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Episode 213: Dean Corll Part IV - A Country Boondoggle

2016-02-25 | 🔗

In the conclusion to our Dean Corll series, the man himself meets a bloody end at the hands of one of his accomplices and police discover one of the most gruesome crime scenes in American history and completely screw it up.

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on the cannibalism started, Maybe I'll be a good way to highlight. This sort is saying my sex is good colony. Growth work right where we are nearly all we all. We not Sarkozy overages, do when it's time for the girl work STAR, no relationship that can't be the interim girl. Oh no, no! No! No one wants to think about you and sexual away now girl, something else. Otherwise we can start to show our right to last part. It has a lot of technical at the desert has always upstairs at a beautiful bark. Is partly market doing great? How are you Ben I'm good? All right? This, what are you? What are you gonna be today? Ok, we really want to put it to womb gotta, get you book swinging.
In full flogging. A dead horse hanging from a rope Scully your aunt Julia Scully as sex coat, show what he had sex with all boys. It came round me like right now. Your attitude is wrong. You need to start with the adverse through your balls. So its slaps, the balls of the boy that you're having sex rebel we may politically was very antigay right said- is by right. Let's go out we're onto our fourth partner. Thank God. We're almost done for markets is mind. We have or put forth partner on dean. Coral, rapid boy, rape and murder is not really great on any bodies mine really not I've. Indian core got a little secret smiled at all that even thing for him. A kind of rotted his mind away now around I've been knee deep, indian coral for about two months now, but
in both research and actually recording these episodes. I am very happy to be done with it. Although I gotta say this has been an absolutely fascinating story, and I have actually loved, researching. Yes, and I have learned quite a bit about what we decided to really take the research towards like learning about the nature of sexual sadist. It really puts a lot of context. It's a serial killers in this vein and when they are not just like a richer Ramirez typewriter, like a Lord of May him rights very interesting to see the how the motives play out, how it's a mixture of both biological and psychological thing. It's itself in our way of being on ways of interesting thing. I blame tax. Let's go ahead and say it is an academic interest. He has your and, I would say, and competent dean cool never got tired of thinking about murdering boys, I always imaginative dean, Coral just just head like a room of live blonde children, he would be like Brian.
Wilson make making pets. Yes he's gone, we are seeing what sounds they can make like a wakeham all anywhere he would go away. I flew to be one of those programmes leads that never retires. Might go to the twilight, my friend, it keeps recording it for Weymouth, Brooks and then just like two great teens really great on the next level dean also, I think the descriptor have been knee deep, indeed quarrelled and I don't want you to love it, but that is about so by this. One thousand nine hundred and seventy three, the trio of David Brooks Wayne, Henley and dean. Corll was starting to drift apart. Just a little bit David Brooks had suddenly gotten married to his girlfriend, who had also just knocked up in June, and that happy couple moved out of.
Soon as they possibly. I wonder why, because he was roblee connected to upwards of twenty nine murdered. Can't we just gotta, go we just gotta get over it all. On the occasion like real fast, you gotta go you're, listen! It's like a lot of people grow, sale, would you say I was again a murderer, but what I wouldn't do that now, I'm your husband, I'm here, I'm the Father retrial of go, we're going guess what to EP child. My David Brooks he gets out with his girlfriend Wayne. He claimed that he's stuck around because he was afraid. The dean. Corll was going to go after his little brother's if you let out of there, but we do know that we actually had tried to enlist in the Navy, but was denied entry because he was a high I'll drop, but we also know that Wayne Henley, no matter what he says after the fact about his involvement in these crimes. I think that the crimes
his relationship with Dean and in what how that situation is situated him with all the other boys and neighbourhood. He liked the status that he had and I think it is very difficult to leave that. I think that dean definitely and holding him in terms of being father figure, but I dont think that I haven't you like being a killer. Can you imagine if the he didn't wisdom and Maybe you'd be a summary in somewhere and you just have to be like his bunk made it constantly laughing about seamen, the Dublin Talleyrand things may add as body all our someone's got some sums, Towser, strudel lights and all over this table. This mandarin want I'm a body dean rape and murder and his boy- and I had brought him there because we were coworkers and friends over at the long, John Silver, and I just was light now that it's funny it's like someone drop a cup guy who's, opening the door of the submarine to get out underwater workable guys. On the same, and just like you so David's, leaving Wayne Half hour They may be trying to leave, but
dean himself was actually planning on leaving Houston at the end of the summer. Seventy three we know a little bit of information from a here too now on mentioned character. In this story, Dean's girl, friend of five years, Miss Betty Hopkins Ness. Now, let's, let's picture Buddy Hawkins, we rode not find a picture of Betty Hawkins because she drew a media. We left the picture as soon as she as soon as the crimes were down we're going to find out how this whole story ended. Actually, no, she didn't she stuck around and defended in for quite a while said. Yes, it was too beautiful to The picture I imagine she had to face in the body reminiscent of a pound popping up we are bound by belong in dumping. Gap can afford it
we're skin or Betty. She was the perfect beard for dean both to hide is homosexuality and his murderous ways. First, she was a desperate oh mother and her late twenties, which, by today's standards, probably all right totally goal, but in nineteen sixty eight that narrowed or choices down quite a bit literally, it's like more. If, if the dude wasn't actively easing you for pipe Can you for piping practice, like e, was great? You had a good guy now and very, like most good beards. Had an almost superhuman capacity for denial in the five years that these two saw each other only once did they attend to have sex before dean stopped in the middle saying he called unquote, didn't feel I can see, though, but this in the end you I know it seems like he, which is gay, but I think the quarrel was so straight. Exactly unwanted disrespect value we write hits is growth,
Seed inside oh yeah yeah just run away till marriage. I just know that if we, if we are just a little bit patients that the hugs will get stronger and among no it'll work. No Ma Spaghetti strand will be a thumb, little doggies tail once what I'm ready there is already that's right in the eyes of Christ. They had a perfect a union that Sweden, ITALY there. What do you think these dog collars, you think they'll fit a sixteen year old boy? I just think it's it's fun luxury in with you deem bury you. Are this theme, the lady? I can imagine being what I was talking about I was talking to a friend of mine who I think has gave it is never come out and he did say when discussing a woman is it or that chicks propaganda, hot pussy, and I thought that was always that those countries that are hot budget- I would much rather John Lady over there is got HANS Vagina
we had a friend like that in the college that would just a he just come as they are both ears, israeli God tonight and gets them puss. Alex you just. I know your father's me. I know you know is very judgmental bud You got it. I mean this is our third now go. This is our third Marguerite a night in a month. Absolute come on man, your hand is near my pocket. All right. I'm for friends are big of great. It's it's very difficult for dean. Coral at this time period, because not only is he gave but he's also cereal rape is, but if that is what makes it in for a lot of people at that time period, outdated them hey, it gets better, but redeem coral, I would say hey come with me, I'm bringing you to the police. What assured the worse for you? Yes indeed! he was Dayton. Betty Hawkins. He also pulled the all, let's on a date. But now I'm in a show up with a ban for kids
Yes, he did a lotta that we're here would bring the kids around them up to date, since I got me was always surrounded by fifteen year old boys, and he just said they were my his club members. I, rather than the old sharpen van with above, She kid isn't really that all I never heard of it before it is a trick. Combat arena was old. The dean Isaac Newton, you needs all the dean, knew too you. Oh I get it, I'm the ignorant one. It's how you make a blind date feel comfortable. All right. All right is Betty, I mean she was a mother to so she now really saw anything wrong with it and she actually she thought better of him for it like. Oh, he just loves kid so much that he has to take them with take them with him. Every single place, go right and he s a test, their seamen and make sure it's not poison right, I run, but in you know, when Dean's darker side was discovered, even after all, the evidence came out even after all the
bodies of the boys were found. Betty Hawkins still would not believe it. She said that she dropped the house on numerous occasions, unannounced she'd efforts the weird she said when our kids over two dean's has therefore run. They never saw anything weird, but the one weird thing that she did notice was Dean's behaviour in the weeks leading up to his death. See dean had never really been heavy drinker, but in around July of nineteen seventy three he took a liking or there is a need for whisky. Betty said that he was quote a man with than on his mind, which is very interesting, goes up to this point? He had already switched addresses like five or six times when he knows it. He's always is weird kind of rangy. Guy he's moved around a bunch, and now it's like he's trying to make a big move to bolder in order to be with his mother rank, as is my remove their five years earlier. It just seems to be like Like our a russian cavalcade of
fly, or just like you guys, like going into the Kremlin, so many are required of him a week in a whiskey talk about us about. A bolder, doesn't have the shadows. I, after step over Faggot coup I just the dean just seems occupy like things at the electric company- is just not really gonna how we want heeds. He won't. Even let me bring a flute in the house. We bring a flute in the house. I know not to bring a trombone thou, but but Gregory just dying to play the flute and it said we have to end romanticism, for so many of our listeners. If you do have a boyfriend who is constantly contemplating than you think all he must be thinking about world peace better way, you know took two concerns: her. Ask him what is thinking no eyes ass? He is guilty of murder,
he's thinking no eyes ass. He is guilty of multiple murder. Is possible. Contemplation usually reflects a person very going very, very dark into mind, then think about their worst attribute, their full of guilt, tat. No one has ever quiet for good reason. Don't ever now, what's right, maybe it is because on the loudest human beings ever exist, get it out. I have my pensive times our. We know that the legendary said mean, was planning to move out to bolder his mom and moved out there. Five years earlier, he hadn't seen her in five years, but he'd told Betty's, like listen, I'm going out to bolder it's not the right time for you to come out right right now. You need to wait a little bit and How do I get settled? But the only thing that I ask no matter what you do do not tell David Brooks where I This is very interesting because she didn't say don't tell
in him? We were, I went, don't tell the kids when it was just specifically don't tell David Brooks where I went by rise, it could be the Betty Hawkins is making it up, because the only two people- misgivings about Dean's guilt was Betty, Hawkins and Dean. Quarrels! Mother, I think it sounds a great. Then he was immediately trying thing it sounds a great than he was immediately trying to dump all of the crimes and David drugs and he's trying to leave town as normal, and he got really close like this is how these people do it as why would look like the stories about Henry Lucas. Being this rangy killer may be killing hundreds of victims at a time it seems kind of insane, but you realize what a guy could go here, act up twenty nine murders and three years, and then he could just leave town, especially this time. Period and rigorous gonna need you show up in another place, and we, like my name, is Smith.
Nor have I am the famous candy maker from all downwards of Texas boy. What did you say, a sentence that makes any sense I mean it's spleen, clean or normal. I just make the sweetest Pray Linsey ever put your tiny little boy lips, commit himself. Weird, though, immediately you start over anymore, the Afghans tell your constantly followed by your paths. Nowadays, can't there are places in minuses today. Sadly my facebook yeah, it's the greater the reason why Dean's mothers had, like others, Nothin governor with my son. I don't believe any of this because she said, like you know what yeah I haven't seen him in five years, but the only that he was ever upset. When I talked to him on the phone was that time he got a little water pocket in his testicles, known as a hydrogen.
They want that what they had to surgically remove it is that kind of fun. Well, I mean how do we get? There could be a superhero there's, a full house burning down there and the fire department shows up, get right in there and you get yourself a hydro. Not cannot doktor literally just be like he's like, while I do not really only created by someone seems to be extensive, either anal or vegetal. An intra courtly severe the human that you're making love to is struggling in the torsion of the butt. You must incorporate pockets in your here s what I always try. That's what I always say to all the Ladys back the day, much to torture and your button links pocket amendments was to romance. Torsion is usually something that happens with your boss. Deaf runs very interesting:
killer, torsion is as great as is not an I'd. Yourselves are not as uncommon as you might think. They do require surgery to remove, but there quite inconvenient so Betty S. They are intimately Betty Hawkins. She wasn't the only one to notice the dean was a little upset in the weeks leading up to his death, a coworker reportedly as dean why he was leaving the city. Indeed, just burst out with. I can't talk about it I'll handle it
All right. Ok, ok, you mean like hiring the movers and like a sharper. Another red flag is planted on the mountain of coral. Now it could be. The dean knew that things were about to go sour with his two accomplices, because Wayne Henley later said that he in David, Brooks had actually had enough of the entire situation were actually planning on killing dean, but every time they were about to go through with it, they have a bunch of paint psyched themselves up. They just passed out right yeah, and this could actually be true in It is possible that dean was planning on killing Wayne Henley, not because he was done with them, possibly because Dean might twig Don T there are planning on killing them and he might have felt betrayed you since the coup, but literally dean was more disappointed than angry. That was it and that's the problem.
It's like, when your mom gets disappointed with EU instead of being angry, but instead of your mom and somewhat disappointing new, and she gives you the sound treatment, dean, coral, we'll tied to a board and strangled EU death rape, you're dead, but dangerous, but this is where the interesting dynamic comes between pedophiles and their victims that I think that dean, coral sort of abuse it I think with pet abortive. Definitely yea. All of Europe is all about it. I think, will examine Gacy we're going There is an unnamed person that served as a witness against German Gacy during his trial. That is, his name was never put on the record. I send you an article about
because if we get it right, it was your posts it onto the facebook we definitely, but the idea is is that German Gacy had a he had possibly had an accomplice, and what it seems to be to me is that a pedophiles in their victims, relationship oftentimes, especially its homosexual pedophilia, is father to son. These people don't have father figure, sets reason why they are. They became pedophiles in first basis because modern times they were molested is children, they construed. That is love now. They believed that the loving relationship they have with their victim. They believe it's a loving relationship. Possibly there were doing as is caring for them. Yeah, and you go on these message boards they that the twisted logic that pedophiles used to justify their crime, is mind: boggling will enable a mean. The EL stands for love the exact Nellie, what they believe that gusting completely fact. No, I know I have a long history of taking care of children who were molested. It's very confusing for them get him. You must have ensued,
area. First. Put me at all. You know just be untold weary wealth. We started with you. After all, what do you do? All the oil? Seventy, but Dean Quarrel is sexual sadist and is still grooming Wayne and David Brooks in there way that a petty firewood, groom and normal victim right. They believed that their victims were below them that they were too to be used. They were toys, the kids were toys, but dean looked at Wayne and David Brooks, as you will be my equals. I raise you like a father. You were like me So it's like what I am doing is instilling my values into you, and I hold you above these other kids. Now that the process is gone through, especially when the beginning they started off as victims, they seraph like they were supposed to be killed, but then he saw
something and then like a fucking baseball stout and was, as I got, the x factor, use be invited and Simon Cowl, letting you know dolly. Will it go? Did they joined the team adjoin the exports of all is simply expo or one, and when they started to pull away, which you can see immediately, like I imagined like based once you're kind of stubbornness scenario when you're somebody like David, Brooks who is basically in a euro monetary situation with dean, coral like you're getting cash. We, namely, is getting caught, He's your boss, but your boss views you as a father. Utter of anybody's ever had a job where it's like the area I speak to you as the sun. Yes, boss, use your son, under nobody was a rather than a job where it's like. I had a boss that view me, like a son once and got really is upset with me. When I tried to quit your work in some sort of human sex trafficking restaurant or yeah, but I knew he was killed by a yoke from the beginning that I know not. I mean second
Where is this pen era located exactly all hits everywhere? We have put our you didn't. Albert era was the backdoor for a gigantic international child slavery ring. I did not, but I do believe in the egg. Sandwiches are fantastic five, but if we want a dog about the but Dean Coral reefs,
disappointed by watching them, pull away that I am certain that they were going to be dead. David Brooks and weigh heavily we're going to be dead very soon, and if not, they were gonna kill him like Alice. That was sort of it was already happening, and it just must have aided him no hard a watches, proteges run away from horse sad day. Isn't that rougher him? Oh Dean's last house and remember we said he moved five or six times a year for five years. His last house actually belong to his father. It was on twenty twenty Lamar Street in Pasadena Taxes, which is actually on the other side of Houston from the heights that this house was by far the most blood soaked out of all of Dean's different upon.
That's an dear in this three year rampage this house. Strangely enough, because of the petroleum plants there were surrounding it, and this is a smell that we have talked about being surrounding serial killers again and again it smelled like sour milk. Oh you gotta. Try, my new Yankee, and all the yes pawed about lighten it. They call it son of SAM Tat Gillis, any idea what you're, just like the Kindle in always got that milk smell. I love. I can't go to sleep. I smell it. Oh god, I'm here looking for more of a summer rain or a we get out of here before I shoot you in the face, was again really provide anything good LE wave or you disappoint smear disappoint, myself, nation
they thought it a navy candle. There was no use, but no popcorn butter jellies make this mouse. You know these this now. I know I keep Selden takes. Is though, businesses get for my mom. I guess her house just Melick rotten milk anyway, so vehement whore, what's it like a mother ago was nice. He loves me. Let us, although a few people did say, the dean was acting. Just a might be stressed. In the days before his death Wayne Henry was the only
one who saw what Dean Quarrel was really like when he was stressed. This is what Wayne said about dean. Coral in that last month, Dane would make these short jerky movements he'd start smoking, a cigarette which are usually never did and he'd say he needed a new boy. It was like a blood lust as far as that blood last went over the course of just one month between June first, an August Fourth Wayne dean would kill eight boys, five of them from the heights, feel like a regular Jennifer Lawrence and David O Russell. What many films made things sort of like a bad. Yes, where you got Johnny Depp and TIM Burton has about that good. Look out, another ideology falls apart, but just like any profession who says he's gotta, pull one last job and then get out of the business
Do you now you're acquainted him too by Albert Uniform Godfather that we're George Gloody from oceans, a letter, TAT, Dean's final boy would lead to his death on August eight nineteen, seventy three and it would all hinge on a girl named Rhonda. Will ya know what that guy? Another reason why Wayne Henry was pull away from Dean was because he was fallen for you. Rhonda. Who just happened to be fiance that Brink acquire the first boy, that Wayne Henley Witness Dean, murder left behind when he was killed. And the way he did it, which is that in very nefarious, wait almost like internet anybody in middle school ever joke about whether friends being like you pretend to attacker, then I come out now been off the attacker than she'll love me forever as they wouldn't. You know that no, I think
the opening seem from dirty work, something out your fill, the guys from better energy audits character. That's what you call a con. Yet is it? What is it it does? Not it's not a good way to build. A solid foundation is a relationship right, but this is exactly what he did with with Rhonda, by telling her like francs, that coming back, and I can't believe he treat you like that outreach. You right I'll, be here, because it's like I, the Junta killed, I'm running, but I'm just saying now be. Let me clarify was king pin as a matter of fact that you didn't have to pay rent, that's Ryan and yet eater out get this done it's. The only testimony that I could find about Rhonda in wanes relationship comes from a man named on sour dahlia who owned the third. I Spirit Shop were Rhonda. Actually worked little a nice little local, Occult Bookstore in Houston, Texas.
Shit yeah, run sour dahlia said the two used to hang out at a shop together. Quite a bit then make out on the couch that you had in the back, and he said that they seem to like each other, quite a bit about Wayne We specifically run said hurriedly, with those two men lying around with me about metaphysics. Shortly before the storm broke, we got Europe nor reading, and that was straight. She Let me ask you this. Would you think of him if he knew his first name was actually Elmer? Why, yes wide Elmer? How long I was talking to a l now urging my two all alive now, Rhonda, ironically, actually was planning on running away the night of August Eighth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three but Henry told her. Look me and this other kid TIM Curry, we're actually had nobody dean's right now why come hang out with us instead, so three, I am Wayne Henley TIM Curly
Rhonda Williams showed up at Dean's door and when the three walked in dean exploded with rage, you took way into the next room and he told them you're supposed to bring any good. The girl, you ruined everything and its true yeah, did not like lady, no, no, he did not like. Ladies, you do not it was yet Dean's house was, you might call a bit of a boy's club. We were yeah dead boys club because he willingly actually hated boys more than Ladys, but then he'd its american in a very you, don't understand he loved them so much tat. He had to turn them into goes that would populate his during eyes, while there is actually a scientific basis behind that see a lot of pet of files, their theories that pedophiles aren't made their born because a lot of pedophiles they have an abundance of law matter in their brain. So the circuits in our brain that go from evolution, airily go from child protect pedophiles
Their brain goes to child fuck. Very scientific, ok, you should read the book. Its purpose by I care member who wrote it by gather net. That book is called for. It's really good. I read the first like thirty pages, if it is really get it, it's one of the best books on Para failure of failures in just one of the best books on sex that I've ever read is it's a fascinating book and if you pop a bone to it, the police Lenny. I stopped a pauper bone to it in your totally fine authority says: don't worry about your bone man unless it is sexual sadism behind and failure and about the boat, but every other bones totally fine, don't worry about you hop bone and in a way that doesn't feel right. That's your body say and firmly to the right cut off your winners, printed good mission, what our Dick gauge sardine after
the ball thou Henry Henry, mainly in the other room. He composed himself and pulled out the paper bags a couple. A Kansas spray paint pass them on to his guess said: have added kids. He waited for them all to pass out, of course, the natural conclusion to any half in party in a couple hours later Wayne who had a much higher half tolerance than the other two. He had made him pretty cool he came to before they did, and he found that is ankles were bound. Indeed, was slap in a pair of handcuffs runs writs is he looked around the room? He saw that the floor had been covered in thick plastic cheating and his friend TIM Curly was already stripped naked and strapped the torture board, while Rhonda lay fully
clothed bound by Nylon Rwanda. Why shouldn't have her clothes taken off that so many people more close honour. That sounds like days you deja vu all over again, as I would is that what I woke up full of awe phase of haze. Just like you, man. I know this virgin drew a classic offers. Sardine walked over to the radio and turned it up. Full blast walked over to wane and shove. It twenty two pistol into his stomach dream, I'm gonna teach you a lesser add bear zero about the baddies, man in order I saw, or possibly grand funk, railroad, who taught the charts nineteen seventy three with
an american bow. I like that song Alot, honestly, our kind of an american bad. You dated three of them anything we used to be one, but now we're just what do they call? You know another song. They charge it. I d do what is the loveliest, those nineteen? Seventy one I was also very real clubs, but dean shoved, the twenty two pistol in a Hamley stomach, but before doing could pull the trigger Wayne started fast talk and real, quick Beggin furs life. He reminded dean of all the good times, they'd have throughout the years he told him, listen to make it all right. I'm gonna kill Rhonda. You don't have to worry about it that we can parliament put all this behind us. I'm just gonna kill him. Ok, indeed, just look at em. It looked at him and just one
new. I could trust all along. We are friends again, I'm sorry about the handcuffs almost went a little too far where they want to be like you almost did he, as you were gonna rape. Meanwhile, we ll all about it. Now dean he relents. He put the gun down on the table right next away. He antis ankles. He removed the handcuffs he walks back, Tim Curley removes all of his own clothes and towels Wayne points at Rhonda and says get to work, but instead of following another one at Dean's orders Wayne picked up the gun, pointed it at Dean and according to run, to win and who is just come in to said, I can't go on any longer can have. You kill all my friends indeed now completely naked in most lie. Please fully erect that's Marcus's detail that he put.
We're gonna? Go you probably? Why absolutely was he rush towards Wayne Shout and kill they well. Why don't you go away with dean? Only a boat away, pulled the trigger and shot coral three times in the chest and twice in the back as Rhonda Williams put it Wayne killed the devil nice and, as the three sat on the front, porch waiting for the cops to arrive Wayne turned to his friend TIM Curly and said you know he was my friend I gotta got fifteen hundred dollars warrior wish. I could just exactly what do you do about the most casual thing in the world just like you could have gotten for fifteen hundred dollars for you. So thank you would be nice right. You very do least arrived just a few minutes later, because dim, because actually waiting
we had called the cops and you so you need to get over here are just kill, Togae, so send someone over quick and when police walked inside the house they found Dean, quarrels naked body lying in a pool of his own blood. They described him as pale, puffy and flasks it. But you know: if you go through life, Then that's all the final description of you is not bad. A pale puppy and glass at Yale die that all other be skid marks before hit my casket not well known on. That's why he has good marks is not a good, though term, for that you rock and roll you're gonna die in a car accident. No, no! No! I just want to live life to its full yeah. Skid marks implied
no you're about to get into an act. No skid marks really now, because Dean moved around so much. The house was mostly empty. The only decoration was a poster in Dean's bedroom with Jesus, like figure on it with just one word, printed at the bottom, love and Jesus was smiling amid the painting it after all can erect cock. Oh that's like a real christian right and I'm gonna forget priests, flagpole going Above all, I know what you're saying yes, no besides, of course, the Torture board, the dildos, the reams of plastic cheating, the tiny little as to the handcuffs and the Nile on rope cops also found a box large enough to fit a human, but small enough were said. Human would have to be uncomfortably stuffed inside its is also put in nineteen seventy three, where the ability of the epidemic really hadn't reached its peak like eyes now yeah. So when he moved
when you move your like this is bedroom. This is kitchen and you market with a sharp ya ya. Stanley written on it arose right, see the box had air holes drilled in the sides, and while there was no blood police found several hairs that would later be matched to victims that they would soon discover on Wayne Hamleys direction. Will it legitimately? That's probably like his boots box and our aim and many anybody remembers the movie hook or imagined Guys that that was one of his torture techniques, whether they would go and that box, if you like, there's against out here, you better, be scared, because I've got really like no. I'm scared because you're, a man whose I'd kill me and rape me now, I'm a ghost boxes, reeled we use it all the time pose nine eleven and thus Adam would put bad soccer players in the Blue Box. Also with rock they put him in metal. These metals sheds
Rio, ventilation out the middle of the desert? Random and Peter Pay is not real, so nobody rescued the woman who put it this way if you're one job is to be good at soccer and if you're, not good. At soccer, you get put in the Blue Box get good. It saw. Jib enter your better now Wayne. When the cop showed up, he could have very easily said absolutely nothing about the near two dozen boys that he indeed had killed together, not to mention the other boys that Dean and David had killed before we even a right. He could write all yeah, I knew deed. Everyone knew dean. I hung out with them, but I had no idea. He wasn't shit like this. Killed him, an old health defence. You had a completely at all, bought and sold for you. I stopped the criminal. You could have been a hero. You literally could have gotten out of the highest I'd like on a newspaper thing being like hero needs, a job and you gotta one anywhere in Europe, unlike email, the devil, oh yeah, and before it really came out. That's how, like the first day, that's how the papers were town ass, they were euro, they were actually saying he was that there were comparing them to a night that slated dragon like that is an
actual quote from one of the articles there was written the day, but instead of being called smog, the dragon would have been called smirk anyway. It's very possible that the Houston police departed only possible, but very likely that used in pity would have come? we take. An amount is, of course, where the hell you shot. This guy, well, you know put one in the back. It is so much easier to not believe the twenty nine boys have just been murdered and in sexually assaulted by this man- or you say you, you know, but the maybe guilt caused him. Do it now but then all I think straight up being bad, it being a criminal, get his lame Henley just started: fucking Bolabola, that's what every bad criminal does they start talking. That is the worst thing you can do. Even if you're innocent talking to the police is the absolute worst idea, tat a lawyer again immediately. If you have killed, people go to the police Who is very yourself in today? Don't do it don't do it
RO, don't put her legs? Can I please ask of us a five so review on Itunes before you, you re very early enraged value for British. Put we obviously later on we're gonna see he's too how many interviews he's done since he's been in jail down. He is immediate, whore, yet again being a part of this is that he likes the sound of his own voice and also Mason Field important, be at the centre of something so huge and also he's an idiot. Yet, yes, I believe that so at first he told the police the same thing, the same exact thing. The dean had told both him and David years before too easily. To me, you, don't like guy brought boys to deem birdie, often buddy. Definitely one killed him. He was not kill him. He was just
so let me do a sex slavery re all days. Wars cry! That's what nobody in his whole cardiac how selling someone into sex slavery is a war crime than killing them. Technically dean was being nicer, killing them by sending them off to being the sex slave ring you I mean how atrocious is your crime when you're, just like I'll get out of it by say to sex slavery, ridding, that's what I was working on? Yes, sir! That's it, but, as the conversation went on Wayne Conor alone. A little bed me said: Molly Dean did actually, he did kill a couple of boys and kind, a sort of maybe helped berry about oh nineteen or so out in a boat shed outside a town- and we know these are bad cop. So it's obvious he was just giving this information not fairly
free willingly, rightly eyes roles. I probably half listen and stuck on a second on alone. Start has been I yet yet. You know wheels on about fifteen minutes right boys and girls around for a long time so way, loaded up into a car with a couple of detectives and directed amount to South West Boat storage on Silver Bell, lane or police discovered one of the most gruesome crime scenes in american history made even more gruesome by the police themselves. Oh, it's horrifying boat shed number eleven with fifteen feet high by twelve feet wide. By twenty four feet. Deep big enough to at least store a small yeah or twenty nine boy. When the police broke, the law can open up the door. They found. Everything than a man would need to make his own great. No technically, this would be. Like your play, land tat, I may know it all I need is dirt and shovels and it's my plan I dont need to
and pound sacks of lime to a d composition. I don't need to plastic twenty gallon garbage cans to you, to remove the dirt further. Actually that I wouldn't. This is what I am saying: what would its everything, but the line I ended and the children and that will drive out yet it goes without saying- and I know it's just clarify here- would just be burying balloons with sprouting faces drawn on the matter. I do imagined episode of storage. Worse with various obvious people. Take one million dollars the number eleven one areas you grab. This is why I thought my God of stores that they want to Scotty Papers path that is in their own you with an ass. I saw that the fifteen hundred dollars of some guy he bought a uses, a surprise when you take it to a movie, theater
what are you bodies Belize? They also found a garbage bag full of clothing. The dean had presumably cap as trophies as a lotta serial killers do, and they also found the bicycle of a thirteen year old boy who had vanished just five days earlier now. It should have become obvious to police at this point that they were facing a gigantic crime scene. The evidence, along with Wayne Hamleys insistence that there were up to nineteen body is buried in the shed point towards a massive indelicate operation, was about to go down a usually before the process even begin before you even put one tiny little shovel into the dirt. Every piece of evidence on the surface is bag documented,
stored away and once the excavation has actually begun, the only used soft wooden or plastic tools, so they don't damage the bodies in all things like an archaeology. Take about Ireland, Archeo leg of the think about all those weird gypsies in Ghana. Alien egyptian shows that you see how they meticulously. Washing and it's a roaring job. It's a very boring job that he had a brush, tiny little bits of things and then there like, if the classical bone from a just pelican and great care, has to be taken to document exactly where every piece of clothing and every personal artifact is discovered in relation to the bodies like you have to say, like torn sweat short like torn piece of cotton found ten inches deep six inches from the edge light you have because in take you, when you get into the nitty gritty of scientific evaluation in a court, let's say
ray lawyers and experts. You have used these little details in order to create shadow of now. That's all point: is they use these details specifically in order to either make someone innocent or guilty and dumb what did they do instead get out? Ok, so we might forgive a little in delicacy on the poor the Houston you're, not very good at me again with why you ve got left. Is it and it's also this nineteen seventy three? This is long. Before modern forensic site, it is really being utilized in also This is a mass grave and no one the only precedent for a mass grave, like this frank,
He is concentration camps but, of course, the Houston Police Department, as they did with almost everything else. A pope approached it from the dumbest laziest and most grossly incompetent way they possibly could had, instead of documenting all the evidence, such as the boys bicycle and the garbage bags full of Tina your clothing. They just tossed it outside. Instead of using wooden tools, they used metal shovel,
like they watch an episode of maverick and there are like we ve got, do less like maverick, would do it and then just throw it out there, and I all tiny bicycles or gay arrive Amy like nobody cares about any of that shit they didn't like it was like they did it in the main least way possible. Yet no, I have to get it over with right, but worst of all, instead of using law enforcement professionals to examine the bodies, even beat cuts would have been better than this. They drafted prisoners. Mostly. Why knows from the county jail drunk tank enforce them for two days to dig out? bodies of seventeen teenage boys. They still do this to this day. Rikers uses inmates for all the mask the paupers graves for homeless people if they still use inmates to bury them and resume exuberance of that and I say, though, what is more sobering digging up the deed
both bodies of seventeen boy- I mean it's a nice you get out of the jail cell, given its angina right height of yeah. We get that's actually with these guys. We're probably think it because they didn't tell the prisoners what they were. Good doing until they showed up outsiders boat shed right, they just hand no, my shovel and said all right boys. Now this year's a bit! the home Doug harmed. Our goal, as you know, if you like to know, adds a country Buddha right now. Would you, after remember ear, there's gonna be a whole lot Oscar flip over there and you gotta keep your head about your I'd. Need he Buteux up and keeping heels down right is about. Seventeen pelvis is in there fish about where they right, then, is that he's gotta baboon dog, but to be further used in police department. All the prisoners who participated got just a little bit of time. Chucked authors in every time you dig up twenty nine dead bodies. You get a week off your second. Isn't that sweet every time
type these guys might be outside me a couple of weeks now within fifteen minutes, the first two diggers hit a deposit of line and the stench of decomposition just filled the air- and this was you gotta remember this is a unventilated metal structure. This is August a Houston. The average temperature in Houston in August is ninety four degrees and the humidity a hundred per cent suffocating humidity workers, Doug beneath a lime and found a thirteen year old, James Dry, mala Naked wrapped in plastic and soon after Dray, Malta's body was discovered Wayne Henley, who was waiting outside. Finally, broke and ask the guards if he could use it telephoned to call his mother, and we actually have that telephone call. This is it. Why
been yeah the guy. Are you that will be Yeah no you don't. The boy now, no really, who I feel for that is where Hamleys mother she actually tried to be a good mother, could see like dean, Coral this kind of consider to be a family friend. He was.
It will be seen as a kind of a good influence on Wayne. Hamley was an obvious landing due to add a job in his own house. He took care of himself and dress neat and he had a weird girlfriend that look like a like a sack of leaves yeah. He was a clear, is the clink of got heathen youth. He come over. You have thanks given dinner with them, like that chief out, like that she knew this guy. So while dean was making the phone call, the police understandably started a question the owner of the storage facility, a woman named Mamie Mania air who Another or on the flag attacks also live on the premises. She told police that Dean Coral had been reading the space for the last three years since November of nineteen seventy and she said that dean visited he shed two or three times a week, sometimes just drop off
pick up materials sometimes to work inside for hours on hey, maybe I'm just going inside. You know me just got locked with lots of new tarps. I like the squeaking sound that make her health walk in there, and what am I doing? I see you soon, alright The only other thing that she ever noticed was there was a real, unpleasant odor that came on the shed every time there was a heavy rain. May I just want to know I want to warn you ever. Do we make it a beta indian food in their need to it, and I love the labours of the smells of member of us know that aids for and are our taxes noses are I'll, be seeing you don't you fucking me even think about it? there are about the weird thing is that for some reason, the shed disease
be surrounded by stray dogs and, like all dislike role at all over each other, and you never really seem to notice that dean and is too keen aged companions were constantly carrying in body sized boxes and constantly carrying out twenty Gowan garbage cans filled with dirt, and she didn't really even think much about the fact that dean had been pestering her for the past few months. About renting out a second chance. I met me how I know you're busy hey, but I was looking into maybe getting a second shift, because it's not so much at this shit is full it just like. I'm used to it I, like. I just want a new shit like that new shed feeling that new sheds male rope, whose classic, though right this is wilful wilfully, and so she could at plausible denial, is everybody everybody in this year woods because in the end, you just assume, because it is
small town and because it is the south and we? U carter- you, give everybody there. Privacy we kind of have date that this house has in New York. We live on top of each other like magic animals. We were a snitch on everybody society here in New York. We need something to see something say somewhere where the up it's almost like the opposite, we're so on top of each other. We ignore it almost instinctively now, because you just you guys, just don't hear any more Virginia everybody FARC Integra their space. Between everybody, and so everybody's country used to be like. Oh that's, his business. I in a lot of fuckin weirdos out. Namibia, Ex who
dear Lord, let me tell you man: there is so while police were questioning the owner of the facility prisoners whilst we're still hard at work, digging up more bodies and to more bodies were found soon. After the first one had a venetian blind cord still nodded around his neck, his mouth open so wide from gasping for air that his lips were curled up under both his upper and lower teeth. The soil was blackened and soaked in the fluids of the long since petrified bodies, one worker was so drenched in black body buck. That it detective had to hold a cigarette to the prisoners mouth, so he could properly smoke it to try to get the corpse smell out of his nasal cavity does so they said they were all doing. There were even impede the officers they didn't smoke or chain smoking in their do in order to cover the smell and that must have been fun of yeah. It's like
survivor, bidding smoking lounge and is situated at the airport, like that. Just ass also meet because they're all non sausage. No, I or just cigarettes work on top of it well, but these guys we're doing get they talk about the black about they talk about them. Constantly smoking cigarettes, you know it they sent out for dinner fried chicken annual eaten. We don't have a problem with that. Do then covered in black mark from their covered him body. We sure who is it What do you know? We talk about long term was like felt sure or among Hmong yeah, so saying: oh, maybe don't order out for finger food, TAT S the idea, icy pay! Thirty! I don't get it or I don't know you good right jack. I don't stop to not be hungry for project unless right chickens also really get the idea that some of the best right chicken in the world today for that delivery,
Nevertheless, our place- all you guys do it, you ve got a lot of you. A goofy Tipp of digging stopped around midnight and picked back up early the next morning and by noon for more bodies had been exude and as they dug deeper, the bodies have long since sluiced out of their plastic casing, and it started to mix together
This is what detective Larry Earls later set about it. We had a region without hands and separate little Betty bits of bone and then pitch them into bags. We're pulling hairs out of the mud and shocks. Workin in mud made out a dirty and rotten blood. It was kicked in. Our shoes got into our clothes inside this mixture of bones. Sludge in plastic, police found two different: sealed plastic bags containing severed genitals and, while everything around these bags of genitals had lungs and decomposed the air tight seals on the plastic bags had preserve them. Almost perfectly o out we're down middle these bodies. Someone tells us back a hot dogs
Oh, you know someone file up the grill actually now look at me, I'm hungry for a hot dog. More it's got a mushroom. Do they can make a good, zip lot commercial up side down for her to put your baby carrots, it's out of your bar bag, but buried in there was full of IRAN body at nice. By the end of the second day, seventeen bodies of the nineteen bodies, Henley Tall police, buried there had been removed. Police said they actually wanted to go deeper, but it was too far down for the shovels to really work and they were almost knee deep in corpse liquid in the city of Houston had been called unquote too slow to bring up the right machinery, so they just sort of gave up.
Seventeen good. Now you think we got enough. You know what I'm starting to think, I'm just going to say we hit our country lemon. I guess what would get these guys motivated to move not slow. Little quicker was a nice, it's fucking, Texas, sorry about what I will say about taxes is that I got pulled over by cop once and the walk he did from the car. To my car, like it was in the middle of nowhere in Texas and ages. Wonder- and it was like- has spoken He was just swing and back and forth and it was like he was moving in slow motion now. Just use like give you take it, but you already got time served Now we get out of here, taxes cops: are the fuckin worst off
No what's more stammered Georgia cops nano unless you're, Georgia, cop, I love you, I as a matter of fact forever in Texas. I think they're, just where worry there added to think about Texas Walker Ranger their Walker. I know it is very, very likely that there are at least two bodies still buried beneath that boat shed, possibly many more. Naturally, such a gruesome event was covered extensively in the papers from day one, and when the Father of David Brooks who was a close personal friend of a police lieutenant David broke, his father was when he read about the man who is son used to hang out with had most likely murdered dozens of boys. He called his son in to the police department to make a witness.
Now. This is like us. The sign of kind of an honourable man could literally, he was just like you. Ve been a fucking. Tell him everything you know like which is kind of different. It's which very interesting out of its good or bad. Like my mom has said this to me a multiple occasion, she was like in retirement of you murdered someone I told lower with me like she really I mom would lie for me on this stand she had to the criminal justice system is corrupt and I would highly recommend if you do other than murder, but if you could do something wrong, I dont know if you can be apparent and teach them yourself cut, go spoke. I I guess. If these border authorities not employ more different, eight or nine April, he didn't steal snickers bar from the daily. Yes, twenty. I hope this is like a book, but David broke the sailor, no dad! No, but that's the guy I mean and of course, like their fathers Our yeah you're gonna tell him everything. You know anything that might help find more boys by
These Rony thing you might know you have to tell him what is the question started? Common David, Brooks was thing out. David Brooks wasn't saying anything is David books as much smarter than and the guy he left with his coat and call girlfriend its own think. Maybe he was a homosexual, but does it matter because he was getting out of town whose export can get married him go and legit fuck. All this I'm gone when Henley flip on him immediately said David Brooks, is also involved, he's more involved than me like he was doing that classic like because there
probably going on between each rooms were like the Wayne says that you got everything to do with this case and then going out with David go in a wood wayne and being like David says, you got everything to do with this guy. Is they when they do it's the prisoners dilemma you always takes silent, like Murkison our. Unless, of course, you killed tenant, twenty nine people, again infringement go, go the whole go tell em. Now, even though the majority of the bodies were buried in the boat shed, there were still another nine left to be accounted for. Being coral. Second burial sight was near a village named high island quite a ways away from Houston. Now, while there was no mass grave they're, all other bodies were found under the direction of weighing heavily and a detective named bulky faggot. Now I don't see anything funding about my anger and I, No, why every single time I would introduce myself in and it is pronounced bouquet figured. I cannot
stem the chuckling. I dont understand another. What what is it? What's your faggot no is pronounced view figure. That's right, and I am dutch and I will not stand this mockery of my standing as a police offer. No excuse me and help fetch this point, cue from inside. My ass off will do there, you know buggy and Wayne and David thereby examined he's left and right- and this has become a true and told, media Circus Truman capacity showed up down. There
Truman Capponi was plenteous like our right. I need my next in call blow which Truman he actually try to again and again to try to find just the right case. He wrote some great the true crime short stories, but never quite found that case, and he thought that the Dean Coral case was gonna, be his next in cold blood. Promise without Dean Coral, the story goes coal will actually the problem was that from a computer got really sick and he was unable to write any more. I think it s big. He still because that's the thing that Wayne Henley and David Brooks were still alive. I can only imagine, can you imagine, the books are Truman. Capacity would really have been we're. Lots of storing it would have been, it would have been. The trade would have been better than me
oh blood, it would have been the true crime. Epoch of give would have been the best shook. It just makes me so angry. Well, you didn't was it was unable to write. Everyone knows Capote. He did his best writing when he was rock hard, and I find it so when police exude, like they're just boom boom boom, more bodies, more bodies, but when police exude the twenty sixth body, they were ordered by police chief. Herman short term stop one detective said hurriedly and Brooks told us that they thought that there were more bodies and there were other places where we wanted to dig, but we were told no, they were told. No, no more. The only possible explanation for this is that, with the discovery of the twenty six, body dean, Coral and, by extension, the city of Houston, had officially broke in the record of most bodies killed by one or more and that was set by one corona who had murdered twenty five migrant workers in California, two years,
full, and that means this fucker was sitting on a record breaking murder spree, thereby let happen yeah right, yeah, to be promoted, didn't you went on to resign, must immediately after he had. I not have it's not a good thing. Is that, like winning over championships like your bill, Bela check again about the seven p Noto Ban Miller, he's not the filled Jackson now, these two we want, or just say, numbers of murders allowed again we're number one, number one, though, eventually twenty nine murders will officially be attributed to the trio of Dean, curled David Brooks and Wayne Henley a record that we stand for just a few short years before
John Wayne Gacy and the city of De Plain Illinois charcoal this way to the number one spot with thirty three body, I'm crazy case that being corals funeral, he did have an actual funeral. They said it was a somber affair, said at last at less than fifteen minutes, but curl remember. He was a Vietnam that he was given a full veterans funeral with an honor guard who folded up the american flag that was draped on his coffin in prison. Now who is father. There would have been a complicated buffeted line to be on a lousy little. A serial killers are uniquely american, so perhaps it makes sense Adam degree. As far as Wayne Henley and David Brooks go, there were sentenced to life in prison and still set in Texas penitentiaries to this very day
and David Brooks hasn't said shared between Henley. If you just look him up, he said a lot. So if you want to hear his voice, there is a british documentary that I can also put on the facebook page. It's pretty fucking fantastic gets an interview with wine. Henley, where just like, Dane Hypnotize, I mean literally, you would spin shoes almost storing and ivory. Like word and now, all of a sudden it was twenty nine boys later, my god all right. Why we made it to the end of dean, Coral, I will work, rubber J that I won't say that it wasn't not. But I will agree my goodness. What amounts to thank stud course again to us and we call them for our help on this and thanks to new reach, this instant Lana who helped with all of that, all that all that work, forensics work, she's gonna be opened on the future. Thank you, so much count caraway to work with you more, I'm so excited the. I was I'm so excited by this and we're about to do some real conspirators, stuff, comin up which are greatly excited for and I
been brewing, in my own mind, an alien episode that will definitely confusing wonderful anyway. It's already confusing me. Well, I'm very confused now as well have happy to be off the child killed train for a moment, that'll be Our along more worthy of it will give it to sit. I mean we maintain some morality live spare part about last podcast. Is that that d, that dead boy train, so we sit at the station for us to get on guy Polar expressed, but for more Mc Cobb, loving people about? I want to say thank you to all the guys over a midtown scholar for sending us the shipment of books that will be specifically used when we decide to return to children here on less like. Oh, you bet, I only really got sent to you. That's very interesting kiss all that was very interesting called amusing ourselves. The death, which is the reason why tromp is about to be pressed. The United States the right, and you guys, dumb, I think,
you guys for making trump present. Also thank you Petersen, who sent us a book castles key, said, leprechauns tales, myths and legends of historic sites- great Britain and other place to have sex with your lover that you can imagine is filled with, which is right. Of course, for everyone for giving given was our patron page. You would like to give the last Pakistan left patriotic com. Slash last August on the left is where you go to give us a little bit cash we're going to be doing our promised. Google hang out chat where you guys can go on asking questions. Live everyone who contributed to the patriarch can also be a part of that. If you want your last Pakistan left, he should go to cave, Kommeni, radio, dot, com, Slash merged, don't forget to come out to the live, show this Saturday
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