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Episode 345: Hangmen and Headsmen

2018-12-22 | 🔗
On today's episode, we're covering some of history's most tried and true execution methods as well as the men and women who have stood behind the noose and the axe throughout the centuries.    *** Buy LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT: LIVE IN CHICAGO for only $6.66: www.lastpodcastlive.com ***   *** Get 30% any kit at http://23andme.com/left ***   *** There’s no reason not to join! Get yours at http://dollarshaveclub.com/last ***   *** Learn more about SimpliSafe today at http://simplisafe.com/lastpod ***   *** Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at http://forhims.com/left ***  
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bring you a new show in two thousand and nineteen again last podcast live dot com, that's last podcast live dot, com, go out buy it for six dollars and sixty six cents and don't forget, hail yourselves, hail Satan, no there's no place to escape to the last, the last cannibalism man, can you guys just feel the magic in the air yeah? Can't you just feel it everywhere. Like tinsel yeah, just control we've been on a fan. Absolutely your armpits! Isn't it wonderful? You guys ever think about I don't know if the answer this in seminary school because I didn't get to go. But how big do you think God's load? I mean it made the whole world. I think it created the whole world. It's like the it's like one of the Dupont,
paint and the paint covering the white paint cover on Sherman Williams. Dupont doesn't even make paint whatever coupon doesn't make paint. I don't know they make chemical weapons. Well, I'm sure they have But can you imagine that right? Because I imagine it does sound like the first pornhub video of all time, with Mary being like hey, I'm married, don't come in me not like yeah sure and then scooter scooter, scooters right and then the fucking, the Savior slips out right in that manger out there you got the his brain, you got the camels barking And fucking it slips out and who appears of a darkness but the king himself Bron. James wow picks up the baby, licks the placenta. It's game time. Oh Jesus Christ through the fuckery
this is a commercial now right right over the summer, give you, the basketball yeah he slams into a barrel filled with spikes in the audience. Just goes, Gail no cry. Price Rite, Do you know? Lebron James is name good. Well, it's take away. Uh well he's in the Lakers he's with the Lakers now Lebron is so that's very good. Welcome to the last podcast the left everyone. I am Ben Kissel, that's Margas parks and then we have Christ killer. Henry Zebrowski kill Henry Zebrowski I'll. Do it again Again and again he keeps moving that rock I'm going to buy more bullet, today's episode. The reason I'm so excited for this. What's the reason for this season, Marcus, honestly Jesus is the reason for the season. According to many people, millions of people and that's the incident- see accepted answer. Yes, you know, I think the reason for the season is this year. Raining pure decorative blood
well, it doesn't really rhyme as well. Ok, so I think you should you piece of ship. That's right, we're just going to cover it. This is just going to be a bunch of blood it'll, be a bloodbath and it'll, be nothing but fun because that's the world. We live in we're talking executions, yeah too, and really specific, today we're going to be talking about hang men and heads men. So when it's telling Ben about some of the stories that were going to tell today, then you actually had a very good question concerning Siku shun an it's a question that I've actually asked myself many times over the years, and the question is this, you just shoot him in the head, shoot him in the head. Why you just slit the throat, it's so much easier to just shoot him in the head. Yeah. Of course, it's easier, ma'am, there's a lot of things. It's easier I could buy crescent rolls from, frozen the frozen section, the at the grocery store, or I can make them by hand with the sweat of my brow getting
Ali needed into them. Honestly blind. Test test known. We know the difference in some cases it is in the best interest of the state to have someone quietly in secretly killed, Shoga Sahara, now oh yeah, but for the most part, execution isn't just about punishing the guilty. It's also about show chip, yeah man, you got those show baby, it's show business baby, and this was true. Especially in the days of public execution, see run a knife across the criminals throwed or you just shoot a guy in the head. There's no build up. There's no ceremony, it's just killing a guy. I don't know I mean I think it's kind of exciting I've seen some videos on Liveleak know. You just think it's exciting, because it's the only thing that gets your heart rate up once you've had nine bils and it's three hundred o'clock in the morning, but if the process in a coup tremont to go along with it like, say, a platform, a rope or a big act, all right, then the whole thing gains a little bit a weight and a little bit of tension. Suddenly it show business
I really wish they would remake the movie sing, but have this see the show like this is what the little cartoon mouse producer is trying so hard to get off the ground so excited, and then they get the cute hippo woman and every once you know excited about how she's, finally going to sing her song and then looking at gallows drops your body just which is in the parking here. Man in the pig family there so cute. Well, the tension built up in a pub, execution. Wasn't just about seeing a person die. It also in the possibility that the person in charge just might fall. What like improv and as we're going to see again and again. Throughout this episode, people have been up executions for centuries of one toss. Two I will, I will do a toss to do a damn. Carlin's hardcore history, episode of painful attainment which apartment talking about is that I like. Would you said here, which is that it's showing the states power and how
strong. They are right being like this is what we could put into work so just kill one man or this one group of people right, but also there's sort of a ritual about it that not only purges people's need for the own guilt, like you're, seeing a thing, the in painful tainment heat it's about a little bit about this about the in the religious bent of executions is that people would go and they get something out of its actually right by someone basically watching somebody else commit an act of penance for them and then or it's also kind of it. Your honor, like I, and to death that gives it some kind of elevated status where they thought will you know if I happen to commit high against the king. I will also be treated with this amount of pomp and circumstance right and it's good for
rope industry. It's good for rated for steel, for big steel, that's good, but that is an interesting point. Is Henry alluded to a little bit earlier in the show with his bizarre interpretation of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but that is what he did as he grew as he was crucified. That's what people see that he paid for all of their sins. Before we get started today. Let's acknowledge our sources, although stories come from two books. Cutioner's by Phil Clark List already and Ann Williams and the book of execution by Jeffrey Abbott, damn it. I hate that guy, both of which are amazing an available on Amazon. If you want to learn more about the wonderful world of executions, 'cause we're only covered a tiny bit of it today today. We're covering beheading by axe hanging?
and drawing and quartering yeah it's Christmas Christmas and, as far the region goes, we're mostly going to be focusing on english executions, because, while we here in America are undoubtedly the kings in modern times when it comes to executions, English, showed us all how it was done. We don't we still, don't do it right here now we still don't have it perfectly worked out, but we still do it becaus I mean we gotta, keep the spirit of executions alive this country, and we are we're more muscular than the english right and if they can do it, eighty five pounds soaking wet with a Bob Lee Adams Apple and black knickers on then we can do it with a fucking ed hardy shirt on in a backwards hat yeah. That makes a lot of sense now, as far as the people, who actually did the deed went.
Executioners have rarely been the most popular people in their community. Wait what hold on a second now, no one likes to town serial killer, as such, the executioners identity was usually hidden from the public. This was partly because it gave the executioner a chance at a second job, because executioner was notoriously low, paying gag Don on commission, at least in England case. I see I gotta say I'm a little bit surprised by that. I would think these people would have a little bit more so respect in the city they're just for filling The final you know this is just the final statement of the state, that is, how far modern idea, because now we believe people that do hard job should be paid more. If you look at people garbage men, make a fuck ton of money, maybe they merely but yeah. You can make a lot of money. We specially with ot here out there
covered in slime. You working double time yeah this hours. Here I mean, but these days they viewed it also with the sense of shame. So it's almost like a double things like not only going to hide your identity, we're going to give you a little bit of money, Becausw, technically your fuckedup for even wanting to be an executioner, interesting seeing England execution was not a national gig in the olden days. Executioner was a local post. It was like a city job. Ok in the top. The game was of course London. The London guy would travel around as needs demanded. But cities like Manchester an northern regions of England like Yorkshire, had executioners all their own now, do they have their own tools like when a chef shows up on the world all of his own knives and spoons, or knew the scariest one right? Okay, but since people often line to shoot the messenger I eat man most times. Nobody knew the executioner's real identity,
say the executioner put your brother to death. You can't kill the king, but you can kill the executioner he's like a superhero like a superior on someone way. What your brother do. That's the big question here, yeah There was a little cognitive dissonance involved in that thinking. One executioner griped that, while people who kill for their con in war, were lauded as heroes? Those kill in the name of the law are seen is almost worse than the criminals they killed. I would pay huh words of dollars to see a round table of old timy executioners griping. I would love to hear the woe is me of the executioner. You wouldn't believe their shoulder problems I had were getting gas, Dick Cbd cream is really barely cutting it and the other guys like I can't. Even here. I can't even look at strawberry jam without getting the shakes, but that attitude towards executioners of officers
the law versus you know? Soldiers right could possibly be that while wars were fought far away from the public in those days everybody showed up to watch the executioner. Take off my hat all right. This is the original big bang theory. Honestly, it's where it's good. It's like a modern day. Reality television show yeah. Everybody had to be a part of it because it was gold as well and speak in a taken off heads, That's where we're going to start our series today, all rights with the axe dimension wise, the english executioners AX had a three foot long handle and a sixteen inch single sided blade, which more resembled like an oversized. What chopping hatchet then the double sided battleaxe that we usually associate with public beheading. Okay, the thing about the axes that it wasn't used for just
any brief on the street. The axe was only used when people of noble birth were executed, because it's a proxy. To death on the battlefield was seen as more dignified than hanging, at least for men. Huh, interesting, As far as the women went, it was presumably seen as more lady like to be beheaded, 'cause Beheaded you're, not hanging from a rope with the contents of your bowels running down your leg and plop into the ground, not that it would be a couple of nobles. It wouldn't be happy, maybe in the little like catch basin, underneath oh yeah, absolutely one prince Phillip just running around addresses as they flow walked him most pleasant rain, he's going to be king one day yeah, we know, but the thing about the exit features themselves is that these guys were not precision. Axe wingers plucked from the king's army executioners, were usually just regular day. Twenty two volunteered and while they Necessarily the town drunks, it was rare to find,
executioner that wasn't at the very least a functioning alcoholic you gotta drink a little bit. Honestly, you could drink a little bit. Yeah! You can drill, I think you got to you, got to loosen up right and I think that Dogmeat here is trying to throw a little shade towards functioning alcoholic functioning. Alcoholics make up two slash three of this, but this is that's a lot of the podcast. That's a lot of the podcast, I'm not throwing any shade whatsoever. I'm just saying that executioners were known as a fairly drunken lot. I could see this, though, of course they are because, if someone's going through town, someone is in a town, squire or something like YO, we need an executioner. If I had a couple of bud lights, maybe some peanuts good, full tummy. Looking elephant, I would be like I'll. Do it and then next thing you know I'm in the middle of I'm on the stage in front of five hundred people being with an axe, but I'm really going to do this. Yeah I mean I don't know I like not right. Where is the head? I put the but through the wrong way, but also because the guy
we're usually drunk and because they were just regular, dudes sing. Swing, beheadings in England, we're England were not necessarily the standard. This needing at least two and up to five chops to completely sever the spinal cord and usually they'd. Still I have to bring out a knife to saw the last remaining bits of Nikki sinew it's kind of nice that they at least cut off the sinew and just rip it off yeah I mean 'cause. That would be think about that that that ending into it mean like, I should know, arrow X, Ray where's where's, this where's, the seven night, which is seen you for I know I can't alright camera watch his foot upon the would stop trying to grab it with his hands, pushing back with his legs. Oh god, when the most infamous executioner in England's history was Jack, Ketch, who some thought botched his executions on purpose to make,
as brutal as possible. To me and tell me he was the equivalent of Jimmy Fallon laughing at his own jokes could be, but most of the time, though, the Secu wanted to have the whole thing over and done just as quickly as the condemned did. However, this not because he had a problem with taking a life, mostly 'cause, these guys, got stage fright. Really I could see that I could see stage fright. Being very real people are scared of public speaking right. Imagine get haven't fuqing four thousand eyes on you with an axe, wise you're, about chop. Somebody's head right and you just realized. Oh, I shouldn't have had that fifth Jager. Because now I'm seeing two heads which is the head, so the person who is being executed, I can imagine where they Did they ever consoled the executioner and be like it's ok, buddy Yeah. That's right, now very good. Take, for example, the one thousand seven hundred and forty,
It's double execution of William Boyd. The fourth Earl of Kilmer knock the fourth Earl of Kilmer knock, and then there was a big losses and Arthur Elphinstone, the sixth Lord of Balmerino, the six waterfall Marino. This is this is a big show ever caught in a spicer it going to add tradies, so it was very difficult for them to catch it first if they get through their skin suits playing on their names because sound like they're from dune execute in this particular debacle, was a guy named John Thrift who had no business. So ever being an executioner, see. As we said, axe executions were only for noble birth, so in the whole decade We have been killing people for the state, he'd only and with paying them, but not to say that thrift was particularly competent at that either see John Thrift, whose might was what you might call high strung personality. This
in pieces shared reading reading about him. You know that one day at the finally, the bottom of the barrel, at Eddie, Redmayne's, dumb shyt career, he's going to make a movie playing John Thrift and they're going to hand him five oscars 'cause. He frowned in it. So this guy. So he was is he had anxiety, anxiety was very high strong. He was very nervous. Bova graduations, Eddie Redmayne, another fantastic performance, interesting! Ok, he wasn't like a bumbling mister bean type. Ok, he was he was. He tried doing his job, but he was just very. Some very high strong and but, as a consequence, he bucked up I would assume that, would that make sense so did he now? Would there be an expectation of the exit
Nor did they realize that they had to perform like did they did they do stuff like swing the axe around there and a little bit? I don't know about that whole licking with thirty. Some of them did some of them, understood that it's like you, gotta give to get. You mean one hundred and ten percent, but I don't know if they all did well. Actually one quick story about that. One hang man was actually chided because he was super nervous for an execution. He didn't know what how well he was going to do. There were thousands of people there he goes up and he takes the head. With one swing of the axe and then without even thinking about it, he turned the crowd and he put hand on his chest and he gave about yeah. I love it he deserves about take about. As far as John Thrift, spa cups went in, one mass hanging he hung thirteen men at once, but forgot to put on their hoods before he did so
both removing just that last little bit of dignity belonging to the prisoners and forcing the crowd to watch's eyes, Bulge data, sockets and tongues swelled out of mouth honestly. I think that he just made a new John Rhe of Watt. Of the you see the face. I don't know. I think it's more like this. This seems to be for the mini, how to play with. Well, I have I have so many extra boulder, like Do they have a Geico, Eddie Redmayne, Torda force performance captures the imagination in thrifty times. So I would love to see that film, I'm sure some people I would like to yeah I'm sure of it, most of whom were pretty revolted by it, because that's what they're going to a public yeah, but there's always a step too far, yeah there's propriety. I don't know doing I used to
I wanted to watch the thirteen men die, but I didn't want to see their faces. This is offensive. You're still watching people die then, another time. Thrift hang the dude, but let him swing long enough so when they took the dude. Down and put him in the coffin. He sat up still alive who and when thrift tried hanging him again, the crowd Dan are killed. Thrift instead, 'cause they One hanging was enough yeah because that's actually true, is that if you guys I've I've to have read that somewhere? Yes, if you survive the execution technically, that's it like you, get one execute well, there's the reason why they say you shall be hanging from the neck, Tell you dad dead because there were people who survive. Execution honestly survive the hang and then they argue like well below. Was carried out. They were hung, but they survived, so they let him go and that's when they amended it too shall be hanged from the neck until he is dead.
There is one person. I know for a fact on this earth that could survive multiple days three days the same as Jesus Christ survived, the rock. If you tried to hang the rock his neck, would just break the rope. I think that if he goes five hours without a protein shake? I think his muscles will just fall off of his body, but hang It was nothing compared to what John threat was going to have to pull off with the axe to infer Or these two dudes that he was supposed to execute were a big deal, because they'd risen up against the crown during the Jacob Ight Uprising, so this was nothing less than a treason, beheading, ok, man, just John Thrift, just listening to that one shot at the. MIKE song by Eminem, just don't like who I wish that the beats of this song didn't make my body shiver. Oh, this is far too distracting back to the
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admin empire he won't match is fine. This is just the saddest I'm just, No, not a hot potato, just waiting for someone to lose their head all hope to MIKE. Help too long, his head poop, so it's just so much fun. Technically, this is smorgasburg. It's like Smorgasburg if they killed a bunch of hipsters that are out which would be kind of fun to see. Absolutely if you're in Williamsburg Brooklyn enjoy Smorgasburg, it's very tasty these guys they even had merch Sometimes the condemned would publish a last statement for the crowd to read before the execution commence. It was pretty much like a program we could play bell. Yeah play Bell, oh my god, and with the beheading of these two Jacob bites on the docket for this execution. Nobody was going to miss it and since John Thrift had never performed
heading it was kinda high strung to begin with. He was hit with just about as bad a case of stage. Fright is, imagine this is what happens when you decide to hire imo Phillips as your execution. So John dressed in his white executioner, suit, walking, walked up to the platform and heard the roar the crowd looked out at the thousands, people that were waiting for him to do his job he fainted like fucking goofy. I just feel like at some point if you did show that kind of weakness at this time period. This should just fucking killed issue just went up and just smashed his head with a hammer, new executioner. Please I'm sure someone through one of those hot potatoes at him. I'm sure that well they were able to rouse him with a cup of wine, but they're getting him hammered.
So just take wake up just to wake him up and to calm the nerves a little bit, but when the fourth Earl Kill Murdock, walked up. The steps to thrift started I am, I actually had to talk him down, and then he gave a few coins for his trouble might take a little at the lasting cognos it'll have can and he's like yeah. This whole thing a lot better. If I was about to get fucking murder on stupid, the part about the coins, actually wasn't out of the ordinary. It was actually custom. Merry for lords facing execution to tip the executioner and see. If you gave a little extra coin, you'd get better service. If you didn't, maybe things don't go with lovely as they might have, but maybe the accident go down. I don't know my pockets are a little light right now, maybe if my pockets were ever with some coin, maybe
come down a little smoother. I don't know, but when she wanted not to go perfectly because perfectly means your heads in a basket yeah but he's not, then maybe you could survive. You don't survive, know that for sure keep going until your head's gone yeah. It goes from a hold fully. Thirty second thing to a say: rolled minute long chop, chop, chop, and you're, just like it's not cool, it's not funny. I don't know at the same time make him work for it yeah. You know this guy is probably pretty weak. Holding that I would well that's why I would start with you. Gotta which means I can speak into that basket me like wood and they're like technically. We have to give him his dignity cover him, grace no you are to do. Is you wanted to get down and you wanted to stay as still as possible, because if you moved around that was only going to make things take longer: ok,
You wanted him to hit that axe. You want him to hit that neck once and hit it true and the base of the Earl of Kilmer knock the tip that he gave girl, John Thrift, apparently both this confidence a little bit once the Earl's head was resting on the block, John Thrift, how's, themself and swung down the axe, sending the arrowhead Rollin with just one swipe: oh, my goodness, the hot potatoes taste bad that day. Finally, did he finally made for the Lord of Val Marino, John Thrift did not go to for two that day, ha ha ha ha. It's tough. It's like baseball yeah. You know you for to the real difficult see in order for the axe to come down the condemned had to give a signal that they were ready. They had to raise their hand and that's when max would come down. Just seems like they have a lot of power over the situation, whether lords, they they wanted to still be dignified, because this is no fun. You know this
England, so I still put there's so much propriety. Of course, So many rules, yes, but as John Thrift raised his axe he's waiting for the signal. The Lord of ball. He gave a signal, when he did. He wildly flung up his hand and he accidentally hit thrift tried to swing the x true, but since he was knocked off balance, he just gave the Lord a horrific flush with now tell me this is just a little over. This is great Monty Python, yeah and since the ripples like kinda rattled, it took two more swings to take off the Lord's had to make matters worse afterwards, because Thrifty killed Jake about leaders, their followers harassed.
Him for the rest of his life, even going so far as to throw bricks and awful and his few procession, oh my goodness! That's it! You can't! You know right before after he did it and he's there all booing and he's like no No, wait! No! You! Don't understand This is why I'm so nervous be cause. I okay, everyone, Log, Eddie, Redmayne, getting is Oscar being like all. I couldn't have done this if I did learn to frown ten years ago. Thank you, everyone for another up perfectly and a wall, okay, so now, but so they knew who he was. They knew he was not a salary, no, no, no, no, not not all of more secret. Some of some of them were about fully and totally known to the public, but most of the time the identity was a secret. There is some justice in the fact that he was openly mocked for the rest of his life down, because, of course, he does take so many lives. It's it's a strange
it's a strange side effect of the career 'cause again, I really thought they would be see this heroes now, but people need to have the position almost to keep the gears move If you're going to have excuses, if you're going to have executions, you need executioners, you know it's almost like we've, all the in the system. You can't blame the system that you decided that you want 'cause, we weren't doing executions, I don't know how we would be holding control of these groups of society at this time period right. Well, there was one upside to being the executioner. Ok, you got first dibs on the uh garments were you killed If you get close to blood soaked clothes of the person recently deceased and in one thousand six hundred and three, a fight almost broke out between a local sheriff. And the executioner over this very custom.
See the Lord, who is being beheaded, had gone to the block wearing a beautiful black satin gown, oh in the sheriff, figured he'd help himself But when the executioner heard this, he told the sheriff, you want the gown you chop off. The fucking head.
To chop off the head. Dude, you do to fucking work, you work for that down and the executioner of course won the particular argument and won the beautiful black satin gowns that bs you just gotta slip it off the neck. There huh yeah, yeah yeah, you just pull it like a table cloth. Then it would be kind of fun if one of them came up with the costume that included a big paper mache second head like a singer like am I the cleverest duke of old? They just fucking murder, you even worse, yeah, probably right, so they wore their best clothes. Other thing I would have done it: would've worn my worst: everybody who went to the gallows always wore their finest clothes, and that includes the common man. The common man would always wear his finest clothes, and usually you know because you wanted to do it with a little bit of dignity right yeah. So after the heads were chopped off, they would
I sent to a place called Jack Ketches Kitchen, where they would go through a process called parboiling. This is that it's got to be S. Change kitchen to work. Yes, parboil means that the head would be dropped into a pot of boiling water and partially boiled in a soup of sea salt and cuban technic they're turning it into carne asada. That way, still recognizable heads there were only partially boiled. Remember. Could be displayed one of the many entrances to London as a warning and since birds hate cume. Or at least seagulls do the heads were safe from the pesky beaks all right now may do we know for a fact they hate Q, random, specific spice to be blamed. It just seems like honestly, what they need is some queer eye for the straight guy. It seems like there are three measure it yeah Jersey. That's what it's called. That is what it's called
but it's more security, your entire perspective, ok! Well, it seems like they need to get a different interior designer right now. This is exterior design. This exterior they need all. This is the this is the London bridge. Well, I don't curb appeal your killing people, just saying it seems, like men, are creating this design. So departure spikes yeah with a bunch of heads on him. It's like a thirteen year old boys, perfect dream. Yeah, that's right, yeah! Broom was covered in ship. Just like that when I was thirteen. This is why we had a lot conversations. I'm sure your parents had a lot of conversations about you. Oh no! No, they they just ignored it very good very good. That's how you do higher profile
Cuties, however, would be displayed in windows on a velvet cushion for all to see such as what was done with the head of Mary, queen of the Scots law. Can you also imagine that magazine called execute ease which is their heads, but just being like? How dreamy is this head of Ryan, Lord of the bramble berries, and it just all talk about like? Wouldn't it be cute if we could swap bodies with the other hot boys and that kind of fun stuff like that tiger beat, but for Dead Royal right. I like it yeah, but this actually had a reason beyond just deterrence e back in those days, the displayed the head to prove that those who hadn't been able to attend the execution in person, but the victim really and truly was dead
so it's kind of like a re run. It's like a rerun order. I mean they don't have newspapers, they weren't able to print photos or anything like that. No tv right, you had to prove to the people. Yes, the person is dead, okay and also in the eye. This next point the idea preventing people from later showing up and impersonating the deceased to get their yeah hello claim to their titles in the states. I mean, I. I don't think that you would want one person and a person that is obviously on death row. Because then would you just be on death row? No, you go to another area, town with the the news hasn't gotten to them that you are dead. You show up as a fake and noble you can go in get other shit? I was. It was in Funking Dan Carlin's, king of kings, which time out listening to what they talk about the to persian owners or thrown off by a dude showing up pretending to be the dead. Son of Cyrus the great and very interesting right at all time, so I would just need to hope to the six foot. Seven three hundred pound right at a person committed a heinous crime and deserve to be added yeah, and then I could be a
and then you could tell it like. It is all about you, but all of that that was in England in England they use the axe in Germany. They didn't use the acts they use the sword and as it is with most things, German and especially with german executions. The sword was precise, efficient and instantly deadly vx. Headed their criminal standing up with the executioner behind am the swordsman then raise the sword swing it three four times in a circle to gain momentum and then strike just like spinning in a circle that such a good way to attack somebody circle above their heads. They wouldn't spin around in a circle like that when they were really good around like a five year old trying to make himself high or yeah so the birthday I also didn't know. I also did
the banya family had german ancestors Bobby Benia there. It is the germ most famous sword. Executioner was a man named Franz Schmidt who kept a detailed diary of each execution. He performed so german Schmidt, and it wasn't. Just murders that he was tasked with killing here's an account from commits diary talking about a criminal. He beheaded name George Sharp, oh, what did charf to do? He captain somebody's oatmeal quote here. Electronic gear t of guilty of beastliness for calls to problems on a ship beheaded him advil in his body being after Bert. Together this a cow: do they do? In fact a bunch of cows are animals, and then they cooked him with the cat.
No kids, that's awesome! That also brings come true for the guy. Isn't it no he's I know no, I like Are you with the cows as though I'm saying he fell It is necessary to put his stem ensues flower, every cow, so child should we do we made quite a talk. Talk is. It was but I do think it's important to note that the smell of that must have been very interesting cuz you got that delicious cow cooking mix the human meat- and it reminds me of when we were doing the Donner Party and watching the show the terror on AMC, which is really good, and they talk about the same about being so hungry that the smell, of the human meat cooking, makes your mouth water. Well, I think that's more of really that's stats of Henry thing that they thought their So he was a german cow lover. Yes
german cow lover and was beheaded for being a german call lover, but first it says he fucked for cows to calve in a sheet I don't have surveillance footage back then. So how many ok? It's just my question sounds like a wood rocket parody of the animal farm. Yes, but if you see him having sex with one cow, you would think you would stop it right, but you had four cows sheep and what else I got two cats and two calves, so they I'd. Let him continue yeah. They just had to let him go in there like make sure finishes up like it's a dog, I think George Shore, was like Hey head, listen! I know this is bad everyone's mad at me, I'm on going. Do you Did we know so can't I. Just finish it: yes, yeah you funk it all. I guess get it all out of your system and then will murder you every every sheep crosses their legs. I mean this is horrible, so this is horrible what he did to those animals- and this is
Fran Schmidt said happened with George Sharps Head before it was burned with the cow. This is what happened right after the beheading quote, play on stone. His head turned several times as if it wanted to look about, moved its tongue and opened its mouth if it wanted to speak for a good half quarter hour, I have never seen said like of this Who should I put my next to some others? Spinal his final words? he was still. I guess live conscious at the very least. So for fifteen minutes I'll see that sort of thing usually only happen with such quick methods of beheading, such as, like the Gia Tien and buy
ok, we're going to be covering the guillotine in full. During our upcoming series on the french Revolution, that's like a little bit farther in the upcoming, but it will happen. It will happen. Yes, it is it probably later on next year or the year after that, but yeah we're definitely going to be doing a french revolution series, but Schmidt. Was able to accomplish this with just a sword in another example, Is precision. Take the case of Margaret Bahkan, whom Schmidt by in one thousand six hundred and forty five Bach and was sentenced to death after killing a woman. Who would only ask Bakken to check her head for lice and is Bakken checked. She grabbed a hatchet, and thank it nor victim skull. That's a good way to get rid of lice, I guess you're right of the whole top apple, but I guess so yeah. I think I got some good news and some bad news turns out: there's no lights, but there's an axe in your all all so when
Chicken was on the platform and the signal was given to take the strike. She raised her arms at just the moment that the sword sliced through her neck and Schmitz straw, was so true and strong that the sword took off both her head and her hands. All one man swing can metal is that he swings it. He knocks off the head in the hands and for a second that, because we know body kind of dances and holds for just a second that hey squirting blood in the headquarters. Bloodline, it's like river dancing up there, the whole audiences fuckin' clapping in unison them. So much fun right, but it wasn't only the living that got beheaded. Such was the case with Oliver Cromwell, who had briefly
almost the monarchy. In England, in one thousand, six hundred and forty nine by beheading Charles, the First Cromwell ruled as Lord Protector of England until his death by urinary infection at the age of fifty nine and his commonwealth died soon. After that, look like matching that Have a urinary tract infection or not? That would be like no, so he wasn't executioner and he that was not in execution: no, no, who Oliver Cromwell, is Cromwell I don't know what is either sick. Kid from falling in Christmas Carol: No Oliver Cromwell's that important part of history on what he he was, the real Bich okay. Well now I know when the monarchy was re established the following year, Oliver Cromwell was examined and posthumously executed by beheading. That's what you get you piece of what what did this guy? Do? He said to you, Sir: if the crown of England, he led a revolution, executed Charles the second and ran
the commonwealth, but he was a very intense, pure Yes, he was a. He was a moral majority kind of guy I see and his body after being beheaded was buried. The Gallows, while his head was impaled on a spike and displayed on the roof of Westminster Hall for forty years until legend has it got blown down. There big storm forty years. Good Lord man, but had Cromwell not succeeded in his revolution, he probably would have been subjected. The punishment that was reserved for the worst of England's traders, no tv for a year, drawing and quartering yeah man. This is this is fun dude. You could have a lot of fun with guts. They don't care about. Killing people. Guts are fun
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had to be helped along by again a little cutting of some of the more stubborn ligaments that hold our bodies together. Odd. How fucking terrifying is that if you're sitting, there you're all tide to the horses waiting for it to go, and then he got the french executioner gonna be like sorry good, sir, but I'm going to have to how do I say a little bit of extensive ticketline? Don't worry, don't need were hurt for a second and then cut offs on sucking on those lines which waiting there in the phone. Then you die at the torso man, but what being drawn quarter actually was in England an what actually happened to William Wallace of Braveheart fame is far worse ca. We start drawn was just a fancy way of saying tied to a horse. The drawing is actually the worst part of a five step process
did they put their hands inside the butt hole of the horse I put inside the button that would be bad, The grand muffler give him the grand muffler. I don't want to be a muffler. I had not a muffler, I'm a man. First, the victim would be dragged through the streets to the place of execution. Then they would hung by their neck, just a little bit before being taken down and woken up with a splash of cold water to the face they then be strapped down to the table and the executioner would move to phase two this is when the drawing occurs. Taking a sharp knife, the execute dinner, would slit open the belly of the condemned then using special instrument, because guts are slippery things. The executioner would remove or draw out the victim's intestines
and throw them into the flames, sometimes with the gut still attached to the person's body. You know yeah. I guess so. You sticky gloves that NFL receivers are using. Now I mean all these one handed catches, it's a little. It's a little easier nowadays with sticky, gloves power. I am let's say you have to be a pretty big customer of. Pampered chef to get all of this in one go like because these are. Talk about tongs, yeah good, these instruments get again they're going to get ahold of the one app though it's going to be hard to tangle him enough, so you can get 'em all out. 'cause, you don't you, don't probably want to pull him out, because then the guy dies too soon right and then you want to slap it on open flame kind of like your char in it like it chefs table so he can feel all of that this guy yeah he can get. You know yeah this guy can feel all of it and if the guy, was really unlucky that the whole got pulled out thing right, that was preceded by focus duration, which
symbolize, the no more traders will be sired by this guy right here. Well, I think the guts they then I got the got seems to spoil the erotic movement of the future. Right, sir, can I just say the women got it. They don't like me anymore. I promise you, but the coup de GRAS came when, as the big watched his entrails and his dick and balls roast on a fire, the execution would reach up into the stomach wound and rip out the heart of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom style yeah, then the x take a little breather Actually I understand that yeah, I need a green juice yeah before all that are green juicy. I have some carrots and then his assistant came in the assistant, took care of the beheading and once head was removed, the executioner, would return, raise the head on high and declared to the cheering crowd B,
call dad of a traitor, so dial traitors, it's the head would be power boiled and put on a steak on London bridge. Of course I mean there's nothing else. You could do with it. You can just throw it away or bury it like you're human, but now you have to you, have to boil it and put it in a spike. Actually, sometimes they would get the head back to relatives. That's nice yeah. They love that yeah. There was one woman who kept ahead of her father for like twenty years and then, when died. They put his head add in a cage in her tomb and they were buried together very nice, it's really nice. It's always fun to be buried with a poltergeist, but there was still one more step, the quartering. Oh. This was pretty much as a promo to the crown the leg An arms will be hacked off from the torso and they get word around the other cities showing people
what would happen if they tried fucking with the king huh? I wonder if anyone was it doesn't. Look that bad. You know I could probably go with that. I come is fine, yeah, it's cool! It's got nice hands, it's kind of fun to see. Actually I never seen a hands without a guy. I feel like will probably do this. Same thing with some along the lines of the Kardashians, where it's just there but being brought from city to city, and then you can go in for a quarter will probably, in this time period twenty five dollars. You can stick Oh, my one guy who was subjected to being drawn and quartered fought till the end as major General Thomas Harrison, and it's for treason in one thousand. Six hundred and sixty was having his gut. Pulled out of his stomach. He meant. To sit up, and he punched executioner in the face. Then he died. Then he did Then he did Diane Daniel Real yeah. It is headed up on London Bridge all the same yeah I mean once you're in that once you're. At that point, I don't think that
how to turn it back going to fight the entire kingdom to get out of there right right. You just miss went reason was a real crime. You know seems like they really, they really took it seriously back in the day, really really did yeah and it's not like just one or two heads up on London Bridge Germany's Duke TIM, who thought the whole spectacle This quote unquote, quite splendid said that he counted thirty four heads up on him. Entrance into the city well, it gives you is, do you think we're just at the time period people are just more comfortable with death and body begin with? It seems to be the people see a lot more death. Lot more. Just open grave action seem to be happy. Of rotting heads at the front city like you know bottom, to welcome it Providence Henry, please they were parboiled
this is before game boy, which is still peek video game technology. I heard billboards he's gotta count. Something on the road I feel like that. Nowadays it would just be more shocking than it was then now it's it's really shocking, but but and it was just more like a oh yeah. One falls down you kick it around, like a soccer ball for little, while it's kind of fun, kids love it right, but if they saw I mean if you replace those heads with a hooters Billboard they'll be like what kind of primitive neanderthals live in two thousand eighteen that is discussed in sir. You get a hot chick in a tube top right and you think she's got to kind of maybe weird shape in like wonderful breasts and return to top, and she pulls on the top and you're waiting to Papa pop a bone, and it's just two dead dukes cool attached to her butt Now before we pass judgement, we here in America drew and quarter people as well. Actually
did it once and it was before America was. Even a country was back in one thousand six hundred and seventy six. We did it with a guy and it was still the English you did it. Yeah what yeah they they drew, cornered a calling the name Joshua Tefft, who had fought a inside. The narragansett tribe against his fellow colonists. Your rights there are gangs and not a bad beer. Surprisingly Canada, they actually tried it a couple of silly yeah. They tried, it did not succeed. Well, the first time they succeeded. They did it in Qubec in one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven, and they almost did it again in one thousand, eight hundred and fourteen when they sent it. Seventeen traders to British Columbia after the or of one thousand eight hundred and twelve, he spit out the poteen. I knew he was not for us either which, but they ended up backing out. It only executed, eight of them without cornering them and the rest. They just gave me a nice reprieve
I'm not going to walk in halfway. Bullship come on Canada. I mean come on camera, oh god. It's like that. Mall that we went to in Torano were none of the escalators matched up and you had to walk across the sidewalk across the whole working model of the next escalation. Canadian people, but it is true where everything is it's just there's I don't it's not play, now it's not playing the right really improvise, and I just I'm scared to things that are improvised yeah. I like buildings with, like a lot of thought, put it right and quartering was tried one last time in Derbyshire England in one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, although the public did we have the stomach for it any more times change has changed. Yeah three men were convicted of starting riots to protest, high unemployment and unfair labor practices and were sent
to drawing and quartering for the trouble. So they choose very reasonable complaint. Extremely reasonable complaints were trying to union seventeen yeah. There were essentially trying to unionize in the government and it's them to one of the worst executions possible, my butt when the time came to carry out the sentence. It was decided, just hang in beheaded. You don't gotta, do all guts thing or anything like that. Just hang em and then cut off their hat, but even this was too much the after the body swung for an hour, as was the custom. The actual executioner was enough performing the beheading you know what it is is that I, like honestly, I and extending myself so instead of doing the beheading, I think I'm just going to take a self care moment, an I'm going to binge watch friends they gotta duck so instead the executioner doing it. Thank got a local coal miner to come out and do it.
Again, you're properly drunk you just had the right shot at GMO yeah. Here, where is that you need to yeah? I mean you're working man. You got working his rage, although it is kind of sad because these people were fighting for workers rights, they weren't and he's got a regular old worker to to be Adam. Hey, sir dead yeah, and not surprisingly, this guy had no idea what he was doing. You know how to I had a person. Thank God. If you was super good, they got a. They got a like read. His house is so he's just like swing in again and again that these guys next blood spartan everywhere. He spell at every turn, so the crowd freaks out and just runs away in disgust and horror. People are you good at Barnard everywhere, I'm doing my best year, all don't run away and that the era of bloody british execution to and
no, no, there is good. Now these were extreme cases. Drawing and quartering was by no means a regular event, nor was beheading for me most cases in England State execute in, came down to nothing more than a good old fashioned. Hang out in London. The place for hangings was tyburn a k, a scholar Agam fair those women are still beautiful there and the man they are plentiful, score. Ragam, fair! This spot was originally chosen for two reasons: one good trees, strong branches; okay, This is beautiful, trees, beautiful trees of the first thing you think about- why don't that we're going to hang a lot of fox on that in so it was on the main road into London from the n, meaning everyone got a good look on their way in great. So over the years, the
method of hanging in England Evolve, just like any other process used in a profession at first just when they started formalizing the process that had the condemned stand on a ladder, the news would be tight around the neck and they just kicked a lot. Out from underneath them right right, the would swing it kicked by twenty minutes. Because, as we know, strangling someone to death is much more difficult than the movies make it seen, I think the movie that made it seem as difficult as it is and as horrifying as it is the house that Jack. Well do Lars VON Trier's. New movie really shows what that process looks like the, to me, strangling by hand in that movie is something more disturbing footage I've seen in awhile, and it takes a lot long time and a lot of effort absolutely. But in the case of english prisoners. Mercifully the condemned were actually permitted Well, someone was willing. A family member friend or servant was allowed, reach up and
down on the legs of the condemned, as they were hanging, adding weight and in the sweet release of death that much faster. This got one big fat guy who calls himself anchor I don't know what you need any big heavy Jake right. When you said the advanced I thought you were going to be like and then they brought in the fog machine with the fog machine became strobe lights and there were all sorts of fun terms in, like turns of phrase surrounding these executions in Scotland, hang
men were known as doomsters school, while in England they were commonly called scrag boys. I, like health care, a little bit better than scrag boy, which sounds like someone who has to clean the text testicles or pick up a cake. I love scrag boy, Greg Boyd Boys, one of my new favorite words. Great voice sounds like he picks dingleberries out of royalties. As honestly, I scrapped boy would be fun to give him a couple of dollars. 'cause, you know Scrag by hill shimmy up a pipe. If you lose a kite he'll go right up on a tree, I mean he'll, take a bullet for you because all he wants to be is dead. These are expendable boys. Yes, great boy versus doomstar, we want to be a Noob Stillwater Maine. Do sir sound like it's teamsters all dressed up as demons like all dressed in what was it? The with an appetite for destruction was the name of that weight that wrestling tag team with the two guys with the legion of doom yeah. I just don't got worse with more info yeah. That's awesome, dumpsters and there were
all the weird old timey customs that went along with hanging. Why All the man was dying by the rope women would line up to press the man's hand to their face as a way to cure blemishes missions like acting acne here well. I don't know what now? How would that work? I don't you know, because Natalie's got this piece creams that she puts on at night that I'm not a lot I can't kiss or when, when she when it's on her face, because that's what she does have these creams, but I can't imagine the opposite where Instead of covering the creams, you can cover it and scrag boy, meth
now. I would like to have bad boy matters not to subscribe boys, the executioner yeah you just have to her. She would have to open up her drawer and outcomes of severed hand like you're living in the Addams family House, and then she dabs her face with that. Now. What you're talking about Ben that's a hand of glory? I handed glory something different altogether and then, when you sit on your left hand, and no, no, no, no that's called the ants over for dinner. Hanging was also an opportunity to cure disease. Children with infected limbs have their wounds rubbed against the skin of the dying man, as it was believed that the quote unquote: death, sweat had he who the hell said that well it's happened. Some some doctor yes and in himself into oblivion, was like I've got to come up with something: go rub and the course I think that they should come back. I think kids should be taught to be more
chilled to the very bone and as little kids they should be lowered into caskets weather parents. Going don't worry, so feel better after I guess it could tough it up am a tougher him up a little bit, but in the 12th century, capital punishment was getting to be more poppy So the English built an apparatus to accommodate the demand, which is, the apparatus it was just along crossbeam, but with that with the invention of a long cross beam, they now. Hang ten men What wow it's like how you can make of what was it white castle burgers you can have for you give me to make a moral fast. You know they do that they make you talk about like at the Henry Ford doing of the gallows industry kind of kind of me
the assembly line yeah and with the way that they can do the catch up. You can get three ketchups. You can get three burgers. You can put ketchup on them with one push actor. Sir. Your bus is here, sir, if you do you need to get on your bus, I see your tickets this way, that's why they sold over a billion hamburgers the condemned would stand on a long horse, cart and once All the men were news to someone would smack the horse and each man would. All one by one as the cart disappeared beneath their feet, horrifying, but the crime rate, or at least the number of hangable crimes rose, even further in the 16th century, so the English decided ten wasn't enough. Oh my god, in one thousand five hundred and seventy one they introduced the three legged mayor, the triple tree, which allowed twenty for men to be hanged at once, eight from each beam. I don't know if I go see it now, but at the time you can
feel how excited people would be about I'm sure, yeah. The crowds went nuts for it That is a lot of showmanship, getting all of those guys that they're getting sensually, murdering an entire NBA team in yeah. So many people came out to the executions that the people who own the land around Tyburn, they erected gray, and stands and charged prices commensurate with how famous the person being executed. What's how did anyone ever start watching baseball? That is, the competition is like hanging. Twenty four people are like well, they hit the ball with a stick in the What do you mean? They don't die? No, no! No! they get celebrated, no, no, they do die, but it's of mouth cancer in their 40s, but charging higher prices for the grandstand almost backfired in one thousand seven hundred and fifty eight of the owner of the grandstands Awan Mami Douglas charged extra for the hanging
of the treasonous doctor Hennessy, the hitch came when Hennessy was reprieve. At the last minute, so the spectators who had paid for a famous hanging right by God. We're gonna get it damn near here. Mamie Douglas instead, barely stopped by the authorities, but as all good things Come to an end, the hanging grounds moved from Tyburn in one thousand, seven hundred and fifty nine after it was deemed bad for the surrounding businesses and homes, I believe it I believe it. But now it sounds like all the people in Williams Burg. Now that are having kids that want to kick all the bars out because they're the ones that, having a good time any Williamsburg Brooklyn. It is a lot of children out here now. Yes, yikes pretty much. You know that entire part of London, which shut down during the executions, because there be so many people coming and the people were Pist.
At the grounds had been moved. This is what happened. I was in San Diego for Comic Con with all you all with all you all and talk. Don't talk to them about the charger so who moved to LA there were livid yeah will take, for example, this. The old man letter written by the highly respected english writer and lexicographer Samuel Johnson after Tyburn, was moved. Thank you. Who is running mad after innovation, all the businesses, worlds be done in a new way. Tyburn itself is now: safe from the fury of innovation, it is not an improvement. They objected. The old if they drew together too many spectators. Sir executions are intended to. Draw spectators if they do not draw spectators, they don't answer their purpose. The old method was most satisfactory to all parties. The public would Greta
I'd, buy a procession and the criminal was supported by it. Why is old to be swept away? Also bring back. Super Cal. Honestly, the New York Post could publish that letter to the editor today. That is like it's funny how things really don't change that they really don't. I mean this guys he's pretty much pitching about gentrification he's mad. That he's he's just mad that his band finally gotta go his record, it's always how it happened, but it's up against popular everybody gets upset. He said he wanted to go, watch his executions and now he can't do it yeah it's like when cats left Broadway for a little while before they brought it back it is, it is just like that for the in a cats when they hang the whole fuckin' cafe, and then they get their new cast. The next day, which I think is the only appropriate way cat should be performing at nine, shows nine lives, but no
where, where the executions took place, the executioners dead, their job and the people who held the post over the years, we're not surprisingly fascinating men along with one woman, oh iron, was the only country with a female executioner. A middle aged stout made swarthy complexioned woman known as lady Betty. I don't even dare called me about me, but he also killed. You know what maybe Jay you know whole put your shoulders it'll snap, your neck with their lips. Are you a I like her better He had actually been forced into the position after she murdered her son for money because she didn't recognize him after trip away from home, you were very irish and she was given a choice, hang or be. Hang
all take remote region is a promotion for killing her kids, so she took over the job and worked as the local executioner all throughout the eighteen, twenties and thirties. She became so famous around Ireland that when kids were misbehaving, the parents could be heard to say quote how how here's our lady Betty, I don't even know what I got the book. I mean: what is the catholic book? I think it's gaelic Pagasa Boca Arthur has a polka hairs. Lady Nicholson from the shining what's happening, and then it's just a horse with a wicked address on at how bad does that make lady Benny? sooner like so did they. It was a mostly hangings. It was all hang in yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Now, Lady Betty was and decide yeah yeah she wasn't swing as far as the then went though England had a long tradition of fascinating, hang man. John Hooper Okay, a allow friend Jack was known
The funny guy use the funny funny gag yeah I'd be laughing Jack. You should be joking jacket crowd a lot. Because they called him laughing Jack because he said it was said that he had quote and in exhaust double cachet of humorous anecdote. If I'm gonna tell ya, tell you they only a day early tonight. Alright, only hours on the parkway. I'm on big thing is alright. Driving on the parkway but yeah got a driveway. You know I'm saying: please kill me service pitches head off. Please go if I was being executed in my guy was being all puny making jokes, I would fucking freak out. I would really talked about this. I don't like funny doctors. No, I don't like No, I need some serious in the mix there. Absolutely they said that laughing Jack, always treated people with humor and gentleness,
even when he was sliding their nostrils or cutting off their ears. Well sure it's really kind of confusing you're being really nice and really funny. But then you are cutting off my throat. Yeah you're, going to help my throat right now. It takes a little bit of It makes the medicine go down my very much either. He know talking about x oceans is pretty scary. Oh now, you want to know something. That's even scarier. Sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age. Thirty, five here, losses: tricky 'cause by the time start. To notice it's already too late, and let me tell you its to keep the hair. You have then the reply stay here. You've lost unless you push it all into a pile and glue it onto your head and slowly, but slowly become a person to avoid so
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there can still be found in the annals of the barber surgeons on receipts for Christmas bonuses of seven shillings and six pence annually paid appreciation of his prompt delivery of the bodies of hanged man. Bonus was a big deal in those days because, as I said, these guys work on commission, but that ended up biting Jack successor in the ask particularly hard as William Brunskole came into the job right after England started shipping criminals off to Australia instead of just hanging Amal. Oh, my goodness, and it wasn't until the 19th century that the executioner got a base, pay William Calc after you took over in eighteen, twenty nine May twenty five shillings a week on top of one found one shilling for every execution. While simple floggings earned half a crown see it out what to have a crown, I don't know okay, yeah it like. That's a lot of money, though twenty five showing that we had like zero dollars and twenty five cents,
out of money there gonna quarter yeah. He gets one slash four, and then he gets a dollar and a penny for every execution. Oh man, it's all a cart now so there there's still like freelancers. They do get as a base salary like he got a base of one slash four a week they gave me they flipped him a quarter a week and that kind of on a retainer type of thing, but they'd really only get the big payment if they did actual executions right and Calcraft actually holds the wreck for longest duration. As a hang man, he did forty five years on the job in London. Oh before that he was a public exit, We shouldn't I salesman and in the course of the job he got, Appointment with the hang man and started an apprenticeship and when tom, the hang man, retired Calcraft, took over no, I know there's a lot to it, but an apprenticeship like isn't how how much do have to really learn a lot There's a lot I'd. Do they make the news? Do they tie
news. They tied the noose themselves, yeah and okay, yellow, yellow exactly how long it's going to be. You got to do up keep on the lever ratings. All of this is like you, have all its old industries they're out to maintain all of this bullshit. They are managers now right, all right, all right, yeah and Calcraft. It wasn't just the London executioner, he also presided over Middlesex and who is the hang man at both made so in prison and horse monger jail, and in addition to that, he took plenty of rd gigs as well getting paid ten to fifteen pounds per execution and loving every second of it, 'cause Calcraft was said to be particularly fond of travel. He's got. Neck pillow that just made out of someone's actual neck. A cow crash range really was the end of an era, though, as he presided England's. Last public execution on April second, one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight he was forced to retire at the age.
Seventy five but left proud of the job he done, but the thing was Calcraft was actually pretty terrible at the job. By later standards, people were still taken and is to die, and people were still having to pull on the legs. To make death go little fast, oh, it's fun in Calcraft himself was actually known to do it himself when no one else would okay, that's because the hanging, hadn't really changed in centuries. The only improvement had been that the horse cart had been please, with the hatchet lever lover. Lever is the method that most of us probably picture when we think about a state sponsored hanging, yeah, the old wild West. Do you think about it? Yeah the person stands on the hatch, the nooses slipped over the levers pulled Pacho person drops right up. Big people are still hung and hanged, and this time right don't some states still have a hanging, I'm not not sure if some states still allow hanging, I think, most
Oh I know they said there are some execution methods that we're going to get into in a future episode that are still allowed, that it's extremely surprising brutal, but I don't think you can still. I don't think you can choose hanging anymore well, wanted just commit a horrible crime and see what happens now. No, no, no I'm hope to God, because if I'm allowed to it'll be death by chocolate, sinners terms when you get hung with the lever method, that's known as the short drop and while it was effective in that it kills the person As I said, it still took about twenty minutes of struggling and agony. It wasn't Tell William Marwood took over in eighteen. Seventy four that all that changed see. Marwood was fifty six years old when he became executioner, so he'd seen a lot of public executions in his time right and he to pair We've been spending a lot of time, thinking about better ways to pull it off, so Marla, but strange
strange thing to just think about come on women thought about stuff, like that. I know, but I mean, but you really, I mean professionally just see, that's his job. You think about this job, so you to do it better and it comes down to it. He knows that it sucks to wait for twenty minutes, and I bet you will here is a probably a level of almost like laziness of being like I'm sick of grabbing a squirming, guys feet and hang it on from twenty minutes. We got small Marwood was not an Xray Yushin or when he came up with this method. Marwood was just a regular dude, just a spectator who went to execution. Maybe it's compassion, maybe he thinks of it as compassion. You know, and he actually did I mean he was lifelong church, go where he was a Methodist. They said he had a bit of a fondness for the GEN all right. So Marwood came up with what he called the long drop I think he realized was that there's a sweet spot when it comes to hanging too short of a drop in the person suffers too long and the velocity
the body falling plus the weight of the body itself, would cause the person's head to pop, open a geyser of blood but see now honestly, doesn't that seem like the one you want if you're the person and the crowd yeah, I want to lick it off here. The problem is, though, people like the kickin, yeah yeah, well and this actually happened. The head popping off actually happen more often than you'd like to think in one case, Fruit farmer named Robert Goodale, was sentenced to death for killing his with an iron bar and thrown down the well, but when it came to hang him? The rope was just a little bit too, song for good ailes, two hundred and ten pound frame
so. When the lever was pulled, an Goodale dropped. The executioner heard a snap and saw the rope rebound up through the hatch. The executioner thought that the rope had broken, but he noticed that the noose was still attached. What wasn't attached was good ales head when the executioner peek down into the pit, He saw good, ales, twitching, headless body laying in a pool of blood next to a bloody white bag containing the head. The words of the executioner himself, the rope cut through the neck as cleanly as wire cutting cheese. Ok, well, ok! Interesting! but if you're the guy being executed again, that's really no, because you're still conscious afterwards, yeah you're ahead is still kind of lives for a second going. Oh, how much time do you have away from your body there? They say anywhere from, like maybe ten anywhere between ten seconds, possibly up to a minute. I don't see what you think. What do you think about that?
my body where's, my body went to medical school is fifteen right William Maher devised, a system that ensure that not only would that not happen, but that the condemned, wouldn't suffer either he devised a table that factored in weight of the prisoner that would determine how long the rope should be then other factors such as age, and next strength were considered. Okay if you are an old man with the skinny neck, your head is going to pop off a lot record and save? You were a young guy with strong neck, but say you weigh the same like save me and one hundred and fifty pound year old man. That's you know, thirty years older his next going to be weaker than my neck. Absolutely yeah he's got a lot to tell that by like you should wait for your head home. They should do a thing with the
but, like a weighted had on you to see if your neck bands or not I'm is added to map that is no longer relevant right. Absolutely, unless it's, unless it's one of those old men, some old dudes, are the old man's right yeah. That is true. That's different, though, now once all that was calculated. You were left with the exact length of rope. You would need to drop the prisoner down just far enough where the neck would snap tearing the spinal cord from the brain, killing the condemned almost instantly. Alright, all Marwood needed now. Let's try it out yeah, so keep it. That's all using a body, that's it, and so he petitioned the city of London telling them that he- add a new technique for hanging that was gonna blow. The old one out of the water alright. Let me well, let's hear him out, because Jerry or as an idea, he says, hang him upside down but we should do? Is we should hang them by their feet and spin them around the pole until the gravity of the earth sky? Whatever that is
ghost inside the earth have weight and you see like no, no, no so long configuring. Oh give this. Yet they gave me ok and with that Marwood, whose day job which shoe cobbler in check, is the way hanging was done around the world forever. Be nice to everyone in any service industry, because they're all plotting on ways to kill you better. Yes, but that doesn't mean that Marwood was the end all be all his method was ACT We improved upon further by James Berry, who took over one thousand eight hundred and eighty four after marrying his longtime sweetheart an Aykroyd. Back in the day humanity related matters like, and she said they were like. Oh, who died a dream last night, James about twelve hidden creek, little skills with a filled with Blue C buried, determined the eggs.
Exact spot that the rope should be placed in order to guarantee the snapping of the neck making this I of hanging, surprisingly, by far the most humane out of all methods of execution that I studied this week, including more modern methods like the gas chamber or lethal injection. If I to choose to be executed. Hang hang me and do it yeah and do it with the Marr Woodbury method, because it snap your neck. Is it like it's just and you're done the all the rest of them. There's a build up you to wait around. There's some there's extreme amounts of pain involved hanging in the Marwood method. Yep. That's it. Well, unfortunately, in this country, Marcus, you don't get to choose how you die. Yo yeah, you do know it's lethal injection or the electric chair, basically yeah. Basically, that's all. I really hard choice: DA man, I'd be kind of fun or bored to death to sit there and put on a bunch of what's that show with,
twins that they'll live in the hotel together on Disney Sister sister sister sister yeah. That was a great, not yeah I put on like several hours of sister sister and then I'll just fade away. You'll that showed a lot alot going on, there will Berry though he just like Marwood, also in the shoe business, really two guys in a row there, cobblers, wow, but berry almost didn't get the job when Marwood died. One thousand four hundred people, guide for the position of hang man. Woah woah. It's like the apple store, bear He was selected to be among the final twenty interviewed, but got narrowly beat. Now by a man named Bartholomew Benz him. I hate him. What's the interview process like for this? How do I think it's you get a rope First thing they hand, you're open, see what you do. If you immediately tie into a noose, you go to the second phase,
love the interview. If you turn it into a belt, they fire you because then the technically you're an actor like it means that you're a performer and then this, Second, interview is about whether or not you can just if you can identify what part of the body is the neck, all right there. It was just pretty soon that Bartholomew bins was an undependable drunk and a burglar to boot. Oh haha, so after a few botched executions by ends Berry got called off the bench. Berry hang a hundred when people during his career but eventually became an opponent against the death penalty. Really. This was not because it was wrong for the state to take a life for because innocent people are sometimes killed, but rather jobs to heart on the hang man yeah. Really it's too hard a job man they're working too hard. That's so it needs well, whatever the excuses. I'm sure it is hard in the hang man, I'm sure it is psychologically, but one hang man who seemed to do his job with gusto was among.
The most famous hangman of all time, much less just the 20th century, and he was in fact the third in in his family to hold the hanging. Man positioned long line of hating men. That man was Albert here popped and he was the model of efficiency. His father Henry averaged about thirteen sex. It's for each execution, ok, damn, but in nineteen fifty one at Strangeways prison Alba, shattered his father's record hanging. Murder, James English, and seven one slash two seconds from cell door to trapdoor woo what an accomplishment that you can't tell anyone about you already used to have so many Guinness World record shows the specials like. That would be a cool thing to have a big setup of like for the fastest hanging where you have like all the judges there how we Mandel is announcing it. You can see the seconds countdown shouldn't like that be cool. You want televised executions that
I'm not quote unquote, looking forward to them, but I would watch I'm actually pretty sure. If I, if my memory is correct, when it comes to Timothy Mcveigh, they got pretty close to showing his execution lie. Yes, they got really close yeah that they piped in from because he was executed in Denver right right sure, I'm pretty sure he was executed in Denver at the supermax prison, but I do know that they showed it on closed circuit television in in Oklahoma City, yeah, yeah. They they definitely brought that back, but if they should see was not why Albert Pierrepoint became famous his fame. Came from hanging nazi war criminals. Yes, that was an insult. How that is that is fun. Yeah. That is why I love playing those video games like call of duty world war, two killing these is just fun to do. It's just fun, yeah yeah, what tickets arctic thing it really and
every once in a while. Do you see a tall redheaded one deep in the pile of the ones who murdered and then is there an option for you to go close its eyes with that there are still open, will put the coins down, so we can pay Karen on the river Styx. My grand father got out Scott Free, not free. Yet it's almost like he clean clean right because he was clean and good apart. Yes, Scot Free is the wrong kids. Scott free implies that there was much wrongdoing. No, there was no whatever He was, he was pure of heart. He said I don't like these people will pier point. Oversaw the execution of as many as two hundred nazis, including you Kramer, the beast of Belsen and my aggressor, the get your Buchenwald out there you are. We got to do an episode
out on her yeah. We need so much stronger. Briefly in one episode, I think maybe it was at the long long time ago, of a grass, it was actually at games, dream woman, yeah, hey man would have been what a bad genes dream job for a while. He was a big gonna kill it I mean it. The guy that took the corpses over to the barber surgeons that would have his dream job cuz. He would have let a couple fall off. The back of the cart- you know what I mean. That's very true, yes and since Pierpoint was getting paid for every trip to Germany to execute eight here, thirteen there He made enough money to buy the lease on a pub in Manchester called help the poor struggler. Oh I Wow cool still open now closed in nineteen. Ninety- that's probably right! So really good run yeah from about. I think he opened it in like four thousand eight hundred and forty nine and lasted until one thousand nine hundred and ninety really good run. I would love to go that would have been awesome, but
even though he was running this bar. He still performed executions and it couldn't you can do both now and it, but in one thousand nine hundred and fifty the pub- and Cutioner sides of his life came crashing together when one of is regulars. A man named James Henry Corbett, murder, his own mistress, that's gotta, be such a bummer yeah 'cause. Can you Imagine 'cause! You know like now comes in bitching about it. Just eventually find out norm killed his wife yeah, honest cheers. I could see Cliff Clavin being a killer yeah. I could yeah yeah yeah and then imagine if what he had to kill him. Oh, my God, such a nice bartender young gunz of an Albertan James, like these guys, were actually friends they get drunk and they perform songs for the bar patrons together they even had a couple's, nickname people, call them Tish and talk
well, you gotta, kill Tish Tosh, yeah Mantis gets mad, sometimes just can't once Titias over the edge. It's really really difficult to pull him back but this time. Albert Pierrepoint still pull the lever on James Corbett, but all you can hope is that maybe he just like Poured- poured a beer and his mouth. Instead, Well, let's go around a friend, you got it tish. You got it yeah, but in the fucking mouth kiss each other twenty seconds. There is any drops and thrift. There is something a little romantic. You know 'cause. He used to pull another level lever the draft. Second, what's it going to let the good side wipe cut in the movie? Exactly is yeah It was a movie made about this guy's life in two thousand and five. I think it's just called pure point: okay yeah. I don't know if it's any good or not, but it exists all right. Well, pierpoint, retire.
Tired for years after the execution of his friend following twenty four years of service, having executed about four hundred and fifty I guarantee you, no one miss behaved in his bar, though no I'm sure you know no bounds are needed there when the execution drones the damn place, you will at the at this time the executioner had become a little bit more a a a a public figure and somebody that people wanted to hang out with because what's his name, one of the makers and our little accident upon but bear people used to go to his boot making shop because they wanted to buy boots from the hang man who influence Coolship yeah. Of course, it's super metal yeah, it's super metal, yeah people will go to help the poor struggler to go drink with Albert Pierrepoint. I love the name of that bar it's a statement. Yeah rarely are they statements, an pierpoint died. Twenty
six years after retiring in a nurse home at the age of eighty seven, If I ever start a bar, it's definitely going to be called eating, a Burger nude it as an ending to this episode, we're going to provide you with some bonus, greek and roman execution. Bubba Bubba Bubba Bonus execution of the greek drama. Aristophanes recorded a rare execution in the fourth century BC called the siphon and this execution and then, would be strapped into a pillory and covered in milk and honey to attract insects. Ok, maybe left there for twenty days, and if you survived. They take him out, put him in a dress and throw him off a cliff well. I don't know you're dead girl. It is not is not for you straight out of like the naked gun or something or princess bride. It is so stupid all right equally, as
Stupid is in two hundred and fifty six bc when the Carthaginians a fixed, a bunch of nails and spikes to the inside of the barrel, put a guy named Marcus, Regulus inside and just roll down a hill. Alright, let's see what will happen, then there's the time that Pompeii the great to create the prisoner. Should tide up in a gigantic leather sack with a dog, a chick in a viper and an ape and threw him in the river. I feel bad from the building. Two people don't deserve. The viper can probably survive yeah the piper might survive the dog didn't deserve it. That way deserve it, not the chicken, not the viper, but yet he makes no sense at all, and so it's like a turducken of an execution and that's where. Well, then, this episode on executions were saving our favorite method for an episode. All its own, so stay tuned for the electric chair, aka, the yellow Mama coming in March. All right. We're going to keep coming back to execution,
oh yeah. I think it's really funny that this is an endless array of beautiful Beaumont. So it's and discussing details. We had uh, when we were in Naples to go to the to the torture museum, and we saw a lot of these devices, not a pleasant thought. The horse, where you just kind of sit on that triangle: spanish donkey, yeah, spanish donkey. Now we've talked about all math. We've talked about the brazen bull in the past, like there's yeah, there's little stuff, oh yeah, all this page, yeah, there's the spanish inquisition stuff that torture stuff is pretty awful, there's one where they didn't, kill you. But if you were too drunk all the time they just put a beer barrel on your body. You need to walk around like a jackass. I like it had to do with a long time like you wouldn't adapt to that big strong yeah, but my goodness, all right, executions, well, thank you all so much for listening. Happy. Merry, Chris
happy holidays, happy, Hanukkah, happy new year, yeah good work, getting all that in there yeah, I'm sure. There's always somebody celebrating something I don't know yeah whatever you're celebrating this holiday season. Hope you had a wonderful time and we'll have our full time. We will never week were taken some of the week off because we're giving employees that I'm off, which is nice, were different than Scrooge, which we watch last night the Muppet Christmas Carol, we're going to give them the week off, so will be back for the new year. With side stories and I'm really excited about energy of twenty and nineteen. We already have. We have about the next six months of episodes plans, but now it's very fucking excited as Michael Jackson, said, you're, not alone, we will be with you. We have special yeah that you can purchase for six dollars and sixty six cents- and you can, when you can buy this for three-
but the whole year of twenty nineteen and forever. I guess now, but if you want to watch us that was live in Chicago, it's really awesome, it's super fun and you can get. Ours Jules on last podcast live dot com. That's last podcast live dot com, so I can't wait to for you all to see it now yeah. I do want to put one. I want to possibly pull message. Your yeah. I I've. I had a message that said to me. That is true because inside stories I said a thing about how you got a lookout, women, gotta lookout for men that are pretending to be sick, so by taking off their ring at the bar and but you can still see the den and then I had a listener who sent me a message that said said said exactly the same is true for the recently divorced man. It is very difficult for me to find
dates, because I got the ring debt. I don't want to say you're correct and I'm going to I'm sorry about even saying this, because that's a brutal blow, it's got to be very difficult right. Think then, for women out there, if you want to just make sure that you know for a fact that the man is divorced, is that I think you're just looking to the the dead center of his eyes, because I think that before there's a six month period where you could see into the flames of their soul, if you look directly into their pen, if you're, a guy or gal out there recently divorced bring the divorce papers while they should shut. The dog show some documentation, also Mackenzie Mackenzie and Ethan. Congratulations on being married and I'm sorry, I couldn't be there in Phoenix, but would love Mackenzie and Ethan the too good. It's mind. Yes, congratulate they never have to take off the rings and get and have to show anyone their papers, and it's going to be a wonderful new year, yes, and I'm excited for it. Absolute
big this year, man, big enerji. I certainly got it and two thousand and nineteen. It's going to be an exciting time for politics to we. Gotta get cape campaigns are beginning yeah, so you can listen to able to stop after all, that stuff, very fun, and that this is going eight year with all of you. So thank you all so much thanks for everyone who came out to one of our live shows. It's always incredible mean you next year we're going to be going all over the globe, yep and, of course, right here in America as well, so we can wait to see you all in the new year, it's going to be fantastic, absolutely will be, and, of course, that book will be finished some point? It's going to be finished next year and then that be out in twenty twenty yep? Absolutely it is got to be but it has to be done. It please, contract contract, Ok, just please let it be done just take it from us. Please, please, just don't think this book from Us You could also give to the patriot on. If you want. If you want to it's still on us for six dollars. Six fifteen thousand a month,
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