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Episode 363: Icelandic Sorcery

2019-05-03 | 🔗

On this "relaxed fit" episode of Last Podcast: Ben, Henry, and Marcus talk about Iceland's history of magic, witches, and necropants.

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I wish you guys can hear a warm up, but we should not just be a flying of all this first three boys she pointed out in a room You can just say fuck ship, pissing clap. What are you talking about? What is the warm up? That's our warm. Jump off into the show. Maybe he's got not? No, they don't hear it. They don't hear it gets caught off before the shoulder for those that have inherited. They go far share bears, and then they clapped emphasise how this is the most concerned. We are as a group when it comes to the interim for some reason, this eighty only time, there's ever better fight because Henry refuses to say it it with the red where higher, if there's a time difference here the lag in Skype, so it that match up a lot of the time. Don't wait till totally laptop. All you have to do is say it in a rhythm one. Currently, we Europe fuckin drama. Ok, here's what is wrong with you
don't you think it rhythms. You think it's a patient's right, I'm pull on polish and I'm have no musical talent. I think an emotion, that's what they say about the polish. Their full of emotion is where this is the line. Bob gas than the loved every word. I am Ben Ghisizzle with me, Argus barks at Henry's eyebrows gave this is a show that we're gonna call are relaxed. We are relaxed, were relaxed here where you want to hear a sound you're. The sound is only got, don't keep your paths that had to be taken, of my bell, but no one can say you will mark, is an idea that we now want to see it again. Can you hear the leather slide? God no bill no a bell zone; indeed, relaxation has occurred and Of course. We also have to mention you know, you know what happened Marcus LE
below years about thirty five years ago there was a bald, bald fat boy born on that, and then boy looks the same today as he did and Beautiful Henry's eyebrows. He happy birthday. My friend, happy birthday. You, I think you are a wonderful friend, were so happy your mother. Just this is everything groups, my penis school. That's your earlier! You about into its work under the second happier thirties and the existential dread really starts they sat in. You know I I don't feel like there's nothing negative about my age. I feel I feel like we, our thirty's. This is sort of the new peak rate, our twenties. What is a kind of wasted on being to one?
Well, you because you do not know what you're doing it all. Will your building the steps? That's where you gonna build. You know we don't come from money. We are nepotism here. We actually have to give our parents money now is that a fund has done nothing about thirty five, but where do you live like, parents to another? They never believed in me, but they definitely had somebody. They had a lot of being like well, we'll see when he moves home like there was not a majority which started when I started doing comedy, but now it's fortunately like? Oh retorted couldn't help but notice delays? Pork is left with number five in Itunes, comity charts, and I was like how do you even know how to find that, like. How do you know like like what that even me idea, you know like technically, it means nothing. You know it's about like so activity, but also the new good bumped out by random. You tubers do one episode but Iraq for FUCK em up. She, then she had the magical realisation me like we need.
Help getting a new car, a number of well known the disease, no absolutely happy birthday and reciprocity in your parents. They are Would you love the new pool, all your by more than our Clark rhythm, although rare I'm, so I have a screwdriver on the desk. I do like vexed me and how it could really slide right behind the I bought. You could just fucking pop out some flops on your less on your lips. Like it's a pig second not sit here is Henry in reserve. Rescue did have a very sharp object to his eyeball right there. You are happy to pluck out his very very happy so this episode, wouldn't we got today we got some fun little stories and then Marcus Henry market did something you want here. Bookmark remark is, did Henry, let me guess was it hours of work? No, you would have on occasion I did a vacation, Dag went out a vacation and, of course, you went to them
diverse place on the planet ice, it's more diverse than you might think. Really it was an people up pictures. How is it so diverse? You, people hide in the lab, Iraq's no, they don't live MILAN. Morocco is just over. There are more than just white people are on the white people majority. Absolutely, but here is a diverse, somewhat diverse place more diverse than you might think. Also Henry, how would people heightening the lava rocks? Make it more diverse, there's? No, that doesn't make it. I feel it gets as they hide without being seen her while I get too they could sneak into the country of people from Portugal. Only go in there, which Portugal, I don't really understand the difference between spanish, portuguese, yes, but I know it's, it's beautiful
you oughta Octopus, but I know anything else and earn a wide sounds different. Hide Knoll rocks small, but in Iceland Limit Being Carolina, went to the Museum of icelandic sorcery in witchcraft, up included, mid egg, and I learned quite a bit about icelandic sorcery, so we're gonna be talking about Iceland exhorts three in which HANS later on in the show, is surprisingly different from mainland european sorcery witch hunts. We'll go I'll, get into the whole thing. Ok virus you address, apparently, so I got a lotta messages, saying number one Marcus again: the best work into business Oda, art we're going to progress in the business and its cause. A mark sparks Margus parks, began Billy, mermaid on the front of Arsh Pirate ship Hutton through thy right, but apparently we, some of the french pronunciations and devils of loud bull,
correct you, of course, we do not know how far we can see from Rochester, Texas, Europe, Queens and I'm fuckin was gods. Yet I knew I got all of them wrong. I don't have time to go taken. A TED in intensive course infringe pronunciation. Well, you maybe, if you took hydra, tried- and I totally absolutely did you- I, like- I looked up things on line and like looked at the? U too pronunciations unseen like how things could be and how close I could get to it, but I can learn how to speak French in a fuckin weak or get better at around. Only we miss you honestly is that in there somewhere around two thousand eight, where when you too, would like really starting to kick the are. We know the guys that created the fake pronunciation guide. Like you channel and elsewhere. I remember the time period. People just would fur you're, fucking lulls would put fake
pronunciation, video and onto youtube- or even if you look at a map, words spoken fake to begin with. And then you realize, like all the internet, has always been fake. The only thing I can trust is the very centre of my mind. I actually think that's completely and utterly genius, because then, if you put the pronunciation up on Youtube and then someone per out of the way that you pronounce it. Then you laugh because you're like they, they mispronouncing, because they listen to us. There's no funny as violence like two planted, a joke seed, that's sprouted into a joke plant I'd, try my best on the pronunciation, my god! It's just that you now there there's only so much that I can learn in a single, weak and learning a different language. Unfortunately, and learning different pronunciations, unfortunately, is not one of those things that I can learn. I think United Couple nailed it. You dog me to me you're perfect! Thank you. You had me it hello,
add how do you say hello in French? We Yes, I suppose you're sure you would, I know, exposure bull. Renewing the beast, that's how I all my French from beauty in a beast I'd. Actually, so maybe you could point because causes relax episode is probably a good waited to bring. This up is number one. I think. With these relax episodes, let's say we can even com yeah, we're home relaxed, fit yeah, I believe eyes like nine. Eighty, nine words is essentially, it has its essentially a skirt with a little like tat of the body I like all somewhere in my old navies right now, and I don't know what happened, but I'm still a size. Thirty eight, I know for a fact I have gained wait. They strike.
Phase a stretch now, so my old Navy is on brand, they know who's buying their products, nice and it made me feel good eyes. What we'll get will get back to Israel Keys next week, but yeah there's just a relaxed breather episode, but never one, if you got questions you want, is to answer, send them to side stories, Lp Hotel, a Gmail com. I think this is a good opportunity. Maybe if people are curious about things and we do or how we do them, or I guess our personal lives. Are you just like Henry? How to how do you keep the sex alive in a marriage, and I tell you what you do. Is you just ye agree a grub for it Give me give me give me give me give me give me give me. I know you want those kind of suggestions. We could do that and also there's a good time to say, SALT Lake City for come for you cuz, I was tickets. Those tickets in SALT Lake City cannot wait
go, hang out with you, guys, come on down from Provo, come on Tavern Provo. If you can bring your you calm down, bring your gun down of our right, everyone! Well, let's get to the first story here: let's talk about people, crib did such encrypted. First you're, not yet story, that's nearing dear to my heart. Obviously I am part of the Yeti Clan and they is breaking news all the way from the beautiful land of India, which is another place that we should go at some point at the very least two party. So evidently I dont know if you go to India at a party who I've heard India is one of the best places to party in the whole world love to go to him, who everyone,
but with a whole place. Do you know what she could do buys not an indian no not to buy whatever I got used to the idea of Europe Emirates, though I'm thinking it what's the place in India, the place to go belly Reagan now down bay, let's go with I've heard Andy as a good place to pardon my brother was there with his boyfriend? They had a great time. Don't like you was a god because of course, his huge, but none allows all he's very tall, so the indian Army claims it found Yeti footprints in Nepal and, of course, you know Henry the world is a little sceptical about this, but ivory audience write something a fuckin say: everybody's got a roast of this news, which I understand because they ate they assume it's like one day you a full disclosure there. We were talking about earlier this week as soon as it fuckin comes out as soon as immediately like its of they have to be
already lines naps right in a place of let's make one of these people, because there is no possible way. Anything outside of our very limited imaginations could be real. I will sit as don't make fun of the indian Army. They will miss you up man. There are many many years, many millennia of war and that they will fun. Hats are therefore her country, I think the refund in that country. I am fairly certain. She also got nukes yes, one at that better beds ahead, all different. That's it that's a top hat, think so highly do they got noakes causing the saving the peace. As a matter of fact, the nukes over there is the first time I've ever been safe, so this is the breaking news. Now, Henry you saw this this army. They were on a mountaineering expedition and the autumn upon mysterious footprints in Nepal. Now Henry now actually have inauthentic Yeti footprint in your report,
when you look at it every day. You know exactly what footprints of the young people like. I now have to. U have new up. Ok now have two and a big thing about them, as they ve got to have the ridges. They know that intelligent footprint, if it's got the rigid, so guys seed, which would I like to professionally call the tidies, of the feed has to have the right lobbies that if you are looking at the foot from defrauded broke from the bottom of it towards you, and I had Little Nepal's on their you'd get a warning for. Oh that's: what don't be eyes, that's her if that's your lifestyle, but apparently so the Union Army babies covered as they are gone through, Mountaineering Expedition is Castle said they found Prince measuring two inches by fifteen inches ogre full on footprints. They got picked them therefrom by the Mount who base camp on April night. So when you get these footprints Henry, what comes to is this a good, obviously
immediately the New York Times they have an article out, be like they say, he found footprints of a yeti, but its most definitely just to bear their being there being sent color marking the indian army. Good luck! They are thirty, two inches by fifteen inches Henry. What do you think seems a little too big to be a barrier to make? Well, I'm looking at these pictures right now and then very, very interesting, the big boys, whatever these footprints, are its pig, thirty two by fifteen. I guess I can't I how big how big do de in bears Gatt? Will you come and see me there's? I think you could just anybody know they cause. It goes by. It goes my region right, ok, they're! Here the bears family of India. The Himalayan Bach bear. They reach a link. I've six feet right: ok, so that stock make a thirty two inch by fifteen inch. Footprint brown bear right, look there. This is also that is a small bare and then a barrel.
The slav bear these of bears the Himalayas Softwares short term. Yes bear so you look he's bears a by the evidence of these are the barriers that are possibly on the himalayan mountains. Nobody's gonna make a thirty two by fifteen inch footprint in never mind. It's got to register. I do feel that the indian Army, why would they go all the way folk and our other way does and in these footprints to theirs scientists to verify what the animals gonna be? If it justifiable, I think they know would bears, are ok, but what the New York Times article says about you know the bare things of the thirty two inches may come from, and Mama bear going up front and back.
He bears ten too hot behind in the footprints. Dear times is why we are at where we are today. The building should be burned out. That's that's my point. I disagree. The hid it in exactly I disagree. They didn't like this. We will agree to disagree that guy. What are you a part of the weather undergrowth out? Everyone is active domestic terrorism. I just think that all media has been lying to us and that they should all double check themselves. You're gonna say yet. He spake, oh yeah, up thirty five years young today, but that's what I like it, because I you even says because what I like to I'm fucking Satan is likely to fucking twist this shit we're one of their researchers, a man by the name of a molecular biologist, Ross Barnett. He said the the quote which
him I imagine it is snide and making fun of us, but I'm sure, got a flippant and say that he is correct when he says you can't kill a legend with anything as mundane as fax and you're like yeah you, conversely fuckin legend of the king, don't fuck amiss absolutely! No one thing about the movie legend, who that's a good one, but now the intro did thing about these Yeti tracks is. There seems as if there's just one. So there was a lot of speculation. Maybe it's a one legged yeti per this is getting pogo. Stick and economists have a difficult time. Pogo in Y Y, you down, there are several. There are: no, there are several prince they set one in. I don't look at the track of prayer. It is several prince. Will I'm I'm seeing a little bit of a different, a piece of information here, but I'm looking to picture. I believe you, I believe you and, of course,
looking at the article from the Washington Post, because you know what Marcus democracy dies in the dark lads who and I subscribe. He says it is, isn't it aren't even footprints in Nepal without the Washington Post. What is freed me? I would like the Washington Post ever talk about this earlier this week. I like the fact that its legit newspaper- yes right, so whether you footprints vowed in India. I am assuming that crypto geologists are going to be fighting about this vigorously for the next ten to fifteen years, but you know what it's keep them alive and then the next time we gotta COMECON come appear in July will be in San. Diego will be to run into the crypto zoologist that scammed entry into buying a Yeti four per once again, and you know what Henry's gonna do by another: oh hi, that was not idle fight. There's no scam because I put my belief in it in it,
but for us to have in the house and its this conversation peace, because people go like that. Really big foot foot prints! Oh, like get out of my house. I know that the big foot fake footprint guy cannot afford a table at San, Diego COMECON. That was it SALT Lake City, though that with SALT Lake City, and if you have to come and see us SALT Lake City come on we're coming out, it's gonna be good, show I take it. It's gonna be a good show and can get out from your homes, and we have a lot of freaky fans out fucking SALT Lake City. So you want to get your bodies together, Signal ride together and hopefully go home and sport into each other. Well,
maybe if its, if it's a match, Madge and of course we have a lot of people fall in love from our show, we ve had a couple of divorces caused by our show. All we ve had more people find love than lose Le Maire gain. The our friend Amira also want to say this in front of marriages. Sent me this thing. I wish that we could listen to it on air and just like literally not do our show and just play the show it is. I don't know our belgian a three hour interview with moral haggard. Yes, I heard about that night must hear these two old men, just spit peanut shells out of their teeth, is near ramble. I really would like danger that you know with moral haggard
what no he'd get their talk. Untruths man than there has been an yeah, I know but Merle. What was the famous song from Michigan there that the tune that he had worries? Michigan? Are you Talkin Oki from a scope oghee from Skokie, I from Oklahoma Oklahoma? He said that ruined his career, because people took em literally on that and he's dead. He was just trying to be satirical and make fun of the people. Of the thai area. The hags too smart form. That's out, as you can't be. That's a problem with that tired defeated. If you think it's real year, would you can't be a square and outlaw country not allowed? I mean David, not well David, ECHO was slipping out of our horror, curse, yes, and he was one of the more craziest ones. He was also the wine biased one. Well, they are all very interesting opinion. It's true because Marcus pointed that I never thought of David Alibi co as sort of like he feels bad for himself and then you, you, listen, do all of his arm to like allow this
all about him, be unlike bitter and like he's like mad Leah everything in the back of our herself Oda songs apart on straightened earth, don't all David at not all, but a lot of David Alan CO, songs or just him being whiny in insecure. Yes, and then you have the racism. There are brought about problematic guarantees, but I'm just say and whale and was never whiny now you know have surely not man jail and still my favorite wayland, my favorite of the whole group. Yet of course, in David Anko, it's it's whiny its insecure and it's just name drop in constantly. Will I mean for fuck sake, Wayland, William me? That's just in talking about hanging out there's more famous friends. You have what I saw my country career with just with the first saw just being used to cap Rio's bathroom on nice. I will do. I will use the amount of times you named rapidly in order to capital is actually amazing. Considering you met him for thirty minutes view.
No, we did spend months together, but that's all I have I also was in. I was in a room with Bob rigid era. Several times who told me I tell you, gave me my biggest compliment I've ever received. I did it with their many just looked at me what you you're good. That's it that's. Why he's dead? Now, man, I can't believe it's a euro is dead, why this law is do with great? What is this working Easter? Alright? Another this enough for this artist. Talk gets four page, seven, ok fitted Judge He will do a whole segment. Outlaw country. Uncertainty loves that when I don't know it is paid, severed, gonna have a drunk uncle. Take over you and me. We should cover paid seven words as Mean castle attitude. The legitimately hammered where we go. We gets a whiskey and you just hear whale and on the background of us veinlike
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costs on the left. Listeners get twenty five percent off a calm premium subscription at com, dot, com, Slash left, that's three: a m dot com, slash left at unlimited access to all of coms content. Today at com, dot, com, Flash left, get com, stuff, stressing, but speaking of having a little bit a beer, maybe some pretzels Henry Marcus on vacation in Iceland. Yeah. Let's hear all about this experience that you had with witchcraft and sorcery. Would I love is that Marcus went on vacation in still manage to do work? You will manage to absorb information and come back now. How did we care as she goes with you willingly of our no. She loves us. She loves the stuff. Just as much as I do. Thank God, So what's the story, so you lay in tonight's, then how do you end up at this museum and in what is this presentation in Europe without delay?
the boy landed in Reykjavik, but the Icelandic Museum of Sorcery witchcraft is up in whom civic, which is the West yards, which is about three, our three and a half hours north of Reykjavik. So we had to rent a car and drive all the way up like drive through mountains. Drive on cliffs almost died like three or four times driving through that dangerous fuckin country. It was amazing, when you were driver was a wonder: does like three wheeled cars sign language, lengthens, european vacation old, like the snark loop, her anger, that is to go what kind of Carthage Drive. It was a subaru there there, but they have we're kind of cars that, like there was one car called like a tea for cactus. In other words, I called like a dozen deston is very strange way, drove a subaru up there and yet opposite ends of the road. No, it's not it's! It's
pretty much the same as driving in America by all the signs are indifferent languages. It feels like you're driving in a dream like an idea. They hold jet lag only like five hours ahead. It's not too bad at all. Ok, but is pretty fantastic, so we drove up to the Us Museum surgery, witchcraft, which I recommend so much for anybody who is going to Iceland, because when you're up there in whole, they're like in the West Fjords is a place where, like sorcery, feels real like it feels like that these people actual like you, can feel the sorcery in the air that people want. Believed in sorcery with all their hearts? They sell, take it pretty vaguely seriously right like that y know. A long time ago we covered things about the hill defect. That's kind of shit. What did you glean anything while over there, but they still do those practices. They know that they used to do construction if they did construction and Reich of EC or various by someone. Iceland they'd have to ass the hill to fish for permission in order to build
At one point, they were going to build a highway through what was a fairy mound then decided after a fair amount of accidents which might have been caused more by nervous superstition than actual healed, the fucking, but they decided to forego the project started to abandon it. What do you mean in all the areas around? What's going on here? Didn't mound where it's like a little mound were fairies, live dead to ferry home, ok, cool! You don't get really that, but the cool thing about Iceland and spread specifically like icelandic sorcery, it's a win with european sorcery, it feel was made up. By made up, I mean it feels like that they just sort of like it came from which trials people just speaking stream of consciousness. It feels like complete and total nonsense because, as we know, a lot of european mainland european witchcraft
it was a scapegoat type thing. I mean it was a lot of people that were acting groovy. There want to explore the limits of their sexuality and explore the limits of humanity and end up getting burn on four and basically all of the all of you- evidence of witchcraft. There was use, it varies trials and all of the Whitson Wit witness testimony about these supposed witchcraft. The people you are accusing we love were accused of, were then those kind of pieces of information we all the things that were compiled in two things like them, the melee, a manufacturer of where they basically built at all by the lies that everybody else was saying about. The real believes that people may or may not have been doing worry, whether or not you truly were a pagan or a. You were a druid, whether they would these things and they would twisted in order to
no like amalgamated into a book where they get eventual use it to fucking hammer. The witches were no, no and, of course, when Marcus mentions pushing their limits of sexuality, nor that, as you know, it stops with but stuff as soon as they they say. Oh that's the limit. I dare I say for Asia that I'd say it's a fucking all limit when all of tortures involve sticky pigs up your fuckin Breton, I don't know, but the difference with icelandic sorcery is that it was a man frozen hut who, on the sit like on the coast hot over a and over a pile of whale teeth, scratching rooms into each one and believing it wholeheartedly.
That's really truly do man do you, ve got, is here what's scratching into these Welty runes? What's aroun aroun is a magical symbol that hold power. Different runes hold different power is used for different, spells, indifferent ritual. Ah, you know what it's like Rummy cube. Much like you, I wanna be mad, but your correct, but technically calls you know. The rules of the runic alphabet is also called forth arc. It's a writing system and they actually don't know what the fucking a true origins of rooms are say. I get scape. They believe it somewhere from the third century to the sixteenth century that it may have been invented cell up begets yet out of a window I got while I was at the sorcery museum. They have a wonderful guidebook and I'm gonna go through a couple of things that they covered
the sorcery museum. But what I'm to be talking about is only a tiny fraction of what you can learn. If you actually go there and if you go there, there might be a chance of experiencing an earthquake, because when we were in the sorcery museum, we were up on the second floor, learning all about an old icelandic wizard and entire building shock, who was so fucking corps, but the region where the sorcery museum is is called surrounding it all again pronunciation five do in my best nailed the I feel like you're closer with these ones, because ITALY, you have hung out with you hung out with regular quite a bit yeah, I'm better with dramatic language the languages then romantic language. Ok, they are yeah yeah yeah does it does he's good? Yet surrender is known. It's no. As the land of the cunning sorcerer,
this. It is reflected in this ditty from one of the neighbouring countries cooked the here oh, fell on his head, his limbs and pain it unwise to wrestle with the sorcerer's of Strand NEA because you get all dirty, so he fell down like a marathon are finishing the raised their non good. Haiti. Imagine what it smells like to be inside this RON, dears, hot and they're, all with a rotten shark in him, godson, like he's always pew basalt dreaded others could come in Wales. Either renders not a man strand ears. A region was the same sign up a ball of strain the ongoing there. What's that voting in hot topic like there come on guys building come on, I bet you mean old girl. I bet you doesn't
that benefit coltan? That's good here in New York City were going through our transition from cold into warm, which is also the transition from knots melons. So bad to smell, unlike rotten fish toenails. My arm is that you mom we talk about I'd like way might cause. That's the beginning ever recall my mom. It's been like what temperatures it in LOS Angeles bullets. Eighty five here, it's gonna be eighty throughout the week it's gonna rain a little bit and it's ok. We Thomas your belief, there's a new heron, oh my birdie came in I fetid or dogs, could not imagine a more boring covers ashen someone from Florida talking to somebody in LOS Angeles, California, about the weather, how long at least in Wisconsin, when you mentioned the whether there is something to talk about yeah things have to be addressed. My uncle died no store not been you're. Not it is up visible, YAP sold out
of that right. Here's how you do, according to icelandic source, relocate collect three drop. The blood from the index finger of your left hand, three from the ring finger of your right hand to from your right nipple, and why, from your left, nipple mix the blow with six drops of blood from the heart of a living, Raven and melted, with the ravens brain and pieces of a human stomach card, the sign on the lignite with magnetic steel, which has been hard and three times in human blood, then using that. Lignite using that little stone one can become invisible, Well, you know- and I actually just like an almost cooking- shall I just whip that up myself and I just ingested it and now I'm taking off my clothes. No one can see me do what I'm doing all we could see it. It's Harry Potter and the perverts rock the invisible is really just about masturbating people
in Europe and Europe in Europe. In your estimation, and your version of thing, I think, would you use being invisible for her It gives rise to try to find out just ain't jerking off. The problem is that you too have to. These jerk off once nobody get it out of your system, but are you gives up big it about it like that? But is yours Is your ejaculate to use the scientific term? Also invisible? don't think so. You would have to fund this game of all. Then it just looks like if I can just slogan, weird actor blossom, any think. It's eighteenth century near like Is it Houdini? They don't know. It's me working with my two tablespoons of of of salmon solicitous waiting for them. When you are invisible nowadays they got all the they got. The the heat
uncertain, as we learned with the prisoner escape a couple a wee years ago, your upstate New York. That's why that's right! I forgot about that President break. That was also I was in Toronto, and I remember that they were like common for Toronto and Olive Canada was like battening down two people around me right yeah. What was Richard swept or something like that? It's when another dude, I dont think big visible, sounds that fund, though honestly, because you still have your physical form, so you're still getting bumped in you all the time I mean no one really knows what are hidden. Would you like having a show
being invisible like having a sketch show on Netflix, where you produce it, and it goes out and you're like hey, hey, hey, I'd, work really artifice and nobody notices that it's like you'd ever Dennett, guys mother's day is just around the corner, and the perfect gift for mom is already on your phone. If your mom is anything like my mother, she would love dickie to frame the photo of special fee. Oh god and returns, how what all this is. Just I remember when we, when we got bread or do number one. We went to top. It springs that we went to this by store. That's where frame bridge comes in. You guys have heard me talk about framework before so. You know they make it super easy and affordable to custom Kramer, favorite thanks to print and posters the photos in your phone. It only takes a few minutes to order just upload your photo in order by Sunday may fit for guaranteed freedom
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Majority of people in Iceland, accused of witchcraft were men, thing, but it also so, but do they all get executed like we do like it back in the day were basically if your accused you are essentially guilty. No, absolutely not! Now there is out of the twenty met. Looking out of a hundred and seventy people accused witchcraft, twenty men in one women were burnt. The stake one in every four of the accused was flogged and Sometimes they flogged them. Just in case you have not had the ass I've you bought all these whips, I mean you gotta use and a quarter of them were able to prove their innocence. Now, how did they prove their innocence? Because in the? U S, what did we do here where they were? They said if they ve, if they would throw the a goddamn rivers with a bunch Iraq's rather ankles, and they would say if they drowned, are not a witch and if they come up there, which of them angle anyway, we would make them not. We would make them guilty. Yes, exactly in Iceland, if you could
twelve friends to vouch that you were a good dude most the time you get off twelve, yeah you have to go further to a lot of friends again, our goal show up to help you presently I'm a single really mass emails. I said about moving original. No one wanted to come help. You move you imagine, having decided, amass, email being like hey, we please come to court until these people are not a which could you'd have. We will be like or Falcon torn forgot. That was broken Wednesday may I totally would have been there for wasn't. Like eight thirty unum in my lifetime. Heads on this man. Can you just please show up. Please guy. Do that solely absolutely men year? What days it again went way. Amory K, Resell, MIDI. May God I'm gonna die? I was well, it wasn't actual twelve. You didn't have to get all twelve. You just had
the majority of twelve to say you were a good do, but if you couldn't get twelve p, but the majority at twelve people to say like you're, good dude and not a witch, and that was seen as proof of guilt so that twenty one people that I'd. We're just lonely does have enough. Rents is so sad that was the big drawback that they point out at the sorcery museum is then in a justice system of this kind, unpopular people with bad reputations had very little chance of clearing the national judge. I just like to point out. I am introvert dont, have a lot of friends judge what that's why we partners the intro votes, because we do not trust sums, are always plotting. Always thinking of schemes going against a beautiful bond of an innocent extroverts. You know what this judges Dissolved introverted scare us forest who carried the sentences sentences,
were carried out, buys it by an executioner but local courts. It was the sick. Sheriffs has to find suitable person for the job, but fairly became accustomed to let minor criminals do the job in exchange for their own punishment spent still put. That is literally the plot from your pretty faces going now, so we exchanged for their punishment. They just get to kill someone else they have to. I don't think they would want to do in the case of young Johansson real make up more than thirty blows were necessary before his head came off, because the edge of the acts wound up as if a rock was underneath it you gotta cry knife. Sharp foreigner run it through a couple of times what that's very, but also find it interesting that they truly did burn all of these people to death, where we actually that's kind of amiss, no more for our witch hunt, because we hung most witches. Yes,
we need a burning them yet, and the Icelanders burned there, which is which was a big deal, because wood is not plentiful in that country. A lot of it is like driftwood that they had when Germany, for I see what you do with like seal rubber. Now they did it with driftwood. That would make the if it wasn't a human meal, little seal blubber there, even if no no seal, blubber no see or blubber used to burn people. As far as I can tell what, why would you she was walking away? Is: doesn't seal blubber just work like candles and stuff because it doesn't burn that fast shut?
Why would you want to hear some of the stories of the twenty one that were executed? You mark up? Yes, Papa Marcus. Tell us about the economic zone built Zone with Papa Marcus, isn't good new video. For yourself start. Sixteen fifty four eagle bear an incident was burnt in trade. Thus, the of Ec Strand year after confessing that he had killed a sheep with magic and made a contract with a devil would if it wishes to hammer that he called the magic be. Was this confession unsolicited? They don't really talk a lot about how the confessions were extracted. Does it does not sound like they put them through a lot of torture to get the confessions, because there were quite a few people who went to the stake still screaming say
my innocence same events, but there was, but there was one dude name: how door fin boncassen, who is Bert at and add things very clear recited our father who art in hell all throughout trials gotta do if you already going to the fucking stakes, it spoken die with your boots on man. That's the only way to live well, that is so interesting he's like do you ever watch the last waltz, the band last last, were you ve seen this right? It's among our associates, amazing. They have that one icelandic or norwegian poet on their remember that, and he says, as I he makes pond about about the global, the Lord's prayer or something like that denies its leverage? How at the last waltz now I'm looking up? I want to see what this is. It's a horrible poem pursing pop ups.
Landing ban. Some Morris talk, poetry, incest, perhaps don't click got it whatever. It is never but will insist, sixteen. Fifty six young Johnson Junior was burnt in scooters fjordungr. Now, no eight that is scooters fear there. It is an extremely difficult, difficult language it because it's germanic since it I'd more dramatic. It is like a bunch of words all put together. You don't recognize, have the symbols to really fun to try to get around here in a car cool? Are they truly like, because how insider is the culture of Iceland like a guy. I want to know what is it kind of like truly home grown where they are isolated with these kind of these folklore periods, or was it a lot of trouble? where there are a lot of like trade, come in and out that they would kind of certain like the folklore
and beliefs would leak from what I understand from what I remember. I believe Iceland was founded in around Mc Nutt in the nine hundreds of of the a d They came from. I think Norway, because they didn't want to pay taxes and they created the world's first and oldest parliament. Parliament, the oral thingy interests do a lot of their stuff is hunger. I mean Stephanie Emmy, it's very norse, influenced of course, like they brought over all of the ignore the easier and all that Is there really, I don't think, there's a whole lot of mixing with other countries, it is pretty home ground, but the which trials in Iceland those were kind of implant in from Germany, because Couple guys went over to Germany saw the stuff that was going on with which trials there. It's not a coincidence that most of the witch trials in Iceland
then, in the seventeenth century, the same time that mean all but devils were happening over in France, Saint on the step, as happened in Germany, so that the witch hunts actually imported from another country. A very excellent yes very invoke across the world. The guy was linking up with the bans. The last words Lawrence fairly daddy and he he performed last prayer deadlines. Further carried it he's nodded. Are you not icelandic? I dont know what are you ll get it use? I believe Farlane gotta believe you'd be poet, ride tones ease, I am using air. I dislike Ladys from Brooklyn. I know where is it looks icelandic? I might be thinking of another guy. Well, there's a lot there's one! Do this hortatory Shorty another one of those guys forget where that is? Maybe that's not the last world, I'm not really mean
about this prayer. This is like this is nothing even icelandic grinning about it. It's just I fuckin prayer to God. You just did this think has no need to look at it. This thing, I'm looking towards Merlin Getty, incredible, be poet actually do like a lot of his work, but I want to good deal with any the spark of Jesus Christ, but it's not that, first of all he lets back to Icelandic, saw young Johnson admitted to having used magical signs and, among other things, having used farting runes against a girl. What do you mean? Farting room was affording ruin scalded fraternity. Are it made her far? I think he forwarded on her weaved
It has been used as a weapon for a long long time, really as yes, the mystical farting rooms of Iceland, but now bring an upper on markets because you get sensitive like last time when we started talking about someone who is that an article d, you know DR aren't, I put it in reverse. Its parts are now the funniest thing, one of the funny things in the world to me. I'm not I'm not fucking traumatized by far to anything like that. I'm just saying those of us in the world get parted on it. You know where I am. I normally that serve representation ass, a lily. I completely agree with you, so what this mean then, so he was simply a sorcerer or a witch.
Because he forwarded year a girl or a woman, or something will far don't ruin aroun justified on some. You can just do the one hears a for. Actually farting rooms are much more intense than you might think. Ok, farting rooms are used to afflict your belly with great shitting and shooting pains, and all these may afflict your belly with very great farting committee. Bones put asunder. May your guts burst. May your farting never stop day nor night you become as weak as the fiend Loki, who was sneered by all the God. That's affording room, it's your stats awesome! So really does it is used on somebody else now he wanted to make, while this like this, like lit a lotta wires cross here, he was just try to me you're, trying to make a chicks who preferred I guess so. This seems like a really bizarre new addition to marvels endgame when the Loki somehow helps a woman fart or makes a woman far through the second half of the film Wilson.
Was his end game altogether, sand on early there and collect the forts in his mouth and glad when sixteen seventy one signal to the gums and was burnt. Things really are after a try in its view yeah- let's dear God, damn it that's a hard one. I've been This can be upset by asking only if it is a small country but anyways he was. He admitted, among other things, that he had fought a ghost and frightened it off with the help of herbs and semen. That's just like that done
knots movie what Mr Chicken and in some ghost or sunlight there was an imminent movie Mr Chicken, and goes in this direction. I swear. I remember that we are in hand the girl move years, fuckin stroke movies out. This is Mister Jack. It's all stag film worried him pocketed chicken with Bob Hope, shrunken Edna coroner being like there are going to name and airport after me, shit I did we have to we have we actually have to apologize here done it wasn't a movie called the ghost and MR check goes. I know that one of the only things my parents only watch. You start as Luther heads, a newspaper type setter. You spend the night in a haunted house. Thank you. So my question: is they caught him? Trying to
ward off a ghost using seamen and spices? What that was one of the things that he dead by him? He admitted to doing that and various other things. They probably got caught with a grim, more pages and things like that which getting caught with grimly pages in Iceland at that time was a Kapital affects. What do we got with these grim more pages? What are we talking here? Grim wars or magical books of spells and such spells and rituals, and all that Greece by M Unflagging Amazon. I want to say again- and we cover this a little bit, not this time. If we get the last time, we did a whole thing about which is getting burned, but you we are in a golden age of being able to just say you are aware of the fact that I can go and be a Satanist openly like alone little, but that from the hail Satan document are merely when I got to watch and a wish that you guys go watch until we can talk about it, but I watch it and I loved it. But if it is like this liberating thing to understanding I, this is the only era of humankind
where I can stand up and say I worship the devil and there's no to police office. Sir. The come take me to the stocks and then flog me and then burn me at the stake, but you know what I almost think that's worse, because it's fun however, once a witch everyone's a which everyone agrees, that we need a you already find when it was like who edgy risk gale, and now we had better like the people, we can't you, like. The people got mad. One modest mouse made good news for people who love ban would be seen good. I like that, it's a great ally, but what are you talking about? We, we can't be me about mainstreaming success of the things we enjoy like this is where the supposed to go they catch on these ideas catch on in there. That's what caused the fire eventually, it will be shut down again. We are in the middle of a very long, swell period. This is a very conservative period for society, which is why it is like this. I don't know, but I will say that was one of the best modest mouse albums and the old
band that I ever would agree with that sort of changed a little bit green day. I thought geek string sting breath was incredible, but you know then they did get a little bit too. I don't know they were they went in there. They had some media see, you are lucky to have some low and there was like happened, but I still aggrandize, nay. I sat still agri know you're the first few obvious doling out pretty fund being a great idea up and still pretty great outwork to some. Do you want to know how to you you're not raise the dead? I actually I would like to do this, but the question is: do you raised them back into their full form, or do you just raise up a skeleton that has a bunch of meat dripping off you raise up a dog, or so your essentially raising a car, a corpse to do mischief against your foes like a goal up yet ok, muggy, but a girl, I'm is like you're making enshrining constructing at this is raising the dead to do your bidding? Ok! Well, that's what about those are Goodall does
to move on and then so does fucking on your straight up, necromancy! Listen to this ok! This sign you should carve on oak and then color with blood. The blood money be from the big toe of your right foot and look at some of your left hand lie the sign on the grave and then walk three times clockwise and three times anti clockwise around the church. Threes parts of earth will then spew from the grave and at the last one the sorcerer must be prepared to receive the dead grabbed the by his neck and squeeze until he asks for lenient. Only then should the ghost be prepared for the tasks in hand. If these be great and many more preparation is needed and more
Then one sorcerer. Yes, yes, so if you need the guy, you need the goes to going kill. Someone really need a couple of source. You want a couple of sorcerers there and no matter what you're getting good exercise. Those churches are Hugh unit to walk around and three times around again. This is, I think, that's a point that is missing and a lot of modern day witchcraft. I think it's important if you want to be a which you should also be doing strength training and I'm a business, not even a bit, does not even have it. I as a sorcerer like this, is what it shows is that sorcery is whores concern. Is both a mental and physical discipline like you need to be? Will they have total control of your body, which is why Alister Crowley brought yoga into the EU into the mix being like you need to be being able to. You have to connect your mind to your body to be one singular force, so I like the idea of not only do we have to bring about what you do, the spell you do and actual
physical thing where you hurt yourself in order to gain the magic back like you, you hurt yourself to pay the magic bill and then, when the dead rise, you gonna fuckin wrestle it to the ground for it to do what you gotta. Do it's like how you hire a personal assistant is: is there any witchcraft Amex card? Can I can I can I not? Do you really want miles? I just one of them not knew the bleeding. Now they want to be. The leader had been all over the Blair's there's, no short cuts. No short cuts are right. Well, that's royal staked, a diamond Dallas, page yoga yoga, which I have started. How in what way you started to do the GDP Guy watch videos on Youtube? Yes, I figured so yes. Indeed, if you want another kind of helper, there is a creature that you can create known as the Tilbury to acquire until this is something that only a woman can do to acquire.
Till buried. The woman has to steal a human rib from a churchyard in the early hours of with Sunday rest in gray wool and keep it between her breasts the next. Each time she takes holy communion. She must spit the sacrament wine over the bundle married between her breast thoroughness. Spurt of holy wine will bring the Tilbury to life from the human rib when it grows. Law you're in the mother can no longer conceal it in her bosom. She must cut loose a piece of skin on the inside of her thigh and make a nipple which the Tilbury will hang onto and drawn nourishment from her body fluids. When the creature gets big enough, the mud ordered him to steal milk from other farmers even runs out and moves very fast over the fields and steals milk from sheep and cows and delivers it into the mothers churn. The mother there makes butter out of it so called killed, but last Miller, ok
and when the mother gets older and the Tilbury becomes too big a burden for her because it took a long worm like animal the basin Lavie. It's too, if I may have a representation of it in the Icelandic Museum witchcraft. They have a couple of men there that an art it has made and an artist went into the museum resourcing Witchcraft and made some really fantastic. Rep sensations of some of these items- and the tilbury in particular is is wonderful. Ok, but when the Tilbury becomes too big a burden and she can no longer tolerate his sucking of the final, she has ordered him to gather all the Lamb shit in three county, and since there are so many sheep in Iceland, this will cause the Tilbury to burst of exhaustion because he's
constantly in a hurry to get back to his nipple. Something really sounds like of last eight hours of red dead redemption basically have to do exactly that foreign over recent months with the oak itchy birds. Where was it and final fantasy? Seven? Where you have to God, you have, they fuckin, raise all the birds again eggs to go and get the Super sand bolster it. So you are I'm talking about. I never played that one in every way to seven. I do understand the meticulous duties that up many of these games require you to do and I would say, I dont want to be. If I don't wanna, be a farmer in real life. I just wanted to let go shoot someone, but anyway sometimes dialogue and I don't like all its up its legs. They would skier Emory at the like, spend several hours learning how to be a blacksmith. That's when I stop playing those games because I dont have the patience for dismissing is one of my favorite parts skier, I'm lonely, MRS Whites design for specific people, never very much. So
cars are the most famous IDA. The icelandic museum, sorcery witchcraft is the neck row pants. What are the neck grow pair? Vinegar pants, is that we're mayhem goes to shop on the super. Super able holdings are words like a new torrid just going that last or a little bit. Do you think it was written down by someone wearing no pants? It seems very sexual, or all of these things just seek were porno. They could have like the penthouse forum. It has more to do with thing in a world where it is life, come from. That's where a lot of the nipple stuff comes from like where, where it is life, come from where's the first place that we all suckle, that would be
mothers teat on her head. I I've been re reading Prometheus, rising and Robert Anton Wilson as a whole breakdown of brass and our written what it means when breasts mean to society it it's pretty great there, like all. I guess, all section being like I love to hear every mountaineer explain why they have to climb every chronicler mountain by saying, because it was there basically saying every mountains, a giant ted and every near just wants to get to the nip honey. Don't bother me right now, I'm ready my chapter on who has any Robert Anton Wilson. I have here both of you, I assume Marcus idea whom they do have yeah. Now I like that, I, like the document, you like the readers idea, my daddy's. My debts omitted something the readers digest and rage. Yet what the neck grow pants
most famous thing at the Icelandic Museum, sorcerer Witchcraft makes its way around the internet every once in a while. It's based on a leash. What the legend says is that neck? Here's, where natural pants come from there's a lot of icelandic sorcery, actually has to do with get money because back then there a couple of lords up at the top, and then everyone else was poor shit own in you couldn't work your way up. It wasn't like Amerika meritocracy, rig eventually work your website when you are at the bottom, you fuckin state at the bottom, I'm just so happy that you said back, then market is opposed to that we're worth living now what narrow path did they got your money? How you got necromancy or are you made narrow path? Is it right before a friend of yours died? You had to ask him permission to use his skin if he said yes after he dies, you dig him up and you
play the skin from the waist down, including the deck and ball. If I skinned Henry from the waist down, including the dick and balls I'd, look like the incredible hulk with a tiny dick eyes like like wherein it will just above my kneecap. Yes, it has it'll just be like little bikes or through a super stretched out on your knees. Yes, you're, not gonna. Ask Henry you're gonna: ask like your brother, someone who is similar sized tee, o K, aware yeah. It's like! I can't go into have Kizil fucking guy can't skin kissing, because it looks like we're in a big pile of ginger. Over of you would have to go to some bizarre person, maybe like the Sawyer family, from Texas, jades or massacre ass, to get your fucking human legs and your human pants down, and maybe that could work out. Maybe I'm an old devil bigger over smaller yeah gay, oh yeah yeah. She goes against monetary. Take him in so after you did.
I'm up, you fly, I'm new make pants out of the skin the legs, and you know the dick and balls, but the balls are the most important part did not so much the balls. You have to have a balls hang in there. I put you, let me get to this up. You put the pants on you, put the negro pants on and they become a part of you. We also have a second scroll em up and then once they become a part of you, you take a coin and insert the coin into the scroll down and then, from that day forth with ever. You need money. You, Sir plea reach into the scroll down and pull coined it's a ferried. Back of I already back made a ball of Fanny Bag, made of balls that holds infinite coin granite, worthing searches, cod to you at the video game, arcade just dignity,
your cross, to get another point out as the cops take you away like now. That's where I keep my money. Listen X, men on me, kids like reach it into my fuckin, severed ball back to give up all quarter. That's pretty amazing enzo yeah and the reason why I love is the reason why the witchcraft trials ended in Iceland has because it has got to cold. They had a series of really difficult winners law school. If I just got it's a fucking care about witchcraft anymore and I took care of witchcraft any much just fucking stayin site that is honestly saved by the weather, yes saved by the cold say by the weather. So if you guys want to learn more about this, because I just scratch the surface on icelandic sorcery here and what you can see the icelandic sore and are not paying me, I just people to go, if you will the girl, you should go to sleep link with the cryptic museum in Portland Main go another blue- be careful
and you're driving, though there is no shit. That's what my nobody told me there no shame and turning back when you're done Ivan and eyes on, you can download an app that tells you which roads are possible and which ones aren't we? Why don't they just better roads having been. I know the roads are found tat. The roads themselves are fantastic, extremely welcome, except when you get on the gravel roads over on the sides similar gravel roads? Are you know, that's an old dicey, especially when you know your drive and offer like a fuckin sixty put Clare? Oh, that's horrible horrible driver eradicated cups over there. Yet I mean most people have like suvs and stuff like that, some like there, we were driving up through some mountains and aid, snow, storm and start on top of the mountain and was blowing snow down in a drift, and it really as it was like someone had drawn a line between there is snow to the right.
But there's no snow to the left and as soon as we as I can analyse and try this out, we had driven through some like tundra stuff earlier there was little dicey, but we made it through and I got about ten feet in. In just said, I have lost my car and put it in reverse, like now, we gotta go back, we gotta go take long way around. So when you're driving a nice- and especially you know the winter months or because we women like late March, is if uptown going up to home of EC like It can get very dangerous, a b, be careful when you go out there, but you know when you get up there, like. You really do feel like not necessarily that you know sorcery is real, but you know that people leaves that sorcery was real play all as it wasn't like that. You know. I guess it earlier wasn't, like you know, Western Europe, where you know you feel like people were using it for their own gain. Of course you will they use it for their own good and Iceland as well, but you know how you feel
that it has a presence there, that it doesn't have anywhere else. I've been cool around MRS Places, a presence, there's something about that. That is really wonderful. There was a good thing that we like Natalie, an iron, our honeymoon. We have this one dinner outside right. We went to have that we had a private dinner outside and we were in front of the Pink Moon, that was rising. Was the rose moon, wherewithal to up the plush moon or something like that and rose in them? The moon was completely pink. We are thus like moment, like were literally eating dinner with the moon. Few feel this because it like an actual like a spot of nature. Words like wow, could see why, when aim the man was here and they were all these beaches and they would come to these beaches and see this thing that was essentially an entity. They had no clue what the moon really was yet, and they see this thing rise. You can feel this moment of. Oh. This is what it means to be a tuned to they have.
This is what president says you could sit and watch it. I thought that fucking bullshit captain, I lose the West Fjords of Iceland. If you go like right around like in May the beginning of April yeah you're really like you still get it still, it's not completely overblown and snow, but you still get enough now. Will you really feel like that? I solution that really makes you feel good all right there is. I always liked to go campaign, but when I too feel a tune in tune with nature that does work, and here you gotta, do it. You gotta do not get hamper if New York, no you're, not you're, not a delay, and we are like the camp and I love camping. That's what my favorite things to do and if do, if you are, if you haven't broken, your brain is many times as most, of us here on this show have taken a bit of an eyes: mushroom, go camping and you'll have herself in a magical evening staring at the stars and having a getting in touch with nature of our. I will very cool. Very fine indeed. Is there
thing else? Do we want to cover here today? I think: that's all we got ok, I think we did it. I think we landed or in the harbor another beautiful relaxed, fit last cast on the left. I feel all my knees have a lot of room in these content genes we ve created and I am ready to sally forth into the world. So Henry it's your birthday weekend, do I see you're wearing your pumpkinhead sure, that's what all thirty I because he's thirty. Five now has no disease. Where he's an adult- and we are like, I can choose to dress like an eleven year old that made money. I love it. I actually love Pumpkinhead and I think I think, a remade pumpkin and they ve been talking about doing wrong. That's my that's my pitch. I want them to re. Make Pumpkinhead! I have several ideas for a re, make a pumpkin love pumpkinhead. But what are your big plans for the weekend? Any set you're gonna set all set. We can you're, just gonna set dies, bought new job,
a bunch of new we'd animal. At that entertain me, the clean my house gristle. This is a thirty five year old stuff like this, I have I have a house but like this, like we have one spare room and the apartment alternative. My library had taken tying. Aren't you haven't been home, yet it's not a citing we'll know, there's no plans that are when you say that are that excited we just went on our honeymoon. I can't spend more money on Google Applebee's good, a Buffalo wild wings. Anything I do. I do now yeah, I hope for a block of ours of silence. Ok, all most people want further birthdays. Once you get your mid thirty's, I think usually that is required to be you required to have children just to be like I just one three hours of silence, maybe like we get it, you have kids, but you just don't know, but I have kids. I have me that's very, very true of all right. We'll have birthday and reciprocity
anything else, Mister Parker! That's all I write well! Thank you so much for listening, let's see so SALT Lake City and Van Coover, we gotta get yachts. It no seat spoke so come on out and hang out with. No, why does it's gonna be funding can be upon job? We have let em. No policy will see all their thanks. Also much forgive into our page Ryan. We absolutely loved. Without you, we don't got inertia in Ghana. I ain't got no, shall we got no shell. I support all the shows your on the last podcast net work and yeah. I guess that's about it all right over one Hale, yourselves, Hale, Satan, again mug. So let us go on hell. Satan documentary try to give some money the testy I like them. I like the kind of their job. Ok tell me as well before you held them, because since my birthday the show was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our
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