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Episode 195: Listenerpasta III - He's So Cold

2015-10-07 | 🔗

We're kicking off Halloween month with our third annual Listenerpasta episode! Tune in to hear us read Creepypasta written just for us. Includes demigods, Civil War ghosts, flaming genitals, and more.

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There's no way to escape. Tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started. I would note here is telling the weather that's actually back Y know, I feel like I'm going on and many long nose hears told you a fucking. Why absolutely no legs of clear was immensely long nose, hairs, ambitious, trying to find some way to desperately fit into society, because technically we should be shown a very good at whether political area go Marcus, nay. I have always said that about Martin
We start the show our I welcome. The last by left. Everyone I've been kiss old, joined in studio may mark as parks in Toronto. Henrietta brows gives their own naked, no I'm Ben Castle. Now you are up I'm Guess, oh, I love when you produce s on the show. Ben castle. Then I guess all that wouldn't be what I say, though it on Monday I got blown Panza because I've got big lags behind the castle. I'm Does your big fur gloves, so I have to wrap sheets around them in the winter type. Proof of the fact that it does Anna cosy sheets fur, gloves sheets fur, gloves yeah there, fur gloves kiss you better nickname that I've had my whole life, which is You know house four feet
this really say in house for feed classic ass. I could see how they, probably came about for when you were terrorizing small villages and not one of their huts. Stuff cut me one of your beauty toes yup, the Moonlight and laughed at me, and I said: I'm done killing I'm gonna become an entertainer it'll, be great of entertain aim the month October is upon us. Thank you say then, though, your pumpkins buys things. Thank you say, then, for your many, a black cat, I'm gonna give pumpkin space to a different deity, though I don't know which one yet but I'll figure it out there. Like Lord far Thomas I hate, pumpkins,
things. Why? What is he always told her thing? I do not like I ate pumpkin spice things are right. Well, whatever the thing we do, love is pasta and we Smith's Emily Lover when we get it from listeners and we move mostly level when it super creepy and today we're doing creepy listener pasta. We actually got some very good we be submissions from some people there and I think I think we're getting better. I think What will you do with us by gas unless, as we have said this before, give us at this point in time. Truly socks, balls and lets. Take it back. Let's take it back, and make it better. This is the ala, the forget our. This is our Alamo lot. We lost the battle, we had taken aback today is our goal: yeah or possibly, arson Jacinto. Or, if you will send, has seemed o when you guys, realised how you know we're going.
We allow these girl that's when we figured out that you can slaughter Mexicans during their afternoon siesta. That's a true story. That's how taxes when its independence, we that's a hills, the entire army, while they slept it's, why our economy is doing better than the spanish to Spain. The Spaniards are always sleep and on an objective. This way: ok, If your society has appeared ordained now you don't seem to it. I love it. You're, going to be vulnerable to attack yeah because you're, not like Germans, Newcastle, never sleep, never raise your children using a harsh d like a mixture of the Gulf. Direct attack rise appointment will now its creative discipline. Oh, my god, let's get to a listener pasta. Ok, now before we get into your browser governance or how I start, I just wanted Where are you all right now,
personal. She is take off issues, kitten, get them out. No really enjoy yourself, then just open the fly, your pants, hopefully you're, not wearing any underwear and non public again wherever you are well known to this by gas and carefully in the middle of a run. Aren't you take off your shirt whatever, if your man or woman take off your bra and then roll up. I got the stuff right now called God Kush right, there's you spotted thick, so dense now various Harry on It gives some of them too rash legs. I want you, your fancy, a knife. I want you to chop it up, on a chop and bore lower you normally chuckled good Basler. Your personally to sharpen up on that just get a certain piece of partial paper from your grandfather's will
but up a map reported but down until you're, not a person anymore and beer to get fuckin creepy past it until you shit, your pants or vaporize, Levey Matilda, good baby array, Sir Henry, your start Nava. Yes, does this Laurie from J J Hook S. Him can last name a lot J, J Hug J J, her giving it's a real s name, I don't know, I hope it is YO. J J Hogan do not kiss. I only heard come close to not just like the guy. I heard a twenty second J J. Her makes endorphins release, you know if you, if you somebody in bed. It's called cuddling This balance and isolating sentence didn't just say that normally to help them better. But what's the difference, however, is an urban authorities on target or woman? No nano huge tradition.
No, I don't have a little. She had said it on your hard bed is called garlic. Ago. I've got Hauser Fredo. It is now a lot of people. Adele. My legs disease, scared of you think, I'm a giant tree, J, J, hugs story. I have basically a ghost story that is juxtaposed by personal human war. There was going on the same time. The first eight years of my life, I lived in a room was haunted, Andrews localised, my closet the figure I saw on more than one occasion look like an old shortlist man. His face had been too for members. You talk to me at night and them occasion attempted to get me close. The closet walked by the closet? Sometimes he would try to reach a grab me As soon as I was able, I would run from my bed past closet into the kitchen anytime. I left my room. It was
It's called in my room, in the middle of summer Massachusetts you would see in every other room in the house, but real ever in mine, which would have an awesome if it weren't for the frequently to whisper, uncomfortable things to me, castle. You remember that from your home, like absolutely my dad, that was going on around the age of six. My family began to be stopped by a mental patient you'd come by our house and and walk all of our windows. Just to let us know, he'd been there Had these sliding windows when we came home We ve taken a windows out, replaced them, so they were all tilted in their frames, he would open my windows and talk to me. I was very scared him. Steel night's sleep with them under my pillow at night was hide them around my room, so I could get in it like testimony in our idea of him. Put him away for a long time we should We never saw him again so soon.
We find it in. My house is a child. Did it goes to my room and tariff They go outside because that is where the dark man lived that would open my windows at night. Can I raise this towards the end of the day I didn't get a new low de. Would you didn't conveys the dark man was in clothes. I mean, I think the creepy is person in the story. Is the kid hide knives Oliver thought of that that all over his robe values? Parents I mean they probably probably sent us another creepy passed over the terrified Sunday at six. Taking all the knives we try to each stake in the sun would just go nowhere. The knives are you know it's like. While you wait, we knew he was lying because some have knives sticking out of his pants package. So this next story is from Oriana. Didn't get the last name from an area run the grand,
yes, it's who it is already on a grand, their yard area, Oriana ground. It was a big listener, the shell she loves it should, as a may, you be shot at our Yonah popped in tops off joy, self love. You live girl. I agree with that. One met my biological grandmother. I was about four years old. She had a pain, that she made herself hanging oddly honour living room wall. The set The matter was a sweet, smiling very realistic. Little blonde girl, nobody, hold me who the girl was, and I wasn't interested in knowing because I was terrified ever I avoid. The living room like the plague, I'll felt like she was actually watching me and I swear. I could see her eyes move to follow me across the room like one of those key J hundred House movies I wouldn't be able to enter the room without crying and screaming, and I have they go in there in order to get to the front door later on, when I was older, I was fine
We told who the subject of the painting was. It was John beneath Ramsay. Furthermore, My grandmother used to dress me up with heavy make out and take a labyrinth photos sessions on me. Nothing sexual just not exist, clearly appropriate for a kid my parents we're weirded out by the pictures, and I recently told they suspected my grandma of sea. Greatly sending my pictures to child pass. This is my problem is that if I were to have a you'll painting or Germany Rams. Even I hope that you made yourself yes, I would be taken away by the fats. Cracked know you, paint any pictures of job any Ramsay that you want really yeah, you're, fine you're in order. What, if I did, Germany Ramsay as Princess Leia slave bikini, possibly fine
protected under the first amendment. Man, I'd love this country, and I don't do that in Toronto, though make you, Prime Minister, about fortune tiles, I met one and many others have been like one of their work, their problem, whatever them those fuckin. Whatever they are not yet. This country has really a prime ministers and parliament over their right. Yeah I've got a parliament, I don't know. I saw one and shield like a lance, an old bitch, and I just wanted a I almost just hitter. With it can trash can think of a trash can thrive or she was shaken hands in the in the industry, but I did was I got back at the fuckin reptiles as if she took about pictures of people and I thrown up the fucking- gave the job Henriette in politics or local partnerships, but don't throw you get
a garbage getting their rebellion. They loved drag up Thankyou as gas. Now he must vote for me as you will know. For me, even though I mean technically, we are far too technically superior raised to all of you. Could carbon just take over, but I will disguise myself as a politician and go through the grass roots a campaign it takes to elect a levy a child to whatever position is not really is as a parliament to parliament's work. Municipal government is the true path of J. Yes cause. You know just because the reptilian does mean the dome of democracy. We are also. I will make a soup women's tears, notch rights of this. Let's see we got one here, it's for me dad it's by this guy Richard Osmond. This is this is just gold
So, every Saturday at this nice guy he would take her. You know every Saturday, the nice man next door takes my dollar the playground down the street, where I used to play the child so used to go to this playground as a kid, so he remembers it and they Like all will bond. My daughter will go to the same playground and will continue the legacy. The admin legacy. For short, one why did I got one long one and they towards the enter, this era he didn't show up. So I decided to take her myself like a good dead. Finally, yeah, only to find it had been demolished. Ten years ago, where was he taken her so the kite, the girl, the guy, that his daughter go with the next door neighbour to the playground, Gabriel at a stroke or somethin, configure up one day and gazing I'll, be a good father. Take her to the playground It had been demolished ten years ago. You ve been taken, whereas you can take it so that site where she could that's the thing, is I normally just let a dude yeah only associated by address with just take me:
fresh young dot. Oh yeah! Look what happened when Albert FISH did. It is always give your young daughter to your neighbor. I would say this: at least he ate her succulent young, recovered spices entering least cause just killed her later laughter in the gutter dabble. He almost something. Worse, though, I mean he did have a time. He doesn't know where he was taken without. Where do you think he was taken? Her been the guy who were the playground? Is there Mps around your Wendy's or water burger he's probably taken or to the archery delay Irina so that she become new Cadmus ever worst. What's your name catnip nerdy, Cadmus, nursey birds. I know not only those fuckin but the hunger game, or I don't know I just
J lost. Boobs now is from a leak. Her phone was hacked. Was a fortune thing. The way don't put nothing in the cloud, not that nothing in the cloud at that I say except I, you know, I keep put him on a cloud, but don't show up anywhere partakers girl takers. Sometimes the cloud rains down naked pictures, a J lost Sometimes a cloud rains down make your pictures of the earth man. I wish the golden girls had the cloud back. Then he had a thing. I like to call long valley there. Let's read this next tale of woe, or the flutter of bats the flutter of Utitsa, the flutter of We know that that is Bobby Kennedy
my bad discos, Zella bat fluttered discuss when you bet letters Your men embody a real wrote, a poem about witnessing a UFO, which is very interesting. As he says. This is a true story, but he rooted in poem form. An IRA I appreciate this, so this is the name of his poem on witnessing a low flying triangular, unidentified flying object in the Hudson Valley, nineteen. Eighty five also a b side of Russia, but there's a lot away there, the right of the public. Ex dear reader and this truth. Behold I saw flying saucer more of a triangle be told twas the summer of eighty five and I worked at a camp strewn across a lush field, with not the life of a laugh. I cologne. It were too beside me we three not this clear, the top of an oak tree, one red light,
moving so slow in the dark and sky and remarkably low. We start with stare We smiled uneasy and when the one night broke, we all became queasy for right. Of three pairs of eyes, six, ocular orbs, no reason for lies There was no explanation as much we tried as we want. The red light split into five, Oh floated, together. Flow is a turtle. Our minds try to leave this unfathomable battle. Nurse moving. Slowly, very high, an aircraft. This heavy. It should have felt the sky. We want and we shivered with shivered. We did. Like domvilles or lucky, kids will be Saul was it miles up in the air these women, tiny stores, twinkling Poland cooped up there There were five perfect lights and a triangle formation.
Filling our souls with fright. Inhalation, then it little sound So hum I wish you were there. I know this sounds dumb, but his way stood there excited watching the craft I opened my mouth and the guy, to laugh up up up up up up up up We realise right, then, that what we are seeing was real, you are so yet had no thought of flame. Neither we nor the craft for took it sweet time. Hardly high overhead slowly sailing sublime the rate of it's me. It was a way to darn slow to keep it aloft, and yet we, watched it go slow, but surely these five bright red lights past for the tree tops and into the night so go back drink in the Krzysztof light. Didn't I guess I did
no one saw you gonna go about the only job, all long, what we're out the words that suck and other away from allows. No, but did anyone see the lights in this year, but also we already see this organ more and more gonna call mile above organ overall ill? I think, is nice that they will be nice three levels to focus cruel over each other legal Borgia snakes, the boy his time for me to pin missive about our experience is vulgar. Guzzle. Does Georgia to this vulgar mailbox I must away back to our guys got the core. Play in birdie in the warm. I know you see you a foe. It did exciting weekend wherever therefrom, here's the next one. This is by death. Lingering in one hour,
about four years old when I was living in California Family lived on the second floor of an apartment, building one while we were sleeping my ma, heard our hamsters squealing in the living room when she went to see what the hell they were freak out about. There was a man on our deck with tools to open, the sliding glass window she freaked out and random my dad sawed off shot gun in the closet because overseas at the time, but before she at the gun. She picked me up and put me in the dirty laundry basket and put dirty on top of me by the time she back to the living room. The man was inside the house and he was unsettling a large duffel bag. The he had brought with him My mom pulled the shock on item and told him not to fuckin move. While she would blow was brains out, while doing She also called nine one. One in a few She had the cops at the apartment. She let them they arrested. The guy in appearance.
He literally shit his pants. Will my mom pulled the gun on him and in the bag they found duct tape, skinny, knives and other torture implements. I mean here He was going to be the Malta Tasker, but she was the Maldives. Asker got the shock and got the gun. Opening the door to this law was on fire. Choosing a hindu gotta humans have eight armed there's something also they Guard Hamsters, you don't know, what's what's the, but what's the best protect each person's home is individual choice for them never heard event hamster making any noise whatsoever, except for my sister, I found one armed guinea pigs grown up, Dian, yapping we in his would be they don't make. No, they don't like see things that make noise. That's very strange. I don't know what they are either, not only trade. Those hamsters protect the family Henry remind us one more time what happened when you're a guinea pigs died.
So my sister and I heard that we heard in the middle- and I we were up in the middle of night and we heard the guinea pigs making this noise and we want over to it and the guinea pig was laid on. Back is gonna, get its body fuckin shaken real hard. It was I've been so it was. You have your supper, they have led to guinea. Pigs was alive like three years has therefore come to praise with a heart beat and they just supposed to die. Just was we food further animals, like that's a leather bait, and this will have to like seven. I don't know how it lived said. There is a basic. What happened is why I think that what the doctor said is that its it it's oh turned of liquid. She died Indeed, article official diagnosis yes, MRS Rescue, but is in the night and so mean Jack you're, both like we're not waken. Among now
you know. I really want to sleep with books and deal with this tomorrow, so we left the thing die. I guess we didn't really know we're going to sleep. I woke up in the morning to my door, sling and open, and my mom walking in with the dead guinea pig in her hands going in return. Is he body, so called he's so old, which is horrifying. The same thing when my fucking grandfather died Do the same thing when you die two of its body so called and then I had to go and I to dig a grave for it like I was eager for. I was sent out to the Fucking backyard to dig a grave for it at my mom, wrapped it and for content for lack of burrito and then we through them again we're through it in a hole or am I followed, you sit in areas like a model. The solar panels welcome funeral for the guinea pig. I can't believe it was still alive. I forgot forgotten was alive,
Man, that's gonna, That's the guy who I am Barbicane, rather than do the tin, veal thing they buried under a little but a ground, and so did up all of that story. Love MRS the at every thing, fat like everything, the g like New and loves you like, I will make that would make it mine. She would know thing. Would please me more is if I died by eating my thirty seven, which is the love. It should tell viscerally mad that I lost wait. Yeah. She was little legitimately. She just she's as like. Oh you think also also skinny. Now, cities darkening the meat locker. That's what we're gonna. Do you knock any two things I made full of the love? Are you what I did to support you all my life and you made me three hundred and twenty pounds. Your gave it all back, so lonely maneuver she'll, be happy next year you don't know, because I'm fuckin riddled with muscle, because it's even it almost get hard for me to take my
Let us know if I get all the devil got. That looks like it's extremely easy. This I'm going to kill the children of the night. Hollowing soundtrack, as you already heard, you have it in a special all right so this story, it's from a guy named Pat Paul Buchanan, very different from Pad Buchanan Well, you don't want to see pop you can't. You can judge a uterus oh you in your night. I can imagine you any link the girls, you Dave here and you all night just go on. Like this silent majority majority. They know it. Those girls I'm dead in a bag of popcorn, that a meeting one girl. What's up
haven't seen a girl in years, our right. So this is by Paul Buchanan. This is our warming one! That's why we gave it to you. Ok, I gotta get Bartleby part for short That was that I was very attached to I'd rescue dim from an abusive owner. He had fleas, matted fur terrible teeth. One of his fangs was broken. So the pair of us were basically inseparable. No, why that would make him a disease or forget, but anyway, that's really love. This gets so the pair of us were basically inseparable visor five year back. Is health went into freefall? I did everything I could move Heaven and earth, but in the end it was kinder to let him be put to sleep I was a horrible mess since I basically lost my best friend people around me. Keep saying you should get another cat you're, the kind of person who need something to look after, but I was Adam, I wasn't ready to get another pat thing is what and whenever I said this stuff, and around the house. I'd here is footsteps.
In the hall see movement out of the corner of my eye had lit. Toys that would light up and flash whenever they were knocked about and I'd find them randomly blinking a couple of times at field somethin brush against my arm. When I was sitting down like he was like he used to say, hi, I'm a couple of times I'd feel something brush against my arm. When I was sitting down like he used to say when what the hell is this I've couple, I feel something brush. It gets my army when I was sitting down like he used to like you used to to say I, yes, it's it's, I feel something brush. It gets my arm and I was sitting down like he used to ok, we're missing a comma there? That is true. That's my fault! That vision Acting that's an acting dangling asked. I didn't get its ask watch role. I haven't. I made that clear and air than SAS questioning you open audition for two months ago. That even call me at some there's still a chance, I'm still cream a scream it into the full moons. Whenever I see him
Let's get acting rules rent anyway, so this guy's cats dead. So far, he said and there's things moving around his apartment. Every time he thinks about the right eventually get a new pair of kittens talent, Chester and the weirdness stopped its hard. Not to think that yeah. This was my old cat checking up on me. And that once he saw would be ok. He went on to wherever any religious types you say, animals don't have souls or whatever bull shit animals more humanity and soul to them. Humans. I know so that each of us, turn their negative, actually idiotically double down on that and became a very sad that then the story became were sat up anyway. Didn't peace to Bartleby the cat yeah. But I can just imagine you being a doctor,
on a family that like mom, has cancer. It seems that that seeing where he reaches you here is really well it just seems like were who who had under under the collar up by a little vote against. We are better than Saint her throat turned, and no, I would say if I was a doctor and I had to give the bad news that somebody's mother or father or child had cancer, I'd, say think of the worst memory of your mom Now. I got some good news for you. She's got cared up up up. Ok, you know how your mama's real fucking bitch. You remember that he's got camps, got gather, softening the blow off and really very important, naturally for remit, Libya, worse Christmas, you dad you had a heart attack. You won't have another one of those think about the positive, so
Snick story is by William the bill, Samuel, big law, long Bill Samuel is the name for big ones and vague longbill. I love it just kind of any other than may visit a supposed to go like like fraud. Hordes of that dialogue we find it was Henry Hard Henry's arouse my uncle the straightly sky? He was a math and physics teacher, but now a mouth tutor and safety it is a bit of a boar we'll make was interesting. Story seemed all and almost refuses to exaggerate the truth on anything so not a lawyer, let me show you will this story every one of my family believes? Have you won't tell many people and fear being labelled as that? Guy cell, leave his name out of it, but we want his name is more then I'd give us address, plays
four for fear. Bartleby university lane package several years ago here my aunt lived in a pretty suburban areas on road outside house was a street light. I would stay onto the night and the head of black outlines the help them sleep was one of the factors that help them make their mind up and they decided to move into the Neath valley. One night, my uncle's that asleep, when he said there was a glow in the room that will come up, as they had lived in the house long. It was you late, ve was half asleep thought must be discreet, light outside his window. He lay there and dozed for a bed. But then the realisation hit him. They had moved. A street might anymore curious. You got out of bed careful not to week. My aunt and wandered downstairs to the front door where the light was still shining and opened it he stood on this front yard and city could believe his eyes. Allow
Large cigar, shaped object, was moving down the valley emitting this large orange light. You said there was no sound that he was stung by what it could be. He said he stood there for a while, but then things when fuzzy Ask him described fuzzy. He said it was hard, explain those almost like he wasn't himself but she was having some sort of out of body experience it. He was aware that was still in his body. Said. He seemed to then blackout after this region. And then he found himself no standing in his back garden in his pajamas, with no recollection of how he got there and he had a killer, headache, confused and frightened. You went back into the house. Like the back door, and then I remembered he was originally standing in front garden. So he locked the door and went back to bed. He says he fell asleep almost instantly woke up in the morning. He said that he felt in all had just been a bad dream. It didn't really believe What he saw was real. That was
the following day when he was reading the pay and saw an article about a UFO spotted flying down near the knee family. Z, alien Michael or Milton barrel up the cigar there God also Your poor uncle was was raped by you. I think it is a lot to talk about that narrow, airy notice. We already. We already know this problem by Whitley Strieber on they don't to talk about it, because it's that guilt of the pleasure they thought in its very its did sad for him. Now, oh yeah, I mean the aliens know what they're doing they their milk in the people you know I don't want to give it up either it's kind of like. I feel that you have to make you can't you steal That comes from balls because
feeling in the animal again they're not gonna meet this. Do not gonna, be the sweetest swimmer swear. I think, in order to make seamen, I'm not really sure I'm not a doctor, as you can tell, but it seems like. If you really want swimmers to be swimming you she gave him a little bit of a of like they should have a nice time getting him up, nay, yeah yeah, when a force amount, you you wanna, coax him out, you wanna coke them up. Yeah, that's true! or put on sharks in the water chase out just gonna more the probe approach. I was like almost keeping girlfriend up last night. Talking about how their alien thing, that is true, they talk about being in the presence of grazing. We ve talked about this before about the especially the tall grace tat. There such a visceral animal, like reaction to win see. One apparently was his idea that, like literally you lock into for of an arched back with your hair
standing up in your body, because you literally have an animal response to seeing a super prior like it like an alien like a fucking lion. During a rabbit, then you literally the armed knew you had go back to like a natural animal state, its very interesting also when you're on dates with me, I would just say, but up phase down Let's do this alien coming, it may aliens. I got a real nice land and strip for you. I may put it this way if they really do make you shoot as hard as I they make a shoe to do try once we're out. Anything once put the general. Up on me once I'll. Try I hope all you doctor me I'll probably be like a or do the thing. Make me she broke up. You know, we ain't when their eager up up up you're gonna ruin the whole thing this,
story is by Claude Wilson, who helped quite a bit with the nine eleven magic episode and helps out quite a bit a lot of stuff called Wilson, great magic guy. This is a nice, but of love. Crafty in writing. Called the gods of man. Year after year manner the earliest of humanity's religions. All follow a very simple pattern: they have no loving savior. No, utopian after life for the goodly. No, Finally, ordained morality Spiritual beliefs were nothing more than the interactions between masters and slaves on a far greater scale. The gods a cruel tyrants. Pleased by any means, with human slaughtered on mass, like farm animals, their hearts and blood sacrificed
two creatures, known by many names by all each time loud in luck, Morlock even L, that dread idle still feared countless temples and churches taken each firelock now, in this age of priests, are merely fools or thieves the deluded or the delude yours, the truth has been lost to them that the course of thousands of years, the the role of all the earth's bishops and show any moms and monks was simply stave off the wrath of those ancient things which we stumbled upon when we were still apes we had found them in primordial towering cities of or child come built abominations, which was like men, the favorites
events, the horrid pantheon of the gods and so to please those capricious loads of this world, the cruellest and most ruthless. Of the ape men too, upon themselves to spill the intestines of their kin upon crude, alters of stone and obsidian. These wretched ritual continued in cycles also, de eternally offering the energies released by the victims, death throes to the elder ones after millennia, feasting on suffering pain, the old guy, found themselves contented for a time gorged on countless souls they entered into a death like sleep beneath the currents of the ocean and the crust of the land, The sacrifices did not end with their slumber. The descendants of the most merciless of the ape man, the priest king, continued to provide slaves and captives to appeal. The old ones appetites and to keep dead and Andrey.
But humans are forgetful ignorant and easily into beasts the priest, gangs, already heartless by nature and corrupted by power. Took the rituals of old. Them into religions. To celebrate their own and suit their desires, slowly Echo faces to the primary cause of old, ended in favour of deliberations and mass in the name of the priest, kings and their mythologies. This is truly their greatest folly for now without fetters, to keep them in wrapped in sleep. The old gods began to rise and they are free. Or anti and spread among them the nearest airport by yourself, a soft
she's, guys, radius, anti and grants extra cell play. Yes, I love that, if, that's all just add cop yeah, I love Anti AIDS. I was walking through pen station the other day that smell and Anti AIDS and then right by the bathroom, and it was very confusing for my- not us we're just a poor. Add man we're just Europe things were like an real revealed. True, the scroll, seldom lunch, oh geez feel uneasy and square. Approach droids easier to eat. Once a little hot dogs are now too
I'm sorry jury. I in all aware only breaches work. Every done here. You put a long hours of the first one and lastly, to leave, but we cannot bring about the end times at go through with the October Russo sales thing every we want to do these pumpkin flavoured principles we do when we want we're trying to the hollow in spirit, but the old, odds are surely gonna, destroy all farmers a reality starving. thou art. So this one is for meat arrayed. It's called rabbit and by Daniel, and it's really one of the best best so far, one night, ass, big ass, rabbit that look like a man man's body, rabbit had daddy darker style, except Whitehead and paused shit was scary, also I shot a big foot with be begun once it might have been a bear,
thanks to the story me, that's the best one yet really good story, my redo at night, as I think we got no one. I think we did ass big ass, rabbit, look like a man, he also possibly shot a big foot or a bear with be begun. For now assault Bulgaria's forever? Look like a man is man's body. Ribbit hit dont darker starts why aid impose skirt. I bet you know, because aside more air type thing, I don't like things with you, no one, things have like a natural rabbit head yeah. I think it's very creepy natural butt head yet
instead of liquor, creepy rabbit head. If someone has a real, just sort of rabbit face, collected David, lunch, rabbits, yeah sure why and in also in inland empire, and all that yeah yeah. She really creeps me I'll get. It belong on rabbits. If you put a human had an a rather be just a scary you to keep their heads to yourself to be mixed up ahead. This isn't returned to us here in the human had unwrapped, Sergei, don't give it a day. Take them tell anybody right! Don't guy love this gig? All I do is fuck all day long just other rabbits, don't which, as we have to get you the policies, the close ranks, Manx Bernie Coup Henry. So this is by Alec. Richie so it started when we moved in with my step tat he lived in, two story: house in a middle class neighbourhood that him in his father built themselves the parent
activity started almost immediately after removed in it was typical, slamming doors and missing items, etc are cabinet, reckless as soon as he stepped footing else you'd call at the kitchen habitats forcing them to open and hide in the back corner. You would only leave the cabinet to eat machine for moving to the house. He was your typical. Can we're military family so even moved around a few times, but had never act like this is behaviour for change he hit the cabotage until the day he died. Shirley. As to remove didn't we were hit by Hurricane Hugo. The time was the most damaging hurricane ever recorded after the summer. Cleared, my mom said she woke up and said started talking to my step, dad who was sitting the foot of the bed. She said she was talking about the storm and commented on the close he was wearing. She described it as a we'll jacket and have chosen extra civil war moving it. She thought. Maybe he put on the set costume for some reason after talking again for a bit
You didn't reply or even turnarounds from knowledge or just looked at back window that face back yard, she looked out the same window to see my step, dad removing fallen tree limbs with a chainsaw. She turned back the figure The foot of the bed and he was gone, the best flat and again only decreased this afternoon I note the truth. The sheep and goats didn't stepfather, often get up in the middle of the night to put on a civil war costume, I mean you It has been a sex thing because I don't know I have met many women like this, but you know they're, probably some women there, no oil of better than I said, and not so wrapped up in total agreement, and I love this sent. You have sympathy, sweat from the wall, though the woolly sweat creates yes, this next story
called the legend of foggy hollow one night comes out a thriving and need a green it. So he went hunting paths to find a place to jump is doing. He found a fat ass, love spot pounders cards through the side he kept scream at you. I thought you guys on someone bought the quantity blast spoken load and you may apply with it. It was salty guy, mad guy told a p. Psych obliges the pumpkin one time the mad guy founded upon his Dick soldier ever eat a pumpkin pie. Salty, you should go to the nearest covered bridge there. You will see a combined with a flame pumpkin. Worse talks should be open.
Storm had a legend of Bucky Hollow has to be made at the only story, so poor that I could see being also a big time seriously. Television, although I think he's changed EC about comes to echo budget, thereby the no no doubt said, and I he doesn't change its he saw a cabbage- is that I, as a it, becomes a verb you know. When announced become verbs, your favorite type of english band, I this is the people are really starting to get us yeah I mean they really will we like still for me yet and variety of mud and cut off his dick, and for you big, pumpkin, where the cock should be Where is it a car? Is it a pumpkin shapeless? Is I guess that would be like a gourd ursela she, while it's a good pumpkin on his dick, is a bumpkin spit. Speared honor was dead yet
it says, whereas cock should be implying that there's no caught their yeah. I think its a bit like the headless horseman as a pumpkin for ahead. He as a pumpkin european us about comes that, is you know it? It takes a village, I think that village, this too sharp ass, our been take, take us home all right, so this runs from Norway I urge annoy me whatever you and YO yo. That's knew what fun stories there been so far right, so this is it was during this ok, so this there's no name has just called and which is that? Yes, it is. I it was during the summer of nineteen, eighty five well Richard Ramirez was on the loose and after getting out of work in the middle of the night, my brother realised that he had forgotten his keys. So not wanting to wake my mother. He decided to go through the window, but doing so he made tons of noise which got the attention of the neighbors. They call it. Jobs and once they got there, they broke down the door to my mother's house and held him at gunpoint
half asleep on the couch after they realise that he wasn't the night stalker the cops apologised for the door, if not the trauma that just a sheer trauma, beheld a gun away at gunpoint, while you're half asleep but the door. They were very concerned. My mom and cops had a good luck about the whole incident and they ended up taking my brother's a jail, having weighed in his pocket very nice, but sorry about the door. We are gonna. Take your son anyway. This is disk about the scariest thing of all, which is about race inequality mixed with the criminal justice system. With the aid of this, when you re all they are, I say a real to be too real to not be scary, because that's very scary, this, mostly just cops, can just breaking your house right and thought and arrest you just because you're being Mexicans yeah just then you had with in your pocket, but they would have never known had they not broken into your house and held you at gunpoint? That is true, and you said that he looked at a picture of his brother from the time you city was much uglier than wretcheder mirrors, but on the other hand, it's hard. Be prettier. It is
yeah nothing better. What I wish every morning, when I wake up, if I would have a Richard written a mere as next to me, given me little butterfly guessing A clear bones now use sweet hot leather of God in his mouth is rotten teeth look at its tongue in Likud, in front of your lips, your lips read it out nothing like being at home, the up the smell of fish eggs on his breath? ass to sugary sugar, scum about em The sugar ray come at all over your maser sleeping as the worst part it combines, makes me think about the deep dark dungeons dungeons of the crib
you could just replace an entire studios, sound the people who break the salary when somebody has to have their legs broken in a Van dam movie folly, artist, Foley, artists Bass would be my children are the only ones I trust in the night We have a red eyes, see always sets out its trains nazi chain noise that the door, nor is Henry. We heard woman, she's walking down the street she's elderly. It's raining. She stepped into a puddle and falls good global media will reduce witness you never did you give it to me. You better will slip a do, come and live up to the bathroom common care me to sit all know they're, just Neptune alma breast. No, no! We ain't lookin for milk, but look away, we did? Blood
so many aims. I do so many sound scapes that I can make for you. So please, just at an easy fee of twelve hundred hours. I will make a sound scape for you. If I may noises are on, I can make that fly Bay, noises yeah. I can make the sounds of toddler feet, step on a bunch of pizza dough and I can make the sound of a male breast slapping against a male bow. That sounds actually totally wonderful ass. It was only sounds. You need that a square, and clap and said: oh yeah. They saw a really good show by the oysters, sent an email to cave, Kommeni, radio, dot com set up your appointment, and I shall now we just want to use
I want to go, see some ocean some Ocean theatre yeah worth what are the oysters planning for this year's holiday of that model they got big time but when you re no history, your eaten a shells tongue Michel's Tommy Warrant, a whole body of a thing in there doesn't have a brain and movie make your own brain. Alright, thank you guess so much for all your submissions. They were unbelievably fun. Yeah, this is great, say, adds thank you guys so much and next week, gonna be hearing stories from Paypal, actually gonna be colonists, He gets it in some to us. We're gonna be getting a holiday in the next couple days to set a time next week, and if anybody out there still wants to us a minister of you on some last minute submissions, we're gonna be economic, tell probably Friday I ve got me radio gmail dot com is the address to send to sentence a very short description in of the story that you have to tell us and will set
the time for you to a Skype in with us and hi o gain everybody Hale yourselves in this wonderful Halloween season remembered yet has worked they just amazing till I could talk to the listeners of this month. This precious precious month welcoming, say back into our lives, he's the only Who'd listens, he's the only one who could trust anybody. Held you to trust them. That's not safe. Their lion, ok, but then take that with a grand assault. Elsa remember to come up with questions to ask our resident wizards we're gonna have to wizards on the show in three weeks time too, Carson.
You do your queries, add or made me do a spell, for you is yes in a rag nor will teach you the good way to do: chaos, magic, magic and the bad way to do chaos manager. Yes, he has good, very good examples of successes and absolute disaster, all right, very exciting and go to cave company radio, dot com, slash merged by your last Pakistan left. He sure follows lp on. Left on Twitter, Marcus Arcs is also on twitter at Mark, as parks. I'm at Ben Kizil, Mister Henry the browser is at Henry loves. You thanks so much for support in all the shows here that we do on Sis II are round table and excellent, whom activities are just amazing. I listen to the other day, a really your voices. Milky insisted that. Thank you, that's nice. I won't listen to that show because if I hear another single thing about Jack, he's vagina will throw up in
never stop! Throwing! That's right. Will you ve been here jack? You talk about another round table of gentlemen as well. You really like only enough. That's great has great yes, Jackie, being Henry Sister to other issues and yes top hat and all those programme. So thank you so much damn it or do a hail yourselves and I'm gonna do a mega distillation, alright, Hale Satan, again ritual crew. Perception creator reality cover the programme, people dear, whether anything would or anything else Phillip. We unwithering I've euros that person you guys amid all sometimes do the talking about heroes on on the on the Facebook page on Twitter, and it means a lot to me. I'm wide tweeting. Every episode we're here, born. If you want asked me dumb question and enforce answer publicly, I will do that and I am also be I'm trying to put some truth out there and be into real for NBC. They have yet to tell me to stop doing that conspiracy corner. I wanted.
Into some discussions. I want to get the Robbie K fans activated into thinking about conspiracy, got towards do this people now, I love it. I saw was it would set a seven point. Seven on I am which is very good. I mean that's like great. That solid earlier regard yeah right on ground yet, and the life showed this month. If you want to join us for the October, live video, it is going to be on the. Let me check real quick. Exactly when it's gonna, be it's always the fourth Saturday every single month. So this month it is going to be on October Twenty? Fourth, twenty four October, twenty fourth creek in a cave, ten p m in Queens New York off the g training for the seven train if you want to come out and travel for, come on out make your plans. Now, if you want to have a new could Spooky October, it's always superfund intact
so much for watching the live stream. Whenever we do it like us, they seem to be doing very hammer Levin again goodbye everyone, good, our work and costumes. Now you don't wanna be a last minute sally. You have to be ill, don't be a last minute, Linda wreckage shit together. What about has been Larry, you, don't we don't be sexist. Say: Hale me Henry Ale me yeah, because you have to worse than the tradition is broken and everything falls. Apart. Lay your right, you're! I keep forgetting about a loose tenuous line. We have unreality. That's the Bible, shows like the one, just listen to go to cave, comedy, radio, dot, com.
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