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Episode 327: Richard Kuklinski Part II - Tales of the Iceman

2018-08-10 | 🔗

Join us for the second in our three part series as we cover Richard's introduction into the mafia world as well as his menagerie of murder methods, from sharks to grenades to rats.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started Work is my first lefrank. Yes, gum! come sit down a familiar garbage cool. Thank you. Luggage years. It suits you. Does it suits you? Well, it's one of my favorites. I love it is the job I'd like you to do work so sweet workers, boy, good, lean boy thinking you can Oh me, belly a little, but I don't think that's good data show me embellish here. You don't have to actually knew when I saw you look a little happy Tralee got a couple. Rabbits new can't tell me markets would. If I were to give you all the improved you
to all the vague produce a lion blue could suckle upon with that possibly be off. You, Kate reviews you have sex. With my three hundred pound grandmother, my god, you have not elaborate. Everyone I abandoned castle with the recently abused monitors harness hello. We got, it was a browser. Of a malicious kids in women are worth limits. Slow I've morals, That's right, you know an offer. I can't refuse unlimited
at Stake- is our area of garden of the only offer. I can't tell you any bread sticks. What's up, can they serve you before they have to cut you off? Do you now before we get to Richard concludes. He bore a little story about facilities, which is a small pizza. China think it's mostly in the MID West, horrible Pizza and Texas to amazing bread sticks they're. Just they are just click caked in butter and I got cut off atrophy Did they really? They had to escort me up because you have to buy beads and within a fifteen minute time period. That is so then, after that they did put a time limit on it, the ban, Kizil Rural fifteen bread success is the council's. Does all right, let's get a rigid gloves. Gay part do so when we last left richer cook linsky. He was just about to meet his long suffering, wife, Barbara case. Now we use the term long suffering in the past to describe the significant others of killers. But Barbara may have gotten the raw US deal of all see. Most of the time,
outside of killer couples, the significant others. Serial killers tend to be completely shielded from the activities of their husbands and with good reason being a serial killer requires in time. Compartmentalization and that the secret spells out into their actual life in any way their fucked right. Also, a part of their sexual gay, yes, which we kind of discover, which we will talk about quite a bit in the in the book that were writing, which is a lot of that. The idea of there is a heightened game between keeping the two things separate, but now who Quincy's case right? It's not a sexual. They know nothing justifies its appears lust for vessel. It's gotta be separated because its pace is so the mafia the business equals the Saxon mafia murder yeah I get it will barbecue coenties FF the significant others went was an unfortunate exception. She wasn't involved in it.
Killing per se, but she bore the brunt of Richards violent tendencies of the two men one day at the soda machine at the truck and company, where they both worked. Ah they're, both diet, coke button at the same time that nicely it's a little bit of a meat queue up its Richard Richard was trying go legit he had, to his side. Peace Linda who was not his side. Pisa was his wife with you. How can you is trying to bring money back home use trying not to do contract killings anymore, he's sitting at we d goes to start work in that. Ah I give the truck and your yeah yeah, so he replied, truck is only job was to lift boxes right here the ETA guy every day he go analysis be like box. You profess tell me again.
Talks. Reggie wanted dirty target the boxes again, don't tell me, I can't talk to box right up like that a smile and amiable. That's the Amazon Box, a smiling at you. I promise you he went out there and he saw Barbara time. Barbara head hair piled two feet high on account of her head, which will cost them at the time. Like Marge them said yes, and they saw each other and he basically just said hello. It's like? A mayor like a little bit but yet they write much just exchange. Pleasantries like here how you doing. Oh, you worked out the dogs. Great I work over in the reception is poor. I feel like Kooky has breath like really hot, but the same time when you're done speaking to him. Your hair is still frozen, but I don't know why that, like it's a strange irony, I guess in contradiction, is reverse Superman my lungs of reason,
I mean the relationship might have ended it just the pleasant trees, if not for the meddling of their boss, see he taken a shy to Barbara, because she kind a look like his daughter and here who all about Richard Chequered past as a criminal. So the boss culture Linsky into his office and told them you stay away from Barbara. Can we just get into it? Can we just get into the town ten second time machine really quick wanted to bang is daughters, woman. No, we literally felt he fell to keep warm feelings or protective feeling protective, although I feel that was a little vague, a little vague read. This is back in the day when orders were separated into a category, there were meant to be coddled and hired. You had your gavel? So whatever was the mistress on the side were the ones at the blue you because they don't have to kiss your children would permit spooky.
The thing was that Richard hadn't even bought about pursuing barber romantically before this Congress, Asia, but now here some asshole tell him, he couldn't do something that he felt he had every right to do. Should he choose to do it, so he did this out of spite Israeli went to go and- and he went and flirted with earth, because the boss tell them not to What sort of get in a twisted sister away Why didn't anyone just be like? I bet you can play russian roulette about you. You would not do it I'll, do it I'll? Do it right now about you, but couldn't I bet you could become the first polish power forward in the nba- that's very- might have been drafted. Brunos Sir Richard told his boss to shut the job. Possess Richard walked out, and he said that he had plan to return later that night to kill the guy. When he returned he ran and
Barbara instead again at the soda machines. Ok, she loves soda and Barbara was a very good petite well put together young Italian, woman? There was sitting there and she was very like I'm It is a born mobsters wife, but like maybe a little man she ran. I had no luck. She kind of look like Lorraine Brok, oh, oh, so, Ebay. ITALY had his eyes like that, Instagram filters, the super zoom with the dramatic mistake, but instead of like you, know, really some nice out, it's a bunch of gunshots without setting up a european status. You, Sir Richard told by Barbara about him loose in his job on account of talking to her and because she felt sorry for him, they went out on a coffee date instead of Richard murdering his boss at home. If they live, She later remark that going out on that date was the worst mistake. She ever made yeah yeah key
He went well enough for a follow up in that Saturday, the two of them went to sea. Zella and a couple of Casper Cartoon. Ok, cartoons cartoons too, because sometimes gave me funny ideas with things to do like how you coming a little boy, a funny, little bulk, your hair yeah, that's funny you're funny. It must the bed weird really was taking notes the entire time on their day, while watching Casper God he loved cartoons Mamma. He said he took a lot ideas from pop. I too, ok all right. He does Lies he's blued all right as the enemy you don't want to get him around a can, spend he'll, kill your fucking family, If he has a little bit too much iron and his is the blue from that moment on after the Godzilla Casper Double feature, Richard was smitten problem was though Richard was still married. Even
He no longer had anything to do with his first wife or his two kids, due to an earlier incident, which may or may not have happened. Can we They, though Godzilla in Casper's a double feature, is like double feature: saw, followed by won't. You be my neighbour leg up like that of the extreme like or ended a friendly ghost Gaza was born governor was men wrestling each other in oil ass. It has to be true, or some months before Richard had caught his first wife in a motel room with a friend his in retaliation. Richard said he broke as many of US friends bones as he could, and then right they're in the room cut his first wives nip. We don't know it is true or not what you were going to say again and again about richer, good, Clint Ski about? What's true? What's not true, but there's something about like why make this bullshit up besides just trying to be as mean
as humanly possible, which you also was roads like a kind of a combo of even just saying that you did this kind of makes you fucked up here, whatever happens is it heeds. He did this and then met Barbara, and then he started login Barbara, so they went on that date and then she was essentially just like whether hanging out she was like. Oh, I like Casper, which is strange honestly to be Casper fan going over there, not love Casper myself, I don't eat the movies, have been very good and were hold only organisms of your specific, We a fan of Casper, I I I will watch Casper cartoon. If it's all I see Casper the friendly goes in and put to smile on my face. So are you Anna heralding a live Aden extended cause? version of the movie Paris, Texas odds on world. You have gone away that unworthy to what happens then stay after they broke up so again. She cut off families that I like Casper he'd, you sure up to rouse house right because he dropped.
Raffoni showed up with the dozen roses and a bunch Casper dolls by these little Casper dolls. Thanks Richard. But number one did Milly invite you and the mother, of course, because barbers one level of starvation, snark and her mother is grade a Italians right who, just like I don't like to switch it boy. I don't like and bring it around and first of all, he's polish I'm going to see a lot of anti polar sentiment in these tyres by polish as much as it is pro. Without now how well he got what we did, he could bear, he could have been from Yugoslavia may still. What is it like? He's not italian, these go to tell you that this is really a big story for you, as you feel like an oppressed person that middle up as you ve, been going through this, like you, kind of relate to cook linsky in some ways we should be the protected Greek. We should be a protected class of people, because
the skirts for pants and the many paraded hats. Beware: those need to be kept in a museum, so people can see our management for years to come, but the thing is he became very frightening immediately and you know whether the nipple incident had actually happened or not. There was no contact between Richards, first family and Richard since him and by bird started dating. Who thing was that Richard? You know if the nipple incident happened here, and upset because he loved his wife. He was upset because he owned her, because that was his woman roasted He had no feelings towards this woman or their kids whatsoever can in fact, he thought of this woman lucky thought of every other woman, including his mother, that they were all just horse? Who did nothing but sleep around very Tom, Dick and Harry at the Pool hall? What did he? What was the nickname that he gave It's not ok, Hanover cancer, while part of it was a pair lay. He says as a kid. After his parents separated, he came home and found his mom,
legs up in the air with the neighbor who was married and that was burned into it. Eyes, which shows the emotional strength of Richard Cook Linsky. The thing up. I saw my mother in that position. I would never speak it and little boy from Scrooged who are there would be like he used to talk a lot, but now he talks in just a little encourages me just sitting alone with a, but with a page boy. Hats on saying asylum system are good when you walk in on your mother, and it looks like the cover of don't tell Mamma the baby. It aside, I think that's what Barbara. She was somethin else all together in Richards Eyes, she'd, look, a nice sheltered life and didn't know a goddamn thing about the world of pool halls and crime and murder that Richard had come from interesting. It's kind of like a First situation of debt alive university area, but in there
world that I mean honestly kalinowski spend so much time with schools is flues. You screw up I knew that this was the time. What's his scooter and stews is a woman whose, but has been flattened by a stool, Where did you hear school? I dont know Iceman conventions, as so many words per Rita, all of the type of wit bar women. Would you also what my father said? My father used to say I spend my time with ball woman. Until I met your mother. Thing is going to the bar. The key my their eyes, his Barbara than he kept going to the bar and now as a whole, of living this cortical innocent life. You ve got this woman. It doesn't know anything about what it means to play. Billiards thing is Cook Linsky you liked the billiard. Should you find a woman that also play billiards or you could do something together? Beside just fucking, kill people and throw money at Odin smack around you,
I guess you wanted to be alone. Sometimes maybe the bar was his solitude. I suppose so, who knows what? The thing is like, even if you don't leave that Richard killed dozens of homeless man up and down Manhattan, and there are quite a few people out there who don't Richard was still a ruthless criminal cape oh a burning, a stranger alive because he called him a bad name right. Yes, a barber would say that she knew ever knew about Richards most nefarious criminal goings on until they were both dragged out of their car by a t, F agents, one gray December. More, oh, she did admit to having some angling at the beginning, though, as her aunt safety had gotten a bad feeling about this non italian named Richard Italian and aunt safety had hired a private I'd. Look into his background, so give zipping, ok she's with Barbara, who is traditionally italian, which means what suspicious
filled with witchery and all sorts of like they have inner workings in her mind cuz, I know cuz, my mother's have Italian, so they have this till she went. Ass, went out of her way to get a private detective to look into Richie's life and all the private detective this guy's a fucking maniac here. I do believe that he killed all this almost people. That's one of the stories that I do full on believed that he was a fucking he's. Actually, I am now flipped video side where he is mostly sir, Geller guy, that's seems like to me, but I wouldn't call him Richie though it sounds. A year's a bottle cap had on ready to go now: Hamburg, not just over the local hamburgers end and so Barbara knew about most of Richards crimes, because the private I came back to lead, saving aunt, Ceety, told Barbara Juba, robberies and even knew about the rumours of murder and just ass, the the private eye like at any point? Was you like? Maybe I should call the police are step it or is it just like
I just watch like if you're watching the robbery, don't you will learn some wondered. I wasn't daring the right that is after the robberies because climate I had just gone around like he talked to some people. He just talk to folks, ay icy yeah and is hard Robberies went Barbara, convinced herself at all. That was in Richards past and pulled her horse. Definitely have you one thing: is certain people check always they never just stay the same. They never repeat the same crimes again and again. It doesn't take Menino months and years of effort to make a a new mentality for Rome? and concerning the murders she said they probably deserved it pretty soon Barbara, will come to find out the richer cook. Linsky was a very, very deep you're a man to anyone in his proximity, whether he loved him or not, yeah yeah. What what What was the first warning sign? Well we're about to put an end to that. Yes, so Barbara she'd come to find out that there were two men, the bad Richard who
black and her eyes on a regular basis and the good Richard who would request that restaurants p the Kenny Roger Song, lady upon barbers entrance into a building. My night in force to dinner with me hallway, because I have a knife in my pocket for, more must be the extended version. It that's how I don't recall those lyrics, but this is also my father's wave with that this back in the day now you want the two of you, you wanna to what's the term court. Woman. That was not a bar woman. Would you had to do? Was flower all the time constant, Casper gifts, you sure butter work where she doesn't know that you know the where her work is used but all these different places were essentially, you will haunt her and there are essentially she just becomes your wife, because you won't let her not be your wife star
kid you stock and tell you marry yeah, ok, exactly The worst thing was Richard made apparent from the beginning that there was no way out because He had been stalking or any had been shown up all the time and they were going out constantly. Sir. You told him like hey. This is The little intense like I'd, I still want to see other people. So in response to that, in his car, he hold out a knife lightly stabbed her in the back with it and told her. She was his no matter what and if she ever tried to leave em or go to the cops he killed, not only her, but her entire fan. We and anyone who ever meant anything building and building in building in building and on a new path? The polish way every single time, but no, it was very it's very scary, because the old new, eventually that he was fucking. He was a maniac. He they, the the family, would just do a lot.
Of course the issue would invite him out the big things had she and invited him to Christmas Eve dinner, which, in italian families the really big deal. They have the seven fish. As you know, all the gifts at midnight and Richard came and he took to dinner and he like he didn't understand, laughter and love. You don't understand. Like a little it like. You do understand like families enjoying each other, is watching all these people eat stuff and like heats up like yeah I'd or somebody get some of this fish again and there are like lap and about alike, are you're funny Reggie. You know like very uneasy because he was carrying three guns right. So he's not a huge, rest. No! Actually they said he was very funny. He was verified. They said he was. I like allotted. That's part of the reason why barbarous family liked him, because he was a very funny guy and a lot of people that work with like they're. Only I use he's a funny dude here that, like he was the concept of a nice family dinner like a nice Christmas was so far
we condemn and seemingly so impossible that he had to leave dinner and he went out on the back port and sobbed uncontrollably because his look it difficult to see how weak rise a little bit, but also the fact that he just What's that you haven't seen the end of the first Iceman documentary, can I make it through this one I didn't know you had one big tier came out- needs like well, that's the most moisture ahead that didn't come out of my dick It sounds like he cries on the inside. He does what you know What you member, when he made his joke on the documentary, joke where he was like, those with Barbara. He told the stories are gonna, put the knife and backed Mitchell. She knows an inch thick Then they psychiatry like yeah. Does
pretty extreme, insect yeah, but she got the point. Hung himself hung and then he's like. You see, sales Swanny C. I a through joking right, Latvia, and like Papa you go. There is one cup in the back room. Looking through the glass marriages spit out his coffee just died last week, Eventually Barbara got pregnant, but she couldn't stand the thought of marrying and naturally so. She called his bluff and took off to her dad's place Miami Beach, and that call was correct because all richer did was hot Barbers moms house ask him where she went and Barbara told her mom do not under any circumstance. Sits. Tell him where I am right. A Richard heaped up front So be married to both Barbara and the family, but he said that he'd never gone through a divorce because
he didn't have the money, so barbers mother, worried about quote what people would think showed her daughter, be a single mother. This woman gave Richard the money for the divorce as well as her daughters. Location and color you likes, she knew that this guy was beating his daughter, she knew how awful of a person's he was. But all book the neighbors might think sighing poorly. She and her daughter over this monster. Nineteen fifties yeah we're yes so we are type approval that out there this made in the sixties. By this point, yeah Amelia early early sixties stood. Rather her daughter, with a serial killer abuser than being with a person who is not divorced from his wife gap Yes, you can be a single mother. Thou would be what a travesty on the family that be wondering what a disgusting disgusting thing well
No, what you know! It's really nice about kids, you free now at most olive gardens and also don't know if you take from the kids play so technically you can get free to I'm a kid at all. Look at me my prepared some about your hair, sir. Yet Barbara said that the day Richard showed up in Miami a storm followed. Having no real choice at that point. Barbara convinced herself that the time that they spent apart had changed richer, and so she Let him back into her life now and he did change for a short period. No crime no murdered, no gambling, no violence whatsoever none of the things you're supposed to do every other gambling you're alone again,
building and building Lord so finally, after a few months, Richard convince Barbara to marry him at a justice of the peace, but soon after the abuse started back up, and she the baby, oh no and another, and another day lost three babies. Then yes, three babies because of Richards abuse. He once beat her so hard. The baby's leg came out Ah leg gave I had a partial birth and still is like well done. Try again! Oh my god, because she said he was an insatiable lover and, of course, never use condoms so he would just like you would go right back at it. They would immediately have another can be get pregnant again and Firstly, this is a part of where the movie was like so disgusting really look at B B, compartmentalizing elect the way they looked at his relationship with Barbara,
like just because you didn't fucking murder. Her yeah you're saying that they were fine, where the fourth child would find the make it to term and in all they have three kids Merrick Chris and Dwayne two girls and a boy? Ok, in pretty much the only kind, a sort of good thing you can say about richer clunky was that he ever laid a hand on his kids. He jerked mother in front of them and was so vicious tour there. All the kids had go bags pact should he ever kill her shoes, but he never beat them, he's a good man. I mean all you ever Iceman gets from sea. They just took that and made that the only part of his family life that they show in the moves. At that time he got. Angry wants that no one's tireless Yankee Destroy furniture with his bare hands in front of them. He was it it from you, is it absolutely terrifying, force in the House exempted Merrick generally, because Merrick was his fate
red and Merrick had a lot of problems. He'd kidney problems from just literally for sensation was born and ice man used to go and sit with her and stroke her hair every day when she was in the hospital- and he was there was the Merrick was the only child that he told the story of his abusive childhood to and is like, and this is why I'm like this. This is why I do the things that daddy does just like. I am rather you dirty innocent. Yeah, she said TAT. She loved him till the day that he died, that she we're use loyal to him the entire air every all the other kids were like. I hate man. This man is awful, but she was daddy's girl, so she forgave, we think that he did and he do their turn like what he would do to keep himself from beating his kids. I hued punch himself in the base. Until he passed out young, then he'd. Wake up and just walk out of a hat,
oh come back later. Well, look at that! Isn't that get You gotta get one of those big big dummies those in the basement to lead. I know it's a belly plagues two aims come on buddy I'm gave some OJ vibes here to us. Oh yeah, tapes were Nicole Brown was on the vote. The cops in the outer like always come about. With the bill and always you're the cure me tell you about the touch me that was used to be so lucky. That's a grateful, ballplayer big head! So after merit Cook Linsky was or and Barbara Richard move back to New Jersey. The year was nineteen Sixty two and barbarous uncle Tony got Richard a straight job. The twentieth century deluxe, film, lab on the West side of Manhattan, arrived after work and therefore a little while Richard learned how to copy prints. On the sly, an event Surely he had a nice little criminal enterprise, pirating,
new cartoons and so on the black market. What the hell is going on with all these Disney cartoons. What is I will really interested? And I don't really know, eighty of there being a black market for Disney Currycomb horse. There is now because that's two things are all these theatres have to pay these high prices in order to get the distribution rights to the right films and they have to pay it to the distributor that to pay to the studio. So if they can get that film for five six hundred bucks less from someone like richer cook, linsky than they're going to take it If so, he made a great living doing we used to get all those boot legs from that old, really shady guy, who kept getting shut down by the Nypd when we were Seattle broke, and you hear that, bill eating and talk in the theatres, and so what did they over here? Will they were watch? Another cocoons gal show kinda guy out her appetite. Let this was of all caught you. There is no difference between the the bootleg print and the real print of cohesion.
He would stay up all night long, making extra copies so they could sell him on the black market. Is what made him crazy? It's like the movie evil at at at at at all those films, but you learned a When you look, he learned from his bosses. They are wrong. Stealing, because every buys immediately crooked and so he'd go unheeded. The snow white and then I guess, go down by the Fucking Washington Bridge and thereby like which man what you got, what you caught me Why not me some exterior spirilla You need swell about it that mozzarella, a latin and things like that, what it seems kind of innocent strange way, but is not yet known- absolutely not give it to me immediately shifted the fog and pornography sounded very which is different back in the day interested from there, the high I started a new front trucks follow genes, tat ass. He watches old,
rocks fuller Casio watch. Richard was high student stealin sellen. Of these highs was actually Richards reintroduction into the world of murder. Radiant. There's a direct correlation by the way it starts when it gets Gillian his hair and seventh great. We also get the Casio, oh yeah, let the Ladys! No, you not tell time you joke by Irish, like back, like ratio watch hadn't Cosby shirt on, I was covered in dupe. Ready to go. I loved you abuse ousted and they did make fun of me, but I was wearing my Alonzo Morning full Charlotte order them to born. That's our sea areas. You gotta, get in after I had that point or Richard inner crew had stolen truck fuller casinos and they delivered them to the buyer, because that's what they do is they would steal shit, a buyer. Agree upon a price and then the buyer would flip em, but upon delivery, the buyer decided heated
want to pay the price that he and Richard had agreed upon. So Richard lost patience trying to differ with the guy. He pulled out a guy and shot him and his three associates in the head Van Brandt Bank Ban I just cut him or swimming a bunch of Casio watches at Scrooge Mcduck, be like their mind, they're, all mine. I never wanted Dick or what a body like the turn ever wanted, but Richard I mean I feel like this is kind of a more of a reveal into the real Richard Kook Linsky. I dont know if he was like. Special forces level able to her any body. Eighty but you know like an incredible cat, like murderer like I, don't think he's like that things like this. Do the stories when he says wear it, like a guy, decides to one up him and decide to because he's like. I don't really want to pay this price thinking he's a big deal. Richardson
Inclination, let's not figure away out ass, the Sun Rock was negotiate. I discussed, you, tuna, fuckin, head and every single time cause he didn't. He Richie always said I like working with other people, but mostly thing. It's other people really afraid of working with Richie, because I would just kill every Bobby run the talk, but that's the main reason. They were terrified of em and, if he's anything like you Henry fastest guy within ten feet, that look out to be very careful for this Nicky Ball, you better be careful. First, sticky, fuck, Nepal, you'll never see, has come at a low knee I for you. How can I get on all fours? You won't even see me I'm in your pockets, making I'm I'm I'm glad you're your ankles, you think about women, but me buddy. Today's absurd of last bar gas and left has brought you buy dollar shave club dollars If club delivers everything, you need to look feel and smell your best.
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A dollar shave clubbed. Our com, slash, LSD, that's dollar shaved dot com, Slash L as t do yours of some of them. One wipe Charlie's with a load of care, ceos was eventually sold to fill solemn, many who would prove to be one of the most important people in Richards Life, both in terms the evolution of his criminal career and the end of it. Richard famously said that fill was the only friend he had the key didn't kill, but speaking completely objectively here Phil would eventually be the friend he should have trusted the least really and isn't that how it goes, I guess so fills business at the time was pornography specifically the really nasty stuff he dealt in everything from intense blue play to golden showers with golden showers by this by the standards of today golden showers pretty
we do a bit turner live show about. What's happened to porn hub, what's going on american family, and here I am that's true, but now no golden shower, videos have lighting, they have catering look, you can go and funding of water obvious early in order to do that, but golden showers as normal, poor now nap man but ass, it was, this was during when you had to watch everything in a theater magic right away, a bunch of people and stuff like that, yea you had to go to the theatre for all this stuff or you to go to like someone's garage for a stag part, daisies lazy, sigh but Phil Specialty was beast The reality of a literal, dog and pony show variety, apparently featuring a young, Linda Lovelace Blow and a horse what really Shetland pony no way our problems are at. Did you really do that. I would have to I mean I can Linda Lovelace
You see, I don't like what Google is gonna give us. Are you talking about the movie dog fucker made nineteen, seventy one, you know I could we talk about anything. I is that when I called dog aroma, that's with when the loveliest use pleasured by a german shepherd now raided are for rough Lord? I didn't need to know that everyone was so disgusted in the sixties and they just pretended like it was all peace in love. Now you know a piece of love to go a little bit new bar when a rottweiler, unbolt home one M is protesting about Much go believe profit out of that will fill found that the dirtier his ship was the better at sold, and since Richard still had his job making copies of movies redistribution, he switched from bootlegging Disney to the much more profitable business of bootlegging porno. My eventually Richard would
Make connections were he would be sellen Porno directly to the Gambino Crime family, and thus Richard was back in the mouth raring to go for more murder for hire. I miss that scene in Godfather, when the main dude was jerking off to Doggle Rama. What the hell is an imagine going to tallying restaurant like back room where you sit near everyone's? Why? should learn what Linda Lovelace blowing Shetland. How anxious one guy Billy her Joey launches you come here. And his way he gave me a zagging Joe we gotta go now. I say: yellow when I come up, is disturbing. Stop here, oh yeah, but that's not to say, that Richard didn't murder. In the meantime, on one occasion, Richard said, he'd stashed, a different load of Casio watches on some doubts farm for a nominal fee,
it's not use the word load for awhile. Can we please refrain from that, will be able to have a better word to describe bundle, violence, a government? How can I say at a clock sure o enriched return for the clutch. The truck was gone, and so Richard said he took a couple: a road flares and tortured the guy. Who is in charge of the truck burning his feet down to the bone. Then he did the same to the other foot, Then he took off the guy's pants and burn the guy's balls. I said burnt his testicles until they were useless lump of flesh and his buddies again there trying to boost some watches the right, these are not in the torture business. This is supposed to be zip, zip Zob over and done with we're going to do all this because I don't think gonna Gimme, your truck, and the guy's alike like so, let's go
Just tell him, you know. Well, maybe rough morale little bit enriches like I got sorted set in his balls on fire, everyone's Reggie Reggie. What's guy, who are doing their heresies babby smells like a robot you join hereditary what's now and then just when Roger was about to go for the cock. The guy finally admitted that the truck was hidden on his buddies farm down the road hold on a second. So this is the guy he's. A strong is John Mccain. Unbelievable it took is testicles. Both of US beacon. Bird before you admit it were a truck, was what the guy down the road he gave it up almost immediately after I quite passed away, but if you're wondering ok, so you wouldn't like. Why did this guy lose two feet and his balls before given up the clock. I am wondering why this guy lost both of his family and his balls before given up the clutch, because once Richard found out that these two guys had stolen from both dead He had a shudder Manette. He knew that the moment Richard found out that they had stopped.
From him. He knew they were both dead oaks. O thou is he just a he finally had as much as he could take so for them it was a bit with life and with a dude was literally attired. Tie me, like I, don't know anything. I don't know anything enriching too it's about openly in the book raises like his. Maybe he doesn't know maybe I'm wrong, but let me just let me check one more time We go like Medea penis guises, like is like Zoe, basically like political values, about leaving turns out one by one, more interesting Another time Richard City accidentally killed a union guy who was Boston. His balls on behalf of the film printers Union, because Richard was put into much overtime at the lab, just let loose Richard alone, going to say it so Richard Punch, the guy, the guy fell. And hit his head on a park bench and died, and so Richard
to a hardware store bought. Some rope turned to the scene and hung the guy from a tree right there in the park to make it like a suicide, even got a milk crate and set it up now time to make it look like the guy and hopped off of it a noose. I want to thank our think in over at the improv works, for help my prop work to really think about how to get yourself. I follow the fear, This is a little suspect I mean You said you expected for the crime, but it's likely the people. Now that the union guy was gonna, go see him and plus effect hit his head hard enough to kill em right there, naturally be wound which the cops are pulled. Him down would have noticed. So I hit him and Ed. I hit him dead. He fell down. So what I did was set up on a table for table cloth on it, nor Myspace Quixote all played a king prime slowly that nice formula sauce you get that money, and I set him up in the chair put his face in the province. Heart attack
that makes it all the sense of the world, but on the other hand, you know the guy could a broken his neck in the fall. That's a lot of body that where were you know they fall? a weird spot on a bench or something like that, and their net breaks grower Dino the cops could have been idiots and they managed Unlike look at us, pull them down. Ok, so many lines of other was a cop, could ever be or easy or Georgia or incompetence, or have checked out or job no way. I don't believe in it could be the richer was lying completely or that things didn't happen quite the way that Richard remembered it because, after all, you gotta remember that Richard was in his late sixties when he told these stories in full to Philip Karla? This is thirty or forty years after these events right, he may have Jim. As some stuff up quite a bit. Obviously we're gonna go into many different ways. He jazz things up, but I think he did kill Many people
browser. Yes, yes, but why one thing we do know for sure is the crime that Richards brother Joseph committed. No, it seems like psychopathy with something that ran in the clinical family. Joseph was just as much of a criminal is Richard, but the difference was Joseph was tat. A belated, because this Richard was constantly bail and his brother out a troublesome situations, and since people liked Richard and the work that they that he did and They were just plain terrified of em. They also Let Richard get him out of it, but Richard could not and would not get his brother out of what he did to twelve year old PAMELA Dial one night Joseph lure, the girl to the roof and raped her before choking her to death and tossing her to the ground. From four stories up and Joseph had been seen with PAMELA
earlier that night, but the witnesses didn't think anything about it at the time, because both up more neighbourhood people and everyone interacted with everyone else, but because Joseph had been seen with her police approached him and he confessed before the arrest was even made. He was sentenced to life in prison in his early twenties and, coincidentally, would one day share a cell block with his brother all right? Well, that is, for the best. Yet life imprisonment is deeply where he belongs. You can see the difference between the fact that Joseph had sexual nature was crying where it was like this thing, was obviously use pedophile that also to is trying to cover ups crimson. He had a weird impulse control any was of closer to what we would call like or true like like a predator legal, put a piece of shit, we're Richard Mccluskey all of his crime in the way he filtered. It was through business so the way that he managed to make his shit legit run.
If a monster even his own mind, because you would say later on, they would see each other on the cell at the with each other on the block, and he would be You may be give em a nod basic my brother's discussed. Well, I guess, if you have to come here the two. I suppose I could see her Richard could rationalize, that is better than his brother, I've, obviously, obviously yeah. Obviously I mean if his brother had neglect. Immediately. It's very likely he would have become a serial killer and did Emily? Are there any accusations of crimes that we're unsolved that maybe now I'd have committed, and then it was? It was definitely a farce. Timer for have there was nothing out because they he convinced he confessed immediately when they approached him. Ok, but these two guys would not share a cell block for decades to come. You're still had a long career ahead of him and the whole thing had its foundations and the poor dog or feed business or, but he said he kept killing people who bothered him or through him. Bars or pissed him off on the road and each time Richard said he was getting away with it,
and the more he got away with it, the more he started to realize that he was really fuckin good murder and, more specifically, really fuckin good at knock it caught, but he realized he had a skill. The treaty be paid for its like what happens and performers career. Some point now you realize, like I should be paid to do this and it's more, you think it's time you like, I should be paid the murderer What this is by umbrella was the name of that business book with all the umbrellas fuck. You Give up its up about umbrellas. I remember when I worked at borders and well being up now and relevant. Adjusted of Alice was something about your colored umbrella, like You better. Have a brown umbrella to know that means you have a bit of a pink umbrella. So, with you comparison. His open MIKE night for a struggling commuting until they got good, was killing about your homeless people on the upper website. Guess oh yeah! It exist now eggs.
Actually we found out. He wasn't scared of it either like when you go on stage for the first time you like, I can be up here. Oh, he was never scare us air now, never scare, but I think this statement as well. The fact that we know that he went decades without the cops, even gettin, a whiff of them, even though we know he was murdering the whole time and makes me think that keep probably dead murder quite a few unsuspecting people as well as a few those homeless. Man I mean, almost certainly exaggerated, but nobody is born the best at what they do yours it's about ten thousand hours, Malcolm Gladwell it, that being a fuckin contract killers. No different, I mean it helps to have natural talent, but even Michael Jordan has constantly practice and work is ass off to become one of the best of all time and kill us. Hey. I don't have a vision of. I don't know. I didn't bail outs Zone father He set him up here. He didn't quarter
Ellen. Iverson was one of the best of all time here. In practice, will act is ranked as well. How long did Allen Iverson last eight thirteen forty years? What our brothers sisters to the finals they did. They win. The final snow began with areas you worse than the calves use ethics. One of them had a seven PETE, the other one day we will also be was, to day pizza. Seventy nine raised about that, but it was, it was back to back to back two years off. Go into the conspiracy theory is because you would maybe gabbling too much money, it's balls over the fence and in three again yap. Seventy he's no Bobby Burnett. It's all. I know because I want to confound it. Bob India gets paid to do nothing and what is successfully proper, unworthy a day, a million bucks while genius and so Richard after realizing that who is really really gonna, get away with murder returned to the new
Jersey, MA bosses and told them that he was once again looking for quote special work right then. Meanwhile, Richard was stepping up in the porn game instead of just making Legs Richard started taking films on consignment and he even started. Financing his own movies all shot in a band. Warehouses overrun Soho. Morally, let me take a look: somebody's scripts, ok or it's so Gregg. You gonna be plain on what appeased The giant talking sponge list of looking at the pain is calculated was ok and Stacy. You're gonna be plan some kind of peace. A coral le somethin about he's got scrape its put its round, got around legs always can we were informed that we got it? We all hold the kindest stick out of it: ok, legal can make good porno who has won the item. Make is good
Polish port, Spongebob Square work. I don't like it was actually call. I think it was called Spongebob Square Dick this murder, actually a porno. Yes, yes diamond was, in those really great actual o k, fun all right, so that we direct important, which has to be horror. He wasn't doing right now. What do you do is producing? He was producing. He said he actually hated to be in the same room at us because he said it was filthy, I'm so sick, a mafia guys over the last couple of days, a greeting about them. They're all like this. It's all just because, like you know, drugs are gross even their old dune, cocaine, Riley, murdering people from the river, but like drugs that's it gets the Mafia code in the idea of people in poor, like people had sex work being discussing words ass being like you guys, Roger you, gotta have more respect, for
ponies gettin blown here, then the women only when the blowing that's those are the workers. But since Richard had taken those films on Consignment- and return on producing movies with slow. Richard found that he'd bit off a little more than he could chew money wise and he eventually ran a foul of a mobster named Roy de Mayo, alright, Roy Daimio, was very similar to Joe Pashas character from good fellows. Yet Roy De Mayo with very dangerous person shorten fat real mean real fuckin, crazy and kind of a loose cannon. The way he got in. This business. What I think is very interesting and it's very its away that mafia does. It basically be guided owned. The film industry russian Company Odin, They do right, email, so right oh decided just become one of the executives of the companies that will now you're companies, my company, so they had thing is that right?
hate it. When people owed him money and you real mad about it- and you wouldn't someone told him they couldn't get it, he going fucking kill him, but he didn't. He hold the same game to Roy De Mayo, where he bore you borrowed a bunch of money from his bosses to produce port movies in order to flip em, but didn't work. De Mayo since likes her task force. Money enriches like pay em. When I can pay him, then it's like. Do you fuck person for bruising you know what do you know what you're doing here cruising for a bruise and he was like Joan Crawford in the field mommy dearest when she was on the board for Pepsi Jack, I'm here and she s you too great for that brand. I know I don't know if I don't overdue. Male help the bread or not, but she was very good. Will Roy debate, I was one of the few guys in the mob who were on the same level as richer Kirkland keep when it came to murder. In fact, he and his crew were so prolific that they, eventually came to be known as the murder machine. Expert myriads of now. Why do they call you? The murderer machine. Exactly tat. Soft
question, no lady murder, machine Knowest, Kate, the let's take the what's apart a machine, I think it was the work of a man with compartmentalize in a way that is mechanical murder away that people in life. Now she looks but the charts, all mafia guys always have new. They me like that. The the individual that was associated with me, because she is one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. I do not recall or do not recall such actions, they're professionals. The unlike Richard Roy De Mayo would kill anyone. Women, children, whole families, if need be, feeling hits for civilians as well as mob. As other fellow Carlo pointed out. I mean Roy De Mayo retailed murder in again, if you think this is or ridiculous that This is too insane believed to crawl, cruel, take five minutes and look up the type of shit. The cartels. Mexico do because at one point in this country we are guys doing the egg
that same shit on a regular basis. Yes, and you can watch that judge live on lively. You ever feel the need to see what happens there. We'll shows like the sopranos and all kinds of shows, kind of goofy side of mobsters and its true allowed them to mean they are big fat had more odds right, do a bunch you dumb shed as well, but people also forget the fur while, like this was incredibly complicated business, the United States government didn't really know anything about the mob until nineteen sixty three when it was being a part of this thing, called the Mc Clellan Committee that went to go look into the well. How organised crime worked. They talked a guy named jovial lucky, they told them a bunch of shit there, like oh had no fuck include be digital. No, the mob ran so deeply your target at the mobs like since I've been around since a lady teen. Hundreds in ITALY like these, like these are the get a well entrenched like world of murder and cry.
Night with just kept getting pass along and getting more and more complicated as the generations would increase the business. So the F B, I learned how the crime families worked and then they said in a shot, those down we're gonna copy and paste their strategies and we're gonna call, but we do think that it would happen. Ok, Royce thing was dismemberment. O he'd worked as a butcher. At a key foods out and controversy Nokia right at the end of that, then the ultra might have the merit of nine. Never these butchers beginning to have a video editing. But while Roy was key foods, he'd learn how to quote what he called Disassemble, a body using a system he himself devised, the body will be cut into six pieces head arms legs. And torso almost when Gmos almost saw that heads legs whatever. Now. What are you?
from your summer. Job up I wonder if we ever had seen like make your organ, the wrestler, where he just you had enough of his life every doubt on some method will, after he disassembled the body, the bodies would be wrapped in brown paper put in a garbage bags. And dumped in six different locations, all around Brooklyn, like garbage cans, garbage dump or something I'm just flung into the ocean. It's like it's like! really want on his magic ticket about the exact opposite in de Mayo. He didn't pull this off alone he was the head of a crew six other guys who were just as vicious Joey Testa Anthony Centre Chris Goldberg, Henry Borelli Fred, I dunno me and a guy. I named Dracula, the guy that Big Happy together Dodger drain thing about it,
empires and right now we are wrong, is around where the bad debt, DR area, that that song? Yes, perhaps now, is more, but you know I was. I was my rap tangle seminal Dracula rap. They call this guy Dracula because you look like Bela Lugosi. Everyone called him Dracula. Ok, all right! It said that altogether. These seven guys were suspected to have murdered over a hundred people doing all of their debts. Member meant in the rear apartment of tomatoes bar a little place called the Gemini Loud show my and these guys at the Gemini lounge, they loved their work. One time Richard was over at the Gemini and went to use the bathroom. He noticed a smell coming from the shower, so he pulled back the curtain there he found a dead guy. Hang it upside down above the tub. His throat had been cut and blue
was oozing from the wound. The guys were bleeding em out because they want to make it all that, but they weren't make cleaner when had to dismember him. Ok, so spare to say that the bleeding out thing that's drag. As I do that I would like to put my name: is Dracula nobler lessen the body you get it? You got it and when Richard walked The bathroom Roy joked! You see that taking a shower narratives, lap and budget. I get it apparently. According the book, five families by Selwyn Rob Hero like a hyena, Raffoni Funny Funny Guy, while very lion. King of him. Now, a bad wrapped by the way there actually good animal they are and there they are their scary and they are really king of the jungle.
We don't know about your they do. I don't know about your hyena revisionism now that I now member planet earth to the epithet cities without those pet hyenas, their greater, very dangerous ain't. Your committee and you should lover Hyena. All they do is less known. I like I like making comedy that makes people through Guess I really like I dont want to be with a lamb. I want them to think. I want them to be moved. Why? Thank you. A very successful Netflix special because apparently that's comedy now and then ass. Roy De Mayo made the joke about the shower. They all sat down, and had a nice but get together not to everything needs to be punctuated with the good is began? I guess the mayo was also a facilitator of murder, since he was based and cannot see, he was right next to J, F K, the airport, ok through his connections there de Mayo smuggled hundreds of guns, which are then disk,
two mob families all around the country. Our data, like when you say mob families. It does feel like like a mob, daddy, mom baby when he said that he would, or they would open up the crates guns and his fever things that he'd pickup home a little baby home a little being a pick up the assault rifles unlike kiss him and stuff on the barrel. Unlike laugh, I get it back. I pretended to suck honest. It should really good thing about mother yeah, really that's one of those Dana LOS in our area. Honestly, I don't know, but actually I'd say, is as bad as Cook Linsky was. It was Roy De Mayo who rule we deserve be called the devil eventually. The Gemini lounge came to be known as simply the slaughterhouse Well, can you please say it correctly: Marcus the slaughter oaks use me to be known. As simply the slaughterhouse
That's what I just said: a cut of a funding for a bar if its horror theme did not an actual butchers Paypal. So since Jim was behind on his porno payments. This is back when Richard and Roy first met since richer was behind. On his porno payments. Roy De Mayo went to make a visit. Roy was silent partner with the people. Rich old Money too. So this was not a murderous visit. They only on the money, but still richer, got a little smart during the conversation said De Mayo, pistol, WHIP Cook Linsky before bashing him in the face with the butt of shock, and although Cook Linsky would pay as debt and the two would work together for a long time. Cook Linsky vowed he would one day killed the mail for that transgression de Mayo should have misdirected on his rug. That would, I am far less money with The model of ours who claimed scale where's the money, In the meantime, though, Richard
to play along because the mayo was in deep with the Gambino crime family. This meant two things, one if richer killed the Mayo Hughes as good as dead, but, more importantly, the mail was Richards introduction. To the big leaks, not killing de Mayo was a career move c d Mayo was on his way to try to be abuse is desperate to be made man and the mafia. He wanted a real bad, so eventually would would de Mayo do is pick people up like how when the film distribution company, when that ran out of money in order to pay him, he just required it. He did the same thing with quick Kinsky. You looked at me like this. Guided didn't melt off at me after I punch you in the face I like the way he is. I, like, I think, he's a straight shooter, I'm going to hire him and give him some work, especially at the time Kuklinski like he made it act as if he he kind of made it out.
And when he said, I'm ready for special work, every one was clamouring no work for with him, but they weren't they do. You know who this guy was rug Gmail was actually the only one crazy enough to say right. You want to kill people, you think you can kill people. See what you can do the up, so he gave him an audition see Roy. He had heard about Richard Workin for the day Kevin Counties and he wanted to see if the rumours of this ice man were actually true, Sir Richard got in the royal car and the two took a drive from controversy over to Greenwich Village in Manhattan. They park the car and demand pointed out a guy walk in his doctors at random. Person on the street any idea what kind of dog
they did not specify what kind of dog now, with the Mayo told Richard, kill random fuckin do walk in his dawn, so quick Linsky, no questions asked and without any hesitation whatsoever got out of the car brought along the suppressed thirty eight that Roy had given him and pop the guy. In the back of the head. Richard said the guy went down like a bag of laundry. He then walk back got the car and the two leisurely drove away and bring it up just one more time. The way the Iceman Movie portrays this scene is possibly the defensive of all real well Marcus. Please sit down that is set out in obesity. Doug see what we're, trying to do the whole time with that movie was to make Richard sympathy someone you might even like a little so instead of a man with a dog on the street. They had Richard kill a homeless person. What they're doing
here. In the context of the rest, the movie is implying the killing, homeless person. Not court is bad, but just scandal. Because after what honestly that through yet one of the reasons is therefore replacing the dog Walker with the homeless guy run aching Richard more reluctant, if not to make him a more sympathetic character. Absolutely no idea. I did all of this has made me he'd dice mad. Yes, indeed, it is. Did this fellow by me too. I want him to do it. I want you to do it again. I want to get another guy that right I'd love to do it again, my favorite character on boardwalk empires, Michael Sharon's character even takes there is a wonderful movie. There is a great up, a sort of the flat shabbily was maybe season. One episode, three where there was a man killing homeless people and the flash said. The cops aren't doing nothing about it quickly, take care of this problem and then it may ashore out I'll run as fast as possible. So that all crime can see how fast I run you do not under
stand the flash or the flashes men powers in any way whatsoever. You know, I don't you know, be fun competition a little off base year, but the flash versus tomtom from the from three names. We want you to competition where the flash I don't jump, drumhead I'll, be all went to check a Craven. Forget the flash has to eat a lot because of his enhanced Metabolism Tom tonight to eat. I know this is not the snow his on saw ok representatives podcast, I'm not gonna goldenness at all hands so from that point on after Richard killed a guy just walk in his dog richer cook. Linsky was Roy Tomatoes secret weapon in charge only the most challenging heads or when the mobster putting out the contract really wanted to make the mark suffer. Ok, His whirl enter my opinion in two might might jump into character for these men dick to decipher this. This is cool. Coonskin idea
of what Roy Dumay, oh said to him say: royal mail told them you my secret weapon, you're, my bogey, nay, you good quality. God knows what land when they see. You shut Let it be sought. Zodiac yeah, you had the meal. Tell me again, but I ain't no that's what would happen. I think they're. What happened is that the first thing, the coop Lewinsky's That is it. He couldn't stand daimios krill because they were a bunch of like good times, Charlie's yoke and it up, and they also loved murder, Cook Linsky liked Working Aloni also thought he was above everybody also. He was smarter and better than anybody else. De Mayo saw that the crew did not get along with complicity. If the crew of Ben We decided that they didn't like cook Linsky enough. They would just spoken killing. It also killed the mail. He can keep ever. Be happy jamais o also like controlling people, because he was a fat little boy growing up that that was the reason why he became what he became was because of all the bullying he received little boy. So now he like playing people like a puppet master so that when it came to cook Linsky, he kept them separate.
Also there is a lot of people. No one really acknowledge the bias, the mafia. As against the non Italian. Then our leaders Polar through the polish hate. I would say, or not, understanding or separation of them was what kept him on the outside the richer Conklin. He was kept over year. To do all these so called little dirty jobs because he was Pollack, they could be used for it and not one of my special attack. In brothers sisters you to help me up become a made me back. This is this is the most sympathetic Henry has ever been any group of people. I wonder why he also really did emphasised by in short fat bully. We may or may not make you a puppet master of sore. I'm you saying it's a part of the reason. Why could there's a lot of people talking about like the people cast doubt on whether or not could conceive and work the DE mail and a part of that to do with the list of domains? Crew was put together as the FBI shadowing the Gemini, lounge and market
the licence plates. It would go in and out, but it seems like they would only really mark the ones. Made men and guys that are actually involved in the family, hoop linsky. So the side and was used as a sort of a secret? Well, there and to his benefit in some ways, though right, yet he actually never hung out with those guys like he never went to the parties. You never did any of that. We, he never did any of that bullshit as far as the shots social stuffed went, so he just like look through them. Look through window is their role celebrating I did why wiped out wiped out loud so long and also like Richard. For every one user, freelancer Rona as you now, Henry has taken great pains to point out. He was not italian use polish, so he could never be a made man, but because this He wasn't a member of any particular family, so he work for all seven east coast. Crime families work for the parties that cover counties that can be knows,
the loot, cheeses, the Columbia, hazy, Lucchese Lucchese, the Colombo universities and the Bonanno suppressed goes realise the rag goose, I'm actually serve afraid of still like making followed them a little bit. Gonna know how, from its wrapped, no New York. You have a lot more still happening in New York. Green point got a lotta mob, still Williamsburg has got a lotta mobster. Oh, they love a stack of us and no. He really cared who richer was doing heads for because he was just that good and oh how to use form. So he was able to pretty much take kids wherever he could get em and most of them, accident even know, Richards real name he was known only is either the Pollack or big guy. Big big Richard was the got all of amused when the mob wanted to give someone a preview of hell before they were actually sent there
when I heard you were you know what it is. I also wonder a lot of times if he was really that good or if it's mostly just. He was just so scary that it's like it just kind of a thing were they told them? He was really good and you begin to believe he was really good, but it was just because we might as well. Just monetize is killing before he does it for free. I think it would be. An scary makes him really good, loving re Louis with the Baltimore Ravens that I was just horrified immediately as soon as you try to feel the words like here when he should, where you can the evidence that he was really good- I mean he made great money. He ways had money, he always lost a ton of money. Gambling in his family always lived a great upper class if not up middle
upper middle class if not upper class lifestyle. He really come came from nothing to came from absolutely nothing. He murdered fur thirty years without anyone ever catching him. He was absolutely good at this I mean there is definitely proof that he was one of the best one. Richards, most disturbing jobs came in nineteen. Seventy. More see, Richard wasn't just confined to New York in New Jersey. He took jobs that took em all over the country and eventually overseas. This. One in Miami was one of riches. First, big days out, according to the guy who put out the hit, the mark had beaten and raped the fourteen year old daughter of one of his associates, but since the assailant had won a bandanna, the victim couldn't pick em out of a line up and since lawful justice could not be done. The mob turned to Richard. Oh miss. I yeah Kosovo to Miami
Nelson works better than a six foot. Five three hundred pounds polish main in Miami out, Sir Richard got in his car, and drove to Miami bringing a load. Thirty, eight as a flock bag and a hunting knife with a curved blade. The head forward notches on the handle one for every person, he'd killed with Ok, it's gonna gilding the Lily their Richie, but whatever you like, my my great grandfather had a gun had a notch, but as with every person he killed on, what do you mean? There's a gun. I know how many people would agree. What did you do that? You ran a liquor store and those are all people try to Robin Buddy shot in the head instead really love the Texas right realise that was in your family. Many it there's a lot of murder, my family, lady and while adds the
Wes man, you were all murderer, was nineteen Seventy athlete. That's right. I had a great great uncle. Who was, old by the same guy, who murdered Bonnie Inclood, really look out at what it claimed FED up yeah remember. All of this is coming from Richard, so you can decide for yourself, as to whether this really happen. The way Richard set it Sir Richard got down, am I am he found the mark and let the air out of his victims, car tyres when the mark rise in open is drunk trunk for the spare richer, came up behind and stuck the thirty eight in his back tellin him quote my friend: you need to come with me. This was among Richards Creepy IST affectations. Who knows why? But if he ever ever called you, my friend, it was almost guarantee.
That you were about to die or, at the very least, were about to be beaten within an inch of your life. I see it's like when someone calls him and body or when they say, hey, big guy, but he's tiny, yeah yeah think. But if he called you my enemy you're, getting it's. The upside down world, so the guy was walked over to Richards Ban. Were Richard handcuffed him stuffed a sock in his mouth and duct. It shocked shut then took the mark to a desolate spot on the beach and the guy to a palm tree kind. It's hot out here. You know they're right. Should I get some kind of umbrella, for you keep a comfortable as public that hey no effort but the opposite end of the day after that I was tired. Richard said he took down his pants grab hold of his balls right, come off in one swift motion what and showed him the guy? He has
with balls we had to do so, must always immediately go and after the balls they all fall. I think honestly, that makes lot it sets you go right there. I got here: apparently, it takes out three hundred fifty tubes of pressure per square centimeter to rip balls off a human body upon Richards family. Say that he wants through a marble table through a window, so he strong these vet written insanely strong or a good grip. I guess he then took the knife sliced the dude Dick off, oh and put it in the zip block bag that he as later prove to the guy who put out the hit. This is called the new style hotdog! That's interesting, though, because how does the guy? I know what the other guys penis looks like would really be. Anyone really could be under the head. I dont want ahead, looks like, but honestly, though, if you have a view made the effort to put a penis in it,
block bag and take it all the way to New York from Miami. You I mean, do just take what you get right now. Do you bring that carry on checking up used right views, DR eyes? They think he ditched put it in a bond and care to throw up by good after he cut off the guy's dick that when the real torture began really that's when the real torture began. Richard took the knife and lowly sliced away. Slivers of flesh from the guy's body. Pouring kosher salt in the wounds after each slice. Finally, he cut when the guy's stomach and pulled out his guts as his overran finale, richer, put a life jacket on the guy rag them out to the surf, buys ankle and law.
Them into the water like a bag, garbage good, it's a scene of sin city yeah is gas raising and then he let the shark state care the rest. Why, was Fournier. You know what I do a really great impression here today you hear a year on year. It is again, no, you know our pain. I know he maybe sites for the levity levity. You know you need. Your router is my russian. You are funny guy out into the old mafia punchline. There's a bunch ascribes This sounds unbelievable. This sounds carnero completely and told the crazy totally unbelievable, but this next The story might give the whole thing. Some credence, or at least gives gives credence to the possibility richer going down to Miami for a hit a their sponsor. Today is Robin Hood. Rob
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last pod dot, Robin Hood Dotcom, that's last pod dot, Robin Hood dad come on the way back to New Jersey. Richard got newer road rage incident with the van loaded, guys in South Carolina rich because they were happy in good time. Charlie's driving all over the road and shooting and like a fucking yelping in drinking unswerving should think that their thinking that there are visible, no, my goodness, Sir Richard Polo, or in the guise pulled over as well and when got out of the band with bats in hand. Richer took out his thirty eight shot him all dead, got back in the car and drove away just just never engage in violence with the mafia, also building in building in building and bill in building you gotta come closer the car chemicals in my car. I get get metaphor: Richie sometime when it comes especially with the road rages, as I understand that the people have said that I'm an angry drive
Are you all horribly angry driver? I may warrior ro. No, it is impossible to have a conversation with you were in the car to go. It's unnerved, I feel like I'm with my father again. Yes, I do I feel like I'm with my father again inside my own mind. This incident actually happened. Ok, there were new stories and there were police reports and Intel richer She told the story. This was a mysterious cold case, but three dont young deeds dead by Van in them on the side of the Road South Carolina and that these guys they were acting like a bunch of dick right. But what sent Richard over the edge was then given in the finger to Richard this,
was a capital offence. I guess I'm gonna help you if you suggested that maybe he was wrong in this. We ve got a clip right here from the documentary the Iceman and psychiatrist and which the psychiatrist asked Richard. If he felt like these due to act like a bunch of dicks was worthy of murder. Yours may remain, but major matter I don't know, but you almost did figure out what it is now try to look at it. Look at what major matter I dont know I do most, but something is obvious
Could it be that I was challenging you on it sounded judgment, or could you got me annoyed with? You now have the truth. How matters area about pre? I feel a little flushed first reach the point in my life that I'm a little annoyed. What would you like to do? I don't think it's gone to the point that I am actually gonna do anything stupid. Well also, if he's a little bit upset, that's a lot upset for anybody else about therapist. I hope that he was like slowly walking out of the room. He he really to stick to him in this interview, but, unlike the sky man quickly,
speed. This reminds me of all the worst attributes of every one of my father's horrible friend, universally used. Look at him, The partially? It's like your skin give em. I also want to roll my eyes at him. It's like it's, your weird combo of being, like you fucking view just his pieces, death interested. I was trying to listen the clicking sound. It seemed like there was a little click in their mighty abandon or not, but there was that that's that his work third is annoyed? The eye in the look over and over again, like Richard got annoyed and I Didn't really understand when I was really. I don't really understand what that men and tell I watch that Clip and then I like, oh wind, the way he says annoyed means. I am angry enough to kill you right right and I will not and I will not regret it at all- I think it's safe to say could clinched you would have,
John Leg was also in the past would have won the item. You wouldn't have been dealt with. Stinky dinky go now. Absolutely not. I think you would have problems with John Leg was on the person. So now I think it's time to talk about the rats. Yes, yes, while the rats or people who snatch animal- oh, I am. Don't we took my rats this whole time we're talking about forgot nice man is the biggest right of em, all apparently a local playboy as Carlo called him was fooling around with the much younger daughter of us civilian made man. When the father asked the Playboy, what his intentions were. The dude said he was just out to have some fun You might say that the Carolinas Father go if he ass, you like what you, but what you are, what you gonna do with Caroline Annual just like these
haven't varmus phone about had been having a fool around not serbian, like I would go insane yeah, of course, but This is a Sicilian made man even and just have some fun. That was the wrong answer. Ok yeah, so word got around or Richard, but the sicilian,
looking for someone to make this guy suffer so Richard made the guy suffer, but this time he wanted to try some new or see Richard was also an avid hunter and one day he'd come across a cave, a cave, inhabited with hundreds upon hundreds of rats, so richer got an idea. He abducted the playboy, took him to the cave and restrain them to the point where he couldn't move. Then Richard wrapped wet rawhide strips around the play. Boys, arms, forehead and testicles thing about rawhide. Is that while it does loosen when it gets wet, it tends to draw up and get much. Hider as it dry, Sir Richard Sittin there watching the guy bag and plead through the duct tape wrapped around his face. As the rawhide squeezed is balls and tell They were in Richards words to make
Read there were quite a Clifford red. A thing would be seen so many different gonna ballsy connoisseur. So after a bit, the rats smell the meal and came out one by one nip in the guy skin, and this whole time Richard was taken. Polaroids is proof, and after Richard was satisfied, he left the playboy to his fate and when richer came back two days later, he said there was nothing left, but a skeleton, and when Richard gave the polaroids to the Sicilian richer got a ten grand bonus for a job. Well done now. Richard said he did this multiple times and would eventually start leaving a camera going, so he could watch the process
at his leisure, if like creep, show yeah crazy, and this is what he said about that. When I did and I watched, the devil is superior I found it this day so used to make me nervous. For some reason, I said I was subscribers a feeling which I was too keen on having I did it because it gave me a feeling of some kind if I was trying to find out what it was. I was giving me some type of feeling. Oh, I see What was your screaming. That is happening just ass. They deserve it. See you
did. I quote a few times too. Maybe to it I mean it's. Just the feeling is the fact that he can't placed the feeling is quite interesting gap to feel in it. Just like should defend. A guide, a rat's happy, that's not a good thing to do. Also. What have you becomes? The rat man and enhance me also has a pension for cheese. This is like horrify yet, and he went even further. It is conversations with Karlov is what he said. I thought about C psychiatry, strike C and if I could get you know somehow, maybe some medication, but of course I couldn't do that. I mean what I say to a shrink. I tortured and killed. People for money, and I, like my work- I don't think so, but with a bag my disease over here, I would say that
Why was the start? Like maybe yeah? Let's start with that old, the merger of the murder and of people now agony, already here, all you sceptics out. There are given the commands and no ways in such and such because, after all, you know you'd, someone would have found one these videos or one of these polarized. You mean you, hear the sound of someone furiously type it at their computer. Neither may not have. I can honestly get into the world of mafia nerds, pretty How'd you get out, they don't like the words of their mafia people sullied by Yes, of course, they were a bit like their wonderful heroes to be solid in any way whatsoever. I, like atomic good name, is also Tommy in response to the sceptics. Ok did old research on rats. You did in nineteen forty five researcher named C p. Rector did a study called incidents of rat bites and right bite fever in Baltimore over. This was a study
see just how much rats really likes the flash of humans. In the course of this study, Richter gave a group of rats as much human blood as they could stand and found that the more blood the rats were given the more they craved it really he found they could ingest. Four times the amount of blood than they would normally eat in a day. So, if Arend on with a rat's a Buddhist there like with any luck come back as a mosquito yours at all, happy with the blood. What here conclusion was that rats can develop a real craving for fresh human blood Ray or other scientists, sepia lover work. Could you do a nome? We should get back to bubblegum research cause. That's kind of what we're doing here didn't really need a purchase. All these rats or freedom of blood actually I've me Jerry, is more specific questions about where you got the black.
Since Richard says that he used the same cave each time it stands to follow, but the rats developed a taste for human flesh, wow since the brown rat, the most common rat species here in the northeast has lifespan of about two years. As long as Richard didn't take a huge break from this myth method in it doesn't seem like you dead than there was always wrapped around who remained read the last meal. Oh my there has been the seismic Nutria something that, by the end of this thing, Hugh regrets big. Ass rats and he would go need groom. These rats apparently go down to the cave me. Throw me down there to walk from swore many black people. Because in a weird way the rats, whereas France yeah what he's a grew. My eye just picture to my combing them pretty little ribbon. No, yes, I'm not gonna write. So actually, if you're a rat is the place to be no yeah, you're beautiful you little beautiful little woman read. If only you would not tell you,
Furthermore, concerning how much rats actually like human flesh rats or a huge problem on the killing- fields of world war, one. This is a quote from a soldier at the time. I saw some rats running from under the dead men's greatcoats enormous rats vent with human flesh, my hot pounded, as we urge towards run of the it's it's element had rolled off bandits aid. A grimacing face, stripped of flesh the skull back, the I use devoured from a yawning mouth leaped around yeah. Well, that's good! I just thought they like it's very ironic rather talk, though they would have rather, like guns, tear it up the internet. There were even numerous reports from World war, one of men to injure to leave the field or even move being slowly eaten alive by rats. Could it
without their good and they started with the fleshy parts of the face. Oh no, never Any men eaten down to the bone, but why were with what the rats eat? Em? thing when there were literally hundreds of other bodies with the best bits still waiting Sherman. And then you got the other little bugs down there to right, always in their eaten in the flesh out a bunch bugs yeah yeah. It's like the movie bugs life like dogs, life. If there was way more corpses and yeah, Remember that scene. Modern times, just a few years ago, a hospital in washing indeed see was so overrun with rats that the corpses the morgue were said by a fall employee, to have rats burrowing into their vaginas and anus. Is
to get the gooey insides and accord attitude to the name of that hospital was Gemini Hoss. I don't want to check out the shower good, Lord, and so there is ample evidence that arise has no qualms whatsoever about eaten a person living or dead, and while it does sound too cruel to be possible again just go. Take a couple more looks at the actual pictures of what the cartels due to peep There is absolutely no difference between them and people like richer Kaminski or Roy Daimio at the mob at ever gotten a foothold in police and the military is strongly as the cartels did after the pay so tanked I can almost guarantee We would have seen heads on highway. Overpasses hears well crazy stuff, but according to what Richard said about what he did, he was not far off
time there was a guy out no way who owed Richard ten thousand dollar porno debts. Money now huh! That's a lotta bet a lot, a porno buck, oh yeah, Sir Richard travelled all, way out to away and when the guy refused to pay. This is what richer did Richard said. He showed up at the guy shop with a brag grenade in his pocket. God knows where I got a lot of Roy De Mayo, because Red droid email you like to show off his grenade collection. So that means that richer Cook Linsky took a bridegroom on an airplane. Yes, this is back in the day, forty nine eleven when it respond applying planes- and he was a talk about how far it was to be in business class, knowing that he was a con, What color and everybody else was a business ran, even though they probably also all were contract, just Lloyd, splendid Roy domain, I used a grenade to kill Veni milk, which is how we got made nice interesting, so we just business class. Looking at the cover of mega death killing is my business has been good,
laughing while holding a grenade ever live like going to allay I've got my new jersey. Apple so airway after a generic criminal back and forth Richard reach into his pocket, pulled the pen and handed it to the guy. Who's. The guy asked what it was Richard. Would you be? What is this rigid said? It's a surprise. Who the fuck a joker happening, the guy Kurtz preserving their rigid said this one and through the good behind the counter before calmly, walk out, the prize is like total, recall yeah. Their time and allay Richard said he tried something he'd seen in a bugs Bunny cartoon, my honestly cartoons. Maybe he should not be allowed to abandon them, and this was attacked a kid use again and again until
He dresses up very dresses up, not actually lady ages, sexy lady, knocking on the doors like housekeeping. Soon someone's gotta people in their door light shines through so Richard figure once the light got blocked. That's when his tongue, it was at the door and he was right. Richard mark on this trip was a guy who refused to leave his apartment. He knew the law was gonna, kill him if he did, Sir Richard found where the guy was a knock on the door when the guy came up to look through the people, Richard put the muzzle of the gun up to whole and blew a whole right through the dew die very clever.
I urge my reclined were very clever. He's is clever, is bugs bonnet buds body with super clarify the super clever now, even though Richard was doing pretty well for himself, daimios crew killers were starting to develop some pretty nasty coke habits and the more coke they did, the more inventive and cruel they got. For example, one day Richard was invited on fishing trip on Roy Daimios, new boat What happens in your boss invites you out and you. To go and lying hang out, and you have to be like with that, even though, like richer did like fishing, but I think what you Think about fishing was being a low down right right right. Do we know what the name of the book? was growing create bet they would probably ss beget, allows the ravioli ravioli the thunder. Oh
for the ride were three members of the murder machine and a guy Richard didn't know named Bob when they were far enough off the coast. De Mayo started chum in the waters and eventually the ship MAX showed up every one was laughin and have a great time, but suddenly de Mayo walked over to Bob Face dropped and he said I know you're a fucking rank and with that the Mayo shot Bob and the face, but Bob didn't. I I have plenty of people get shot, the face, don't die, oh sure happens every day. But absolutely you know what it actually does happen out right now. It does happen every day. What was the name of the old, the long island family? There d be there? The god of the girl, was shocked by the by the woman that, with the guy was having an affair with the wife was shot very famous story, the Lorraine above it? No that's the one who cut off the dog either way she's the coup quince. Of women a good Lord. No, you remember,
Fischer, Amy Yarn Island Lowly, that's what they. I remember, Vietnam Man, she porno! Why? Yes he did- and so did- Mr Bob- it yeah Mister B, I frankly when Uncle frank and penal suffering it s, Weird Africa or is Bob Lace, three men and bleeding on the deck of the boat, the other three killer, scooped em up threw him over the side. Did they make upon about his name? Bob I probably did, but at some point look at each other and realize it's not funny now look at all. They looked at each other and laughed their asses are watching the shook. The sharks are come up. Take a nap whole times. Guys, scream and there's blood shootin out of his face. Then. Finally, just one shark goes up grabs, impulsive under Bob. Don't come back up again right and Richard. He said he had a fuckin black really yeah said about any, never has fought yeah and he said here
preceded the method of disposal, but pretty soon Richard was gonna, come up with the method. Where he never had to worry about disposal ever again. If he didn't want to Richard was about to make friends with cyanide- and that is where will pick back up for the conclusion of Richard Kirkland. The conclusion I had her now. I can't be awesome all right, my god again, I'm an essay nodded. I got no, there is no. Now the sharks were fed. The rats were fat, guess for those two animal king, It was a relatively good run, my guess guys I ate, I mean, are absolutely frightening- were porcelain through, I dont think.
Or even gonna touch upon the fact that he said that he killed Jimmy off I'll know when she didn't, I don't think you're getting. Maybe he killed the guy that look like Jimmy awful, but that's like their closest everybody has a Jimmy Hoffa story. There are so many mobsters with it. I heard one when I was little kid. Where was like my the mai de facto your brother Roy was a guy that helped me was over. He was connected to the mob and he was I'll tell you a secret about Jimmy Hoffa. They said they killed them. They them up in a fundamental way. Wakes wrote Roy, the mayo. What does your money? Yes, it very, very frightened, we're getting complicity. City went to Chicago, they murder Jimmy Hoffa. They brought him back to a new jersey. They put him in oil, can like an oil drama in like crushed him into a car, and then it gets into Japan, but that it really interesting. But that is not all that heard they they say, it's most likely just any canister somewhere core area on the theres many stories
This measure is you just shot news, bury their dead, the one that he was, but he was put in a meadow lands. Oh, I had stadium and then there's another theory that he was you know he was driving through Pennsylvania. Just lookin for a nice weaken needed, I'm gettin, nothing. Patrol not any more said tomato, thereby unaware isn't going down combined. Because we keep giving central to this movie. People keep watching it and they keep hating. They are blatant eyes, get blamed date accurate, if anything also just did in the right space- and this is one of the Polish Bobo is so lovable, bobo so lovable, but speaking to nothing but trouble we're on the nothing but trouble tour right. Now we're going to be covenant coming to Phoenix next week, and we also added a show to our West Coast trip we're going to be in Santa ANA on August 18th going to get
Orange County, the of tickets or on sale for that Roma just go to a website, followed links which is Google, Ass, Pakistan, lips and Anna, and we will see all there and in more important news August nineteen, this summer's landmark as your formally invited. Thank you Henry of your in town as well. You're formally invited you. That's can hold my universal championship belt common. You could come, that's a slight, but we're not yet more knock it because you dropped resolutely. It's gonna be a long flight from Santa Anna, all the way back to New York City, and you got a lot to think about the constable bearing carbons. Recite that there's a lot going on. I knows I'm driving De Phoenix from allay which I've never done before an exciting for the desert. Dr alone, oh yeah, I give you listen to our horse with no name the entire time. Oh my wholesome Monet being out the right to travel, Mirror began. Remember your name, because you re no longer bread
all day man, oh yeah, I'm a thousand marathon. I know that was America is, and I love America, the band, but also there's Banco Brett Breads, pretty good, too deep red spots in the same we'll house. Yet is precious fight I would like, people giving to our page. You are, of course, yes. Thank you very much if you'd like to give our pay, try and get a bunch of bonus content. You gotta, patron dot com, slash last park ass on the left. If we get a fun interview lined up here for the very near future that I think you'll enjoy yet next twig. Ah, I guess you can. Follow us in social media who gives a shit. I got my insofar as uninstall him up and kiss or wanted you wanna check out my new puffin dog he's adorable, and if you want to check out my new Georgie dog, none Instagram and then we got the old Wendy, their chief My stable doug we're coming upon a year have owner on his wendy. By the way we don't know. According to the we did this doggie DNA thing for her and health wise? She is akin to a thirty two year old human. Ok,
depends on what kind of human legal matter, but other people, I know, are still monster so yeah hopefully cheese. A healthy thirty. Two year old human lives, opens around the same age and it didn't go so is this was Georgie not Georgie's, not quite to ok she's only fourteen years old in human here, though, and follow just follow. Last podcast left and whatever you want to follow it at El Pianola, yes and takes four ever created that little dogged that dog design was twenty. Maybe I could make that is assured I'd much earlier. Lazarette paw care! I love you. I love it. Be via what they You guys go much further listening at o way going in all the other shows online by gas network doggone. Is this Casey every year? Sadder, ninth are yet the debt write ever what Hale yourselves Hale Satan again held me, but good
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With a bow whip. There's no, that nothing J, joggers, honestly, we kids No, we are not now none is contingent, we're not leaving last podcast network or anything like that. To me, everything's gonna stay the exam. Same way, we're still gonna beak and independent voice. I yet not nothin's gonna change, it's just It's not that it's a new ad agents the only thing that changes. If your blue apron, that's it, it's pretty much at said. Yet any if we did go over to the rest, like nothing will change anyway. Now they're cool guys man, yet so the Army drinks hurry up on waiting business hardest through his liver about yea as not at no damn things
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