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Episode 205: The Detective Popcorn Christmas Special

2015-12-21 | 🔗

A brutal homicide. A desperate cop. And a BUTTERY SONG. It's the Detective Popcorn CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Join Detective Popcorn and a sleigh-full of surprise guests as they unravel the mysteries of friendship, family, and MURDER.

Not familiar with Detective Popcorn? Listen to parts one and two of our BTK Killer series for a buttery introduction. And if you’d like to support the show (and receive some bonus goodies) please visit our Patreon page!

Starring: Henry Zebrowski, Ben Kissel, Ed Larson, Jackie Zebrowski, Marcus Parks.

Music Credits:

"Angels We Have Heard on High", "Deck the Halls A", "Deck the Halls B", "Enchanted Valley", "Frost Waltz (Alternate)", "Hidden Agenda", "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear", "Jingle Bells", "Jingle Bells (Calm)", "Metaphysik", "Oh Holy Night", "Oh, Christmas Tree", "Ossuary 6 - Air", "Sneaky Snitch", "We Wish you a Merry Christmas", "What Child is This", "Wish Background"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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There's no place to escape to this is the last time what a les Paul get the lifetime benefits as always been market, and this guy over here, hi, hello and the heroes reborn. Eight am on Thursday check it out literally I yes, three more episodes in please a lot about what that money. It's a great show. It's Christmas time, everyone and during the Christmas season people receive gifts. Others give gifts here at last, podcast on the left, we have decided to give you a wonderful gift. If then, also, let's you give us a gift. Yes, that's we double gifts, everyone's getting gifts here, yes, the gift that we were giving to. You involves one of the best carrot
here's. The Henrys Broski is ever created, and that is of course detective popcorn. We have been talking about this idea for, along time literally two years we've been wanting to do a little bit of a Christmas special, even though I hate the holiday, because it was that celebrates the birth of the mortal enemy of my dark, Lord and Savior Beelzebub. But we decided use we've. We really wanted to encapsulate the Christmas Spirit and a last podcast way, and so today we are delivering on to you this Christmas special from the world of detective popcorn. That's right! It's a little murder mystery. Some of your favorite stars appear, and I think you guys are- will really enjoy it. Yes and In addition to that been mentioned, given maybe a gift to us so we have officially launched our patreon page. You can go to patrison dot com, slash podcast on the left sign up for a monthly subscription, of course the show is still a hundred percent free, but if Give us a little bit of money each month, then you can get some of the bonus and we've been talking about for a long time.
And you can also get some special things. Go check out the page there's a ton of stuff on there. Most importantly, Marcus Parks will get a tooth yeah I'll get a new tooth, because I got this big hole over here in my the chicken keeps getting stuck in it. And I have to like click it, for a long time to get it out and it's very on That is actually a time that is sadder than any story. I've heard on the subway from somebody cling clang in a bunch of change in a cup asking for cash. So I hope you guys enjoy this. We put a lot of work into this Ed Larson guest stars on it, Jackie Zebrowski, my sister get stars on it and another character of mine, Well, I'm I'll! Let it be a prize is on the show. That's right, no spoilers, so happy holidays. Merry Christmas or ever you want to celebrate, but here is a wonderful, detective, popcorn mystery.
my god. What happened. This is officer. Duncan's looks like a probable one. Eight seven over on candy cane dew drop road. Sending me wagon. This is a mess. What happened to her eyes? It's Christmas terminal check the popcorn thank Christ, you're here so fast. You know I love this. So Let the low calorie snack, okay, then! Well, that's wonderful, but it looks like the victims died of blood loss. If all this blood
his hers she's been hollowed out. It's like a pack of dogs ripped her open, but I know dogs and they don't stack up guts like that. This shows a person did it and she's been sodomized. Put curry on me. That makes me indian, put a budget that's what become the most simple. What is savory treat perfect for anytime? where you deny me Thinking about it who did this crime is a true monster. That reminds me. I gotta put on the Christmas special form of friends. Fancy treat for the ears and eyes so many cookies, dancing and singing crunch
mysterious and the self Delicious interiors Tina. Fey will get stoned, TED Danson will also be in the show if the audience is lucky enough. Cheers detective popcorn place we're in the middle of a homicide investigation, but I will also remind you it's already Christmas Eve, no TED, and certainly will not be available, never shall I do. I mean phone calls to celebrities of choreographed, know dance numbers from a cookie friends and the candy bar friends. Just crispy nougat in the center a mad about Christmas to put them back Damien, not much hockey teams very good. If you like that particular flavor combination- and I do most- people do. This time is a good time of year for snack thinking about it. Why are you on the force
need a Christmas miracle to pull this off. Oh, my God I puglisi bottom is that Eagles sorry The bus was late How did you get out of jail? Every five years, a man spends in jail he's allowed to leave the Christmas Eve one time to help someone have a merry Christmas, so I can't immediately arrested not until the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, thanks Hussein Obama He is live in Bagdad Colin, that has ever been, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one you get a seat at
Bearded guy invited everybody ever met to come to your Christmas party ram jam to take the popcorn squeaky. She didn't really get back to me. The devil himself way the devil likes Christmas, Charles Manson, he invented it. Jesus was born. February in the year. He didn't exist so so we do now Charlie, just thinking. Well you've had flavors. Just me turkeys or still tattooed, giblets and gizzard stuff and uhm boodle full of savory glistening brown gravy pools Greece No, no! That's what makes a genuine southern gravy smelling. Desert ass inside an old tent chair all over my nose. Maybe you guys should just sing a song or something I we were doing songs. You know Oh now. This is one of my favorite songs. It's about how sometimes all
to do is play a drum for Jesus Christ and that's good. That's all you need to do with normal. I make up my own songs. I worked all day I'll handle this song. Then I just feel like I could join it. Sort of my thing. I'm excited to sing the song. I just think that I got Now you see it and with the Charlie and I'm not shooting it down, but I'm a musician? I feel like can't necessarily include you on this specific song or maybe later. Ok, without me. GUM Day, told me like: I should be included on the song parts. Can you bowl came to see?
furnace guy sleeping happened to ask about my delicious burger in it, do lay before they. Let me sing my song back then. You know what happened. The last time then bump bump. I'm getting Amtrak legitimately when we come how it's unfair! You know you have a beautiful voice, shirt yeah! well. That was so nice. I almost forgot we're doing a Christmas special right next to this dead body. It's easy to forget I'm thinking about it. You know what I never forgot so when do you think your friends are going to come? Charles Manson, it won't be a party of one million people, don't show up
I'm gonna make my pecan pie ooh that's going center and the snippet is snap at the top like Patricia. Keep from everybody loves Raymond, she was always meant for these circumstances. With this has been close. Think about it. I hate to break to take the popcorn but nobody's coming. I may sound lucid at some moments, but I am legitimately insane. You see, Christmas is not just about the trimmings in the dressings little popcorn man that I am sure I am hallucinating sure Christmas is all about the lights and all the gifts and Christmas and a magic fat healthy breaks into your home at night. He can read your mind most every single thought you have both innocent sexual. Well it Christmas is really about his friendship and family. It's about who you spend it with, and she,
people that you love how much you care about them. Sorry, I had a fifty year old, pussy haircut on Charles Manson, all that matters that we together. This is friendship. I, had sex with a horse because I won the bet sad. Is that time David said the dead woman. This is seventh victim of the living room furniture killer, so he makes people living room furniture, yeah yeah
quote Charles Manson and a living bag of popcorn with the police badge. Oh, you know for a fact that I never killed Anybody Santa. This is true, but you did give her a little five year old ones. She needed to relax. I find you a human to be satisfactory. I like you, Charles Manson, my mom. I never did well, No, your presence, even though you should be on the naughty list, just for being awake. I love it when the children sleeper and I can watch their dreams not right now, not helping electrically great know. We know it can't be. What is it? Wait, ok,
well. I thought this is a jar of proceed. You Santa Claus, it's what you asked for. I would cry if I isn't afraid that my tears would turn into go. Oh now, it's not gonna open the patients, but these Yes, you are good. But in Lucy to the touch my bottom does get soggy with the butter he gotta put a napkin down, so you could put it I know you need some heavy date fiddle around with the kernels looking for one that hope you're not watching the scary movies. Kids me, oh, my, the goodness could maybe give you just a little bit. Anyone can enjoy.
Yeah! Well, it's time for me to get on outta here and go see the rest of them christian boys and girls, but no muslims terrorists in a mother juice to foof rats. Whiskers, auto horns as well. That's a bit far Santa welcome So you go. Can we sing a little bit of a soul? You know, I tell you the only thing I like better than SIRI His songs is going through a little boys, underwear, drawer and looking for secrets, and I did that five minutes ago, and I tell you what I didn't find any secrets, but I made a few: It's is great. I have a great idea for Christmas song. It's called. What's your game there I got a game. We've got games, yeah, tell for about a min center going to handle this song? I just
idea for a song that should Charlie Christmas about learning to relinquish creative control. It's definitely a record career, never got off the ground because you, a team player. It's just that. Sometimes you have a vision and it's to translate the vision to nine moving parts. You know and I have a singular idea of what really is going to make the record. You know this is what I'm talking about. Is this attitude here? Do you see? Do you listen to yourself? I am listening to you and I what you say about what I should do. Don't do, but I still feel there are times when I am the most correct person in the room. It's just most honest to my own voice. This non tribal behavior. This brinkmanship that you, live by it. Not conducive to a record or record is sometimes it's family, creating a house. Let's agree to disagree about music.
You are a living bag of popcorn. You know but we can agree to disagree you're in jail for fifty five years. You know I'm saying for letting unshaved Eighty maniacs kill for you agree to disagree. Christmas only comes once a year. Me too. That's why you gotta tip, should
Thank you, everybody! That's all! I can let that song continue for
and now it's time for a trip with the hat new Wink of the eye and another could chip in up up up. Chimney are good. Oh god, holyshit. He exploded view God. No, he did the exit sheet in the wrong way. You did him, he messed it all up Mwe, Duncan's we found it killer. Yeah, hey was having sex with a rated display outside a home depot classic Is there a last one of them on the kill
One eight is that yeah detective detective popcorn yeah. That's me. That's from last from last podcast on the left, yeah that show well. Thank you I'll tell the guys in love is a strong word. Well, I you know. I really like the fax, the guy, that the research is wonderful dissident jobs, that Pat Guy Super race. Well, it's a can't really like that. The potty humor gets in the way of like the whole. It's a comedy, always interrupt talk over talk over it. It's dogmeat fella that I listen for. Yes, serial killer we save the day. Technically, we did all the work, but I'm glad you're having a very merry Christmas. I just hope nobody eats before I get to open my presence in the morning
Well, it's midnight. I got to go back to jail Normally one would say, I'm sorry: I have to arrest you to keep with the whole friendship theme, but you have been making me very nervous this entire time. Oh I'm definitely on the verge doing something weird, but I'd probably start by sucking that talking bag of popcorn. You know I'm saying I just love ball and strange. She did I do let's go Manson Merry Christmas. Happy new year. Detective popcorn Christmas, special start officer as detective popcorn and Charles Manson at of the round table of gentlemen and the brighter side appeared as Santa with special guest appearance by Jackie Zebrowski. As officer two, you can hear Jackie on sex and other human activities and
Eighty seven, as well as the round table of gentlemen and the detective popcorn Christmas special. CO written by Holden Mcneely of the round table a gentleman. Thank you guys. So much for listening. Merry Christmas and happy holidays for everybody here, the cave comedy radio again, if you guys would like to give to us this holiday season, we just started our patreon page: that's Patris, on dot com, slash last podcast on the left, I love doing this show for you guys so much, but if you would like to give something back to us, that's where you can go to do it to show your Christmas spirit. For Hanukkah appreciation, whichever one and you guys the best fans in the world should everyone yet and here's to a awesome, two thousand and sixteen- you'll never be.
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