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Episode 177: Mysterious Sounds and Recordings

2015-06-03 | 🔗

This week we're exploring and listening to some of the most mysterious sounds ever recorded, including the Bloop, the Hum, the Phantom Cosmonaut, and the fascinating phenomenon of Number Stations.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last. Is I don't know French, Buzzy buzzy. What was Muzzy anymore, MAS French for June, it's like french video. It was like they had a big hairy monster. Yeah, that's what number stations are? No, I see. That's all it is is just teaching it's teaching boys and girls. Russia all over the world by from killers this site is assassin's, also known as russian teachers very good, we start, the episode. Okay, This sounds. That's. Were
today, I serious recording the world who ok, I'm Marcus Parks, your bed castle, This is always from beautiful, sunny Kanada. It is forty five degrees. Ok, I love it different different than where I just was in South America. Oh yes, you were just in South America or how is the compound? Well funny you should ask my OMA a cancer survivor a ninety three year, Young strong It's all. I've always said that about the Germans, different strong, powerful race, she's doing very well. Thank you for asking Henry. I didn't mention all of your aunt. German sentiment, yeah Pollack? So did she spill the beans on your grand father, or is she still just tight lips like Miss Mangala? That is funny that is humorous, she's. Ninety three and survived cancer.
Very often was extra good at keeping secrets of the same, because he cheese impervious to being interrogated know. My grand father was an international list. Oh and he belonged to the world. Well, it was after they lost the war, though so, if they wanted one, he would have been a German, but that's ok. I do have a couple of pictures and I'll show you guys in private abit in crew. But also he was extremely successful. He helped a lot of Nigerians, ok state labor with the white people in Nigeria, not coming over to South America, because they were hiding here for some reason or another moving on moving on today. So I can see your grandfathers library seemed very specific. Thank you very much. Henry again, Some of my own mysterious sounds you did here in the I'm in that in my apartment. If you guys want to hear some, you guys ready the office pretty spooky, I was I was actually on this. This is really this is true. Is this gonna anything to do with your high flax diet
no, no okay, okay, I was here at night in this battle over the clock at night and down. I was wearing nothing but just might make paintings and I wear tight, tight little underwear and I'm was high turn up the heat so I was just slick with my apple sweat. She mentioned. My hair matted against my skin, like a the dog called like a dog. This got hit with a hose my chest and my back look like right, yeah, very wet- and I heard something Off the darkness I was just sitting, there was watching some daredevil on silent cuz. I like to I like to imagine that I'm deaf right and hi, This thing I just thought I was like I fell again was saying before I felt like I was being watched, so I took out my So now I who goes there, Is there.
Answer me right, show yourself, and then I recorded this I'm going to play for you now you're, a joke yes, you're, a jackass. Everything you say is a lie. Nobody wants to hear it anymore. Henry were on Dhea ghost ghost bar? That's not going to be great. This is excited something we've heard. Henry's lies: let's get to some real mysterious, recording yeah by mysterious Corning's. We mean recordings from space. We mean recordings from here on earth and we mean recordings from short wave transistors, but we're gonna start with Missy. Recordings from the ocean who exciting under the sea
Well, that's not so mysterious Sebastian, the funny crap just come here and get him on my plate. His bones You can't eat Sebastian the cartoon credit I just want to eat that lower half Ariel. The little mermaid can understand. Looking great. What's your diet, mostly Disney cartoon characters, so we're going to with the most famous for his start up with the big I'm gonna start up with, with the most famous underwater sound that has ever existed, the blue Blue and how we first heard the blue is it in the 1960s during the cold war, the Navy, installed. A top secret network of underwater microphones called hydrophones to listen for the movements and transmissions of soviet nuclear submarines and really that just became the first podcast hosted by tuna.
Also, everybody knows how communist parliament members like to bathe together, oh of course, and were the bathing sometimes when there naked that's where they share their most secret stuff. You know, there's that show fear factor and at no point did they have him drink of the water after a russian bad. I think that would be more disgusting than any animal or bug that you could put in your mouth yeah, because technically it becomes, but how they make it so this cyst It's called the sound surveillance system or success, and so in about The cold war ended the Us Navy this technology over to civilian, an private companies? So we still make some use of this so thing and all times during one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven a sound reverberated throughout the ocean. It was dubbed the bloop. The sun rises rapidly. You over one minute and was loud enough to be picked.
By multiple sensors, located up to five thousand kilometers apart wow, yes and it was one of the loudest underwater sounds ever recorded and over the next, week, similar sounds were recorded by another system and the and suddenly stopped and have never been heard again. I feel like the bloop if it was a person who would have a mustache and it would just belch after every sip how big are these microphones coming to spend the night? Please I'm trying to watch, what did you get a white? It's like baseball, what and a large monocle the bloop has
the songs run smoothly would like to see. Are you the blue? Penry? Yes? Well, let's hear the bloop sped sixteen times we got. Is a very long noise, so tiered sped up sixteen. It is not just Ben's mother getting out of the tub. Well, that's a funny joke my mom getting out of the tub. Thank you for that. Well. Does sound organic in nature. It does sound like it could be some sort of animal either something very, very large or something that is just very good at making sound and, when said, like Michael Jackson, that worry is kind of bloop walks down there. So the in so a says that there's no way that it was man made and no creature on,
has ever been known to exist. That is made this sound, but the location of the sound is said to be within five hundred miles of the layer of blue there, it's called Ba really Riley. I live right away or re a number going to if I can ship from all these lovecraftian. So we're going to get so much. But yeah is characterized by bizarre, not sure, like into non euclidean geometry. Norwegian sailor, Gustaff Johansson, the narrator of one of these tales during the call of Cthulhu, describes the accidental discovery of the city books, line of mingled mud and weedy cyclopean masonry, which can be nothing less than the attachable substance of earths, a printer midnight man, Corp City every year. Load some lira dolente of spheres and mentions apart from hours,
he's just so mad there's no circles yeah, absolutely none! None! None the end non euclidean non Euclidean, that's sort of what they do to the girls over there in the Middle EAST. What if they cut off her is Marquez one, nine, eight! Yes, nine! You could hear it! That's different! That's a different non euclidean just means we're does fall now all eyes, Indiamen geometric term. Okay, you clearly in geometry, you didn't pay in high school? Did you bet I didn't go to high school? I was smoking weed out of an apple end of a pair. Well, the recording! does sound like an animal, but it sounds it's like an animal when you speed it up fifteen times faster, which is why which is how most people listen to the sound, because literally the original sound is what like it's like a couple of minutes long and it goes like Well, I've actually
got the sound here, so I don't have to do that. So you don't have to do that now and I liked it. I was about to inject you with morphine and put you out of your misery. No, you don't you don't need to do that because we've got it right here here. It is. This is Trent Reznor, it just sounds like me: getting off a leather couch slip it in slime yeah. So what most most people don't hear this, and, in my opinion this is much here then just yeah. It sounds like something that Argento would have used. That sounds like the band goblin yeah, very, very Suspiria S, oh yeah, sentinel, and now at this point I really can't help but think of getting a spatula and helping you off with this leather couches. You try to suffer miserably to get up and get off of it as your nature to take a shot at this time. So I'm just I am apart.
Yeah got to get you off that couch. So a lot of people said it's a big whale. Some people said it's. Of course Cthulhu. Many people jump to that conclusion, but in all actuality but it probably was, is that it was a gigantic ice quake that cracked off of an iceberg. Cabs off of the Antarctic ICE Sheet, making it a concept. It's of global warming, which is much more terrifying, much more scary. The no eight never ever said that it was in it with an animal. I never said any this stuff. What it sounds like the blue came out. There were like we got this, nor sometimes we're. You know, we're pretty sure that it's I mean it's. Definitely not. It's good, it's definitely it's Cthulhu. It has to be Cthulhu yeah. No, I bought we've all read the books, it's just please for the everyone sit down,
just a fart noise from deep in the ocean and it is it's a ice we trying to say I square cut through ice quake sounds like a new tree dairy Queen ice quake. That would be good it's a lot of sense now they say: we've explored a lot of space and almost will not quite as much we have. We not explored the oceans at all. Ninety five percent of the oceans. We have no idea what's in them, so what's down there and now with the pollution and things people are saying, the bloop is coming to the surface and that's where turn the here. It's move yeah look at this right. We had the first sighting of a giant squid. What was it was in two thousand four yeah and then, if they got a new way, also just wash ashore like looking at you like sixty by year months to a year ago, yeah we're like we're seeing you should pop up from the bottom of the ocean right calls. The seas are warming, beer literally moving up because their food is dying right. Down below when they're, like they're, rising up to get more food so we're, be seeing some weird. You know like we're going to see a whole flagon of Mcneely's,
Let's see, if we can out of the ocean, hold me nearly from the round table of gentlemen and make sure to listen to the newest special where he speaks for thirty minutes kind of speaks. It's a special kind of as an artist I'm forced to support it. You are well. I guess we don't know if the blooper loves plastic gallons of milk gallons, but hopefully it does 'cause. It's eating so you would have been locked bear. It's got a welcoming party here in my living room because we're watching the Baltimore Ravens, oh yeah bloop is a big ravens bad well there, Adam. I don't think we should bring. Henry to the Ravens games, get the game, no, no right. Well, there's a play. We have other sounds in the ocean. There's a one called Julie this was caught in a march. First
t ninety nine with sure, screen. No, I at least deep sea legacy nerds. So Julian, the bloop they're kind of Dayton down there they're having fun, there's a So the slowdown this one comes over about a seven minute period and it's similar to a distant wailing or something falling from the sky. This is on May 19th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, and that's the thing about all the sounds that these sounds are captured in the ninety but there haven't been any captured in the last fifteen years or so not since the everybody, was getting wild and having fun and party and raven, and now people are settling down and having family two thousand and fifteen man. I agree: re what happened in the 90s. In sync
three boys music you had to dance to music in today was a person that we forced to be famous at now continues to be that's right, probably probably a victim of pedophilia Here's an audio sample of the slowdown has been your correct, probably a victim of that. Thank you very much. All just mounts are find it right. In there sure he was the star of the quarterback. He was the cook. I've been on a flight for twelve hours, so give me a little break. He was the only the sound of your mother getting back into the top there. Thank you him Julia, slow down and the blue are all attributed to ice quakes in the eventual death of the earth, as we know it great so good to hear
but the upsweep this last one. We actually have no idea what this this. This was captured in nineteen ninety one. This is one of the very first ones that we captured after the after souness was turned over. To a private company. I will say if you run into city subway and you see a girl in a skirt and you give her the up sweet. That is a misdemeanor sexual assault, do not doing crowded on the train is no validation for sexual assault, even if you are the bloop and how did the blue get on the train? Who gave that thing? A metrocard actually he's twenty stories tall right now, it's at the It's already still confused about the supposed to be so big telling me the bloop sexually molested you. I'm not really sure what kind of a big walk and talk and building and it was kind of killed, a bunch of people as it was going, but it just
also somehow managed to take one if it's weird fingers and swipe it up my butt hole. We're going to catch this God, Dam Blue, like here, is the upsweep. sounds like monkeys. There are no monkeys in the bottom of the ocean. Are you may tell me a little monkeys down there? I know they got a hidden jungle, If we ever did, I would imagine the ocean, you wouldn't believe it kind of secrets they had. They use shells for money. I've met a merman yeah. What did he tell you? He said all sorts of weird things. So let's move to the earth you can move above the ocean for more mysterious recordings and more mysterious sounds this? One is a phenomenon that has been reported quite a bit since the 1950s,
This is a very strange one. It's a low frequency humming, robbing a rumbling sound and it's heard mostly indoor, in rural or suburban locations in people say that it gets louder at night. What I would also say is that there is, but sound technology that our government has been working on that basically they use it for billboards and ship being developed it for military use, which is beaming sound local s into people's like area into people's heads every time. Amusing it could imagine it's something like this is a possible either test work lock up of some military weapon. Well, it's actually being used in the protest that we saw in Baltimore and Ferguson. It's high frequency, in our sound that is yeah very specific, pretty much to the person. So you can't hear it if you go one foot to the left or one foot to the right. So that's why you forever.
A protest in some do just rock and roll there. The rolling stones, the other people they don't get here. That's a groovy way to stop or protest might get him fucking jam. It is but of course, they're always looking for new nonlethal ways to stop protests and they're just going with yeah the b50 twos and the Bee Gees. Well, I read a really interesting thing that they use in malls now, is that it's a very a lot. What we're going to talk about a lot here is frequency. And how frequencies affect the brain and certain malls in public place. These are using these frequencies. That can only be heard by that are twenty five and younger, so they broadcast these frequencies to keep teenagers and riffraff from hanging out certain places and There are different levels of frequencies that can only be heard by like certain age. Is it something about how hearing just sort of who's away. The certain frequencies just can't be heard anymore and the funny
Sync, as it says, it says stuff, like your mom shops, you why you shopping here. I know your mom shops here. Why are you shy? yeah, that's the thing how many kids are at malls yeah? Well, Let me a few here and there, but the funny thing about this free. See is. I could actually hear it like many Henry both tested it to see You could actually like. If both of us could hear 'cause. I can hear it. It's very low, but I can still hear it Henry hear it at all when two wise yet well, your two wiser. You can't hear it over your chomping on one potato, two potato slamming those potatoes down, I'm not eating as many carbs these days. That's very good! You guys! No one! data, two potato right, three, potato four: no! It was a restaurant that was over the malls in the Midwest. I grew up in Wisconsin. I grew up in Texas. You were not neighbors, you know! No, no! No! No! Your references now can you know you're, arctic weird references, one hour, heating, hey or how
you're, weird fucking, indian chains that you had in Wisconsin one potato, two potato great potatoes so funny didn't. Have it didn't even have a one potato option: 'cause, it's Wisconsin. It should just be called two potato for potato factory in certain potatoes and no odd numbers around here, even though it sounds about right. The funny thing about the hum is you can actually capture the hum with conventional micro, It's something that really only the people can hear. It's that weird of a frequency in that low of a frequency is that a lot of time these frequencies can't be picked up. Just like you can't just turn record on your Iphone actually pick it up. At least one suicide in the UK was reported as a result of the guy who was, I know he was like. I can't take it anymore. Really in this home thing is actually very real. It is been all of it's really, strangely, very deeply it's it's UK.
Scotland in England, and it's also been in New Mexico, but I just think new, Mexico's all forked up yeah it's. Very interesting. It's it's doesn't go away, it's sort of like the floating, always linked to UFO sightings. There are many like I was researching all this but mysterious booms and and they were saying the same thing where you oppose or seen, and then we'll companies like an earthquake. Type noise will head like this. It's it's! It's like a vibration. It's not an actual earthquake, but you'll feel it in the air. It's just like this. Like it's happening like like right. We were. We were local, what they call the mist, furs and needs yeah mister for US support. I used to have the call mister and we know that they're not sonic booms, because they have report like the Iroquois tribes like, but like ancient tribes of North America have reported these booms for decades and centuries
and if you know the native Americans talk to aliens because that's what he always draw the guys in the big heads in the big guys all over everything, because they keep want to be like they should know. Are you mad, at God, damn alien running store and these white, people will not listen to me because I keep wearing this feather hat, but you know I'm not allowed to leave the reservation unless I've got it on running, store, cheap shoes. A lot of Lord. I wish you wouldn't curse. Well, the other weird things about the hum is that usually only two percent of the people in any given home area can hear the sound and most of the people who can hear the sound are from ages. Fifty five to seventy another office, our age thing right, so they just feel like they're low in their minds. I guess to some degree they are yeah. They really isn't, anybody over thirty. So do they deliver specific messages in the hum or is it just the
tone here I'll! Let me play this is not. This is an approximation there was, they did full episode of unsolved mysteries and one of the people that heard the home. Consistent basis was able to make this approximation of what the hum sounded like to him. Sounds like this is sounds like home made him you just. I didn't. I didn't hear that Did you hear anything here? Of course I heard I hear everything. Oh wow yeah frequency weapons freaked me out because I know they would me up bad man. Yes, they would. I say man, I'm immune to him, I'm human, two dude! No, I don't have wisdom teeth and I can't be affected by noise weapons. I'm bucket human two, because I can hear all the fuckign frequencies man, I'm going downtown purple marabou way past two or we at like six point nine or something at seven. So I am not, and was like one. Ninety eight all right. This is the
at least an approximation and that's what was known as the Towels Home Intel's New Mexico. It's gonna get also to open a door some things that are linked to it. At the same time, which is doing a lot of people have experience the hum had exposure. Just real equipment, high pressure, best lines this communication devices, which is just fucking everybody- does electrical power lines, electromagnetic radiation and also the mating calls of midshipman fish were reverberating off of ship holes and building. This is a recording of the fish right here.
That's that's! That's hornyfish! yeah are: I got pretty hard, that's the thing. Here's one, here's one from England that is very very bizarre. Some people say, like the city council, came out and said like no, this is actually the guy sharpening a blade in a valley, nothing. To worry about here is the fellow sharpening the blade in the valley like he always does. I just want to warn everyone again: do not enter the blade shopping Bally, it is a very dangerous there are men there, their shopping, their blades go and
but this is yeah. This was actually captured. They said that's why it was so loud and why it, was reverberating throughout the entire time They said this is the end. You know I have heard set like farm equipment in your grounds. Keeping equipment sharp in before it does sound kind of. This look at me. Like course, you have put up a king ranch. Of course I've heard this yet every year these sentences he says I would say that that is one of the more normal. So it's perfectly logical. Ok, I didn't grow up on the ranch itself, but up around ranches, my pocket pop. I had a ranch with Grand Father, had a ranch easier to look at the end of field workers, and they raised him as his own and taught him their songs. I've learned about their folklore well different different upbringings I was eating one potato two potato, while you're busy listening to people, sharpen farm equipment and Oxford writing. My treatise on theology
that go all right: this is where anyways this is the british home yeah. I thought we're going to see dinosaurs, but it's just english sharpening knives better. It's the sounds that are important, that we spare no expense. Indeed, yes, sort of an elephant type sound there as well. Very interesting, the next one. We have comes from the Soviet Union, which we did cover this a little
on an episode long long long ago, one of our very first episodes, but more than forty years ago the Soviet Union decided that they need to dig real deep, That was just because they need to keep their people busy, yeah, I was going to say: I think your army is too big when you just have a whole brigade dedicated to dig holes. You know what do we have men? Do I don't know this? We have many drill, put the whole big hole We do need to let this whole that they can be a great and good school funding. You'll get out, we goal we booked up in the back of the head with the bullets we.
That is a funny russian joke. I would love that sergeant cleared off the toilet paper I used. I had diarrhea two weeks ago and I lost the one rule were allowed to have every month. Oh my god, surgeon, Yakoff, Schmeer Nov. I have a feeling you have a history in comedy if you just can get out of the USSR, my friend well, the drilling stopped in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. The whole was over seven miles deep there's. This is just stupid, seven miles deep: it's not cannot believe we as Americans live Russia, big the, this hole in the wood that is Americans job. That is a very good job of America, but we were going to the moon the space race. They were just dig a hole. We go up, they go down. We go up. They go down one of our many cultural difference. Well, what their goal was. They wanted to penetrate the earth's upper crust in sample the
war, mysterious area where the operation just the tip? This is like this is all euphemism for Putin having sex. They wanted to find out what was going on where the crust in the mantle intermingle in what they call the VIC continuity or no hello. You do get the feeling that, like crew Jeff was trying to tell his sergeant to go, get laid for the weekend and he just took it all very literally drilling hole or really skyrocketing its shame, because that neighborhood used to be just so so cool are different artist friendly. So after going a few, miles down the drill. To spin wildly yes,
a doctor as a cop. He was quoted as stating authoritatively that it has been shown that the earth is hollow. Extremely high temperatures were experienced much higher than expected at that depth. Usually two thousand degrees. Fahrenheit is the temperature that's quoted, and finally, they lowered microphones down into the hole, and we are lucky enough to have a recording of an episode of coast to coast who, in which art bell. Explores this phenomenon? Should we just listen to what art has to say about all these? Please he's the best. I think so a clean copy of it now, and I warn you uh this good scare, you here's the email, dear art Bell
I just recently began listening to your radio show and could not believe it. When you talked about the sounds from hell tonight. My uncle had told me this story a couple of years ago and I didn't believe them. One of your listeners who discounted this story is nothing more than just a religious newspaper. Fabricated accounts, the story about the digging of the whole and hearing of the sounds from Hell is very real. It did occur in Siberia, my uncle collected videos and audio tapes and so forth. On the paranormal supernatural, he passed away fairly recently, but he would have loved your show you. Let me listen to one of the audio tapes that he had on the side.
Sounds from Hell in Siberia and I copied it. He received his copy from a friend who worked at the Ddc. It took me awhile to find it tonight, but attached is that sound from my uncles, it's not the greatest quality, but the sounds. Are there get to listen very hesitant to send you this? As the sound bothers me to listen to, I suggest that if you do play on the program warn listeners in advance, so they may have the option of turning radio off for thirty seconds, while it plays just. It has always Portland me to those who disc What does Siberia sounds from Hell story. It is true, and I for one wish it wasn't Rick listening from Chicago, and so I submit now they claim
and a better copy to you, and I warn you what you're about to hear is very being in the legal system over everybody looked well even Stalin. You're very easy. How you doing how you doing
maybe not bad. As far as Russia goes, that's a fairly peaceful sound, I mean, admittedly it is terrifying yeah they nailed it. Whoever put that together, I mean absolutely nailed this. I mean if I would imagine what hell actually sounded like very close to that yeah. It sounds like a fun also shows a lot about the russian temperament. They all just began dancing to it. Interesting art bell hold Lord that guy. So that was art bell. That was his. That was arts set up for it. You know that was arts commentary honorable course. Of course, we know that art bell is not the only host that coast to coast is had throughout the years. I will say this: we can admit he's the slowest talking one four horse every night to fill every night he's got to talk slower. I love art bell, I mean our balls, my favorite George Nori, who also hosts coast to coast, am I now is the permanent host, but he's a lot of guess recently is just the absolute best entertainers ever exist. Do you think George Nori would have introduced the sounds of hell from Russia
Now, let me ask you a question you go sit down in Hell. Is it? Is it too hot to hand the exact phenomenon of black eyed children. Something to behold were coming here to Maryann wriggle county, all the way from Edmonton Riberio wrong tape. All rotate. Well, it's amazing great George. Nor impression I think we should start including the hail art bell. Handrail Hale Bell. What okay is that he's a legend legend in
I was. I hail, nori people talk about tall people, talk about George Norma God. Damn I love PS is dumbest questions on any pretence of problems. You just ask the dumbest quite well. I feel like these people Children? Do they so- have adult supervision. Well, you want to be careful on the playground. Well, I mean to be fair. George Nori, the subject matter is occasionally relatively goofy and he wants to have serious questions about ridiculous things and then that will make him come across as a bit of a goof. Now, if the earth is hollow right, How big is the inside of the hollow part of the earth? Radio show I'll, be right back with more from last podcast. After a word from our sponsor this sort of last podcast on the left is brought to you by loot crate for less than
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move off from the earth and let's go out into space. This isn't a perfect progression of evolution from the water to the land out of the space now off to space so. Let's talk about the Cassini spacecraft, an the rings of Saturn. Now this is, the fucking cool. I really like this sound. What this is is that this is a recording of the electromagnetism that is coming off of Saturn's rings. Now. What I like about this, too, is also. Apparently the spacecraft is again was sent up by scientists. Professor professor scientist, Tom waits for set up with her because he just he's looking for new sounds This is the Saturn radio Signal
so fucking cool! That one is very interesting and what's the speculation on what it is, some people say that it's alien speech. They say that it could be an alien transmission out, but that is just Earth actually makes a similar tone it dead, The electromagnetism of certain planets do actually give up certain noises. If you have the right equip to read it. You talk about the seas of free energy that surround us all, twenty four slash, seven that we should be taping instead of serving the boat in the in of the power industry circumstances military industrial complex well, now you're just throwing cliche sentences out there. Will be discussing this free energie phenomenon Hold Henry mentioned it before the show, and I can't wait for a good full episode on free enter, I will gradually be scientists with strapping microphones everything
daily just crossed put a microphone on a you, never know what it's going to pick up. Is it's a lean Dion? Well, this next one. This is one of the biggest microphones that we've ever built. It's called the big here in the big Eared, though this was, this was something that was funded by Ohio State University, and please tell me MEL, Brooks created this, and it actually looks like a big ear sounds like something straight out of space balls. So what this does is that the big here looks for radio transmissions from space two and this one is real, and this one is actually fascinating. This is the signal Dr Jerry amen. He heard signal it lasted for a total of seven two seconds. This is the signal that he heard.
But the reason why he was called the wow signal actual numbers, then the only time. They've ever seen an actual string, I actually saw an actual string of numbers that could be interpreted as an actual signal of terrestrial origin that it's not just random numbers. It's not just
sound waves are radio waves bouncing back from the earth to the like this, is something they actually traced. Signal to the nor to northwest of the globular cluster in fifty five in the constellation Sagittarius near the tv set to terrorize star group, but there are no, planets stars stars in that area which point to words it coming from an actual spaceship. So, as a scientist with years and years, education wow. I mean what the fuck else. You indubitably indubitably that's what scientists would say, but he wanted to call it the Holyshit signal. Yeah, it doesn't work for papers. Oh, I see wow. Unfortunately, they've never been able to get this signal back. It really didn't get the bounce back and forth because apparently it also kind of measured out too, it seems
response to a signal they had just sent out. He constantly like they work for city in our government meaning radio waves out in space to see what we get back, and this is First, one that was recorded the thing that was different about this and other things they collect is the fact that it was a radio signal a lot of times. It's like that's kind of our problem now Seti and people that are looking for until life in universe are starting to think we'll. You got radius zero to maybe it's microwaves. Maybe it's microwaves. Maybe it's another type of you. Maybe the using radiation like they have to start broadening their perspectives, but there not smoking enough weed over there. Well, if it's microwaves- and they also have to Tino's pizza rolls- and I'm done with that Thank you baby. Thank you. No problem. This is George Nori question. It might be stupid, but math is the universal language. Is this? Is that what it is this like? Is this math okay, well, what they have, what they actually
received. Is that it's very possible? They only received part of the message. Seventy two seconds. It goes as far as the its rotation because two seconds you can start seeing some numbers. You can start seeing some things that can be translated. So at seventy two seconds in the seventy two second window is very significant because the way the earth rotates two seconds in at the beginning of it. They start getting some numbers here and there they can translate thirty six seconds in that's where they get the wow signal, that's where the signal is strongest and then, as it goes out, the starts getting weaker again, so we only got part of the signal. There's uh. Will increase, so it The wow signal is actually the only confirmed sound that we've ever received from deep space and on twenty in twenty twelve on the thirty the anniversary of the wow Signal, the observatory
a response from humanity containing ' tweets. Oh we're sending them. Yeah I was living in Fallon packets can go and read all the dumb games that people write that they want fucking celebrities tipl. I love it when a celebrity smashes an egg on her hand, my God is humor. So last of all we're going to stay come back to earth, but we're going to stay with broadcast we're going to cover number station number stations- are something that in particular the I love like. They are fascinating recordings. These are short wave radio stations. Sometimes they just broadcast out numbers. Sometimes it's a Morse code messages, but the thing that remains about numbers 'cause. They were mostly used at least the theories that they were used during the cold war to transmit messages. Buys, and we have dozens of way recordings and recordings, and not a single one has ever been so
so it's very interesting- is that they could talk about this. Think this system of shortwave radio messages two spies, possibly I've been used as early as usual war. One yeah, because really do is make the short wave radio. The way it works is that these you doesn't take a lot of energy in the signal, can travel for very very far and what they think they do again. There is no perks that these do anything then or what these are or what it is that that what what purpose number station serve, but there is yeah? Did they use? What's called Adeco Daily Code, also called a one time pad. The idea is that it could Maybe translated that day, and so there great memories- and these are. A real. These are, you know, documented all true. It is also safe to say, if you see Marcus Parks with, is your phones and don't ask him when he's listening to that just give me actually I'll. Tell you exactly what I listen to Bush. This is I've got a full actually, I have Four disc set of
of recordings of numbers stations. I love listening to them. It is, it can be a little maddening sometimes, but is also kind of a form of metal, We should for me, because you can listen to these things. You can get into a zone and you can really go to some sort of otherworldly place here. Let's listen to one right now from fifty seven quintillion, two hundred and thirty one quadrillion five hundred and seventy two trillion eight hundred and fifteen billion seven hundred and twenty eight million one hundred and fifty seven thousand two hundred and eighty five
text. Seventy two thousand eight hundred and fifteen seven, two thousand and Jennys turning down Daily Plaza, and that goes on for for like another like a minute and one slash two that is doing the lady gave me a fake number is never. Did I've been playing that lottery number this whole damn time, nothing's happening yeah. Definitely what Lee Harvey Oswald was hearing right before he popped Kennedy in the head, or was it pressed got Bush? It's very posh because these things could like the rush, inside number stations, yeah, the Americans had number caitians the Chinese. The Cubans right there English. The English were very well known for them, but also they will not claim them. Right, so no one will claim which one do who belongs to who or what? What belongs to what and no one will see what it is, and it's just this is this, where that's the ultimate secrecy, keeping mechanism.
Just let it be out there and be like well, nobody fucking understands it. So it is even matter nobody, but they don't know. Ok, ok, Chancellor of Germany, the job John. I blew Richard Nixon. What's that the seven I was supposed to kill Richard Nixon, okay. Well, I suck his dick, so wow last night I'd be surprised if it even has. If you want to go to war anymore, I thought it was odd that you requested that, but a lot of these voices are synthesized, especially that one that you just heard, that kind of like the Stephen Hawking thing, where you can just type in things, but some of them actually use live readers the end, but it's usually women.
But do the reading. Sometimes it's men, sometimes it's children. This is one that's actually. This is a woman reading. This is known as the check lady I don't know the boss baby now
possible to make the voice a little bit less fucking creepy, because it's really difficult to focus on my job. I am terrified over here literally just I might buy skin covered in goosebumps right. It's just I'm not even listening to the numbers at this point will usually the transmissions begin on the hour or half hour, and you know little? Those notes that you heard the beginning that boo do do do do a lot, these numbers stations they will continually transmit just No, it's a lot of them. Just have a few notes that they transmit over over and over again and a lot of people say that those are place holders they do have a place holder that will continually do that the most famous place holders is called the buzzer. Now this other is. It was first reported in like one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and may have been on air since, like nineteen, Seventy six, eight shows about every the buzzing. Sound goes about twenty five times every minute and
every once in awhile, you can hear the voice of voice. Speaking in russian reading some sort of code And sometimes enthusiast can hear Swan Lake in the background or being broadcast, so those are going to the markers and what they do to to let if it's true if spies are listening and you are using it to communicate. What they could do is know that the station still active. Knowing The thing is playing over and over again you know that that station is up and because I imagine these things change all the time. Yeah like if you're going to be an honest fight at work, you're gonna pick it up on different frequencies. So you need to know what frequencies are active and the way you do that is with the marker. Well, actually, the number stations broadcast on the same frequency constantly not smart No! Well that's what people say. Is that that okay, first of all one time code, they always they broadcast on the same frequency. Some of these have been brought like, for example, the buzzer
has been get started in as early as one thousand nine hundred and seventy six. Let's the to real fast, that has been going constantly with just couple of interruptions for russian men to read things that went constantly from nineteen. Eighty, two to twenty ten and you're telling me it was number three on the pop charts in Russia. I'm going to say all of these songs are starting to sound the same Katy Perry. I don't know. What's Miley Cyrus said he would do that sounds like Robin Thicke's son, doing another rape song, member that first rape song what a catchy tune in all the people loved it so two thousand and ten? Actually it's the buzzing
being interrupted, but it started being interrupted by a day message that just said: Miquel Dimitry, Zinnia, Boris Miquel, Dimitri Zinnia, Boris over and over and over again yeah. It just sounds like a friggin, a it. It may kill Dimitri's in your Boris. It just sounds like someone being racist against Russia from his Russians about it hard enough. So the funny about that. We know. There's a couple of reasons why we some people do have. I guess speculation that these are being used by smuggler's that they could be used illegally, but there are definitely there'd summer. Definitely big reasons why we think that they are actually used by governments. First of all, it has been proven, are or at least These numbers stations coincide with big political events like once because there are people that are sure wave enthusiasts people that come
Gently monitor these things, like the call project was put together by a group of men led a just go ahead and say right off, the group of men released one blind woman in there had to have yeah and she had no idea that they weren't women yeah, and they put so. This compilation and these guys A constantly monitor these broadcasts and in nineteen ninety one during the August coup in which the Soviets, the hardline communists, tried. Overthrow, Mikhail Gorbachev right from you know, ending communism and Lee and also like dissolving the USSR. Well, they made a major mistake. They try to get him drunk little. Do they know if that made him stronger? I think he just gets quicker and faster and smarter. So yeah, and so what are they? word on this number station, a number station change suddenly changed its message to coincide with the August coup. So these people It is pretty safe to assume that the number station and the coup
related some sort of the go signal. Well, that explains it. If you watch footage of Gorbachev during that time, much like presidents have red phones that light up his mobile, which is his birthmark, would light up. So we knew in trouble with the near future. The spider sense yeah, the uh reasons why we know well- and you also say Henry like that- you know they keep it on the same frequency all the time. That's not smart. Some people think that there is a gentleman's agreement between these governments that pretty much if you don't jam, are No, we won't jam yours relic, they're, always constantly working for each other, and all wars are just the interim or to pass money and that between hands and the only thing that matters in the end game is who's got the water, the water. The oil global government is real. Well the other thing about Shortwave radio transmissions is that They are presumably The most likely thing is that, yes, that it is a spy network, so spies frequency radio signals and let
you. Have a supercharged transmitter in let's say at least five hundred thousand watts, which is a lot I used to have a I was in college. I worked for a radio station that had thirty five thousand watts in thirty five thousand covers about sixty miles in other They had to be strong enough to reach a spy in a basement in Moscow, so these guys had to have these handheld devices that were would be strong enough. That would be if they got caught they would still be able to say, like hey, I'm just got mobile sure way. Radio here, I'm not an actual spy. They could cover their tracks a little bit. I think we're going to see now it's the reason why a lot of these numbers stations started ending in two thousand nine two thousand and ten is because smart phone technology is now at a point where I bet the burner phone is now moving toward smart capabilities more and more yeah. I think that's exact!
Right, because the one of the most famous ones, the Lincoln Shire poacher it in the transmission in two and nine, let's into a little bit from the Lincoln Char poacher. This went from nineteen seventy five to two thousand and eight. Oh, that's why we did this song. This is. This is an english transmission. This is a really fun little tune for a nice eight bit video game. Oh yeah, really made it so a gnome could dance to it, yeah exactly. What's the gnome start dancing, you know, they've heard the right tune and this was actually a gone for like this was transferred to achieve
I need station called cherry ripe. It's very interesting because good but thing now that's why these are are not being used as much anymore, because you it's something like citizen four and you not sure easel e- they put that sort of encryption thing together with? they just send those secret messages back and forth. It's like. Why would you, need to have a ham radio on you anymore. That seems pretty obvious. Why, I think, is the most fascinating. One is actually a pair of them, the pip and the squeaky wheel. Let's listen to the pip this is literally dancing to that this is what you listen to. I believe it now you're so happy I mean you know it's
girls are different post takes all kinds make world go round. I look at love to see the mixtapes you make for Carly. Oh, my god. These are included the luckiest girlfriend around yeah. She really I mean it's We share that well, did you she's forced to listen to what you like? That's fine, but there's the pep, and this Is the squeaky wheel, is what's so fascinating about the pipp in the squeaky wheel, at least in my opinion, is that there's there's those little numbers like we said before those are placeholders to keep other people from using those frequencies and then, of course once while you have someone come on, they read a little bit of a code and what's fascinating, is that people who are listening to the pep and some people who are listening to the squeaky wheel, can
times here. Transmissions that are red on one in the background of the other, which means that the pep and the squeaky wheel are most likely the same transmitter area same transmitter area. I think the two operators are dating- oh, my god. I love it sleepless in Seattle, where they pulled pants, I love it. Most fascinating thing about the squeaky wheel in the pip is that your girlfriend hasn't left you with this. But you just keep this looking up. Marcus I've been single for a reason to, or right now will plug. In again. I will blame hollow moon on doing that. To me that this is about this parking. She listen to me yell about this all last night, if you're on a lonely road, that's great, it's going towards There's a lot you can have all these. You can hear him with you don't want, because if you have families in a girlfriend, you got friends and stuff like that. The problem is that they do.
Caught into the parking system- and they end up dead- and you can't have anybody pulled in over your head- That's why I'm saying signal it's not like I'm having problems, communicating! No! No! It's because you care too much about the woman that you love, and you know the government is into what you know that they're going to destroy her to get to you, the final number station that we're going to hear about is The Yosemite SAM transmission? This one is really busy it was first discovered in two thousand and four and the transmit. Is thought to be somewhere in New Mexico. Oh, my god, is it David Parker Ray Oh, no, I'm taking a vacation in New Mexico here at about two weeks really looking forward to hold you going there. I love the land of enchantment, really
after New Mexico on vacation and that's not normal. I wish went to your Agui. Don't go go somewhere else. New Mexico is just math and SAM. Is that what you're going to do? Not at all, I'm going to Rea Dosa do the mountains. It's Billy, the kid country like Lincoln County You know you ever seen young guns, Billy the kid die, a gout. One day I got shot in the back yeah you guys from the bad by Pat Garrett, that son of a be careful, I'm sure he had to go out to Steve three Dozen New Mexico, hometown of Neil Patrick Harris. All have you know, but he left the whole thing. He has been back to small town like eight thousand people, they've got all kinds of they've got a gulf and they got or they got a golf course. They got a horse track and they got go carts, yeah apps the fascinating to be is to ever just fit right in I'm going to retire there good yeah. Well, I can't wait for you to visit
in the town that I retire in 'cause. It's not going to be disgusted. Well, let's hear the Yosemite SAM Transmission It's going on a loop hey. I it goes on a loop and it repeats about every two minutes or so so it's just sort of things. If you're tuned into the station. Every time you hear it, you gotta take a shot, five yeah they're always so drunk, and then you actually get to act like Yosemite, SAM, the, a signal that we're going to the last radio signal that we're going to cover we're going to go back to space for this one. But this one is real. This one is terrifying, but once again comes from the Russians now the thing that was different, our space program in the russian space Program is that we did a lot of math. We a lot of we sent a lot of animals to die needlessly in space. The Russians and a lot of scientists
right. So if your corpses in space no does it to tear it or does it just sort of maintain? Well the what may look for fun, it probably modifies just a little bit. It really depends on how much I'll Jan, is in the atmosphere, but mostly what makes bodies do decompose is moisture and bacteria, so it's possible that these people that are up in space flown around at some point, they'll get out of our solar system and maybe landed an alien. Planet. Well, if it's caught in the earth that the only way they'll get out is if they're pushed out of earth's orbit, because right now, they're orbiting, but a lot also crashed to earth on reentry, including this one right here in the late 50s and early 60s, these two brothers achillion.
And Judy Kerr could dig Leah. They believe that they intercepted transmissions from Sputnik One and explorer one and they found at, and they actually recorded this message from a cosmonaut that did not survive Cortana turn on camera. Powerpoint, set a timer Cortana.
What she saying here saying come in come in talk to me, I'm hot! This is dangerous. Talk to me, I'm hot I'm hot I can see a flame, I can see a flame, that's also in there too. Oh, my god, got in the last thing she says is: am I going to crash? Yes? Yes, I feel hot, I feel hot. They will re enter, I will re enter. I am listening so that woman's dead yes, she's, a Russian, so we can take solace in There was a war, it was a war, it was a cold war band. Well, not for her. It was pretty hot. The cold war, but she was in the hot seat. Yeah. You don't want to be in that seat during the cold war. So let's roll this thing around, let's wrap it up with. Man made noises some creepy, the first one that we're going to cover is the aztec death, whistle
No one really knows why the aztec death whistle existed only that it is absolutely terrifying they said. May they may have used some for set special ceremonies, maybe religious rituals- maybe Human sacrifices and maybe to intimidate enemies. One person on the Facebook group actually, when I posted this video, said that the Aztecs use this in conjunction with Chihuahua As during battle chihuahuas were in battle. They were about well yeah. They were the aztex forgot dogs. Everybody was smaller back in the day, so two hours in retrospect were bigger, yeah, just as adorable as they are now wow. Look at that The Aztecs and Mayans were quite short like they were. They were tiny people, the Spaniards going against the church. I was in the Aztecs and the Mayans. The Spaniards had quite the height advantage on. Well, they had a a good height advantage and, of course, they also had the Palmer
yeah yeah. That's a problem there yeah! Well, so do you have that Floyd Mayweather reach yeah really get in right right right, let's listen to the aztec death was so full of this is that we feel ah Well, it is a loose interpretation of what a whistle is it the thing that you blow into and make noise, but I would like a yeah dude yeah. They really use it, 'cause, it's and they probably use it all. The time just goes straight out of each other, while you're going was asleep yet maybe they used it during soccer games like the what is it the movie
the food was LA yeah with Dell. The next one is that this was fascinating, that I really just in this really affected market. This business called the bitter role, be been oral one. I don't know how exactly to pronounce it but been oral B. Two was discovered in eighteen the nine and one This guy says is that when a person here is two separate tones, two different frequencies in each ear or a slight difference in the frequencies create a third phantom sound that only exist in the head of the listener and can only be heard by that individual and some people say that it can be associated with enhanced mental function. Problem solving concentration. Alertness, relaxation and states of arousal you, this we're going to play this all right. Just know this. If you're driving right now, I think you should pull over,
or you just know that you may end up like listening this blacking out. All of a sudden, you shot a bunch of people at a J dot crew. Just know that I don't know what's going to happen after you listen to this sound. So I listen to this for a full five minutes yesterday and some and some people, including Maine after listening to it and really focusing on it kind of describe, being high a little bit having some sort of like having your perspective shifted a little. Were you smoking weed? While you listen to it right here and I was totally sober completely where I actually listen to it and stared up at the ceiling and when it was over I actually spoke out loud and I felt like my voice. It sounded like my voice was being dragged across. Travel I'll put it Marcus called right. Afterwards. He was like man,
These sounds man. There are sounds out there, man yeah, in other words, I sounded like a dude who was really stoned, trying to explain it to his friend. Ray yeah and I was also getting like some. I wanted to some visual hallucinations as well. It was pretty nuts, but I did have to listen to it for a full five minutes straight. Well, I'm so happy that you saw my name in your phone book. You shook it off and went with Henry talking about Henry texted me. That's the reason why I called Mario I'm thanking you for it. I never want to have that phone call from you. Well, I so the Henrys more open than you. I just like to have respect for you still respect for ok, let's see what happens, get it. You start whipping. Your dick out, if you listen to these binaural, yeah, I'm the idiot! I'm here we go here. We go
I actually see your point if you listen to I, by after I listen to it for a while, I started to hear a third sound that felt like an assisted just above my right eye, and it sounded like a drain Brian, You me here Brian awesome. Well, I that's only like. I can tell, though I think that we should maybe, for the listeners, play a good five minutes at the end of the episode. If we could, because yeah I was, you know, really, let him go there, we'll do yeah. You can also like you to be a better role, beat it's at five hundred and twenty eight hurts and Henry actually said that he couldn't. You said you can't hear anything. You've tried this right. Yeah I've done it before I had no effect. British smoke weed like in a week. I like
closing your receptor, though yeah man, your clothes, after my receptors fuqing open doodle. You should call me next time you listen to that Marcus, don't call Henry anymore. His receptors closed it's a do you dream Henry. I bet you don't I do I dream I three last night I dreamed about an old man who just kept saying over and over again I've had mine that Hillary Clinton, it's kind of. We had a similar one all right, wow is anymore mysterious sounds we got one more to round it all out in this one, and this is for you. I don't really want to get. This is called phantom words and this is a recording that every pretty much everybody hears something when they listen to this recording, one thing: Henry heard: another I played it for my girlfriend last night. Last night she heard some
completely different than the two of us get out get out of the relationship. No, it wasn't that ok, here. So I want to hear just tell me what you think this person is saying. Ok well well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, Well well well, well, well, well, well, well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well! Well, well! Well, well! Well, so what did you hear? I mean I just heard like no well, you heard no well yeah, okay, Henry! You heard no hey you heard no way, I heard! Don't weld, don't weld, don't well, don't! Well, don't well don't! Well! That's just it's just a memory of your father, yelling at you for doing it wrong, actually yeah yeah,
Alright, we have to wrap it up wow. What an episode, though very interesting, sounds yeah. So many noises yeah, that's! I almost went insane. This is another one of those episodes where my mind almost broke a little yeah, because I went there was a whole lot that we didn't go for, but there was a yeah. I I except it through a lot, and yesterday was a gray rainy day here in New York City, which is a perfect day for listening to mysterious, sounds and almost losing your mind. I agree with that. Well, everyone! Thank you! So much for listening! I hope everyone was stoned for this. I should have said that it's very top, oh yeah, should've, smoked weed for this episode. Specifically 'cause. It's just noise yeah, all heavy noises? There's no doubt I'm just going to throw out a hail bell. Hail art Bell, Hey Beller Del, not a nori, a hail nori thanks, so much for and I'm going to say this, alright
going down recently. You know what brought me right back up going back and reading the satanic Bible. Did you ever feel down? If you ever Well, if you don't believe in yourself or your you're upset with what your circumstances are read the satanic Bible got some juicy bone. Roxanne if you're sitting there and you're feeling insecure and you want to take it out in Venton, say negative things on a social media site go for a run, do some different with your life don't be a jerk off, don't be a loser because nobody respects you so be kind and go join the Facebook group and follows on twitter at LP on the and go interview was review us on Itunes, please positively,
on Twitter, that's Henry loves you and that Marcus Parks and the band castle, thanks for supporting all the show's top at round table everything. The Marcus does this well with Miss Jackie Brown Ski every show here is incredible and Henry: let's do a quick update. How is life in Canada? How was the filming going? um. The filming is very good. I am covered in bruises, I it's pretty fucking badass nice. Heroes reborn is going to be pretty dark. Nice good yeah pretty sweet. I'm at I'm good. The filming is been a blasted. The shows a lot of fuckin' fun. Yeah and one last thing be sure and go by the Coleman Album at Thecommon DOT, bandcamp dot com. You guys play mind if I play one more preview track No right! Hey me rather held and yeah, and in
here it is, this song is called preacher, don't not not not not go fuck yourself, that's right and it works out perfectly for mysterious recordings. Yes, he was curious, recording from the calendar, Colemanthecommon, DOT, bandcamp dot com. Only seven dollars
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