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Episode 318: Dennis Nilsen Part II - A Thin Strand of Humanity

2018-05-26 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series on Dennis Nilsen, we cover the vast majority of his murders, from the twelve victims claimed and burned on Melrose Ave to the final three that were disposed of in possibly the most disturbing way we've ever covered. 

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There's no way into a game. Tourism is the last time on eleven animalism started. I got fantasies, man Jimmy. I think Ok for me to have fantasies. I think it should be illegal. Beverly. I fancy is definitely going to depend on what those fantasy you feel like you know if they can become a nice of you like a pizza across all says she's in it. Also approaching an sauce on it. So it's like all edges of a people is like a big circular lights,
why they that already exists, I'm pretty sure pizza is very similar option. At this point. Also, why are we talking about fantasies? Sometimes you just have a fantasy should make me a criminal, no doubt but you're, not exactly the pursuers studied today. Whether who has not allowed diabetic Giza with bark is barred low and extremely Hungary, Henry's eyebrows gee. I don't know what's going on. I dont, like I'm asleep- I like I'm talking about I'm also so I'm I'm gonna I'm been met ITALY hung over and for This episode. Aha, this was a mistake when it was a mistake. Only because the nature of what we're about to go into right all along very thick, that's a word! I'm unable coming thick, okay and wet, right, where they are dealing with today, may be close to a gold star episode, clothes you think so depends on what can stomach. He got ok, yeah if you gonna queasy, but also, I feel like a part of being
over was but staying in character as Dennis Nilsen, because every single thing he did he did, hung over that. No, it's because you're doing your job to well. That's all! I got my way are too poor to of debt. Nelson Agar Ukase Jeffrey Dahmer, which does begs the question what if they met in real life, one we also want to happen. They would just laid on be separate beds next to each other just coming on their own bellies. You positively charged ions coming together. Just gonna repel yeah- maybe I mean Dahmer, wanted a zombie he just wanted. I guess just to sleep and body could work out Dennis Nelson walked into the gay bar with his corpse make up on India. Dahmer was there and that that music head until they call me Mister Veda, my father Browed, all suddenly his hands are not an absurd, going back and forth we're talking about.
The royal wedding I would have enjoyed watching alone away, yes, and that was somewhat in in honour of the royal wedding, our Dennis Nilsen episode, we ve all over the UK to food, and I can't believe those two beautiful people found love while so when we last Bluff Dennis Nelson, he had just burn the body of his first victim on a bonfire in his back garden, but Dennis it Also, in the meantime, between the murder in the disposal swore that was never ever gonna. Do that again great, so we can use them. The episode am I gonna lose term bond fire. There was a tire odd time. Is that still a bonfire that boy? Oh yeah? Ok, I think so you remember
He did a lot of drink and right up against point even really really drink, and it was seven months and seminars. Boyfriend had broke up and the dude and laughed, and so he was like free to be him and me, and so he went and he like he'd found him opened this bit of a pickle when he was born in the body. He relatively like it's drinking this is a little too I've gotta come down and made drinkin, which is what we did so on demanding like I can handle myself. I can hear what shall I do not. I just gonna make it go at this. I got a really get my life together, solemnly cut back, not gonna, quit ok out a couple of points. The boys after work with people, do like him, big use like everything in moderation like that foot back and now you ve got to get on with the stick by the flames horrible stuff, but he didn't binge drinking each stop Brigham, guys back to his place, trying to live in a quiet life but
After Nilsen got rid of the body. The allowances started common again about two months after the disposal: Nelson brought home a chinese student named Andrew HO, whom Denisov met at a west in bar. Ok, because data Conseil Slick, some game. It's kind of similar Dahmer he's out there. You talk, unease, jive and they would say You know like this. Also what gave him as energy its gave him the booths, and so he got a couple income and Denis returned to completely different persons, sort dancing. You start talking to people, he loved to violently argue with people to point or make it really uncomfortable, and then I wonder why cap let lead which, as we are, that it keeps leading him to all these little hunky. Do is little trips that he's doing so after a couple of The conversation turned to bondage. For how knew what he was tied up, but things escalated. Far beyond the safe point, four ho, when Nelson picked up a tie in advance towards him home start,
screaming That is why do just also I mean Christiana, Verona, Spanish its, but if you're gonna just lightly dropped the whole like the kind of fun like tied each other up and he's as I could arise in all of a sudden. Your feeder tied up immediately. We we're just gonna, have a conversation categorized up and also in your hands. Are tied at unease is like he comes out of the other room with a big fuckin horny smile on his face, tied his hands, and that's when you start scrape Lula you so soon ass. He saw the look and Nelson's eyes hold in that time. He started screaming in course, like Nelson Lead, go and how went to the police? Ok, but technically no crime had been committed here. It was all conflicts, consensual and Nelson had stopped when HO told him too. I didn't mean Milsom, wasn't gonna kill up later Nilsen casually confessed that he has every intention of strangling Andrew hold death, he's
He was just to sober too in his words, given the unbounded, immoral force, it's like when you finally have just the right amount appears to be good at poor guy right one, but one beer. Later I mean you got a body in the apartment. Arrival of luck in the EU are our inner. Oh yeah Amy, one, two, three beers. I will make some money on that pool table that immediately make money in the pool table by a stripping out it harbours, and then it s kind of Osborne s money to put your car use area the foggiest one in here. This is so with this one Milton had learned as so many other killers do that if you wanted to kill, he had to get drunk, and Nelson done two months later, when he met his second victim Kenneth Oxenden oxenden. The canadian tourist on holiday in London, who had Nelson one night as a pub sparse Aachen.
Was concerned. He just made a new vacation body like a local who could show some of the sites and take him on a little adventure. I understand this shit, maybe because I dont really travel that much. We travel for the shared goal, the scottish dino. We get linking all do stuff with me, Natalie like normal shit, but are condemned. We'd, canadian boy and uses people at the households and shit just like fresh wide eyed canadian boy, road of promises that somebody like Nilsen, just like he just mill that all averse chess and just knew that this guy would love to come to my weird smelly apartment for some recent yeah vacation bodies. You gotta have some. I made someone. I was travelling with my brother throughout Europe, and I was nineteen went to the wild wild West Vermeer started well: Smith, wealth and a young woman that we're that I would just met she's. They can you hold me up on my on your shoulders, so I can see it. I said yes, but if she was it's too, I hurt her
half was smaller than are bottom exalted. I do about forty five minutes. That's very high up yeah it was. It was hard. So, after a little at a bar hop and the two ended up. Nelson's place Nilsen? stuck to his room while Oxenden drink whisky in beer. As I stayed up listening to record seen, listener Wick wake men hooked on classics, the whose Tommy, oh one a m, though Nelson handed his guest a pair of headphones. Tell them he could possibly enjoy this next record through the speakers alone. Can, though, nobody ever says is true. You totally candle learning all the I'm hearing, the tiny tops and I'm hearing the base. I think I think it's good hearing what we just met do
just quit killing people look, as you just said, like my killing people any more than he made an injury how this was a year later. That's not the amount that much time when you think about killing people. Most able goes through multiple years doing up, maybe like eighty five, two hundred years, I've media thirty four years so far without a single person, I'm a long time, but so awkward and slipped on the headphones. As Nelson put the London Symphony, orchestras Classic Rock covers album. And, as this record played, Dennis Nilsen reach down, grab the headphone for quickly wrapped around all conditions neck and strangled into death, as he shouted music. As we vote, that's
I mean, I will say, that's great music. Now it's over that's one simply orchestras cover a whole lot of love cool. I like listening to music like that and only going the speed limit because it undermines this growing faster than the things you he's got the headphones onto. You screams. Let me list the music swellings, but meanwhile he wrapped ahead. Phone cords around his neck and restocking choking if she's, crazy, sued, Nilsen Music was a part of the process. Bearskin the booze thinking the victim. Then came the music as a kind of activate or who we're too. If the moon was wrong. Nelson would back off, but if the music Nelson and just the right spot murder was inevitable yeah like employed Paradise, city came on or something for guns and roses you buy, can't kill, like songs, actually would trigger his murder.
Tendencies and others would turn it off and the egg Chicken and egg, because certain feelings he just pay at pump up song. He had certain things that were like this is. This is what gets me really Randy in really gone like when I used to listen to roll with the changes in urban go into audition or to get myself and the right heads play our role. In the other day I almost killed my whole family because raw, with the changes spoken came onto the radio. I just start fuck and blowing through red. Like I don't know what the song is, but it sounds gotta you dont know our usb wagons role with the changes will have is very white conversation offer up up up so what I condemn, was dead. Nelson sat down import himself, one more roman coke, then as he had with the one before Nilsen undressed his victim washed him and put the body in his bed, but but were joining him, no support one more drink and sat there
He really listen to all the records he and Oxenden had shared that night. He then fell asleep, woke up put the body in a cupboard and went to Chris Cupboard? Yes, so yea Ebony Salon Milsom was out. He bought a Polaroid camera and when he got home he pose the body in various positions around the house and took pictures Polaroid cameras, have seen more death a corner. By did anyone invent that camera we death camera. It is, of course, because you can't get those pictures developed or you can do in Dahmer loved is Polaroid. You have, I think their march there were, they would lose half of their sales. Have killers did biter hammers. So we Nelson got tired of the body just lane. On top of him, he picked. The body and sat in one of his chairs and had a casual one, sided conversation about his day while complementing the corpse on its good looks. Ok, your local! You look very good today political pale. I like that. I, like it quite a bit of this, is
am I being to forward wild world country. That was very good. Speed is a lot of content. I know so after Nelson had his fill. He wrapped Altgens body and a curtain put a bag over the head and placed under the floorboards. He then took all the records you'd, listen to with Aachen and out to his garden and destroyed them with a shovel. Totally normal neighbour behaviour solely in the eighth, also, which is small London apart with a small apartment, complex, rightly be they're, saying that it is the general area the all just me. I guess everyone is just not giving a shit and not paying attention to a single thing. What other people there? It's like New York,
they I mean how many times I watched. I walked fully Dick out in front of my windows and I've me no one cares, but that has destroyed all traces of the music they shared a few days later, Nilsen was an office Christmas Party that he'd help organise and, of course, being music man. Nilsen had taken special care to prepare the appropriate mix, tape, ok, but Nelson had made, then mix tape of poor he'd kill. Auctioned, so when a track that he in Aachen and had listened to together started plan on the mix tape at the party Nelson drop his drink and left. This was that track. Hey but he saw exactly those making scuttle scuttle amusing right, there's hope down classics, that's called hotel and glass. I was this big it back in the seventies. It was a big here where they match together a bunch of classical music tracks, but just put like a sum
one to disco, be behind it and there was a hit huge. Yet nothin, says office. Christmas party, like the disease, sounds obviously this was. I mean people really intuited too weird time period for music. I guess a middle ground between glamour. Punk That has nothing to do with any. I dont know, having received straight, I mean at a very appropriate, be Dennis Nelson's favour music. For some reason, the judge him just him dancing loudly to it in front of a corpse gives it a wholly different failing another. You know the British. They get down differently, that we remember that weird bar that we stumbled into in Glasgow, yeah Glasgow and glad and guys go when we went to that one place our was complete, was like fully lit. It was eleven look like an office kind of like
conference room and it was a bunch of the older people and younger people grind it on each other to beyond, say in full daylight. As I remember very loud, music is well very loud, scream Nelson. After this incident at the party, he try going to sleep tat night, but it seemed like don on classics is working as a kind of telltale heart for Dennis Nelson. So, finally, he yelled right want to listen to the music. Damn well come out, didn't listen to it, then remove the floorboards brought occupants body back up, set it in a dining chair with a bag still over the head and put the hooked on classics. Tape on the stereo is Nelson. Sat there drinking a roman coke naked and crying. Are you happy you all day planning for Christmas Party, and now I've got to play the music for you, love every neighbours like you
play the men who want to watch the detail of it. You show that we have on the one channel with just a man playing the symbol good show, so this is, but this is not even his rock bottom here. Oh no! This is this is just the beginning of his career as a world class deviant- and this is this- was from his book. This is his own words years. These are all his uncle s yeah cause. You remember he's living his whole life like watching a movie right right, o, as this becomes up until now. He's live just deeply inside of his own fantasies and he it is a real one time and you're doing that adjust just it's really difficult for him to go back, because now it's gets its bringing back with more force and then for Aachen. Then he felt these special type of guilt, because people were looking for him, it wasn't the people are looking for that. He'd also kind made friends with them because they hung out all day long so Nelson's victim was a sixteen year old, runaway named. Martin Duffy here
strangled five months after Oxenden, as he slept in Nelson's bet, Dennis performed pretty. Much the same retorts before and Duffy's bodies two days in the cupboard performing before being sent under the floor board without conditions, so he was still their fight months later ideas, Agnew Miguel, there, oh yeah, he was covered in a mixture of soil and deodorant sticks to try to hide this smell and dumb it wasn't working. Now I could imagine, would one of his neighbours, it actually complained. Nelson dislike know that just the building saddling always sounds like young men gurgle lightly. Nelson hit astride start in August of nineteen. Seventy nine Nilsen murdered five more men over the fall.
Three months. So he really now what? What do you call that so he was leading up to it. That's got to preserve or mode there, not really, but not really are not really bizarre garb like preserve our motives more like when they stop caring like when they get really sloppy, because he wasn't really being sloppy at this point. He's just do five in three months: that's a hell of at a loss. He is its for lack of a better term he's in the zone. Yes, and he is now doing keys Eads gotta routine. He the same way each time he build it up. He knows what he's doing it's the way he gets off now, and so he is just out there and he pay. He picks up very specific people and also knows as little as possible about them, which is what he learned the problem with Ockenden, but he act like he's weird misgivings from then on. He was,
trying to meet people real, we'll get him back to the apartment to try to get a hold of that body assume as fast as humanly bought. Ok yeah, I mean you didn't even know most of their first names like out of those five guys. Only one of them has ever been identify really like the rest of a mug. Nelson. Only give a general descriptors like the skin head in the hippy and out of not Just these five, but out of all of Nielsen's victims, Kenneth Oxenden was the only one that got any press whatsoever, but a part of it said yeah, he went for people dead, people looking for an argument had like like friends ok, we're going for eventually he geared towards looking for people that were homeless and then are we What we saw again with Andrew HO was when you went to the cops very similar to Dahmer, and he said we order.
Having consensual gay strangle sex, I know like ok, will undoubtedly be the AIDS that weird homophobia is a part of what keeps these people free, but Nelson also didn't care whether as victims were gayer straight because it didn't matter who they were in life right. All that mattered to Nilsen was who they could be to him in death. Ok, you're, like a LUCA soon, to mould his victims into what he wanted. Nelson, whole set of rituals than evolve over time. These men would be fleetly shaved dressed up and powdered with talk to help with the smell,
Dennis, would sometimes even set them up in a chair next to him and they'd watch tv together, while Dennis would make sarcastic comment foller Abdul more like Paul, a bad dual corpses could laugh, they're just move in his mouth me like ha, ha ha ha you're, not I've ever met Dennis and which I am certain that happen once or twice, I'm sure did very Cobb stuff here, but in keeping with his fantasy Dennis had away to kick off each encounter. Stir the murder, and the preparation Dennis would leave the room and come back in so he can pretend to just accidentally stumble upon the dead body completely removing himself as the murdered booted outweigh the secretive Meyer.
This guy musical actors. Well yeah, I mean, in other words he was the very definition of a product killer, because it doesn't matter because the whole murder was not the point right be he's had actually having to pretend that he's not them or will he didn't like the murdering portion right now and he s a you know. I think you're beginning a system of allegations of like why it's cool what you do and the ideas it out. Nobody, killers, quick and really peacefully, and then it's like I'm not I'm not doing that, I'm not even doing it. They don't even debt. It they're just in my house right. So of course the course probably ask and now is within its nelson and coffee Jack was Dennis Nelson. A necrophilia. Thank you The answer is kind of really well yeah I did
really when it comes to necrophilia. I'd really, would you live in our brains, re world, a lot of subjective things going out there, yes or no like when it comes to necrophilia, yea, nay, you count it as necrophilia. If it's not full penny Eddie If your aroused a view corpse Thea No come on I've gotta hand. Job in a graveyard adds goods sharing. You never had penetrated sex with the corpse; instead, only engage in what is called enter rural sex. What the hell is that I'm so glad you ask us up your ass. Cross legs real tight, and then you ve got the legs with eyes he technically? No, he was hot dog in it were here
that he would press the but cheeks together and then he dropped his penis on the top of the bombs. Only did that once all put to bed- and I feel tat- I don't even care for quality dog at about, but it is not good. No matter is the same as being a virgin when you're in college, if your home school, the new learn from your christian parents, that, if you put it in your but you're a virgin, For you know, I just don't think that's true, either once in a while Dennis would even for a brief mom come to his senses here, one morning, he woke up in the arms of a dead man and thought. This is absolutely right. It doesn't matter let us emphasise urban. Let me
Well now I got here to backtrack, so you I mean it's kind of weird: it's like the the chicken shell. The Taco Bell has introduced the chicken taco nor obsessed with this egg. Taco, no analysis the chicken talk in a slightly more disgusting, then the egg talk about those are ridiculous. Now waking up in the arms of a dead man, wasn't ridiculous enough for him to stop and those, crimes restoring cause other problems because the bodies were literally piling up. So he has say x in is not quite not quite see. He didn't have like a star cargo style, Gacy Sized Crawl space european. Yet he lived in a relatively small first floor of London, flat rice, the space under those four boards, Philip pretty fast in even here. No, how many he had under there at any given time when he was
during his confession about how many for bodies, yet the floorboards he famously said quote. I don't know I didn't, do a stock check. You know we're. Gonna have to have you know that you just ball park it for you, no one. Let me check in the back in the back. I doubt now Gillis. He had so many bodies, seed, sometimes shove one into the cupboard and forget about it. Then, when he opened it door. The body would spring its way out from being stuffed in so TAT, Lord, just like he why ITALY when he comes normal good. This is obviously the scariest part bright. Is that in this apartment there. Everybody else's just living everywhere, it's gonna work and have really and shit. Meanwhile, he's having real company, like problems with many corps, since a bridle would you just like a veto, there's a divide, you know it,
point he's just get a look in the mirror Bialik. I am overdoing enough already Amory I'm burning the candle at both ends. Just like I making myself tired, I need to take a vacation from my vacation. Absolutely then there flies. It would make sense, even though Nelson did one bug spray in the morning and one bug sprayed night, his apartment was thick with insects, drawn by the dead bodies, both hidden and those fully on display its leader is apartment, is literally Vietnam. War and the surrounding woods guess it's. This Nelson Sid. In his weird brown british pants with the Beijing said, seem to be handed out from the government, indeed in my brain over sweat, the common off of this body, because every single like what I'm smell and right now I can smell the beer common up for my breasts banana
the bodies rotting openly full on unapologetically tits out robbing in the apartment Harvard and flies, and then spray down with bug spray right so would reeks of bugs bug spray on top of corpses, and everybody still has the same descriptor. They say that it smells musty right up up up up. Go there just feel free to be rude in this gas smells like corpses, meanwhile, is just over there making to drink like use the big Lebowski, only russian ham for mad men. Just why, like side, like you know, just pottering around the house, kickin hands back into the cupboards, try to act like everything spoken normal. Obviously you got the man whose creep ear man like that house of days, when the floorboards Dahmer in this, I think that he might be just as as a home as he as a
clean, the cleanliness of home. He might be the worse. Oh you just wait. Ok, because the flies that were drawn by the dead bodies also pro created in the dead by gray, some of the heads of the older bodies were overflowing with maggots clouds, and I saw a man come along just who maggots just fucking dolphins watching me like I am a job creating the router for when all the prizes were filled with maggots levied you'd. Think only like. I don't even remember you anymore. He did have a cut off point over there. There was deeply appoint were like because, of course, if there wasn't a cut off point than he would have had to go and kill another person, oh right Ok, so there was definitely appointments. I ok well. This is- and this is
What I want anymore, so I got to go out and get another one, so you think you would have just had one the whole time if you could have frozen it and balm to just ride. He could have just been okay with all corpse, as a gateway, measurable darkest fantasies were real and that you could actually have a permanent on talking slave in your house yet and you have been set up, Well, I guess it's not possible originals and had a problem solved here by tissue he had no, where there is no scope to escape popped. His way into this scenario and he's gotta figure out of work as way back, I'm going to find out the next episode of Dennis Nelson knows at all, but he had no car to transport. The body. In his garden was much too small for burials the scale. Nelson had drawn came from his army days or get cooking, every Dennis Norton was not a cannibal
in the same way he's not a necrophilia. Did you buy me a cannibal? Definitely not a cab oak. Eight, none of his victim, ok and, in fact, even took very special to keep his little dog bleep from eating the victims as well. Well, actually Sydow, he cut it up into cubes. At one point any looked at these are all just like beef. I could feel the bleep and Beliefs society because you would have all that fresh meat meal he doesn't know, goes you bleed, gleam Q beat bleep was the baby aid of this whole story try and then he was like. No, I don't want it to make bleep sick because he knew that one of these corpses would be diseased. Re was true cause. It turned out one of them in Europe having Hepatitis and if he had said that two bleep, I would have been another horrible trash. Ok, so strange sense of right and wrong here or just like he didn't. He just didn't think you would hastened to say when it was common sense.
Ok, we're down with his plan, was to cut the bodies into pieces pack them in depth suitcases left by the previous tenant store the whole mess in the oversized doghouse he'd made for bleep This thing: would he moved in with his boyfriend break the one boyfriend live in times like girl grew made slash boyfriend. He had for a long time. The other remember Eighteen year old. They said that have the mentality of a fifteen year old, so is mentally handicapped Sworder, wiggly weird, when they move that place Dennis Nelson's like I'm making a homey, it's gonna be fabulous, and then it was like the song played lately like a house they're fine. I like that when he wrote
did the whole backyard hillbilly, weird section ports and then a gigantic sinister looking shed in the back of the public. We want on the dog need an entire shack in the back of your apartment, complex and so of eventually, when the kid laughed he was left would like a you made, it structure almost accidentally. Its idea of angers did the walk in yeah, you know any when you do get a dog that the apartment the dogs in the dog causes for you. They Jerome but it was with most things in Nelson's life. The whole butcher process with a ritual before each Dyson, Nelson said he would always masturbate to the victim's bodies as his own little way of saying goodbye. You know. I just hope that an just don't actually do that yeah, but it's been fun because you
Claudia thought once you jerk off- and you will look at this again about this- is absolutely ridiculous be more sceptical when I go into the yard the mean hook, guys job there in green point earlier this year the guy's keeps weaken azure me like I just cut up these start, asking that immediately. I get any me from a butcher, Deja II Now then, after the ritual Nilsen we get. Again poor himself, a drink put bleep and the outside get again and again, she, its bleep new, this guy. What he actually said, Bleep was just fine with like Bleep would come up and like sniff, the body sometimes, but he said he can adjust treated it as another object. Like he be doing all this shit, I'm bleep would be off in the corner of the room, just sleeping, I just feel like there
They like the secret life of pets, Bleep addition where you just do another dog in an alley, be like, I think, my honour Israel fucked up. We do secret life of pets, three read it about Vulcan Bleak, just like a leak in the dead corpse it's like salty different meets for me all like very strange. Maybe I get out of their bleep good results in treating them. You are so good. No well you'd think this will be extremely bloody work. Remember the blood congeals in a body after the heart stops pumping. There was no more blood from Nielsen's work than you would get from. Cotonou rob pieces stake. Ok, but we gotta do those you gotta, like you, have the letter stakes into room temp, that's really important unless really said, and then when you see, or it need side at Rome Minutes ITALY seats are dependent on the pound. The pound of me, you want to get a good high, like grilled,
we fear it, and then the juices really will come if you let it set after its and cook and like five minutes here since your master before you may thus burst Nelson, would remove the internal organs and place them in a plastic bag for later in one case, the head, which will be cut off in the old, in a large part, on the stove to remove the flesh, hair and brain ok after them It was just a matter of breaking the body down into chunks that could fit in Nelson suitcases. The flesh and bones were to be stored in the dog house, but the viscera than putting the plastic bags that something else altogether it again. Musty must mothers have to smell different than musty damp was another descriptor musty. I'd say that goods must yet Sayd smells like a little bit like of May. We should let all a Yankee candle and now out of
but the viscera was what smelled the most soon to get rid of it. Nilsen would put the bags outside between the double fencing next to his garden as a meal for what he called the we, beasties of the night. Like me, fill Andrews hereditary diseases and I beg you so imagine, vulnerabilities, visionary, couldn't stinky, see to keep doing this because armies out at night walkin rhyme looking for bags based around up, That's crazy. Was Nelson always had to get black out to do all this after one mass dissection as he called it, he took it the viscera with them on a whim is key, took bleep for a walk, see Bespoken transom wasn't thinking about what he was doing
for not thinking clearly Dennis in broad daylight, just left a garbage bag full of intestines by the side of the road and of park for a biology student defines its a blue paper, but it's escaped the hop skip. The Dingle damages having a bit of a bigger bob. Emmy flip top people have developed, so he woke up when he realized he was losing a bag of antecedent was the student knowing what was called the cops cops arrived, they decide is probably just animal guts really worth checking out yet does a dog normally have of twelve bound stomach? How many comedy geometry got surrender average guts? I would imagine that, though, be sheep's guts could be where you get to shape
It's just a burglar industry. Others say this is a jargon up to cultural difference. We all feel comes oversight and only the goal. Cobb sub, like s bag of S, r, amp d, call me I'll fell through the night. Thank you so much. Let me why seventies these fears, a pound, a homosexual gots love em, What are they going to call me next time, what the animals that are eating this upstart, trailing it all around the place. As the budget been tested, a hearty are there? I think it got bound pretty fast and so the cops thinking it was just an Annabel bag animal got through. With the trash covered in Nelson's fingerprints and just continued on his merry way by. As I said, Nelson took no pleasure in the dissection part of the process, because it when you, why was he usually throw up in the sink mould? while times he said the body was merely a dirty dish to clean
after a meal a relic of mood, J called it. I mean, I guess it's a little humanizing knowing that he got sick when he was chopping up bodies. I oh no man, advice, your pardon me that, like what are you understand, it would be scary if he was a motionlessly doing it like just kind of dead. I chimera arise, but there's something even worse words: a guy like got like a fucking Turkey, Carver mean you mean as uses porn, recording roms into a spoken gullet, just go and he's not even using electric carvingknife? He did all this with just like a regular kitchen, I've, let's cut to an ad, forgive soon I mean really is story or to me, knowing that he did feel. I guess empathy is that the right word or was he more like woe is me? I can't believe I have to cut this corpse again, it was like that it will honestly was. I got tat. We ve unity, IBM
the sector, more bodies and it's a campaign to make another right and this programme ass. The dissection put it in a few cases and put it in the shed their only for a couple of bodies right at this point, Nelson, content with six. So unlike nineteen eighty Nelson figured it was time for another bonfire, ok on one cold Saturday Nelson went to a dump nearest house and found some old furniture. He dismantled all of it and built a five foot. High pyre that three foot ring in the middle Bernie, man is on fire and after he was done, he went off for a few drinks came back. Forgetting its rest got to you woke up the next morning. Six thirty, a m before his neighbors were awake and took the bodies out of the floorboards and into his garden. He covered would a couple of tyres in some paraffin, let em on fire. He then
The french windows to his apartment faces speed outside intended the fire all ass. He listened to know shit this album over and over again
Oh, my god, in the middle of the day, is horrifying business into the existence. Yes, hang you now ring up. Several bodies may explores. Oh you probably shouldn't, because of all the burning bodies. I tubular bells by MIKE Oldfield mogul fills a particular favorite of Dennis Nelson was listening to because it was the exorcist and because it was creepy rising too, because it is music, keep really enjoyed genus Nelson, he loved westerns. That was his pale type, a movie. Ok, I mean that everything we have. We heard of someone so brazen as this before. Like crazy. I don't why waidelich Gacy put some in the river behind us out or learn the stream there, but it's nuts
He was soon. You know this is big business. Not this is nuts. He was very sick. And he was the he felt like all this wasn't really happening. All of this was just the movie plain in his head in year, just you're, just a guy in his movie castle. That's So, yes, oh it's normal for him. It used really not normal for everyone else right: Johnny Depp in the movie blow when he's like, if you're carrying thought ten pounds of cocaine through an airport, just pretend like you're, not or simply with some quite like that yeah. So you just pretended like everything was fine it ever like. It can't be that crazy he's coat totally goal with it. There were witnesses that now A group of kids happened upon the fire and Nelson, Sat there as they poked the fire with a stick and he's
just sat there, imagining them dancing around the flames in an almost pagan display of remembrance. While I will say pretty cool data, be a kid I am. Your friend wondered why ADI nobody's ever one day never did, though it is flawed, but I also remember this about data Stilson alone or even bring this apple, though, but the last sums that, like came from a horror town, but came from a city of goals, and then it's like us. It's like of August, a ghoul went to City University in Lebanon in downtown London. Live in a city like right is just the man from Halloween Tower Abode. All this shit like it's normal, but others what you would do back in the day. Just burn bodies wiggly, weighty right, right, yeah, it's like guy. It's like the Santa Claus. The clause in the in real in there now and say clause year like that. Well he's he's crazy.
There is no longer the static gotham around there you nobody would be further away from the further away from the Santa Claus did murder somebody Gmail and murders were now there was yet. I also imagine TIM Alan in real life is probably culpable of many other crimes really wasn't arrested. He was dealing cars back in Detroit the fire was burn out and water, whatever bones had been left over, were crushed by Nelson's rake Milsom went out on the town is picked up a guy a bar on Saint Martens. Lane took him home and had his
first, normal sexual experience in two years later and la normal again, it's pathetic them. It was just like the luckiest person around very lucky. Airlock now tell it like it was a gross night way. It wasn't like you, it wasn't like Nilsen. Iraq is fork in a world where there is always the same thing. They go back to the house and he can't get it up because you're not dead. You know this is to be a fresh start for Nelson away? Jeff figurative literally clean house, is kind of like deal when you clean your apartment for after a really long time. What you're, if your apartment like mass the insured and you finally like you commonly lop, ear never ever again, ever again were never do in this area could come on. We gotta system. Now I gotta recycling, but we're going to do all they do every night we're gonna pick up immediately.
Yeah. As it usually is the break with short lived as by April nineteen eighty one Nelson had killed three more men identified to this day, so we're up to nine now right that worries at eleven eleven, my guy or up to eleven. Ok, the last victim to die in male Rose Avenue was Malcolm Barlow. Barlow an interesting case as it seems. Nelson murdered him out of shape, annoyance. Why not escape managed to annoy Dennis Nelson yeah. He must be holding round table, gentlemen are wizard and the birds are well. That's that's! Actually, a skill one night Nelson found Barlow passed out on a street, and so Nelson invited the guy home, but Barlow was epileptic any had a seizure, so Nilsen called an ambulance, Nelson figure.
Was the end of it, but the next day Barlow showed back up either to thank Nelson or maybe to free load a little bit more because the sky was kind of known as you cologne. Is that type a guy and just to clarify not to align the victim you didn't deserve today, because you didn't deserve to die of isolated, because I said that the party leader, I guess it's real common for four guy just sleep and other guys, apartments, Is it just a hooker
This is just a dude. This is just a guy. Hang in there weren't there weren't any kind of hook up at all, no most of dinners, Nelson's victims actually work. Gay I do know, is that only that's. That's all! That's the big misconception. Abundance Nelson is that, like all of us, victims were gay, a lot of them worked, we're just guys that you know where either looking for a place to stay for the night like Occident. Just I guess, you're going out, you seem cool railway right. Ok, I just keep taking I t since there are like that was an activity that happen quite a bit my early twenties, but since heading made thirties, I can't imagine just haven't another thirty five year old. Do that I just met just like sleep in my oh yeah like himself, so sad, the same today's iceberg, s intellect is brought to you by my blue. Sometimes it's hard to find a satisfying vapours, simple inconvenient, but blue, who introduce babe in the world, is now introducing my blue. My blue gives you all dissatisfaction with nodded a hassle. Just clicking go with my
easy to use one quick liquid pause. You can switch between flavors in seconds and they ve got a range of labour to choose from all you. Gotta do is discharge for twenty minutes in you are set all day long and it comes a free, limited lifetime devise warranty called my gear so for a limited time, blue is letting you try their new mobile, sorry for just a dollar but hurry. This won't last long terms and conditions apply, go to my blue dot com. It might be a new dotcom today to learn more so Nelson ever polite that Barlow back into his house, parliament drinkin, left the room and when Nelson came back parlour was passed out. So in of calling another ambulance. Nelson, strangled him to death. Manure. Stayed Nelson, didn't even bother prior to floorboards to put Barlow wonder he just drag the buy into the kitchen, stuffed it under the sink and went to work for the day. She is yet remember this whole time. Nelson still gonna work reindeer. The danger is barely miss and work, my god here and there, but for the most part, no
are these at either incredible resilience cause you be out all night drinking and then murdering, and then you struggle with the body, and then he is I'm going to work just like the prim and proper Craig. You is a pain in the ass at work. I had her. Yeah we're when he wasn't just being entirely silent. He was old grumpy, but I think was tired, secretly Barlow wasn't the last victim a morose avenue, because Nelson was caught or suddenly overcome with remorse Nelson time at Mailros ended because his landlord wonder, innovate the apartment and so the landlord forced Nilsen out through intimidation by hiring guys to break in and Nelson House to port tar all over his furniture and is record collection. This last year I had the same guys like hang outside of Nelson's apartment and buildings. Will you take it about moving, in fact
They just gave Nelson a thousand pounds leaf wow. This is why they're always flippin coins on the corner. There find in people throw tar and thus, but it's true, he think about this- he's got. A bunch of bodies in his house right and so up these points in this normal british person's life. If he didn't have a bunch of bodies, would be a tragedy. The landlord shows up without a fucking, get an area that a move out, we're renovating the house and we're going up the price and and give it to somebody else, and then they normally they like we'll scare. This guy goes we're fuckin, creepy gangsters. Meanwhile, its gangs is gonna house when they must have the first thing. They walk into this place around second Neuralgic most, It's me strange. I mean usually gentrification as a lot of bad ramifications, but in this case maybe it was a good. There might have been so too
is before Nelson was due to move out. He built one last bonfire and burned his remaining for victim. Yes, for in their it forget, Erst YE had burned the first guy, and then he had another six to contend with any burn those six, and then he had these four to deal well. She's yeah, so there were yeah there was alive, and then you got it all the time you gotta clean too much easier, so on October fit nineteen eighty one Nelson left, Mailros Avenue and moved to twenty three criminally gardens and the Mullahs Well Hill District of London- and this is where he got his knee- name, the Muslim Hill color one of them, but I was one of his admit, nicknames and all oh, it was the centre of an incredible movie called Manuel Hill. With Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts about a young star. This got up, and then you grant murderer her and play
with renewed by calling for several months very controversial film that I actually got Peter thirteen surprised by the rating nodding off hill there, whose crazy place was nowhere. That was very good, then think, I'm sorry! I didn't give you the attended praise for that matter. Man, though this place was nowhere near the ideal murder spot Mailros Avenue had been. Is this a nicer place or worse part of town? It's actually now things are much nicer. Why smaller Nelson was trying to give himself a fresh start, so he accepted an attic apartment with no space under the boards to store body, so he figured out, is no way. I can even do it. I can't even do it. I don't even want to do. I got rid of available is going to be. This is up inflict when you cut the pizza into smaller slices paints, a smaller slice. Predictably Nilsen only lasted a month before his first
took in November Nilsen to come a guy named Paul knobs they got drunk fell asleep, but knobs woke up in the middle of the night, with the pain in his neck. He got up and looked bathroom mirror and found his eyes were bloodshot here left and went to hospital as the british call yoga every good and was told by the attending doctor that hate day this, but You ve been strangled, strange. Will it's very creepy cause it's sort of like I have you, experience in another way and all but we're I've had like Earth in the middle of the night, when you're sleeping and feels like the room, jobs and you like up from any like, I don't know what the hell just happen. It was like the same thing for this: food, except you woke up just like he had better Strangle re was the middle of the dead sleep sooner thing was happening. He looked over it.
This Nelson and you just like- I don't know what happened. I don't know wall not me, and then he had to go back to sleep, normal and and wake up and Whole neck was just thought. Didn't this weird half sleep work, he was so close to being dead. Now do Nelson thing tat. He had killed him. No, I didn't think you'd think he held it. This is a weird period. Nelson and Nelson's life, okay, this weird period and Nelson Jazz paper is a man's life of promise that Paul Knobs is in the closet. So than even taking the risk of outing himself he's left. It allowed human report it at all never went back to Nelson's place, it does seem like he has been on the police radar for a little while now that this is the third parameters Hersey now. This is a point in time where all the reports for us so written down a note cards. You know they're gonna, be a computer system for them to type and see the name Dennis Nelson come up like four or five times sure he'd been reported a couple of times.
Besides the I would say besides up to this point. Besides the whole bag of viscera thing, There has been a close call with the cops just yeah, just the bag of human organs. Yoga, in this case, they brought him back to the precinct where he was a cop for eight months, so when they he showed back up as I as a guy like they're. All like ok he's weird, but they thought this would happen will essentially, they thought that he got in the middle of a gay being, and they all had kind of thoughts about him, and so they Kyle! Let him go, but he went back like a part of the reason why he got off, because he went back to the place where they all knew every others. We're gonna, because knobs didn't press charges. Yes, I mean, like you, just go in there all like. We all knew he was weird, but we didn't know anything about his private life. Now we definitely now and then a sales and just like
Let me do it again. It is sad to think about so many people, just with all these murders cops just be like you. You know like it's just so sad that they could have stopped so much so much death that they would have just paid attention, but so, after an incident. Nelson kept to himself for another four months he ran into an old acquaintance named John, how it now it's another strange one, and it tells you just how multiple Nelson have become with the idea of murder, and it also tells you he would necessarily just killing for company. So now he was enjoyed it, Yes, yes, how came over to Nelson's place where the two eight a meal while they watch the movie on tv, but after the move how it was tired and asked if he could lie down and get some rest nilsen. I didn't even like hell it or even really find him that attractive, but he grudgingly said: yes, sure. Why not so at at about so out of midnight, Nelson walked into his room and found Howlett asleep in his back. An angle
Nelson said I no you a moving and when inhabit used to move Nelson grabbed him by the neck and violently strangled him to death with more force than any of his other victims, but the body in the wardrobe now martyrs just a way to solve the problem. Ok, yeah realize that I can do this now. I have the strength. I know how to strangle somebody with my hands up to this point, even using tourniquets like even using either it was like a was stirring attached to one of his ties. He sought in a movie something like that where he would wrapped the Thai around his hands and twist you would do credible. I guess he didn't with their rural board yeah we're he would rapid around your neck and then he twisted from behind and make it super super tighten hold until they were des this time. It's like he's a he wants to exert all control. He wants it, I'm I'm a fucking, bad ass Keller and I can do to shed and Tom. I want sounds like the active killing that great documentary when they go through how they kill Dalia. So now,
so he fell. Validated, though, is the guy. We didn't like the guy, he was at his home, so he may be maybe a little bit more like rage day he was able to give a new his rage alot more by she's. Now he had an even bigger problem. You didn't, have his back yard. You more has floorboards anymore nowhere to burn. The body, so he had to get rid of it another way and here's words get really gross okay tat. You feel sick. I physically Milsom put a big wooden board over his bathtub and placed howl its body on top, he started with abdominal area first opening up the stomach and removing the organs. He then cut the organs into two,
long chunks and started flushing them down the toilet. I have found at a time could almost you can like here. I feel like I'm in here implacably I in the water, tiny european toilets, ducas smaller they dont use as much water for environmental reasons. This is not easy when those chunks proved to be a little too solid, Nilsen started boiling the pieces down into a soup, be mass and then started foreign, that down the toilet down a lot easier, did the same with all the flesh. Ok, that's how they make the filler first stuff like hamburgers and chicken nuggets as they take all the slurry familiar or have a joint said. She in a boil it into a big that until it becomes a soup and then they could I believe it and then they could score
also technically it's meat. But it's you pursue parasol, yet actual people, donors they had a random Mcdonald's. Actual kitchen looks like the kitchen from Texas chance on earth. Disgusting head, she's, yes! Well after the organs came, the head Nilsen boiled it until he could crack the skull open. So he could scooped out the work means, and those went into the toilet is well our I can ask the question is how Henry you might know? That's how long would that take is Eric hours. No, you can. You can cook us till it soft and probably about two or three hours of a hard boil, but been brains always gonna, be soft. That's why they're good so good with eggs, river brain and lives is then the hands beat in ebbs went into the pot one by one boiled until the flesh could be scraped off.
Of course, I smell like man, musty honesty, it's got a spell worse than that. I noted smells like yeah yeah boil, and death death, is the death of aid, for this is more for a lot of em rotted raises prerequisite is pretty quick. Well, some of them were riding for a little longer than others. Yeah? They were some of them, were fairly rotted. Ok, hair, fair, fair amount me out After all this, there were the bones right: what's he gonna do that and will shoulder bones? Those were too big, so he just through those overspent into the game, every possible. The law as it can. You imagine see if I saw a new Flow a whole ho wrapper into my yard. I be like what Doing your job, you're a fool Do you all parents,
yeah. Oh dear Yardley, wouldn t just like Sabena pages, I see sagging electrical. Why not it's out of its Betty's L, does. He live next to a dialogue may adopt approach, a person whose Euro candy wrapper and my yard before approach to personally through, like a human femur about tat, I had a lot of their busy with the rest of the skeleton, the skull arm bones like bones and pelvis those risks. Wrinkled and salt store Didn, t chest and covered in a curtain that Nelson found on the street and just put that the corner of his apartment. This entire process was done at least Partly three times over the next eighteen months, sheep while and those are the ones you just the ones, you managed to kill another five got away. You know it's interesting about Dennis Nilsen, I think, We cover this at all heap. I
it's very somewhere. I want to say to a Bt Gay he would do shit where there was a body discover the thing alone, perhaps in a carpet on a street in he called the cops saying, there's a murderer in my neighborhood and it turns out there was a dog in it done this several times about other shit about other crimes, or he would call the cops on other crimes were happening. Unlike could like animals going missing, like obviously of an animal is going missing. He was like obsessed with it, but he was
I've always liked the night watchman who is it easy living like our common asylum is a body. What do you mean? There's just a dog at a car in the late Seventys is a pretty dark place. Ok, I've played seventies early eighties. He was use a busybody like he was. They said he was by nature complainer and that even like, but win over into like politics as well as that he was constantly complaining about politics, easy K, you're Talkin, about Margaret Thatcher like a hundred percent of the time eyes, iron pants, I run Briar pants Merrill Street I don't think I know that Margaret Thatcher that amount of ST plainer- and I don't think it's all your pants called iron pan European Culture- that your lady iron parents may have been like those abyla kind of a wink will not deny that boy you're about your baby. So
The guys that got away was named coral stowed, her. He was feeling kind a low the night he and Nelson met Nepal in the summer of nineteen. Eighty three a rabbit, Nelson managed to cheer him up and he invited him back to his pipe. It's ok! What the hell did Dennis Nelson due to cheer him up and what sort of joke would go to turn this Nelson joke that works every time. I want to see something funny. Yeah opens up the cupboard This is a new classic, but even more or they arrive. Stoddard started to feel a little uneasy. First, and I got into a screaming match with the cabdriver, on the way that that's like at all now like going with
castle with a heavy rain drunk junk point, in LOS Angeles Muddy, that value were driver who loved me every single thing. I said about the police state, but that's interesting, the UK great taxi drivers- maybe I shouldn't, have em back in the day. I think he was just a decade, yet he got angry very you know what I believe that then, when they get back to Dennis this house knows brought out a lorry Anderson record brought Oh super man and insisted that stowed or listen to it through the head, just come on. Karl, listen, but he said he was acutely aware that Nilsen standing behind him for the entire eight and a half minutes staring at the back of stokers head this guy just He'S- u right, this is next level creep behaviour yeah, it's just that everything and obviously creep immediate rise. Super creep amid He murdered eleven people, yeah yeah, I know,
fool around a little bit out of that, but the room was going. Soldiers had so he figured you'd better, get some sleep so, instead of a book get Nelson gave Stoner a sleeping bag, but the horse fell asleep Nelson Nature to point out that the zipper had come loose the padding better watch on board get caught up in the zipper at night. I'm warning you just got over the river good. It's your fault you do happen to get you something we it happens in your sleep. It's your fault on me. I didn't do it. You said He cops very much alive. No, yes, I'm sorry so, but an hour later, stoner woke up to Nilsen strangling him with that same zipper, starter almost passed out when Nilsen drag me the bathroom to finish off with a drowning like he had so the terms before voting don't stop. Fighting Nelson suddenly stopped the whole operation, pulled him out of the water and actually gave him CPR. So he so now he likes to kill. Is that what's happening here? He likes the struggle he likes all now. Well, he told
stowed or that he'd, gotten cotton, zip, disliking warned and Nelson abroad. The bathroom splash water and space to wake him up. So stoner? Yes, that was physical mobility revision like there's a difference between like splashing water and somebody face and in holding them under water and rode a drought yeah. Were there when I was getting worries- and I was just like thank you so much. I thought I was in the past. They gas so stoner, he laughed and he immediately went to the police, but the police didn't believe them in this just suddenly blame on the police either because soldiers friends didn't believe me there. They said that he was just having a dream about his ex boyfriend. Again. Ok, I'm kind of I know what happened with the Ex boyfriend of us have Ex boyfriend ecosystem piece of export volume. Nelson said that he stopped the murder, because Stow tour had been quote, Ring passive and therefore the fantasy had been achieved. And but here
so told stowed or from prison that he hadn't killed him because quote a thing strand of humanity passed between us, but starter thinks that Nilsen spared is light because he suddenly realized he had no more room for another dead body and why closer. I don't think, that's quite it either. This is only about two months after John Howlett. Remember, Nelson hated the dissection part of the process, and I imagine he wasn't too eager to do it again. He knew least at that time that one killing met one dissection in this new apartment, one like in the old days when he could just kind of let em pile up for doing a big spring cleaning. You got your production now, thereby reducing here and medium without a proper like products. The team you I owe a one man band like Moby Eichmann
he has a monopoly on GMO. Replace all of his own instruments does a completely normal because also samples from other people. You literally means to have other music do for him to do music. Well, the. Music are his corpse, its aims stay near the dirty plates. Interesting. Pretty soon, not even the problem, of a dissection would stopped in his Nelson from killing, and there were a couple of them near misses is well one guy Martin Hunter Craig said? He went over to Nelson's place and remembered Nilsen, really drunkenly saying he had to ask the professor if it was ok four hundred Craig to stay over. If some ever says: that's you that they have to ask the professor don't look down because they have unzip people and they have they are displaying. Do you genitalia, absolutely good ass, the professor?
Sir professor. Not like I don't know. But seriously hundred Craig was the only survivor that Nelson said this too, that he had to ask the professor ok hey just here. I think that he also just got drunk and and fucking grow. Got dramatic, yeah right, ok, Another man named Trevor Simpson remembered that as well, and Trevor also has possibly the strangest survivors story out all of em. He said he got the Nelson's apartment at one. A m to smoke filled room, so we re the kitchen and in the kitchen was sit. Nelson casually drink, a glass of water, and when Simpson went back to the living room, he saw Nelson had just set up genes on fire. Hitherto bleed to asphyxiated. It's a bad idea He wanted to smoke him out of the car. This decision is smoke, em out
but in a way it made no sense, and I mean obviously he's ill. They I mean right back to his belly, arose informed by the fact that he is deeply deeply insane. That's right, although this was not the best well thought out concept. Thank you! Bringing that a big. I always forget. This is not yes, ok that extend ups, explain level of it. In the end, though Nelson's last victim gutter, punk, Stephen Sinclair will be killed, in the same way as Nelson's first Nilsen, so he was in his home with Sinclair when he said quote: oh Stephen, here, again Stephen was sitting in Nelson's chair, listening to the whose Tommy on Nelson's headphones, the who saw me being another one, a Nelson's, ferrets Nelson poached Sinclair from behind, and strangled him with a tie. Just Nelson had his first victim. So after about a week,
lay in the body out in front of a mere important task on his own skin to better match that are the victims, gay, a attitude. I want any idea that royal wedding Milsom slowly began the disposal process, one more time. But it's this. They got no. And caught all right in early February Nineteen. Eighty three, a couple of Nelson's neighbours, discovered that all of their dreams were clogged. One man in particular named Jim all cock. To my calls renewable, but nobody than the victim right now is not all God, but he took it upon himself to call a plumber, but while all as waiting spilling all carcass. Can a guy like you gotta, maybe get a given me a mouth and eyes: may they all got forty Joe Grey?
woman. You know, but well I was waiting. He remarked two nilsen is Nilsen was on his way out Nelson, but They often used in the toilet for a bet trains are all clog. The first thing mills and thought was oh shit. This might be my fall, carded Roby Mamma, do I'm sorry about worry about, is dive to his neighbors hated it because they thought he just stood. Tucked huge dumpling with now realise what was actually doing and so Nelson spent the entire next day cleaning out as much of his last mess ass. He could and per day after that Nilsen sat just waiting for the plumbers show for the hammer to drop. And finally, the plumber came on February seventh that night, a plumber named MIKE could tran from the day no rod company. Echo, are eight o clock.
He arrived at twenty three grandly gardens all cock took, could tran out back to the man to take a look in the buildings plumbing Tran, who has been getting out on this story for decades infinitely plumbers, plumbers, Hall of Fame story. He said he took one look at the blockage with his flashlight and said: quote: banning these job, the long, but I know this isn't Hake. I don't know shit sue me, those of people. They shake NED to banal. Look to shit, not tell you everything about their jobs and to live. So I'm a baby expiate ornate shape our point at it. Precision volume integration automatic. It's my job to no writing job seriously, but I believe I know what you think this would be Nelson's time to cut and run. He instead took the time.
To write a complaint letter to his landlord about the dream then went around and got the other five minutes in the house to sign the letter wow. Who's going to know, collusion, went down to get all cog signature down by the men hole to where he heard the plumber say that this seemed like a situation for the old bill. What the hell's that cops, London, Londoner, shake a commercial between mines. I get put eight mama for docketed set its shape up, Mom I smell. She's my this is a goddamn Jane asian age, you told their aims development work and went down a log acres. My, but he loves his family. That's nice so Nelson looked in the hole at the blockage and say the quota
small to mean, like someone's, been flushing down the Kentucky Fried Chicken relating in that kind of game and idea. After Katrina left, Milsom went back down, the manhole opened it up and clear out. The blockage. Bessie actual plan was a wake up in the morning, go by KFC rip the me off
come back and stop it down in the hall and hope that everyone would just forget about. His whole plan was with any luck, they'll think it's chicken, obeying ok, that's right, because it could trans down there look at adults, Conductive Rogers, I our I let me schukert somebody's cottages check. It out for you to get a job. I got a bag of my own personal shape. I want to show you next: it is chicken meat negotiate, my goodness what but Nelson's covered already been blown sure he'd, even going to sleep because all cock and heard the manhole clatter when Nilsen had taken it off. So he sought and watched for ten minutes as Nilsen just picked each little trunk out of the hole, but this is, after all, guys are all live, and on top of each other here blast music out of his apartment for her
extra, the entire time he's been living there months, Matthew your own in there and not common out right, you know, do he's doing weird shit now spot. They all have rumours that liberalising, because he was the obviously the weird guy of the building cut to theirs of about someone's, go down the drain they're all because they're all busy bodies do an old like weird, like Nana hats that everyone has in the Brandenburg, Great Britain. Would they wear before they go to sleep a new look at you have all talk, to his rim, through the windows just be like you know, like data, so that something has to be done about these brains. It's like something on a watching around the middle nineties, Romans around and drains actin like no one, can see him with a pocket it. I have seen right he's just show me didn't actually make it to the gay. I do, and I did not make it because the next day, while call confront them
what were you doing out there last night and hillsides like just paean, he said I was p indirectly into the dream seascape in the middle of an oil, or that was clog likely the drivers beetle, including the drain of all the stuff with colleagues we had to take it all out, so it could be directly from the dripping homes spoken Seinfeld again or is it? What is the deal and toilet go right out here to the truth, rear window meets the birds type situations I haven't had here have entirely human shape by weird. If he was just blushing KFC Chicken down, there will never be, as that is also. We are dead. Also we, but in this world that the normal thing that's good. That's what he's pigeon like me, like Z, actually ever J Joe does it? I mean not really know what else to do. You just went to work and soon after
Palmer showed back up with his boss because it but a hill of his boss, hey, I think I've found somewhere near buzz. I will I'll come down and check it out with our I better get our sheriff name because he's holding, I know is, I know, pace kind of solid broke up pace help we able to smell at all. Britain would like it entails boy. Why to me was gone. Yes, oh, but all cock had told them farmers about what you see in the night. Before so could Tran reached, further down and pulled out a human knuckle. While so you try to flush of full knuckle, try to flush of former medical and they trend reached in even further in each time he reached in key pulled out either flesh or bone. I wanna hear from plumbers that our listeners yeah that if this is not a thought deep down the back air mind dear kind, hope it happens, points can be because this guy could Tran has not paid for a drink died since no
it's like you, I'm sorry that has now come sit Albanian come pop up on my knee and like people did come from he's honesty in this army and every interview you he does he's got like a little smile is excited to tell the story again. The closest thing I could here too, I guess is the game. Doubleday. Remember that nickel lady, you sure they haven't grab something bad, but then it's full of human flesh. Flesh and hair Nelson knew when he arrived at work that this is gonna, be last eight. The office, like you you're cool authority, that only the monument with the guy who is called cool. Just like my fucking, weird, yes Gregg. You are super, weird, wonder and disorder.
It didn't really like Sigurd biting his left, a letter saying that if the EU is if he ended up dead by the end of the day, it was in protest suicide. The cops we're gonna kill him may I just say NOME Gregg. By the way our mean Dennis, you said I was cool on nobody else, have any like I'm a little toilet. Fortunately Kentucky Fried Chicken. Don't kick me. I've got to get rid of cars. You did the usual way. Cars totally normal boom Milsom left delivered the hand written letter about the drains to his landlord and went home where cops, were waiting outside his apartment building. My gosh CUP First CUP introduced himself untold Dennis I'm here about the drains. Nelson said since, when have police been interested in block drains the cops
Tell him more once they got up to his flock talk, ok I'll, come with you. Yes, sir mills and took him up and the detective sit as soon as Nelson opened the door to odour of decomposition was, it was too much. Older age is mostly, and finally, the take stop screwing around and told Dennis that drains were blocked, a human remains Nelson playing, coy at first and said who like old how awful and then the cops his temper untold Nelson to stop fucking around and Tom, where there s the body was Nelson. Knowing this is no way out of this point. He said in place. Bags in the other room and when cops ass, if they were talking about one body or to hear Delson said neither sixteen yeah right-
is absolutely ridiculous dealers? What have we made all play in the Black Box, my god you're at and cheese, and with that the search of Nelson's homemade slaughterhouse began the bags dinner spoken of were closed up in his wardrobe in one was the left section of Stephen Sinclair's torso, with the arms still attached and in it their bag was the matching side and each bag seem to have something that was just a little bit worse than the last one danger at my stomach gradually decomposed headless, harmless torso another held a man's half boiled head. That's
he'll, had most of the flesh and hair attached and then another one was just filled with KFC Chicken. What is going to follow me on recognition when I go to Rome or gonna Rome this week? As of our bodies wedding, a big thing in rome- and this is true- is that one of their main delicacies is boiled broiled goat. They would be boiled and guts and so I don't want to eat all of it. For my life by the last thing they found besides the teachers full of bones, the lower half of Stephen Sinclair lamely cut from the waist down hidden behind a piece supply, in Nelson's bathroom that this does mirror the the Dahmer experience, but I guess less jarred numbers. Well, he actually Nelson did say one point that he would have liked to have kept trophies, but he just didn't have the right liquids:
My main thing would he wished he could have done, and this is true in his heart of hearts that you wish that he could save the dick and ball see one to say the genitalia, but he could find a proper and bombing fluid because he didn't have. I guess it coroners licence goods difficult to get stuff, that you need and also So where does one put it a bathroom d put it in the kitchen, like I don't know yet what doesn't look with a woman about raspy Orton S daughter will now really has, but is the wars and worse, but it seems like liquor can can hold those payments to. Oh, you know you're right, you're, right castle, where maybe it'd wandered around about putting to the wrong. That's all I'm saying look a lot about it. A little more clearly goes Cox and I've just say it. I just feel it could be bought. I don't matter, but so no
Do you ever born conversation that you never know? Mills equally confess to his crimes, but still pleaded not guilty in court. Surprisingly, the jury had a hard time reaching a verdict due to a particular. Convincing mental deficiency kit defend their say, unease loose up top lulus care. The first vote came back deadlocked at sixty six by after further deliberation, the final boat came back, tend to four guilty,
while they really gonna swing there. They really do yeah, who Nilsen was sentenced to twenty five years to life in prison and was quickly stabbed in the face soon after his conviction out that go for an he recover Nokia York, everyday happen and wormwood Scrubbs prison. Oh yes- and this is where he any immediately retreated to his own shit and then he began self exploration. He started like continuing his a good autobiography dad. Did he you have heard about seven. Ok up, he said: few decades, writing history of drowning boy that never saw the light of day while he was still lie in danish Nelson, never will see a published because Dennis Nelson died during surgery. Earlier this month at the age of many to why. Oh dear, I mean any cause, the surgery was, you wanted his viscera removed a bag initiate it's fucked
a big history, were drowned boys actually supposed to come up. Post humorously. There's like there's talk that he was saved to that would be released in IRAN, chunks of it. I found a little bits of it that EL on chunks, honourable gotta days now is so up there. There are sections of it on the same bloggers and that still doesn't work. Noise, Athens Maiden European dropped into the more rafts, that's good and so Take this series out on one of Dennis Nelson's, numerous untitled ponds, I was sort of balance that the debt given by this two fitful head. Million seeber white with despair,
screaming above in the Chris New AIR, a hat, a smooth and empty had always out of reach like a sailor s body, drought upon the beach you we ve got an earlier unless technically is allowed to be like that us up, even though they gave quills out in prison, definitely like to ask if it is probably a toilet paper. It's like you, don't president's we just gotta mimic, but everything is made out of soap or toilet paper. Rush got well like I gotta say I mean it. You got, he had a much better. Life than he deserves? Seventy two years old still gave him surgery and why our guys That is ridiculous. Usually ridiculous, adjust its just creepy its he's one rivalry, biased guys that I think we ve ever covered.
It's also. I don't know why I have a hard time believing it because it so like shoving human body parts doubted its it's like, but there's emigrant. I do it, but I know it yeah. Oh yeah. It's almost difficult to take it like seriously, because it's so over the top and crazy I got embargo or something it is one of those stories that we, cover everyone's for our colleague without gain. I think up almost put it in the level of again, I don't mean obviously Dahmer of just sometimes you're creep neighbor the UK creepy before I is that yes, they are, they are exactly as they appear to be. Rights are part of what keeps our show alive. Are these stories or is just like there are monsters everywhere, but there's not a doubt. Be really can I know they're not monsters everywhere. There is one thing we are not. It is. We are not a fear mongering part three men out of bill
wars and motor not everywhere, hosted the neighbors. You think you're creepy or more, like the old man from four monster squad, german fellow, the jewish german mad, and not the creepy person from the movie it pretty most people modes that creepy guys are just create their there. Socially awkward. There is a lot of that makes me want to go in their homes and serbian like where are the bodies so immediately just established dominance? Balmy, I'm I dont mind. I dont not suggest just throw it out there if you enter a new owners like where the bodies and just see unable then inevitably they'll shut the door behind you as you leave a big beckett was creepy a shit you're, the creepy. Want, you mean you gotta be the creepy one. Yes,
I tell you limiting the other, gravely my view, com creepy erst. I do love the irony of us be like watch over the greedy ones. Meanwhile, we're like hang it out in Pittsburgh in their our houses, a whore museum greatly was I trundle manner yeah. I believe you know rattle reeling, album value it listen to this Rick wake him an album, fucking Marcus sent me the other. I ll give you wanted just watch your brain slowly fold in the madness of arch edibles enlisted in cities, rhapsodies rats. These is a wonderful album. It's just like the Monroe call for It sounds like a stream punk one man band, monitor ass, you guys knees and he's gonna drop machines. We it's like this is quite a lizard alot of sound. It is it's a lot to deal with common area wants as proud baby things get and got a crank are growing. Noise makers, unlike bring, I think, I'm quite quickly. An opponent picked up on thinking, are linked to meeting the lava absolute
your curing cancer, or if it was a scientist fight vigour and how to go to space, it's good music is just a kind of tax Duffy. Strangulation and then, as I just love program, I've sure do it's very. It's like a robot yelling at his parents are merely want to stand back loading, the robot about him strangle in a drifter in an arm chair with a bother the bump took to just while other public playing in the background is very creepy them. Yes, it's different when it's like the movie hidden figures and they just solved the problem is you're walking down the street. Very competently Ammonites gets up, but yes context matters that for this, however, the only thing I've ever Lord of all right well at sea or so, let's take thank everyone for patriarch manoeuvring to our major and take your so much without you Eddie, and none of this is possible. We were very funny interview coming up for you guys this week, you're going to enjoy it. So if you haven't given here, These do and I think you'll enjoy the bonus content yet
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