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Episode 35: There's Bones In The Chocolate

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys explore the world of mentally challenged serial killers.

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time good ready to go once a Mormon and Mormon up. Let me more of good more Alright, welcome to the last podcast. Everybody was Marcus Parks and Ben Kissel with us. Is always Hong Kong enters the broker, or I will I will formally he crossed his mature table pizza. What are you wearing
table hired paper clothes. That's fine! That's fine as well! I could just I could see a chinese person is covered in origami clothing. That's awful again! I mean I'm just ignorant of the culture. That's all I'm saying yeah! I just don't know if someone could send us pamphlets just, but I mean, like short things about China or Thailand, so I can actually get some facts. That would really be great. Ok, yeah. I think windows, fax, you're, just going to completely discount them and continue on with your racist attitude. I just need them in sentence forms just one sentence at a time. A little bits. Positive. Mis information just sent him to me. That would be really great. That's good and that's similar to how you would teach a retarded child about the wonderful culture of China, most people, which is what we're going to be talking about today. We're going to take you down the very slow poke road of
did serial killers. For some reason it's just been it's been week and actually it's been a like kind of month here gave coming real. I definitely listen to the ground. The last round table yesterday and you guys are talking about retarded criminals, and I was like oh man, I don't. We want to know how many different retarded criminals there were, because you mean, like my family, is literally chock full of the Mentali challenge. I got some in mind as well, and so it's a very familiar with that being healthy, but still which is so weird because you're so crooked and dark yeah. It is yeah we're so happy and full of life over here. All my
hello, you would really think that your family would have a whole series of different disgusting mutations, just giving your no we're all right with frogs, and you know we're all my get me wrong. We're definitely all mentally ill go yeah, but we're very high function with Jackie, and I were the only ones that were not mentally. We just don't have any specific, so you're talking problems do have autistic people they're down syndrome, people. We really have to look at every turn. We have a several down, sir. What was syndrome we have several with that with that, just general learning disabilities are I'm to rats okay to read, so we seem like a fun one. We see all my cousins with Tourette's are brilliant right, you're, very smart but they're, just it just it sucks other! It's like when we were kids. It was very crazy. You should take their clothes off too. I mean so. Did I yeah when I was at naked little boy. I usually take off all my clothes and run around the supermarket, which is why I had to be chained to the cart, this is actually true. I had two leashes
I'd a leash around my waist him a leash around my waist to my mom's purse and Alicia my hand to the show will make sense, your Hong Kong and read the browse right now, because, as a child, you sound like King Kong. I was a little naked terror amazing out of being naked terror. You look beautiful, you are at so you see, you did some research Henry and you found four actually mentally disabled serial killers. A lot of it is gorgeous killers in general. A lot of it's like the controversy of executing people who are mentally challenged for doing heinous heinous crimes. I mean because But we start talking about it. You know it's true. You guys were talking on round table and sort of general terms about how the mentally challenged are very nice yeah. I remember I had a teacher in high school who believed in God for the first time in his whole life, because a retarded boy at a birthday party made this big sloppy
the piece of shit birthday cake? I mean you know, I mean it was very sweet, but you know it's not a good cake. It's not gonna be cake. Boss, I'll tell you you know, but it's like you think, might be on cake boss. You know I mean, but it's like it had. They had like candles all over it with like sort of like jammed in different places and he's like I love you and like he started crying and he believed God. You know, and you really easy to convince this. Guy of God, I mean yes, it turns out. It was a retard cake, but he was like it's just all. There was just one retard cake and that's all I'm one retarded creek away from being a fun again. But the Unitel pastor, Joel Oosten about all that is not a cake. You, don't you don't get a feel Yankee stadium anymore, but I mean he saw it as an evidence of a universal love as well right I need it, but it I mean that's a the truth. You know it's like my cousins are, are are incredibly positive, good people very
stronger all. They are like incredibly good people's wrong when happy reverse of the hall, where they're they're active in their community their volunteers, they have jobs, actually graduated from high school. That I mean they not really a you know like they did by July, yeah that same high school. I graduated from yeah link. In my all, I've only encountered one violent retarded person violent, yeah yeah. Well, this little girl that was at that kind of get. She was a lot younger than I am. She had down syndrome yeah and should you would agree downs, she would rip her back. She would rip her hair out by with lake, but Actually, it's probably a sign of abuse, but you just don't know what Foley or talking about. If you want to talk about abuse, here's what they used to do to wear shoes, so like not so crazy out of control. They this small room built. I may have told you guys about this one that the small a room built with one. Play glass in it by no. I never heard this and yeah with one way glass in it.
In the middle of the room. The room is about the size of our recording studio, maybe like good like ten by ten, something like that. It's bigger than my recording studio, yeah, bigger it yeah and It would be this raised platform. Also re, wait a second when you think of the room to re record many podcasts in most of these smaller that her free towards punishment, room yeah. It sounds that way at this point. Well, yeah. Jesus cried so absolutely much more to know where we are ed There was a raised platform in the room and on the platform was wouldn't share someone of a throne and on the wooden chair on the arms word, leather, straps, sure and on the legs, leather straps, and they would strap her in. But with on these leather straps, never shoes, bad Intel. She would calm down. They would leave her alone in a dark room strapped to
share. Sometimes I feel like I need to come down to you know: I'd, be I'd, love to just I'd, love to just have some time to just sit in a chair, strapped down right, just a real, axe is going to throw me no smoke smoke. Some bong hits around her though, and blow right or face. That would also help her. As she was a biter you could you know yeah. Your name is Sabrina Sabrina. I mean that's the thing Sabrina, so I'm sure she was a really nice gal did not like to be tied down retarded people of of their very smart. A lot of ways like we were talking about a round table this, fellow that we no takes care of the slowpokes and his life all figured out since kiss him. Miss him kill yeah that doesn't look. Some gallon thing is pretty, they got it all worked. Know I don't know, but I just say I guess that when you're a functioning you are a direct mirror of what your circumstances are and a lot of these stories and probably involve people being pretty heavily heavily abused and for the record the Supreme Court did take up.
Ace of killing that our children and they decided in two thousand and two in the case Atkins versus Virginia against it. They don't the idea of killing retarded people. So I think it's it's no longer please try to do things, but that's where now a lot of these like death row cases will come down to. If it's even know hedging on that they will, they will do can't, sort of visited still like this psychological experts in light judge and that's what happened with? Maybe we can go, first, let's call Henry want: ok, so yeah Johnny Paul Penry. Now this fellow was so he borderline retarded. He was a Texas man born in nineteen fifty six and he was convicted stabbing in raping twenty two year old, PAMELA most carpenter, who was also the sister of a famous american Football STAR Mark Moseley yeah. So it's like. So it was a huge case. She he committed heinous, violent crime against this woman right and it basically the used it. The the used his his mental state, this sort of a did the to try to jockey.
In a sense right. We were kind of like talking about this before were hey it's just hard to you know what what, when it comes to up a heinous crime, a heinous sexual crime? It is like how can you what what Can you say how can you defend this person stuff? I was just thinking like well, you know how could he be retarded in right because it's sort of an intellectual thing to do, but then I realized that's a totally stupid thought because it's probably it's primitive, as you can get when you were talking about. I guess Richard people can rate. Oh yeah like if you look just serial killers and held like they're normally classified so you have a lot of generally fall into like organ. Isn't disorganized like this is just a serial killers right in terms of methodology, and so it's like organize. Serial killers are normally a very high iq, like the common example. Is TED Bundy TED Bundy was a genius. To some. He wasn't a total idiot. He wasn't, but he had like an above average IQ right did above average IQ was like one hundred and twelve, and he did.
So he would plot out a highly organized killing saving with Jeffrey Dahmer, highly organized but like what he would just or you would have what you could call a playing space in his house that he can allow himself to a lot of down right ambience is he wants the his apartment and disorganized killers are spree killers there. Normally these are people that have very low. I qs like they like out of those killings have to do with like sexuality. It's like stuff, like horses, name Boston, Strangler Albert Desalvo, except I mean like he would as delivery man and then just rate year old women, your that story, the you know he's a nine year old women and then kill them strangle them. Whether penny house pantyhose and then leave them in grotesque positions like in their house like later on, like sitting up in a chair with their legs like spread up on two
watching murder. She wrote yeah yeah. I got it right, that's nice of him to do that. Like half filled out sudoku that he just did just put it next to him. You know really detailed work, yeah yeah, but that's what so crimes a sexual. It's really prevalent in low iq criminals, which makes sense. You know no ones, no ones having sex with John Paul Penry he's gotta get ever had a retarded man get hard, while logging off I have, then how does that? So? How does that, if you'll disturbing awful handles like a the saddest in war story in the world, do they have like on it? It's it's like. If you scratch, the too much and you watch to get a boner, and then you sit and watch it. How long we go and do you know where you and embrace with this man it was just, but he was hard to feel like it's, because your body is just sort of one big titt. And he was asleep Robin. I know I have a. I mean why I would get hard if I just rub my dick literally full belly,
Henry is now lifting up his shirt and showing us where we can fold a pussey into his stomach. Maybe I'm not that fat no you're, not that, but I'm just enough to get a dick and in right I've got a nice size, Dick could fit in there or small well retards tiny little one you have the boy or billion made. Putting you have the boy made pudding. Did he have a boner before You started hugging him or ok. Yeah! That's why Henry went in for the hug, but he really wanted to feel that something you remember when you got you got in trouble for talking too much in school. It was a lover yeah, so I think it's the same exact thing where they're just I've heard that they were hypersexual yeah, you have like male belly equivalent of Kim Kardashians. Ask it is just you want to really stick it and everything about it. I like me more, I like you more now too. Who wears that Ray J huh no, I wanted the tv show and I see that sex tape so
front butts front. Visor Broski presents front button, it just dudes fucking. My belly and there's just like within writing me a check for fifty thousand dollars afterwards. I'd like thank you, yeah Mark is looking quite valium playing video games on my phone markets and I were watching some brazilian fart porn. You saw the brazilian Fart porn man, oh man, this strong farts yeah. It looks like a ghost when they're blowing her back. It looks like paranormal activity like it's like when you wish they were all. I wish that she was dressed like royalty Cuif of England, let's go on to the next one. I don't want to talk about him anymore. I mean that's really just that was just more of an example of someone who, like I hate, crime done by someone who can't okay and he was- he ended up being a hill here that in nineteen eighty for his heinous heinous heinous okay. So let's move on now there's another fellow which I must give name of the decade triple Ricky Ray rector yeah. I
Thank you doctor. I just guilders. This is not a full mental retardation. I you John Jail, but this is more a so Ricky Ray was a bad boy. He was a naughty boy, I'm here odds and killed a man at gotten shot a man who did he shot the man at Tommy's, old fashion, homestyle restaurant come on God. His mom cell Cyrus run hey no reason to kill people in Conway Ar Mall girls. I know reason: waka coupon, my restaurant old fashioned that it doesn't pass any health inspection, gold iron pot. I got to the bottom of a tractor. You may it's doing it good student. I would eat that tractors. Do this guy born in one thousand, nine hundred and fifty Conway Texas is crime, took
Arkansas. I'm sorry- and this all happened underneath the time Governor Bill Clinton. Yes, Yes, yes, yes, yes, and so he he shot and killed a man and he went he escaped. He ran and hid with his family and he's now retarded at this point now and so by the way, the reason for the murder is that the bouncer at Tommy's fashion, homestyle, restaurant, wouldn't let Conway or wouldn't let MR rectors friend in because he couldn't pay the three dollars cover charge, you get to the door. Do three dollars a month sir, do you have three dollar? That's why the fuck is Tommy's old fashioned, homestyle restaurant charging, a three dollars cover charge charge, that's what it is studio. Fifty four issue: it just sounds like bit: big chat is out front of the door they're going in he's like come on. Give me three dollars toll,
yeah like we don't three dollars toll. Please today no come on now. You know three dollars to know. There's a dance hall attached to equal rights mentioned Ricky Ray at a dance hall about Ricky Rays, doing that and we don't dance and he killed. He killed the guy with a thirty eight caliber d, eight caliber. He goes home talk to the family about it. They're, like you, got to turn yourself in. They have a family friend as police officer. He comes to take his turning in and they for a with the family and the police officer turns around and Ricky Ray should summon in the back couple times and escapes and eventually caught. So what have right? The officer that he shot? Did he end up dying? Yes the office. Two death, so expensive just dropped. Two other assaults. Yes, he's this guy yeah, he is ruined. His life is like one crazy night. After it rains life, and so he I decided to end it all and shoots himself in the head, but he fucks it up and just destroys his.
Higher frontal lobe right? So you gives himself a pretty professional, lobotomy yeah, and so They're saying this is this end up using M is a giant example for Bill Clinton's when he ran for president right in talking about like why we can't severely punish The mentally retarded, but it seems to me, is of rector made himself retarded after we already committed the crimes we may or did that just points against you yeah I mean yeah, you lose. If you did it then you're the problem. You know you you are you're you're one of the problems in the scenario and and I'll tell you, there is nothing worse than a botched suicide, especially when a gun is involved and see that your head there was a fellow across the street. For me he was, school. He was a rabble rouser. He was drinking with a bunch of friends. Brings out the family. Shotgun accidentally shoots his friend this girl he dies. So
his friends leave. He is a police standoff for hours and my parents had we had to go to my grandma's house. Was this thing you know around five hundred in the morning they hear a shotgun blast, the police, russian. He shoots himself in the head, but she fucked it up with a shotgun blew off hospital in prison, he's on suicide watch. No. He looks like the woman who got her face tore off by the fucking hype, and these are space he is. He is literally our spacing the walking dead. I got no, no creature from preacher, I'm sorry yeah freaking, God, wow! That's number one bad story, number one bad story, so right so sort of got off easy. So, on his last meal he got his like traditional idea doesn't say what his meal meal was. I think it was like you know it's like it's like roast beef and something at a big slice of pecan pie, probably ordered you probably ordered something from fucking time- he's old fashioned home. So I did not get mad. You only charging. It may require a they sent him yeah.
Send him? They gave him a piece of pie and then he didn't eat it. No, like Ricky Ray, didn't eat your pie, he's like nice day, even even later, saving it for later God. That is the saddest thing. I've ever heard. You like Ricky your you're going to go, never mind what we will do it for you right here. We go green, mile's, health there we go green Monte out soon. Ricky you'll be reunited hobby lobby, my pecan pie tonight. No, I can't wait to see you. I think I missed your return. Voice is making me want to cry now. I guess so. Flaky exactly people watch you guys, let me show my true you're right it. It was their fault for feeding him too much. Don't know yes, he's like a goldfish he'll eat himself to death. She still with my mean anything room. He got his mother's teeth.
So you know you're you're right. It does make me very sad yeah. It really just kind of shaking me up yeah, well that what the listeners at home can see is the look in his and the the the and the hunched stature that he has well use doing it. When I'm really hoping is that I will win an Oscar one day for playing the the heat, very inspirational, retarded locker room boy. Just like oh, no, you get you you guys are good Sofia so high that gamer, I you ask: you eat it, channel in a bit of a I would like you said, like you said it has the greatest character ever I'm to the funny thing about rector's lethal injection that didn't go very good. It took them fifteen minutes to find a suitable vein. That's the thing he was like moaning and local yeah yeah yeah
Department. Guys said the moans did come as a team of two medical people. The moans did come. Yes, Limon by Drum and load the moon stay calm. Five people work to find in suitable vein in this poor. I don't stand why it was so difficult. I guess he was a bit of a cheat. Aren't you yeah? No, you can go. Do not. Full injection on me. It's gonna be really have a hard time of the doctor. Do you? I guess it is hard to find a van with a job. Your person huh makes yeah you gotta, be state room three four times and I'll tell you what chubby people are just not good getting stabbed well, there's a reason why the skinny folks are so good at heroin. That's true! That's very true! It's a vicious cycle! Look at big, thick fuckin' mainline pain, Georgia scored in a needle they're, just romanticizing with that needle, but in a nice little last waltz with it and we're going to use this last guy. But I actually like the idea of talking about Ed Gein yeah again talk about that. Of course he was uh
retarded movie fame leather face always based on him and Psycho, which is more of a high. I q version of him and then also the movie deranged, which is based entirely just an ad king's life, which is awesome. The range is so creepy, I would say, intelligent. It's in the context of zero killers were not about like intelligent, like in the context of like people who built the highway yeah like no great at the meal raster, I don't staff and people, you know yeah they do I mean they have. I don't know if it's stupidity, just have a missing part of their personality. That, like is the governor for normal behavior right, like at Dean well, but let dean was seriously retarded things that you have to do certain things. What it's like What about with serial killers would like you know, Dahmer and I think, Dahmer and like Gacy right
created alternative worlds where it's like: they lived in their alternate world and then, when they go out in the real world, they shut the door and on their secret world and they could just live their life and go out, and actually I mean Dahmer worked at a chocolate factory which is the most beautiful job. A serial killer could have still imagine the droplets of blood that he puts in every fifth leg bone fragments under his fingernails in the chocolates in the job, but I would say defensive: no chocolate don't eat the chocolate shake his booty. I like this one has hazelnuts a there's, not supposed to be hazelnuts in that screaming outside of factory the bones in the jug love mommy. I've never had chocolate before. I can't wait to eat my first bar of chocolate bones and the chocolate Ok, we'll go somewhere else. Apparently bones in their chocolate. That's fine!
empire is crumbling chocolate empires, destroying itself. Why don't we? Why can't we get rid of it? It's a free country. What is a god? Damn free country, you're right. We can't fire another white man. I am really wonderful chocolate, but you know I'm at Dean, lived in his world of horrors simply because he was so stupid. He was very very stupid. He was beaten into retardation. Well, that's what that's a big! That's a big thing where it's like you talk about like the the they were so for about how, like, I think that, when certain mentally turn people are are beused. Only in that's only now, you know and Ed Game live that very perverse up lifestyle. He lived with his mother until the house until she died yeah and then, when she died, he let her stay in there. I don't know how long did he let her stay in there and rot really? No, no,
because he had to bury her at some point, caused any berry and then continually go back to the grave site and sort of bigger up at times and play with her bones, and think that her head was used for an ashtray in her skin was used to make the woman soon and then our boat arm a flute nice, very nice pollution, boy, who's, playing that crude discussing music next door. Boo, boo, boo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo Jurassic Park theme Edgen in his defense. He only killed two women right. It's not really like a very he. He he's not can Taurus killer is not, and I think that what he did it far as the grave robbing an end and put in you know, you make you lamps in other, throw rugs out of people's skin. Why not?
I think it's more respectful to the human body than just letting it rot underground to get eaten by a bunch of bugs. I feel like if native Americans did it like it would be sort of a thing where it be like native Americans, it's natural, it's nice. Out there, they're already doing to a Buffalo Buffalo to grandma yeah, but Ed Gein just started when you, I think, there's when you make a suit out of your mother's entire skin, really and you put it on yourself yeah and you masturbate. While it's on you, that gets a little bit weird, that's more. Like I mean you could never love you no longer, there is no longer a beautiful tradition. Yeah I mean. Nowadays, though, he had some reality show runway or whatever show design all those skin wearing freaks. Yeah. That's a great show this way. What if Ed Geen was 116Th Navajo off a commander throws my whole argument in the
He wasn't so don't worry about looking good good good, I'm just Hypoth, hypothetically actually from Wisconsin there's a lot of native Americans start mashing up bones in order to make your furniture right. It's like come on man. I know it's a hike to get to IKEA. I was just crazy. I would rather do it this way, it's easier to put together a human bones and make them into a couch than it is to buy a couch from IKEA, trying to put that God Dam thing together. So we have no idea what they're doing it's all the way out in red hook do that it was going to kill my mother and user vagina to make a bunch of little belts, alright as well. Think of it this way. Alright, I live right next to. Biggest cemetery in all of Brooklyn. Yet imagine the amount. I suppose you could make a long way from red. Take a train in two buses to get there or I walk over and dig up some civil war veterans bodies and of have a whole new rug
I mean this is keep falling into the rock and it's just a loose pile of bones on the floor of your religion runs really well time to vacuum. The rug yeah. Now you believe it. You won't believe you step on anything enough, and it just turns right into a rug. It really really remarkable, and you know what her last a long time will never does never goes, never leaves it's been a really fun afternoon. I gotta be going Yeah I'm going to be making a new rug. Later you want to say you seen you at the podcast I'll see you at the bar, no you won't. I've always dreamed always growing about growing up and becoming a rug. I did we're, going sort of, like famous, like famous retarded the killers and again and a lot of them are based off of it again. You have the you know what leather face man, the number one, the painter in ST of this yeah
like I'm the man, the man himself again like this is someone I was born into his crimes, but was like Michael Jordan. Then the fact he was born into the environment and excel hold in it because he was born to do it. Yeah, to some degree. Leatherface was more coddled and cared for the TED Ginn could ever imagine, have you know Leatherface front ends. This is you know he was a little bit of a slow duty at a terrible face, but his family loved him. You know and they gave him a job to do and he did his job and when he did his job well, they clapped around. The table is good boy, leather, phasers, and then we, let's give her to grandpa course. You give him to Grandpa he's not like what went down in your house, yeah sure, and when you did well in school yeah, it was weird like a dying lamb. I saw that new picture of you in the wall of the fat, one God, man well. I was fatter than you. Yes, much fatter,
better than you too Marcus. I've looked like this, since I was twelve creepy, it's nice to know your girlfriend is a quasi pedophile bet, a bit and there's also tiny from the Firefly family yeah another. Retarded looking for name for a big guy that guys got some serious problems and also in real life. That actor must have some serious problem. He does. He has a lot or he's dead. He's dead, He passed out. Yes, he did yes, he did. He died young. He does yeah. I die like a year and a half ago of what being huge and monsters they they didn't have any make up on the dude. It's how we look at me. They put, I mean they make out a face. A mother's fingers were like that, yet I into the murder gigantism yeah. What was it all of the new yeah. He never stop growing and we see how big is the internet, yeah working goddamnit,
It was something like seven. He was like seven three by the time he died. Seven four he's one of those who never stop growing. You know and that's why his hands kept on moving the way they did and they just got long and fighting a weird enchant anything anyone made love to him, yeah, probably yeah, absolutely would actually out of just put just for freakish per money like with. Gave the money and then they like prostitutes, prostitutes had sex with totally kidding me would have had a wife could I have you know with the the the with freaks they kill. They find their people, women, don't care what you look like. It's really cool any true brakes really do like. If you look, I mean I know like there's one thing. I know about circus freaks that entire but circus freaks, define mates throughout life like they tend to each other people. I think it's if you're just literally doing what you want to do are beautiful people, but they can be so aggressive that can be extreme yeah, but we're really aggressive. So that's nice for us now when you meet me, I'm like I I know, and then you were terribly were just yelling at your phone. I'm going to get a recorder. I need people to see that
team inside of you, it's not like me Henry! So nice, it's like! No! He is not nice. I'm nice! You are a mean man. You will think about well earlier, whenever you were trying to look up the egg in quotes on your phone, you had a bit of a hissy fit. I was yelling. My phone might yell at things I can yell and be nice yeah old man. Fucking working fucking make me into a God recliner I don't know I I feel like we pretty much covered the retarded a bit of a quick episode, but I can't think of any other retarded people right now I mean, besides I'll, be tired. I said we're not serial killers up to this point. I just I just don't want one to kill me. No we're going to be fine. I once worked at this day camp with a high school girlfriend. We did this thing for volunteer, but we had to do volunteer hours for this like program. We were in high school and I volunteered at this place for the emotionally disabled and the thing was I was put in the group of what they called the high function.
Guys like my age, you're like seventeen or so One guy who was huge, look like a human man, you, like a foot taller than me but there are massive massive, so sweet, you know and those old you got it. You get this big sort of like talk of like avoid sarcasm. They don't understand. Sarcasm ok, the one thing they love is wrestling because it's like it's like one spot and he's not like like he could have been in human, I totally normal like we were sat and we were talking and he was just like really. So we're kind of like hanging out and also it's like. Why are you here, man? Why you win this like special school and he's like? Oh, I just got some trouble, my gold school and she's. Like What did you do like? Why would you be here sick? I just like god Fight with his kid in, like I broke his arm I love that guy you broke his, I think, a big guy. You just get punished for winning. He won the fight. You should be awarded
I know he was also a rage monster right. Well, I think I mean I do things I think it's like really easy to make him angry like it's also that was told they kept wanting my phone number everyone of my phone number, so they me on the phone every don't give him your number, don't give him your number. And finally, I can giving him my number sure he just would call and call and call and call- and then, like you know, and then Just be like I'd see them they were like you, don't pick up my phone call. You know just like this, We were thinking that really threw out wings ex girlfriend from Wayne's world anyway, you're, not careful, I'm going to break up with you. It's a gun, rack!
I think. Without a gun, we can do weighted much less enough to necessitate a whole rat. I kind of watch that movie. It's so funny, God, no just be careful non retard, so good at math kill you alright! Well, I think that's the lesson for the episode be careful around retards. They may or may not kill you all right. Well, good Marcus. How do you feel I feel good? Then? How do you feel I feel great and right, I'm not mad? Okay. No! All right make sure the brown spots in the packet is not talking,
the chocolate shake him. Stellations Magoo, still a child Maine, ok, good.
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