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Episode 179: Columbine Part II - Creations, Exploitations, and Cover-Ups

2015-06-17 | 🔗

On this, the conclusion of our Columbine series: we cover exactly how the myths of Columbine were created, how the Evangelical community exploited the tragedy, and how the entire thing could have been prevented and the cover-up that followed.

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oh I'm lonely, but I'm in love with the loneliness, and I don't need a date anymore. You don't like because I don't know the truth about the Columbine massacre. I want to say this: Henry you better watch out, there's a new actor. He ran last podcast on the left and it's been Kissel, that's right side with Cesda very, very still telling agency here in new. My first audition is Thursday. What's the role big I will be. I will be going out for the role of Bigfoot. That is the first roll, so I'm getting typecast, I will say I'm typecast, but I mix to go out there and be like all right. Whatever the hell they put sounds. No, no, you remember, you know, remember the big foot noise spend remember this when you go, okay, your record. The first thing you say is you know what date there's been many recorded instances of the Bigfoot which is literally okay. I tried this one time before we get into Columbine. Do it that's good,
perfect, is the skunk ape in the room, but I can't see I'm gonna nail it. I almost cried said, I almost cried when I first audition bigfoot, ok out of joy. Yes, yes of course, so today's topic is another interesting. You know like we're going back, world Columbine again, another not first date topic, no, no and we address some hard truths in the first episode and as I thought there would be, there would be a lot of dust sort of kicked up about what we have said already, based upon the Dave Cullen Book. Written by about Columbine, which is it's controversial in many people's ideas of what happened at Columbine, mostly just because I think people in times of extreme tragedy- we're a really want there to be more about buys into me in a minute, yes around. What actually happened when Actually, it's just horribly horribly simp.
And to me, when you look at things like the transcripts of the basement tapes, which I'm going to start reading chunks of I out loud that you're, going to see that it's just the the power of fuch faces. Yeah, and that's one of the things that really gets me about the conspiracy theories concerning school shooters, because all the mass shooters, really because you have your conspiracy theories about Columbine, about sandy hook about Aurora, that they were all mind, control that they didn't actually happen and these really pissed me off, because it what it is, is it's people try. Trying to ascribe a story or reason to these horrible tragedies. These random tragedies there, but their actual truth of it is is no story. There is no reason there is the real motivation other than in pain and asserting
Perior in their minds like there's. No reason why TED Bundy did what he did or why John Wayne Gacy did what he did. There's no reason behind it, other in pure fucking evil will evil we go and also they want to get on the cover of the rolling stone and back what did you do? Bob Dylan, I think some great music and I entertain the masses. What did you do? sure enough. I think the marathon yeah yeah exactly so. You can get the cover of the rolling stone for many different reasons, and certainly Eric and Dylan. They were cult heroes to many late 90s early, two thousand and up until today I mean really people are still using a columbine as an inspiration and that in the blame for that lies squarely on the media. Yes, the absence As far as the media goes the echo chamber. Last week we talked the myth that came out of it in this week. We're going to start with how
Actually those minutes came out and exactly we're going to see here. This is why you believe What's a conspiracy about Columbine, it's because the government uses these events for speak for themselves. This is why, the conspiracy thought even begins is because yes, there are Irisys involved in all of this, but they are, they are, is in the back end. They're there too, we use Columbine to help possibly you know, which didn't even work, which is the you know that the I think libertarian argument that they're going to take our guns out of our hands, because a couple of kids went and shut up a bunch of people, but then you want it's like the resilience of gun owners and their lobbyists and then sure that that shouldn't happen, especially in Colorado. Well, no, no tragedy goes on used by the government in the one thing they definitely weren't able to do was take our guns, like you said, but what they were able to do was create a student body and young people
used to the idea of being confined yes and we're used to the idea of being under constant, monitored, I'll, be monitored constantly. With guns schools and teachers are armed, security guards are armed, they are just catering, kids to be future fuel fuel for the Lord's present. Dust real complex, but in reality, kids are more comfortable. Now, with the idea of not having freedom not having the ability to move like we did as children before Columbine after Columbine kids are now just into their fate of being forced to do whatever they're told yeah Anne how these myths actually came about? This is amazing how these myths were created, how fast they were created, all the ones that we talked about, that they were goth, kids, that they were bullied that they were part of the trench, coat mafia. They were created within the first two hours of the act tragedy. The first to be arrested was a kid who is actually a good friend with of Eric Harris and Dylan klebold. This kid Chris Morris. This is where the nerd angle comes in.
The nerdy. Looking kid he had these huge wire rim glasses. He was chubby he had long hair and he, happen to be a member of the so called trench coat mafia, only managing it myself and I'm giving him I'm give and like as myself like a match missile dresses Chris Morris, and I just gave myself How do you feel I feel you know what I missed yeah. That's the thing. If you nostalgic building in the school surprisingly enough, I was bullied quite a bit, get rock hard. While they do it and I'll tell you that just works that'll, that'll detur any sort of bullying in the future. They only get father every time you do it, young man, it's her calling them young man. I think it's not something too strategy added, while you're back there one to turn around and give me a better protection than me right. This is so a strategy that you could transfer over to prison. If you do end up having to go, there just start smiling whenever they start doing anything to your butt hole. Thank you,
Thank you. So much daddy is daddy back now now again, ever been to jail. So I don't know if that's a good strategy or not, maybe this will just increase all punishment, I'm not sure who knows, but as soon Chris Morris was arrested on camera, he was arrested on camera. The myth of the off loner was born and, while most of the students didn't know, Harrison, Klee Bold, of course they news. Media sees Chris Morris has been arrested, they see is appearance and they start asking students these leading questions where they outkast. They'll owners and the kids started. Saying yeah I heard they were. I don't these kids. I never met these kids, but I heard they were the orders, though they never ask them where they heard it and this is what one senior this is a direct quote from one senior a lot of the time, the like wear makeup in May.
Nails and stuff and they're kind wet. I don't know like like sort of like like you know like associated with getting violence like a lot, that's what they do yeah, it's, obviously that's a direct quote, and that is obviously a teenager, making shit up as he goes along or a teenager, trying to make sense of the tragedy. This is very fresh also, I started looking up on and then long dot net. Alright, so I sure sure do my own research about reading about witness testimonials and it's same every he does the same to all of the library witnesses I started going through. This is two hundred and fifty pages of police documents, which is a mind numbing each one of them which it's all of these little things where it's like. Yes, They were talking about leading up to the library. These are all done right after the shooting right. This is like they were brought in. They were all sort of like in the chaos of it. Police and reporters were taking people
rapidly interviewing I'm trying to figure out who is who which one of you did this right. This is like you know, just the first one I was sort of reading was immediately like Cole. Is his new teachers? Name, couldn't remember the name of the teacher that had come. It's like it's little, things couldn't really couldn't fully. Describe the room he was in when he first saw Dylan Klebold come in the room so we are watching these people put together, details and high Stress right after literally seeing the most traumatic thing they've ever seen, which is watch, their friends get shot in front of them like it's fucking, Vietnam, and now you expect would be expert eye witnesses, and if you go back, you can take the analogy of like a football game. For example, after a team wins like the Superbowl, they interview this
our players and there's like yeah. What's your mother right, how's, your mother, doing all right Disney world you're? The ball is going to come out. You would you got to remember it's about team work and I told so about determination. I'd like to thank God- and I also like to say sometimes the balls just bigger when you're winning number physically larger. I also like to say that the field was slick and also mean several team members got together with the witch and recurse the other team directly before the game. So again, you know just go 49ers. We did it. Are your member of the Dallas Cowboys yeah you're on the you're, a cowboy. How did I lose this game?
in those sort of stressful situations or moments of excitement into adrenaline address all L. Anything, that's true, absolutely not and Dave CALL and there's a a segment in the book where he talks about this exact phenomenon. He talks about how own reliable eyewitness testimony as he uses a great example. He talks about a ponytail one. Kid talks about a pony tail where the entire time that he's running this kid was just focused on the ponytail of the girl in front of him and that the only thing that he could truly say that he said like I remember she had this ponytail. I remember being focused on that and uh peripheral details? He couldn't quite remember but because memory is something that we like to fill in overtime and the longer a memory goes and the more people that can trim to that memory. The fuzzier gets
further away. It gets from the actual truth. Oh my god. The memory of that I have of me in high school is so much better than the actual truth. I was such a fat bald loser, but in now, when I look back in hindsight, really is pretty fun. A lot of friends I so it was pretty fun times yeah. I remember screaming into my pillow at night I could just be in like who am I I am. I am just a hall of mirrors and everything about it. I'm, like you know, homecoming dances were fun. I had a great time at prom yeah. I spent all my time just staring at gravestones of. Well, that's not changed yet nothing. You haven't moved but you will get better. I mean that's. The question: did I amateur too fast
too much, or have I just not matured at all, so you just went from like prepubescent to puberty right till, like widow just like at the graveyard, just putting flowers down in some random gravestone kind of crying. He went from from baby too young man to teenager to fester in the Adams, family media tly a skinny faster, which is kind of nice, these kids, like that we talked about the trench, coat mafia a little bit in the last episode, the kid how it started that kid Eric Dutro, bought a black duster. From SAM's club for a Dracula, costume the trench coat mafia kids. They were ones that were actually picked on. These were the kids that were because Columbine did hat. Every single one of them. If they did have a kernel of truth to them then came from absolutely nowhere. They all had Colin puts a great, he said they got the detail, that's right, but the conclusions wrong.
Bullying there was a huge bullying problem in Columbine High School in Columbine in Columbine Typically, you look at these schools that have very large sports programs and where they sports program is like they talked I, like you, know Eric Harris and were part of the whole group Everybody went to the sports games. Everybody saw the baseball team every once in the football team, everybody to soccer games and so you're. Looking at this sort like it's a star system, school- that has a big sports program knows that those guys are of the falcon terrorists. I mean they. They destroy people's lives all the time, but Eric Harris and Dylan Cleve we're just also part of the problem. They were just misfit terrorists. I would do. I would you want to say this. I think there was a bit a met, a bit of a myth about athletes out athletes. A lot of times also as a former wrestler got third in state in the cat
Klay yeah. There was, you are an athlete. No, no, but I was very big and ugly and make you and after Wrestle a priest in order to get in, and it wasn't like one of those phrases like no, no, no, not too rigorous, then just watch it concentrate first dollar bill and then- you're taking him wrestling hands taking my belt. Down. Many give him a half Nelson, but I'm just saying a lot. I've never heard of a school shooting being done by the by the star quarterback or a chunky, offensive lineman and a lot of times. These athletes tend to be a little bit more disciplined than some of the kids who are searching for identity, because they have an identity they're, not disciplined at all. They I mean they're they're, the ones I mean their discipline, but not in personal interactions. Wrestlers are because they all have eating disorders when they get done, but what I'm saying is they have an identity, their football player there, a wrestler with the past, will play right. These kids are searching for identity and beat because,
mass shooters. I suppose one way to get it, I suppose, but the thing is that the mass shooters aren't gots like they're. Not they don't have any. He said the last episode, there is no profile, but what did come from a creation of a profile. The media created a profile. Now, of a sudden. If you're, a weird kid in men so Many people have so many stories as far as what happened to them after Columbine. Is that sh? It got worse for the kids that were outsiders. The kids that dressed in black, the goth kids ship got so much worse. 'cause, the is all of a sudden portraying them know This is one of the angles that they were a homosexual cult who were involved in a death pack leading up the turn of the millennium or that is partially true, but that's your Donahue Heroldo Rivera kind of angle. That's my favorite one! Oh yeah, the Pat Robertson angle, yes yeah! Those are the people and the tv journalists. They were very to use the phrases like they were believed to be. They were described as
someone talking about like the guys 'cause, they were still trying to cover their asses, but these teenagers, this She'll is they're, not picking up on the subtleties of television journalism believed they're, not they don't have the fucking style book in front of them. These kids, at the echo chamber, is starting to be created some of these kids, they are starting to get these Mets, are being implanted in their heads before they even get out of the high school because remember they are inside watching the television Are they even get out during the fuckin' tragedy? and initial reports, when kids came first started coming out? They said, oh, my God, there everybody they're, killing everybody. That's it's completely random random, but by p dot m. By the time everything kind of settled down. Witnesses went from no mention of the trench coat Mafia, goths jocks are targeting to nearly everybody saying. Yes, they were being targeted, they were being there. Going for jocks, they were going for anybody. They were going for black people,
There was a lot of There was a lot of myths being created all in that first day. Yes, sir, I mean the media, we create that's the problem with breaking news right. These media companies CNN, for example, makes all of their money, breaking news, yeah, and so as soon as they see it. They have to win immediately start talking and they have no idea where they're going to go or where the. What the story actually is yeah yeah and, like we said last week, this was a broke ratings records for both CNN and Fox which is a really disgusting thing, because you have to know that these people, you in the executive offices, are laughing and smiling and thrilled with these numbers. It's about as maniacal the nineteen eighties billing can get yeah you know we're talking about some great tv here, though guys junior relevant. My thesis is your problem that you're even mad, I'm telling you the 1990s. We had the ninety two or ninety one Iraq war will always remember that footage, Oj Simpson and Columbine yeah. Those are the three events:
stand out the most and what happened all those events, murder, yeah, so Harris, so it's air care is directly from transcription in the basement. Basically want to talk about. Like This is what I'll use is my site, my source material for why I don't believe they targeted anybody. So Eric says it all by himself. You don't think we're trying to copy anyone where the idea- for the first one ever happened there referencing to a school shootings in Kentucky and Arkansas. Our plan is better not like those folks in Kentucky with Camouflage twenty two, those kids, are only trying to be accepted by others. They don't want to talk about how they hate all races and words. S works the Jews and fucking white they also mention enemies that abused them. Friends who didn't do enough to defend them if they, basically everybody, everybody That was their target and that's what we talked about in the first episode. They were terrorists and in fact I mean it could be argued that the ultimate target was not even a school. The ultimate target was the world. The ultimate
it was America, they wanted to instill fear in people. They wanted to destroy the american way of life. Another quote from Eric Harris: we need a bucking, kick start we have a fucking religious war, oil or anything. We need to get a chain reaction going here. Do me like bucking. Do man after the bombs explode, tick, tick, tick, ha that Fuckin' shotgun, he kisses his gun. Better fucking do go ahead and change gun laws. How do you think we got ours? The boys? There might be starting a revolution of the dispossessed, we're going to kick. Revolution, which didn't happen. They did, but they continue to use the word kickstart. So maybe they would have just gotten a go fund me at this point. For that you know for their emotions and things when you go go you get to keep the money, even if you don't get the goal that nice. I love that it is amazing. You wonder if they would just be shocked that what they did at Columbine didn't increase, gun laws as a matter of fact, most the
missions that mattered and the NRA specifically was just like. We give all the kids guts If one of the kids got a gun and the other one doesn't have a gun, the bad guys got a gun. We need to put it in the good guys, hands the premature mind of a child but the last time that matter of fact it was supposed to be in there was an NRA rally right after the shooting, through week, nine days after and they'd, let, happened in the only thing that the changed about as they didn't bring up the young people like they normally do. They have their young person testimony about getting your first guns yeah. Can you please come here and do our young poster young person testimony of at the array, the blood, the blood the blood on the walls and sometimes in here, just the back tire of a car I'd like just see Rachel's face going you know, but I'm just happy that I got my Winchester rifle. Thank you
getting off the stage the Youth of America. Everybody is the future, is safe with kids like Henry, I said I'll tell you what their these youths you're not getting funnier. It's almost like there was a school shooting nine days ago, and this is another thing that tells me that really damages any sort of conspiracy theory. As far as these school shootings guys didn't see, the huge quotation marks that Marcus just did, and I think that's really important as a part of your argument, if you're coming at anybody conspiracy, theory, if you can hear the wind blow past my microphone yeah, what they don't get is that this tells you they don't do their research and they don't look past their own fuckin' noses. Is that every time. There's a big school shooting the NRA and the program. Politicians double down yeah they double down.
Usually gun, laws, get less restrictive after gigantic mass shootings. An one could argue that the conspiracy theory actually goes in the other way, because this is country that is built on arm sales like the print, the military and uh, complex, which also trickles down to individual weapon sales, is a gigantic part of our economy. Like we mentioned earlier, getting people giving kids comfortable with confinement to the that you know when they're in jail, for at least you know whatever traffic tickets in Texas or anything like that, Jack Frost just roast roast criminals, for example, one person was in there for I believe it was seven months because for unpaid speeding, tickets yeah anyway, people get more used to confinement. So you have that you, the prison industrial, complex, making bank money there. These kids thought people talk about the matrix and have little fetus in jars and they feed off our energy. They really just feed off of a sitting there in writing and then the the militarization of the cops also came in math
Every single police force the size of Stevens Point WI, my hometown or or in Columbine there. They all got thanks they all everyone got paid in situation? The news got paid. The media got paid, the prisons got paid and the police got paid, any government got paid, they want more guns, right like that. That is something they absolutely love. Having more guns on this and the trench coat industry, the trench coat is industry. Also got paid. Also display possibly the Columbine massacre, help cover up the connection between farmer circle. Pharmaceutical come things and the gigantic child rape rings that run our country right there in part of our secret keeping organization. We look at Mark Taylor write the story of Mark Taylor, which is apparently he was a victim. He was Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, but a part of it was is that he, addicted to various.
Altering, let's say pharmaceuticals- you have like it or air Keris marked this young man right and he was raped by the police to shut up about it. Well, there's different ways of keeping people quiet. There really is, and all of those are all the the people that say mug like they were. You know how did these two seemingly innocent young boys just all of a sudden in the big one of the biggest ones, is Michael Moore and FUCK Bowling for Columbine FUCK, that fucking movie FUCK, Michael Moore said he saying like? How did these two innocent young boys suddenly decide to shoot up? The school read the fucking journey, read his website. There is co, This amounts of evidence that this was a long planned attack. Also, possibly Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were raped by police. That night they broke into a white van that they say so. They say that is the The point is that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were out
doing your various things separate. What was the name was the term of the called doing rank their missions, their missions yeah. So they would go out on missions and it would he be people's houses and they would they would bust out mailboxes and they will blow shit up and one night broke into a van and storage. So this is. They were stopped by a certain sheriff who pick them up and arrested them and that infuriated Eric Harris, which was a part of that leaping off point for him, starting to write the book of God, yeah right but- is another story altogether that they were taken police. Entered into the FAT cats secret dungeon room, which is the truth right. Fat cats move up an intricate group of child rapists. That are connected to our government and to the fact that, because you know we were right next to the Lockheed Martin plant right all of it- was happening right around call my house in call in Columbine and right around the high school you were raised by the police and then drugged. They were. They were
using barbiturates and uppers and hypnotism they were then send back out onto society, and call mine was? Was it revenge against the police? The whole point was them to start shooting people and get as much attention as possible, including planting after Brown, and telling him he's going to kill his family and and building a least pipe bombs hoping to get caught. So only when they get police in their faces. Things are picking up police as revenge and mark There was the same guy. He said he saw sniper on the roof during Columbine right there he was there. He saw sniper up there, who's helping pick people off because of why? Because government hates kits You know, you know that sniper was, it was very frightened. Air conditioner, repairman, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know know, yes, he had a broom, but it was also what could have room be done with you, after half and they get sharp
that is very true. Well, I mean to give some credit to the to the idea of police abuse. True abuse an office police off, of course, in Chicago there was that massive bus they. Finally, they finally figured out that the commissioner from the 80s had I bet it in a lot of sexual assaults in black ops, not kids, serious here back here, but no no show me there is. There is possibly some authenticity, the the angle that these kids were taken into a location that they didn't feel Nessus Secure yes- and there is also I mean it is also being proven, especially in the U K that child sex rings among the powerful a lead do exist. They were also indicted and look up operation hydrant, which is the current UK,
the gation into the gigantic gigantic child prostitute ring that was happening inside the UK that is involved with their parliament is involved with their entertainment industry. We have air folk. One know there should be in Israel, which is entirely real, I'm not basing that. No, I'm just saying that This is how the ship- that's it right. This is what our government can easily used to discredit anything like that yeah. So what you have is a bunch of crazy people trying to tie stuff like the Columbine massacre to these child prostitute rings. By saying that the their programming broke down, bobble blocks the you know the former student. Companies because he was on Luvox. He lost his mind. It's passing the buck, it's doing all this stuff and because The main idea is that our government doesn't know how to stop these school shooters. Because- and the problem is, is that America is creating schizophrenic murderers because of number one constant programming, yeah advertise
and our schooling system and two and how that fox with the natural human include. Jim of Freedom and free thought, and bring people into it. I mean didn't. I mean Henry make some points: common core, for example, standardized testing, yeah and certainly both of those things play into kids needing medication. I was on ADHD medication, Lester, tear up and ready and and a couple of other, very, very heavy anti psychotics, because I was telling the truth at a young age, interesting thing and now you'll be big foot this week exactly on Thursday. All my is there a question: if you don't get it yeah. Is that just did? What does that mean for you? Then I'm going buy? A trench, coat, hanger nails, and hopefully you know so do you want to use my copy of the anarchist cookbook? I think I still got around here somewhere just go real cookbook I'd love, a good soup or a gumbo. Something like that. My mom is still has my old set of floppy disks. I have it in Florida.
You have my anarchist cookbook somewhere in this collection. Should I have every? Are you what kind of soup are you eating there? Well, it's got some nails in it. You know that's not a real cookbook yes well, should also be Licious. I made this thing. Let me come soup and I gotta say yeah. I had a copy of the anarchist cookbook as well, but I printed out on printer and I put in a binder, but you know what else is in that binder but you have Zelda link to the past walkthrough, my mega man, two codes right, nerd alert, nerd alert around, but let's talk about that briefly, but can we get to that now? The different things that they blamed? Eric and Dylan's actions on such best video games. Yes, they blamed it on doom. They blamed it on all. They blamed it on all sorts, They blame it on Marilyn Manson. They didn't listen to Marilyn Manson, they listen to KMFDM and Rammstein. They love that
industrial manor. Kmfdm literally had to issue an apology. Afterwards they were doing it. They were literally just like yeah. Sorry, yes, We don't want to disappoint our fans. Yes, we are all about rape and chaos, but only in the form of song, not in real life. So we again deeply sorry to the families of the of those are victims of the Columbine massacre, but still hope, everybody, let's, let's rape, each other on the dance floor space on the dance floor, that's sad when I heavy metal band has to apologize for their fans, actions yeah, it's not good for a second. It makes it just like hot damn it. We are supposed to be the prince of evil on fee, but we're not generic we're not all right. We are visions, music make us the US ever the vampires from that movie. Out of the shadows, yeah, I haven't done by the flight of the Concorde dude. It's so funny
what we do when we, when we were in the shadows, something that no other vampires all hang out anyway. It's very funny check out that movie. It's not scary, it's it's a humor piece yeah, but so they would blame it on video games. But you bring up a good point, Henry with and markets with the real people to blame. Is it it's? You know the the gun, people, the the the pharmaceutical industry, giving these kids very heavy drugs at a young age and then just the overall the life, kid, is very, very difficult and they don't address the problems that are actually deep seated in America. They want to go and talk about video games and things like that, as opposed to the reality where video games, keep kids inside yeah when you're inside you can't go shoot up a mall, it's also stuff. That's easy to control. Right. It allows them every single time. We give them an inch to
role, what we think right, how we think or what we want to say, he will take it, because it's so much easier. I was talking to a man that can go on names who works for the Sy OPS Department of our government. This is totally fucking. True, he if we basically we're talking about this and he's like the hypnosis of America is- is already over it's like we've already done it they've already done it. They have made us perfectly little. Mute observers of anything they want were. We are such a fun little thing where such were fun. Little sheep were funds that were fun little fat, sheep and people. Talk about the obesity epidemic is So it's a health issue. Government loves this fat yeah. They want us fat. The FED up campaign was bought and sold by Coca COLA and big and big food industries. Monsanto they want us is huge, as we can possibly be, so we just consume and consume and were too fat to protest.
Are you back on sugar now I'll, never get off sugar. Sit in Baltimore and and these things, what do they? They blame that on music and stuff, like that, because their culture, the culture in re, as opposed to an actual protest of the prison system that became so powerful, of course, during the nineties under Clinton, and certainly became more more powerful after things like Columbine. We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor. This episode is brought to you once again by Luke Craig, it's a subscription box which, for less than twenty bucks a month, you can get six to eight items of gamer and pop culture licensed gear, apparel, collectibles, unique one of a kind items and more previous crates of included items from franchises. Like STAR wars marvel the walking the legend of Zelda and many more. You have until the 19th at nine P M Pacific to subscribe and receive that month, crate, and when that
What happens you get away to the next months ago? To loot, crate dot com, Slash L, a s t today and enter the code. L A s t this three dollars on your new subscription. Now back to the show one of the things that Media also did and one of the things that the media also needs to do, and one of the things that gets them rating is the creation of heroes like the heroes of Columbine, the the people who fought back the people who did things to save others. Some try to make this kid Danny, Roar Borough, Robert Brault Bro try to make him a hero. They said that he opened doors open for students. He saved a bunch of kids, but his dad, he said he's, I never believe that he's like my son, wouldn't do that he would have ran I think he would have done that. Let's just he just like I know I know my son is like nothing against him. Most students ran almost every single stood rent. There's
No shame in that that is survival. Instinct inseam takes over and the vast ninety nine point nine. Nine percent of people run they just fucking run. And there's nothing wrong with that. But the father Danny. He made a real good point. He said no reason to make this story more tragic rises. It's tragic enough! You don't have to these kids into heroes. You don't have to make Dave Sand the teacher, the only teacher to die. You don't to make his story more tragic. You don't have make him a hero because in reality like we don't need, make heroes all we need, but it's enough to just say that we're good people they were good, people who did tried to do good things, but again who benefits from the hero story right we're looking at the
especially in terms of the this one. Specific martyr who was written about in a book called the girl who said yes, yeah, which is very interesting. This story is very interesting how the country, basically when you're talking about when it when call might happen, the church is just full on it into a little ten he came in and they were like. We are you just are: they were merely of angel people. Yes, the churches, where, where people went to congregate? Well, people were a lost. Community would group at various churches and there were different sections or where the catholic church there were, the Evans Kohl's, there was a protestant church and they would all meet up, but the Evan, the one that works to flee pursuing new members moms happening, we're completely unashamed about it. All. I knew I I grew up in an evangelical home and I'll, never forget, hearing the story, my God there was nonstop evangelicals loved this story, yeah they
said that they justified say it was ok, they said they could use the massacre for recruitment as long it was truly done for God. As long as it truly downing gods name, that's how insane these people are, they actually were like. Well. Maybe there was a reason for it: yeah there's, no reason for yeah. There's no reason for the win, all the cars a lot of people they didn't they congregate at churches, but at the beginning, a lot of people congregated at this place called Clement Park and they, the windshield wipers of the cars in the parking lot just overflow, to flyers from local churches, saying you could come worship with us come offering food to people like no don't go to there Worship, service we've got cookie as Jesus turned water into wine. They turn to tragedy into money in their coffers and it was yeah. It's it's a quite Americal. Actually also, I find that pettiness between church groups to be very interesting where there was a man from Chicago who turned out to be sort of a charlatan yeah. What he, what he did was he showed up.
When the final name of the victims came out, which was the the final, it was thirteen correct, and so he put up fifteen crosses out by this clip park area, which was thirteen for the victims and then two one for Eric Harrison One for Dylan Klebold and they tore him to pieces They tore the whole thing down right in this man. Well, yes, he was a bit of. It was a stunt there's another sort of what about the christian principle of forgiveness What about this idea that EVA Is Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did this we're supposed to as some fucking beautiful christian you're supposed to come fully accept them and forgive them for what if there's a reason for everything they're the reasons why it even happened in the first place. So then they have a reason for two. There are part of the same logic system, so they they
put, is just one of those examples of the constant tension that happened because of the religion now being Fuqing Zhang, and into the sites of this massacre, and we talked a lot about you know that the bullying thing and you know them being gay or into than him them being loners and stuff, there's another great narrative that they were massive Satanas yeah, of course, will close as we know, Satanist, don't believe in doing anything to children that is literally in the satanic fuqing, the ten commandments. Well, that's the thing about Littleton CO in Colorado and specifically in actually Colorado Colorado has been called the Vatican of the evangelical movement specifically Colorado Springs. These people believe, in a literal devil a physical devil that, out out to get you always how to get you I'll. Never forget the day that I told my dad, I don't believe in the devil and then he freaked out on me, and I believe
the devil 'cause. I saw it in his eyes that day, evangelicals- and that was also what and Eric were rebelling against. Was this very, very strict, evangelical just community that they lived in five days after the attack there was a big remembrance ceremony, very christian. The president was there the vice president. Was there an bill? Graham's son Franklin. Was there you know what he did. Did he talk forgiveness, to keep talk about the victims. No, he spent most of his time. Talking about how this happened, because prayer wasn't allowed in schools anymore and I will say something about prayer. According to satanic Bible, finish his term, such as hope and prayer, as they are indicative of apprehension. If we hope before you for something to come about. We will not act in a positive way which will make it happen to Satan realizing that anything he gets his of his own doing, takes command of the situation instead of praying to God for it to happen, positive thinking and positive action, Adam
results the power of well my friend power of well up and, of course, if prayers. In school, all that would do is alienate people who were non christian, atheist, muslim, jewish folks and Wh Smith of other religions, and then you would harden those people because they would feel disenfranchised and not want to buy their school. So then they would be the shooter or something like that because they feel less or that will eventually Minnesota been too busy making everybody casseroles, I'm put it that way, but old fashioned Colorado state. This would have been out there and he would have been making a big smoke brisket and given everybody food, that's what I'm saying and probably some booze and maybe sucking your dick. Well, I don't know if you can do that children use their children. Even a six year old kid in the in grief needs a blow from some older woman. I would well woman of the same age and the biggest location of this entire tragedy done by the event. Jellicle's was a girl named Cassie, Bernall, Cassie,
was the famous girl who said yes and anybody who is of age at that time. That was in even a remotely. Ocean lifestyle heard about the girl who said yes, this is as purchased tell it to this day they say Dylan Klebold pointed a shotgun in her face, asked her. She believed in God and when she, I guess he pulled the trigger shot. Her in face and killed her instantly, creating a modern martyr and then is what in this is in the way that they talk about our is fucking disgusting. An when they were talking about our one pastor was talking about her from the pulpit here. Account Astoria Youth pastor told him while praying with the bernales? This is what he said. I saw Cassie and I saw Jesus hand in hand may have just got married They just celebrated their marriage ceremony.
He kind of went over at me like I'd like to talk, but I'm so much in love. The greatest prayer was to find the right guy think she did an isn't it real. Yes, there wasn't Henry, care to know that was real, that's verbatim from a passer beta, all right, resin. That thing you know, surprisingly, the out like every thing else, a kernel of truth. To this. The girl, who said yes story actually happened. Just not to Cassie Bernall and not quite right in the way the evangelicals wanted it to, and not quite in the way that they music Cassie was blown away by Dylan. But it was without a word, and it was high. Under a desk while playing two witnesses saw this happen. The guy who the story just got mixed up. It was another witness thing the girl who said yes survived. Her name is Valerie,
Valeen Schnurr, and when Klebold asked her. If she believed in God he had already shot her once she was riddled with a buckshot and when he asked why she believed she said because I believe and my parents brought me up that way and is doing was reloading the finish, the job, something distracted him. He walked away and Val survived. And yes, this is a story, but there are two problems with the story. Yeah when she didn't die, no she's, not a martyr's number one. She didn't die and she's, not a martyr and so She didn't die and she's, not a martyr, not only that she can't later on in life, say like you know what I don't think I want to be a Christian like, I don't think Maybe I want to do something else with my life. Maybe I don't really believe in anything. So right off- cast Bernal is forever a Christian, no matter what and
and of all the her saying you know. Why do I believe in God? It's just because I believe you know my parents brought me up that way. Like that's the end, that most Christians are going to give yeah and like Jesus test. Isolani there I want. You know people. I heard stories from older girls about their This is getting wet and it only happens when I meant sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet Jesus Christ, yes yeah, she can't say, The evangelicals no longer have the narrative that they can manipulate in any way. That they want to any Christians like the Nazis had a very, very good view of optic.
You know what I would a good story is what how that package, something and- and they know this- if you want to move some units well, you you want to be able to sell how many millions of copies of the girl who said yes, story, sold right and I'm not blaming the bone, all family because they lost they lost their daughter lost her daughter, yeah, and they are looking for any way to give this some meaning they're. Just hoping. That's all they're doing they're just trying to cope with it. And then no blamed? What so ever should be placed on the burn off now? And I think another thing that should be important to note is that you say Christian. I think it's also important to note that at this time and that we need to say evangelical, because a lot of the other christian churches in The other, like protestant and catholic churches in town, were all saying like what the are you doing right, yeah, the evangelicals are completely to blame. For this whole thing, the other Christians were like One of them actually said you. He said I felt like I was
being bashed over the head with Jesus because they wouldn't stop talking about it. They were listening to people, they weren't trying to comfort people all they were, to do was further there, and then Jellicle through some of the most harmful fucking people in this country and on earth, no one should use Jesus as a bat. That's number one 'cause that that's very rude to your point: Christians. Another c word: capitalists there was the boy who died for two weeks and then he's like your whatever to two hours. He went to Heaven and he spent some time that the best seller Colin Burpo, Oh yeah propose a boy purple the point total meth and to your Eve and Jill, because here in the country here in the states, we don't really get to see the full effect of the evangelical policies. But you do in the third world import developing countries like Africa and does it where gays are getting tired and tired, which means they throw tire on that list. Next, yeah yeah, necklace in and they're really getting their actual point of view and their largest. There philosophies pass
legislation and it's leading to just mass murder. Yes, so Jellicles. I must agree as growing up as one and my parents are still evangelical, but they are some of the worst human beings that walk, yeah. They got some high powered people to pump this book. 'cause it's like Cassie's mother wrote a book about the girl's life. It's a public relations team behind it with the people that handle my local listings book. She was two thousand and twenty shoes on today's show for two months they pumped it and she got picked up at William Morris. This shot the film rights she sold the film rights. The movie was never made because Reese Witherspoon was just too fat to leave Reese alone, but in she You know the movie was in made, but they made their money too, which is sad 'cause. Then it comes out too. It's like how much money is worth their daughters life. Is it really place. What happened to her and the answer is no, of course, sign with William Morris yeah. I know right, you owe inside with a very small commercial company and you've been
for second twenty five years, I'm fifty five years old and off I'll get my chance to play bigfoot foot, even how He told her story, the girl actually did say yes he told her story immediately after being rescued, she never wavered in anyway, her testimony, but she would be shunned by the evangelical community. She would be called a copycat. People would say: are you sure that's the way that happened. You know they talk behind her back and she said that she had a harder time for giving the event Jellicle's and the people who called her a liar. Then she did Eric Harris and Dylan klebold. It's unbelievable That is how Eric and Dylan could no longer profit off of her story. Yeah and somebody that's true, yeah, absolutely, and so finally, let's get to what is possibly the most fun.
Part of the story and the absolute most. The most tragic part of the story is the cover up. How all of this could have been prevented it's going. I also forgot about this thing too. Is that the the Eric Harris sent to one of his teachers about what he called the wolf but rape incident. Which was when he was raped by detective through him and dealing lead gently away when he was allegedly in the streams man he drew this little diagram of how he was raped and I gotta say it is it's graphic but I think it's a part of his psychopath. He was just trying to shift the blame. As always, you know trying to do, but you know so once he raped by the fact. I don't know, maybe yes, no, maybe yes. What
Jon Benet Ramsey also victim with a fat cats. Maybe yes, Mark Taylor victim the fat cats 'cause. He was trying out the police involved in Columbine, you know there are many connections, many different things, it's different information out there and you got it. You got to look at all the evidence, yeah a lot of different things out there, so ten or baton as I I is actually print out. She was the lead, investigator and I already knew by one hundred and thirty pm who her were when she the system she found that they were already there. They had been, of course, about they'd arrested for breaking into a van the year before, but more to the band and then dressed in lingerie and they took pictures of them and then they. Force fed them. Eighteen, only Blue Box, all of it against them, for where you, where the cover up those who benefits, follow the model. We bono- yes, yes, but more,
Importantly, the mother of their former friend Brooks Brown had reported Erik Karras to the police department. More than a here before the killings, because Eric Harris had threatened Brooks his life on his website. They were ten the pages in Eric's files detailing these threats, one by one by one, and that came from the fact that Brooks had thrown a rock at Eric's truck and it created a chinc in his windshield and then Brooks, wouldn't give him the money to help fix it, white people, problems and he him and Eric Harris had gone in like he had screamed at like he had actually shown his true face to Brooks Brown's mother and that's another thing about a psychopath and psychopathic personality is if the psychopath believes that you are of no use to them. Then
will show their true face to you right right will do whatever it their their true desires. They open that up and they will just switch off that a good, loving caring personality and they will fucking freak out on. Which is why Brooks Brown's mother reported Eric cares to the police. And the police actually had a search warrant, for Harris is house. There was an actual sir. Because somebody had found pipe. Materials around Eric Harris is House and those those pipe Homes that evidence that pointed directly towards Eric Errors, along with the threats made to Brooks Brown, both verbally and in writing were put together in search warrant that would have discovered the pipe bombs in all the things that Eric Harris was planning months before an it would,
prevented the entire columbine massacre, but that search warrant sat on the desk of the district Ernie and was never signed, was never filed and was never followed up on 'cause. He just leave, kids were being kids, Harriss himself said in the basement tapes. I could convince them that I'm going to clown climb out Everest or I have your brother growing out of my back. I can make you believe anything which is what he said all right, and so his father also found a pipe bomb inside of his own house and didn't do anything about it. This is the thing that this truth right: the police look at this scenario: sponge, kids, I'll just kind of fucking around it's a waste of time, blah blah blah. What they did was they knew the Eric Harris is Father was handling it because Eric's father was sort of a hard ask Ann He was already in a sort of free program like he was supposed to be dealing with a therapist and all the sudden he was passing with flying colors as a part,
it's like halfway house thing, so they think well he's doing good he's cute he's doing great, but Eric Harris the whole time is getting off on the fact that he's lying to everybody, which is, We talk about a lot of times with politicians, and this tends to be in politicians who go to the extreme right, you're Larry, Craig's of the world Dennis Hastert, who just got arrested for having sex with a fifteen year old boy. They run on platforms that make them seem somes, themselves seem squeaky, clean and they make themselves seem holier than thou. In reality they do these discussed in dungeon things, which is also see in the? U K sex. Thanks, U K, I you know how to file sex rings but without getting standard conspiracy thought again the reason why they're covering up it's because they fuckedup like they just up yeah, that's where this day it's fucking- crazy, conspiracies happening right now, and it was very a simple little thing and you go let's these even built as an example. He loved being America's grandfather, Father
full time he knew he was a serial rapist. Well, these people like they actually knew, but I disagree, I don't think the police department, I don't think they were saying boys- will be boys. I think they had ample evidence to actually follow up on this 'cause due Brown she brooks browns his mother. She had contacted the office fifteen times about violent threats, very violent, very threats with evidence to back up him, be actually being a dangerous individual. They just didn't follow through with it was just write: police ineptitude, and so as soon as they and that's the thing This search warrant that just sat on the disk. This affidavit Judy Brown was able to immediately use that to search Eric. Harris is house, but afterwards
after after the shooting after, but a lot of kids are coming on, say like yeah, it was, it was Eric Harris. I know that duty was definitely hair care. This is just history repeating how many times have we heard this narrative, every single serial killer? We talk about every single terrible, but I, if I am on the I'm with you, I think it's ineptitude. Nine eleven government ineptitude they don't they're, not smart enough to cause anything well, there's more out there you're not smart off to cause anything and they're. Also too fucking lazy. They didn't certain follow up on the search more because they were too lazy and they don't realize that the piece of paper on their desk actually ties to a human being. There was just that boy who is stuck at rikers for three years. They all took was someone to sign the paper and put him in front of a judge, and they just don't do these, they just didn't. Do it there's no telling what you're looking at here is in that now the cover up begins right, so the the basically all this It comes out have to go to the show he did not. I did the Browns ever met with an investigator and went on. The today show
so. The share point in today Show Biz said he. No, no! No, they didn't happen. They had a secret meeting. All of the Jeffco groups got together because they rely. All the we got this paper trail and then they, like date, they had a fucking like water. Style meeting meeting where like this is? This is the party line. This is what we're going to say. We did not see these papers these papers, these papers are gone, and so they would that and we're saying about this, how diffusively a brought that up to about how it's like that stack of affidavits was on a desk one day, and then it was fucking gone It was like a couple years later, it just showed back up and they're like what where the hell is. This been all this time, because they're now they're picking the story back together, like after David Colon, has been researching this for ten fucking years. He sees now
like this huge gap in time. It's like well where the fuck was it from like one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine to two thousand and five and that's why you always have to have a magician in the force. So when they look at the stack of paper- and you say what do you see there- I see a stack, it's a pizza and it's alright? Oh my god. I didn't know that I, don't worry absolutely- and I also hate this this- the second coming of christ- new look at him. I got the first to see him there. He is always he from Cuba, I don't know, is he's always proud of skin. I put him in the box and I'll run over What is it putting a black bag over my head. I would have no use no more used for the magician. Well, the open spaces. Meeting All the cover up. This was all Jefferson County, Sheriff's department. The FBI didn't know about this.
The other uh. The local law enforcement didn't know about any of this stuff. This was all just one elected official one inept elected official that covered all this stuff up, will not one actually a big group of them in November of two thousand Jeff CO, released eleven thousand pages of police reports, but they left out more than half, and this is our shitty. They were at perhaps they numbered the pages before they release them to the public and then redacted all the words in highlighter yeah. They got it. You got to use a permanent black marker on that also there's also a lot of conspiracy thought isn't too wide. Fusilli a was a part of this. Yes, he was connected to Waco. Yes, he I mean he delighted. He did a lot of What we now know is a Where is shady weird shaped like in terms of like our American made. It look. What happened at Waco? What happened with the ATF but thing is that he was kind periphery investigate,
but he was there just to sort of pick together, put together the minds of the killers so It is very strange that his kids were also involved, but I feel, like he had very little to do with the investigation as a whole like he was just setting. What's up, he didn't come out with his report to later, and then nobody gave a yeah, absolutely maybe different, it became the party line. But the thing is: is that again, There's a conspiracy. If he didn't win like he didn't, do the thing everybody believed in the other story. They believed it was nerds killing jocks, not he would get. Yeah, you came out and said it's like a recycle past your terrorist yeah. We have to work on this problem. You know I'm just thinking about this now that whole anti bullying movement. This is this is all it stems from this and what does all that does is get more kids in trouble and creates a chilling effect. I'm in a lot of these. You know it's really subjective. Who is being bullied in who's, doing what to whom well yeah- and it also is a zero tolerance. Rules. Come in right because of this as well and your
tolerance rules, meaning that you're, not all kids, aren't allowed to fight back anymore right, punches you in the face. If you fight back, then you're also going just as much punishment as the other kid does, like you do in jail, yeah yeah, and it also with that prepares, four is for being submissive right is infer just taking. It will really miss the days when I could punch again No yeah, I really miss that it stays in now 'cause, it's like you know. I used to do with two or three times a day to put up now just I hope you beat me. Actually I like yeah. I hit you first. I hope you then beat me because then you're strong now yeah, it's a toddler Henry, it's just a little baby. Make a strong make no reason for no, but it didn't work. The original search warrant in this is the further cover up for air cares as houses destroyed both electronically and physically, and we know this, but because
all the evidence is circumstantial and nobody will rat on anybody else. Not, as Person has been held accountable, like there was one woman that worked sheriff that actually said like yeah this. He asked me where exactly where this file was, I found the file and then he had me shred, a bunch of documents which I thought were just duplicate documents, there's no actual like she just doesn't she just pleading ignorance like? Yes, I did the act, but I don't know what it was that I shredded so I other way. Can you get away with that in any other crime in society? Can you get away with that? He just Let me go, sell this white powder on the street. I just did it. I didn't know what it was, but it's like using you as a boy to burn your grandfathers documents and I actually found out what those were by the way. But were they they're? Not it's not does not see related, but it is a financial fraud related. I will discuss it when my grandma and my family has passed
so they were. In my opinion. I think there were three people responsible for Columbine. Everyone's looking for years been looking who's responsible for it. Who are the people that should be blamed? Three people Eric Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold and the Jefferson County Sheriff's department that so that that right there, that is, who is responsible this attack, and this is very interesting in the net, a national poll taken after the attack porast okay, who's to blame. For this, the leading culprits, violet movies video games, gods, music, bullies Satan, but the parents pop the list over eighty five percent of the public held the parents receive and I'm going to go and say right now the fam is the probation officer. Even lyrics. Psychiatrists were all completely fooled. They all believe them. They all did exactly what they were supposed to do when it came to kids like this, and most of us were kids like this. We talked
the last episode. Most of us are kid most the people listening right now on on the Facebook group group, so many people came out and said Yes, that was me. I was this kid I was did this this time, you know, I had fantasies about school shootings, a lot of kids. Do we just didn't? Do it write a screenplay about it Then you actually get to you get to orchestrate it's very, very fun yeah. I can't believe it. You know Yes, it it's true. The government totally one yeah good work. Yes, it totally fooled us, but it's like they. They pull the whole the whole country, They were a obsessed with this thing. The deeper conspiracy thought is another another thing that they love They also love the fact that people think that it's hiding some deep conspiracy, but the pharmaceutical companies stuff like that, because side to them, looking ludicrous so that big pharmaceutical companies who are gigantic bucket scam, artists, their drug can get it.
With whatever they want, because now you're looking at like every time, you tie another ludicrous conspiracy to them like Just look more reasonable yeah. Of course, I movies Think about the pharmaceutical industry on top at there in Indiana, for example, heroin is on the rise because the pharmaceutical companies had to deal with doctors to give them all these people. Oxy knocks you got to expensive. They had to keep up the drug out here when there, the pharmaceutical company is really the reason for a lot of drugs, most of the drug use in this country, yes, and certainly for a lot of the the side effects of these drugs are very, very negative yeah. Also, also you can pass your little bubble test and they go to the university that you hate apple log on this story, one of the weirdest things to come out of this tragedy with something you know, maybe not everybody remembers this, but I definitely do well. This. Is there a Mclaughlin video? Yes, you guys, we had some good montage videos in the late nine o'clock, and I remember thinking for the longest time I remember like how did that come out like who do with that,
Dave Collins Book finally explained it to me. It was Jefferson, County, Sheriff's department who did it because they order. A judge ordered a video that Jefferson County had took of the school in the immediate aftermath. They said that it was like a truck video for firefighters, but Jeff in county, took the video and they made cop and they sold they put. I will remember you by Sarah Mclachlan over this over this footage of a bloody high school right after the shooting and they sold. For twenty five dollars a pop? Well, that's an interesting way to describe PTSD guess a lot of people will remember the war two could probably introducing trench coach, is going like a foot long song. It's like totally my guilty pleasure. Dude, like that, but of course, Mclaughlin's record label threatened to sue because she was like. I don't want any fucking part of this, so you know Jefferson. County did remove the music and selling, the video for twenty five.
Yeah they just had a police officer going like yeah, no be it's just like oh yeah, I stepped in a puddle of blood over there that was gross. I clean my shoes, It's a library hurt my whole thing: it's in library, funding of nerds, french fries. With my favorite, I like to eat that in school, and I will look at that. If you would happen- Oh it's! So you know when they're giving tickets and citations for seatbelts and whatnot the commission, which is like an upset on the cd you want, and so after you give the ticket up seldom see if you can get an extra twenty five dollars for the city and give it to him Gaius Alto more right. Unbelievable so next week we're going to do something a lot more serious than this week. So I know that this has been a really light, headed and there's a really been a lighthearted couple episodes. So we're really going to get into something really heavy. Next week, we really are. Thank you guys so much for listening to that. Like I know this, one was a much. You know that, like this one was oh,
cool rougher for some people that I like. I know one person on the Facebook page they actually law the new one of the victims and layout lost one of the friend one of their friends in this awful and so like. This is definitely a a subject that is, people take extremely seriously- and thank you guys for coming along with us on this on this journey and yeah going rate and review us on on Itunes. Names of the most going to put it this way. If anybody is more interested into more of the conspiracy angles, just to make it a little bit more fun, for you, look up on Adam Lanza's connection to the movie bullet time, which is a polish movie that is made from the perspective of two like Columbine, like shooters that yeah. He used as a reference point. Look up the tion of the pharmaceutical companies to mark Taylor- also I can't play any other name. I believe his name
Dave Thomas, like the guy from Wendy's, who also was trying to adopt two little girls that were connected to the fat cats, a sex ring get them because the government, one of them just because they just long how tight their bottoms were right and- and yet it is so good. That's if you want to do some more who spooky stuff, we didn't really get to all of the research that I did, because it's just so fucking Sirius I go to enemy dot com and by the fat cat sex rang. It's really great for all of your sex ring needs. There's no doubt about that and I get to find out. That's l p on the left. On Twitter. That's Henry loves! You on twitter at Marcus Parks, I'm at Ben Kissel. If you do think Do you want to go shoot up your school honestly, I'm going to tell you right now: that's not an irrational thought. Everybody thinks these things, don't do it some fun outlets. For yourself and you'll, be
very, very successful in life, because everyone who is ever succeed in life is a sociopath everything to some degree of psychopath. That's how we got this far. If those feelings start to boot, you feel like they're starting to become uncontrollable talk. Somebody in your life. Talk to a real flesh and blood person. Don't go, the internet, don't email us, we the people to talk to weed the people to talk to. If these things are starting to become uncontrollable, talk to are in your actual life and just remember if you're scared about. What's going to happen, if you tell somebody it's not going to anywhere near as bad as what might happen. If you can't can anymore, and you do something that you can never take back. Yeah also it's a little bit of a personal plug after that, I'm going to be at San, Diego Comic Con and your pretty face is going So if you want to, if you're there, kill me there
that's great, no Penticton, the Coleman Album is on sale. The Coleman dot band camp com, we're going to play another song today at the end of this episode, and thank you so much for everybody. Who's bought the album so far, it's doing really well people, are really dig it we're getting a lot of really great responses from it, and this Friday, here at the creek in the cave, we have the last podcast on the left live show it's a one thousand pm. It's going to be extremely fun. I believe there's a broski's sister will be sitting in for him. So we'll get the book at the prettiest dabrowski in there, which will be great. It's a super fun time we drink and we get drunk we drink and we get drunk. We have a real irish time, and I click like looking at Glacken. It's very, very fun and be sure and call by the new t, shirt gonna you doing pre orders right now, over at the yeah it's it's a go to as came come near you, dot, com, slash last podcast and left to buy, new t, shirt, we're probably going to be doing orders on here in the next couple days so be sure to order in now, alright, hail yourselves. Everyone thanks so much for listening yeah how guy
and again, if you're looking for str, look to Satan himself, he's really good at helping you building you up and being strong and he's all about community building. These are community organizers, community, organizing know that about him. I'm learning something new. Each week from you Henry thank you, Niggaz in Asia NBC I had a little juicy. Love me, but then she decided to see when the Griffin Connor Lipan,
and not just broke down and loan industry and I see her when I look up at the moon- and I need her to cancer bows to
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pod rather have sex with.
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