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Episode 180: An Interview with Laurence R. Harvey

2015-06-22 | 🔗

In this special Last Podcast, Laurence R. Harvey, star of infamous The Human Centipede 2 and the emotional center of The Human Centipede 3, talks with us about how he got the part of Martin, various feces-related matters on the respective sets, and the type of people who make the movies he likes to be in.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started. I will. I live a product of a recent break up, so I've lost everything in my home. The only thing I have is like I haven't. I have a John Wayne Gacy panting and I have a bad. She didn't take the painting, vellum, isn't that strategy and want to be reminded of you. Now, let's see or socially just kick off the show, let's kick it will lose show over one. This is the last pot guess I'm off to interview series, the beginning of hopefully more in research to come, obviously Marcus's ear. Henry is here I am Ben and as it were to be interviewing Lawrence, our Harvey these STAR of Human Centipede too
the most recent starve human centipede, three yeah yeah, I'm so happy we stand is unknown as another. Like short fat actor. You are an inspiration. Its way out, I want to be you man, Henry is mottled his career and diet leave on Monday Pizza Laurie. Man. You are really similar Peter Laurie, that's really cool, that's all Thank you so much for donors, but my question is: are so first question I add: is that the store? that. I had heard about your audition for human centipede. Is that a very she said Joe, for whom centipede too, that you you had a rape. A chair I know, is I chant, the rapporteur, aggressive choices. I like your mouth is
Tom wants me to play scenes and then I'm gonna more more extreme. Then he said: You'd do rape scheme and the woods? to attend the grape savers sure why not and then covered performs out background, which we often use in other words, subjects as students, but people I just flit, this chair, overs right, high, those embarrassing person is thrust into the city. I went for all some lucky chair,
the soul of yours, just wake up in there like I'm going to work today. Hopefully somebody had sex with my share. Had its dream come true, which is an amazing, that's how I start every day, the I absolutely so. You have a p m performance arts background. Did you ever expect to become such an iconic character in this niche market about asked mouth? or movies honestly, because we talk about after humans enemy. To is that, like you became an immediate sort of horror like meditated, immediate horror, character, you can recognize, Martin was awesome gap Well, I always some colorful people in Cuba move artsy tariff productions, butter right The use of these two because I, like I Tom
I met him and he had a range of reference is. House references like silence, so I hear I do think that the humans- and we too is in a kind of Nazi, fell like come anymore. Caravan gurney way like lay arrays ahead of thunder crackers, so it some we talk about when I first saw the first thing pops in my head was that it is a commentary on horror movies in general, that people why they think this idea that that people are watching horror, r, r, maniacs and a day with a watch it in there. They'll see as soon as they see somebody get killed on screen, they're gonna go, kill somebody out real life and what end its a bit, it seems like a satire that
yeah israeli attacks that could cause and effect argument and I think the growth of humans. It too is a way to kind of fun show how ridiculous that, here is my other quieter. Ok, so you started doing perform forming arts is so you were a theatre. Visits to performance are to. You were, as I can grow, find out that man it's amazing. So how did you decided jump from doing theatre tube to film, or is it just to fill I will explain to me what what's the difference, then I started out as a painter. Ok and then was confidence by people fallen, gray, lorry under certain soul then stop doing curve arts, performances and galleries and so on. And then Also, the work was dusty and coaches for children to be guaranteed.
His tv per hectare in the mid nineties. Just I further college and then ah from the eye then got an agent started, doing theater and short films then lay a decade later on doing the usage, beat it exact. I understand I feel like that's what that is what happened to my group while one point of his do it now. I did a couple commercials just because I have big tits, I got my boy, I walk into a room into the ideas of my body was painted in, and I left my tits, but there's a whole underneath the tents, and so when I walked in and I had the biggest tits in the room. I rather like a pretty eighty, four, the first I've just in Its- must be nice lorries to get interviewed by somebody who are you know who has a more countries,
shall career than your own s. That's incredible! So Martin was such an eye conic character. The way that you were able to are the way you pulled off the kills. You just remember the look the image: what were you thinking going into that character to make him stand out? and make him so memorable in the way they can of Jason. When you see somebody when you see Jason, walking, Knowest Jason, Michael Myers, you really put yourself in that level of of hum of of the fifth, you d transform physically into very horrific character, because of the casting torrent said you didn't move Martin stole very much. It's not talking, then tell me what the so there is no dialogue in it, and so
Saudi reproaching Martin as China have awaits them in. In order to have this tight little guy kill these people. You have to keep making some up somehow then and presents so. Therefore I used those still noisily. Others think about Mars is a kind of this in immovable forcing it. So he, the eighth ease, greater away a champion terminate their Sophie Davies's. Once he's got idea. Is that he's gonna go free right? Are you
happy now doing as because I am sure that humans have been now open. The doors to all these other horror, films that you're doing now, laying a leg of look. Look in your listed sympathy, nook as you will. You also worked on a film becoming out some point, probing twin sixteen frigates, uncrated bikers made for me at makers have, dear God, no, which is awesome. But are you? Are you happy now being in the genera like, as once, horror gets you it's like? They keep you yeah, I'm happy Will you John, has always been one of my favorites anyway, so I can grow up with an answer, and so it's I'm happy The bride, let's do step outside the generous well, either that the first format it after he was said to be too was a doctor. Country about the artist you Sherman cork spectacle- I mean it's- my friend broken taken directed the documentary
and then the other aspect is just being based on whose, listen to work with that I've met unified its appears to some great arms by people that I find interesting light a sakes like they got no guys eleven. They got nervous is like her bullets and boobs in one go kind of thing. The guys are really care about film cut some soul, culture, James, is just such a brilliant Consulting by any aspects, though, is a big Bergmann families big
since the seventies fattened either? So I feel you that you are re Jia. If your fan of greenhouse gas with dear God knows dear God, knows just a perfectly made homage to greenhouse film and that they also have to have a background in understanding a lot of different type of film, because if it'll referential my own item, I guess it was another sort of wash our on and set yet first something like humans. An appeal to or how even also like, in sequence, inhuman, seventy three when they're all outside you, no one's, finally reveals a neural out there. What is this, what is the temperament onset leg? Is it tents or is it like order? They well taken here of like the people in the centipede Urbino like ghostly? How are they taken carefully? What what? What is it like bees, with a bunch of people who are asked mouth for was the oh Tom. Try skating Listen, says anyway,
so he's always gotta he's not intensive lies in Chechnya in Trust, keep things and also the people said Billy. We are in the said paid for as long as necessary. As you can get them out the roads. So if the shops only shows a certain section and made it's only the second that's gonna be in there. He's not like the entire sequence must be, is it suffer? the bigger about better because, like us to the end in human centipede. Three, of course the chain is its five hundred long yet, and it's it's quite impressive. When you see it in the big wide shot, which I get good, that's the goal- and I was just think about a sick match me just being a big man, just straps it ass another big man for six hours I'll be ah, but enough bonus
is actually card. I desire to know how you are able to be on set not get fully arouse Lawrence. That is somehow there's no doubt about that. That's amazing! How was it working with How was it working with Bree Olsen? She was a porn star there. Soon we had that saddling where you both were like. I know women are what we don't know where I was unaware of, shall we say. The other thing I was eleven said that didn't know she was upon them and there are controlled wounds, measure Celsius messy and of its a bit too attentive, but in part, three many different character, and you know, as Martin didn't speak in part, three of your character spoke quite often, would you like to bring Martin back and in a m in a future movie?
Well, I really enjoyed play miles if Tom had the idea to do something with with barter filled with water. I appeal for butter. I think terms No he's fine Gonna send Peter said to be films. That's gonna, be it for some time yet one of those Winkler Winkie, where, at the end of this type thing, legal and all dead, we're gonna get a human centipede for with iron takes Manhattan, would be amazing, other things. I love about your rub proof. Women's inhuman setup! You choose that. You look like you even so much for on specifically win win. All Wendell exiting work,
users, it looks like you're directing symphony, whereas everybody starts right. I'll. Ask us to do this than Tom says right blow. Raspberry wake ok here I am a total save the national debt, one governess roads festival throughout Europe and America. Now, I'm here blown raspberries, shooting people.
My son is really does I'm being through because we watched it. We did. We are review of it. What we did to review. It was just watch it and it was just ass going like and bends room had. Actually, yes, like it says I gotta get out there. He doesn't know a sex sounds like should ever sound like people watching human centipede to tell you that you're doing something wrong if your sex sounds like that, what's the pope made of so much proper movies. There must be a big put budget of two because we had this girl. Of Egon, only AIDS Guide food not cut, APOLLO Rainy and those dogs, did see sense He made this kind of control
what hazelnuts spread and learned nuts and chocolate sounds very good. Really is good, kept easier, so actors are getting a job for dig it into the poop and worst supply. We need a bit more arduous, but it's so again like I'd say, would you say it like the feces? Were they trying to be nice or was it just being like act and we need more shit, yeah one when the last words- and it goes through the last girly actress Emma I caught Why don't we go through less anxious about the threatened by sky? Have this kind of colonel he set serve, had become a net light and deliver splattered gets the wool
that was the shit cannon, so everything is called the shit, something what is termed of shared spaces. Sweden was somebody you must get fairly desensitized today to the work that you're doing everything just becomes normal. The shit can that all those things yeah well as a very great deal p, who won whenever I was before the camera, it also say you more shit round his mouth, such is very super. Polite links, sorry about victims, lips are, if you could eat some Eddie, shit, shit words, you eat, but had reason being aware, has been steady. I'm surprised you waited this line to ask Henry Who's, your idle. This is my team b. Is, it might even be a question for you, you need someone shed, who would it be?
only they ship, my girlfriends shit. If shots golden yeah yeah, that's bad! Let's Irma! Yes, that's really beautiful and she's off cameras. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for saying them. How is working with Peter laser in C he guts he gets quite Matic seals ETA, be doing what was evident in humans, mp3. What was his direction for his character? A bigger Oh, you can tell that it was. Definitely beggar is Tom. He ass. He did with major importance to mark out. The council data before we arrived onset, consent so decide this all can work out
every every single scene or house them fall everything awe and an is. Basically, this force of nature going. I didn't like, because I've been in things like that worry watch of analysis like us. They are all just not a debtors way here- comes Dieter civilians. Easy work in other areas as you go through the scenes. You see that it's like attack is like attack team. Every valise everybody's acting cells against diseases, is the one. Comes in yet Roberts versus data that gun other versus data that leave us data. You gotta, go, a movie. I really good like out in terms of like I'd, say you know, but we always get our fun looks when I have to be like that he is the emotional centre of Human Senator
three in our like its various read a lot of fun. Absolutely it was a yet three was a very, very, very funny, for sure different, a lot about a lot of modelling glass duration, a lot of aspiration- and perhaps that is Yes, if you only see one left alone film about castrate male castration this year comes he himself three, that's that Michael also on that was funny. I will tell you, though I could have done with another seen him cuttin somebody's balls off. We Cheer and pretty hard when he cut dead man's balls off, and I was pretty good- that's what we're lookin. This is, where your audits and such a great groans close up as well.
It was perfect, and that, of course, is what were the there's a super theirs. It there's a there's inedible thing in human centipede. Three that I believe it supposed to be female clytius is, and this is a positive one. I pay old christmases. What were the clear rules? What were they made of christmases? They would do the shifting from Africa. His ward leaders, what's left from female genital mutilation, rape, You actually gets great, I you know I wasn't there. Realism, I think that's really important people fake shit nowadays, and that makes you actually upset I will read- I'm from Wisconsin and it was written in an earthquake. Thank you so much I got out. Thank you so much, but I read that you like cheese vent, wants that you don't like to eat. Cheese hastened curse is very
controversial- is what I'm upset over literally. You have a question. Are you now parading paraded? Why what's wrong? What she's really bunsen milk and say it smells like Satan's your guts tunnel is horrible, is evil These were mermaids, hyperplasia cheese, plastic children suffer burgers, it has not changed, rebuilt, oh geez, France is a country dosages HOLLAND's, contribute some cheese. America. They were indeed no we're built in the blood of the people. We found isolating cheese to you and this has been awesome. The other nations what what projects do you? Are you working on right now that you're really inspired by
just what shoots reduction that means only Shoplets with Tristram risk. Again. Ok is also in our friends. Are greater pipelines. If she's awesome see she's she's grey. So I mean I loved. Her is a basis in the wreck. Mary. We just this'll, be our fifth time working together here, because we shall call Gulliver's offer. Something other than ABC suggest to a week shots. Even a new film, bogeyman, reincarnation circle, restarting the the bogeyman from chance, and how would you know we have a last part gas and let your obviously we have some very, very fun fans and smile, in France. Has there been any interested experiences, especially in the horror John, were when you're a celebrity in this John Raw? You meet some of the more
Trusting people emotionally disturbed by trying to say I will? I have a pretty famous I'm a line do is just well stalk base the other eyes stock in Australia he's sir, yet everybody's on Facebook Twitter, they did so I'm not gonna give me the best give a publicity, but you know you can flip the sky to run your website. Jonathan has come ideas? I thought you d get. Debts are guilty of the employ these people. You have just make it all about his sexual fantasies of these snickers me: KFC Panza lie that's right, so you ve got your own Martin He is very much a man. Yes, arises: the emergency figure, then yeah one turns up for real.
Becoming. I feel it gets a lot in that when you win, we research this stuff all the times like these, All of these characters are real as goods again just ass. You are killers alone. Here me forget the there, walking around away one point: Richard Ramirez was just a guy who is like a regular at the convenience store who are do do enjoy a research at any time. Kramer serial killers, like that. I would like to know if you have a person that Europe, interested in I don't really researched to crime things, but I'm a night. You know certain cases I find interesting Fred. Rose West caution in UK and also the the japanese Campbell ate girlfriend winners, Haiti's debt girlfriend at one or both steadied other sober
yes and then use. They did advice documentary him, which was really excellent, easement been in jail and then because he's done worse, master or big. Japanese car companies yes and transferred to ban them he's supposed to be in an asylum and then there c mon now is a celebrity. So why are you always famous lowood doesn't show? you love someone cooking, but yeah. Oh yeah, can these comic books and stuff based on his life, and then he did this thing where he was having sex with the porn star for three days. For this reality, television show where a guy hangs out with a porn site for three days and in the end they told her, who he was and she started crying and stuff, and because it's like Jappy television, neural, like ah areas, different kind of humor different, varies more two hours ago. Is now all right. Well, I think, is there any other questions and I am deeply. This is
great desire. I really could I like is seeing the inside world because they know like a lot of times. People get like all weird about the human centipede, arms lady Ashton is linked with it. They have references they are made by people that are not a bunch of maniacs. If it's the it's our at work vineyard, trying something the first time at home and seeing the references to hello and Seventys polices in he was had been born and just talking to him this year, he so widely read an unsolved knows My range of Cinema, Saint James, from some crazy bikers these are interesting fellows made by people? trusting them and committed to to making our jobs it grows offensive than tat and
disgusted, gets rocketing. Romantic. Those bones Zack, I just I'm just hungry for poop I'm gonna go get Ella Norman's in old age, gonna, get big tube in italian choke on it at the airport. Maybe you could get into that business, Thea, Martin cells, poops! Don't don't do that? We regard as proof sticks, don't start shell in and out man state a state is just an italian nuts anyway Thank you. So much for being here, lords were really appreciated and amazing work. Thanks for being such an incredible actor in and willing to take the risk that you did in human, seventy two and three You'd, do you definitely the modern day Peter Lorry? That's nice gets right on the money. Yet again, thank you. Miss Hale, say
joining us said. Lord.
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