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Episode 338: Murderous Possession - The Story of Michael Taylor

2018-10-27 | 🔗

On today's episode, we cover the story of 31 year-old Englishman Michael Taylor, who, following a botched exorcism in 1974, committed a murder so brutal that it may as well have been done by the Devil. 

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Pay their bank is www for last by gas network. I want to tell you but my show Abe, Lincoln TOP add for more than nine years markets, and I have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there. In these turbulent times, It's our intention to unite the country with impassioned debate. That reaches out to the rational Americans, who find their voices more muffled every day. Every I use my political science background play experience running for office, along with my lifelong passion, to stand up for the downtrodden the wrongfully accused in invisible man and woman to bring you news. Like you haven't heard before, let's face it, traditional news has failed us. We promised to always tell you the truth. The best we see it and I personally guarantee to not be swayed by high. Partisanship but be guided by fat? to listen search, enabling its top hat on any part, guess platform or go to last podcast, never dot com, and find it under shows pale yourselves. Everyone now back to last part
guest on the left, there's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started Father Marcus see. Yes, it is spin, I believe, ten years, twenty years whose, since I've last confessed, brings you to me- and I know this job this came to me last night, but I I don't think it was Is this because it was an indian men and he said to me: I'm not the devil and I was a great cool cool. Then he told me to remove my my pants Father Bacchus and he told me to put my: My butt, forgive me if I am obviously are forgiven- your by Claude, my my wife's grandmothers
wedding dress leaving. It was Jesus Christ, even in the guise of a brown or man than I expect debts that wedding dress, looks like a zebra cost right. Well, that's not good! It's not my fault as well, and also genes as well. This is the last Maud cast on the left. I M Ben Kizil, that's head near mark. Part I am no kidding haven't. We have then reads aroused you over here: yeah, over your ear. I know where you are what about you- and I know what I'm doing over here, we're finally getting spooky again. Yeah feels good to be back into pocket to be back. Deep down in the park area of ghosts. Inspector laurel, we got a bunch of stuff goin on here today. This story is it well, it's new to Meda and it's quite interesting? Is the murderous possession the Michael take
horror story. So one of the things we really didn't get into with our West Memphis three series with what we personally believed to be the real motivations and the circumstances behind the murders and we're still not go it into it, but it's the opinion of at least me in Henry that the way the boys were tied up with simple, Miss direction, something to make the murderous look ritualistic now before you start yelling and hunting, your computer screen. This is our opinion. We do believe is a part of what we say is that we do believe that maybe was done by some person of the dumber persuasion. Let's say this step fathers of one of the children, but I gotta get deepen, do it, but a part of it. They did that to sort of throw the trail offered detective saying that the region
why they were tied back was so it would look super spooky and they did it. Nemo's half ass, dumb way, pos awry. Yet this is just a. This is a bit of a peak into the phone conversations that mean Henry have together a piquantly abode of unreality, homer and then me just being like a mark, as I have to get off the phone, I'm in the middle of shit. I think we're not the yelling, pretty well understood Our reasoning is that the ligatures suggests that the West Memphis three child murders were lust you're lying sustenance, more in line with like a Bundy, but none of the AIR since that usually accompanies a lust murder was present. So therefore it sends to follow that the whole point was missing.
Rex, ok, yeah work course. That's that's just our opinions about really need to argue about whether it takes to prove I'm writing a cord of my law. So we figured this week in honour of Halloween. We give you a few stories, but one in particular about murders in which the perpetrators explicitly said that their murder or murders were in finally influence like kisses, need forbear is technically internally and in Finally, influenced means we're talking about the fucking Devil, yeah again devil, though, but this is not suggestion of the devil's involvement in the crimes. Are you talking about? The devil has showed up in the form of I'm going to say that capital De Devil, like Anton Levey, knows, and they talk about the the allegorical devil, we're talking, but the owls above
his legion of demons who come to earth in order create mayhem and MC coldness Alright, there's no way, that's not real. Some murders blamed on demons or the devil, whether these murders of supernatural or not, are rare, but not quite rare, as you might think, real lot is rare as they should be. In fact, we ve had a fairly recent mass shooting here in Amerika and which the Pope traders, who the devil was behind the whole thing and by the way I totally forgot that this mass shooting even happened, which were was it Kalamazoo the cat Mozilla Funniest Name City, what algorithm horrible horrible February twenty Sixteen and Ober driver named Jason Dalton, shot and killed six people jeez in the span of about five hours in Kalamazoo Michigan opening fire at a key dealership, a burger king and the parking lot of the local
after barrel this is horrible. This is why, if you got the uber app delete it go to left, must lift as better now no lift they make. You sit in the front seat and talk to you later runs it now. You know goober driver or lift driver. Looks it yours like hope. He sits in the front. I guess don T? They know entertainments about two role through. They know, God here, but the three lobby crack. Liberals were disposed to be safe, yeah, that's a sanctuary. Now it will as the parking lot of a cracker bats. Also a sanctuary is I mean what this guy. He took a couple of guns, it was people there were in their cars and he took guns both sides and just started firing into the cars and killed four people. Sadly, wrapped about that, I just wanted to go out for a nice mid middle class dinner at in this guy's. A maniac out there in the whole time The sky was doing this. He kept taken people.
Ober, rides kept, except in fares, and people like they kept given that nervous, like you're, not the killer right, he just said no, nothing is or convincing to the answer to the question of whether or not the killer right, then just a man staring foregoing. No up. No, I'm not like baby driver or Ryan gasoline and drive was busy. Now. How well did he when it comes to cause. I remember that story now. I dont think he really was driving too well Iraq, there one person. That said Turkey was driving a radically and they jumped out of the car because he was driving so radically, but after that he did the murder of the killer kid dealership and then kept
taken fares and all those people had no complaints. Five signs, five start I've sort of Sinn Fein Stars and with a tip option you given him two dollars extra, just to help him get to his next murder. Port faster than hustle flow, so after Dalton was caught key claimed that, on the day of his spree that Goober app on his phone habit, comes something different altogether. He said in place of the button that said except fair. There was now a Pinta ground, yes and every time dolt impressed the except button. The devil took over and forced him to kill a guy so crazy, so crazy and by the end of that night Dalton had fired through. Eddie shots in three locations in the answer to every question police asked him was simply that the devil had
How do I mean it makes some sort of sense, and I give you want to play because he did technically make him do it it also if we do want to believe that there is a massive new world order plan going on what a very trusting and intense metal way of a decreasing the surplus population will in sending evil. Goober notices out very interesting thing about that. If you want to bring in the new world order, dolphin said that the programme was actually the order of the Eastern STAR, which is a masonic, assemble all right. Well, I don't know if this is the end of you well here. I dont think that it is it's probably the Kalamazoo Taxi Organization is actually a union. That is messing with the uber wraps and, of course this was great news for the taxi and I don't think it is good news for anyone. Even taxi drivers have been aligned force, A long rob exit draw taxi drivers are thieves. If you'd do anything before you know they have any negative reputation B.
As Mr Deniro for Thrice decades, and they deserve a little bit of respect. Very interesting seem very interesting hills lined up so year before dolphins, murder spree some idiot. South Carolina who legally changed his name from John Lawson, too. Pursues zoo. Al Gore radical forget you did so that that was a zuzu. How do you spell that exactly sir but he s easy or presumed clam than an evil spirit had inhabited his body and that evil spirit made him kill a harmless, widespread p. And Van with his girlfriend Amber you kill again to all hippies everywhere, never go to a second location new, I
you're having fun right then, and then you just took the paupers, and so you got the head rush, and so you feel like nothing, go wrong, that the vibes of the panic or could take you did know where by having nowhere. This is but you in your birchen stocks could tap dance. Do you we're wiggle white people or go short idea, but you will It will end up in your doubt yet, and its and pursued did have like I dread locks in one of his mug cats. Have you seen well, one of the famous things about possess. You I'll grab was that they were released, be policed, video tour of his home, and if you watch it I mean here whether it is fantasy or not, that he believed TAT he had been occupied by a demon. He definitely went to live the lifestyle. I have appreciated almost words like he was all these weird satanic warnings, all of the walls, lotta swastikas allotted jug below material
is really not the jugglers fall. Now we can't maligned the juggler, absolutely not we're big jugglers supporters here last broadcast on the left. You do ye there. That's what I always emphasis. I mean he took it and he took it really far by Coca filed his own teeth and the points he forked his own tongue covered his face in a bunch of nonsensical ballpoint pen, tattoos it pretty much it looked like the cap. Should your bodies drawn your face when you pass out we'll know now is becoming a fucking sound cloud wrapper. That's what's happening now, that's us with the new generation. I heard that always tired one neighbour tested I too possesses cordon quote possession saying they knew there was some long after they stop Zuzu, sacrificing rabbits and his back yard. What about when he was colouring himself like he's a drunken pollack, that was that I was a part of it.
I out I'll use expressing himself on his teeth tat I worked. There were not a mustard spiralling their teeth down in front of you, a horrible thing. Do you wanna play by the way you preparing very wrong just because of the sound of an eye they, though, at the same time this would you want to do. Do that, I'm all about the infection or you want to look evil. Look as evil is possible, but you don't have to do it, but I will say: there's some what will get into this, because we're gonna talk more about possession as a topic, and there something to me about the idea of it being fifty fifty. So, if you're willing to walk the walk of you're willing to reach legal all the way and from a magical standpoint it when you EL, the sort of shrine to deem that you believe, is occupying your might you're in a way you're making it real. In a way you are making a real, but there are you certain people who invited in using use it as an excuse in the case of positions and other people where
the answer is not quite so clear cut which will get to that guy late. Oh yeah in another neighbour also said that she knew something was wrong with pursues a when pursues who, when she saw possess. You just take a big, oh shit, on the floor of his own house. We got a sharp teeth. Guy you're covered in ink is living to react and take a bit about our right on our lot floor somewhere somewhere a producer at tea, Elsie got a spine. Tingle right down is bad. We ve gotta go immediately perfect what I was really searching for my new home was an open concept path. Room kid me, a bath the devil take up any room Gambia battle. If we really want that these stories aren't just limited to America and twenty thirteen a twenty five year old. In Cumbria. England named John Jenkins Strip, naked and split,
open. The sculls, both his mother and his sister, always an ax balky ass. She always fought. Don't fuck yeah that it's not possible start nice, it's not nice. We! I mean I Here we have to react to wake you up the habit of saying fuck yeah. When people get murder, I've tried to generally, why I have to step up. It isn't the devil ever just help. Someone a Wendy's become a management seems like we more or less a little. Babies is not really working in people's favour. Here, when we talk about that, there are many types of possession Elsbeth. An official repossessions as well. If you look at peak a day,
and his experience with Dallas in beyond the occult by call and Wilson they describe. That is a beneficiary possession because it told them about his sons, illness and help them cleanup his whole life. He did that kind of shit. That's happened again and again and for the audience, if he can t is Philip Kinda guy was about to clarify as well. I had to go through my Henry like like little brain What did we get laid again totally Henry Glossary and pull out peak? Eighty, you understand you learning up. Will this guy John Jenkins? He told multiple people that he was gonna. Some one and that Satan was bind at all the night before he killed his mother and his sister. He reportedly told his friends quote: I am the devil and I need to confess I dont know if he said it like that, I don't know, I'm gonna get you. I am able to evil in all an edict
Well I'll, go right right inside our need to convince you. Do your friends? Does that to you I mean just laugh. It often keep on. He sure. Just it's almost it's scary is your friend me like. I think I'm gonna become maneuver drying up now, it's their type reference. We know these people to ghetto may become a butcher's apprentice and sudden era, woodsmen apprentice in their work and at an adult jungle Jim because it happens in Brooklyn and then all of a sudden there, the devil and they need Dickens, who perhaps the most tragic of all of these was the case of Andrea Gates in two thousand and one Yeats drowned her five children in the back TAT ever Houston home and claimed that Satan was to blame. This was huge store gigantic story yeah. She said that Satan had take in control of her soul and sent Satan
was the dominating influence in her life. Her children would naturally be infected she believed that if she didn't do something drastic her children would grow up to be. Serial killers and street walkers. Oh, my goodness, and sent she nor anyone else would ever be able to get rid of Satan. In her mind, the only choice was to kill the children, which would do the double duty saving them from a life of sin in misery and earning. Andrea herself, a devil killing execution all in one fell swoop. Oh my! It's! Not you! It's what is this all out and comes all the way back to that Andrew Yeats? We're gonna have to do a deeper dialogue eventually, because that's He is very, very compelling, but there's something about that to cause The missionary aspect of it that have and in a lot of these cases, especially on because we will bring it up again again: possession as a really
interesting way to make yourself feel very important, because we need We talk of a night hijacking, Jackie, I had hollowing or nights were talking about gang socking and we're talking about how scary gang stockings, but in the end, it's like such an egotistical way. Go insane because it about dozens of people came together. Just a fuck with you you don't mean words that something like this too were possession brings all the eyeballs back on mommy. When Mommy's been taken care of this kids for so long and then he believes something. Inside of her restoring them in a demons, but they gotta go not her and by the way we are being gang stalked by other cctv cities, Assisi TV cameras everywhere Gazer gave way taking to bath. Where we went out, there were being watched, not these case as they really are all that hard to explain. I mean yeah some Dalton are obviously mentally ill Jenkins was
mentally ill plus he'd, been abusing alcohol, acid and weed and position was this gets a frantic with a terrible upbringing who wouldn't take his meds, mostly the ass. It was the b l really drove him over to become the devil. Be I'll be out can be a bad idea. You gotta job here we have a truly integrated Edward. I write all be else. Do is make you be able to camp out when it's called. That's I also night. Was it isn't videogame such oh? No, it's not like any one who drinks be Elles has never bagman has never committed a heinous acts, but my I always used to go, and I wish I could imagine Father? Did a solid bakers does in a beer the night and indeed become home and become an amateur interior designer and move around. My house, in a way that scared my family acid, I probably would have made my father scarier, but it's it's intermittent. Yeah yeah
our on half an hour off your dad was taken some shots, a whiskey, I not say- and whisky won't do that whisky will also do it, but don't sit there and act like be Elles. Lights for the uninitiated. If you bring your been sorry old, like the only thing that will happen, is you'll end up in a Buffalo wild wing, seven a great time watching a college team, that's division to that. You didn't even know you wanted a route for sit down and really used to put your support in the wild mean cowboys back to deem up of a case in which will be spending. The majority of our time on today is not quite as simple as all the ones that we just talked about has today we'll be spending our time telling the story of Michael Taylor now put remember possession has been a part of the human race. We are in for a really long time to back to just the Oracle days, when the idea that we would take on a possess state that was up
The idea of speaking and tongue startling talking to a form of Spirit Guide soon, so thick sewed up it's an ancient part of our or existence which very interesting? And I dont know why and what will go into further to when we get into exorcism how their pairing of Paris should an exorcism also became the first forms of psychotherapy, which you see it's very interesting to see. Go all the way back. The idea that first, they were equating everything to devil's. Being in our bodies, and eventually they grew to saying: oh, these are mental illnesses and now we're coming all we back around here saying: yes, they are devils, they are here and they must be exercised only good side effect of all of that was the orgasms when a doctor's we're just like we're gonna give you an orgasm that secure everything this is true. Growing. Possessions were one hundred percent real damage to watch borderline
What seem to be snuff, film or not? They were given to us by the church and the world grainy and stuff, like that. Almost like the autopsy published, a fox showed that that one programme had alien autopsy. We used to believe there was real growin up which made the s exorcist a hell of a documentary, yet definitely so nineteen, seventy four thirty one year old, Michael Taylor of Asset West York, you're England committed a murder that was so ferocious and brutal that many believe that the The explanation was true, demonic employees, but that was mostly book. Michael Taylor had just returned home from his own exorcism and then there earlier enthusiasm, music comes out of this episode. Has passed on? The left is brought to you by Hunt a killer. Firstly, with a grisly murders. Then came the strange clause in the cryptic taunting letters all from a psychopath who always managed to say one step ahead of the authorities
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just for our listeners, you can go to hunt a killer, dot com slashed last pod for ten percent of your first box only accept two hundred members per day, so hurry to take advantage of this offer that's onto a killer. Dot com, slash last pod for ten percent off Your first box hunted killer, Our coms lash last part C you have what it takes to get into the mind of a serial killer, solve the mystery. But before we get into the story, it's let's acknowledge your main source today for the Michael Taylor Story, the Sussex Devils by Mark heal and I got a lot of information from beyond the occult by Collen Wilson, which is another- must have book for the students the Occult Commonwealth Wilson to such a good breakdown of sort of the psychic as undiscovered science activity
The version of possession is a couple. The chapters on possession and there are a tonic, different versions of this story online and in various books, but it seems like here, This version is the most consistent and reliable, plus dude used play support for Gary Newman so that you were going to go if today, ok, he was a wonder. The bow of the ball, Honestly me market. Since friend, sir? Richard are the only people. I know that our direct actual superfine here in Europe, like I'm, a gigantic Gary Newman, fan yeah Dashwood. Why won't you bit yeah, I'm sure, there's also our friend, Andy Org is also a gigantic, very name all for France broken episode law. So unlike most people who are involved in a pet and possessions and exorcisms Michael Taylor,
was not a particularly religious man prior to the events of false nineteen. Seventy four he did live in a hurry. Highly religious town called asset in Yorkshire, which you bring your cures pretty much. It's like England's version of the American South. Very agriculture herb bury agricultural, very religious, but neither Michael nor his wife, nor their five children Everett church, nor were they even got a goat spiritual, but they were around it and they were around the lifestyle of the church because seems to be in England. From what I understand. It's kind of sort of similar Anglican is similar to sort of Lutheran words way more about like the hang out, then it is about the actual amass, I'm not I'm. We get out of my ass saying that I am. I think that I will from what I've read. There was talk about normal and being urea terribly being proper and Lutherans are pretty too
oh Protestants or intense that Catholics are somewhere in the middle. I angle, hind legs are ongoing, though overthrow working of the candidates are the most didn't. Tenos are not as intended. The Protestants really mean protestant. You mean like Baptist under israeli people, who don't do any of the wine is, is great job. So, yes, our ranks will go like have little catholic and fish fries on four, today, for example, everyone just gets Albert and needs a bunch of fish and thinks there being pious Catholic is a Catholic. Is a romantic Slash terrifying version of Christianity. You really are it's the consummation of the flesh. It's him up there with them with the man lean shrouded like her gossamer webs Jesus screaming as his side is pierced and you have a man fumbling,
nervous, because you're, just the sweetest precious little red, headed boy has seen all day. I found her the well experiment. I will say great: if you want to go to a mass, the stations of the cross mass is actually pretty fun. It's horrified yap. So it's a good two. It's a good story. Will Michael Taylor was actually said to be the very definition of mild mannered, pretty much just like boring, quiet, british, dad no loving marriage, raisin five kids in a little poodle, but that's not to say That Michael didn't have problems. Everybody's got problems England in the seventies, was pretty piss poor place to live because a lot of the country was out of work? There is a huge economic depression and even some of the people who did have jobs. They could only they actually like reduced. It made a law that you had it. A three day work week and because of chronic back pain, Michael, whose Put your by trade hadn't, even harder time find work the most and because he had a heart
time find work and because his back was constantly kill. Em Michael is prone to bouts of depressed They also gave my Ebay or maybe away from a fix you baby, Prig Dominate all right, my wife, I want you- hold monopolies Pigs, Lloyd, a Malayan my bank here on a couch and attacking upwards I'll, take it up with a clean I just didn't blood all over my or Europe overly all over, but that is not good but that it back pain. It does cause depression, Sean Michael's, that's what he had to retire back pain and he said he lost his smile yeah. That was needed. These. I just have this horrifying vision of Sean Michael's with the mouth like from the Twilight Zone Movie where there's no, it's just
lashed color of the left side of its him, like searching for his smile and a bunch of both the Ladys, would still love him by the way roman ranches leukemia came back so bore thinking about your Roman thinking about Euro Milk or my go tailors. Depression was noticed by a neighbor named Barbara Wardsman and Wardsman figure of course it. Why do Barbara Warner? She goes every body that higher blocks goes when their broad couldn't have put a blessing to every single thing. Your family's ever get through your very papers. He won't tell you exactly what you need at each their power Christ, Jesus Jesus, they need a girl fashion help, but oh Jesus H cries and that pick em right about the doldrums, but she also knew that the tailors found church to be a little uncomfortable, while with all the rituals and such gazette, the anglican church, like it's an
I mean it was kind of a split from the catholic church. So they do have some order. The pomp and circumstance just not as much hope that I have confessional that they, like cake but Barbara, had what she thought was a clever little back door to satisfying spirituality colleagues, that sound catholic, diminish oil, as always is a little loophole in Lithuania that spirituality and there, in a different way, while Barbara had just but gone to attend a small Christian, fellowship group that was meeting Holmes around asset and she fit in. She figured that this was just the thing to lift Michael Taylor out of his depression. Okay, now this group did not have an official name but Michael tailored, not done. Would he eventually did it is possible that this group could blossomed into a full grown cult
by the end of the decade? Relays is why, if you are potential colt leader- and I do believe this- that's why they start small and you'd, do the frog and above the water Were you slowly turn up? The temperature in Canada somebody in their whose spotlight, Hungary from the very beginning could ruin the whole bill run. Absolutely not the reason why This could have turned into a full grown called was because it was led by a magnet, Netteke twenty one year old, blonde named Mary Robinson, who supposedly had the healing touch and was gaining followers of all ages. At an alarming rate, Lady called leaders. They are out there, man, Yahoo thinker, the main differences between a female called leader and a male colleagues or doesn't seem like they have the same sort of final conclude you're, a final solution for an ant, absolutely Nazi, two things. What a lot of people don't realize that female caught leaders like females RO killers are much more six asshole than their male cock counterparts, Scientology being deep, obvious exception. But the reason why
the ladys. Take it to the next level. Is the reason why email serial killers don't get caught. It's all on the radio radar and its much more subtle, and because this female led calls have a much better chance, of ending in vast riches rather than wide scale deaths. That's what you wanna come goop. They learn how to fly put into a website of asylum where I, like next year, was kind of the same way without Naxian would not have reached the amount of time it existed without the women there. Were in charge of that group, but I think the fall was because of reindeer himself again with the fuck. It builds because we don't. We have no impulse control where it's like, I'm a Marie Robinson. She knows exactly the gentle away, She can talk. Everybody until loving arms of Christ, with a little touch of the knee the lip a little bit of a petite for that's what the debts, what they lost their little tony little. Tea, cakes and she's. Sweet
It is a pie. Everybody accident without Mustang views, eggs will, for example, of a female caught later you'll get Michael Tale leader Marie Robinson was a direct spiritual descendant of Amy simple MC fierce who founded the Foursquare church here in Amerika back in the twenties four square: services, are highly theatrical and participatory checking in focusing on speaking and tongs and faith feeling it's pretty much an offshoot of the In a castle church, but with one empty, distinction, Amy Macpherson, was in charge and at the height of her face,
she was just as well known in America is Babe Ruth reality. It would also make the same rounds with Babe Ruth. Did the children's hospital government old nips a whiskey so that they are probably want to help them back? Then tat S, all faithful in thing? We used to go to church that another faith dealing people had real problems like Emerson stuff, and it never worked. No, they kept uncle I'm back now, they should have gone to the doctor. I think I mean Amy in her voice because they were so successful throughout the decades that I could Dr Lester
ten miles North South, east or west from the house where I grew up, and I did a small town with the Foursquare church. Really oh yeah Rochester had one wider had one has got had want knock city had one one on the Monday had won on the contrary, lawyer, my oath, which leave their wider got the church, but in that's a in the amazing thing is like Weiner had less than two hundred people, and they still had a foursquare church is just so sad that your town didn't know. Rochester did Roger, I just didn't. I didn't grow up in town, a grub set miles outside of town yea. At the end, that's like in a minor was one way rochesters another way box. It is over. There has goals and by the way we have a listener on Monday. So a hey, hey you doing! Oh hey, hey! Are you in our single listener and monitoring on how's the? How is the common goal of Monday, its Belgrade's Monday, but it spells with the EU and its pronounced Monday? I
Monday's heavier than are the old iron IDA. They don't they don't have any teacher that are specific to become our great that's what you're gonna pull up now, but then that's the things you gotta get the town, it's the rival of Monday to say I hate Monday's yandah. Third lobby. You get four gory to do that. Yeah even though it seems a little ridiculous to imagine british people speaking in tongues. I think it's possible that Marie Robinson could have accomplished something similar to emulate fierce and had it not been for the road bump of Michael Taylor. Ok, I do to cloud a ripple of rubble, Emily most snug Doggie Roy. I open a recent simply Barras Virgo just run beep
maiden be ramble Sunday them they run. Divinely rumbled raises a credit either way now in seventy? Fourth, the few people that Marie had gathered were already all in behind her and the tailors were prime to join. The flock see, unlike the stuffy anglican church that the tailors had already rejected this group, EL smile, Then they laughed and they talk throughout their meetings held their breath. They practise the kind of Christianity that make you feel good old church. It's called church yet in especially when yeah, because actually fuckin culture, aided out also much prefer a prime example of that. What's Marie Anderson, she'd regularly described herself as just another Jesus break lesson that I didn't easy. Elegans gets people in Europe through its stuffy. My
Was an older man he's looking for a new lease of life? He's been he's kind of have to do that he remembered himself being because of the pain is constantly in and they walk into the space like sunshine and at the centre of it is Marie. Maybe sometimes Marie, doesn't whereby what kind of man like you don't know, juices yours, he loves the tampering yeah, that's the thing, then kids growing up when they, they can re Bell by going to cool Georgian within their still going to church barons are still at the that's the thing that is that by the end of Michael and Christine's first visit Michael was already speaking and tongues with the best of them. One visit one versions. I read about this visit on the energy, concerning that night said that Mary Robinson called upon the congregation to see If anyone needed here and as we say, Michael suffered from debilitating back pain. So he volunteered evade Phuket. Let's give it a shot african froze
rip that debated on the other eight years ago, given it give it a go rip off. Let's see, let's see what happens here, and so he started walk into the front and Marie she started walking towards Michael, but she stopped instead at an lady named Mavis Smith, who was just sitting there. Weeping and her seat our displeasure even crumb, cakes not appropriate. Now, so Marie stopped knelt and started, beacon and tongues at Mavis, because that would argue that was part of her heel and rituals out. However, they have been to everyone's surprise. Michael Taylor drop to his knee
he's out of nowhere and started doing the same work so they're, both cockatoo tongues, this old lady who just sit in Accra and crime, they're gonna get a mortal. I I I guy radio that sounds like an even though not a goddamn thing was done about Michael's back pain, but time he and his wife left at the end of the night, they had become total converts and pretty soon there hosting the fellowship meetings in their own home, I'm sure their children were so happy when they came back loudly. Absolutely do you know, Your parents get new friends, not my moms and middle. She found a new spiritual group and they come around and it's always just this because my mom gets will like we'll find a new spiritual group and then, when come in there was this like it. So wonderful, your energy
who does exactly as I imagined it and they like touch my face, they touch my elbows great right. So this this next year will get the new group and will be the same thing. You are just a fountain like magic. Honestly, though, you ve been ball, lightning your parents. For a long time, we got to meet them at the wedding, Lightfoot people underfoot and you're out always is no. They would your gratitude. I livelihoods, you're, really good energy really had an energy. Your father is great. He told me a great story about his hat blowing off in the middle of the winner. In that area. We they had had story. Do that's why you moved away from New York. You never told us the fathers hats nor his story, but I actually wanted asked you serious question castle, so you came from the same environment yeah when people were speaking in looks like you ve gotta. We ve joked about this in the past, but like when you watching the whole room of people snap into it. How Blake do you really want
big, join in your legs. Anything you watch it where you see it, go all these people pop off in your like. I want to be a part of this energy for some reason I always had in my head. People love to lean, and now I want to be part of the congregation, so we're talkin our church at about two hundred two hundred fifty people pretty healthy size for this town that I grew up in, so that you could people just slowly fall in rolling with it, because you get all the positive reinforcement I got kicked out of Sunday School because they speaking tongues because, quite frankly, I wasn't gonna improv yeah answer It was always like. Really it taught me a lot about the culture personality and how much out you can get people to do anything the power suggestibility suggestion I mean I went to a. I went to launch my. I will say this watch, my dad. Do it with his, like you so kind of a german acts it it was just. I was like
by Europe's largest is yelling, a german yeah like you're you're, you're more rational than this, but they they leaned into they still do it. I mean I went to a Foursquare service when I was in high school, my buddy Josh went and it freaked out because it was like. I use a youth centric service. They invited, like all the kids to come in the middle of the summer, and you know this old woman, the that Foursquare priestess. I see lay their hands on people. We'd known our entire lives wind in just New Missus Ray what people all of a sudden. Kids, their cry and their shaken flop and around on the fucking floor me, my buddy Josh's, look each other go. We to leave. Now, while I was always, I always felt very reassured because when my friends would sleep over on Saturday would go to church on Sunday, and they would all look at me like what a flock of like this is I've been saying it's really loot. Yeah, I told bark. Is this story before the show? I went
you're my hand to get my head, but the do the lay on hands they ask for God knows what I was like, maybe eleven years old, the passages wished me over and I fall down to people catch. You and I opened my eyes: everyone else's derives, closing their shaking and am looking right up. This girl skirt Alex. I immediately shut my eyes again. I think what is it? What is now you can imagine her look down. Is you just go and what we think of them? It changes church wherever we did look out just like what you like about Catholic Church works on silence, yeahs and kneeling here, also bird, the Baptist church, I went to further regular Baptist church that also worked on mostly silence, silence and sleep a lot, but the Methodist church that we are going to those nice goes quite wonderful, ok, but you could see how Michael Taylor like this was very intoxicating. Guy, like you, walk,
two distinct. This is just that this is sister act to now you onto that church and all of a sudden there you're like me, you got to dip in your step in Europe, got a new group of people and Marie Looking better and better every week and she's pain a lot more attention to each week, as every minute you then with like you're the only one she cares about Yak as Marie just like Amy Macpherson was pretty cute. I mean she was hot, but we hope she was cute but, unlike Amy, Marie, had an element of danger that major sexy is well see. One thing, But somewhat obvious to me about Marie Robinson is that spirituality and power over others turned her on oh, my god, she's sit, not a full t. Cattle up there, none but did fall down on their knees. She's just follow suit, my goodness, but Wasn't the peace in LA part of Christianity that made Marie HOT Marie liked to court the dark side. She was a big fan
of attending exorcisms, which warrant quite as rare as you might think, considering how they were all in a highly religious town and a time of economic too. Russia sure now we're not talking to like exorcisms here these were protestant exorcisms, specifically Anglican, meaning they were done on. The umbrella of the Church of England, which normally oh, I bound possess person is in a bad and then they leave scope at the other end of the ban, so that the demon com is a mere could they are. No english person can resist a scar, no, absolutely not. Now, if you're in the middle of an exorcism and it's time for Tee India Break Workin answered question later great. However, pro since I don't like to call it exorcism. They prefer the word deliverance as in delivering
from evil because it kind of softens the blow. The whole operation makes a little less scary, little s weird, but adult pointers for that it is scary, ass fund, just what a boy you know whenever its main understand packaging, when one active elbow the only difference is better. We in the two is that Catholics use Latin and throw holy water from afar, while the Protestants prefer use an Anglo and I prefer the lay in a hand out cool church actually use a super soaker. Yet, with industrial kind of late and watching a bunch of Bob Larsson Extra ecosystems again and his his method is, the man is screwed being being held, and then you just swap. Oh Mamma we have to enable the guy he Benny Hin. They just beat up peaceful yeah. It was horrible over those you don't know, the practice of handling is exactly what it sounds like a person with the healing touch while lay their hands on the afflicted, thereby channeling the Spirit of Jesus Christ into the person in question, thereby healing them
as a basis in scripture, because that's what Jesus Christ, id Jesus Christ when the sum of one of the fall of the first stories of a part of the hissed, his ministry was exercising demons from people and he'd go and Stick Tom that arise whether about and they say, I'm fix you I brick sinew brawl- seem to work. I guess Anglicans much like the Catholics have a full set of guidelines for performing their version of exorcism, which those guidelines knots. Coincidentally, meticulously updated and nineteen seventy five in the year following that Michael Taylor Exercise, they didn't up day, they did a bit of an architecture. Is it needed? It needed a spruce, some? What happened on these guidelines? It stated, among other things, that no exorcisms should be done alone. Clear lines of accountability should be drawn at all times and every involved, must be covered by adequate in
Sharon's. It's like what should be done when you are different for a movie now, Festal God, basically just Turk changed the terms and in Greece, the terms of agreement at interest and according to an interview with a modern english deliverance, minister done by the telegraph and twenty fifteen, anyone who wants to perform an exorcism these days has to attend a four day. Long, compulsory training course I don't wanna go so bad? It's four days of talk about the devil, yes and then lunches fun, cause you mixed in with this always people you're talking about the devil. Nubia like how many times have you saw. The devil is like I've, seen the devil, Four times we like coup. What our very snakes, good, we're half a day say that the main focus of this seminar is to tell if the person in question is properly possessed or just mentally ill, and they say they can differentiate. When the two, by making sure the possessed in question. Checks are three boxes. The
send must demonstrate superhuman strength, they must have a knowledge of a language unknown to them prior to the possession, and they must have knowledge that was gained supernatural means, as in they no personal facts about the people. In the room, the church the impossible for them to know. Ok, all of these are cool abilities. Yet if it also did not involve you, masturbating with a crucifix in front of your parents who are interested in the act of delay and according to the anglican church, is only supposed to be done after the case has been examined and approved by a bishop, but it seems like an asset West Europe in nineteen seventy four nobody was playing by the rules o myopia real fast and lives, so they didn't amateur style. Ok. This was like an open MIKE of exercise a lot of how to do. They think that Marie just felt she had the touch you could do, and I say so. This is
When the you have see first began there like there's no way classes. How do u win programme in the balls part so that the kind of phase that therein right now pretty might care is not too long before Michael Taylor, fell off the deepen the fellowship group. Did a non sanctioned exorcism and Michael and Christine's home life by Mary Robinson. I watch the paper view of that. I would watch oh yeah knives action to its really cool down the Mavis Smith. The same woman who Michael had spoken in tongues towards on his first night had fallen deeper into depression. So one night ass, she told every one of the group about the shit. She was gone through Marie decided to perform aunt em on two exorcism right there in the tailors living world habit is obviously a life would be like a wicked the exorcism right now. What were I just
am I going to do to access these folgate spring that our people like them? Needless to say, things did not work out. Well, Marie approached the old woman by yellow matter in tongues and lay in her hands and made us yet she totally played our part. He was doing all the violent thrashing. She was Growlin doing everything that was expected over. But finally, though days call the whole thing off. They just call it. This isn't working call it a wash and from what I can tell papers Smith was pretty much just left to suffer, while the fellowship group, just moved on to still gotta told me. They still have a job for babies. Have a dog go missing, I know. I know you still
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this group was ultimately so dangerous was because they were neurotics, feeding the roces to other neurotics, making whatever underlying mental problems of these people might have had just that much worse likes. However, what is interesting about exorcism is that, had these people known what they were doing or if they had any training whatsoever in the field of mental health, this might have actually helped see some people with mental disorders actually spawned quite well exorcisms done over weeks or months if they believe in it. Just like people respond psycho there, happy in much the same way repeals the hissing phenomena, but that mirror it puts the onus on the third this and should like that that, if you have a really really intense christian or someone who is a religious, Peru does believe they're bring occupied demon. Sometimes it really helps to just exercise them and give them what they want. Shall I mean The difference is that in psychotherapy, you talk to a licence therapist once a week for about an hour. You know that your feelings, your thoughts your emotions, why?
an exorcism cream and you NASH your teeth, while a priest fuckin yells out. Yet my this guy that I talked to, when out again he keeps on trainees mining. My Mi Mi Minor, yet my knees asking question earlier in along its I'll pay. You go see if there be no extra money. There are wide information about report by and by the way that not only of the ancient city just incident irrigation me, my medication place well, while what therapy sounds raised, Nepal, ok and x, system sounds crazy or it might just be a case of different strokes for different folks. One paper published in psychology today actually argued that if a person truly believes that they are possess What about the person who is possessed, believes there possessed we're, not saying that the people on the like pair
believing that there be our children are possessed by a gay demon. We're not talking about rapped at a situation where tunnels are fun. The media honestly. That would be really nice to just have that happened to me once we're just once in my life has to be possessed by again. That's what we're talking about people who truly believe that they themselves are possessed by demons. This paper suggested that there might not be anything wrong with using their belief system as an aid for treatment, essentially use an exorcism as a placebo, interesting but Marie Raw Vincent was not rain professional she just like with psychotherapy. If you don't know what you're doing you can easily make things far worse than if you'd just left alone. I say, and this is where possession is a community story. It's something about the she setting up that, I think that's either it's either one or the other, like you could say, she's perpetuating something that's fake, which is, if you want a media visit that sure, or
you can say she's, fostering an environment where were they talk about a possession a lot of times. If we're going to happen, What happened when someone's at a weak point, and when someone is that either a physical weak point. Spiritual, slash, mental weak point, rest, don't software sensual, you! You have eased up the borders, your psychic borders to something that could come in and with your mind, you're, looking for any kind of help you can get yet and we're not necessarily saying that you know when you loosen up those psychic borders were not necessarily talkin about the christian Devil. Or anything like that were not necessarily take about religious devil, you know where I believe Have some interesting conversations on the collective unconsciousness, I would say, demonic their concept of demonic possession, which is the idea, which is a thing had started with. I plead the shadow world that young was talking about the these concept that may be there
or if there are intelligences that come much like ghosts. So when you read about ghost activity beyond our call, this a good breakdown of it, it's very again, similar to alien abductions. You get paralyzed see you get. You can sometimes moved to another base. You could do all of you the same kind of we're fiscal reactions that maybe there's something that's like a demonic DE. I am oh, and I see I believe or D A The last year I e m o n. I see eleven year old, Henrietta Brodsky. That was not the question. We asked you, if not the word apple area I have, but a part of it is that it did at the it's, not just the judeo christian version of possession that there are other intelligences that can jump in.
Part of it it's like, maybe it's a version of borderline personalities or maybe it's something else- maybe it's different fractions of mine that essentially are so different from our main consciousness that they are like other intelligence set all gets very complicated. It could be that you know bags or air possession some like. That is something breaks and a person's mind. Some comes in from the collective unconscious and that's why people can suddenly speak Bang just that they ve never heard before, and essentially some breaks in their minds, and it's too much they get too much in Ankara, there's no scientific basis by the bye. You know what I always say: it fun to think about funded about about definitely words that we know that a Marie she was just kind of making up all this shit. She went along and she was play with forces that were far more or dangerous than she realized. I am not even talking about supernatural forces. Unjust talkin about human beings may I wouldn't be long before Marie would find out first and just what she was
with your all after the failed, exe says M some of the shine. The fellowship group staff- Nowhere off for Christine Taylor, that's Michael tailors, wife, because the whole experience freaked her out enough to snap out of a good, feel and wave that had swept up both her and her husband, she's guy They get a w here. We gotta channel her inner Aaron Rodgers, tell everyone to relax and gotta start when it that may be. Why Christine started. To notice that her husband was much more enter did in Marie Robinson than Jesus Christ. And it seemed like Marie was doing her best to encourage at this is what is worse than a demonic possession. Having your wife speculate that you, like somebody more than I would rather be possessed by every single time in the history of demons. Christine walked in more than once to find her husband, who had been nothing but loving and faithful throughout their marriage. Prior to this this meeting she'd find him.
With his hands on Christine shoulders and his eyes. Fixed solely on Marie saying, this was all under the guise of corn quote prayer, yeah they're, yeah, Michael and Marie Sort of meat enough for private rituals and which they stay up all night together, just make in this, the cross at each other, because they were convinced that the full moon would bring evil every time it hung in the sky, so they needed to protect each other from that Ok, her concerns your opening Marie I'd. These knights have been so especial with you tonight. I know the Buddha evil. Yes, the moon is evil, but rather look up at the morn and think that that moon, it looks like one half of a great giant, but yes, I'm keys Smith Milky tire me me.
Hold each other's hands. They walk the devil. I've ever gonna romantic there, oh yeah, we're pretty much every in the group was well aware of the sexual tension between Michael and Marie will, I hope, like we're. Gonna pull ISA is a father what five I've yeah so dead man? Yes, because these have, while father of the media that feel s passion ashes. Meanwhile, you dont want to cause. He has five children. Does it mean he can't abandon them? No, I I understand that this is a twenty one year old, aspiring call leader this guy's gonna, be one. Is forty eight million already one thirty one is not so much older. Nor right was it. I mean I don't I don't you I wish you a lot of his Lee. He looks like he kind of look like major Briggs from twin peaks sure he was one of those thirty one year old, guys that looks at these forty five right, yeah that'll. Do it any longer? We are pretty much everyone in the group was well aware. The sexual tension between Michael Marie but Michael HEAT is kind
brush off feed often stated the group in front of his wife that he loved Marie with a christian love, a love that hurt. No one is your: U S sensible, someone's lashes up just buckets of blood like your area, I could just see a priest doing now with the altar boy again like this is a Christian yeah, that's disgusting, meanwhile, Michael was withdrawing from his family, completely use act and irritable use lashing out at tiny shit. Spending more and more time alone. So one night Christine and decided that she'd had enough and she called out both my Ray and her husband at a fellowship meeting being held at the family home on a board of neurons. Definitely like a couple look at each other like this is good. I thought this is finally activity. We should keep checking screen
some say that Christine straight out accused Michael and Marie of infidelity, but I think Mark healed. Version of events is probably closer to the truth, if only because it is much more awkward and much more human, the dramatic accusation. Okay, so after Christine brought up the uptake, then unspoken sexual tension in front of the whole group. She suggested that Michael and Marie should go alone in a room upstairs with everyone else waiting outside and they should resolve what was when on between them once and for all with it not all its solution that you just straight up, because you could see Michael just below I'm serious, so we go up, says Mean Marie here alone, yeah, the both of us are we resolve our sexual tejan, upstairs, yes,
go on foreign. That's an shreck is turned out to be another bad idea. Yeah according to Marie is soon the door was closed, Michael winning. For a kiss see my goal. He most likely thought that this was the big getting of a sexy new life with a blonde ten years younger than him and he'd be able to leave his boring unemployed with five kids life behind em, but wasn't the game that Marie was plan real we see she understood that sex appeal was an important part of what she was doing, but the point of her little call online colts, led by males was now sex yeah yeah Marie only wanted power, or at least that It seems like so and Michael his move. She gently let him down and told them. You should go back to your wife. Oh boy,
six of the region to be relieved him and even other lily. Pan neighbourly brand new first, like all accepted in Europe, and they have it out for a few more minutes and then and then the two of us like they asked both Christina the rest of the congregation like come on upstairs guy. We figure it out, but instead of just kind of downplaying this, extremely embarrassing situation right where you could come on so yeah we talked in wheat yeah. We can assume you guys are sands hanging over to realise that ICES highly inappropriate alive, a family in a church leaders. Yazzi reactors would, like you know, make, sets out that work, but instead of that Michael blew it out, he came out. He said a miracle has happened. We have both overcome.
Our passions and, of course everybody. Yours, like our that's what he's piecemeal and what's important. I remember you, give up love to Jesus Christ. If he gave it up to him, he will fix it. Make sure you ain't horny for you, pray, steady mile is not here anymore. He's got like a fool like nor must we had a moan r and D help me. No one else knows so his miracle or what this miracle was supposedly that a twenty one year old was no longer attracted to a thirty one year old Father, a final who had a wife, and that was that that was the miracle that they had both overcome their Matisse Miracle yacht as ever and even lower the bars where Mary, it's like a well. What a miracle like a three sips lifted, my Lacroix Chinese, while no one bought it, but is the mood you started a kind of settle into a quiet awkwardness. Something changed
Michael Taylor, suddenly them mild mannered family man who developed an unwanted crush on his fellowship later, just kind of left. What replaced him as Reed later described the police with something beast, your an inhuman upon seeing the sudden change in Michael's eyes. Marie fell back rolled SAM by and just started screamin ottoman tongues back to her surprise. Michael did this same. We ve got ourselves a tongues, and until now this is a goofy shit shit about to get real, serious here. Oh gosh could think about this right. This very awkward things happen, you'll, try figure out awaited Euro sit in the room together You can just see Michael, like making frowns geology, shooting alike and then all of a sudden
in the middle of her being like we're not horny for each other anymore, Marie's Islam, So it's going don't I'm gonna get about like this. You spoken rear jet. Are you a weird he's like its silence, his face drops and she just start scream anatomy nonsense. He starts screened by her nonsense and he later said that an evil force took over and then he suddenly had this vision of Marie standing in front of them naked and when he looked down he was naked as well. Then he blacked out what Michael missed was a full on fish ago assault. He slapped Marie then try to ripen, or apart start pulling her hair. And he screamed and tongues as the rest of the prayer group, including his wife is trying to hold them back, trying to pull him off and Marie she's just cowering in the corner, she's, just Jesus over and over and over again she's trying to fend off the attacks, the best she could until. Finally, Michael
pulled away. My who came to his senses and the police were called, but no charges were filed and everyone just went home How would you do that is to say the kids when it comes? They were at Michael, Christine's ouse. So whenever you shit in your how gotta go, that's really awkward like when a couple has a fight in front a year, but that this is a lot worse than that. We ve been ok time for us to go, go no areas over yet, and I made a criminal little Kay will. Of course, this the story is pretty simple: to figure out, man develops a crush on a girl. Growl rejects man, man the acts like a childish animal because he doesn't get what he wants and as such yield. We are by no means excusing Michael tailors behaviour. Here, it's hard to believe that Michael Taylor would have reacted like this. Had Marie Robinson been leading a Bible study group where they all just sat enough,
the chair circle calmly, discussing scripture When Mary Robinson introduced exorcism and demons into the group, she opened up a dangerous fuckin door, as this was obviously a group of highly suggestible people looking for someone to tell them what to believe and when Marie introduced the concept of demons, innovations that may have prevented Michael they were from actin like this were suddenly subjects the supernatural he just like a people in this world who commit terrible acts. He could not blame at all on the devil, then, to make matters worse, Marie showed up on Michael tailors doorstep the morning after the attack to tell him that she forgave him what he done, because he and bending control, which completely confirmed that it was not Michael, the devil. Who actually did it? I need of Cuba.
Being Christine Taylor. This woman falcon shows back up after all of this shit, and yours like just get the fuck out of here. We're done were done with this shit dumb. Christine Taylor, Sergey she was. She had had a for this shit- and I think that Christine and Michael had come a long discussion after our group had left night. What sort of how many like? Oh, I got a phone little question for you princess, but the devil now now You first Devil. Now, contemning. I don't want to see it. I want to see it again. You tell me let me also possess, but the devil right now know so we can go watch american whore storm had for the new season. Can we just go back to that please not bad twenty downhill house. By the way, very good television drove you wanna been very good. I would recommend as well, but yet and so Christine table Taylor like she just told, Marie Robinson. Like you got here noon,
get out of here. Get you to leave us alone and I never come back. Ok, but even though Chris in Taylor was trying to minimize the impact of Mary Robinson. The damage had already been done and there were still other people in town who are about to make get a whole lot were silent. The people ever make it better that possible that they could do that now there are. No man were bad at it ice either Margus Party or for quit, Something strange has been happening to you. Your plans have been dying, old friend, suddenly start voting you and there seems to be something downright foul. Smelling in your apartment, know your possessed. You just have been brushing your teeth right, that's where quit comes in knows most of us don't rush hour teeth the way we should so their tea, of dentists and designers built a better electric tooth brush. What makes so girlishly great quip, electric brushes, Heaven built in two minute, timer that pulses every thirty seconds to give you the heads up that it
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oh hey you I really got. Bailey grown, fail. Ideal re launch right, the devil. Yesterday I get you a car we'll do it, I'm gonna throw in french fries and the grass roots rights, particularly in another way. They call them chips, that, while back lazy- and since this was a small town, word Michael's behave, here, including the neither he attacked Marie, reached the priest in charge at Saint Thomas, that priest was Reverend Peter Vincent who was unknown exorcist and the anglican church who been performing deliverances four years on any one whom he felt needed, one that is a core wink a day and look at that and when he heard about what but what was still happening with Michael Reverend Vincent but
I am convinced the demon was on the loose soon, so he and his wife took a trip over to the tailor house, but when they got there, they found that Michael had flip the whole Bang now Michael was saying that Marie had tried to seduce him in front of his wife and that Marie was ACT really a closet satanist. What and read Vincent believed, every word and now leave was reinforced by his wife who absolutely disk. Spies, Marie Robinson and now everything she stood for. Well, I mean honestly, I wonder if his wife was like you better, just call her a Satanist immediately announced this woman, who knows maybe was a dual plot. Ya know no mandate, while both of them firmly believe that Marie had sector demon on Michael now, Marquis points out in the Sussex Devils, and I think this is important to remember here before all this happened. Michael Taylor didn't even go
church. All this should happen in the span of about two months now. Is that a normal? I'm thirty, one years old, if you are like us, gets a frantic or something like that. Would that be a nor, I thought the earlier one, eyed March, before that this guy was not ask for an ok here I'd. I do not believe her. I know that he was the schizophrenia at all, because schizophrenia shows up in late teens. I twenties- and he didn't show any signs before that he had intermittent depression and even then it wasn't necessarily clinical depression. It was more conditional, depression, ok and this guy after Never going to church before this, he was now becoming convinced that a satanist and play the demon inside his soul, don't need any other food at the potluck demons. Seated with the thing was this point: Michael, was at a crossroads, see the tailors. They were ready to go on a little holiday to try to clear their mine in return
the normal life they enjoyed before they met Marie Robinson and her little group nothin, like a carousel, just making not horny for your precept, absolutely bereft Vincent. He had other plan no see there was a chance that he'd abide a demon in his own back yard. So when he heard that the tailors were on let net all go Vincent got a neighbour turkey, Vince them otherwise, and that neighbour is the same one who had brought them into Marie Robinsons Group? In the first place? It was by a while. You know you flash toilets along like it either through the walls I heard. Is it even at an average rate, we're gonna get your ass. You do we need to see what about, but about a lot about barb so rather just let them get back their lives. Barbara Wortmann convinced my
going Christine Taylor to go visit. Reverend Vincent at Saint Thomas Church on Toper, fifth, Nineteen. Seventy four without risk, the italian em. What they had planned measuring spaghetti and me he bore you gotta, come by old today, it's gotta be found, it'll be fine, they did a surprise exorcism. Yes, I don't know probably very view there should be surprised, maybe a surprise, baby showers and knows that pregnant radically rise birthday. You know about guaranteeing broke in the realm of a possibility. Surprise exorcism is one of the most horrified things I can just imagine going like Marcus.
Come on over for a rustle mania, but there's no wrestling on all of us. We're just like sit down. Honestly, I became a cool glad jump right in death. I d be legal and they did your mother sucks toxin. Hale sets coxey up my mom still alive we'll Vincent he'd come ready as well here assembled a whole exorcism team colony a Methodist husband and wife. Exorcism do owed named Raymond and Peggy from the Ex town over. This is great. Raymond and pack me man, I got really got fanny pacts are fully ready fulfilled with Oliver Nooks and neither exorcism Vincent I joined in as well, and they rounded it all out with a dude named dawn James as an assistant, they I'm done hey, I didn't do anything.
I got a couple of dozen got a couple. Dozen seltzer got some because wondering snacks or anything I made a chaos Alex. I don't know it's andand levelled some sort of Avenger Super troop. Here, yeah of spiritual leaders- I guess you're so when the tailor showed up that night, the group sprung the trap this is not just a friendly meeting. This was an exorcism huh God you're guys now. Michael me Lee reacted by throwing tea in the Reverend space, then he kicked the reverence cat and then punched him in the. Faces well, if your tea in England, that's a fellow like this attempted murder, because they keep that t like two hundred ninety degrees said what they have to sip it yeah, so the team grabbed Michael tie them up. Item down on some four cushions in an office in the church and waited for midnight to come. Why
do scheduled this for now. If you wanted this, to be a thing you could add, is carbon elaborate, their obvious, struggling everybody's problem for due to our meal made like at what point is this become kidnapping? What was their preferred, in my opinion, that there was an enormous evil emanated from Michael and that evil was most likely because unbeknownst to Michael Marie, had somehow pledged him to say, of course, of course, starting at midnight, the exorcism team, took turns drawing the demons out from Michael Taylor? They made him can best, since he had never committed and when he confessed as such since they shut classes in his mouth work. Then they took the last cross that Michael owned a wood crucifix he wore a necklace and they burned it, because I said that
become infected by Satan. That was my cross burning my things, I'm ready to stop being a devil, a devil. Now, I'm ready to stop. Fortunately, your couch, who else gonna burn than in France Day by things alone, but an arch did nothing. It's always been man surrounded me new flat screen tv, their possess baron that soap after they burned as cross. They went down a list of demons that needs to be cast out and they took care the demons one by one. They took care incest beast reality. Blasphemy, lewdness heresy, masochism and especially lust as they all made their homes within the sole of Michael Taylor and theirs. Demons, just called Elton John, not a little bit further. Thank you. Thank you lemons and have you set and let us do all at that meeting. Was
they weren't saying he had necessarily committed all these. Since what they did believe is that thought this exorcism these demons would eventually cause Michael Taylor to commit each and every one of these sends to the fullest their imaginings. Using the same line of reasoning, the Andrea Yeats used to kill, or five kids, my god, we're doing this for or you get. This is all for you guys, this is this is spiritual, pre crime. Now I tried looking up a few. These demons in both my dictionary of demons and around the internet, to see some of these guys were- and I got some very interesting results by laugh. Said by some to be the demon of incest, but that might just be, but seven nineteen. Seventy two italian horror flick called it there the deadlines, Esto, which, according
reviewer named humanoid. A flash has planning ISAF, core sex and a whole bunch of full frontal, nudity o K. Did that review now. I could find no demon specifically of beast reality, but according many of the christian websites I visited devoted to such things. It is likely that the beast EL, the demon is a cat there, apparently a lot Christians, Fuckin cats out there and blaming it on. These reality and don't fuck? I do not really understand so sexually interesting about a cat s also small. I know they're supposed to be tighter ray. I guess that's good, I don't! I don't good cause it scream and claw knew the whole time eyes is dead and then don't have sex with the dead can't. Well, you just don't fuck the cat is this
yeah. That's what I have done this before. We say it again. We agree that the whip this out every couple years or so our refresher, arrived, the cats allow brought by the state of New York power by Andrew quote, blast, me, thou belong, to bear barrier clobber what is that but beyond. Honourable were about various now, just because you're a treat us when you give me the fact that he is health Minister treaties kiss a notary for the devil, but definitely fat, notaries are notoriously Lord, oh yeah he's the go between when a man cells, Isolde Satan, I see, and literally what for your previous go now guys like one of the people, one of those people you'd go where his job is to
keep the file staff so he's an office worker and also my my o beast claims that the Epp and lust of course belongs to as motorists who runs all of health casinos, yeah Steve when, oh, my God classes win an encore results, nothing but oral opulence. This he rose sculpture, has over seventy five thousand three hundred and sixty four individual roses, each piece of crystal shopped from all all over the world over seventy nine thousand. Four hundred and nine. If you were there, we know tell in Vegas they have this long thing would Steve when, where a team describing each piece of of art in Hope Casinos and then you go said: he'd names, each tiny particle, that's end and the best piece about this to pay that I'm wearing as far as Michael Taylor went Reverend
then said that in all he and his team were able to extract forty the demon I say from Michael so by the time the sun rose on Yorkshire eight hours after The exorcism began pretty good the forty eight hours, that's a pretty good pays and not bad at all. Although- forty sounds like quite a few demon and a lotta vehemence according to the Reverend, when the morn came there were still the re more to go. Ok, how good it as long as it's just the ones of like sleepy. Sneeze, a great guy. Everything was deliverance crew. They were tired because they had been up all night battle in the devil. Of course, that's excited so get it. It was agreed that all of them include. Michael Taylor and his wife should go home, get a few. I was asleep at all.
Me back up that afternoon. To take care of those last three demon is now employ three LA longue aim of monopoly. Today I know they're tired, there's only three elaborate. You get to those acted. Forty, eight hours, that's big in another. Ninety minutes of work to do its union union could be we'll demon knowledge No, these last three demons, as small, Can I ask them all are involved, so we know them as an you're insane d and murder glow, they save those four let those outside the European Union but here's the thing it was with the novel. That these three demons were supposedly still inside of him, that Michael Taylor went home with us, wife that morning and this They told him he as a whole,
I was brilliantly damn granite. Now there was actually one of them that tried to prevent this from happening. Margaret Smith, she claimed to have received word from the Lord The spirit of murder was gonna break loose that very morning and she tried making them known before monk left, but no one listened, no one that is, except for perhaps Michael Taylor, she does that every fuckin morning could be that's. The thing is it we ve been having a good time here. This is when story gets really fuckin serious, since Michael and Christine, were absolutely shattered from a night of exorcism, Christine mercifully asked a family friend to take their five AIDS to stay with her grandparents, while she and Michael rested for the day, oh great, but we don't know exactly events transpire between the time the children left and the time my
call was next seen two hours later, because Michael claims that he remembers, none of it. Ok! Well, we can peace to other is this: when the two we're. Finally alone, something came over Michael Taylor, just like it had when he attacked Mary Robinson thirteen days before at some point in those two hours, Michael stripped, naked and attacked his wife Christine. But this time there was no to hold him back. He first reached into her mouth and ripped out her tongue, then she lay on the ground, choking the death on her own blood, Michael Taylor, gouged out her eyes and ripped her face to shreds with his bare hands.
Lincoln strips of flesh around the room as they came free from her skull. He then turned on the family dog ripping. Its legs from sockets before pulling out its tongue and eyes as well. He then one outside still naked covered in the blood of his wife and his dog. There's something about the tension before this moment that I feel like as that's that's what scares. Obviously again we have been very goofy and it does feel very goofy feeling of rubies play. Acting but that feed again of wow Michael Mergers from his room nude, he is the guy they saw in the room before when he attacked Marie imagining Christine who at this point, I wonder what how she's when feeling, because it seems like she's half in and out of the exorcism thing even working like it seems like she's, like whatever is gonna, be she's got a railroad into this scenario and all of a sudden
that sees that same change, that's gotta, be fucking. Mind bogglingly frightening course hops. They were called as soon as someone saw Michael Taylor wandering around, but none of the collars mention anything about blood they said was a name it man covered head to toe and red paint was one, bring down the street. It's not a man. Those commercial yeah it's never pay out, but by the time cops. Arrived Michael, had curled up into the field, mission on the ground now became very apparent to the first cop on the scene. That Michael discovered, not in paint but in blood, and when Michael Taylor was asked whose blood it was. He started shouting over and over again one. Sentence is used. A barrage of Satan urges the privilege of Satan characters, the privilege of certain issues, the blood of Satan
Satan is not a poodle blood of your wife, poodle yeah and when the verdict, came down Michael Taylor was found not guilty by reason of insanity work now and was sent to broad, more mental Hospital England's, most infamous holding pen for the criminal. Insane, but some Michael Taylor case was proof that religion, and spirituality in the wrong hands could lead to untold for sure, as if we needed more proof of that, in fact, the debate as to what exorcism should be banned altogether in England even reached parliament, but to others it was proof The demons were real as he'll points out. Many of angelic calls had no problem with reverent Vincent performing the exorcism. Their issue was that he'd stopped for a t break.
Every time you will. The anglican church came forward in the after this, there were like we will need to create more dialogue. We need to create an actual exorcism like system we are, we need to train. People went to do with it, but the main push from within the young gentleman church to stop the exorcism schools from being made that they said that it would destroy their idea of normalcy. Isn't that what they want is to be here to be normal and ride together and not look like a bunch of people hysterically chasing after deem, so british Parliament was literally on the dark today is: should we ban exorcisms following but followed by a should be joy, the EU must rely I believe we have swell the wise, Sir Panting armies had to speak on behalf of exorcisms. Yes, yes, I would
What about it? That's all! That's not! The thing was my noble. On the periphery, received any real come up and for their roles and Christina tailors, death. Maria Robinson, she just kind of faded and who obscurity and she was never really seen in the public eye again after the trial? Ok, and unlike the case of analysed Mikhail in which a young girls parents and to priests were charged with criminally negligent homicide following her starvation death during her exorcism Reverend Vincent was actually promoted, draw this scaling up where he went from priest in charge to vigour. So so here and so is the tea breaks that did it was leaving the last three worse demons too bad body. Not say: do you always the demon of your law
dream still where the drier family life. Benazir, I mean. Do you think you really was the power of suggestion? If they work? Do you think so? I think completely about figures in interesting combo. I mean here's a funny thing. The river beds me not necessarily funny, but he said something to that same effectively: question at Reverend Vincent he lived with them off using the same tactic that most of these guys do just throw up his hands and dull part of God's plan of you, yeah, he was quoted as saying that he was quite convinced that God will bring good at it. In his own way key then added quote if the psychiatrist said this crime would not have been committed, but for the x some seems a rather strange thing to say that the most normal thing that's beds so far you just he just shoved off
you know, I got ya gag I'll, make some good things that he would talk, that he would say that exorcism is a part of it. So we hear it seems likely that things only. I heard that he had literally go EL, the eyeballs of his wife and strip the skin. From her He's with his fingernails that are given a knife, Ming literally rip the skipper. Faced the first thing I thought was strain She's very dry, indeed, perhaps tell We, though the Michael too or case was the last recorded anglican exorcism in England and as far as Michael tailors punishment went, he was back on the street in full. Four year old. Yet it's all you need is a breather allotted. She had gone on right needed to cool. Is eels? Do some reading work out? Do the La Mckenna, in no in the yard did do we know if he ever got the three out of here
you somethin words like other out on me? Now I mean he didn't say for sure. How gives you an easy labourers therapy and they ask him? That's like do feel that the demons of expressed from your body in his dislike Eleanor a minute our role as one of its night isn't on your right and spun will mark a tailor, did too Here's in broad, more and another two in a secure facility in Bradford before being set loose to blend back into society? The reason why He was let loose because Michael's doctors believe that Michael had hyper venom. Later during his exorcism, which caused a timid very break with reality that combined with what they called him sterical pseudo psychosis temporary. The induced by his exercises, created within Michael Something,
may as well have been a fuckin demon for all the damage caused. Sir saying it's a demon right, I guess it doesn't, even after all, as far as what Michael's been up to since he is pretty much spent the last forty or so years. Trying to kill himself tried every saying from risk cotton to bridge jumpin, I think he's got for suicide attempts on his record. I always last in the news in two thousand and five for indecently touching a teenage girl. But after that who knows, I mean He may have finally succeeded it suicide in the last thirteen years or he may have died of natural causes. The chances are Michael Taylor. Is still alive somewhere in England, praying that his demons well now return. I tell you all now: instead of killer my wife, I'm just kill and adapt the gym,
You should see me flip that tie arrived there. It is the possession of Michael Taylor. A lot of things went wrong by anything that could go wrong. The exercise one road, absolute, many things where I mean there's a fascinating exorcism case, because it Emily doesn't necessarily have the that's speak. Have with the strange languages or the superhuman strength, or anything like that like this is eight when I get in outside influences excess outside influenced possession, although it does seem like, though, the ripping off his wife's face off in the time that little superhuman, how do you know I'm and do that to a human right now, driven at the time, a lot of us to kidnap me? You don't want to. I can't, I can't believe in yourself. I think that it's interesting, I believe, This is again it's a fifty though I mean this is all opinions every single time we talked where this kind of shit. I think that the idea,
of the man made and the psychic mix, with the spiritual in a way all collide together to make it real that a part of it is thee? The you half? Do you have to choose the behaviour onward to make it real. I think that's a part of what, instead of it being these sort of anthropomorphized like things without entities with personalities that exists at sight of you, it's a chicken and egg thing were those creatures. The idea of a demon ideal of a negative entity are there because of the actions of humankind and the the constant feedback loop is what sort of makes them real stuff like this makes them real, because in a way you have named the demons you have given the thing. Now they have fucking a body count attached to them, that's given them spiritual fucking magic dude. You that's correct in
they are powerful entities, be very careful with this stuff. This is all that power of suggestions very, very real Riyadh, such as Demi used to and be careful with other humans, just with manipulation, whether with how you treat other people because of the human mind is a fragile thing, and if you're fuckin, with the human mind and fuckin with other peoples, chickens and their spirituality and their religion. A very dangerous things can high up and if you're gonna leave a demon and leave the ice cream demon as everyone, London analyzed over all the meals a day. I find it very interesting, because we we'd like this shit. We like this type of drama. We talk about a little bit about this. The one we were doing our discussions, its kind like methamphetamine, you get into Matthew, add instant drama to your life. There's something in boring idea of joining in all this kind of group activity to that between the church and, however, came together for exorcism and, like all these people, paying attention to you, it's a key. There was fee into all of dual just didn't of football. You're
Ps Football and the newly just van about that by where football also has a lot of body count is without yeah speaking over energy there of people, I'm alright. Everyone will thank you so much for listen. There was great stop gap and great story. What do we have to talk about? We have to talk about the little tour we're going on. Is everything wriggled out? I don't I don't think so I may have made. Maybe I know Chicago is Anna. Aston might be by think. We still got taken sport. Dallas M, o Gloaming City ran Indianapolis Dallas Anna Oklahoma City. That's gonna be on the seventh and the ninth of November. Those are coming to very soon. Will we got a guy sailing out while DC had sold out as well? Yeah, its border, remember so we caused by people Deasey still Were there November forth an arrest? It's like a pick up tickets, were you and because they will sell out yeah we're gonna have a lot of four years and not wait to see everyone on the road. It's gonna be out yet just gotta last buck S then left outcome and there are a ticket links to all
of our era of common shows there there. That is anything else here. Indianapolis is on November thirtieth. I believe. Yes, would you guys it's Halloween? This is the visitor fun we can, because you got till I just you get to party this weekend, so go dance. Ah consort, where you're mass revel in euro nominating and feel the presence of go. As this Wednesday, the veil, between the world's thinner than it shall be there for the rest of the EU. Too bad. It falls on a Wednesday, but that's fine answers. I know what the demons can only do so much which your wins the parties that this weekend or is it next week, and I tell you what I know doesn't mean anything get him since used to always do the trio supports the weekend after drove me kind and nuts. Now they do at the weekend before that's nice. I think that's better. It's my together once Halloween is over now everyone's got thanks we start up and some folks even just jump right, Crispin a lotta people, just as you know, if they want to jump right to Christmas- oh Adam,
don't care do whatever they hack your lock it as they need to do you see all these turkey's all around making me all hungry every step taken. I just missed its skeletons and then it's nothing but plump food. Yet let s go over if you know grammars at only different and his eloquence, great for my diet, yachts do aspire to what am I doing a good job of that's fine. It's all right! Everyone, because our own Instagram Ban gives a wine markets bars for everything, Marcus Bogs, Doktor Van Tasty Henry loves you on Twitter. You all a fog water will share our guest on the left. The all the things you can buy gave us money are patron. If we feel that we deserve it. Yes,
Thank you all very much really worked hard to give you as much fucking bullshit is weakened sling at New Mother Box. Ok! Well, I don't know why you're aggressively yelling to you, I am out of yours. You know no, don't yell at the people who payer who help per hour. It was. It was I like rain strategy to request money, then call them fox. I feel Electra, which is also an emperor patria. This week we have had a great interview with the guy who wrote the book: automating humanity, really a Jew Just gone, oh so got that interview Henriette. I always loved to do those, and we tried to do whenever we already know what ale yourselves sergeant, how gain picture that downsized Pakistan reduced wages me with your dollar bills, Lee and think if everyone who gives all right, of course, and I'd be. Our aim
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