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Episode 361: The Devils of Loudun Part II - And That's a Promise

2019-04-22 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series on the Devils of Loudun, we get into the witch trial of Urbain Grandier and the horrific torture that he endured in the lead up to his execution. 

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There's no way to escape. Tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started, so badly wanted to see the devil's right, because you were, you said there was a slight You gotta see this this thing's wild and, as we saw that she was like No, I was banned issues like KEN rustles, not touch her right off. I don't think he's a touch. Her thinking any grip, and I don't think so now that the devil's, the movie, that is, of course, yet it's the movie based up the book, the Devil's of Sudan, but I dont think CAN Russell was doing anything I regret that it was the seventies, so I'm not gonna like. I have no idea what happened and I think this matter, but there's a scene where she was so we're watching it. Robson cuts to Spain is the scene or Oliver
read as Jesus Christ and he spoke a nail to the crossings, making o o weird like sex noises. What I fight against nails and he's visibly hammered throughout this whole moving Of course he pulls himself off the nails and then, in the main, none comes up to him. Stress not fuck it hard. I cannot let you know when you see people's t hit some slack each other in he's full Jesus for gaily announced like who she starts going Fuckin south right, we're both like. Oh, my god, she's, u spot the fuckin start. Allowing Jesus Christ rate within then she sticks her tall. In his side wound it just has to do with carlini now was like happy Easter. Two hours
Emily literally well, that's not healthy at all, and of course, if you do watch that movie, Oliver Red looks exactly like Jack black for not child labour, which is quite bizarre. I dont know why they did that everyone log into the lash about gas on the left. I am Ben guess all staring at the beautiful tee. And phase of mark is park soon, and we have the recently Honeymoons Henry's eyebrows. He and beautiful, sunny LOS Angeles, your you, what I have no idea how powerful this movie the devil's is. It is both a river. That's the only way I can really describe it, boner epoch in a way that is so deeply satanic. It's just such a celebration of nuns, Bush hair. Sounds like you, end of rotten tomatoes, give it seventy five percent and bad, not patrol and this is rock in seventy five percent. What's because another, but trouble only has little deaf
would you know in the devil's, has the big devil and theirs one scene where this fucking there's a nun, straggling a candle drew in bright light she's like straightaway to come by, and then this is a real life. These are actors too, because isn't seventy, so these are real people doing it. She's licking the flame of the handle, as she goes and almost like. I want to go to a party with this woman. Well sounds like a fire hazard. It sounds like a great white conference about to go down and everyone's gonna die in a bar. That's burning larger Ebro just quickly here he made it review. He wrote a review about this movie and this is a quote from Roger Ebert Reverie Review. He says I didn't, but anyone else, but frankly I left this. My theatre feeling like a new, a different and yes, a better person. He goes on, say the poisons of our political system had been drained
for me as Henry had erected evidently Roger Ebert, like a spiritual experience. Where did just now them grind it on Jesus Christ. You look like an alcoholic and it was like now. I understand Capitalism- he came his khakis launching it had. I can also hear might offers saying all absolutely draw draw her. Explorer, do part, do of the Devils Lou dawn. So when we last left urbane grungy air, is it grandeur, Grand yea, I think its grand J Grand The liquor on this was Brandi a so when we last left or bane the conspiratorial cabal of enemies made up of people. He pissed off throughout his time as parish, priest of Lou. Don't we're doing their damnedest to bring charges of witchcraft against the Parson
not so many. These creep avoid socket mad they're all creep results when you will look at all all of the different color, the coterie of different type of a friend, to get cross I'd psychopath and he made a creepers Lloyd's. Indeed, don't stand them up very good. Thank you. Wait! A second. Are you a sixteen year old girl with a Navy banks? I heard yes, it is another loud sounds like what I accidently see your car crash out. You can use it that, but, as Huxley points out, it's important at this juncture to get a sense of exam, really what the legal statutes behind witchcraft and the early seventeenth century actually worth, at least in a broad european sense. Back then a which was legally find in England, ass quote a person who hath conference, with the devil, to consult with him or to do
some act so Euro, which either, if you kill a priest, name of, say, more order, a pizza same rusty, anything any any relationship at all. A conference with the devil, just a conference. So even if you did like a Skype had allowed while, but before sixteen o, for that person could only be executed for being a which, if they ve been using witchcraft for the purposes of physically harming another person. But after the Witchcraft ACT of sixteen O. For anyone invoked, evil, spirits or communed with familiar spirit such as imps demons are fairies, were required to be executed and much of Europe followed suit, at least legally. I e the isles of thing it's. I think it's interesting that the UK had to come up with like the legal basis for forgetting them that all of this book,
all of this like going after essentially the cool, is pervious smartest, most modern people, the era and burning them to death like if you still haven't like find him guilty in a court of law. Absolutely there's a process here, nervous, if not totally. Yes, I just people rationalizing there completely bat, shake crazy ideas, its legal. This is a fun time for politics, though the witchcraft, the witchcraft you disgust, that is very far you dollars. Politics and sports is another sheet, but of course, which hunting was nothing new winner. Bang Grand J was accused in sixteen thirty four. It partly been kept alive by the publication of a book that have been written almost a hundred and fifty years, but or the malice meloth carom a k, a the hammer
of Witches Gray Vulcan Slog Rock Album title, but it's not as metal, because this was used to kill a lot of fuckin checks with their pets out and guys that got a bunch of people mad because they were being too funny. Did people know they were being so cool like when it comes to hammer of which is like did they know that could be a hot topic, shirt and five hundred years like did they realise that they were? The true suburb of our civilization. They idea. I think that packaging was a part of it. They understood that the message was being like it has to be scary, the malady smell of caramels thick ass book to that you could not only get a punishment for which out of it, but you could
also just look indicator in a uterus when my goodness maybe was covered in human skin. It was now bound been human flowers have not enabled of shadows our right now, as we mentioned before. Molly s mouth Carom was a kind of guidebook for hunting prosecuting in executing witches. Although it was not an official church document, it was still seen credible by many, partly because it was written by a catholic clergyman. Even though the churchyard corner quote officially discredited it yeah like be officially discredit, suckin little boys penises, but the habit keeps isn't that interested the Pope, kids kisses people's feet. Do they watch and lick between us toes is a bit like how old are you steed, wonderful, oh, my goodness, and tell the late seventeenth,
entry, inquisitors and magistrates or still inspecting people for superfluous nipples or, as they call them little teats? That's why they call me a day in day care what they pushed readout took. Mattel off me made what about being a little seeds? That's gonna, curiously land, before tire of everyone in the whole was a dinosaur. Instead, they were boobs. The little PETE's would be used by the witch to suckle his or her familiar, usually like a cat or a toad, and if the person were to be found with one of these little t spend MA, am you got a witch and that person could wind up dead on the stake? Wegg Marcus aren't the up. You love Carolina, oh yeah, I mean you're internally sexually attracted to Caroline. Oh yeah were bound,
but I know you don't like frogs hate him, but if she did have a couple, a little teeth and frogs were hanging off oversights. Would you still make loved her at that moment and there are going to America's I've. Some summit decided milk markets do problems with that and in it the frogs were permanently attached, the teeth than we find a way around it. But in other words I would polite we ask to remove the fraud will are talking frogs. It sounds like I ask of you had spoken horrible nightmare thanks for that hold out here. Are these so are these little teats? These are separately. The actual teeth? Yet their supper will mean that Louis nipple yet exports Louis net nipples.
I think it somewhere around nine percent of the population has superfluous nipples. Some people have like four or five years can all over their bodies. So then you are charged with witchcraft and in modern time you just get to go and the Howard Stern, oh yeah, I remember- was there a guy called like puppy man that have not yet a member is something like that, but the teeth and all that that's just the wacky pre game stuff, the real injustices came in the trials part of the Molly Malta Carom states that the testimony of any witness whatsoever could be admitted as evidence, no matter how outlandish or ridiculous that meant that Gaza, hearsay and dreams could be taken, as fact in a court of law. You think that this was true, because the the idea of
music somebody at the witch yours calling him a which is is so intense in the first place that being like. If we have already started this, which proceedings everything's fair game, because it so difficult to get the ball rolling. While I think it's that talking about something that is inherently supernatural. So, if you're talking about something that suit supernatural, that it only follows that the evidence that would be port put forth would also be so. We're natural, yet it didn't, have a lot of open MIKE's back then setting a thirteen year old boys just wanting to be funny looking for a crowd. The best way to get this crowd, this core rumours stacked with people. I got a great which bear that. I want to run if it's a good five minutes, and maybe I can get this woman killed as well as other far up it be like if Casper, which trying to accuse slender man molesting the evidence
This would be disgusting, and it would also be fake forgot that edited cartoon cartoon working have sex with slender man, gas. You oughta come down to my house watch all day, but not of no sooner more, more, not dad, says you're bad hang around with no way me. What am I a certain way, though, careful gas, but be careful, but the part that was specifically important case of obeying Grand J was the decree that witness could even be a demon huh speaking through the person that the demon possessed in effect, one could have. The devil himself testify find by proxy in one's trial. No, do they swear on the Bible, or do they have some sort of satanic book? How do you swear in the devil? Not this create quite
paradox, considering how christian Doctrine named Satan as the Father of lie, but this concept was central to the prosecution of grand. Yet in this case, every morsel that came from the mouths of non steering exorcisms was twisted and interpreted to always name Grand J as the one who would put these poor nuns through the demonic pace. But the thing was most of the clergy and most people of the court. While they did believe in what craft did not necessarily believe in which hunting and lawyers especially hated witchcraft cases, because there are two stick- you couldn't convict Alla time and that at the time, and also the catholic Church who start no look like a not good for them to be burning, people say that you're trying to shift into a new nicer, softer side of the catholic church at this time period, but you gotta look the screaming women cry and as they bow alive in the town square, all of a sudden like, maybe that we need to do
the channel. So it's up the programme in a little bit, maybe get American into warrior on Sunday, but if you're a prosecutor, you know they always want to have someone understand that is real wolden, I mean the devil. I mean come on out of their Michael Cohen, my prosecutions, one having the devil. That is your talking about the christian slant version of the devil where he is the prince of lies are actually he's the only one who could tell the truth, but unfortunately the devil. A lot of times have call him upon a witness on a crime or at the middle of a trial. It will be just be me:
a devil, Halloween cost your billing three other things I they will be. I will go through them all jokes see most educated people. The time when it came to grant aid didn't believe that he was the commander of the legion of demons that was out to abuse the good sisters Lou down just because you get a kick out of it. But France was an absolute monarchy and King Louis, the thirteen and the queen, and were very much believers in burning the witch and as far as the upper echelons of the clergy went, they were split. The bishop, Bordeaux, the one who like to fuck just as much as grand J. He was onset of innocent sea, while the Bishop of Portiere, who was of a decidedly more conservative, bent, thought Grand Yea was a sorcerer. Gordo was come inside of of people having sex with them, but what the ay
was common watching people bird may, I think same shit yeah these these puritanic people. They seem to have much more of a bloodless. They have a lot more of a bloodline, they're, not fuck it. I guess not. The Bishop of Port Yea was actually believer in Huxley called the sorcerer's mafia, wherein every class of society in every town and village held hidden, witches and wizards, who were all all working together for Satan's cause, say a door. Well, the remaining resources. Marbre me Tom. I know I have cocoa assessment, rain, Johnny Crust our data odd great Judy. Bulgaria is a happy big I'll. Tell you what it's the bit we are forced to live in.
I can see the source you're my source, sorcerer, sorcerer, sorcerer mafia, going against the real mafia who would win? Who knows, I have to say the sorcerer's when could be, I mean, if anything that they do is actually real guns. Real yoga, mafia guys sit around and clubs eaten pastries, unlike stare at truck. You don't have the lot of my normal mafia. Guys do a thing resorts to your mafias. I mean, I guess you do the same thing. They do it in. Like bigger hats, yeah, that's true! I did also think that you know the whole of the Harry potter problem could have been solved with a sniper rifle absolutely on either side of Gore, we'll get wipeout Harry Potter, Harry
Potter was the flicker problem, no Harry. I was there. I was actually more think and wipe out Voldemort issue, arguing with a kill. More does not have an unknown. He has no it oh, he has no knows, though we just a year, you just sin Harry Potter to train with a sniper rifle for a while, and then he just fuckin cut him down for about two hundred yards away sweet and it's like the scene from Fuckin J F K from all of her stone. We're just him. Just like sweating Tori, like us, are spreading six months in cuban wizard assassination skull ultimately arrive, but back in lieu down some were beginning to push back the idea that grandeur was guilty, the chief majesty you're, all their Sarah say had further investigated the case after the enemy incident and found the now
we're not in fact possessed, but we're only suffering from delusions made worse by the public. Exorcism I have come to believe is the chief magistrate that Semi Opposition Feral Tribune like Wales, that they put it said Debray. Turks of some of these pair switch nerds has in fact, in some way, Maisie Programme where I have been there were sailing everywhere. So much, none drip, every all over Europe Getthem intrigue gain kind about a french Charles Ing there. I like it. I like it very much the enema of our power give his man anathema wherever that. So the chief magistrate or exorcist me known in Bahrain to stop immediately, but the bishop of Portiere stepped in and wrote letter that the exorcisms must contain, but as a compromise, the exorcism
would no longer be public, at least temporarily. Ah, that's all right. That's! Ok, that's not to say men, young calm down at all. He still speak his days reading his flock chapters from a report that had been written concerning the father, Guff Reedy case, trying to convince everyone that Grand Jake was just as bad. If not worse, I mean do you want these if you're one of these was nuns, a k, a witches is being in public better, at least the stage time. How'd you get a little you get. A little lobbying arrest was work, although dummy, don't you be slightly more controlled when you're done the exorcism windows eyes on ya know. Obviously I feel the opposite really that I think the eyeballs turned up the performance cause now you're locked in right, new body accuse Grand J of being Grand wizard. That is infecting you all with his sweet supple dream cock right. He is spoken. You on your dreams. You already said
all this shit so now you're kind of like what we ve seen in like in coats and in that country, you know kind in a public prompts rarely are. We are possess, we're going to sit here, we're gonna each other's pussies, we're gonna flu rule around here at an freak out and jerk off all these candles and the eyeballs kind of what keeps up the your half of the org, because I mentioned when you are in just in a closed room. Fuckin finger shut down your throat, didn't fuck and whipped, get and covered water goal of the weird shit that they would do during those exorcisms that it starts its heart, to keep up, the routes are right there. It is that's why everyone should always end every sentence with and that's a prom I'd. Never never. We got a lie that way whenever necessary, new. Eventually they actually started. Letting some of the lesser priest try their hands at exorcism just to see what would happen, but when Felipe trinkets brother tried it out
His latin was so bad that people started laughing, so he just adopt in the middle of the exorcism and left the room? A positive and Morocco, mooring molecular the oft Yo Yo Language, your. Thirdly, just gonna make pardon me for trying your white anytime all coming here out at all make. What are you in your tried something new that will take by talents to South Korea have fun cells, liquid, Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City used to speak spanish and very adorable ride. Come, oh say, d, say each area, not let you love to cook but you're, not in the mood to do the dishes tonight I'll. What have you just too drunk what
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aim and declared it to be nothing more than mass hysteria and when a doctor only as the metropolitan showed up to inspect the scene, the nuns acted me is lambs year, just a metropolitan. What is he of the owner of a vapor storm? Maybe he's like that? Dude from transmit our neighbour that guy again later spider, exactly what you mean like he's like a dispute, your journalists are going up to that point I mean they were seriously. They were gone, not so bananas right, these guys were they were really kind of scorn and all over each other. Then, as far as the heat started coming off, they said that they who showed up they would get bored and sad soon as they are sort of like hanging out being like. I guess we're not crazy, as beans anymore, what a phase it was like the all spent a year at Oberlin. You know
for a year. They come out of a haze yeah, that's that's unfortunate, so they were just not be they. They were unable to perform any more now and they were losing business too, because they were just under this extreme stress all the time they started having mental breakdowns in the middle classes. They were started just laughing uncontrollably in they were having screaming foul mouthed fight with each other. In the halls, the nuns we're not havin fun, the nuns we're having a terrible tile gay and so because the on four, so erratic parents start upon their kids from us cool and pretty pretty soon. The nuns were mentally frazzled in totally broke and even more miserable than they were whenever one first started show it up, and you imagine that if you showed, if you were brought your kid so like a fancy private school, but then all the teacher started fuckin each other public
yeah I would I would have to. I don't know what I would I just got to take the kids out. I don't think the nuns were fucking each other publicly you're just bringing the devil's into it. They never fucked each other publicly. I don't nobody either way. It sounds like it does paint it it more conservatively because he said that wouldn't but the debate. I think that there is a hit there when he sat at the very beginning. What went on was no different than was actually already going on in a lot of the writings at the time, in terms of like what happened with the Marquis de SOD and what happened with that confessions book or the woman was like shit Bucket Nick, I was like tasted, it works, and so I think we were. There was some of it. Though there was robins, there could have been robins, but I don't think they were like a going down in the hallways iron. I well, I could robins, I'm sure we do have some Henry's Brodsky fantasy going on. Here is what are the Easter history?
it's a holiday made, a fantasy or grant jays enemies were at a loss as well, because their plan was threatening to fizzle out completely, but that all changed when an agent of Cardinal reach hello, who also happens to be a relative of sister John down J named John D laboured them all came visiting on government business As we said last episode, Cardinal Richelieu was one of the most powerful people in France and he was certainly the most powerful clergyman in the country and Thou bar Damone was the cardinals creature in judging and burning. Witches was kind, allow Barton most thing as he had judged and burned several dozens of witches by time. Urbane Grand J was accused. Now what makes it? Obviously, all this is fantasy world right. What makes you the most powerful of the Bishop
Stu just smell the most of wine, and he has the kings ear. He has the kings area and his pocket dormant, whereas I mean Asia is essentially second in command of France at this point, because church and state, or so powerfully, intertwinings more of a politician than a religious, very much so more of all occasions. Now these guys were allotted that there were. There are obviously true believers in the mix, but one of these guys are just whoever gets closest to the circle right around the king, but that circle also change is quick and they give me watch the favourite all oh yeah, right through where it's like they elected legitimately, giving you you don't do what he likes or if he just decides that you're not gay enough to be fun. Take you out of kicks the other favorite great movie, the favourite wonder, really liked or grandes enemies. Just needed some extra to make all this stick and it was may men they silly who came up with this game.
We take all tat. We put the brakes on the other side, rubber jacket that we put it. It is bad, MR silly big, my couches, I got rollers data luring Daedalus God he had spot Gallagher, so grandes enemies, led by Maman Day silly took a meeting la boredom or and told them that Grand J was not just a sorcerer who had rebelled against God and bewitched common of nuns, but had also written a violent and obsequies lampoon on Cardinal Rachel over six years earlier, under the title letter from the cobbler,
I salute all their use mobile, how their cargo used too far in its pants and like a big but stupid, had it was an onion article God, so you could see on click all war back before all of those things happened. What Leary flitting used to do with Jerry fall well when he accused him of having sex with this month Jerry. Well, that's all. It was a grand Jake. He didn't write lampoon, but since he and the lady cobbler, after whom the letter was named, used to fuck, it wasn't unreasonable to think that Grand Yea might have written that, and that was good enough for LAO Boredom or what, but I mean that's. It does even compare we're talking. One time here they say he's possessed in entire common full of nuns he's making them orgasm and bleed and then other argument, as he wrote a one pager. Yet it was funny you're, gonna humor little script. It used to be very,
dangerous to be funny you're what they did not like it. When you made fun of the people in power, I got them very, very upset. If you look at its this weird aristocratic feel like this. This is thought process of no one can make me look stupid, they actually they actually hang the man who just printed a copy of letter from the cobbler of Lou. Don't worry, did any of our relative survive nightmare? You just go like do. You have to do like the cardinal got, a really big, but we have to learn how to throw your voice or you become an official, a gesture of the court. You have to become prow or nine are moving. The gestures were
or just made fun of one day with they would throw tomatoes at the gesture and stuff like that. Yes, on South Africa, you talking about the proud lineage. If the committee I know so loud barred them all reported what he'd her to the cardinal upon his return to court and the cardinal brought up the entire sorted affair at the next meeting of the Council of State, bringing it directly to the attention of King Louis, the thirteenth and without much prompting the king ordered LAO boredom or to return to Lou down himself to investigate the possession in depth examined the accusations and if sorry preside the trial and pass sent smaller. There were the problem you do. I have to put on a play right,
the lady. Also let women into the theatre. We can let women onstage and performing everything. That's casting our failed with eggs at second reading, a man gimme, a man like a man with every his his eggs are lizards, my sister's, very talented actress. She would look, there's nothing. Look at the facts. Hanging off of her front yes, but not quite pretty. Actually it was the cardinal who hold la boredom or that he better fuckin make it necessary to preside over a trial and pass sentence, because the cardinal had a few different reasons for pushing this agenda fixes in one. This was a good opportunity for them Cardinal to prove just how amazingly catholic he was capable of being, as proposed alliance with the protestant Swedes was thrown that belief into question, and what's more catholic them burning,
in which nothing other than the one big scandal. Nowhere big scared, apparently they could they most catholic thing you do is too is to blow a boy and put the seamen shows up and and the priest mouth to hook. Disgusted is ok, but perhaps more importantly, if it can be proved without a doubt, at least in the hearts and minds of the people that the devil was indeed. Invading France via Lou down than the cardinal could revive the inquisition in France, giving himself almost on limited power. Now urbane grandes friends, because he did still have a few friends left- does not need powerful ones. Ah, they tried to warn them as to what was come. Tried man there will I get out of how we all you have to do is Lee here. Why don't you just about stubbornness, but can I just France is beautiful work and we had a secret wife, your idea,
what are you wearing cough? There was a little wedding. You can do Obviously it's private we could Eve is fake wife. We need all these other widows yet fulfil. Just we leave for users. Stubborn, because he's like I didn't do shit you're, not gonna, make me leave. They can't make me anything pig farming. We do anything, I don't want to do any still haven't beneficially charged with anything I mean he was still parish, priest, Hulu DAWN. He didn't think he had anything worry about is after all, human deal with is bullshit for almost a year straight. Another had happened yet right. If you had looked up Oliver red drunk on late night shows you'd see how difficult it would have been to remove grandiose from a place Roderick only he was two hundred and fifty pounds of like fix, stocky Englishman, but when you add about ten pounds of booze inside I am, he became a movable. Finally, a museum swing in battle was big beer, arms, I'm sure
great on the Johnny Carson Show, though I may, in order to make real it's not my will provide shouldn't leave their. I received a scrape. I miss drunk actors in drunk used in late night at big man was literally hammered every single night. You and everybody know it, but he just sat there in Google. It all out who had a jacket with a white used just go, get a hammered through having those so much more fun back that yet. Was soon as La Barjaumont returned to Lou DAWN, grandiose found out just how wrong key wise la more immediately ordered grandes arrest in Urbane was taken into custody while he was on his way to preach a sermon at his own church,
You ever think for now we ve got me, do people, maybe I was having a delicious succulents chinese meal. I will not be removed, John F Kennedy haven't chinese real. What's going out grandes entirely library was search from top to bottom and while it was disappear to find no concrete packs with the devil or magical grim moors, they did find a copy of the letter from the cobbler of Lou Dong. Oh my they found all Jays glass is player, did evidence. If I've ever heard of him, I found with its crack cocaine. There is enough to saint Grandeur,
so at our ran J was arrested. It was decided that there was no prison strong enough in lieu down to how such a powerful, sorcerer, so Cannon Minotaur offered up the attic of his house for use as the magicians prison they literally it's like x. Men adequate magneto in the non steel or whenever plastic breadth of will, they Devil proved it as they called it by breaking up the way, knows and fitting the door with a new, lock and heavy bolts. Then they closed the chimney with iron grating, less grow. The eight make use of the old witch is trick and disappear up the flu. This is you guys had to do with me back in the day when used to put me in free speech, jail, no free speech, the strong enough to hold free, Louise,
still open for business, but I'm her clients. My friend, we realise that as a matter of monopoly removed sucking Chinese, we so they believe the devil is this all powerful being, but I also think that door locked will be able to stop in ferment or if it's a good one, if it's a good when ok master, like maybe and once the cell was fully constructed, Grand J was own inside, with nothing more than a pile of hay on which to sleep, and that would be his home for the last year of his life. But how flattering is that? What do you really think you so powerful that gonna put all this shit in his own house has gotta be like well they really believe in me. I guess so. I would also just Bula guys guys not that powerful, actually not that's, draw have other material. I don't have a choice. Not just who spoke about the called dialogue would about hump airplane food,
you all right principle, its giant birds. You wouldn't go inside this food. It is hard to describe the bathroom small. A bathroom is a thing. People you can get a future could go privately and go to the bat. Obviously we were on Delta, not bad food. Given these new plans are they got windows in the bathroom? Yet no, it's fantastic! Really like your parents, not the edge of the World Wi Fi. If I need to be looked at a bird stared at me when I taken disgusting dump on land, it's just the creature from that, there's something other win. Do you like it or not? There is watching you person, he slowly, search jerk off my good or once grandiose was safely locked away, la boredom. All turned his attention to sister gin and the other sixteen nuns. The only problem was that after six,
months of no real attention. The sisters had pretty much returned to normal, oh yeah. So to get him, I want again cannon minion restarted the public exorcisms on the authority of la bottom. All every single day minion took the nuns in batches and corridor. Around of various churches in lieu dome were audiences were waiting. Lou down became an unofficial tourist attraction for the people of France is thousands of people, the Balkan from all over the country. You see these exorcism, they hear about through word of mouth re, pamphlets being distributed all across the country as far as what was going on in the nuns continued to bear their legs for the people, oh yeah to scream and shit just be. Unlike he answered me, I prostituted myself for the devil. I think I've seen this exact show untill say the word
gentle reality. So now, look at me, like I have eight years ago in the show, was once you know, you're reviewing for mercury refer referencing, not, ok! Well is this can I get to explain my idea of just show tee Elsie is ridiculously stupid. Reality, television, programming and volunteers. Purposes. This is a reality. Television show for the French, and now there explaining these is ruined. Everything now get nothing stupid about sixteen, just just per now these grinding themselves. In a big cart hunters, I'm just saying it's a reality. Television programme is one of the first than ever existed. Perhaps from the point of these exorcisms was not to drive the devil from these poor women. The point was to prove the guilt of repaying grandiose by getting the devil himself to admit the Grand Yea was evil. As I said earlier, there is a paradox.
Work here, but grandes enemies got around it by saying that when the devil is constrained by a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, he ass to tell them Really, no choice notes lawyers. Notaries whatsoever, surrounded by the power of a chunky. Pre has been a lot of priests in my life. Now you'll do exactly what I say: sticky W when the latter me before when I was trying to let me but now seem like make, tell me out here: it's I am I am I devil. You are like a great if he had a bus I was the truth turns out. The devil was telling the truth. So the excesses
Howard inducing the demoniac acts as Huxley called the nuns ha. That's fine, fine, oh my god. I wish our fades recalled the demoniac that so far we ve started, inducing them into giving the exorcist exactly what they want. Soon a nun was confessing through the mouth of a double. The grand J headquarters quote taken her on the Sabbath and it made her a princess at the devil's corps. I have promised to myself to be a princess at the devil's court and they also one other term. I like this, he said Andy made of them and obsessing altered, wish for him. Worship interest in sounds like something: the documentary about Courtney, love which documentary about corn. You have another one we're she looks all crazy. You really documentary that is her light,
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dot com. Slash l e empty your glue, while this may also ridiculous. It was actually necessary to up the Annie before this admission about the Sabbath and all that Grand J was just a mere sorcerer. But now Grand J was high priest fully and completely in league with the devil. While he was more of a body of the devil than a servant of the deaf he's, a body of the devil he's a friend of the devil. But then there is the question of the team: I've, been wanting to ask the questions about well, it was confirmed the grandiose had no superfluous teats, not all that evil at all figure that out, not while that was confirmed, sometimes in place of the teats. The devil will bestow upon his events. What is known as the devil's mark, the devil smile these spots
used to seal the servants, obedience to the devil, were supposedly impervious to pain. According to sister gin, Grand J had no less than five, oh yeah, so lotta spots. One on his shoulder to in the bud. Cheeks near is but whole inside of fatigue is right. Now, if I just have a question here from the from the jury, how'd, you know man. You know about the size of the budget there MA am. We did this thing called the flick. Just leave it be. Job has every single time I falling yeah I'll do actually called it is fundamental,
is TAT Locksley, word, Forte, wow, Lubin, fundamental human right, MR actually, and he had a devils mark on each testicle in the back of it. To your literally talking about the entire Grendel was aware, the devil had his playground, which it still resides there today lowly. It does also if he doesn't get dried or charged as a sorcerer, examine what the doctor this could, because the killer cancer. It sounds very dangerous, well he's about to get checks, castle, in a way that no one will ever forget now. Of course, all this had to be checked out, so the apothecary and several doctors stripped shaved and blindfolded Grand J perforce dramatically, pricking him to the bone, with a long, sharp probe to see where this
you didn't feel pain actually want saucy. Think about this. Are you I thought at first? Could it said you was to prick the spot I'll, see you they experience settings either bleed or have any sort of reaction. To my mind, I always thought it was a glow pen, a pink blink and cause it's like. If you stick me with a pin red eczema, buttonhole I'll, go these have logo or like I'll, have like some sort of action like an hour like these yeah sizzling it, but they use these long thin need that they would go all the way, through the meat to his now and you're, talking about under the balls to obey reportedly found only to Devil's marks but too is good enough to get enough money was accused of five. Now too, is good enough. Come on one. Would have been good enough, there's just no more
and if they know what all with a lie. You have also was a fucking life, because we definitely problem could screen you put this shit side, yeah and also sometimes moles would be used as devils marks. I had em all looks weird add prior devils mark my good now, and what is more, these devils marks were admissible in court according to what was said and the malefactor unreal, even if the manufacturer was not strictly a legal document and the legality here was really. At the heart of these proceedings according to church law, everything about This was being done wrong, really violent crime even by crazy, law standards there mess in this YAP exorcisms are supposed to be in private all at all times, but exorcisms are not supposed to be public and demons were never met. Even be listened to you're, not supposed to member redeem and well. I remember when you go in there Demons are large. You you're not supposed to take a demon.
The witness and a court case for one of the demons is really nice things about you not do not listen to the demon. Just flattery, farewell you don't get the demons? That's very nice, nice laugh. What I like about here be also knows how to hold out a steady job. They kind of a bomb but Richelieu had a goal and la boredom all had to carry that go out by whatever means necessary and with the devil's mark, Thou Barjaumont was able to visually announce that site France had backed his gray and urbane. Grandiose could officially stand trial as a witch his box. This is or will so. This whole time is locked up. Aid like like we're puns all up there in the window, this room and he doesn't realized any of this- is happening in areas like there's a lot
at some point right now. If you think that is all the nuns are all saying it to dislike discussion everywhere, man he's biting his time, eventually he's thinking like well, I just I just gotta be patient. This is a trial. You know that the test, once I my day in court man, boo, I'm going to set all this trade, so I just got to be patient. I just got to wait and he's not really privy to everything that's going on, but he thinks he thinks he still fine. Okay, that's up to say there wasn't any physical evidence when it came to this trial. The nuns at actually begun to vomit of strange option its during exorcisms, and these strange objects were seen as packs or physical manifestations of deals with the deaf. Among these packs, either vomited up or seriously found in the nuns rooms were a piece of paper stained with three drops of blood and containing
Orange seeds, a bundle of fire. If straws and a package that contained cinders worms, hair and neo clippings, I know all of these can be used, offer various spells. That's. The idea of this is always like it's weird material of witches, but we also know whose planting these things are. Not we don't know whether or not it's. The scientists goes over the side, Tis Cortical, the guys that are like the apothecaries there. There doing. All of the like, they were at expert like medical witness. Shit, whom so they're the ones pleasant things down the throats of can, which pomp and back out, but What these women were, throwing up with nothing compared to what sisters supposedly throw up out that you're going to say what she shadow when another direction. Where than I do a fun kind of upside down, throw up! Oh yeah! What is it
these villages dies laughing framed Roger rather when the resolute eyes will always the most envy. Two of the sisters, sister Jean once vomited up a pact that, according to the devil possessing her contained a peace at the heart of a child's, verifies two years earlier. The ashes of a consecrated wafer and our whole load grandes come now. How do we know SK, Randy AIDS, because the devil said so is: yellow I mean no matter. What is obviously not his, but if they just she got worse than the stick girl matters won't com. It will tell you so now there wasn't any actual com. It was probably just like a piece of meat, unlike some other weird shit that cheats wallowed says Marcus found some come somewhere exceed. Hundreds omitted still was made back. That's why I don't, I don't think, come like
changed color or anything? What time periods it like? You do you think that come with different men come was it's always been the same things, but the exact same tale as old as come, no report. The reason why the Ladys were doing so much vomiting was because they were being stuffed with Gordon Quote: medication, the worst of way being the antimony pill. These pills, which were essentially just pieces of smoothed metal, aggravated the music membranes on their way down and were used to purge the stomach and the bowels of the person swallowing them and commonly known as purpose tool pills. They were afterward fished out of the chamber pot no matter what am I came out at home, where you re used again and again that often passed
down as family heirloom does, of course, of medication. I saw it just doesn't dissolve in the body what is happening here rattle. It's just a piece of metal that they would swallow and then throw up or shit reads: the cable bother, take it they'd rids rather like ok, we'll just put it back what the others and then it will go from generation, deadlock, niches, grandfathers, perpetual, pal bake. You up, you see. These words died because we got it imply Adele Carmen here on the side rough. Did you imagine that getting grandpas perpetual pill like ass? You don't want to save this. I remember our honeymoon night. I had four of them in me, someone's gotta dig him out there, but you know at what they had fallen to. Why
These are going to stop now, no, not with dig out just a general just the excesses of the priest. They had planned. Ok, one exorcism, the devil possess an unknown. He called Larboard Omar CUP recorded in the official minutes. Fortunately, for me to recall that as evidence, but I will I do I do- I don't believe that one that's one thing that is laying that is not true. Later low barjaumont, who is not there at the exorcism he signed the he signed it without reading it saying that everything contained in the official minutes was to the best of his knowledge. True love. We have all everyone had a good laugh rolling, our started them. Well, I, but the really strange thing about all this is that La Bore, no God guarded Christ and the virgin Mary in the priests and the monks and the other nuns. All these people were being blast famed.
Basically enough, no devil was brave enough to blast theme, the king or the cardinal rule yeah, because they saw what happened a grand J, yet it and become for the king, not miss. I heard that I stay always, but that wasn't the only suspect thing about the language. The devil's you see the church had were tests and still has four tests when it comes to seeing as to whether or not a possession case is genuine. You got the strengths test. The levitation test, the clairvoyance test and, of course, language test, also known as the corny quite truck. What a quarter ostracised by garnered watch area was anyone you seen a single possession movie knows when a person is possessed there suddenly fluent in languages. They ve never hurt like when Reagan start speaking, italian and the exercise, but in the case of the nuns,
only the nuns who knew Latin were possessed by devils, who spoke Latin, even the ones who did no Latin, didn't, speak or understand it very well, one occasion a priest kept asking questions and latin and telling found one that the none could answer correctly rate and the embarrassment of that one was only compounded when the whole thing got broken up by another non, come into the room on her hands and knees, nay and like a horse is not even a that's necessarily or not facedness, thoroughly part of the possessions she she's telling us lunches ready. I haven't you just gets on her back. Let's go out very. She got bit by the wars,
I want to know what the hors d oeuvre good you imagine that try to do. Some super serious and a woman goes a little room, our end of excessive HBO, real sex that our wireless mercy play. They use of these to show that episode like every week, its birth into my mind, ass one, a clown neurotic, a well they're all. I feel real we're the early when asked about the language described see the excess who said that there were educated, devils and uneducated devils in this world, and it just so happens that the educated devils were drawn. The educated women, of course, educated devils, attended a moat. They tend to vote more democratic, uneducated devil, gonna be a little bit more public and I dont know if we the trends, it's crazy, how much the spin machine has been working since the beginning of time, yeah yeah, yeah spam machine just like we just figured out really easily like you, set up a set of laws and in his cunning Jimmy.
And everything, so they just kind of fit for those laws Yet I have to say, I'm probably in more agreement with the uneducated people, because it seemed like the educated people are pulling off. What seems to be total nonsense with these, when what we want about your possession possession it matters are says about the educated. People are the ones you in exorcisms, uneducated, and I think they think that's done now beyond educated were absolutely on the side of the opposition and you need to create, furthermore, at the devil's could not speak a certain language such as greek or Gaelic, as a couple of guys came in tried full an m. There is one that can speak. Those languages was because the tax, the grand J it signed with the devil's forbade them from using that language for our yea yea a Ethel day. It does seem like there's a lot of human rules, put supernatural situation, but in that was asked
also how they were able to skirt the levitation issue. Sister Jane said the pact with Grand J expressed Lee forbade any and all floating Ramallah. Forget about it, with all legal by De La for them to plug a lot, because then they would be criminals against the devil demons and then they have to go into devil court. I would assume that works. One good thing is that everybody's alone Ah that's funny right layer. That is a good point for the you're pretty faces going to Hell Commercial weaken these kind of put that in yeah, nor do I think I just didn't incredible- transition to this commercial paradise you're pretty face. Go now we're back for a season of adults once premier live action, comedy.
Brought to you by the geniuses buying operating hunger force and too many cooks, Dave, Willis, Casper Kelly, my bosses mentor to me credibly funny. So smart very just labyrinthine minds your previous you. It starts sources and credible actor, codfish, Spock insects. He is under appreciated. Where is pays me, and I will say he makes expert of to his wife and I've heard this I've seen it ended. Trades, Savers Henry's a brow, ski he's, pull a share of the pole, never asked for is: he plays a goop all demon. Cathy bans made Gary. They wrote this copy for me he's, here too pleased the world's worst boss play by maps are veto. Who is an incredible actor? Who never fails to remind us? but he was trained in unduly Arden. He slumming it onset with us
Are you I'd trades all tormenting today? It is our work when the soft harden little damn it make it. Finally, special guess the season include junk laser, whose of who is doing is George, when who, in Lahti dirty stories to tell us about back the day, John a most, who pulled me a clown to my face and Joey for toned, who might be the most legitimate talent that I've ever been in a room with his incredibly good watch. Your pretty face going to help sundays at midnight on adults when preparing May third you're gonna love it hale site both bars the strength issue when they brought in scottish position named Mark Duncan, to see just how strong the ladys work. They were supposed to be superhumanly, straw, ok, but they soon found. Duncan heard more than enough strength to just gonna hold them down with his hand. But the exorcist responded to this by inviting anyone who doubted the nun strength to stick their
fingers in the nuns mouth there reasoning is it at the nuns were not super. Naturally strong, then the man had nothing to worry about, but if they were worried that the devil was going to buy them, then they would refuse, and since they refuse to stick their fingers in these women's mouths, the excesses took. It is proof they have to be a natural strong. It makes all the sense in nothing. World no world doesn't make any sense, but ok- and there was a lot of times the nuns cause they would like be in character. I, like I, am artifacts hack site out and then viewed stick their fingers in their mouth, because the idea that you're open them up to scream into their mouth at the devil right that was I too am within one of em. They would always taken nine until one it was. There was one priest, his fingers in and it going. I stop at seven because his hands row, we start further fifteenth
century year. Seventy seventh century France, my God, this priest had hands that were filthy for seventeenth century friend in the world, will concern in clairvoyance, meaning the knowledge to things that they could not have known without supernatural help. The exorcist took the profane filthy things that the nuns said in dead on a daily basis as proof of that, in the words of a one father trying key, I quote the what skewer alive racks and at the US have they learn to speak for such blasphemies. An obscenity. In other words, there was no way the nuns could have learned how to say. Fuck me without the help of the devil, or is it worth spending a lot of time? Saying fuck me fuck me about fuck me fuck me fuck me whither, damn gimme, that giving a moustache and when its player ticker my forgiveness,
the same guy fallen stock, look I just want companionship. They ve been in the nunnery the continent for far too long term upside down. Make me fart umbrage, we're we're locked blow, and I asked like this spot, that's one, but the thing was at one point: the nuns did fight back in July I have sixteen thirty four months after all, this had begun again one of the nuns burst in it years and admitted that headed that all that has been a lie and that she had acted under the orders of cannon may know what it's like. A White House aid, even sister gin who started this whole goddamn mess, made a fool plea during one of her exorcisms as the public watched, but it was far too late. My this point for any of the nuns to be credible, the exorcist claimed that if any
of the nun said, the whole thing had been one big lie that it was actually just further proof that she'd been telling the truth before flippin at because Grand J and by extension, the devil was speaking where ok, eventually sister Jean went to la boredom, holds parlour and told him herself that she'd made up everything and grandeur was innocent, but of course, lobby more wasn't in this thing for justice, so he politely told her to fuck off he added by then it was too late. Everybody was too fuckin horny for death. I will say, though, technically not too late doing this grandiose still alive link. It just be like all right. Thank you for the new evidence has come to thank you knew of it has come to light, we're gonna, let him go up and that at the trial had even begun at this point, this is still all pre trial stuff. So I don't think it is too late to lay ok, but still no mean that these guys had an agenda and they are going to carry it through absolutely so. Sister gin walked out to the convent
art in the pouring rain, stripped down nor undergarments and tried hanging herself from a tree in the garden saved only when the other nuns came to a rescue. Of course, the suicide attempt was taken as even more proof that the devil had taken hold of sister Jen O after that Thou sister genes, the lash out at the people of Lou dome. Had this been about more than just a death obeying grand J. This is the point of the witch hunt we're dozens more people could have ended up dead, but thankfully there was only one further casualty and even then it didn't end in death. Sister gin accuse grandes, quit wife, Madeline debris of witchcraft, and while she was eventually freed, she ended up do what else, but join a convent and disappeared into a
Mary forever. Oh, my goodness, the accusation Sancho I also to get it did get some response or people asking of nuns did as much such censoring as I thought they didn't convents and a lot of nuns. I guess they just kind of refused to answer this. I don't think that they do, and I think that you have a very I dont know pornographic of what a convent it. That's the only view I have of it propaganda ever see the sight of a real one, and I just don't know you know, I'm uneducated, that I don't know we used to have a couple of nuns: a Catholic School sister, Susan Bundy, of very interesting jade, I'll Jade alot of snack foods during class and picked her nose and ate it. He really did that no budget stared at her nose and snap awaken or casket, connects you so does anyone know gin didn't just stop Madeline to brew. She said that the
in a blue down were kissing. The devil's romp on the Sabbath women were born accounting with Incubi and all over town sorcerers were causing impotence and young men on their wedding knights, and it was grand yea who Jackie leading into the tiny air holes of the bricked up window of his attic cell, and that is magic, would fly all around town to reward, which is more locks of dawn with his favour. Like what you're walking down the street in New York City and you feel a drop of water, hit your hand and you look out ass. An air Sea AC unit like on the fifth floor, but in this case it's it's his kindness, The other guy, this standing on top of the AC unicorn, like the low Mr Kastle Manner, the pockets of corrupt, our business Spiderman. In other words, Grand J was blocked. Oh my, in fact, once is luminary trial was over his execution
and was seen as such a foregone conclusion that thirty thousand people showed up in lieu dome, hoping to see grandeur burn. The only person didn't think grandeur was fucked Grand Yea body at some point he needs a friend to just like you know things look in great for your right now, you are truly completely fuck is like saying no new, even incredible closer wait a bit, but I knew about how I again. Aeroplanes are amazing if you could just even imagine what it's like with this teaches us all happened in so called, even though these flying through the air, while the successful ranch, unless I mean grandiose, still thought that the whole thank you just been one big misunderstanding, and once you got his day in court, he'd straighten
everything out. That's the last when, when it's all been a misunderstanding or your last words, that's just thirty the energy that is going to be your last word misunderstand: use struggling against people going towards the tear up, but on the day, the trial. After all, the evidence was red and green J cat began, making his grand speech in defence of the charges against him. He saw that the judges do his case, warm paying a goddamn bit of attack. According to Huxley, there were whispering me each other laughin can their noses do them with their quells yak Marcus? We know because we pitch shows did not work. I mean you know the look, the look through you towards the clock, another office, oh yeah!
No, we are not attractive, where'd ya. I don't even understand why they met with us. Those places bs very funny indeed didn't seem to like our sense of humour, very much burs Popa the day tat. I tell you that Irish recently back and tb- us, oh, are you really had? I didn't get invited out of sight. I did it to show Dave. Oh that's, Bugsy Sancho sunk, another meeting with a day starter logs ardor along very ago. That's kind of inside think we explain that story on a ban
besides they green eyed, again yeah. Now it's just areas. Just someone mentioned starter logs and a tv page meeting and Andrew said: that's what I call the first poupa the dangers group with a day, and then he told the tv executive that you look like TED Bundy and then I end of heating very anomalies, joke about how you get me started long and I only want to fire used at all. You know what I got on a log into four previous starter log: birth Boop, whether they by the way, you were never told you, you look like TED Bundy, really want. It is three years. It's us literally was the closest thing to tie me boy. Worse is like do validate new guys, gonna kill, quarter, Bucharest got as it was in the moment. Grow J was making a speech and stared at every body laugh and taken. There knows not give me shit news in that moment. The grandiose finally accepted that he was well and true.
We thought- and he was the verdict- was unanimous. Grandma was to be tied to the stake and burned alive, after which his ashes were to be scattered to the four winds snow, and I tell you a lot of this is the only time I've heard being tied to a stake as being bad news high. I will go to my death with another bombed attempt at human. That would also saved your life, though almost saved your life. That was quite funny. If you think about stake, is a food our yeah yeah prey upon weren't condemns and well the great bath. I will not be removed anyway. That is a really funny bet. I just told my cousin, Carlos men, see that Europe and he is dead, he's gonna use in his next HBO, special, so just being burnt. The state would have been bad enough, but the judges also
decided to subject grandiose too the question both ordinary and extraordinary. What's that what that meant that Grand J was to be heavily too orchard before his sentence was carried out in order to elicit a confession using both torture and super torture. Once again, gauze Do you think this is a misunderstanding? Let us know of such what kind of screams you'll think you'll make when we pierce you again, look for the night before. Graduate received his sentence. He'd come to terms without thought. He truly was and he'd gone through a bit of a spiritual, changing he'd realise that he'd been a bit but ass always live, and while you know he didn't deserve to be burned at the stake for it. He certainly hadn't helped himself much by talking shit about powerful people and get in his best friend
daughter pregnant. Oh, how I wish I did not go on Howard, stern Gimme. He was just an annual nowadays. We would just given him in a M radio show any would be like the number one discharge he and tax you'd make it apology, appearance, Sancho, Rogue it'll, be fine and when he did know that he would die, but he also had faith than when he was set before the heavenly father for judgment. His soul would be clean, but an order for so to be clean. Grandeur could not and would not confess to anything he didn't do did I bet countless widows and chambermaids peasant girl scarce steady seduce. My best friends, teenage daughter get pregnant that abandoned her. Now that I've been going about it just so, yes, I did I consort with the devil to possess convent of nuns for no real reason. Absolutely not you doesn't pay his invoice. So we want do you oughta three do out at three and why you might think
people went to the stake. Defiant like urbane Grand J you'd be wrong, so certainly did, but even bother, Gout Brady, who is excellent? Twenty years earlier for pretty much the same thing as our ground J signed a full confession before being burned to mostly this confession. After the trial was away for the church and the state to cover their ass, it is relatively easy to go to the stake still protesting. Your innocence, if you just went from the court room to the fire, but if the sentence require a little stop at the torture chamber beforehand, most people ended up signing the confession that they were in fact a which, just so they can make their lot moments on earth a little more comfortable, which is totally understandable, absolutely be toward the torture museum in Naples, and that is some scary, starve yeah, we'll Tina, maybe it'll enderley, and then you can be done with it.
I see. That's one thing about urbane grandeur is that he definitely stuck by his guts. I get to it. He was in his in many ways he was a bad dude, but in many ways who is an enlightened man like understood like he did some good for Lou DOM besides, stick it in the bush. You was all also like, be he was the centre essentially new modern thought, trying to teach people. How do I could drag people from the medieval times to the modern times but Beckett she killed absolutely my favorite little torture device that they had not the worst torture device. You don't die, but if you are found fault with a few are found guilty public drunkenness over and over again that made you wear a barrel. I won't do it. What did even covered my crowd? Show its area of binding too. One is like the horse, one where they put the weights on your ankles. You sit on that like triangle. Thank the spanish donkey rewritten to loom good casino, some ruin and those are also sometimes people. The old
Italians or tiny people than marrow would cover their entire m o. Absolutely not. The pair was also particularly bad and what he did up the ass. The thing is, but a bang Grand J is that he was not going to confess to jack shit now. In other cases, it might not so bad, but in this case the Cardinal and LAO boredom all needed that fuckin confession. If grandeur confessed, the ins would justify the means, and it will provide further precedent for future inquisition, thereby securing the cardinals power. If grandeur didn't confess, then it was all for not, in other words Grand Yea was in for a really terrible fuckin day. Yikes are a guy's vacant hold yourself. This is a bad Sunday.
The new us his word gets a little nasty yeah. Ok, that torture is about to commence first la boredom or ordered Grand J to be completely shaved from head to toe, even removing his eyebrows. Well, that's physically embarrassing got so much like I just I just a pain when we will remove my kills from my bottom. At my top I appeared to be a giant awed infant. That's what that was a part of you knows to make him look like a clown, completely removing his eyes. It needs to make him look as ridiculous as human, the possible you don't have any eyebrows. You look weird notice here. We have a lot of listeners without brought without eyebrows and we level- ok, I want my eyebrows around no eyebrows. I eyebrows don't show up in pictures of me at night like us, eyebrows, very faint. So I do look like an evil egg, headed? May I gotta say this is a question for I don't know about people who
daddy evolution. Why are we even got the eyebrows first, whatever, is extremely essential that keeps what out of your eyes. That's what they're therefore review dolls. A lot castle unless you're under pressure from a government to keep this, what are your eye? Yeah, I broadly cares went out of your right. That's why we have them my fifty they like mites and they also they use it connected to our airlines guy. I know that I was a boy. I don't think we need the eyebrows, its elements that achieve your eyebrows do achieve your eyebrows. Now Louis I get old or at the official shaving la boredom or also wanted to remove grandes fingernails gay shaved and take his fingernails off. That's not err, sir, but the guy that was tasked with the shaving said. If you want a Spaniard, owls taken Utah
cause, I gotta Youtube boy good about picking out another you did break after down, so that it really is a work of over now that too much for me Barton minds like ok, fine, fine, fine, just fucking, whatever just move along a bird himself, just fucking get on yeah around. So Grand J was given fifteen minutes to make his peace with God before he was put to the question. Ok, gold help office have with this mum. Ah, oh god, women, Dr Carriages ratchik their men. Dr carriages, uneasy interesting. If you fought an elevator rude is that God he's that's funny very funny.
The tv s first Bobo the day very well. How does the good stuff differ? Geringer ever that? Absolutely then, when the clock struck, the appointed time grandma was bound and stretched out on the floor in front of the executioner there, the executioner la boredom all three exorcist monks and eight other spectators introduced Grand yea to the boat. What's the boat, the boat was a particularly inventive form of torture in which the legs will be tightly raised in four wooden boards. The outer pair of boards stayed problem, while the two inner boards were free to move that torture came when wooden wedges of increasing size were hammered between the board's slowly, crushing the bones in the victim's legs and feet.
These are not easy things to come up with is trying to get the getting articles we'll get an engine. Why focus on torture devise Asia laterally could just caught us tells us. I couldn't you just gotta click click click clip, but you know they could have found a way to make no no sliced bread. It didn't happen until nineteen hundred nineteen twenty seven. I thank her. Why is it that human to human nature? You only invent things when it's like. We can hurt someone with that very bizarre fun, but before they were to start the torture, the priest had to exercise everything the ropes the boards, the wedges, the mallet. All of it had to be sprinkled in holy water to drive the devil's out lest the devil's give Dron J any comfort. Why, after they exercised everything, the first wedge was placed between the needs.
The executioner brought down the hammer with a swift blow instantly shattering grandes kneecaps grandeur screamed and priests asked if he would confess but Programme J Fused, edible yeah, then came the feet again. A wedge was placed in the proper spot. If your hammer in these wedges, you can either do it in one swift motion or you could do it slowly. So this time the executioner broke grandiose feet, slowly, ten tap tap tap and get in His feet were crushed. What do you think is better their slower, fast amassed, you did it? Isn't it funny might just sign your checks over to why directly put them in
driving a car is a good one. Lisbon see, I didn't write it down dead. Are there came another wedge in another place and another and another and another eight wedges, all each one thicker than the last, until damn near every bone from the femur to the toes were shattered and Huxley's words, there splinters projected through the mingled flesh and along with the blood there was an booze of marrow, but still the friars could exhort no admission of guilt only that scream and in the intervals the whispered name of God. At some point, do you just go numb like how you're gonna clause yet the shock round, because I mean people I think I passed out already easy, but after all, eight wedges were used. Officially ended the ordinary part of the torture, but LAO boredom all and
priests wanted more. So they ordered the executioner to go to the store room, to find more wedges for the purpose of extraordinary torture, and now a days silly will enter. He will do anything golf tickle, Georgia. I start with the little date, but when the executioner came back with just two more wedges whenever there than the ones that they are already used up budget, it tells a bicycle something: a bunch of Ladys and a beach education. Looking for the show was on wedged what usually they only do. Eight, it's like AIDS enough that extraordinary torture, because they did actually have certain guy. I set out like eight. What's extraordinary, are what ordinary torture eight what's extraordinary.
Furthermore, they need and acquire the manager that's if they were a check right there, you gotta make sure they have enough wedges. Well, he came back with two more look, but that was good enough, so La Barnum on the monks they started, brainstorming as to how they were going to keep this thing go in and they saw that they could fit just a couple more wages into the bought into the device by replacing wedge number seven at the knee with wedge number eight down at the ankle. It's like touches now sociopath. Then they do so get in on the action themselves, taking the hammer from the X accusing her father, like taunts, inserted his wedge and started hammering and with each blow he yelled? Take us. Take us, which means tell me in latin God, that's so much fun! I you know what I would almost say is because I, like I wonder, what's yelling or for its one of like Tita, let us now
goodness you just wanted him to talk screamin. Why are eyes the volume of goods no margin loud then on television is a magic box, the praises the sight of them. That is a great point. After father, like tents, was finished, he handed the mallet over to Father trained keel. Who is able to drive the final wedge into the device in only three strokes and still over the entirety of the forty five minute long ordeal Grand J had not confessed? It. You see him just go like a fucking, helped you so much issues like him squirming as they got his legs. Just looking like fuckin piles of bright blue attached to advise you have
Louis I mean he's. Stick to its guns year, though yeah. Ok, I respect for that. Grandma was then taken out of the boat and dragged to a bench where he was laid down not to rest, but to be harangue by LAO boredom all. What's a haranguing is bothering them out bother I so now we just gonna go from getting his legs. Ankles me, calves posted to just been aggravated get well that does it like that's, not gonna, lateral, move when it goes and torture, but it does. Italy inevitably is a thing of importing putting his finger like right above is for me, I'm going, I might touch new I'm on top and now the true torture, you will go into a room alone with holding Mcnally, wizard him, the bruise. You arrive, Henriette you're free sandwiches. Did you learn the bridge this through your boots? Like kind of all,
we could put me back put me back in the boat for two hours, La Barjaumont tried to get grandeur to confess the grand J whose pretty much just in shock at this point still oh refuse so he's literally just like sorcerer says what matters is. What are we gonna confession funding our day almost funny trick. I know that's gonna be a noble from meat, so our bottom all sat down with it just burn the sun. About that I don't care anymore, while I yeah now, the other part of grandeur sentence was but he had to stop at both his own church and at the nunnery to beg God and the people for forgiveness. Allow bottom all thought this would be a nice, but a pr, when the people would an evil man. Grand J had been by showing just how contrite he could be,
because LA bottom all thought that the boot would break grand J, but instead people just saw grandiose as broken in bloody, but still somehow charmingly. Defying Mr Elliot turn my feet into pasta. Just drag you to ban imports of these two fuckin like squiggly legs. Wouldn't they do the walk and confession thing be more: they broke his leg nodded and what they put him up in a hoarse cart and then took him there and that's the thing is it when he was plot down front of his old church, because he had no knees on which to kneel a friend pushed through the crowd and embraced him. You know what they say. Michael Frank, no niece is good news, that's good! I love it. So he's been carved around, like
Marlon Brando from the island of doktor morality, adjusts, pale and broken barjaumont thought that the crowd was gonna, be in a frenzy upon seeing Grand J that the soldiers who had to keep would have to keep from lynching their former parson, but instead the proud was only moved by a display of loyalty and friendship. Then, when they got to the convent Grand J refused to ask for good new subsistence gin and the other nuns, because he said he'd never done them any harm whatsoever, and he could only pray that God would forgive them. Woe he flipped it now interesting them on trial. That's my mom does. Then they came to Saint Croy Square, the site of the execution. Six thousand people had managed to fit into a space meant for half that many with some of em hanging windows or sitting on routes. It was so crowded that it took half an hour for the guard
to bring grand J a hundred yards through the crowd. Not a stake itself was fifteen feet high and around the base were piled layers of logs, bundled sticks and draw. But since grungy could no longer stand because his legs were destroyed, they had to fasten an iron seat, a couple of feet above the firewall and grow years. Last joke, of course, was. Oh. Is that a start and login that higher? When I start, I call my first proof of that: right after the seat was back Grandma was lifted up and lashed to the post to behind him was the church where he had served for years. When he looked up, he saw right in front of them the home of Louie trained com, his former best friend, sir trinkets,
can a menu and a few of grand Jays other enemies had decided to make a day of Grand Jays execution you, let's make a day of it. I got the idea that they were having a party infringe constant, drawing room which overlooked the square. We're all drunk on wine laughing triumphantly and waving at Urbane Grand yea. Honestly I was that would have been far away. It is then again you go lag, is if this easy hours each other, and that is just the way it would have been enough. There was some mercy attempted the captive, the guard, a man named Lagrange, believed and grandes innocence. He promised grandeur two things
Reggie would be allowed to speak before sentence was carried out and he would be strangled to death before being burned, but the Grange didn't count on the exorcise father, trained, keel, father lack tents and another priest named father, archangel x men here these guys had followed close behind grandes procession and were now exercise in everything from the wood to the executioner himself. Grand yea tried to speak, as was promised that they're trying to kill, struck them in the mouth, with an iron crucifix, ie and all the time fatherly tat was yelling. Take us take us. He told grandeur, to confess again in saying that he had only a moment to live and to that grandma said only a moment only a moment and then I go to that. Justin baleful judgment to which Reverend Father you too must soon be cold and with that
father, like tents, took it upon himself to begin the proceedings and he let the straw for the pyre following his lead. Another priests set fire on the other side and the execution unofficially began. Grandiose called out till the grange. Ask him if this was what he had promised the Grange and been paying attention to the priests so when he saw that they set far without a say, so he started trying to stamp out the fires, so he can keep as prompts, but the thing is kept fire or super long beard and his double the Tatars on his bell again on the way, but it soon one fire was stamped out. There was another priest behind the grange setting another flame, so knowing that it was a lost cause, Lagrange figured he could at least make good on his promise to strangle grandeur to give a little mercy. But when he got to the news he found that the press play little Brac they'd nodded the rope, so it
couldn't be. You sell that here, for that is by the time the Grange got. The knots undone Grand J was being fully consumed by the flames. It sounds like the first version of the Wakeham all that, but instead of moles, it's just a bunch of fires. You're trying to put out to say someone that you believe as innocent it does- and I have about seven more Zizi top jokes that I haven't ad to this man will do an uncle corner at the end. You can just bust them all out and is the fire grew larger in your grand J began screaming the priest entered a chanting exerts, cystic ecstasy, which only stopped when grandeur started coughing, not content. to let grandeur suffocate is people usually did when they were burned at the stake? Father, like tents, used holy water to control the fire enough where he could come
smoke from entering grandes long and it worked. There was one final scream then silence It was thought the grandeur was dead but suddenly words, but coming from the charred blackened thing still tied to the state like the end Chuckie yeah, does it ass? His last words child's play ass. His last words, grandiose said, give my enemies in the rope which had bound grandeur to the stake, gave way he tumbled forward and died there on the hot coals, with exorcise still chanting, while fling in holy water on his burning body. What you gotta go out there:
ok, once the fire burned out the executioner scattered for shovelfuls of ashes to each point on the compass than the crowd surged forward pick through the remains hunting for teeth. Bone fragments are burned, flesh to use as a wholly relic. It's like catching a baseball at a baseball gave. Yet what they were doing. Kid was like. I want that too, but in an old man grabbed me form and give it don't do not work either way did matter whether you think he's innocent are guilty, because if you, if he's innocent, then you got the holy relic of a martyr. If he's guilty, you got the holy relic of a witch, but either way you're siphoning through human remains and call on to straighten France. Yes, I appreciate how they were two straight up with what they wanted than they weren't pretending being like. This is just to prison. The memory main grand yea like no it was very much, cannot get married all waters. Guts
you can maybe get nails and you can get teeth. Everything else is pretty much burden. I guess you get some flashing, its teeth, skull, fragments, discoverable, yet bone doing, get fragments things like that. Ok, then, the next day the priests actually did a post game with devils that was still possessing sister gin. They brought John Bruton already down that easily Amber too. They reported that Satan had been frustrated by the exorcist efforts, because if the priest hadn't been there and hadn't sprinkled, everything with holy water than Grand J would have felt nothing, but thanks to fathers tens, tranquil and archangel Grand J suffered a sleigh every step of the way heads let's good or bad good. That's good, ok! They're! Strangely, though, the men involved in the execution began dying, mysterious deaths soon after lack tents, was supposedly filled.
demons himself haunted by the screams of grandeur under torture. Exactly one month after grand its execution, father like tents, knocked six out of the hand of a priest and died of a fever. Then, shortly after, like tense died, the surgeon who conspired against grandiose died after supposedly seeing Baines naked ghost wake up going up. Can you see my phantom Weena, the girl or not, so you may get him laughing in the life that eyeing him. Finally, little smile bothering keel here said a few more years, but he died horribly as well. He was stricken by stomach ailment supposedly caused by demons, and it was written that after death he's in days of vomiting quote, he was vomit
being feels and stinks saw in support. The bell the Tis attendants had to throw them without delay. So fearfully was the room infected by them. Fittingly, though at Father Tranquillise Funeral people also rushed his casket for a chance at a wholly relic smashing the coffin and ripping his clothes from his body. It was only the guards present who kept the spectators from ripping apart father, tranquillise corpse and if or strategies death did nothing to alleviate the good sisters of Blue, don't sister Jan even had a false pregnancy that she tried to cut out of herself and baptize before she smothered devil baby because of course, abortions wrong. But it sounds like she did a ball violent version by right before she. She was sitting there now she had caught a hall and her chemists. She was about to fuckin slight her stomach open to pull the baby out
but you suppose they started last minute by vision. Oh Jesus, ok from the false pregnancy did disappear after so Jan vomited up a whole bunch of blood, but she was still trotted out day after day still saying: fuck me fuck me over and over again, in public exorcism. Some is now it's just her bit yet his head. This thing on lockdown Gmos. What to do, and that is what you do you get you get your show together together with it. You know what she was doing, your hunchback, your kind of sexy, you're gettin out there I Hopefully you no more power to work. Well, not white, more public or national unity as bar. She did get a man. Murder yeah, you know, is back in the day. No no one was innocent could be eventually, though, people started to lose interest and it was only at you're. A demon named Zabulon appeared to sister gin. Wish you given the secret to make it all end Zabulon tool, her think he would only leave and all the demons would only leave if
Mr Gin visited the tomb of Saint Francis to sail in ITALY, and so after a nice allegation that ITALY that the union's less each gotta, occasionally ITALY, has not got burned at the stake in his legs, broken for many calves down and she got a vacation likes you one, we'll yeah yeah yeah. You took a nice vacation in ITALY, the demons left and shoes global, no more, oh, my god. So she has the greatest of all the story. Zap miss as far as the other players went most faded into history set cardinal Richelieu. He played a huge part in french history. He was also play by TIM Currie and terrible three musketeers movie. All while we dont remember that what we don't remain very vehicle yeah, the one where everyone had english accents, except Oliver, Platt Keeper, Sutherland, Crusoe, Don and Charlie Jean, I think that's my favorite. They just higher actors like what was the guy who play James Bond. The irish dude member aims
your Craig. Not Daniel create here harassment, no, not pierce, broaden, Jade, Jacob, we're gonna talk. Now we never changes as acts and yet the asthma. But you don't- and I also say Oliver Platt- was a one because Jackie my sister Jackie, she always had a crush on the off one new social. He was crushed. She question Lance Bass. I want to say she crushed the other dude with the weird lined up Chin AIR well run from back street, the other guy, and then Jackie was sexually obsessed with Oliver Plan from that movie from now and impotent
yeah. I believe it. Oh, I was thinking of Sean Connery. Oh yes, about avian IRAN of all TAT S got some you always as that acts, and I could see all of our planet and Jackie getting along in real life. I'm sure he lives in LOS Angeles and Jackie, is by the way we have to plug Jackie earthy of this episode, one comes to the sausage Chipewyan she's going to get, but I have some info and that you mention it ought to remember those far as urban grandiose went. It's likely. He probably would have been this happy. Do not go down in history at all. Just live in his life as a small town, fancy free priest until the end of his days, but as it was our bank and year stands as a lesson as to how powerful mass delusion can be when its put in the hands of truly evil men with absolute power apps lately, while ass loud ass devil of Devils, Lou DAWN there. It is. That was great. What an interesting history lesson! Some good humour
is! Well, I love this shit. I love you at all, I wish that I want to find a real one, though one day when they will find a good, solid possession scale, but that's a good, less than those take away from all of us. Have mass hysteria happens all the time and were living in a world of mass hysteria now, maybe even more so then they had back than it does now its global, which isn't that nice? Now we are now we have these programming machines that we call our phones that are built upon. Algorithms are built, the Hypnotizer convicted of absolutely everything were constantly inundated by all of us. Various advertising agents that are essentially just now wings of the government that convinced by their products in order to feel hole
spiritually, an psychically, I'm sorry wasn't listening Henry. I got a text message over from Q. I signed up it's only ninety nine cents for me to get the tat. So it is not a scam, awesome, great episode, guys self, so much so much fun. So we have we're gonna, be on the road, yeah. So we had a whole bunch of chose to do on the road I mentioned Jack he's a brow ski. This is true jack. He wants to be the national sausage and hot dog councils, hotdog Ambassador S, regional hotdog, Dumbass, regional, hotdog, embezzler, so good, you hot hot, slash, no hot dash, dog dot, Org and both for Jackie. I talked about this on top hat this week you got some stiff competition, as the guy's name is beam bees. Men are some light that who is in the west,
so I am really afraid for her nitrate intake. Take I understand that that it is ceremonial position and hopefully she could do a lot more, posing without dogs and just more of justly celebration, that hot dogs are fun smoothie of meat and anything should be louder, go in there, absolutely hot vashe dot. Org making of us on the road we have like most of our shows have been sold out. Thank you, Satan for your gifts, but there we are some tickets available. We got tickets, a man coover, we got tickets and SALT Lake City, fear, SALT Lake City, get your ass. The shell motivate people to come, see your bullshit or have a good time. You get him out there, yet dancing re, ungovernable church down now we're not who now and which I know that you're so too big ass church, they got their yeah, pretty famous one, but you just homer weddings, going not might know about linking the new law of where AIDS, because everyone is dine, two halves
acts and you have to get married to do it. According to the fates, Nanda go out, we're gonna be gona SALT Lake City on May nineteenth, an Vancouver on May Thirtieth cannot wait to see everybody on the road. Thank you so much for given to our page, Riad without you, we don't exist, were like the Green Bay pack. Swear owned by other fans were all family here at last podcast network. So thank you so much for given to our page around. If you want to listen to get it Henriette, I do a small little. In our view, serious without some funny interviews on. There also feel free to listen to those enjoy them pad as everything political page, seven, wisdom, the bruise or bad. The story must be told check at all the shows your on the European Network or LP network, because allies by gas network network you never heard about. So thank you so much for the support, all the shows or doing so well and every time I get a lot of dams on my
guess. One on Instagram Adobe, like I just checked out whatever it is it actually really get, unlike other shows, are good Yannick about. Thank you guys for your continued support and Hale Satan hail yourselves. Everyone now again goose delays, Jones Hale me because I'm very somber from Ani Moon and now that the burden is gone away. I now does it you up and now you're, just a married man. I love it. I love and dont go with the flow. Everyone says go with the flow. Now you could be relaxed. You don't have to go with the flow over time, because sometimes it leads to people being burnt at stake for no reason to Jerry a red in the store you show was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our show by supporting them for more shows like the one just listen to go to last podcast network doc.
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