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Episode 312: Rasputin Part III - The Rise of Rasputin

2018-04-14 | 🔗

On the third part of our series, we cover Rasputin's further climb the top, the entrance of his arch-enemy Iliodor, and the beginning of World War I. 

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enjoy the show there's no place to escape on. This is the last: it's important, when you start the podcast Devil loose, throw yeah. Is that when I forgot to do we actually had a restart, because my throat was too tight. So do Rasputin We gotta have his big ol slack and a
all right welcome to black podcast on the left. Looking at market after relax your throat also new snake snake, that's not an answer. Funny snake loose loose funny snake: it's not an exercise, it's literally not annoyed exercise. Thank you. Ain't been cancelled. My voice is fine, is always Marcus Parks. Your voice is great and we have python throw it over. Here, I'm like a sock with a brain, almost sock, rolling around I'll eat your dog loose punished, a very good we're under Rasputin part. Three. We got a lot more to get to hear a lot more information, much much more information when it comes to Rasputin yeah. I hope you guys are ready for the fucking test after this ever single time. I read about Rasputin view. Raspy can't stop it. Is that because it's so it's so deep in the mire of Russia
ST yeah did you have to like. Like last night, I was in bed with Natalie and I was trying to explain to her Ilya door. Three which will get to and the breakdown of how silly door would like the sins of Rasputin's past came to haunt him leading up to the assassination assassination attempt and pretend I'm Natalie, I'm tall I've, reddish hair, oh I'm tired! I go to sleep wake up, but we got Maybe this is an emergency baby baby. It's an emergency is Jackie. You wake is Jackie, fine, what's going on, where is Wendy so problem with the assassination attempt of Rasputin. Is it actually starts in one thousand, nine hundred and twelve, when Rasputin first met Ilia door on a task sent him, he was sent on right now. Listen! This is the breakdown baby baby wake up? No, you can't see me under the covers, but I'm slowly removing my engagement ring on the dresser forever very soon
That's weird! It's gone now. Yeah Henrys grown up a lot over the years I mean we know his last major relationship ended because he was talking about how low munan. Now this one is going to end because he's talking about world history, oh see growing, adulting, adulting, hashtag, adult so with Rasputin gaining more and more influence. The orthodox church figured they better do something about all this, not because Rasputin was immoral, but rather because he was horning in on their business- will do things when he took the he adopted the spot axe once they call sort of calling them start at like a year ago, the he will not supposed to ever take that title 'cause, that's supposed to belong to the Russian Orthodox church. Once you started like what who do is kind of playfully, accept it and then make the people around him. Click sarcastically call him father, but eventually that became real and as he sitting there, people would go to for him to advice, and essentially the russian Orthodox,
Not only would they give advice, but a lot of times they give it for money, they will sell advice, they would sell counseling, which is kind of what Rasputin Do it himself so he's been a real Ray Kroc. It's almost like they're, a flimflam psychic community, oh well, the church was extremely corrupt. At this point I mean they were a part of the state, so of course they were corrupt. The church started in Rasputin's hometown with this whole investigation, where they gotta the priest to declare him a heretic, but that petered out pretty fast, then wouldn't even higher to another bishop to do an investigation. But the bishop just being charmed by Rasputin. The bishop, like the bishop, love to be applied to any even made sure to comment on Rasputin's, beautiful Bay, so Profundo voice. I love bishops because they all look like hard boiled eggs who are like kind of role.
A barber shop and have eyes that you did. You think that, because I view them as just big breathing money sucking but blogs so that component to it, if you don't know what a base so profound singing voice says, you got to have gotten example. This is how Rasputin saying
whole whole gold. I am going to listen to that non. Stop on my Iphone and I want someone to be like so what you're listening and just log. I would follow that man off a cliff. Only love, that's out. Bishop shows up be sleeping like your khlysty and we're going to fuckin' we're going to pin you on it, we're going to dig up all this dirt. We know you're a horse thief. We know you like pulling her check out all the time, and then he shows up and goes
Rudy Rudy Rudy are key and the bishops like have my wife. She does that. Take my wife, but I don't even think he stole the horses. I think they just went with it. I mean that voice, that's horse music, but it would also remember this is a good tip. I've found Baso Profundos before, because there's nothing quite as funny as being on a bunch of fuckin' edibles and watching base quartets from Russia. That's totally believe that it really brings you in there. Well, Rasputin. He got rid of the people in his hometown. He charmed the bishop, but his fight with the church was just beginning, as they were about to unleash a dog from Rasputin's past to raise hell, enter a liotta they don't make don't get that bone dog will hunt. Well.
Since meeting Rasputin before Eliad or had risen through the ranks of the church. As a pious, anti semitic, firebrand brand, ok Aleah door, arrived back in Saint Peters Berg. He found that
didn't like what Rasputin had become. Ok, because, as we said when Rasputin left Illiad or the last time, he was still a somewhat reasonably pious holy man, but we have a situation where an anti semitic holy man doesn't like Rasputin. That makes me think I like Rasputin. Well, there's no problem. This is not a bad enemy to have total big it. Well, that's one of the things about recipes that Rasputin was actually very like pro jewish. He was actually like. He very much was cool with all the jewish people and also like ever since his days when he got really freaked out at the monastery because they were all gay. He evolved on that and a lot of his friends were also gay, but he just because someone isn't anti semitic, an isn't homophobic does not make them a good person no, but it makes it better than someone who's anticipated. That's true! That's true This is slippery fish. Remember part of it is that he's a slippery fish and he ends whatever boat
then what he falls out of whatever fisherman's hands. That makes me wanna. Think about. Rasputin is a slippery fish. It was a big O'Leary carpet with a fucking, long egg step way back then, when Ilija Door first, new Rasputin Rasputin had a predilection towards the ladies, but at the very least he was sober. 'cause, remember: Rasputin was on the wagon for a few years there, but intervening years. All that a change respite, Rasputin become a drunken loudmouth again against a ground to around two hundred, and he would like he would on the
The claim that the imperial family was under his thumb that Nicholas called him. Christ, Incarnate and Alexandra would kneel at his feet promising never to abandoned him. Now I gotta ask how scared were the horses because they knew the last time he was drinking. They just kept. I kept at abducting them like he was an alien know. He was gentle with them and he charmed them. He was a horse whisperer, so actually the drunker. He got the more charming he got, but in actuality it was the opposite drunk. Are you get it bad in human world, but in horse world your king, oh yeah, you're the best guy around and then things got personal, ok
when Rasputin annily adore reconnected. Rasputin spent most of the time talking about his sex life, all while teasing Ilia door for never getting laid. If I could just be a fly in that wall, I would hang myself Badger, Rasputin stinky Rasputin, talking to a chunky, anti semitic monk, about her about his sex life like disgusting. That must be given in leadership for being a virgin was one thing maligning the imperial family, with something different altogether together door took that shit seriously, and so Ilia Door switch sides from friend to foe and join the fight and removing Rasputin as an influence on the imperial family and while there were many smaller plots that failed this is. Scheme that Rasputin's enemies had involved affair ballerina named LISA Tensen I was going.
Make a joke about how they created a paper, mache vagina. That was actually a trap and he walked into it, but they actually did that. There aren't many stories. It's like Yogi Bear with a Hussie, ok, every story that they deal with, and it's all of this stuff we're like. We left the door hanging open to the main priests wifes chambers, because they would like leave the door open 'cause. They knew that Rasputin seriously couldn't help, but sneak in like looking bugs Bunny cartoon horrible. They need to get glue traps glue traps for this guy, so this ballerina invited Rasputin over to her house one night where they proceeded to get falling down drunk together. Then
Sputum was good and ready. Hanson brought out a few hired naked ladies removed Rasputin's clothes and took a few secret photographs. Well they're setting him up, but it's definitely like afucking. It's like a porno movie for recipes every day in his life, he's thinking that it all unfolds like one of those one of those like the bang bus scenarios, where you'll just like be abducted and also he's forced to have sex with ten women, because also part of it is that he getting rid of their sin. Remember and so. Sex with him and other women is a burden which is, I think, I actually do believe he thought was real and that he thought that God made his dick hard as much as it did cause. It was punishing him and he had to give it out, and so he would roll into this Neros milk, We got the funk all of these. You know I gotta get Blue here little humor, you know they say: Cross to bear
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the late show it's after nine hundred pm put your grandmother in bed wow, but it wasn't like a the water cameras like back then don't have to wheel something in and you got like a big light bulb that goes off and you gotta, like make you gotta put into a bad, actually think so, and I think Rasputin was like this God. Get me from the right length where my balls look more spherical yeah, because everything is huge, help with no. No, no, your camera thinking like you're thinking like this, the cameras were thinking of or around like that's like fifty years before. This is the early 20th century, like they're, doing battlefield photography at this point, I'm thinking the cameras that would be that would take.
Pictures of the dead kids. You ever see those pictures, horrible yeah that was long before that was longer shorts before they remember. This is the early 20th century. This is not that long ago. It's still, it's not go pros. No big camera, like it's a visible camera like it's coming out in there taking a picture of him he's just so fucking hammered, and he thinks this is such a party that he doesn't care. You remember going to hit this again again. Rasputin doesn't give a fuck not care about him. Standings. He doesn't. He has no agenda. He is due. Roll into whatever. The next thing is an trying to like play it as it lays well soon after that party, a delivery man knocked on Rasputin store with the pictures in hand an an ultimatum leave town or we
give the pictures to the czar. You mean to tell me that you're going to give the pictures to the czar that make my dick look like it's massive and I'm surrounded by hot women yeah. I guess I didn't have it flip it around like that for me, but yes, mister raspier. Well, I mean they knew that this is going to hurt Rasputin's reputation, because at this point the czar in the Czarina, like they see Rasputin getting a little handsy with women, but for the most part, all these stories about Rasputin Fuckin'. All the time like Alexander the Czarina she's saying they're all lies. These are all lies that people are telling right to get rest had to malign Rasputin, for whatever reason and the czar is just kind of going along with what his wife is believing so, but this is proof, so this is good blackmail. This is great. This is big stuff. This is great question number one,
or he's not that long ago. Now this story is about one hundred years ago. At this point, so apart of it's like I'm, always forgetting this is not medieval times, and so they essentially Lee load him. He hit him with the papparazi move with their like. Now we got the proof, we're going talking embarrass you, but what they don't understand is that Raul Rasputin so Fuckin' DOW and he goes we're dogs go which is under the house. Dogs go to Heaven, yeah Rasputin. He got ahead of this whole thing, and these people totally underestimated him. Rasputin took the pictures to Nicholas himself and say I'm sorry, I am a sinner, please forgive me. I had to do this anymore. It's just right, as you could just see 'cause. They said they talk about Nicholas's face when he saw his head. Was in his hands as he's looking at these pictures- and you know it's like sort of like-
the Roger Rabbit with the Patty cake pictures, but instead it's just looking Rasputin huge horse, cock being played with by seven nude ballerinas like seriously Rasputin. You did this. This is called the wheel barrel O'Brien. So you know right, so I don't wanna, hear you much more about this man sex life. So no, I'm sorry cancel it here. A lot about this man, sex life, you're locked in your talking about the man that His own daughter called I do this one this. This is fucking disgusting, Rasputin's own daughter, called him a demon of the flesh on a maniac, a Satyr, Carava sure and a chief of a echo erotic, SEC,
it's just. I never want my child to have any kind of insight into that like yeah, they like daddy sexy guy. I just wanted to be like he like to fish on Sundays. He would he loved his programs. He wouldn't he started to wake up in time for meet the press around the age of sixty, which he really did start to enjoy. Well, these guys is that concocted this whole plot they figured like this was going to be. This is going to cut Rasputin's head right off his body that Rasputin is either just going to leave or the czar was going to say get the fuck outta here right, but instead, banishment or a light punishment Nicholas actually rewarded Rasputin with the free all expense. Paid pilgrimage, he got a price, is right trip he got him. He got he got to go to sunny
I guess- San Antonio TX, like one of those trips, were they just sent him out like on a scouting expedition and he's just like you sure, because this is it hurts me so much do not travel first class, though I mean that my my thing is a soul. This is a punishment. I will take my own baggage to call first class yeah. I miss those game shows it was always a carnival cruise. They what they do. Prices right is still give an all expenses paid trip to Bozeman Montana. You don't gotta, tell me, but we
disputant got back from his vacation. He found a new over pro curator of the Holy Synod waiting for him. Oh, I wish I knew what those here is, that it is in the seventh episode of Devilman Crybaby, I believe, is when I first heard of the Oprah per creator of the holy sign up now it doesn't really matter exactly what the over pro curator of the holy sign on actually was for our purposes. I don't want to get too in the weeds on that. All you need to know was that the over pro curator of the holy cyanide was the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in the state capacity would be pretty much if we had a secretary of religion. Of course, I do that yeah. Of course, sorry all this yet so easy! It's so easy! Anybody can do it. You, just you just sit and you can piece together your own russian government. You just need twenty risk boards that you all turn into various branches of government and then you just shuffle people back and forth depending on who's fucking, who not a problem,
really mattered was that if Rasputin was going to survive at the level he was becoming accustomed to, he needed have influence over the church, and if we use do that. He over procurator of the holy site, not on his side. Naturally- and and that's the thing that I think is misunderstood about rasputin- and I said this at the end of the last episode, but I think it bears repeating rescue it seemed to actually want to do anything. No. In other words, he had no grand plans in store for Russia, no vision that he wanted to fulfill all wanted, was to be Rasputin and in for him to be the most Rasputin he could be. He had to stay at the highest levels of power because that's where he had to be man, because that's where the choices cuts were he's out there, looking Rasputin needed the best of the best, because you know what he walked. He
blocked from Siberia, to Gay paradise and back and who knows what it like, what it's like to hard travel and he's not going back and really didn't, he just has. No, he doesn't give a shit about but he's kind of like Jesse, the remember the vj Camp Jesse Camp, although rescued, wants power. Jesse camp Heroin wanted camp is definitely a fan of Harold or yes, His challenge was that there were dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands, of people who want him as far away as they could get him for even communicating with the imperial family and they all hated him yeah. Do you all like what the fuck is this guy doing around here, because he was in every single, be, was showing up and showing up at all the meetings he was showing up at these all of these high functionary group groups,
ships we ever were used to losing all those like the the highest levels of social class. Like all these halos who's bringing the sky around the thing. It's important remember. Nobody knows about the hemophilia, Nobody knows right. That's still his magic trick, that's his magic trick. Nobody knows about that. Not even Alexis is tutor. No about his hemophilia. I mean nobody knows about this, yet at all, so everyone's minds are just blown. Why the fuck is this guy around right? Well, one of the people that were trying to get that was trying. Get Rasputin out from under the imperial families wing was a man named her Moj and of course it was. You know her merging using it to tell her merging he's long he's from a long line of her merges danger. They call him or her majin. I understand we don't have to go into him. Just explain that right there he likes cheese. They remember her. Mojid he's a big
Oh boy, big fickle beard and they said he had a high high voice said they suspected was because he castrated himself or his love of right, yeah, it's he was the Bishop of Siberia, alright and who should be at her motion side. But Tenacious monk in Russia running back out. My dogs motorhome down so one night, Ileo Door, invited Rasputin to a party at her Mougins House. Think about how many times has already happened to rescue the times they have been like come over to this house. We're going to have a little get together and then everybody jumps out of the closet and they got you they do it again and again right. So you think he'd learn! No, but that's the thing is that it's like that happens once out of every. I don't know two hundred times every other time. He goes to a party at someone's house. He has a fucking great, I think she's just constantly partying and drinking and dancing and hugging and Hamann's Rasputin
When Rasputin arrived at this party, he was greeted not with a party but her mojon, a Duma member named Colonel Ivan Road and off and a guy named Dimitri, Corey OB, and it's the first episode of intervention ever aired, in the untold story, as quote an epileptic half wit, Ok, so tell me guys it is going to be one of those things where you give me a ticket for being too sexy, and one of you starts jumping on my crush. Come on guys. Let's do this where the naked. Ladies, let's, let's plug English clock, this open uh, oh, no need to talk recipe, that's what it was like curmudgeonly. He opened up. I just hurling accusations that Rasputin called him every kind of no good son of a bitchin' the world, but when Rasputin tried fire in back, the half
but lost control started screaming. He went full width and grab Rasputin hard by the cock. Oh, my goodness, I probably won't be able to come back to his horse days. Two times already that we've only mentioned and I'm talking about when you read the books, this happens multiple times were groups of people grab Rasputin. This man was just. He was interested in using a room and all of a sudden, this guys like yeah, instead of just going crazy. His dick is a weapon restrooms like I know how to deal with this motion back and forth. Now, with sex, you try to hurt me now, I'm making it fun. Wow yeah Rasputin wiggled his dick free, my goodness, but they were still able to grab him. They dragged into the chapel where they made him swear that he'd never talked to the imperial family ever again. Ok, but as soon as he left, that's exactly what he did. He ran off to sneer after Nicholas and tablet picture
writing, which is the web with little late there, his third no word as to what happened to the colonel or the half wet, but they wash their hands? Yes, yes, a lot of handset, it's nice, yes, but for organizing the whole thing her Mujin was stripped of all his powers and titles in thrown into exile. Oh an Ilio door and responds to all this. He threw a very public or fit okay. He denounced the uh church as an abomination and desolation. He
all the holy sign on a house of pigs. He called Alex a Rasputin. I a woman and Nicholas A quote: little man a drunk, a weed popper and a fool and a top it all off. He said that Alexis was fathered by Rasputin himself and you can just hear everyone just go. It's also like if you're just walking by you, just see this like fat mug screaming on the corner about the dawning of Rasputin you're, just like curry, along kids. Nothing here, How big your cock is that you could make multiple people go completely insane, because I don't have anything how many times he's like he keeps slipping out of every single track. They said for him, it's like wile e coyote, but I don't get. It
your daily a door. Then we noticed his faith in his statement. Written in his own blood, swaying orthodoxy was nothing more than magic and superstition. He'd been proclaimed himself a pagan, deist and walked off to the country, so Rasputin's dong is so large. It broke a man's religion and broke his religion broke his faith in God. That's so that's how much is shattered him. That's how slippery that dog is. That's how that's, how funny that faces of Rasputin isn't he could just he's just tap dance and path, import back and forth, and there are so many.
Grabbing their hacks and thrown on the ground in all right. I also with a part of it. It's the it's also the same track as how many people end up as like energy healers in LA because they have the same break up with acting with a role. I denounce someone of acting in their own blood and thrown it at a streak out and with that respite in defeated the last of his most dangerous enemies in the Russian Orthodox Church. At that time, and he began the process of replacing enemies with friends of his own. That makes sense yeah, it causes a bit of a mess, perhaps the most infamous of those friends in the church. At that time was a man named Barnava, yeah, ok, far Nava was a short slender handsome monk, with a high pitched voice, so handsome and so slender with such,
how high pitched voice, in fact that he regularly passed himself off as a woman yeah. He was, he was kind of like he had a big old beard yeah I mean he born. I stress that was kinda. Funny 'cause. He shaved his beard off when need be, for example, on this hm okay on one Halloween, she dressed inexpensive gown and began the seduction of a local governor yeah. But or Varnava could seal the deal so to speak. Varnava was outed as a man horrifying the governor and the lighting varnava. It's like the interface for insurance. I got you. It is the end of ACE Ventura PET attack, but it's also the downfall of MRS Doubtfire in any other 90s comedies that ended with a man in lady pissing in a urinal, so we're going. My woman so number was among. The first of Rasputin's quote: unquote: scoundrels to be appointed to higher office on his recommendation. Now. Yes, we can.
Say that a lot of them know not all we're pretty groovy people for novel was a groovy dude. He was, and they remind me, of the cast from rocky horror picture, show yeah where, where it's a bunch of like weird big ears that are like on the fringes of society and Rasputin was one of them, so he wanted to bring them into the government. But would you want riff raff to be comp troller that where it comes down to guess these are all fun choices Rasputin, but in the end we have a very complicated government that we're trying to run that's enough. Virje vagina, world war that we're going to find out about and like
can all year we're going to be in the middle of a war, and you were putting in these people. You don't even store arrest the economy. I got my buddy meat loaf work on it'll be five. These people are five six years out from a revolution. You know five years after a full revolution in which, like the autocracy was already starting to be dismantled, there are about five to six years away from a huge revolution and Rasputin is putting people in to power, or at least recommending that his friends be put into power and without exception, these people are all terrible at their job. All right without exception, not a single one of them were good at another. There's something
come to mind, but there's another actuation with my finger anymore. People are being put in a power based solely on repainting ideal about a certain one person and he had all kind of loyalty to like a crime family to get some weird but, like I think I know it's weird like it is, one person is kicked out. Everyone that's replacing limbs of lower and lower and lower quality get out. Since all these people were rascals, the Russian please kept tabs on them. They even gave him for a little code, name cool, all rescued even had a fun little code, name his code name at first and then the first Corning was not fun. His first coding was just the russian cool cool, it's cool, just the right- I don't know. Actually, if my code name was just the american I'd, be pretty. Rocket psyched yeah. It's also, I think, Jason Bourne yeah, but
other guys, but then they kind of gave Rasputin like a much more descriptive name. They called him dial Nae, which meant the dark one think about man, 'cause there's, scared him to remember. At this same time, sick were obviously Appan hindsight were making him goofy, because I feel that it's a goofy story in the end, it's fuckin' caddy Shack being played out before World WAR one, but he in real life. But their viewing him as his dark fuckin' mage walking around that they're. Very, very scared of it supposed to be in touch with satanic powers, yeah and the other people, the other rascals. They actually got pretty whimsical names. Their names were the crow cool, the Jackdaw cool, the dove, the owl, the bird's mentor and the monk. Well, they did go.
Bird theme there and then they just gotta switch it's more of a seasonal theme. Again it sounded like Fuckin' anime man yeah. It really does every once in awhile, just wanted to kick into the Evan Galleon theme and, despite all the big swords, the big wide sorts, so he's really got he's got a posse here. He's got a huge posse yeah in each one of these people would have a part to play big and small so with the church bank, for the time being Rasputin set his sights higher to his political enemies. Now, by this time, Rasputin to Pist off quite a few people in the government on both the pro and Anti Nicholas sides. The Anti Nicholas Contingency thought Rasputin was just further proof that the imperial system was outdated and broke it, while those on the Pro Nicholas side new that Rasputin was damaging the imperial reputation, which put it and them in danger. Funny thing was, they were both right Yeah Rasputin was bad for business for everyone except the rascals, but it
years before anyone would or could do anything substantial about it. Okay, a part of it is that it's, but it's true is that he made as body, mad the nature of the autocracy he didn't have to Nicholas, didn't have to give any reason for why just keeping Rasputin around and because he never addressed it at all. He was constantly weakening his positions on both sides. Also because in the end, If you can make a really complicated scenario, boiled down to one dude, that's how they attack you again and again and again rasp it was like a bad tooth in his mouth, where it's like. They could just at it for rescue every single time he was a big obvious target and it was an easy target. It was much easier than trying to really solve the problems of how do balance a dictatorship with the parliament like how do you deal with all of these complicated matters are AWOL just shared on Rasputin, because he's easy are others
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nothing. I can do it only those around him more suspicious right, because when they said when he said, there's nothing, I can do a lot of took that as like, oh Rasputin's got something over on these people rescued know something about these people. I mean he does, or they also took it. As you know, like oh well, Nicholas can't control his wife, then Alexandra has all the control over Nicholas, but when he said like there's nothing, I can do it much more likely that he was. He also believed in Rasputin, as far as like the him feel. He wins that he keeps my son alive. There's not gonna use yours too. He What kind of forced to there was like a thing where he would he didn't understand? connection, and he just let it ride out, because these watching his son, who is just always being like when I die, he did pain all labor, a little sweet, terrible, a he's doing everything he can. If I can save him and then it did, Rasputin is the only person who seemed to be able to, but you don't think that it's interesting
because he's saying there's nothing. I can do but the whole point you're. You are trying to fight for the autocracy by saying the of the awful kings is the only one who's, the truly great decider, so you're undermining yourself by saying, there's nothing. I can do actually there's everything that you can do do. The falcons are wants to save his son, though that's right The prime minister's disdain for Rasputin. One wasn't Nicholas is only reason for replacing him. It was definitely a factor, but the thing this prime minister wouldn't even survive long enough to be replaced during a state visit to Kiev rescued. Vision as the Prime Minister's carriage road by rescue scream quote that is right behind him and all that night. Rasputin muttered. In his sleep, is coming. Don't you believe me and sure enough, the next day, while The prime minister was attending the opera, a student approach,
during the intermission and fired a shot into his chest. Five days later, the Prime minister was dead and as the legend of Rasputin Group, particularly in the minds of the Romanovs, came time to pick a new prime minister. Rescue Was now at Nicholas is side way, in on affairs of state at the highest level for the first, but unfortunately not the last time, so Newton went to this guy and was like. I got some ideas for prime minister. We got the crow. We got my boy the owl winter could come in here, crush this job or summer, so you want the planeteers to run Russia the new prime minister, though, who is actually known by the title of the fattest man in Russia. That's cool! That is that it's honestly, that is,
achievement and is very difficult. I missed that would fat was power. I mean it's like capital, F, capital M capital, R, fattest man in Russia. That's awesome! Well, he didn't like cute. Neither but Nicholas didn't know that, because liking Rasputin was not at this time, part of the lid this test, maybe Rasputin with that classic joke he's tall and lanky. The guys, the fattest man all We stand together where the number dead yeah hardy yeah they're, like twins, yeah. Well, the fattest man said that Rasputin reminded him of convex from his days in the Central Prison administration. Saying quote people Lord will grab you by the throat and strangled deal while they made the sign of the cross with a smile on her lips. You know it's funny. Man I never
even saw you before, but I just knew you were fat from your voice. Thank you know. Vanilla almost border should talk to cut their speak like a lot they sound like when you're really overweight. You kind of sound like if a pug could talk with all that extra skin in their throat poor guys, well, the Prime minister came out against Rasputin the President. The Duma joined in then another Duma leader and then another pretty much everyone was telling Nicholas to get rescued as far away from from him as possible, allies and enemies, both but Nicholas, didn't, listen because Nicholas seem to only really listen to one person. His wife Alexandra good, good Alexandra was constantly telling him that the only reason why there's some was alive was because of their friend Rasputin because of how much faith Alexandra placed him Rasputin to take one of his phrases was getting a little too big
is breaches. See was men too big for his britches. He was being t. He started really flashing it around yeah, but you know I gotta say: there's something about being universally loved, but also being universally hated. That will excellent I support as well yeah that's what he did. He leaned in he had a modern sensibility of understanding that hate is popularity. Yeah absolutely and if everyone hates you we doing something right in kind of perverted political sense, yeah well, for example, as far as the rescue can get in too big for his britches on February 13th, one thousand nine hundred and thirteen the Roma knobs were celebrating the 300th anniversary of their rule over Russia, but it was a muted celebration to put to put it lightly
people being forced to go a as they do all of these parades and ship 'cause. Remember one of them just shot. The prime minister is not country. Currently, let's turn it. Let's turn this funeral around pretty quick. Here we got the three hundred celebration rolling through. Ok, thank you. Get cats get out. I gotta have this parade if I have to lay it by myself, or you already did now this whole three hundred celebration, the animated movie Anastasia, portrays this event as the moment when the evil Rasputin enters with his big green dill, DOE of death and curses the Romanoff family for rejecting him burning about the fall of the russian Empire in. I just want to clarify with the audience here we went out before the show and Marcus came up to me. He said man I Anastasia last night. It's awesome. And also what is like the animated movie and I've never seen you. So I guess
and confident about something that you watched. I was like: ok, it's legitimately good, ok, so check out Anastasia. Did you watch you with Carolina Real, like alone in your office, watching any other room? While she was playing video games, we watched it together, but a wonderful time very nice specimen people, not the villain, Rasputin like he carries around a big green cock that holds all of his power everywhere that he goes and then, when he finally dies in the end. By having his big green cock smash, he dissolves into a puddle of common blows away, hey I'm sure, there's some Youtube videos that have pointed that circle. That side of the devil will in reality that gigantic grand ball did not happen. Rasputin did not come in proclaiming a curse on all the roman ogs. He spent most of his time at the ceremony jockeying for a good seat near the front until the fattest man in Russia told him to leave. This is the one thing about the breakdown of all. This is a part of what makes you story so complicated. Is that this
in this story is Portrayed- is that most of fighting is about seating arrangements yeah the Duma showed up being like. Why are we sitting in the back for this fucking thing like? Why are we back here and there are all jockeying and fighting budget, but then Rasputin according to Legend, showed up in a full. Nice regalia like he did. You showed up like fucking prince with a golden cross on and the full ornamental where she was done. Also he's not supposed to be wearing because it's not a russian orthodox priest, so he rolls in me like at all at all popular cocktail party at Nesia Caccia. He goes in, he sits like and then he sits in the front row being like everybody's happy to see me get the fuck outta here as soon as he shows up- and then he's like- I have to say I have it is like from those are and then finally, as he always says, he goes ok and just leaves, which is really always does what he always tries. First, you always try staring at someone. First, like your stamp alot like he'll stare at him for, like thirty seconds and stare really hard,
and then we just leaves, and then he just leave when the guy goes like out and get the fuck outta here. That's when recipes like ok ok, try to be scary. Sorry about that and futons presence he was It's causing trouble within the governmental system since the church, which was now firmly allied with Rasputin, the church LAS face with the public, because the public was even more confused about Rasputin. Then anyone ok, because they all their hearing, is just hearsay and, like Russia'S got a full on tabloid press going on at this point. But the funny thing is: is the czar and actually made it? Because the Russians did have free speech at this point, but just like a regulated form of free speech where these are hyper claimed that no one could mention Rasputin and the imperial family in the same story, but they'd still just refer to him as like the man who lives at such at one thousand and ten stout. It's lane
I would refer to him as by his address, and he was so well known that people like oh they're, talking bout rescue tonight. I think they actually referred to his tripod, the one story. So I've been reading a lot of out of faith power in the twilight of the Robin Office by Douglas Smith. They got good pictures in there and one is a whole sequence, a sketch that people did out on the streets of St Petersburg, which was two little people one is the fattest man in Russia and one dressed as Rasputin wrestling. That's that's fine, so yeah that's fun is Jimmy Hart. Was there the mount the south promoting the whole thing, but then who should return from the countryside once more. To save the day who
God never got here. Maybe I don't know we don't know exactly how these got out, but in nineteen eleven letters from Alexander to Rasputin were released to the public. There was a bit of a leak. Now we've stressed, which is what happens when you're surrounded by nothing but fucking, lackeys and cronies? There's a lot of leaks in your administration. There, a lot of trying to figure out a way to maybe undermined what's happening here we go now, we stressed Rasputin Alexandra did not have a sexual relationship. We can be sure of that, but in the con text of the rumors at the time and out of context of their personal relationship? These, let told a different story. This is One read in part, sir me, my teacher I know I've seen much and still do forgive and be patient. I try to do better, but I don't succeed. I know
much of what I do and think is not good. I want to be a good Christian, a good person, but it is so hard. So often I have to fight bad huh boots, but help me don't and in me I am weak, can not good. I love you and I believe in you, grant us the joy of meeting soon, kiss you warmly lesson for. Forgive me I'm your child, so Zsa, Zsa Gabor was great, I remember was fun the naturally the family was humiliated. I would, I would think so. Yeah the Dems, spanish Rasputin, but for his carelessness they refused to receive him at the capitol, so fresh and return to his hometown to sulk, as he often did, but this was a big rift. This was actually a big rift. This is huge. They finally were like you know what we are could be shared
bad for us, like you really embarrassed Alexandra. She was mad because she, not really exposed. She didn't want anybody to know, because the one thing that Alexander is sort of worked with was she had a lot of secret connections to people in high society, and how would she disseminated her authority by the people that she surrounded herself with and having that sort of cover blown ok, seeing the real her was a thing that she couldn't stand, and so they sent him home there like you're. Not going was it that angered them so much again, it was that he had been sloppy, leaving his letters out because you don't. We don't know exactly who stole the letters, but it was probably Ilia door back on him and Rasputin we're still friends. So the leak is why he got in so much trouble. He let it happen the leak is why? Because they're like, how could you possibly be this careless, like your kidding with bizarre in the are like you right. You have to be more careful in this, and this, on top of everything else words did you got to go right? You gotta get out of here, but I would say they should have been
that surprised that he was careless, given the alcohol intake, but nonetheless, but in October of nineteen twelve? telegram miracle we talked about in the last episode. Came along to recap: Alexis badly injured during a hunting trip in Poland. Prince was near death and Butte and seemingly saved the little prince with nothing more than words on a piece of paper. That's right, remember, don't let the doctors bothered to too much, and so after this he's there, no matter what and from then on. He is a permanent fixture at the side of the imperial family. Until the day he died because they're not risking it right, every single fuckedup story, because it's the kid was it was the kid was almost murdered by a bumpy carriage. He was in a bumpy carriage in Poland and he suffered from a hemorrhage 'cause. They go to Polina relax, which is, I can feel it, though don't know, that's your people there yeah, but they go in. He sucks,
the pain in his leg and just started screaming, and they know what happened and, I guess it fallen down. There was like a couple of little incidents that happen and huge die bleeding out. They didn't know what to do with him. Try to do blood blood transfusion, nothing stuck in the the the what at be the reach out finally to Rasputin finally they're just desperate to do it and he said that for him to leave them alone and they have no clue. Well, how it works you, none of them, have any clue why It worked that his did the bleeding stopped yeah, but but it to them. But from that point on, it's it's just obvious like if speed. Not here the not only is my son, but the heir to the throne is going to that's right but unfortunately for them and their entire country and the entire world. Are all sitting on the precipice of the conflict conflict known to man at the Time World WAR, one
now here's where things get a little complicated. Ok, here's where it gets complicated here it is: let's do this if you really want to get into the ends and outs of world war. One please goal is Dan Carlin's Hardcore history series called blueprint for Armageddon after you finish this episode, I mean just to give you a scope of how big and how comp This thing actually is Carlin Series runs over twenty hours. Head over six parts and it is fucking fantastic showing out. This is Carl and at the absolute top of his game. This is an achievement. I started listening to it. Why would listen to it like a while ago, I guess closer when it first came out and I would just start walking and all of a sudden I wouldn't know where I was 'cause. I was just listening to hours of world war, one and I'll be like the clouds are here. Somebody just ended up in Poland. So to greatly lately oversimplify the start of world war, one a bunch of kids
assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Serbia. This realm leave minor and honestly fairly common for the time of then Escolha intentions that are already been brewing in the area before you knew it very very quickly. Germany Austria hungry the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria were at war with Britain, France, ITALY and Russia, I mean this is within a span of like two weeks. Imagine today everything Spine two weeks from now: you've got in Russia in war with the United States and Canada and everybody in the in between well. The nice thing now is were always at work yeah, so even the price always at war, and it's you know the same things that they say now we're being said back then. As far as you know, what if war could break out because back then they were saying like listen. We
the globalist economy here, right, there's no way everything's to Inter twined. You know the economy would collapse. If you know if war were to break out, so the economy is not going to allow water break down, but you know this guy gets killed and two weeks later, people are dying by the thousands almost instantly. We can't imagine the scope of violence and blood for this war produce okay, but for our purposes. We're only going to talk about the conflict between Germany and Russia like going to get in the battle of Somme or anything like that. Like we're. Just talking about Germany and Russia were sticking with Rasputin. Now we have to the Germany had the same problem that Russia had. They were cursed with the line of succession dult as their leader. What the Germans did have that the Russians didn't was one of the great militaries in history as far Rasputin was concerned. He could, been more against the war. For three very good reasons. One rescued was a peasant
We knew it wasn't going to be the politician in the Duma or the dowager at the Imperial Palace, who would see the true horrors of this war, just like it is in every war. Rasputin knew that it would be the lower classes, his people who would die on the fields in the pursuit of land and glory, absolutely Sabbath war. Pigs. May I know it's going to bank that he looks like he would love Sabbath. He was only with anti smoking super metal, but a part of it with his religious philosophy as well. This is the only time that he was really correct where he kept saying like no wars, because also in the end he also knows awards are really fucking complicated. Then he's just trying to have a good time and he's sick of all this hassle. Alright, so we Rasputin wanted to protect the peasants in Rasputin knew the Russians couldn't win, okay The Germans had a vastly superior military, both in terms of leadership and technology. The Russians, on the other hand, really only had one resource on their side. People had the largest army in the world and Russia,
has never minded minded throwing a few. One hundred thousand extra bodies into the mill to make up for their shortcomings, and that only made the people hate. Those are more it's like the army of darkness and three Rasputin It is somewhat more selfish reason for opposing the war and it's possible Alexander New, this to Rasputin New that this whole system he depended on for his lifestyle, was on shaky ground, if Russia were to lose, which they were almost certainly destined to do. The revolution was a given and revolution meant at the very least exile, but most likely an unceremonious, an brutal death for both the imperial family, an rasputin- oh, they all knew this so, but there was a part of the reason why Nicholas wanted to go to war, because he knew that if I can win this, I'm solidified forever, but everyone knew your
going to win, then we're talking big risk, big reward, and I mean I mean this is like big risk. I mean it is a risk that is so stupid, but it's also It's the problem with this I'll talk or see. You know it's these guys up the top go. Now I got it as we've really driven home student had no agenda. He just wanted to exist right, but once a taste of power once he found he actually liked. Being a wheeler and dealer King maker from his days were numbered part of what you liked about working for the government was that he didn't actually have to ever produce anything yeah. He like doing a little bit, see like giving favors he liked being important to people. He liked the all of the push and pull of the bow of the political world, but he didn't Do anything like most politic be a perfect politician because he didn't want to get anything done and he just like the zip steps up of it. It's
fully better that they don't get anything done, because when they do it's an atrocious nightmare. But this is the most fun you can possibly have been. A kingmaker is easier than being the king and you get the same power yep and here's another interesting thing to ponder Russia. Would got into world war, one with or without Rasputin The chaos and failures of world WAR one help to push Nicholas out of power. The question as we the roman offs, had been able to hold onto their power. Had they not allowed Rasputin into their lives, would they have been able to hold on to their power if they would not have let red spoon into their eyes would rush every good question? Would Russia have emerged from World WAR one as a constitutional monarchy instead of the eventual Soviet Union, possibly morphing, even further into something closer to what England has what you request it was to you yeah question cancellation yeah. There definitely isn't for us to say we're, not historians. No, I'm not going to answer this now. Ok! Well, that's good, but the fact that
even questioning the role of this country. Bumpkin flim flammer in the context of the spread of communism, the cold war and even the mess we find ourselves in today with Russia is a testament to how one man can bumble his way into changing the course of world history for centuries to come. Unbelievable Forrest Gump it Hornii, there's that he just got himself into the middle of it. So in part of what you do is have no scruples gotta take those rubles. You got tossed out the fucking window so
I mean think about it. Think about it. This way I mean Rasputin's. Not there, for us being is not there. The roman offs might hold on the power Romanoff hold on to power. Russia becomes a constitutional monarchy that happens, Lennon never comes into power, linen, never comes into power, communism doesn't ever get a foothold, or at least its first foothold. Then there's no Stalin, then, after that there's no cold war of communism doesn't get a foothold in China is a completely different country. Then you take it even further than that. There's no Vietnam there's no further cold war and there's no russian interference in this election. It's these things just tumble from one to one hundred dollar marker wow. We have a special announcement information about, but Marcus. You also have to remember: there's no anastasia, there's no prestige evolved according to what the as usual communist socialist writings and ideas that revolution is scientific, inevitable, inevitability, isn't the
What they're saying is that naturally we're going to rise to a revolution, so maybe they were going to make it happen either way. But the story would be a lot more boring, Rasputin was in it all right. It's almost like culture works that way it could thank you weirdly. It seems like we're. It kind of the like, like it's growing towards the light they grow towards, what's the biggest mess, what's like, what's like the most interesting fuqing, not of bullshit that we? it involved in because humans are involved, yeah. Well that and that's what I'm gonna refer to the sun. As now the biggest mass yeah I mean you're, you're right it is, but but more likely than not, that the romanovs would have lost all the power, no matter what. But it's a interesting question. Actually it's a very interesting question general like if it this guy like that there's you know, there's always that one little thing that breaks at the straw that breaks the camels back and it's possible that Rasputin was that ok. But the thing is
Rasputin almost didn't even make it to the declaration of war as just two weeks, after the assassination friends Ferdinand. Just the mere influence of a LEO door would to kill him for his beautiful, my goodness even around today, and had this assassination attempt and successful it's like that Rasputin would have been no more than a funny little detail in the overall story of the Romanovs, just a wacky little scene, because Rasputin's most consequential days were still to come we're not even until the part where Rasputin was actually doing real damage yeah. This is him just setting the stage for him to do real damage, ok, yeah! So recipe and return home to both Chris Coyier. Soon. After the assassination of Ferdinand, because nobody had really expected that Lee minor event to trigger a war at first much less the bloodiest conflict the world had ever seen, but as the days tick by tensions rose,
tensions rose, Rasputin became more concerned, however, as this seemed to be the season of the assassin. Rasputin probably would have been better off watching his own back at home. That's what they have. My dick folder I glue to googly eyes to it. I hold it between my butt cheeks in to watch. Is my bank come on guys, that's you're drinking again? Yes, yes, the reason why you should have been watching his back was because the and with no nose was it that moment lurking around Rasputin's a state. What is the princess bride? What the hell is that the woman who knows if she Chris Farley for dirty work, what is happening in the land of the Scots, the woman, would have for noses, came one night about a month before he declared war on Russia. Rasputin was can out of his house to answer a Tele from Alexandra suddenly avail
woman, approached from Rasputin's left, he assumed it was just a beggar, so he reached his pot. For some coins, but as he reached in the vale, woman pulled out a fifteen inch dagger and stab Rasputin in the stomach. Oh man, I'm logging Butch my volume boost customer. Why would step he said screaming? I've been stabbed grabbed a stick and hit her in the side of the head and as she was deadly supposedly he grabbed his sticky hit her in the side of the head and then in another again in a completely russian move. For some reason, everybody works like a flash mob, grew, some people showed up and grabbed her and lifted her up off him as she was trying to stab him again, but he got out of the garden and when they took off her veil police. Found that there was they called in a regularly shaped hole where her nose shift, and we here at our yes look up a pitcher. This woman. She is gnarly cool Chicago,
she's talking and she was ready to go huge hands. Apparently it really So this woman is obviously crazy, Rasputin suspicions. As far as who had sent the That's right, when I the one man But in this Speed was only half right. The woman was inspired by Ilya door. Yes, spurred on by an article called either your door and Chris got, which was about billion door and Rasputin, but Ilya door himself, probably had nothing to do with it. Although he certainly acted guilty. We can do the real guilty in the strangest way. I've heard in awhile when Illiad or heard about the incident he shaved off his mustache and beard. Himself up with makeup like a pretty lady, we wanna, dress and escaped into the night, then still in full drag Illiad.
You gave an interview to a newspaper in which he denied any involvement with the crime whatsoever. He then posed for some pictures and fucked off to Norway. Yeah just want John Goodman to show up from the big Lebowski with his bowling bag and just throw it at his stomach and anti semite and just watch him curl over with this man. Literally us, like he's not guilty.
Something like a dog that you caught ripping up all the paper towels. He went full OJ. Simpson, the word yes, but why did he dress up as a woman just to go to the newspaper to talk to the newspaper on record as Ilia Door and then posed for pictures dressed as a woman? I've gotta be man I gotta, be, I don't know not surprisingly, there was a fair amount of myth making in the attempted assassination of Rasputin sure some said that the noseless woman had lost her nose from about as simple as she she'd contracted from Rasputin, and this was her getting her revenge in reality, the woman. Had lost her nose to nothing more remarkable than an allergic reaction to some medicine she taken as a teenager. Don't what medicine did they give her? I don't know it was like lead or like mercury. There was something where they do slather goat shit on your face said she had an injury as an uh she had injured. Think about that is that you
your nose with a cut you put medicine on it instead of the nose healing you're. Not it goes away and makes you a skeleton person for the rest of your life. Well, let's see here, we could go to this really perfect medical professional or this one who's going to work on Jack Nicholson from nineteen. Eighty, nine joker, just a really kind the facial reconstruction budget depression. I could easily instruments that I had another myth about. This story is actually pro Rasputin, but this one isn't true either. It said that Butte had sympathy for the woman and kept the violent mob from stringer up on the spot, but in reality Rasputin held one hell of a grudge, often referring to the assassin, as quote the slot, Stuck a knife up my s, clever, Rasputin, yes, very clever, he was, he did not mince words. No, he was drunk. He was sober enough to the rescue
he had a reason to hold a grudge, the nose, woman and stabbed Rasputin near the naval right through the guts with a fifteen inch dagger, so doctors were forced to remove parts of his intestines putting Rasputin in miserable pain for the rest of his days. Ok, we also be dealt with by dragon He reviewed he refused anesthesia. They were going through this, and I'm like this is just talk about the worst injury at the worst time in the worst place, because he got ripped up he got caught. You got sod in the middle of Siberia. So they were the only other problem too that they couldn't get a good doctor to him, so they had whatever was available like big towns doctor who showed up, who had to then would incredibly delicate surgery of in your intestines back together and can cut your budget. So when your belly, together for all intensive purposes, she should have died and he was very close to death but he spent forty nine days in the hospital, while okay, the back and Petersburg people
we're overjoyed some because Rasputin had been stabbed because a lot of people hate it I'm sure, but mostly because St Petersburg was getting swept up in war fever it's so fun the the lead up to warm people, just love it. They love it so much and that's what spurred Nicholas on, because he was finally getting some love and because he finally got a bunch of people on his side because everybody was hungry for war, but also think about this not only to a bunch of newspapers, thought Rasputin died, so they put up. They put up his obituaries that they had pre written like always and getting that fucking opera I need to see your obituaries before you. That's kind of that's cool, like a lot of the obituaries were actually very nice. Like you know, it's like well, don't speak ill of the dead, but as soon as the newspapers heard that Rasputin was still alive, they were like yeah. I thought that guy everybody, so back in Saint Peters Berg like Nicholas he made,
proclamation of war from a balcony at the Winter Palace and the entire crowd, I mean it's just everybody in Saint Peters Berg are showing up and the entire crowd, saying God save the Tsar with that Yes, would be short lived for within months, it would be drowning in the blood of her own people. Almost nothing to show for it, but Rasputin and concert pain and now in a constant state of drunkenness pushed on march of one thousand. Nine hundred and fifteen Rasputin was sent to Moscow by Alexandra on a sort of pilgrimage in an attempt to reestablish Rasputin as a man of God following the assassination attempt, but Rasputin ended up doing the exact opposite now. Remember during the context of this next little bit, raspy he's supposed to be on a pilgrimage to reclaim his religious nature. To be a. I am chased, I'm a good boy.
Nothing's going to happen bad on this trip, I've just I've gone through a near death experience. I'm a changed. Man like this is him building up PR. It's like maybe, and you know- and there are also counting and say: ok, the war is just starting, so you know the countries doing ok kind of in a good mood will try to get. On rescued inside now, because they know that Rasputin going nowhere. So they have to try to get the p r up. So all right, let's get to it. He it up yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, so he arrive drunk and a Moscow restaurant named Yar
now I mean you kind of have to go drug too young yeah, yeah, yeah anyways you are in this place, sounds like pretty God dam awesome. I had food and music and singers. It's like it's like the place when you imagine a bunch of old, timy Russians having an awesome time and singing and drinking vodka and wine, and all that this is what that's. What yard was idea he got on stage was like you have to hear my bassoon voice. Honestly, it's pretty close, it's pretty close. So as the night went on, Rasputin got more and more drunk an more and more. Shall we say inappropriate? That's there fair. He started off small by riding dirty little notes to the women singing and ignore them. He started grabbing and when they got rightfully Pist off recipe. Became. What the official report called quote
sexually psychopathic, although that makes it sound much worse than it really was because once again, rest his mouth got the best of him. Well, is grabbing an aids grabbing in joking and screaming and leaving a wet kisses and mail button shirts, and do it all it's just been a horrible monster. Yeah you just be a yeah he's been until the monster that he talked all Finan loudly about good? He was at fuckin' even hinting that he was having an affair with the Empress Alexandra. He pointed his belt and said: quote see this belt it's or majesty's work. I can make her do anything and then to drive it home. Rasputin started making obscene gestures while referring to Alexandra, as the girl. He eventually drew a crowd and when someone asked whether he was really Rasputin, Rasputin
start his huge cock and waved it around his proof. Honestly he's just Ric flair. Yes, he is Ric flair in that moment. Looking now, this actually happened. This was even making something of it happened because, according to the fifth power of the toilet of the roman offs, there's obviously a lot of rumor. We don't know what happened. He was definitely at the yard and he definitely got ham. Because they said that a part of what they do is they had to put him in a private car a lot of the time they would drive him around the block to try to sober him up and pull many people always really drunk? Let's make him dizzy? Yes, it's a courtesy. It was very, very ridiculous weather this completely happened or just partially happen. It didn't really matter once again, like perception is the only thing that matters when it comes to Rasputin and the impure. Family because it did help his reputation and it actively hurt. There's just like this recipe.
Once again seem to be rewarded for his bad behavior, which compounded the damage on top of all that the police, wrecker, who reported Rasputin was fired I'll, be it for a different reason, and one of supporters was put in place nobody, knew that this guy hadn't been fired for reporting, Rasputin All they saw was that this guy, who would expose, had exposed Rasputin and it been fired for it only to be replaced by a guy who openly supported Rasputin and the war I from bad to worse in just the first year of World war. One one point: five, million Russians had died one year. Five million and because of this Nicholas, was about to make a decision that would change the course of history and that's where we'll pick back up for
Inclusion of Rasputin all right there, it is Rasputin. The groundwork has been laid for the final conclusion. Yes, the real consequential acts of Rasputin cool. It's very. Stink. When you get into the reading about this type of history and about bias, writing about how, like you have to remember like when anybody writes about anything. That's gonna be some level of bias. Even if you owe less it's just collecting dates, someone always has a perspective. There's a reason for it. The restaurant is a really a good exam for about how you could put whatever you want on to Rasputin, but pro russian state like later that the nationalist russian people will go on to say all of this stuff was was real about Rasputin, and then it was the exit a and that they they would trash and and then there are other we're pro people. It is very interesting trying to find the truth. Yeah now you remember who is into writing a story or who is not speaking because whenever you're reading. That's one person's perspective or one perspective when narrative and there's always another one among
we have to do here. We have to thank everyone, yeah patrie on. Thank you all so much Henry, and I have another interview coming up in the very near future, which we So thank you all for giving today. Thank you very much if you, if you wanna, hear any the interview series that Ben and Henry have done, those are available to everyone who get is five dollars or more to our patrie on. You can find that at Patrie on dot com, slash last podcast on the left, yes said, some follows at all the bullshit that on Twitter at Henry loves, you and Marcus parks have been canceled. Follow us on Instagram, a doctor friend, tasty and Marcus parks have been cancelled. The number one and follow the last like about that all the bullshit that LP on the left. That's it and support all the shows. Here we have a fun, a blink, it's top at this week. We we speak with a sex worker and also with my friend Sarah Alliance about
racist taking over paganisme so kind of a fun little cross over there. I think you'll enjoy that, and you also plus, are you going into your going to AL to Trono that show little bit until like yeah, I found out that Ben did not pay attention during our black metal episodes at all, because I love runes and it's don't take my runes for me. Yet ok, let's see here, yeah, that's basically Magoo Stellations hail yourself right yeah. We say that these things are. We in the show you you say the last podcast electrical workers Park, Hail Satan, hail yourselves, Hale me and a Magoo Stellations just give it up thank you so much for listening.
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