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Episode 204: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part II - What I Bring To Friendship

2015-12-10 | 🔗

The series on two of America's most despicable killers continues with Leonard Lake finding the perfect location to pull off the evil and twisted Operation Miranda and Charles Ng fully joining up with his murder partner in California.

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There's no place to escape to Chinese Chicken, the chinese chicken know your singer. Thank you, ladies. That's what it is goodness, never again to be honored on this podcast ironic, about the name of the band Barenaked, ladies, that I'm pretty certain any single member of that band had never seen one of their naked lady. That's right and they're actually fully clothed men. Well, as always, stared at the beautiful mark's park, so speaking of bare naked ladies hovering, Leonard Lake and Charles Mean today, part two and your Henry Zebrowski said your Henry. So people know mine
Amy is Alton Brown from at the cooking channel yeah. I love you the food and be needing your graders right. You got a rub them side, ways that up and down you yeah. I have a food neared yeah. I think he has a show called good eats. His were the most obnoxious ones on the network. Good eats is a paralyzing Lee Boring, show, that's right and the food doesn't mean look that good to eat, so he can a good to eat. I got Leonard Lake and Charles in your cars to part and out the worst possible segue back all right, lettered Lake and Charles NG last episode. We Ciara letter. He just joined the hippie commune and people were kind of getting upset with them. They didn't like him very much. I don't know this that this horrible balding bearded men like to shoot off his guns. Talk and military lingo, not doing
all in the head, because you know what hit me the. I did, as I was walking here today, is that I realize that Leonard Lake is the type of guy that centerfold is his favorite song, yes, J, dials, yeah, he's also the kind of guy who brag about how it's like I can get a hold of a giant in my mouth. Well, like just put the bottom lip at the bottom of a giant off. Well, I I like to do weirdly tongue stabbed in the middle of it strategically missing all the sensor points of a vagina that might make a woman around exactly yeah, so Leonard Lake he was in. This is not surprising at all a big fan of soldier of Fortune magazine, nothing like a good, even tempered magazine soldier of fortune, if you didn't know, was long array huge for not only survivalist like lake, but also especially in the late 70s early 80s each for mercenaries, willing to fight an african civil wars and straight out hitman also losers
total losers, wrapped up in fantasies of grandeur in which it would never do any of that. Yet I like the idea of a militarised person in Sudan or something like that. Very similar to Billy Madison a Nudie magazine day, one soldier and for a soldier of Fortune Day, the lake looking for a friend to share his survivalist knowledge and lifestyle with placed an ad under the name Tom Myers, and got responses from enough people that, when former soldier Mark Novak got a hold of them lake, have long been known in the survivalist community and I'll put it this way. Leonard Lake was really good at making up fake names, great good pseudonyms, because yeah Paul Meyers sounds like a guy who definitely wouldn't be rape in a bunch of people and no absolutely not sounds like a guy who just be sort of look in a bunch of people on, hanging out with him being one of a member of a group of people inside of a bunker, he's a guy,
who has his own mayonnaise jars in the basement. He calls at Myers mayonnaise going door to door and selling it throughout the neighborhood and really rolls off the tongue. When you want to meet somebody and go hi, my name is Tom Myers, so no back twenty one years old, visited lake at the ranch for three days and had a reasonably good time there playing you know some pinochle and they hung out. They watch some old episodes of mash, and then he made some mashed potatoes with. That was it which was weird to have just cars and no protein food, but you know they were good. They were really salty, but they were good, nudie pictures and practical ways that always always shown that we cannot stress this enough. How Leonard Lakewood show nude pictures that he had taken to every person that he met everybody. But Novak came away. He did have a good time, but he came away from the experience describing lake as a bit of a quote Shittalk. Well, he was a Shih Tucker at this point,
all he was was talk about his bunker and all the things he had prepared for the end times, because at this point he was just living in a trailer yeah right desperately. Looking or other survivalist friends, which is just like the weakest thing for survive. Let's do I not survivalists roll about. How, like I stand on my own, I thought for those about being alone and only needing like one pair of shoes. Well, maybe, if you had more, if he saw more action in Vietnam, like John Rambo, did, he would know how to truly be a survivalist known. All Lynyrd leg spent his time to him. As far as I could tell the extent of Lynyrd leg, survivalist skills was putting Shittenou plastic
drums and bearing it out in the woods he learned how to twist knobs on a radio in the army on our diet- oh my god, so at the very least, Novak had a good enough time with Lynyrd Lake to suggest the experience to his new friend Charles NG, just the fact that anybody could be friends with either one of these pieces of shit. Just like I can't believe how long were Jeffrey Dahmer needed a friend, yeah Jeffrey Dahmer needed a friend these guys these guys are just having friends. Comma would work better like poker game. Well, I would say these guys are slightly more personable and they have the ability for friendship slightly more than I guess so, but their main focus is building bunkers in group, rape, much less dangerous for the friend. If you don't have a drill, going through your skull in an attempt to make you a human sex zombie. Well that is an interesting thing about Charles NG and Leonard Lake, see Lynyrd Lake real
We only had one friend throughout his life, Charles FAT Man, Gunner, but Charles and Charles Hatley, Charles? It was more specific to excuse me, fat, Charles FAT, Charles Gunner, but Charles NG. He made friends wherever he went. He all he had friends in the army places that he would workout later on. He had friends there every time he got into trouble. Lynyrd lake art browsing always had somebody to call, but he was just the sour little man every time you hear him talking to say all you know they always the rye about what I do right about what I thought and I never I would just hang around I used to know around you know like come around. I bring all. I guess I do. I bring a big fancy pot. Yes, I bought a walk. Is it funny? Is there funny every rap? but the things I bring to the friendship I mean we can learn a lot from the movie, the hangover, it's always kind of fun, to have a feisty asian fellow hanging around. I guess so yeah, I suppose so so in at this moment, is
serving in the Marines in Hawaii and his time in the Marines was fair uneventful until the eventual crash and burn he was general described as a loner, although he would entertain his fellow soldiers with his kung fu skills, which you would kick pencils out of their hands and he was actually known for his kung fu skills and was pretty good with nunchucks. This is my question again: do we actually witness testimony written down that says he was good at nunchucks or he just one of those pieces of shit that you'd meet like day camp when you're like twelve years old who's? Just like oh yeah, I pretty much expert at non chocolate. You should come by my garage. I have all these two paper towel to paper. Towel rolls tend to get away rubber band. I not thinking Whipple,
so face into your price. My friend, yeah yeah, I mean you just have to take a minute, is word the same way as the six foot, seven man, I just say I can dunk the basketball and was like I'm sure you can. I can't get off the ground yeah, but one look at your ankles and they know that you're not much of a jump. That's right! I used to have blood clots when I was a twenty one and and really messed with my ankle. So thank you. Henry Charles NG was described by former command as an exemplary marine as far Us Marines went that like because he also obsessed with violence like he was the type of guy that would chant marine front like that. I push it that they chant during the run like the dogs during boot camp. He would say stuff like to kill not real over and over and over again private. Listen, love, lyrics, uber, it's alright, but I'm Need you to hit someone else. Ok, I know that there is a barrier here and I understand that we are in the Marines were equal opportunities when it's really going to try for you to hit these else right. Ok, of course, are course commander. Yes, sir. Yes, Sir
No alright, just no kill no thrill here. No killed dear God. Let me give me popular boys, complain about how I say things and what I do when I bring the friendship. So, despite being a weird guy he's always and that's the other They said that he constantly being the corner practicing his spin kicks kind loser, no, I mean this is what he has to do. I mean this is how difficult is it for an asian American to find a identity in in this country, especially at this time all he had was Bruce Lee in Kung FU films. What else was he supposed to do? Hey? We have some great asian person, already have made their way in this country, but Kobayashi, and we got soon Yi Allen. big time. Big players out there. George
ETA Chi at this point is doing nothing. Nikki was Sulu at this point. People were making fun of him and the guy that was the butler in the green Hornet Hedo. That's Jackie, that since Bruce Lee Horsley, but I think that Charles getting it is not doing anything for asian culture, doing high kicks being like, oh idea, board cave across to me, because I believe it comes across like destroy it with uh. Oh, I got a big swipe. Keep quite quick. Let me look at me when I do it. Why is everybody's goal is complaining about what I do know I practice my speaking. He could have used a buddy, I think well, body was in fact Mark Novak the guide, visited Lynyrd lake. The two had, that while they were shopping in the army, sir plus store they notice
that they were wearing identical. Scuba diving watch is your body, which way is a Casio scuba, diving rod to watch. I love it. It's one of the best watches affected my brain. Do you have the same? Look at it which I bought. You then I am white in your different white, hello for type all white, but I can say we, for instance, and you revel was complaining about how we what I, what I do and what I bring to friendship. I tell you what I will put you down a book. I tell you two were quite a bit. I call for calls. Was his and a watch was my bus, my body principles becoming a record. This guy go me that cycle one of like two away from me, yeah with the Myers. Well, they did after. They met the army surplus store, they decided
will have a soda together because they're both sober, which also shows me. This is the problem. I I if you do, have a drinking problem or drug problem, I'm glad that you get out of it and you're sober and then you're being strong, but a lot of times. It means that you're an insufferable piece of I have no problem with recovering alcoholics, but for the person who's never touched any drugs, including pharmaceutical drugs. At any point in their life, you haven't lived. So while they're having their soda. They started. Talking about. You know survivalism, which Charles NG was already pretty into, and Novak mentioned hey. I just stayed a few days to this guy out in California. His name is Tom here's. You ought to look him up Charles, so Charles Meeting, this meeting would actually be pretty fortuitous for him because soon after this go AWOL from the Marines. After getting caught stealing eleven thousand dollars in machine guns green,
play launchers rifles and pistols from the base armory, which is saying he he makes us with weaponry he loved guns, but the same time. What we're going to discover about Charles Ingles that he had a true like problem with Kleptomania like he loved to steal he liked to get over on people, he wanted to be smarter than everybody else, which is why him and Leonard Lake got along completely because the idea is there were the blast two we've met in America by the end to really get what they want. Like real men's rights act. And I'm like they're, really really great, really strong men, really men, as we get more and more into this. It's like ing and like we're like the proto mens activists. Oh really, obnoxious ones, the ones that are just fuckin' terra Belterra bowl pieces of ship, the ones who refer to women as horrors. Yes, yes
but he said all this up where he was talking about just yet about how he was going to rob the armory in every once in like alright, Charles whatever man. I don't think you should, but ok, so Charles NG made friends with this one loser guy, that was the night watchman at the armory, and it is like to be he realize, like basically, they had kind of struck up this sort of relationship with each other and he had only struck up that relationship in order to get access to the armory. Sir Charles NG is like literally trying to be friends, but the way Charles NG is friend. Is it true really like. He goes well with your name, your name. Your name is Brian. We friends off right, yeah, it's a fun fact. I show you not come back come back by and by all you see my car here I got no shock. I got all your picture pro street 'cause. You know why he's so tall That's what I like about him he's so tall all right now what you gonna do! What he did was it said to him, is like at night your to pretend to go to sleep outside of the armory, and I
going to go and steal everything from inside of it and leave and then do you have the perfect alibi, which is you were sleeping, one of the worst alibis you can give yes and then the dude eventually just gave them up, because all these big grenade launchers were missing yeah from the armory and if only there was like Charles took it because they had already did that. The bridge sort of assume Charles was fucking around doing something because he, it's being really shifty yeah released feel like a ninja, and I think they followed the pitter patter of steps back to his bunk and they found him with all the guns. Cuddling, but true ninja is not found because true ninjas one with shadow. That is a good point, so NG after he was caught, he managed to escape the custody of the chasers, which is slang for military police. He climbed out the window and camped out in the hawaiian jungle. For a few days where he said he quote. If they have diarrhea from being continually wet and that's not my firt 'cause, I go out
yeah, they care according Hawaii of course, yeah. It's beach beach area and his black pretty worn everywhere, but I assume I go lay down next to volcano agabi dry right is volcano, mean Iraq. You know! Well, you know it's whipped right now, just sitting around and I've gotta, which bathroom and I've got to re out of my pants, and I can have against anymore. How did everybody else can pregnant yeah? There was no toilet paper anything. How did you clean up or you're? Just I found a Carrera, You used a Koala bear. But you see Acquire bears made out of toilet paper never seen the ad or two bears to be sure that yeah, that's what you don't share you into their skin a Carrera and they take a shellfish airfare to Carrera and they were pretty baby does toilet paper papers made out of Koala. So after a few,
days of diarrhea in the jungle. Ang eventually ventured out called up Mark Novak, told to put in put him into contact with Leonard Lake, but unfortunately, for anything Leonard, was no longer residing at the hippie ranch that we talked and our last episode for after months of the surrounding hippies complaining about lakes, bad habits, complex, eventually came to a head when Leonard shed stockpile, with ammunition caught fire and Who did inhale of metal debris in bullet fragments seems to be the number one reason why you don't have a stockpile of bullets I mean it's. No, I love the idea of a stockpile. I'm a huge fan. Fourth of July came early. That year I mean these are fireworks, but in their truest form, can you imagine that, just like a hippie, it's like you got the black magic like the colts guys like next to
Blake and they're just hanging out like trying to drink a goblet of grape juice and go like it's like. I think we're going to have a plentiful, false ptosis, I like the way the law It's like shook up that community. He should be shook up a little bit. Yeah sure coming up shook him up enough where they kicked his sounds like it's like Sinbad in the movie House cats, those those white Subir that's needed a little bit of culture in their life, so after being kicked out of the ranch, Lenardon cricket landed in Philo California, attracted by a magazine, article that describe FILO as the perfect place to sit out of worldwide nuclear Holocaust gotta get there gotta get to FILO. So let
got a job managing a hotel while cricket continued her career as a teacher's aide in shortly after relocating the two got hitched on September 13th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one with fat Charles, serving as best man, just as Leonard, had done for him years before. That's true friendship, yeah, it is so Charles NG would arrive soon after the marriage and the three of them made fast friends and moved out to Indian Creek Ranch in the owner of the hotel that Lynyrd Lake was but managing was reportedly happy to be rid of the guy who seemed to only be able to talk about the nuclear Holocaust and his quote: unquote up card when a pain in the soul. He must have been yeah right and those are the worst kinds of pain. What does how did Charles NG find him exactly so he went to the you went to the Comm unit was like: where is he and they told him where he had gone to going to? Well, I think they gotten a hold of them before they went.
The red, I'm not exactly sure problem. Letters well, yeah. The problem with with Leonard Lake and Charles NG is that the timeline is extremely difficult to truly out, was this kind of drifter mentality? Leonard Lake had no real address. He was going between various hippie communes. He was operating under a suit nism of pseudonym, like getting letters sent to him from there. Survivalist who were also writing under pseudonyms he's. The whole point is to be completely isolated in secret. He accepts chart I think it's technically is a job because he was supposed to be there to be like his assistant, where he was like paying him to do kind of odd jobs around the house, which, mostly just included holding young girls ankles while he's serviced at them, and he
just kind of got involved in it, but you know how it was. It was like Charles NG showed up with, like you know, a pack on a stick right: just saw Leonard Lake Likwit Lynette Perihan cops out in front of his trailer just going like. Let you found me stranger and then all of a sudden they were just rollicking yeah, it's a lot like Henry Lee Lucas, an artist tool. The actual timeline is very muddy and there's not a whole lot of witnesses to really corroborate exactly what was going on in their lives at the time, but as to why Leonard Lake and Charles NG got along so well so yes NG later Said- and this is a an exact quote- with the exact syntax the in use, I look at him a person to have like senior to me. I view him as a patriot because he have fought for the country, and I view him as a person who was very knowledgeable about different beings like him, steadying, history and geography and also did the call recalling,
in the Marine corps, I would usually talk about and he never complains he so once complain about what I bring to friendship. It does seem like true friendship. I mean this guy loved what lake was selling and linked in mind when he was when in kept on kicking pencils out of his hands, but also we're going to find out that Leonard Lake also sort of like Hh Holmes, which is very interesting. I just made that connection used pipe soul as sort of like This goon he's going to use Charles NG as his goon. An eventually is going to constantly sell him down the river every single time the two of them are caught in, like a crossfire or like they're, both caught in a crime together, the two of them. Turn on each other and Leonard. Like I mean we're going to find when they were finally discovered down up down. The line is that Leonard Link to shot funding Charles NG, just like just like a ducked out on him and left him to be arrested? Much like how the green Hornet treated Cato,
the green hornet treated? Cato? Wonderful? No! No! No! Don't do it a lot of similar words. They were full partner- own Kate. Oh that's, a good question. He was his Butler Cato was his butt. Exam was paid a living wage, so my analogies holds up perfect, so the trio's stay at Indian Creek Ranch also be short, lived, as Leonard once again started. Stockpiling weapons just have one weapon want well, he likes weapons. Of course, he's a survivalists survivalist and a stockpile of weapons go hand in hand. This of course, caught the attention of the locals, who managed to either hear about or figure out that the all the little chinese man who is pondering about the property was an escaped fugitive. The card rated the place, found Ing and the illegal modifications lake it made to his guns and arrested them. Both ANG was sent back to whole wide
face a court, martial is the nicest place to have a court martial best place to have a court martial, while Leonard Wood Skip bail after his arrest and his life as a fugitive with a Julie began. He would say that in his diary that he realized that, like when he was waiting to be transferred between the holding cell and where he was supposed to go to be tried. He was just like this is my time. Yeah, I'm going to make operation. Maranda happened now like he had been waiting all this time, because you realize that there's the one thing about a consummate should talker. Is it a deep deep? deep inside. They know there are shut talker, I know in the end, they can't really be full badass and less they do something about it and that's what he decided to do was make the choice an be the Leonard Lake that we would now know him as he acts against the wall, no other absolutely. But, however, unfortunately, cricket would not want to live the fugitive life with Charles England. So
even though the two would date on and off for the next few years. Leonard was once again a solitary man and in need of a new identity literal because that's what he realizes the man on the run. A part of part of that is, you need identities to wrist to cycle through, like you need to set up like blazes, then you need to get like call. Illegal shift. In order to do that, you need a license. Yeah utilize, You need some taking a license, a social security card and you need to be able to cycle through in fairly quickly. So what you, how you do, that is by shoot him in the head and grind up the bone yep and he did that to his younger brother, don No! Remember that the last episode we talked about how all he talked about was to talk shit about killing his brother. He never did it until we actually did yeah and tell he actually killed his own brother really look alike, but he knew that he could pass for him if you just kinda take of license plate cut at the end of July, so that kind of weapon from a place to stay
and then run away sure yeah. So you brought him up shot him in the head and while lake and cricket word first. She still allowed him to live at her family's cabin up in wheels. The veil, California, not far from San Francisco and this cabin would be where Leonard Lake finally would have the perfect place to carry out operation more and so this was the first kill under lakes belt right. As far as we know, there are rumors to say, like one person did say that they caught are they helped Leonard Lake? Take a frigerator out to the dump and the door was welded shut. Before then, so there are a little rumors here and there. But who knows if that just someone looking for attention, we've all lived in a college house before Anna and opposed to a clean in the refrigerator you just welded, shut it put in the car can get pretty disgusting just what might have been the first person he fantasized about killing of similar Edward Green but you're going to, and then he did,
brother. So it's a hell of a way to I guess it's you go back to what you want to do in the first place and then it's a good jumping, but now we're going to see the pattern that Leonard Lake and Charles NG are going to settle into, which is killing for for convenience and purpose. He killed his brother to get his id you're going to see this again and again, where he's going to kill men in order to steal their identities and use their identities in their property, and then he then kills her passion would is a part of his sexual release, and so he is doing it all now now he's he's very or to an h, H, Holmes yeah. This is an opportunity, Keller and a sexual color yeah. Absolutely so this house was actually the perfect location for this, who is the end of two hundred yards of unpaved road, relatively secluded spot, surrounded by huge, thick californian treason, low bills there were other houses nearby, but they were positioned in such a way that gave Leonard all the privacy that he needed. What kind of hold did he have over cricket?
if she would let him use her house well, I don't think that any other man wanted to be with you. Multiple use cricket cricket wasn't. Mine are high in a gangly kinda weird face cricket was hot in like a Karla, Faye, Tucker Kind of way in a way that you find Really hot is with the way that I found yeah active. Yes, what we don't know if you wasn't slob and knobs all over town, I would assume she wasn't exactly. You know hell too close to the celibacy. Well, there is a lot of speculation as far as what crickets involvement in all of these crimes actually work. This is where I'm going to say that's what this points to later on, she completely absolved herself from any sort of involvement with the crime should be. She got immunity for her testimony, but she was definitely an orchestrator she never helped bring women into the scenario earlier on where they brought him with 'cause it before they were just doing sort of torture play
where they would abuse her and then not kill her, but as they started killing the women mostly it's, because I think that she kind of validated in her head that literally was killing the women in order to get rid of the bodies, and so you don't have any witnesses for them to talk about what they were doing alone in the room. That is one area where the men's rights movement is not entirely off base. The incarceration rates between men and women are drastically more for men than they are for women. Yes, yes, they are well period I looked up. Let's we don't side with them. No, absolutely not! That's just that's just a fact. Yes, a fact, but the reason why cricket didn't go away is because all of the evidence they had against It was extremely circumstantial. There was no way that they were going to actually charge her reason why they gave her immunity was because they thought that she would have some information to put away Charles NG for so it was actually on the part of the prosecution, a good move,
The only thing they tell about crickets involvement is that she had spank. Callous is just like two callous is on her buttocks in the shape of a human hand, but telcom powder around the house, so Lynyrd Lakes, new location at first. He did reasonably well with the new neighbors, although the first interactions were not without their speed. Bumps see, Lake had bought a dog that he named Woobang now. What is woo bond? I googled it and nothing came nothing right, not a single god. Dam thing came up for Wu Bar. I think he just looked at it and said Woban yesterday, mom, oh yeah, we bomb was a german shepherd and one of the neighbors dogs decided to get a little frisky with WU. Bon and lake taking exception shot the neighbors dog- that's not a good move, not how you get ingratiated into your secretly secured place where you're trying to create your sex.
Absolutely not you let the dogs hump it out or the neighbors at first understandably upset were eventually charmed by lake. They invited him to a barbie do the following Saturday and after further conversation, lake and the couple exchanged, pornographic videos and lake officially is come who is happening back there. This is a business model, is it's. The 70s market is one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. This is the 80s, oh my god, but this is the thing is that Leonard Lake, that you only reason why they were even charmed by Leonard Lake us, because he was the type of man that was making homemade porn o videos that he would share with his neighbors at a barbecue Ronald Reagan's line in a hospital bed almost dying from gunshot wounds in these people are, in the woods, exchanging Porto and forgiving, someone for killing there Okay, life is better that way, I so so it was now time for lake
to begin his search for his M lady as he called her. He rented out an apartment in the infamous pink Palace of Haight Ashbury in San Francisco long known to be a refuge for transients. So here at the pink palaces he used the name, Allen, Drei and started to make friends with some of his fellow residents. Three of his victims would come from the Peking Palace, Vietnam, Vet, Randy, Jacobson known for being a little too trusting wrong, which is normally the opposite for a Vietnam, Vet, yeah, yeah, yeah and well he's just looking for somebody to be nice to, on the other, one was Maurice Rock a groovy pot head guitar player and Cheryl a Coro Maurice's girlfriend along the lake, Lord Marreese, in a call row up to the telling them that they can have all the weed they wanted if they would just come up and help him harvest his crop?
lured them with weed you elorde him with weed and while Maurices complete body would be found dressed the same three piece: Corduroy suit he left San Francisco in all that would be fine. We a core would be a section of leg bone and a neck vertebrae, but they id her with using DNA she didn't live! No, no, no live like that! No, no, no, no she's a transformer pieces and then would go back together like yep yep, yep, yep, yep right now, it's not going to work, but before her death evidence suggests that a core row would be what we could call the Proto M lady, his practice family practice in lady. For at this point the bunker wasn't that the construction, the bunker was not yet completed, but concerning a Coro police would find a picture of her standing outside of Leonard's house wearing handcuffs. So this is
to be the worst final thought in your head. When you get up to the top of the mountain you're like there's. No weed, and then your middle you had in the back of the head with a crowbar. Yes yeah that that's exactly what it it's it's. It's really sad, very sad, so innocent at least give a in the weed, at least when you're, drugged and then murdered, you got the drugs and then it's poor more Iraq's just sitting there it's going like. I thought we were just going. Yeah and then there's like this. Like there's no weed here only come Rappers Home man, you're lame where's the condoms, then he takes out his paintings thirty on this kind of fun. But these are very. These are like Ark, every horror movie. They really are all stoner yeah girl, Stoner kind of quiet, Vietnam, quiet and just kind of wants to be left alone. They all end up dying now, but a core, oh the closest. She would
to being an M lady, and this is another thing that suggests very heavy cricket involvement. Cricket, play a core in a pornographic video that she and lake sent to a collector. Of our Radhika. If she can usually what he filmed a lot of just like close up one, they were what those videos like you know that the form is where it's just like the genitals. I don't I don't like it: yeah, not a prawn from District nine, Pat Pat Pat Pat. She has an amazing day, but it was yeah. The up close general anybody out there who makes pornography just get out of there. I want to see the full picture. I want to see. The whole thing vaginas are beautiful. I like to see them. Yes, but I say yeah, let's get some face I want to see your face.
Check in the mail but whole shot? So I want to say that as well get those out, no one, one yeah behind the data back to the ball yeah, it was. The eighties was the heyday for those there, but they're coming back for so I hate it when they do that they shoot underneath the man's brawl to it in to the vet, the sex or you think we're getting into sex talk. That is an actual and exactly what the conversation was between lake and his neighbors watch sex tape. These problems have been going on since the age and by the way, Randy Jacobson. The reason he was killed. Disability check. Which is quite ironic or for the fact that Leonard Lake grew up saying every all these people that were living off Welfare were vampires yeah. Exactly, and this is also a trick that Leonard would use over and over again. He would deliberately pick people who got government checks to kill, and then he would use various idea he wouldn't actually like he would kill.
So one person and then sign a check from that person to one of his alter egos one of his stolen identities and cash. The check that way. It was just this huge shell game. Do you think that he put the check in left hand and then like slowly gave it to his right hand and then should thank you. Mister mayor, welcome, mister rock you're, welcome and, of course, at the same time that he was picking these people off in San Francisco. He also started his journal, which, unsurprisingly, it's mostly wine. About how women are quote, unquote, hors longing about cricket saying things like? Why do I love her so wish? I could turn it off and, of course, his musings on his m. Ladies, this is something from his journal about the collector all the
actor- has it really been near twenty years? Have carried this fantasy Maranda. My lovely prisoner of the future. I suppose who is in my way I am the same wimp as the hero and, in my way, at justice, crazy. I have no doubt we wimps have been compensating for our inability, since the dawn of history, sad really still then we die if we never live well. Well, oh nerd alert, nerd alert, Nerd nerd alert. Unbelievable. These guys are pathetic there absolutely pathetic yeah. I mean it reads like a fucking Reddit post yeah exactly- and this is also in Liberty- also wrote a lot about a survivalist beliefs. This is again from his journal them using our quote. Land of the free unquote is not prepared to deal effectively with a truly
free man. What can they do to one who carries cyanide pills in his pockets, tiny penises, that he doesn't think it's the land of the free, because the land of the free doesn't have a murder basement where he films, everybody dying at his hands hate it when he kills people for the I I quarter code identity. So I see welfare checks, while I've heard a lot of reasons behind. This is why America isn't the most free country, but this isn't one of them. No! No. This is not valid. So around March of one thousand nine hundred and eighty three Leonard, decides that it's time to shed his brothers identity an in his mind, the most logical replacement was an identity that he already knew how to manipulate identity with a lot of room to give inside of it? You know, please, please tell me it's Charles NG tell really, because it broadphase, like selling, that great to Woody Allen, film, wonderful film, not at this point it is.
Time to finally implement operation fish. The plan was to kill his best friend Charles Gunner. Please fat, Charles Charles, and use his name and identification, to stay ahead of the law. He called it operation fish as both the means of subterfuge and just a little Joe such is a very interesting 'cause. This is the I love this nerd piece of Shitt gunner. Well, where Hell how larger man he was would often referred to himself as a beached whale and lake thought that if anyone stumble upon his plans, there's no way they would make the connection between gunner and operation which, as in the words of Don Lasseter and die for me, wheels already. Fish there, mammals, God. I murder, it's also. It was also kind of fat. He was a bit of a chubber so You make a file Charles Gutter for being fat you're fat too,
yeah yeah I got it was super fast. Underwater fat always makes fun of the larger factor that could get the nickname of fat. Charles you have to be very fat. Gunner was five eight four hundred pounds. Yeah people tend to associate with people with individuals in a relatively like weight, wise, an physical attraction wise and there's always a hot one, but you know she can tap out yeah. He hangs out with fours and threes and men as well. He was a real door well, George, or if your playing golf, no no Duff. What was the movie with the girl that supposed to be ugly but she's, not ugly? They say it's, they say she's ugly, just because she's got brown hair, so he's all that no, the other one was called like dot dot, dice everyone, everyone to comedy yeah, that's every high school comedy yeah, but you're that she's all that is the same exact plot. Are you talking bout clueless? We don't make you a full, I think, is the light Clark. I love the movie Clark talking to big fan Aclarar. He
It's bit. Information about Charles Gunner by the way described by his neighbors, as quote, and overweight, good natured, if somewhat oafish near, do well, Gunner often beat his children, and this was a fact that Leonard, would you to justify his murder, so there would be a lot of false starts to operation fish. This from Leonard's journal dated April fifth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three operation fish failed. Charles, is simply too heavy to move Sai. He rides I at the end of a lot of journal entries like actually writes out the work he did. Twelve year old girl Lake failed again when Charles refused to eat poison snacks, that lake had made for him and failed. Yet again, when Lake tried to kill him with poison gas, but didn't use enough to
come out is a big guy. I used to love the poison snacks only like cooking a mop. This is gonna work. Absolutely it used to be it's like what you like anchovies and cheese on crackers. They just like anyone so Thatcher. Also high Federalist, wanted to try something like these snacks. I made it for lunch when she believe it. I've started my today. You know, I always say I'll start my diet. Tomorrow, I've started it today. This is my day you never let, Thank you so much for supporting me 'cause. You know that I've been trying to lose weight. It's been a really big problem in my life and have a bad heart stocks side, literally any other day. I would have eaten those psi. Lynyrd Lakewood finally succeed on April 24th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three and told gunners wife that her husband had left her for another woman and wouldn't be returned
unsurprisingly, gunners wife, wouldn't look into his disappearance for another two years, damn it that this seems to be from Hh Holmes to the 1980s here. Can you just do that? Yeah yeah, eight! Oh, what fish did as well, just like the kids gone, they ran away. I was watching this. Did this true crime show last Michael B, F B, I files from the early nineties, which great riches retarded on the nude Knefel it's and it's on Netflix recently added on Netflix, and that's what they say. One of one of the police officers was talking about a bunch of missing women. It's it's like. If you are an adult, you are legally allowed to disappear. Yeah you can just disappear yeah and what Leonard Lake would do arise when he killed somebody. He would write letters to their right, like you would find out who he needed to contact to pretty much keep these people from being reported He wasn't able to do it every time, but a lot of time
She was able to pick up these people who were kind of drifters. He did it with the Vietnam Vet that he would just write. A letter and send it off to one of their friends me like hey, you know I came up to you know Sacramento an I found a job, so I'm going to stay here, see you later very similar to Hh Holmes, again yeah yeah, and so this is another weird thing. That kind of points towards cricket is that when gunners, he was found- and this is by the way when Charles NG was still in prison police discovered that he was killed by not one gun but to which strongly suggests that since NG was imprisoned, the only other partner that Leonard Like had was cricket strongly suggests that they killed FAT Charles,
Is it possible that lake freaked out- and he just grabbed two guns with both of his hands or like he's going to crazy, like he's in a John Woo movies, like he's Yosemite SAM, just pop pop pop pop pop's white doves come out yeah, but like really fat, and this entire time lake had been constructing with the hell. Of a local boy named Randy are nothing like a good old boy name. Randy use was constructing the bunker that would become his version of the collectors uh. Round cell now. Meanwhile, in Kansas, Charles NG was cooling, his heels in Fort Leavenworth, serving eighteen months for the theft charge, ng and lake. This entire time have been keeping up a closed correspondence like in word or lake would send in like new. Good pictures of cricket he'd. Send him naked pictures of other women that he'd convinced to take pictures for him and he'd also send
detailed plans of the torture bunker that he which is very interesting. He sent that right into a prison right and then English send him naked pictures of himself with his penis time. It is the I don't like a Coca cola. I think we're trying to follow you. It is made me standing friendship to Frank. You know you don't have to. Send back a picture every time I send you a picture, don't even bother sending back another picture MIKE. My other thing, too, is that you feel that have littered like didn't ever like. If you skip the letter with no pictures or crick, like nude or any other various like blacked out I'd woman nude that like lighter Charles NG would write a letter back as being like you fear it. Ok buddy, you know, send new everything. Ok, you seem perky pad polaroids broke, so Polaroid machine broke their camera in ink white. The chatterbox about all of this everything that key would that Leonard tell him would tell to his fellow cellmates now, when the only thing that you would talk about, he would talk all the time.
About his plans to train in a symbol, a paramilitary unit to help him rob banks to help him steal missiles from military bases. So he could shoot down pass your jets. He talk about how we wanted to bomb bus stations and he would of course, talked a lot about torturing women, which is fellow inmates said he had quote quite the Imad, nation, for I still like the continuing of that near pain. No gain no key are not free, where's, the beef. We are used to be she got milk yeah yeah you got milk, I got me. Ok, I put him over to my realtor editor. I got here. I make milk out here a little known fact in came up with the majority of slogans we used today for beef and milk products time to make the donuts Yes, that's correct term to make some donuts check for me to make your donut and I got a sort of facing down here in my acting patch. You know the he starts off, really we just take the first sentence. I think we can use that for the slow
Have it your way and by having it your way, I mean. Do you from behind habit your very good Charles! Thank you. So after eighteen amazingly ending, was not sent back to Hong Kong because Charles NG was not an american citizen. He was a Hong Kong citizen who had faked a birth certificate to get inch to gain entry into the Marines. So that's one of the reasons why people say: that's, probably why you didn't get deported because, through some sort of clerical error, his birth was still listed as, like, I think, Indiana on his records. So they just let him back out in the general population and angry joined with Leonard Lake in July of nineteen. Eighty four again
lack of detail. Oriented police officers have kept these people on the street. Well, this is in the police. This is corrections officer with the same thing, with the F B, I files military. If you ever watch the series, if by files on Netflix, basically with that entire show, was about how the F b I'd like up up box up until somehow randomly catch the current right for a speeding ticket or something like that, but for actual files. Paperwork that you know it. I mean it's up to these peoples. Eyebrows and there's it's so easy to make a mistake is that you had this, I mean and that they're not really looking. This is just some little guy the gods caught stolen, stealing some weapons and the military let him in so you would think there. You know that betting process, he would have been been caught, their deck, you'd, think cell, but unfortunately not said the day after Charles NG reappeared in Lynyrd Lakes, Life Leonard's Journal, which he kept
every single day. For over a year the entries suddenly stopped the last entry he would write for two months would be a short little story about how he had tried to teach Charles saying how to drive that day. Charles saying Okay was not a great driver? What do you mean? He was a very bad driver in San Francisco. He got, two car accidents. In the first week he tried driving he new another car accident with when I key turned right in the front of big truck a couple months later one of the trucks that they had stolen, but I heard he was very good at dragging a basket with two sticks in the side of it. It had wheels on it plus sending right and that's why you can't believe stereotypes. Just look at Charles saying he loved playing with nun chucks. He pretended to be an injury. He kicked pencils out of people's and with a terrible tragedy. You cannot believe stereotypes, super thick glasses, thick, glasses, loved, Bruce Lee,
I mean this guy is just breaking barriers. Yes, so the first victim following NG, release. Was Albert G, a lady? A thirty six year old, openly gay dj at a small San Francisco radio station G, a lady had placed an ad in the spectator, which is San Francisco's local underground paper, offering quote oral sex for straight men. Ng answered the Add, walked in and kill GLAAD in his own apartment, real peace. Is she a real piece of and really what what I think they don't? You know what I think this is is that this is NG's first known murder. I Thank you. This is Leonard Lake SAM, like you, gotta get out there you got to get into a you got to get out there. You got if you want to do. If you want to take part in this, if you truly want to be a part of what we're doing, you got to go out and kill somebody, you got to get some out of the way so, and these people, of course, did not hold homosexuals in high opinion, so they figure easiest thing to do.
Do is figure out, find a guy in the in the one ads in the spectator, go and kill a man. No one is going to give a fuck and you know what they were completely and totally right. If I was Leonard Lake, I would not be thrilled that the guy, I told him, I said, go, kill somebody and then he killed A famous dj? He was a he was in a day. I was on the air on a daily basis. No w public persona trust me. I've been a dj on the radio before they're not going to miss also yeah a dj at a small radio station before it's if you're gone. Peep
We don't really know something other form of the less dead black prostitutes and deejays. Oh man, yeah Fm D, Js dime a dozen man, it's totally fine, so with his first murder. Out of the way ANG was ready to join lake in their first mass murderer, see many of lakes. Letters mentioned the desire to step up from photography to full on video for the M Lady sessions and that equipment would be stolen from Harvey Dubs owner of video dubs, a small cell from business that specialized in filming weddings, christenings bar mitzvahs and other such events. In less than a month after NG was released from prison. He in lake showed up at the dubs household under the guise of renting set equipment, but unfortunately for the Dubs family, lake and NG would in fact
be there to murder every single one of them, and this is legitimately a reason why I just use I would I had a piece of furniture that I was going, try and sell on Craigslist, and this is the decided this example of like this is why I don't let random people come into my house and that's just the truth. There's just a straight up if you're doing Craigslist list, I will tell you this find us meeting around or like leave it outside. Don't let them know what apartment you're at you you're at, because this is what happens your family the go in there. While the Dubs family eating dinner, they check out the entire they check out all the equipment, and then Leonard Lake and Charles ain't take the entire family at gunpoint to a rape bunker, yeah they. They heard him into the van telling them like. Listen. We don't. We only want your money, an ink by the way he
he said later, that Leonard Lake committed all of the murder. Of course single was a completely they both to each other under the bus as much as possible. Of course, an he said that lake broke into the Dubs apartment, heard him out into the van after dark and told that he only wanted the money strangled him and then buried him in holes he had already dug it was. This was not a crime of passion, it wasn't something that they. It just so happened that things out of got out of control and they killed him. This was premeditated. Their plan was to go in, get that go in, kill the family in seal the equipment they raped, the wife. They took the husband, they murdered the husband immediately. They took the into the M lady Holding room, and then they don't know what they did to the baby. Well, they yeah, they don't know what they did to the baby, but they certainly didn't raise it to be president. They didn't no yeah because it was
they are a husband, a wife and their sixteen month old child. An ink claim that he didn't know what happened to the baby, but another cell mate later testified that NG told him that Leonard forced him to kill the baby as a training exercise like the urban legend about the non SS officers and having to raise a puppy and and having a kill it upon. Graduation. That's why we gotta arm puppies and babies. They don't need guns. I think every baby and puppy should have a collar on it with a grenade on the front of the green and that that baby or dog can be pull the pin on the grenade in case there ever stolen that'll be look who's talking! Eight, the baby!
which side watch that same cell mate also said that being went into extreme detail about exactly what it transpired that night after they had a duck to the family and taking them back to the torture bunker. This is by the way the Exact court transcript and now go. Did you remember that his cell mate was named Marie Slow bear? Yes, Marie Slow bears? Did you tell Marie Slow bears that you tried the death grip on Deborah jobs? Yeah? Did you tell Marie Slow bears that the ask? old death grip is to strangle a girl with her pantyhose and twisted, as you are her in the NASA, this is where you'll Henry please. Yes, it is real, but this also,
yeah. This speaks to just the horrible. Do bagheri of Charles NG, that he had these horrible. Names for these things interesting pieces. She just said I keep saying piece of ship that just what they are, he said nasty little garb who is just like all use. He likes everything sneaky and steal, and it's just horrible. I feel bad that he's asian, I don't even want to be used in the asian voice. You know what I mean, so it's just you don't want to be used in the asian voice. I'm the one time that we've, oh so you're, not you're, saying that you're not enjoying that we actually have a killer from Hong Kong. It does provide certain liberties It does so this pretty much and the second
so it now of Leonard Lake and Charles NG. The third episode we're going to get a little bit more in the area. We're gonna get heavier yeah I'd, be much happier. We're gonna, learn about Leonard Lake and Charles NG is at the give their probably two of the worst criminals will cover in all of last. But guess what is? There is bad as the as they get yeah. They killed entire families, they kill babies, raped women and murdered adult men. They did all of it. They be tortured and killed and beat, and stole and did it with a horrible people. Did it with glee? Yes, and not the television show glee, they didn't sing the whole time, so it was not a a cappella thing. No, no. There are a bunch of scumbags and schmucks and that's why we mock them and again, yes, like Henry said: if you have something to sell Craigslist, What is Starbucks be alright thanks, so much for listening everyone,
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