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Episode 355: Leaving Neverland

2019-03-08 | 🔗

This week, we're doing a mini deep-dive of LEAVING NEVERLAND, the Michael Jackson doc. Plus, some TRANSHUMANISM talk.

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there's no way to escape but I said I was watching the MJ documentary Michael Jackson, not not the MJ one, the one about the concert that he was going to do or Michael Jordan Right another m. Now it's really You know what was really interesting. I learned I thought was like whoa, Michael Jackson,
loves popcorn, and apparently wine is well. I mean that's later on your choir. That happened, maybe sort of sue the demon. So I think that's a really important takeaway from leaving Neverland popcorn. He was having sex with these kids have no idea, maybe ok. This is side stories. Everyone I am bed Kissel. Marcus Parks is also with us today. Yeah. This is our first experiment or monthly extra side stories. To give us more, time to really dig into our main episode. Yeah, it's really shaft deep, daddy is not that deep, because you get half a shaft in there or you could do a whole series of things with that I have her. Risa Broski is also here in a beautiful New York City. It's only twenty six degrees. Here I was in the shower today and I realized I got some hairs growing up the shaft of my penis wow good.
Michael Jackson, news big Michael Jack. We have a lot of stuff to get to we're, going to talk a little bit about transhumanism later and, of course, what's going on with this artificial intelligence, I don't like it one bit and we also have a couple of tail, from Marty the robot, of course, talk about him. Last week's show, my goodness, gracious he's invading all the giant food sin he's in Geez invaded the giant. Supermarkets Morty the robot, and we got a couple of DM's castle room, a few people who are dramatizing triggered by just the sight of it he's not invading them he's being invited in yeah I hired yeah the heart of man, the beat Dodany just clean up spills. No, he doesn't even clean up spills. Yeah, that's exactly what he does in some poor lackey has to come and clean it up and to the command of Marty the robot. So he only alerts people the spills. He doesn't nothing do anything. He know he's the building the acceptance of Marty in
gotcha ventually, were placed the people. Who's jobs are to put things on shelves. That's my take. Morty is what everyone we all have that one kid in our family who was touched, he's just doing the job where it's like, ok, Randy, go, go, go, let us know if their spills and Randy goes right, like there's still over here. Thank you for doing your job Randy, but Randy in this case has got the treads of an army tank and also would probably have the I mean like if you rip them up. If you take the guidance thing off, I'm like they do with the put on like go kart, yeah they. Wouldn't you take that off. It's going to be unstoppable. I think this could be operating, which was bad clean up on aisle. Every one of them and mark will be like blood very, very focused on the story in a part of it's got to do. I mean you're, just very scared of the future, and you don't I'm not because your clocks, I don't I'm not scared of the future. I'm scared of people being too stupid to make the future of the good version until late. If we just have a bunch of dumb Morty's going around to trampoline over
toddlers in the supermarket aisle. Well guess what, if they don't, have the street smarts to get away from Martin and they deserve to be destroyed, one of those. If we allow right if the robots can take over, we deserve it because we allowed them to do it. If you really want to talk about who's getting in front and as far as artificial intelligence goes, it's really coming from the chinese these days, those are going to yeah. You need to read the MIT Technology review I'll, send you some stuff will talk about it next time. Thank you so much mark, as I can't wait. So the big Michael Jackson, news, music, call two premiere in Chicago. It's titled, don't after you get enough hell yeah. This is the Michael Jackson State business actually true, this is uh, so obviously leaving Neverland traumatizing, triggering it disgusting Docu series about James, safe Chuck, and Wade Robson telling their experiences with Michael Jackson, but soon. As I saw episode one. I then
They do a little Google search and it looks like the play is still on. I mean the Broadway. Why does it have to be called? Don't stop till you get enough. I mean that's what I'm the worst possible thing for Michael Jackson play right after what he said to himself in the mirror everyday watch documentary number one. There is four hours now some of the more grueling can't, Oh yeah, I've seen in awhile, I listen to sorry to Wade, Robinson James, safe truck, and it is compelling there is steer baby talk about this sub. They look like specifically safe truck looks haunted like he looks like and that type in ship they talk about it, type of stuff is like, and we've said this before on the show. I'm, in my mind, would would Dave check with him, and I guess we'll go into some of the graphic detail, because it got part of the reason why the documentary was so graphic as it was a part of the telling the story of these
there's no in itty bitty gritty details about Michael Jackson, body and what they went through in their quote. Unquote: relationship with him, which really sort of was a relationship Ok, I totally was that's. That's the way Michael wanted it. He married a ten year old boy, like that way, I don't even want to be on a plane with the ten let alone american one. That's l of a commitment yeah, and that was the moment. A documentary when, when safe truck, describes the wedding that Michael Jackson had with them and showed the ring that Michael Jackson, yeah, I always hands, were shaking the entire time I wanted to. I was trying to crawl over the couch thanks to avoid yeah when it so I mean, I think, easily there's a lot of people who are saying that this is nothing more than another smear campaign against MJ himself, post mortem. There's a lot of people who are coming out to defend him. His act, a lights will always be there, but you just have to think about. What's more plausible yeah, what's more reasonable
a person stayed in the same bed with a child, a child stayed in their bed. Three hundred and sixty five days out of the year and something happened or What happened? What is more plausible, ignorant Michael? I know that you're up there. I don't even know where you are right now, because it may be to be hot. It's real hot, where you ok, it seems like this. Documentary is just really shutting a lot of light that we didn't know before about what you were up to these kids are monkey monk that you just can't do the ignorant. No, my god! Oh that's how I know it was that's how I know almost the relationship was real was when James shave check when the first, when the first time he was being rooms by Michael Jackson, when he, basically when he said he's like Michael Jackson, Michael told me he said people are going to say your relationship is, is weird I'm bad and he's sick, but those people their ignorant
that's what he said yeah go to line. Everything comes together like when you watch this documentary. All of those weird three things that you know about Michael Jackson, the higher story starts to make sense. I forgot about Michael Jackson, honestly I like his music, but I hadn't thought about him and quite a bit of time when this documentary came back out, you start like oh no and you know it's. Ok. We look at a lot of enablers there, a lot of enablers but there's a couple things right number one colours kind, almost got nixed out because Michael Jackson made all the ship's private as humanly possible. He took him Neverland Ranch, they had staff and Neverland Ranch, but it didn't have like agents and managers and shift so Michael Jackson really was king of that little area, so he isolated them. So it was very difficult for the enablers that were there I mean the biggest enablers where these kids parents, that seemed to be very well taken aback, but we have to remember you know this is a time Michael Jackson, the last real celebrity
yeah. This is like a time before the curtain was pulled back. No longer to celebrity exist and these Para we're. Starstruck struck the overly Adam we Iraqis, Robson, who, by the As soon as I saw him, I recognized that dude and then I see the dance moves and he's in sync and he actually filled in for a Joey Fatone when Joey Fatone hurt himself in the no strings attached. Video interesting good fixes it soon. As I saw him, I was like. I know that dude, when his mother is talking about her stage. Mom kicked in like initially. Really was interesting but then- and so it you part of you- wants to strangle the parishes but protect your kids. But we have to remember the power celebrity with so much stronger, yeah, but also, but still like, think about the progression here, like think about just for a second Imagine that Michael Jackson is not Michael Jackson. Put anybody else in that position, put a bus driver and my
jack seems like this girl, but she url, EA bus driver starts hanging. It's like does a job with your son, like your son, has to go and help the bus driver clean the box. Yes to read to the bus driver to keep him awake along. True, that's actually a really important job, and then we take the ten year old boy, yeah sure, and then the bus driver says hey. I want to hanging out with your son. So the bus, ever since a camera crew to your how to film him reading books to another sample, stuff bus driver to interview to dance, but of course, never says, make the boy dance. Has a camera crew there and then imagine that a bus driver start sending your son. Dozens of
faxes, Bj, Applehead, Ukraine, definite you do anyway. I love you. I love you, imagine that you know, and it doesn't make any it doesn't make any sense anymore. That's going for safe Chuck wanted to go into being a direct are so MJ was like I'm going to make you a direct, are literally in Highschool. Mj just got him all of this equip, and let him shoot movies on Neverland Ranch so want to be anything. He was too young. Michael Jackson planted that thing and it was fucking head and then he'd went running with this whole reality around him. That didn't exist before, and all of a sudden this kid, these kids and their families were literally airlifted out of their lives and dropped into my Jackson's universe. Will it wasn't abduction? It really was it
reads like an abduction it, it really does it's another world that these kids were left in yeah. The way he completely separated them from the families and the wait staff enable that, because of what you said about Neverland Ranch, it wasn't just on Neverland Ranch because yeah hit Westwood House, the the beads LA playland, whatever you call, but not just that when he was on the road because remember safe, Chuck's mother, told that story. Where if they went on the road with them because saved started performing live. Then they went on the road with him. He would sit say truck, would stay in a hotel room with Michael Jackson and mother at first. She was in a hotel room pretty close by, but then, as the tour went on, she kept getting moved further and further and further away, and it was not Michael Jackson that was booking Fuckin' hotel rooms. It was, it was his people, it was his management. I mean how many Asians happened behind those doors of, are we going
Let this go on. Are we going to enable this an the answer? Every fucking time was yet yeah I mean 'cause. His reputation was stellar his whole thing, use it often from doing it. I mean I, you tell Michael Jackson now yeah, but that's what's hard right. It's a everybody talk about. He was his hero for kids. That's a part of why, and we wonder why the only is on track to two in PETA files attracted to positions where they don't need to have their power check? That's why the become teachers, as would be make themselves Pres. That's really make themselves police officers as we make themselves. Senators is because a part of it but then they you can't seem to be mostly musicians, but you know it's just build a series of public service jobs, all of them they get where they get. It should be contracted to positions of power Becaus. Then there are not questioned, right because of the well to do when they said, but Michael Jackson, this is good Gisele you!
or denying it because you want to be a senator, I want I'm denied it because I know a lot of teachers that listen to this show and I don't think they have a lot of power. They don't make a lot of money in there getting yelled at by that's what I'm talking about. I'm talking about personal power took a personal currency like people that can cause social currency. You show up and essentially your you can end up. In this kind of this gray area where, when you say Michael Jackson, wants to take your kid to a fuckin' dance camp. He wants to take him to LOS Angeles. He change his whole life and then you literally have like you're a mom from a small town in Australia and you're, just like yeah. Well, ok,. It hurts is not a some are two was for MEL born boxing, but no that was really fascinated and so with weight. I mean, I think, that's why he decided when he was twenty two years old, to defend Michael Jackson once again for the two thousand three. Was it two thousand and five when is on trial once again for pedophilia and
to me is a really really sad because weight. Of course he still owes his career to Michael Jackson. He knew that and he knew that he couldn't see. Michael Jackson behind bars- although that does make me think about Michael Jackson, going to prison and how funny that, first day would be where it's like. Ok, boys, lineup. I know doing bad you don't maybe he would have been like the most sought after the most like cared for prisoner of all time or just Devo. Just come to just in some in the head right away and it's all done yeah. I don't know, but it seems with Wade when he did go and defend him again when he was twenty two years old. That's where a lot of the conspiracy theory or just a lot of the contrarian views of being like this is proof that he didn't actually lost weight, but the sad thing about that is the kid who had the cancer yeah who brought the charges against Michael he's dead, now so obviously passed away, and it was like you had a chance to like just go and blow the whole thing up and be, like you know,
like because Mccauley's never said that he was molested, so we've whatever I've, I believe, whatever they want to say. I actually what it was like. I just feel so bad for the fricking kid it's a. He was just make a wish. It's a thing about class: and status in this country, Now, when you look at it, you say like Wade, Robson. The reason why I mean I you you tell me that you don't want to protect the entire life's work that you've worked towards and you got, you were abused, and so now you know for a fact. If green, whatever you say, it is never easy. The victim coming out and saying. Seeing these things happen to me, especially with somebody who's famous involved, your life gets fucking destroyed. He had a very high profile career owners very in eyes on him if he were to go after my so you mean tell me, because what would happen is that if he still ended up like getting getting, let off your whole sh over it's like it doesn't really matter. People are going to be like your snitch you're, a part of it. You are a part of a group of people that are like you're fucking with our money, because Michael Jackson's, an entire economy. He is
Oh yeah depends on the source of this talent for money, we're talking about a fucking. Ten percent of the music industry was like right. The living off of Michael Jack will, and not just that, so you have the economy in the financial terms, but then you also have people who really steak like their entire emotional well being based on Michael Jackson. When we talk about the trials now of the century, like Harvey Weinstein in these there or Cheering adoring fans with Michael was there when he was on trial. It wasn't five fifty and fifty nine thousand and ten it was one hundred percent, in support of Michael Jackson. It was success only unique public opinion was his side as opposed to what we see today. As far as Wade Robson goes as well. You know it's not just his career. He hadn't told him
also, can you like what Harvey Weinstein fans would look? He's got a lot of well where he had told his wife. He hello hold his mother. He had told his brothers are siblings. He hadn't told anybody about this, so he had a choice like either tell everybody this horrible secret or or sell, and he chose to salad like you chose to sell the lie? I it it is: it's the other party things of life. He lied under. Oh, oh, no, no one is Amber light in the history of human contacts, internal, so completely groomed him. You don't like that. We're in love the felt he felt like they were in love, because he was entirely hypnotized by Michael Jackson, tire experience and they're the with
Michael Jackson, two it's a key was, I believe in my head. Honestly. He was ten years old. I think, Michael Jackson, in his wife, because the way the all the mothers describe him the mothers, but I think that was a manipulation, but maybe maybe, but also, I think, the same time. He is not. I don't think he was a well man. I don't think that he, I think that obviously he's better file, but I think a part of it is that he was a he was. This is crystallized into this boy, hood thing and we went and he had what he felt real relationships with these children. The grooming you did all the I mean, obviously knew he was doing all right along Gaza's id, because what he wasn't ten years old, you know we was thirty. Thirty years over the usual cock, but no I mean, I honestly think that the more that that documentary showed him after the conversations that don't have it came up ready to Boogie man. His nose is falling off. Your body looks like Dan Aykroyd from nothing but trouble with control. Weird ask Noah's nose, but he's trying to keep up
illusion you know, but it's interesting, though, when you talk about the love, because I do think that safe Chuck and an Robson, they did love him and it's really difficult, and it reminded me of when people get out Scientology and they talk about L Ron Hubbard. They still can really criticized L Ron, Hubbard they'll, still be like a really good guy. That Scientology got a messed up a little bit along the way that he is a really good like it was. It is a cult leader. Yes, he is a call, a global cult leader, and does that mean that's what he was able to be the Pied piper of the world for children, but also, I think it do you look at the pattern of the kids that he had actual physical relationships with right. If you believe Wade, Robson and safe truck would like I do a part of it is that it seemed to be. He only visits, really crossed the line with the lower income. Kids that really really needed him, Michael Macaulay Culkin was in Paul yeah when they mail you sort out. Msl was just colleague, Corey Feldman was his colleague. He didn't sleep with them. He you
the use them literally, he had them as friends, they were friends, He never ride, one of them, the other ones. He knew that. Not only can we can have this and I can get my impulses out on this child, but also who's going to believe you, I'm also making entire life. I have made you move any from Australia to here away from your entire extended family. I have given you with all of this. You can justify that and once that's how he justifies his all of his actions that I am making this families life better, I'm bringing I'm bringing them up and range? I get your son, and once again his musical is going to premiere in Chicago. Can't wait, don't stop till you get enough you're going to want to check that out in no way really protests outside of it. It's going to be a smooth ride, but after the r Kelly thing too was the same thing. I'm watching all this chit I'll be fucking. You know like like penises inside out, just like we did all of a sudden, I'm doing dishes those trying to walk away from the television and just kidding
you can't be my God, you can be Jones Fan big, Jonesboro Yancey Jones' production fan well this actually no, this is beyond. This is interesting. This is Christopher wheeldon he's the Korea got a choreographer of don't stop till you not. This is what he has to say is as we all. We are all very clear that we don't want that. What? What would that we? What we are all very clear that we don't want this to be a concert or an impersonation chin show, we wanted to be a portrait of the artist, a man of contradictions that container with so much beauty his life like Michaels, so rich, dense and troubled, but they were these moments of great lightness. We're interested in celebrating, Michael and in breaking down his songs and really listening to them. So can you hear the tap dancing?
dancing around with. How do we sell this and I will say it again to what we've think we see a lot of last podcast if one percent of it is true yeah and one percent of it. If he just looked at that, kids butt hole. One till you know that's the sad they go into the great details of what the odds you know. We were talking about acceptance and, of course you know it. It makes your skin crawl because you know we have. You know that it's just it's devastating for these people. So man, it's all fun stuff. It's not good yeah. It is absolutely devastating and you know in the sense of fairness. I'd spent a long time today, looking through the Michael Jackson, truth hurts. You know, looking through all that type of shit and one of the biggest things they put forth, and we already addressed a couple of these things The biggest things they put forth is the FBI investigations like they investigate him for ten years and put out a three hundred page three hundred page report about an about Michael Jackson, never brought any charges like yeah, but did you read the
four did you see what was actually in there is in the report. There are multiple pages about a video cassette tape marked in part. This is what it's called Michael. Jacksons Neverland Favorites, an all boy, anthology like it's just name it. It's just called. I love pizza, it's honestly, this gear, your titles, like a scare, your twisted in the movie get out today when you really, I love pizza that would feed a pizza gate right back to where we started the f B. I went to the Philippines to talk to two former employees of the Neverland ranch. This couple that many just Neverland Ranch from nineteen, eighty, eight to nineteen. Ninety they left due to disagreements with other staff. They Name that you know they saw Michael Jackson fondle young boys on at least two occasions in
one thousand eight hundred and ninety three London agent. So this is from a daily beast article that pretty much summarized one thousand nine hundred and ninety three London agents forwarded LOS Angeles colleagues, a letter providing background information on articles that appeared in the UK press concerning a british National who alleges that Michael Jackson made an indecent telephone call to him during night. One, seventy nine. He's been doing this, for a few did that for a second, while I mean he had this thing worked out very well, I mean by that time you got to weigh in and save Chuck. You have. This thing worked out yeah because that that that's what you, because you don't think that was one of my first thoughts when we were I was watching the the beginning. The document is like you don't think about I'm doing this during the bad years. Like you, don't think about him, doing, beat it and molesting kids, you think about it during dangerous yeah. I know you were in the yeah speaking to a kid alone in your shower yeah. I know that's the saddest part about all of this. First of all, missed Rogers. We still have him yeah
just as well. Every time, every time a childhood heroes run amok, we still got Mister Rogers in his career. He is still not the only news that he gets is that he donated more money than we thought to people who are fighting the fires in California. Only the guy Fiete does donate food, but when it comes to how good this Michael Jackson could have been a great person yeah, could you know he could have helped out so many kids, little kids talk about during the days how much it was pure joy, he did, though he did help, but that's the thing he did it. He did it for nefarious reason. He did it's like an invoice for his crime. Exactly like basically was like this is the young and the yeah, and he, of course, did not molest every single child, but he came into contact with the time that Michael Jackson, still plantours, he's gotta. Do all the choreographic he's got to do with the king studio session? He came into contact with thousands upon thousands of kids and I'm sure a lot of them. They did
This know him as a kind kind man who came in paid for med. Call bells and entertain them and gave them great, but some of the best days of their lives, but the few kids that did not get that that got something entirely different that got into the next level yeah I got promoted yeah I mean I mean it just puts a really sad cloud like when he helped you know by the folks, a house for the family, like I just leave that one thing grows, but he does did he do it, for is for being a good person, He did not after the first accusations. Other members Michael he only- and this is something that I didn't remember. Michael Jackson only had one trial, two thousand five was the only time, He ever went to trial We go eat out the other, the other cases I paid off the case and in ninety three, and that played out perfectly further narrative, though, that they just want the money yeah. They played out perfectly and speak at ninety. Three, like the FBI, found a couple that had taken a train from Chicago to the Grand Canyon in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety two Michael Jackson.
Allegedly had four compartments on the train and Michael, was allegedly traveling with a twelve to thirteen year old boy who is aidid as Michaels Quote: unquote Cozen the document continues from the FBI report. Jackson was very possessive of the boy at night and the person who reported this questionable noises through the wall. Concerned enough to notify the conductor of her suspicions and before any allegations came out of this. Is that that really was made before any allegations or anyone said anything weird about Michael Jackson, kids. He only had one official trial, but he almost had to you know just just gets to a point where it's been like how many trials before you wonder what does and also after he got acquitted in two thousand and five. For two thousand and three whatever it was when he dancing on the van it's like he
one up and he's just like moon walking on the Van and he's like throwing things at people, and it's like a thing where you're, just like you know, if I had just near Rowley, are been it's a term by just narrowly been proven interested been proven innocent of child molestation. Could be a little like I just never. I want this to happen again. I think I would be a little bit low key. I mean I'm not saying they're gonna be like I'm not going to judge his reaction really because I mean who knows, but it's still it's just like it's a little bit like yeah. Well, I mean you really was and of course that's why Wade was so important for that and everywhere he went, he had a show. He had a crowd to put on a show for. So if you watch the very end in the credits, it's powerful when Wade
all the stuff that Michael Jackson gave him. Did you see that party burn like the hat yeah? I love and all this stuff, and it's almost like you should have sold its well. I know, honestly, I thought that he didn't. They think it did sell it because they were really he's just selling it to make money yeah. I think he's actually doing well financially weight problem. Yes, he is, I will say, and I wonder about paying out the other family. They shouldn't take that money, but give you put twenty, I think, twenty three hundred two million and they want to select twenty two million dollars talking. Does a lot of walking and talking it does it does it honestly you go to trial, I mean when mark Garagos is talking, it is horrifying when he, we are going to bring the hammer down on you. You were going to have a a justice team up your ass. If you, try to mess with Michael Jackson, they were Frick scary and it was like scarier than the mob. So if you're that family you're like let's just get in and get the hell out here, because this is going,
cost us a shitload of cash and they're going to destroy us they're going to destroy our lives in concerning the lack of evidence 'cause, they said the FBI rated Neverland Ranch and found no evidence it was. It was put forth in the documentary Michael Jackson knew how to get rid of evidence because remember the story when he try having anal sex with Wade, Robson yeah, I remember story, but when he fourteen and called him up the next day, and it was. Uh. You need to get rid of your underwear. Where did you but it did you throw away men yeah. You call called him and told you have to go, get rid of it and he went and got rid of it. So Michael, he was doing this for along by a good I mean by the time the FBI came By the time they write like that, he was so far beyond getting
Neverland Neverland Ranch is not the parks ranch in beautiful Texas. It was how many acres hundreds of acres, thousands. Of course, I think it was two thousand eight hundred acres able to to look at and it's kind of scared. You notice, like the front door, looks like a mouse with eyes. Yeah, it's old is scary. It's literally just Disney world. He made it did. Uh Disney fied on the inside. It's this little magical, get away from all society only for a children's imagination. That also opens message, but it also looks like someone's grandma's house yeah, it's getting fucking awful, because everything is displayed on those weird cabinets that, let's just like gold piping, it's just creepy. If you classy, I love that goal that everyone know and then we didn't even talk about his sham marriage to LISA Marie Presley. She had to kiss
him- and I visit was talk with Mark- is about this before it reminds me of the end of being a stranger, a like beagle assigned or, like you imagine like in you, think we're going to have to go. We definitely have to kiss the kiss one time on on camera, but I need to do is I'm going. Did you get on your knees because like a shorter man. I mean I don't like it might not like it. But honestly that was such a disgusting sham of a relation why and again. I don't think that stuff can really happen anymore. I know you Quincy Jones, the helper of a print out of a producer yeah, the age of the mega mega mega celebrity done is, is done like that when you watch people crying at this side of Michael Jackson, the huge throngs of people trying
get to a bike that just maybe in Korea like with K pop stars. Maybe that still happen as the beam gets a little, but nothing the way that it was not there. Not in that. Not that big a problem as you build these kind of cult of personality in then they can't be taught you Michael creatures, he's a in because he need very center of all this Michael Jack. Still like a guy. He was still this. This dude, I don't have it's, not sympathy, but I understand that his life, he signed himself over. He was a victim of Virb use. I know that that that's how it always trickles down, which is like he basically put it on everybody else and It's really unfortunate! It's just! It's really with the way the whole story about that, but he's dead now, so he doesn't get what he got out. He
who's poran. He fucking died essentially alone, surrounded by she was murdered by his fucking doctor. I don't he was not murdered by his dad. He was murdered by his job. The doctor thought I think that he actually seemed like he was you kind of just wanted to check out. I think he just said she's like I think he I think he just started kind of getting hammered. He realized that the kids all that sham all like having the kids which, by the way, the like he just if you actually his real complexion in real life, those kids have any melanin melanin melanin whatsoever. So I don't know what Debbie Rowe was doing. I don't know how I have no idea, what the hell. That's all it's, it's very! It's all other things. He really now will, with R Kelly were going ABC a little bit of ' that's a whole nuther free scanner. Guy he's going down. I just that interview with. Let him go on the like. I can really. I could- and I imagine his lawyer, the city,
hour long argument that had to happen is like don't do it? Don't do it, no, I don't I don't it's not going to any just yells and yells and finally the bucket go it go ahead and do it. And then it just puts it, puts it just guaranteed. That interview is one of those things like when you could point to the moment. It's like that's why you, we're spend with you, people are going love me they're, going put me on camera, and you know what I believe. He's got like a logical problems very whole. A whole bunch of help probably help the guilt. King is not going to be able to give him yeah so yeah. That was another thing so anyway. Well, I'm glad that I don't have to watch a documentary. I am so happy to be done with it, leaving Neverland it's important check it out. It is it changes. You know, there's a lot of radio stations election. We pull the this music We all this kind of stuff that you know that that's something that'll will be
debate now, and you know I mean I don't know that that's one of those weird conversations ratio and like you know I don't really have it in you- can talk with Michael Jackson. You literally cannot avoid Michael Jackson. No, he even even Wade was talking about how sometimes he's at a bar and hill. Here Michael Jackson, Song Hill and start tapping his toe. This would a truck and he starts to his That's right! That's Michael Jackson, then I gotta go like it's so in our culture, it's so marbled in, like that sweet, Kobe, beef. So it's going to be interesting. Do you think? Do you think Weird AL is going to do fat anymore honestly I hold allowed it should be allowed in. He can because fat, yes we would like here now they continue to play back weird now my Michael Jackson, yeah. Well, that's hi, Michael. Does he made his career? Need it and it's bad that they have for years. I preferred it you
it in fact to beat it in bad. I know it shows a lot about my taste. I know it says a lot about who I am as a person is just to do this to me. I don't care what the board like. That's just it's bad, doesn't make me. Laugh no. It also makes me belly laugh and it's funny because he's eating all that food that he's fat ohmygod though, I'm sure some people are like. That's that's bad creation, AL, but a I l gets a pass on whatever he does, because all he tries to do is bring true joy to people without some secret discussed in hidden. Have you got for less sick like a sell out? oh right. Leaving Neverland check it out. You know, and of course I don't like to mention it too much but growing with all those children that were molested in foster care. You know it's very serious and so get if you experience that go and go through the process,
because you know it's interesting when you hear safe, Chuck and wait talk about you know, hapiness, they say anus. They say these things very specifically, but that's therapy yeah. That was them. You could tell that they have gone through because they broke him better they're in a world of like this is turmoil for for the foreseeable future. For that yeah? They also need all the open up the whole CANA weren't. So now they are, they are now targets yeah home and you were we'll see we're we'll see how it pans out for them. I hope that the I hope that they can continue to be strong in the face of all Yes, I also like. I also get that you love Michael Jack, it's very common. I know that there are people are going to listen to this and get upset 'cause. They will defend Michael Jack, This is the very end and you're going to say that there are liars, but it gets to a point where how many people have got to say the words and we'll get? You really think that they're saying this because it's fun and they're making a bunch of money, but even even the guys, mostly weighed though he still loves
Michael Jackson. It really is it's Lrh. It just reminds me of a cult leader where they just can. Never they can't break their brain away from it still because it's so happens at such a formidable time in their lives. So that's leaving Neverland, I technically you don't even have to watch it now because this was gonna be full of spoilers, but it's it's interesting and sad and you should definitely Take a look at it to see. For yourself, I really that you should obviously we've always be trying to do more on last podcast on the left, which is like you, your research go, walk the walk and see what you say. Obviously you you will just believe people or not like, but that is just that's how it is Jen are in this world that we're in right now, I'm choosing to believe people, because you have to If we look at the language level just think about it, yeah well think about it. It's like yeah, it's not bad.
I mean it, it's it's it's a big with Wade and especially with Wade Robson. So it seems like there's a lot of gray year like there's a ton of great it's not as simple as he told the truth back then, and he's lying now, it's great! It's all fuckedup it sorry. That is the one, because that's why I kind of lean towards the James, Safe Chuck story, Becaus that I really feel for him. It gives a good thing he didn't really. He didn't get them Michael Jackson bump. No, that Wade Robson got like he wade. Robson owes his career to Michael Jackson, and you could see He tried so violently to protect him in the beginning, but then it's also weird. The way he kind of comes out now is also very intense, and I, but also I wonder if he came out now: 'cause. He had the security of HBO fuqing backing you, and you got oh, my God dude coming out and saying that you know that they got themselves some insurance on that that is going to. I can't even imagine how much that doc was to ensure
anyway, so there there that is leaving neverland check out that interesting, a sound answer. Neverland never go cool, looking place, though I'll steal a joke. Hills. Dale told me a really funny joke where she said she comedian and she said a very funny joke where she said the best part of a documentary seeing all the interiors being able to see all their stuff in that area. You heard us talking about hymns and how they're helping guys look their best if you haven't yet it's time to see what they're all about you guys know. We cover a lot of scary subjects on this show, but here's the scariest fact I've ever come across sixty percent of men start to lose their hair by age. Thirty, five worst of all, once you've noticed ending it can be too late. I know seeing your hairline start to move backwards and spotting a bald spot on photos might be something you want to ignore, but take it from me the best Prevent more hair loss is to do something about it. While you still have some, if you want to
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yeah, so you have to save Mart Motors or bears of whatever he lost this in a jeep race. He gave it to him money, and then that was in twenty eighteen and that record, or CD, just sold for one thousand five hundred dollars, so Burzum still got it If the hundred bucks it was the thirty the it was, the 19th highest purchased auction object. This month on this on Discogs Discography is fuqing serious. What is Discog, it's just a place where you can buy records and its place where you buy like used records, you don't believe in buying records online. I will
every once in awhile, but I like to hunt like I really love the hunt. I've never bought anything off of Discogs, usually what I use Discogs to go and check it out and see what the market prices. So I don't make sure I'm not overpaying for always tell Mark he's always out there hunting it vinyl stores he just get on Google Amazon and do to Ebay and he's just like. I know it's cheating, but I always see it's about the hunt. It that's half the fun of it is going out and finding it alright. So, let's move on to a little bit of a different subject from everything we've talked about so far, because This is here with us. What we're trying to do is this exciting. We have markets here. It's really nice because it does sort of feel like you know like, because we're just too we're like the bad brewers are voice that right with a bad bruise boys, your rocksteady, I'm I'm hermaphrodite. What's his name meeting! Thank you first, one mark this is our April O'Neil? Who and soon, as
it's my number. They pull news with the turtles. That's totally wrong would be by rocksteady. I don't wear to me now. I don't wear yellow. I just think about April O'Neil, okay and I'm sorry I put that on. You, because you also sort of have the same, is not you to great haircut. Thank you, it's the same haircut is that your little has from the teenage mutant. Ninja turtles movie, the movie yes, but she's. Rarely her in the movie red hair, curly long really long read, wanna have sex with me. No, I don't wanna part of it is that we wanted to do. Is that with having the secondary side stories each week? Part of what we'd like to do is I'd like a little mini deep dives into tiny little topics that interest us this week. We talk far too much about MJ for me to talk about my bullshit that a bug and Marcus is got so bullshit to see,
playing with Steven necessary like a mini, deep dive. It's just something that I ran across that I found really interesting 'cause. One of the things we don't really get to talk about a whole lot on the show is transhumanism explain what humanism is transhumanism is essentially the belief that we can go beyond our frail human bodies, I'm going to have such a crazy ergonomic funding medical stop and legs, but I'm going to keep my top path normal 'cause. I like my top yeah that won't be horrified yeah. I mean it's a very lowest level. Transhumanism is an artificial limb at its highest. Transhumanism is uploading, your brain to the cloud over him. Then everyone knows: what's in your brain, it's much horrible. We speak for six hours a week. Everybody already knows in our fucking rhino that I don't know if I want to upload it in the cloud, though, is it safe enough that I want to know what I found
out, and you know just kind of browsing. The internet is that the sum of the people that are at the forefront transhumanist movement right now? Mormons the Mormon people, yes, Mormon, Transhumanism, 'cause people, a lot of religions, hate transhumanism. They get it's like the what the one of whatever they want to identify that week as the mark of the beast yeah. Of course, no transhumanism in the mark of the beast, like those two things go hand in hand, and I get where they're coming from, because even the you know the press, the the chip it's imprinted into your hand, that's transhumanism I know yeah did you have the chip stupid little? Whatever the the factory in Wisconsin. Whoever wants to get their chips quicker. We've talked about this before they put the chip in their hands, so they can get chips there at lunch, so yeah, but it makes sense, I guess do you well Mormon Transhumanists, and this is from a great New Yorker article that I read Mormon transhumanist believe
that science can bring about. The quote realize in of diverse prophetic visions of transfiguration, immortality, resurrection, renewal of this world and the discovery in creation of world without end they The coming leaps in science and technology will help us realize the more and promise of achieving perfect immortal bodies and becoming God So now I have a question why the hell did Mitt Romney open with this in twenty twelve? How crazy would be showing a big exo skeleton being like? Aren't I closer to Jesus? You are technically absolutely. This is kind of a cool side of Mormonism because as Henry Lutu Evangelicalism totaly again I know some people who said if they get cancer they're, not even seeking treatment. They refuse that side of it that science Medison that kind of stuff, because they think it may some further away from God takes them further away from God, but I guess the Mormon more Let's have a different idea now more in Mormon religion, we I mean we
threatening this when I think that's going to be vaguely soon. We want to do a deep dive into more minutes and we want to talk about its origins, because it has a cult origins with the really fucking interesting with John Smith, fucking talking to prophets doing all ship, the actual occult works. He was a stew a vehicle, but Mormonism in the very end is the is that you get your own planet. Thank like you fly up the sky, an essential you become a a light being, as has been described by like the pulley Etienne's for many years it was of Smith. Just sounds like you might have in a trippy kind of guy he's very he's closer to age, very close, Alaric, yeah close l, R. It's definitely a con man huge com and got arrested for being a con man. I think like a year or two before he's like I found the golden plates. No well. If on the golden plates, we the Mormons have a saying, as God
now is man may be yeah resumes on yeah, and so I got more and more minutes of actually been at the forefront of like technological breakthroughs throughout the year. Like one of the developers of television was a Mormon, the guy who created by the first or help create the first word. Processor word perfect was a Mormon, the people at Rei omega. Those people were Mormon, the guy that made a synthetic diamond, the artificial heart, the electric traffic light, the all these people were I didn't say all their time: fuckin' and drink it yeah. Maybe now I don't know, we've been to Utah and I think they do a bit at the drinking with our friends in Utah that we have they do it, but they kind of you know They lose. The ldl I know it is, of course, then I'm not going to I'm not going to mock an entire religion here, but I can definitely tell Mormons created the atory 'cause they're like this
pretty excited. Look at how fast it was the poet just watching watching Pongo. How does it stay on the screen? Visitation of speed is too much for me. Same as that, Mormonism like the Mormon beliefs, can be plugged into Transhumanism's 'cause. That's what the guy that's kind. The forefront this guy named Lincoln Cannon, who seems like a very very nice gentleman uh sort of notice that these ideas of being able to live with your family and the after afterlife. Transhumanism like ideas like the cloud could easily be plugged into that, whereas all of you are uploaded to the cloud all of your memories and feelings, and all that you're all uploaded to the same server you're on a family server in it also plays in with the Mormon idea of being able baptize someone after they're dead, because that is a more
idea. Is that if so, you can baptize some, you can bring someone into Heaven. That's how you get your gets. Yeah! That's how you get your freaking bring yeah. You can bring someone into Heaven, so you know that works with a transhumanist entrance humanism, as well as like being able to plug someone who's already dead into your server. So just a little channeling, my inner George Nori here when it comes to the cloud the brain, how they get How do out 'cause? That's just going to be the things that we have publicly said or I mean how do you get what's actually because everyone simply real, weird stuff going, So let me let me try to explain so basically what they are in the middle of their several several layers to this. One thing that we're trying to do is physically map the actual meat of the human brain, using computers right, basically building a computer That is the same amount of what they would say
are neurons and all the kinds of green is basically a gigantic physical representation which they've been trying to do for years. Basically, what they said is that what we have to do is build. The road map of the brain is literally all of the transmitters that would take too put into a room into a thing that would actually be the physical brain, then the idea is that every part of our personality that we now know are. They are bits of information. There are things that you can from just the day to day conversations they're saying a lot of white, that's kind of what Facebook will probably end up being really sort of a database of your personality. Then they will sell this information to but he that will use this to make a sort of aggregate of your personality that they can make two ones and zeros that they plug into these are artificial brain and essentially it would map out who you are and that's that's one version of it. The other version is, do you do, they have cereal they have, but they have services already that you can go and you can journal yourself. You basically right your
I thought you do videos of yourself. You build a bigger and bigger version of it. We would you begin ones and zeros could use some form of thing like these new, deep fake, a software or whatever the fuck that should is. They would use that to also sort of create a version of yourself and so now the theory that is, you never die. You have eternal life, and then I guess yeah but are you? Are you a conscious in there? You know I mean it quite cool, that's the question, because then you start getting the theological debate of what is a soul. You know and it goes on and on you know what is this all? What is a person? What is human yeah and and that's what? But what for me, is really fascinating, like this sounds like something out of transmetropolitan bad. This is with this. This is for the most correct, like the Mormon Transhumanist Association sounds like somebody, spider Jerusalem would yell at you, like you know like say what you will about the Mormons. I don't really care all. I know
I like these people's ideas and like that seems like the right track for the future. What we would need if we need to watch it Marty. The point of Marty is a slow go. And our scheme of a slow roll getting people used to seeing robots. I believe editions of power will they aren't. They are our servants, but they just happen to be specifically physically stronger than uh. Right and then you would have to be in touch him. You can't not yet, but I will you know you can't touch him quote unquote by the fucking rules of giant foods, but if they funcking gets in my shyt, I'm going to touch you I'm going over, but Norman Transhumanist Association like it's not I mean these aren't like hardcore lds. People like there are definitely like it majority LDS, but there are atheists involved. There are people of other faiths involve like everyone is pretty much welcomed. Like the who wrote the new Yorker article went to one of their meet ups and she said it's. It was. By Sunday School really sounds really mean either sit around in there. You know talking about
Isaac, Asimov and Phillip, Philip K, Dick and all this shit and then like bringing in all but then bring in like Mormon ideals to it and trying to put it all together. Like it's this great mix, I mean it's also like I mean it also share stuff with the occult, so it 'cause it's like mix and match that makes him a culture like. Let's put all these things together and find out what it is that makes us happy interest, you can't let the Mormons define the transhumanists culture seems like they're doing we do it. I don't know Lincoln Canon seem that he seems like a very a very nice guy and there's about in their growing every single year, like I read a few articles, 'cause there's every, here's. Someone writes an article about these people they've been around since, like the early two, thousands when people start talking to each other on the internet and a year. The number is based well there's only about four hundred MTA members, there's only about seven hundred MTA members. Now there's like one thousand, so they keep growing. Every single year and getting more and more people in united people 'cause, you know, there's a lot of people out
of course, that have a lot of problems with the Mormon church called the Mormon Church is horribly fun. There are legends in the harbor a lot of predators. They are hiding their power yeah. Well that just look no further than than the flds. You know his story has yeah, as always with an aunt and all that, but you know it. It does Have some of the like it does have like LDS people in it, but you know it's people that are looking for that kind of, I guess fellowship finding it here and finding it in a positive way. It's kind of cool. I like that issue that I've been talking about for years that I feel like I have received flak for on this show and on site stories, where you have it. Yeah. How did you make yourself a victim in this episode? You're ignorant and reason browse, but a part of it is the. I really believe that they are bad their hacking into it, but this is the way we will evolve. Yeah
The combination of our psyches with the robotics world, with electronics apart that is building literally the physical version of what is already psychically available, which will eventually be revealed with science. So this idea that we already on gigantic network. We are connected to each other by energy, psychically they're, going to build the essentially the the physical arm of that, and I really do believe when all of that comes together That is the only way we will evolve and the only way we could. We just have to make it then they're going to make they're going to put your personality inside of Marty's only around the giant foods can be horning aboard. Well, I don't know if you can put it on if we don't If we blow ourselves up before then then as it were ahead and um route, we're using all the science redemption it that's where we got
we got to be thinking towards a goddam, starts so there's two paths. There's that path. There's the the path towards you know, intelligence and then there's the you know is: if we do survive, there's either the advancement path or there's the collapse. Pass yeah and the collapse path is when no electronic yeah that's. It is extremely Possum yet, which is more likely at this point, much more likely where human civilization collapses most of us die, but humanity do does continuum. We evolve on a different path, they will be tried, but in It actually transhumanism was coined by Julian Huxley, who is also the founder of the World Wildlife Federation. Yeah Anile goes Aldous, Huxley's, brother, very cool Wildlife Federation in some weird and some weird
handles should going on with money right now. I know it's really I've seen it will then give it back to the wrestling give it back. Honestly. I love animals, but do they really have a scandal going on there's something going on with like selling pandas for sex or something like that, something something like I'm going to call slander, Phuc Toucans breaded with a bigger asshole, I'm like oh, ok and trigger tired, sad, tired, all right? Well, I guess that's, basically, all the time we have for today. I suppose I love that I want to do more in transhumanism. There's also because there's a weird christian sect of people that are also really upset about the day. Have this phantom idea that the US government is trying to combine humans and animals, and it's like idea of building like dog people and like monkey men for armies and stuff, which I'm not saying it's like a bad idea.
We could see it. I think they're going to go more with the robots they're already doing that I mean, if you want to the real robots they're, not at the supermarket, around the battle grounds in Afghan, but it's cool. I like the idea of an automated, it's very scary, a man we gotta. Do we gotta, Do you like all the wrong ideas, knowing how you gonna play horizon zero dawn? but honestly more video games, Titanfall two. No, I incredible. No I've been playing a lot of Siv five and I'm becoming more and more of a despot within my own home. That's great! in mine, craft and building things. I don't think I'm now playing with the Celts right now and I am a I'm, a female, impersonal, pretty congrats, pretty cool Alright, everyone will thank you all so much for listening to this exciting first kind of Marcus tradition. Yeah, I mean on side stories towards the end of the month. I hope we just don't like. Maybe the we don't have to talk about Michael Jackson
like for a while. They don't have to talk about him at all now anymore, ever again, ever again, yeah we can just zip it washes over you. It's just it's Is the term cancelled, he's cancel, cancel. I don't think so. He's too big there's going to be there's always going to be. There's always going to be a large part of people that never believe and then there is going to be a large part of a large section of the population that won't care. You know where will forget Marcus? You clapped back so he said, he's cancelled and you did a clap back and said. Can I have no how's it, but can we just call it a response? Clap back sorry buddy is about a response. Within a conversation, I don't make the rules. I say this on the show this on the show I'm going to try not to dance to a Michael Jackson Song ever again there you go buddy, good luck. With that? Alright everyone. Thank you all. So much for listening can't wait to see you in well. We got our show here at the Bell House. This will be Tuesday.
Those are already sold out, but we can't wait to see everyone. There is national, yet Pittsburgh, I think, there's still a couple of tickets in Pitts. Riggins get out there and buy him they're going real fast though there was small little kerfuffle with the website. As always, so we got Pittsburgh, we got Nashville, we got Adiane and Cleveland cannot wait to see you all It's going to be really nice to get back out there and spread our fly a flyer. Windsor RD hear the word: I don't know, that's why I didn't want to say it. I know as soon as as soon as you said, it is like the judges wrote a series of words for the week, but speaking of this art or coming out response by adults, This is a little show and we've heard about it. The face is going to Hell in the is it Sars. A live leave just big breasted, comedic actor. And who is just one of my favorites is when your favorite is one of my favorite. If not my absolute favorite perform
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no, not on any. No, he didn't no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No, and you can actually watch all of the past live if you two they're all there on Adultswim dot com. They said well we're paying the money, so you might as well just show everything to everyone yeah, and it's really so I have been doing, that now three years three years, even more yeah, it's like a lose a lot of his own yeah. I've been three years three years this summer that we've been doing that so feel free to hang out with us. Whenever you want all right, everyone think it's meant a lot to you, God so nice, you guys those to the show in their eyes perfect supporting us. As always, I'm really looking forward to our next so last podcast left is working on a series. Now that is, you won't have heard of it. Probably we're talking about it, but this is one of the oldest true crime stories. I have read yeah. I am so fucking excite,
because we've been doing. Is you know for how many years have we been doing heavy hitters? How many years nine now for real. As far as like heavy hitters go quote: heavy hitter, six I'd I'd, say yeah, so we've been doing heavy hitters for six years, but we're really can do is we're going to have. We have some really good heavy hitters plan for this year, but we're trying to do is more of the smaller hyper, interesting, true crime story, which kind of what we did in the tradition of Katherine Knight and Mark Twitchell. This next series, I'm, I can't Alright you'll be an the inside the park home run. We don't need all be berry. Vons right. You want to do and inserting bonds as the asterisk doesn't he know mark Mcguire. Now they all do I missing for Us Sammy soy. Sarah was the greatest time in baseball there. I said it, I said: give it back there. I said it give it back this year we so precious about everyone was doing it. So technically it was still parents, Armstrong was an american hero. I agree, I said oh wait, a bad way to stop that
I actually, I kind of agree with that man. He worked really yeah. He did. He works. Play really hard. Too little bracelets there, which actually didn't. I hope that wasn't total. No, I mean it did what it had to do, but he only I mean you know it's hard to ride a bike But it really is. I can't write one now. I know you can't very easy to ride a bike. No try to do it now polish body over here all right. Everyone. Thank you for listening, Hayler, so they'll think again, modest elation. Hail me tell me, alright, never go with the popstar anywhere without your parents and let's go only go to see them perform, oh no. If you can visit with them, do that sounds great. That sounds fun to watch, though there are always exhausting if a grown and requests to sleep in the same bed as your child, hey You think about it, no give it up
not today, that's a good way to put it on 'cause he's not today, because then you don't you're not taking a hard. No do not insult me like well, I were just she's ramble on today is my name. Is Jackie Zebrowski and my name small enough fun, and we are here to tell you about a little show in the last podcast network called page seven. We give you the goings on and who's a what's. It stand pap culture and celebrity done every week, but let's be real. We mostly talk about sexy, celebrity daddy's and what we're excited about tv and movie wise with markets and other hosts of the lpn network. It's a weekly sleepover without the big hand, make out so please check out page seven, it's like side stories, but with the Lazydays. That's absolutely not true! There's! No! crime or aliens or serial killers, but it's rife with positivity and fun, and celebrities and cats
come, have a smile with us check out page seven on the last podcast network. I think, if might like it this show is made possible by listeners like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot.
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