, Tommy and Charlie, it was just a group of Ragtag group of random lunatics. This would bother this bothers me about the religious wealthy. Specifically, you know she's reading her Bible and she shuts it and she's like time. For my daughter, I mean it's just there's nothing religious about these people. They didn't any of the tenants of Christianity there, the filth of America, these but for me, or just like he works for one of the most nefarious weapons country. Companies in the world
he got just like it's all at and I still think it does seem like he might be invited to Mr Bodies House in a random mansion and give it a lead pipe because he's a character from clue. Aluminum body bull just reeks of it, there's all of these secrets and it we already do. We know this. We're gonna examine even more yeah a and so finally, the last thing we're going to cover in this episode. 'cause. This is a fuckin' two parter, the last thing in the ransom note? Is the The ransom note use the phrase and hints, which is a very odd little phrase. What a pretentious piece of Shitt phrase, and hence in the Ramsey's Christmas message, they used the exact phrase they said had there, so no birth of Christ, there would be no hope of eternal life and hence no hope of ever being with our loved ones. Again, that is
creepy sentence for that two years later doing great defender bear. We know the house is looking good. Just like that's all you do in a Christmas letter, you would think so Sopa Ramsey would use the phrase and hints and subsequent interviews John Ramsey, was also heard using the phrase an hints on a recent web cast. He said the justice system is a government organization and hence should be looked at with some degree of GO to system. Now we can bring this back to uh other man who was caught a bit who was caught by a very strange phrase that showed up again and again eat your cake and have Two, I would have it's so weird little things that can possibly trip people up in these weird little things become a little bit more powerful it because it's not solved. So you just look for clues
anywhere, and they all around you can have that next episode were going to go through the investigation, we're going through a little bit of the year old rabbit hole? Yes, for the connect that all big rabbit hole, we're going to go for that around the at the case against the Ramseys. The case for the Ramseys add to it. The next episode is definitely it's a rabbit hole. I I it. I attempted to buy, watch about forty five minutes of a test attaching the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, the it's saying that twin peaks had had probably prof. So I said, yeah and I I really do believe. I lost long division feel like I he I was so confused. Last night I was drinking scotch smoking weed, trying to listen to it and understand it just being like I I'm not I am no longer a person yeah yeah, and that was we were turned on to that by listener. Claude Wilson, who sent us some really good information on
banana and the magical significance of it will going to get a lot more into the information that he sent on the next episode. He also sent us an awesome fuckin'. Horned skull be the centerpiece of the new alter that we're building here in the studio I'd like to say. Thank you to every all the support I got off for my recent job. It. Let's give a hearty congratulations. Mister Henry Zebrowski will be the one of these stars, of the new heroes show on NBC. It's pretty cool
and it's true, I will not say magical ritual was not involved. I cannot say that I definitely worked on it. I had a loud discussion at the bar, Marcus and Henry both against me when it comes to ejaculating on paper that may or may not have a pentagram on it. So you know so, but it would have been a negative Nelly, but wasn't being negative. I just don't know about coming on paper. Proof is in the pudding. Try it tonight because of this job, I'm going to be in Toronto for the next two one slash two months, so what the fuck do. I do Intera know if you live in Toronto and you know something: that's creepy are fun to check out. Let me know that would be amazing. Yes, we also want to thank a listener. Lila, who sent us both a king, hey all his handle a king cake which we will be eating soon and also sent me an executioner's executioner's hood made out of the Texas flag, as I requested it does look make you look like your clients and what it does. But if I pull it back then I look more
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