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Episode 366: Rendlesham Forest Part I - I'm the Alien

2019-05-24 | 🔗

It's time for aliens again as we cover possibly the most credible, impressive, and well-documented UFO sightings in history with the Rendlesham Forest Incident, in which over 60 US military personnel witnessed intelligently controlled lights in the sky, while a further two experienced it up close and personal.

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There's the place on the left I got like an extra running note today. I think it's because recovering a british topic. I think a lot of british people have that nasal drip where it goes all the way back, because it's bad ducks. That's not you know, I don't think that's not. A stereotype of the british people are running nose and they've got a lot. Slime behind their Adams apple. I don't know for sure, I'm not a doctor in England, so I'm not sure but will find out UK tour in September, can't wait, types. You come up with for groups of people, dear drop, no lawyers
It's my goal to resist my wife habitability right now. Wow seems like I'm serious that yeah, it seems like a vision problem there. Ok, this is the last podcast on the left. I am banned. That's Marquez hello. We got Henry over in LOS Angeles, how you doing buddy. I am one hundred and seventy eight pounds for this topic. I am so excited for this topic. This is this is Chris. This is really serious. This fucking serious, ok, alright, dirty hear the mocking tone in your voice. I'm not mocking! No, I didn't know this is british and, as we talked about before, for the show anything that happens in the UK with the british folks. I take very seriously because there is serious people, let it be on a sound, very intelligent. Sometimes they really do so. Today's topic, you know, I think, were I think we
We're doing this podcast long enough to really handle this topic. I really do it is it's the Roswell of the UK and it is called good Randall ship. Regal Cinema Forest UFO Incident. It's not Kohler Randall! Sorry, I don't feel Rendlesham sounds like a large man who works on a farm. If you just take the, if you just say random, it just sounds like a man. You pay that he takes big boulders, unusable yeah. That's like that's part of what he does and the other thing is sometimes, if you're, real, tired,
make love to your wife right. He also kind of sounds like someone using Arendal Shem, and it is in the middle of taking a dump, is as well and in a dump goes right back into his, but puts on his trousers ready to work an incredibly compelling you if, okay Rendlesham, that's what we're covering today a super as had reset compelling: U F! Okay, so this is actually a very excited yeah. The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is perhaps the most well documented credible, an impressive collection of UFO sightings in modern times over the course of two nights in December of nineteen eighty, dozens of US military personnel stationed in Suffolk England witnessed intelligently controlled craft in the sky and as if that wasn't enough, a further two soldiers, Klay to have come into contact with the craft while it was actually on the ground move so fun
now. The reason why we say this is so kredible is because of the people who have come forward in the intervening years to speak about the incident. First, let's acknowledge the author of encounter Rendlesham, our main source. For this series. This is definitely the most legit of the books about the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, because Nick Pope it's been a long time being very serious, and he want to make sure that he gets enough of his information in there as possible as tight as possible. But I will say I think there are more cuckoo n as self published books about the Rendlesham from before incident than almost any other topic in UFO history There are many men in this that believe they are the main characters, right very cool and, of course,
the Rendlesham lot of times well, never mind. I was going to get a little blue with it. Ok, the red line. We don't want to come and get a little blue become an emotionally date nights. Man we should be incident is when you have sex with a man in the woods I don't know, I was going to get a little blue there, but they talk about the brambles social problems, you're, saying that you could go out into the rentals reports and that's where you get your dick sucked by a man with one eye, yeah yeah. Well, yeah, ok, well, the author: of encounter at Rendlesham is Henry said. Is Nick Pope one thousand nine hundred and ninety one to nineteen. Ninety four Pope actually worked for the British Ministry of Defense, investigating Ufos alien abductions, crop circles and all all the other, weird ship that nobody else wanted to deal with. He took it as a point of pride and he was saddled with the secrets of the UK government. But little did he know the rest of the government. Viewed him as a
diaper boy, I do gave him all of the ships they didn't want to deal with, but Nick Pope, as we are both done many times in the past and will continue to do you flip it and reverse it being like I'll. Take your poo poo diaper. You call me diaper boy, kiss I'll sit on my shift for twelve hours, I'm great at it. I love it absolutely like an angry female astronaut on the way to kill her ex boyfriend, but the other person involved in this story. Who has a large amount of credibility, is USA Colonel Charles halt? He was the deputy base commander of one of the two military. This is involved in the Rendlesham forest incident and has gone on record multiple times as being a skeptic turned believer awesome. Those are the best when they are skeptical and then they come to believe Jeff J Allen, Hynek Jalen, I think, was like that. Stan Friedman was like that of the only people that are like the most down to earth, grounded, quote: unquote, grounded UFO experts in the entire
field. Normally they came at the subject. Looking to debug right now. They found themselves with the uh, whelming waves of evidence being like. Oh well, now, I've! Actually, I am just Auf ologist and my family has left me so there are a lot of military people involved here, it's nothing but military. That, yes, is this: the Obviously that has to make it. So that's why it's so credible as opposed yes, it is this is this. Does this case involves more military people than any other case that we've covered so far from what we've covered. Yes death. Besides I'd, say the Hudson Valley Triangle, which actually got a lot of attention and when we talk about the Phoenix lights briefly, that also got quite a bit of attention from the military. But this story is that
reason why? For me, this is one of the most interesting compelling the big did, because the because of the witnesses involved right you right, pull for the most part. Their jobs are to observe right, awesome, cool yeah, but the fact that it does involve almost exclusively millet people is what also makes this so frustrating yeah 'cause Pope HALT and the other witness to this incident bully admit that they have more information that way they are legally allowed to share with the public, because a lot of the nations around the incident is still class Hi, this is ultimately frustrating because I do know the answers to some of the questions that crop up when it comes to the story, but both the law and their own personal honor, prevent them from sharing those missing pieces of the puzzle, also because Marcus bullets cheat remember that know that the second episode should be the opposite. That sold Chris Rock Bit is that you should make the bull
Do you remember, you know what I think they should do instead of making the bullets expensive make him the size of a gun like a loaf of so some of the questions. What were some of the questions like mister military men. Do with two penises millions of dubious is Oregon. Ducks are matter effect. That is classified information, but, let's just say they don't not have two penises, which is also wonder why human beings are born with. Do not That is not a vagina. Sir Paleo Neiman mails me she's. The vagina of a man is in the nose sex up the butt hole. Don't tell you what the real Clint is behind the sinus is in the brain, I think so so gross. But before we get into the nights in question,
it's important to know exactly how important the area around Rendlesham Forest New England was to both the US military and to the Nato defense system at large this to me, is the biggest sort of like the biggest ring a bell. The biggest swing intents of this whole story, just how important these two twin bases were to the USA the UK government, which is why, in an We come in the second episode, the idea that any of this being a prank or any of this being being taken very lightly, I think, is a ludicrous because this place was highly top secret interesting now. I cannot think about thinking about the Liberty Bell, but if it was just to swing intense, it's not about about they, cracked are strong and dense, and then one world that would be thanks to Casper for supporting last podcast. Did you know you spend one slash three of your life and you're spending that much time on a mattress? You should be comfortable
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stored, select mattresses by visiting casper dot com left and using the code left at the checkout terms and conditions apply. That's why a hundred dollars towards a select mattress visit C, a s p e r dot com, slash, L, E, F T in use, L e, F t at checkout no book for this area came to be a home for the: U S AIR force during the cold war. This area of Suffolk was home to the discovery of one of the most important military technologies of modern times radar. I didn't know this personally. But radar was actually discovered on accident. Their original aim with the project was to focus radio waves into a death ray that could shoot german planes out of the sky in the lead up to world war? Two, that's what it is just up there just be like all of what is happening. Fish six of ice off? I tried to my parents tried to my parents. Well, why is my cell phone
I put the seat warmers on that must be quick but what they found instead at Bawdsey Manor, was that those radio waves could be used to detect aircraft and once that was discovered, the Brits Gandaki manage over the Jerrys when the Nazis came flying over the english channel. Eventually, though, the radar technology was taken over by us Americans and evolved into a long distance radar, Some code named Coco the nearest. The added I remember that acts flavor broom missed, who need to get your artistically minded people in the military again, so it is like walking through for could you imagine that you're like because of fog rolled in and then this thousands of floating snake? All this talk? A radar may seem inconsequential at first glance, but when you take into account
many of the most credible UFO sightings in history have occured around military bases or were witnessed by military personnel. It starts to make a bit more sense and Henry might have a bit of a different opinion here, but I think that if actual nuts and bolts ufos are coming to visit the earth from wherever whether it be another planet or another dimension, then it would make the most sense am to scope out our military? I actually have the opposite of the totally, so I have the toll the same opinion. I believe the will, of course, because if they, if they are not suitable to oppose this kind, what this episode is a little bit about right, especially especially episode one of this series is if these are actual crafts that arrived from a different for the solar system or another solar system or for another universe through a wormhole. Why would they not show up and go straight to where are flocking planes are they would show up the other things that buzz around that do the country, because especially what? If again, one weird alternative theory is that the
tips themselves are aliens that they are literally going to meet their friends. On this planet. They literally show up to see the other top secret plans. I mean this is a great Pixar movie. It's about. This is just this. Is just cars baby? that version of the story that they show up 'cause. Also, maybe they look in fall. How many things are hot are stealth bomber, that's kind of sex You can see like when people objects here, because there are wires across. Ross in there. For some reason, their dna doesn't want them to breathe all over the bridge. What, if it's the same thing like that close actually can try to breed with our plates. I'm not just saying there are warning for our plane. That's one idea, but then I have a more woo eww. No idea that I'm going to save ok have a more
well? We we idea, then, that these ufos, who tried to have sex with our planes that science, let's undiscovered science, is what I see. I do think it would be cute to see a montage of the Ufos coming down and then like meeting up around like EPCOT Center and go another little finger. Mouse apps then they're back over at the light say like the port Orleans and the one jets back It's like it's back on there in the UFO pulls out it's too bright with sucking and sticks its tube into the the you know like to fill her up. Got Phil The opening credits, the Dr Strangelove, I don't know well, the Rendlesham forest area- makes even more sense. Once you get to the cold war, see this area was home to not one but two military bases bent waters in Woodbridge,
and these two bases were separated by a few hundred yards of forest or Well, SAM Forest cool. Well, it was thick yeah. It was as thick as the Bush here is on a do over there. I do look like I did like the Duke of York. Yes, you don't know, trim they don't man scape? No, no! Definitely not it's a point of pride for them to keep that Bush. Log frustrated frustrated. I do for him pleading with this story on animating inanimate again thinking about Bush errors. That would be like. So how do
Galleria here well built waters in Woodbridge were both United States. Military bases in the Brits have never been all that keen on our decades long military presence in their country. According Nick Pope, the Post World WAR, two british joke was that american soldiers were overpaid oversexed an over here, Cleaning, England, Hinos honestly mister Mister mad. I just got mad yeah, but you know what the US soldiers that have come back. What was that is what they called the Brits quote: underpaid Undersexed,
and under Eisenhower yeah hammered over in the saloon with those kind of funny guy I would be. I would even know what military did shoes all the humor is so good by God. You can choose Airforce, guys, yeah, yeah, yeah, they're, very fun, surprisingly hammered yeah, yeah she wants to do it for military listeners out there, the Navy, the army, for the air force who drinks the most. I would assume it's today we doing crowd work at a Uso show. Now we have assumed We haven't made it yet, but when it came to being stationed at Rendlesham Forest America didn't necessarily enjoy that particular posting, because it had a long standing, reputation for being creepy, sinister and overall, just kind of dip
saying that the Florence in this yeah, okay force the whole the whole area of England interested. I believe the term with EAST Anglia was where they were at, which was this in this area of. Do you? You know, the kingdom which about sixty miles NE of London on the beach. Now, when you hear this concept of, like man were stationed on the beach, that's got a killer. You know write a crushing. Natty lights are out there, sir, from like it's apocalypse now and all the this is a british beach which meant that the The sand was gray and I want to say it was filled with eels. It is, he could easily grow sense, gray, Asfuck beach. That was a purposefully put out into a remote area of the UK, where they were not vacationing. Ok, so these guys were having a great time out there. Now they want what the Woodbridge and bent waters bases were horribly important.
In a strategic sense when it came to the Cold war between America and Russia, and for those of you not well versed in cold war history. When it came to Europe, you had two coalitions. You had NATO led by the United States, because we were the only country who were blown to hell in world war. Two we did it, we did. We were further away than they were, and you had the Warsaw Pact Nations controlled by the Soviet Union. Now at those Warsaw Pact countries like Bulgaria, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary or Poland decided to follow the orders of the Soviet Union invade Western Europe. I ground that we're going to need backup, and that is where Bentley, there's in Woodbridge, came in located on the eastern coast of England. Both bases were fully stocked with
Eric and a ten warthog which could be called in to blow soviet ground forces. The help from above, just like they later did in the Gulf WAR World is a very nice name for a large military vehicle, horrible name high school kid. Unless again you own it and you're like on the offensive line for the football team. That's what you gotta do again, always flip it and reverse it. It was actually in an area called stuff oak. It's I think it's around Suffolk. Yeah. I also did think about the polish they're like. Oh, it's could be a ground war and then then, just driving there planes
also then released their their army of evil toys like a evil jack in the box- and I really sharp slinky that comes on as a visual is incredible. Yeah yeah absolutely is easily destroyed by something the likes of a fire extinguisher yeah, that's alright! I'm sure we have like a polish scientist who listens to us and really doesn't like being so with polish people are very smart too. Yes, yeah, we can be yeah yeah, we really can be were very able. People were survivors, yeah. It's got bars like Beyonc. Now, of course, yeah. I always think of I'd saying and immediately the polish to put my butt next to Beyonce's. As you see the true meaning of being pulled, but the bent waters in Woodbridge basis, been hiding something much more powerful than mere warthogs see. It is the policy of the United.
Kingdom to neither confirm nor deny allegations as to where, nuclear weapons were stored in country. I was definitely the case when it came to the question of nuclear weapons at Rendlesham, but listen to this quote from Lord Peter Hill Norton, a former UK chief of Defense staff and chair of the name military committee. This is what he wrote concerning the Rendlesham incident. My pleasure shouldn't both privately and publicly expressed but over the last dozen years or more as that, there are only two possibility use, are you intrusion what else space and the landing by unidentified craft took place at Rendlesham, as described will be. The deputy commander of an operational nuclear armed Us Air Force Base in England and a large number of his enlisted men or either hallucinate, ing or lying
Basically, what he is saying is this place was a little bit more important than anybody like to let on because it might have held. Cachet of over five hundred nuclear bombs were going to be our first wave attack against the Soviets. So the idea that these people on this base right either. One of these base or bunch of yahoos is is like it's highly slim to none. So by this slip of the hand and from evidence will cover later we can infer that there are most likely were indeed large amounts of new their weapons either Woodbridge Woodbridge Bentwaters for both cool- and that brings us to other point about the locations of UFO sightings and why they appear in the places that they do a some people posit that it is not a incidents that the UFO Sighting explosion coincided with the splitting of the atom huh. The hypothesis
is that when humanity discovered nuclear energe, we entered a higher echelon of scientific knowledge and therefore merited more attention. Just like humans would more attention to monkeys if they suddenly learn how to drive. I think we've actually talked about monkey longer. Before I swear to God, we have I'm pretty certain. We have it's true yeah. You showed up at uber driver just the monkey in there and he's like points to the back of the car. You know I feel, like I don't even go anywhere. Just cruise radio, I'm going to sit in the front seat, I'm going to share my you, may never gonna intimate together and just have a fun afternoon.
Absolutely that's, been ongoing. Theory is reason why UFO sightings have shot up since the 1940s is that when we split the atom right now realize that we can start to manipulate our my rement on a quantum level that that's kind of the first steps towards Essentia Lee Cosmic Travel for it's true understanding of the nature of reality, only got a got out on and also they know for a fact that we're a bunch of really angry territory obsessed monkeys and that we will probably destroy your cell before achieving anything the likes that they have achieved rises. All again, this is fully nuts and bolts. You approach it which I'm not fully sold on, but I also base is the idea that, if they'd they'd that them showing up as our intercalated baby sitters and maybe a correlation between all the video footage right in the advancement of technology and stuff, like that also maybe perhaps possibly by the side the biggest side it like the largest.
Lots of sightings happen before video technology really became as ubiquitous. As it is now- and you say how convenient but partially it's also maybe because cause of that fact I do not want to be videotaped the skeptics say that when we split the atom, it just opened our imagination to new and more terrifying possibilities, and that combined with war paranoia, produced a large number of siding scene in the fifties on warm, essentially certain our imaginations, just kind of ran away from us or it in that feed into my psychic principle, which is the idea that we helped create them because it did expand. Our imagination is supposed to expand our imagination, that's what it did and that's actually going to help us in the long run. Granted most you sightings are definitely either misidentifications or outright lies but that doesn't explain why ufos are drawn to places either housing nuclear weapons or places powered by nuclear energy, nor
explain why these sightings are so God. Dam, dramatic this is another reason that we should invest in nuclear energy in order to avoid foreign wars and protect our environment. We could have photos overhead constantly, and that would be so fun. Yeah man, we just put a couple of naked girls out there, a couple of nickel see what they choose. Man just out there, just like dancing around the nuclear bombs, Ufos Dance, a back and forth. You got some funky dj, Jazzy Jeff GO, that's just the middle. That's just the end of the first act of Independence Day. I want you was a unique idea: we've covered one of these nuclear buzzes briefly in the asked during the Hudson Valley, UFO Incident, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, a gigantic diamond shaped UFO swooped, the indian point, nuclear power plant near Peekskill New York for about fifteen minutes hovering above the exhaust, follow
one of the plants three reactors and according to employees later talked plant security systems and communication systems all shut down for the time that the UFO was above it crazy, but right before security guards opened fire, fuckin' shotguns of all weapons at most useless possible long range weapon. You could find it didn't even kill Dick Cheney's friend, it didn't even kill Maine I get shot with a shotgun when I was like ten, it was from so far definitely closer than the UFO was hey buddy. I know I blame division. Two. I accidentally switched to my sniper rifle with a shotgun torrible decision immediately dead, but I just love the immediate power of a shotgun. Is why also like crossposts like it on your hip and just talking play, I mean things: explode man, it's fucking, awesome true, but anyway, when that right before they're about to open fire, the UFO flew away and
thing return to normal, okay, and this had been the first time. Something like this happened on US soil in nineteen. Seventy three, a large glowing object, was seen hovering above the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Inspection facility in New Mexico, a book to read is called need no by Timothy good. That has an incredible breakdown of military UFO sightings over the last fifty years, and this is what that is: that's just a lil. Snippet of this fucking glowing object that showed up and, and it just it hovers it showed up and they watch it Zappa Beam, where the weapons were the same thing up the several ice ICBM tours they talk about the original. Things have several ICBM s. They should show drop the ICBM and then a fucking spear would catch up to speed next to it. Do a perfect circle around it into each cardinal point on the compass it flashes white, Bubba
TBM falls out of the sky? That's crazy and then about two years to the Manzano incident. A sergeant named Charles L Moody claim to have been abducted from Holloman AIR or space in Alamogordo New Mexico, or he got rotted by a bunch of thin lipped Greys well, it could have been the Russians. It could have been a russian but you but honestly for that. That story you should really read the need to know Timothy good story, because it's a really good abduction, mini chapter okay, cool, yeah and those incidents don't even cover. I, like Henry said the dozens of low intrusions over intercontinental ballistic missile bases. Now what you might be asking here, though, why does this seem to happen mostly to Americans even Rendlesham, to bring it back to our original subject happened to America near american military bases, despite the location of said bases being on british soil now, the more,
Michael might say that Americans are just a gullible people or, at the very least, more fanciful alright and granted we can be. We can be a very, very gullible people, kind, and our imaginations can run away with us. That's why we produce some of the best of entertainment in the world. Absolutely would be best yeah yeah. We make the best. We make the best entertainment in the world, and sometimes we make massive mistakes when it comes to covering governing the country. You know just use massive horrible things are magination yeah, but it could also be that whatever it is, that controls these ufos is more interested in us, because we were the first ones to split the Adam atom. From German to USA, USA, USA? No, we did not. We did not not well, we got, we got help me get help from sweet, but that's you know- and I did think about that because,
it's the aliens aren't going to be paying attention to end of little tiny little things are going to be paying attention to which government produced it, and that makes Americans both the most innovative and the most dangerous creatures on earth, alright. I'm a whip crack whip crack yeah, I mean yeah, right, so I mean they were definitely Germans involved in it. But mostly was the Germans that took us to the moon by the time the it's got over here world war It was already done. Yeah, yeah yeah. Well, thanks for taking us
to the moon anyway. Thank you. Mister VON Braun, that calls on Simone is no juice or that's not right is that the director of NASA nothing gonna, forget it. Also, I'm fairly certain there's some anti semitic websites who believe that jewish individuals come from the moon very interesting. So I don't know. If that's all nonsense is nonsense right and it also might not be a coincidence, but New Mexico C to be lousy with UFO, sightings and abductions, because New Mexico oh, was the site of the very first atomic bomb detonation, the trinity blast. Oh yeah, I really love detective comics, Marcus Parks, it's true! I honestly this really does again it's it's we're really laying out the yellow bricks of the nuts and bolts
a road right. This is the this is the either what the core beliefs are. If that's the nature of the phenomenon. All cool. So with that in mind, let's get into the stories of the at Rendlesham Forest and before we do real quick. I know we have a lot of Rendlesham heads out there that are listening to the show. Just not we're trying to do here is we're. Gonna lay out the facts, as we know from Penn instance Notebook and the If you don't know, then all of this is fucking garbage too, and it's it's notebook and holds recordings were going through all of this, but know that there are many side quests in this little story that we will be covered. Next is episode. Stress is a worldwide epidemic. I know gets to you think that, like I work in a nuclear test facility like we're talking about today and rentals and force, but now now I'm like, I run a podcast at work and I'm up to my eyebrows and stress working longer hours. It's
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it was an airman first class and eventually served in the air force for twenty seven years. Penniston was a senior security officer in charge of day to day based security responsible for the war fighting sources on the base, these guys not low level grunts? They were not cheap drivers, these guys or in charge of some big top level. Schitt zero on the night of December twenty six one thousand nine hundred and eighty John Burroughs saw strange red and blue lights in Rendlesham forest outside the walls of the base, while patrolling the Eastgate of Woodbridge This is fucking creepy, because rent forest to spica shit and so they're just out there it's cold as fuck. It's Christmas, everybody, regular maintenance people are off right, so the the bases are half full and there out there waiting and then he just see like these flocking to ghostly lights just out in the fucking forest, and they have to fucking
That's awesome! Okay, now considering of a lights, were on top of each other and were flashing on and off, it was thought that it was possible that an aircraft had crashed out in the forest, so the report was run through the proper channels. It first went to laughs, sergeant, Bud, Stephens, yeah yeah, I can't get hard, but my hands are: are blood Stephens contacted sergeant
Crash Mccabe, Bowden crash or the tag team. I literally cannot drive fifty five, unfortunately, because I have met my lots of take it away from me due to the nature of my drinking problem. Ok still still can fly, though. That's good and Crash Mccabe got ahold of staff. Sergeant John Coffey, like the drink, not spelled the same in junk coffee, rounded up to the on duty fight chief at Woodbridge staff Sergeant, Jim Penniston, all right now, it's important for you to know that, because that's what's hard with all of these books, especially with encounter mushroom forest is that they really try to dot the eyes across the ts of every single bit of the military data, so that can know as a true UFO nerd and made sure that they documented every single bit of the communication, because this is how many
He have to go through just to go check out. These light right now they have to okay it with everybody yeah and that's when Peniston figured he'd better. Check on this thing himself, so distant, headed out to the EAST gate, with his driver airman First Class, Edward Cabin Sag, he's like it. That's like a. I don't know how to pronounce that name. I think it's gonna believe it still hi yeah cabin, a cabin silence. Aug go bond, six, IRAN, IRAN, it's cabin sag, but when they got there, but Stephens made a strange remark about the light he does. So they've arrived at the light at it now they've arrived at the EAST gate at the either way that okay, you just watch these lights. There they've been watching it for a small period of time. Okay, see yeah and
I don't know why it turned in Spanish. I think I I've been watching highly questionable on E S, p, n and it's they see, see you're now, I'd Stephens made this remark. He said quote: it didn't crash its land, Oh my god. This is like a movie yeah and at the same time, somebody over in the control tower check the radar and place calls to other air force places in the area, in addition to Heathrow Airport in London about a hundred miles away to find out if they saw anything turned out, a bogey had been tracked about fifteen minutes before for the lights out in the forest were seen, but the target had disappeared from radar screens directly over, Bridgewell showed up on the radar, and the first thing they saw was the cigar smoke, and then it said verbatim it is low, Did you locate local
Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Humphrey, but it's another, it's another joke that no one will get. I mean we didn't even get it yet, but I like it I mean I also like it. I paused to go through what it could possibly. Eventually realized that it's a joke that, at never would have made yeah. Yes, yeah he's one of the good ones and identify radio object. Ok, very cool! Alright got it love it! Here's looking at you Bougie and so with that in mind, Peniston Burrows Another guy named master sergeant, Chandler started to make their way in. The forest to see what they could see. While the driver, cabin sag hung back, did bring his duck
full of jokes today and you don't even know what I don't know. What that tells me friend, friends, reference Ben is full of beans. Today means today I mean I'm going to get some hate mail for this, but as they were approaching the lights in the forest, all four of their radios started function as if something was interfering with their communications. So in to relay messages back to the base. Chandler returned Cabin sag at the jeep huh, so now it was down to just Burroughs and Peniston. Ok, they walked further into the dark forest towards the light coming through the trees, but they said the air changed as they drew closer. They sit it felt as if the air crackling with static electricity. In the hairs on their arms were standing on end, then it became difficult to walk normally 'cause. Their legs felt like they were waiting through deep,
water wow. I watch a slide presentation of Jim Penicillin from twenty nineteen because he is a new book coming out called the Rendlesham Enigma and he I was watching this present this, but he was talking about and he tried to show talk on all show. Your rock now is was difficult for me to walk. You will flock welcome to suit and he Try to show you like 'cause, it's not like now. I could lift my knees and he lifted his like maybe an a because it difficult for me to lift my knees and they could see struggling wading through the soup interest but now they weren't walking through water, they weren't walking through anything. It was just normal ground, just walking through the forest. Oh then, finally, they came to the source of light in a small clearing when they walk. Towards the object. They said they were blinded by a silent sudden explosion of light. Both men instinctively hit the ground, but when they felt no debris and heard no debris falling, they stood back up by the reports of Jim Penniston
they were faced with a small triangular metalcraft about nine feet, tall by nine feet, wide resting on three Lex kind of like how the lunar landing module, look, cool and the way the disk right it is. It had rounded edges right. It had this in his city, it had a dorsal thinan had two wings and he looked at it. He said the one of the weirdest things about it is that it was coursing with what he called globular light the it's the only way to be. If you try to describe a look like you said, meet the closest thing you could call. It is like a lava. Lamp hi was that the the actual outsides of it the blue and red and yellow flag like kind of floating through it like it was a glass filled with liquid, was a tangent. The was that was it actually Atencio light. Okay, we'll get into that on the side was a bank of blue lights and, on top was a bright white light. But, as we
again the again with UFO sightings. It made no sound whatsoever, but tennis was curious, so we walked closer when we telling the story. Pennison refers to the area immediately around the UFO as the bubble field. He said that once he entered it all Ambient noise sees to exist as if the air around him was dead and the static electricity got stronger. He said, He tried to turn and yell for John Burroughs, whose only about ten feet behind them, but he found that John was standing, motionless and didn't react to his calls. In any way whatsoever straight up. Burroughs was standing and staring at this option. As the lights were bouncing off of him. Pennison turn back, and he says the only way to describe it is that he felt the thing calm down like it was the light slowed until it became a black object.
I know what he said in his mind of times that I'm just about to die. This is a weapon whatever. This is seems like this is obviously not a crash. He calls in you have to change the parameters to helping hands and the term helping hands over at that time period, which is there something that is about to effect the safety, an the like, believe, the working quality of the base, something that term where this is going to fuck us up. This is a weapon, but he wasn't sure if the radio is getting through. So he pulled out his notebook and started making notes and then approach vehicle, because it was like if I'm going die. I need to document this. Helping hands also sounds like the off menu. Massage parlor helping hands please. So once Peniston got near the object, he saw strange Simba wells edged on the side which were totally unrecognizable apart from passing resemblance to egyptian hiring
left, wow cool. He said he felt relieved when he saw the symbols. 'cause he's like ok, this is something yeah for now. I think for a second, he said I'm going insane right. So the symbols he's like all right now. This has to come from somewhere, then right and it's also not a bomb If there is some gas on the side, you should look at. Did you see any of the symbol's castle? No, I actually I didn't see any of those. It's pretty fucking cool awesome. I mean it's a only in writing. So cool yeah and Peniston decided to actually touch the damn thing. He said the surface felt hard and smooth like running your hand over glass, but the symbols were rough like sandpaper bone, instant touched, the symbols, the white light on top of the craft, became so bright that Justin was temporarily blinded and we took his hand back the light dimmed it's more cool, then Peniston, just kind of stood there for a while
like taking it all in making sketches doing sketches of everything like trying to document what was happening by then I play today, was going to die not going to die so now I really have to do it, so he the whole thing he's just like he does his whole. Like told me map where he was like, I'm six foot, three we've got three one slash two foot drop all did three scribes each uh. That is exactly as it gets most of the whole Mufon audiences, like yes, we literally set up an easel, put up a little canvas and started painting like Bob Ross yeah, just trying to see like you had a little police notebook that would be carried around him always and he was like ski at at pencil and he just sketched all of it down trysting. Finally, though, the craft slowly began to lift off the ground and everything felt as if it was moving in slow motion. Then, after about two to three minutes, the craft finally rose above the trees, then once it had cleared the
trees without making any sound whatsoever, it flew away at an impossible speed. In fact, this is the note Peniston made in his notebook quote, spade impossible, impossible. Speed, speed for their great name for the movie hidden, that's awesome, impossible, speed, speed, speed, impossible possible. I, like that very cool, but here's the strange thing remember John Burroughs standing only ten feet behind Jim Penniston, but he remembers the incident completely, differently, although he still maintains that he saw something, Burroughs claimed that after the initial blinding flash of light, came, he hit the ground and saw a red oval son like object in the clearing. He saw no craft whatsoever huh and instead of the close encounter
experience had by Peniston. Burroughs said his experience lasted only a few seconds strange, or at least that's what he claimed. Later yeah when he gave his original statement. About the incident. Seventy two hours afterward, he included a sketch of the craft that looked a hell of a lot like Pina and so he was sketching also from his recollection. His memory from much memory, although he may have it's been going along to get along, which is difficult because penicillin which we'll talk about pets and took full weight of talking to the superiors. Okay, He said when they were all freaking out afterwards. They were all like Are we going to say to our bosses and he's like you're, not gonna, say anything, I'm going to say something? Ok, he went forward and took all the blame ' so. I don't know if going along to get along even works for that, because he already was to blame. Like
the it we don't know once had a lady, but what's to be blamed for just just the same song, crazy right right sure, but this, story. It's very very interesting will talk about this. This is where it gets. Woo wee woo, ok or she idea being like what happens if our brain is an operating system and entities like a program that shows up in front of you what, if it's like a thing and that you interpret it the way you interpret it and everybody see and shouldn't feel. If you couldn't you, I I mean I could see my brain just totally shutting down yeah like when you see something that like would often to, They say when you have an extreme trauma like when your bone pops through the skin, like what happened with Paul George, you brain, literally shuts off and you're, like you can't remember this, because this really is too much for you to handle shock shock, yeah, no absolute shock and you know, did take it even further with what he said about the operating system. You know if our brain is an operating system in these things, our programs, you know you can't run, say a MAC program on a p c can't
pc program on a MAC, so some brains are. Will run these programs. Others are not. A state is obviously a last podcast fury and another people's theories as well. A year of that. That believe this about the psychic nature of ufos. So take that as you well yeah. That mean, I know, they're going to be people, they're are going to roll their eyes and say whatever about the operating system conversation. Since you know there are plenty of people out there that are just just fine with believing that humans are just a bunch of walking get bags. This is the many people say. Oh just do did just that. Just last just talk about killing people on all but you know what some of us like to be curious about. The Mister some of us- think that
There might be a little bit more out there, so I don't know why. I don't know why you guys have made yourself defense. If there is, we don't want to be listening in or out there. That is just like. We better go. Give these as a wedgie immediately the disease that you apologists, get you just become you just slowly, no matter. If you talk in a conversational tone and all of a sudden, it says you think you know me I think what it comes from is you know. 'cause I like to look at both sides, I type in the incident, and then I type in skeptic and the people. Who write sceptical responses to UFO incidents, are the snottiest people on earth and 'cause. They always. They are very fond of the phrase
so much for that. The british! No, no, no, but that's physically, either way. You know no matter what Peniston STAR what borough saw. Both men said that they saw a light above them after the Flash flying around and it eventually flew away over the coast out E. Then they look down at the ground and found that there were three indentations where the craft had been. I remember this was December to the ground was frozen solid, but the indentations were deep enough where obvious something very heavy had been resting that are and those three Temptations formed a near perfect equilateral triangle cool. Furthermore, branches have been snapped off from the tree
he's on the edges of the clearing, where the crafted landed and taken of including branches from way up, high yeah there's three robbins. Yes, the term I kept seeing was Tree Robbins Free, Robin three rubbing. Ok, in other words, they're telling the truth, some real, weird sh, it had just happened yeah, but what was really weird was what they discovered when they returned to cabin sag and Shandler by the reckoning of Burroughs Peniston and watch is they'd only been out of radio contact for five, maybe ten minutes, but in reality they've been gone. Forty, five minutes and what was more, both of their watches were running forty five minutes, slow yep that is so we have lost time. We have lost time and not just lost time, but time that is manipulated, mechanics what so we have the actual touching of a spacecraft scene of a spacecraft drawings of a spacecraft lost time. I mean this is
This is pretty much everything you need. This is what we love yeah. This is why it literally. This is this is the this. Is the order ship because they came back just being like. Why are you like acting like? They were literally just sitting in the truck like they had been gone for forty five minutes there, like we just left, I'm going to know you were gone for almost an hour, wow yeah and they'd also been calling back to the base and because the base was checking up on him and saying, like the hell, are these guys and they think they're in current investigation, they're trying to push off the bosses, because the boss is really quite the flux happening, because they'd have to scramble more people if there's a real say. Rotary died right right and, furthermore, when these guys were debriefed, they found they weren't the only ones who saw weird ship that night, but some say the word that witnesses
outside of penicillin borough, saw that night was actually the breakup of a russian satellite or a meteor shower, and both are on record for having occurred that night in the south of England. Well, how would it go back up to the sky, though uh? That's the thing it's possible yeah today is that it's possible that that is what some of the people saw. Some of the people who reported seeing things in the sky that night probably, meteor shower, or they saw the breakup of the russian Satellite, but that doesn't explain what Penicillin Burroughs experience right. Nor does it explain. The it's inside the forest that they went to go investigate in the first place. Nor does it explain the bogey on the radar and where was Lauren Bacall That's a question. We could ask every second of every day, but you know it's. It is interesting yeah heart of it comes from the mists dating that Peniston did on his notebook, and he said there was a true,
mistake and others say, was purposeful. He was like thing that he was essentially lying about the entire thing, which is weird, but I feel like. Maybe it might have been a mistake. I don't know, but that's 'cause they on the knighted. She twenty six is an idol. All this happening was when these two other aerial phenom, we're also happened with it, edit twenty seven that was not when it comes to him line, I guess every We'll will be like? Do you make a lot of money? He get famous with his career, I'm sure will cover this, but was his career helped by this? Did he make money with his brother like more traditional total, is highly embarrassing. Ok, so that kind of debug the idea that maybe he wanted to benefit from it financially now, ok now and furthermore, there was another actual incident. At night that wasn't just lights in the sky, two more personnel reported lights in the forest.
And when they went out to investigate a white light heading golf there jeep and the jeep completely stalled out, and they couldn't get it to start again. Wow now, what's interesting about this incident is that for jurisdictional and legal reasons, the Americans were required to notify british authorities that they were going off base to investigate a possible crash. Interesting no well you'd think they'd be called the british military or some such who they actually called in this situation when they left the base was the local cops, ok, yeah, so they're going to take the really clubs. Do it. Alright, local constable, yeah exactly and here's what the local police wrote in their logs as to what happened. That night quote We have had a call from the alley at bent waters in reference to the UFO reported last night. We have found a place where, after some soul seems are white, I
Oh, I do feel like he's, got a little like a napkin stepped into the top of his shirt on their lobsters sound, like they're they're, always eating lobster yeah or a dick, bangers and mash yeah. I'm actually excited for the. U K, I think, I'm going to do beans this time do will do the following: I'm actually going to do it, which is great, don't wait to start, but they just foolish it. It's looking good beans and bread for breakfast triple Bizana, tomato and tomato great. So by the next morning the whole thing it become a bit of a joke on the base already. Yeah already forwarded all night because as soon as they were like, where were they they're out for an hour chasing ufos, so everybody's fucking flipping out and having every time about the about the shenanigans that happened. Then I could feel ok and you got to I mean this is one thousand nine hundred and eighty AIR Force Base in England like it is cold war paranoia, so everyone is both on high alert and
extraordinarily board. At the same time, right, yeah, right right and the joke. Vibe was what Colonel Charles HALT walked into at five am when he reported for duty, a sergeant crash, Mccabe told help. The piston burrows had been out chasing ufos all night, and in was actually all about playing the whole thing down. He suggested they use the term unexplained lights in the official report, instead saying Ufos, because you don't want you to get out of hand right. Charles hold is a very serious human being at this point in time. He is never smiled in a single picture. I've been reading. The whole point perspective written by Charles HALT. It's called and he wrote the perspective. He says, like you, lost a job on Fox NEWS to Bill O'Reilly, I'm itching to show the whole perspective. What is your perspective? I hate my grass
son, there's so many star Box, the whole perspective, all the movie five hundred page entire break down of you oppose around the Rendlesham force like he went completely nuts, but it it you when you watch, when you read this. What happens if afterwards will get into more? In the second episode writer, Charles Holt believes he truly is the main player of this entire story but he is also a believer that there was a UFO here, oh yeah, he became one interesting, ok, very interested yeah. He became one, even though like kind of the rain and file the base. They were all treating this as a joke. The higher ups were taking it much more seriously, really almost me delete documents concerning the incident, specifically security, blotters, an incident and complaint reports were pulled and classified as secret by base commander TED Conrad. Alright, what was weird about this was that it completely bypassed. Colonel huh.
Colonel halt should have been involved in these sorts of actions is, as far as he was concerned, the documents had pretty much been stolen under his nose. I can literally just see Charles halt who's, probably about two inches shorter than me, just like open for files to like other officers, are just throwing a bump into each other and leaving yeah. That's not saying that stuff ain't, no one! I went on there. I want down there and I saw her fall myself. That's how he sounds very strange accent, maybe he's Massachusetts. Perhaps a bostonian sounds like this, and there was
attempt an investigation, but the problem was that the air force had no standard operating procedure for the investigation of a UFO incursion on or near a military base. That's interesting, one thousand nine hundred and eighty. I would have thought they would have had some protocol for unidentified flying objects, but we scrapped in nineteen sixty nine we stopped. Officially, we stopped officially investigating stop pushed wish wish quotation marks wish wish wish wish we stopped officially investigating ufos. Then we stop project blue. So the state operating procedures. All that should have been thrown out there's not supposed to be standard operating. Interesting. Now, one dude Major Edward Drury thought that the whole thing been a Christmas prime, oh man, I love Christmas one time my cousin Robert. It's really funny Christmas prank, where he was deployed overseas right
He wanted to surprise his family, so he came in. He showed up like he trust himself in a big box for Christmas, like a big bow on top of it. Family was like you know my cousin, so excited see him. They don't mean like he was coming up for Christmas and went over the box. The problem is that he had some kind of like flashback or something and he killed his whole family really was like the craziest Christmas prank that is yeah. I wasn't aware that pranks on Christmas was a thing, but I was not aware Christmas. Pranks were thing either. Oh damn it! No! That's you over Christmas. All we do. Is you just have to say and I break into peoples homes? I tell him, I'm leaving press tonight just just shoot all over the living room yeah, because your kids were, but after the briefing Penestanan Borozan hearing that something had come up on radar that night Drury figured there. Might be some, to this incident, so bunch of guys went out to the site took photographs and such, but they kind of
weird that was going to be the end of it, but the next night on December 27th, the UFO, returned, so sweet is the best part. Like also it's a Christmas. Yeah everything is around Christmas. So it's literally doing in building building building like they have like Focus Santa hats on their getting fucking hammered an eggnog, and this shift going down. This episode is brought to you by hands wellness brand for men now we're having so much. On the show talking about aliens- I know I am they may be. My hostages, but I'm having a good time, but here's something legitimately frightens me? Do you know sixty six percent of men, Sir, to lose their hair by the age of thirty five. Are you catching her breath? Believe I know can be easier to ignore thinning hair than to acknowledge it. That's why I have my premium line of one Wobble Indiana's that I wear everywhere. You know me my cobol what but the best way
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movie set up. It's like how when I lived in, but I mean that's the only thing I can completely free only because you can compare it too. I don't know if it's the best comparison. Compare it to. I don't know the fuckin' military base that my uncle and his family lived on. When I was a kid, it's all military bases so like this, they have a bar, they have a px, they have all kinds of yet Little towns are not allowed in the military. I have blood clots, but just as they were getting into the swing of things that night lieutenant Bruce England who was on Judy and sober. Came inside looking shaken. He took colonel halt aside and told him that the UFO had returned and so halt. Who was all so sober well, you're, really stressing the sober thing are they are you sure there not heard you have to because that's like? Well, you know they. They had a Chris This party that night, so so much for that theory, but now it's like yeah, they were not all of them were blast. Ok
Some of them were not all of them work. I actually trust, the drunk person more than the sober person in this person's going to run right up to the played tackle it. Rattle around with it bring it back to the barracks. Does it need to be like they're tailgating at a packers game, to get substantial evidence about ufos? You gotta be clearheaded, hoping to be annoyingly clearing, alright, alright, so halt decided to check it out. First, he assembled a team of sober men, and sergeant Monroe, Nevels and Master sergeant Bobby Balls, no wait, never mind it's. His name is actually Bobby Ball. Bobby balls is a typo on my sorry, I haven't. It would really be nice if I did have two, unfortunately I'll be Bobby Ball, I'll, be Bobby balls and I tried to for normally is a basketball.
But I hate hearing a matter of not having to balls. They respect me less yeah. We actually got the entire group from revenge of the nerds together right out and look at these your phone, because it was the only sober people at the Christmas Party, yeah you're, still yeah, okay Bobby in Monroe. I love it all right. No one of the first things fall: one Adams to set up a bunch of light alsl idols there essentia a flood lights on wheels that you can use to watch the skies okay, but the light wholes weren't working some say that they were just out of gas and some of them certainly were, but not all of them, some of them just weren't working just like the radios. Hadn't worked couple nights before, of course, the bases was getting fired up, partly 'cause. They were getting a little action in the middle of a boring, cold war standoff and partly because, admittedly,
A lot of them were half in the bag from the Christmas party. Of course, you know for a fact that him in the Nerd squad are trying to set up these light. All and they're just throwing bottles of beer at him and like there's like you're, shaking loose cannon being like Do you have a feeling like they're? All just really be like this is about the integrity? The basic one dude is just like: hey Tommy look at this takes off all of his clothes tuxes pitas between his legs and just goes and spreads is in front of the sober group of alien under, but I guess I'm an alien. Our time do. Boys want to probe me reverse alien choice, hoping, like God, has very sorry. This is a stereotype personnel Atari exponent It was not one of those. Many was not one of the drunk ones. Back hall was meticulous. He took a handheld tape recorder everywhere. He
to record his thoughts and observations. Kind of like, as Nick Pope points out, Daleku. Oh so after halt gave the order to refill the light. All is to do whatever the fuck needed to be done to get a working. He and his team it out to the original landing site. Although we really know why they went to the array the landing site didn't Eva lights. Over there. They just move instinctively went over there. We don't know we don't know why they went out there at. The answer, though, might be on one of halts. Tapes. Eighteen minutes of halts recordings from that night are available to the public, but according to interview halt did in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. He actually made four to five hours. Of tapes on December 27th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty yes, which shows that the obvious what we're getting is a highly curated version of these events, yeah curated is a hell of a nice way of putting redacted of say,
redacted mountain, but when asked to elaborate on what those tapes contained halt refused to comply, saying that most, like The public would never hear what was recorded hey, hey. I get out of the way guy with his penis between his legs, but you're, not an alien were barely or you're. Not until you get me, I'm an alien but you're not going to feel so happy when you wake up at five hundred am hungover and I'm making you do one hundred pushups, ok my hair even now years, some dumb police officers. So in other words we just got to make do with what we have here. While now, the first part of the tape is I arrived to. The landing site is pretty standard, just them using a Geiger counter to inspect the area, but then they found something in. Seeking the radioactive directly below the crafts landing site, looks like a blast in a script up in here.
Very positive breeding season. Yes, it is this Saturday thing about forests. Go along seven units, it's going on a five scale. Wow. That's so they are they're, acting as if They seem to be acting authentically surprised very more just intrigued. At the very least. Now, what Nick Pope claims that is that this reading seven slash ten ten times what the normal radiation should be and is therefore proof that a UFO landed on this exact site I this point, we have to go with the skeptics. Well, this is it's interesting because people of the concept of ufos and radiation. That radiation is the
okay can gun, meaning gotta get radiation if they're they're they're, something that it's like with the also the way the take hypnotic regression very, very seriously where they we believe this is the evidence you gotta have, but we don't really. So how the hell these things work, I don't know like they say they there just looking for anything that seems to prove side will is the radiation, is the way to show that UFO showed. Is there any chance that, because it's a nuke site or potentially a new the radiation would be higher. Well, I don't know for one: it's He is from the recording that this was a spike and not a steady reading, which that spike had have been any thing from environmental radiation to a malfunction of the needle. Ok, if it was, natural radioactive side. They would gone Warren ooh like a fun bubble, lawn started, but it didn't it just one just one single well around, but it could have gone
gun or- or I don't know, it's surprisingly peaceful. It is a shockingly peaceful sound. I think I want to record that on loop for thirty minutes and I'll just go to sleep listener, but it means you're, slowly getting radiation for but they were using the wrong type of Geiger Counter to test for background radiation, meaning meetings, they were taking were utterly useless. These are the sober ones yeah. These are the sober one bad. No, however, just because the radiation is above does not mean that this entire incident is debunked. Okay, in fact the debunkers may have stop supporting one of our
tions with their due diligence, okay played into our hands you and read the bunker. This is my wife here, yet the bunker where the da bonkers family- it's because were mostly but see the bunkers figured out what kind a geiger counter. The men in the field were using and it turns out that Geiger Counter was, more suited to monitoring major nuclear accidents such as the kind that might happen at a place that stores new. Weapons cool now it could be this guy. Your counter standard issue to every air force facility during the cold war. You don't know sure it may
maybe, but you don't find basketballs on a football field. Ok, my friend, I cancel you might well. You know when you have brought it basketball to football field that still sports sports. You might not find a pool net at a football field. I don't think you would find it, but that's a whole other story, but yeah, even if these are at every single plays it's nonetheless, interesting that this facility in particular, had this particular piece of equipment, cool sure by back to the landing site. This next clip is lieutenant describing what he was seeing concerning marks on the trees, as he and the other men inspected the area in question, pretty sad face into the blacks, but we assume is the landing site. All avid abrasion facing in the same direction towards the center of the same thing must get elected on a circle here down here.
Collection, So you don't know where it is with the sketch it. You got that signals bridge base, so they're taking soil samples here right of the the indentations of the three triangular indentations. Yes, where the where the UFO supposedly landed and they're noticing the tree rubbing. So we have so we have so we have them. This is great yeah, so they are legitimately in a real. Time. If you express
actually what they're seeing ok yeah and, as you can hear, although they stay, professional. These men are steadily growing more concerned right right, then, using night vision, the men started finding hotspots like spots that were literally still warm while on the ground on the ground and on the trees the lights on telegraph once we are focused Dole out property, I suggest we are getting an indication of a heat source coming out of that center spot. As which will show up on the screen or some form of energies hard? Looking at this stage in the game? It's thirty two degrees outside that's a part of it that we like this winter time? Very strange for this heavily pack soil to have heat rating
now radiating out from the somewhere at the bottom of it. Right I mean it does The question? Do the aliens know it's Christmas now. That is why does it matter if they don't celebrate things like that? It's, like I mean that's. My thing that is, the awesome compelling audio, though crazy, alright, dude and there's still so much more to go. Then very suddenly they say hearing noises from some of the nearby farms, or at least from the surrounding wildlife animals you'll be freaking out, like your there's. No something happening. We're now the that, whatever the event is being a freak out all animals, which is a common occurrence during a UFO, any sort of incident right right, awesome, I mean important is animal reaction and I'm not like be like, because, obviously storms come and the birds now like, but how important
that when you have animals be like you know, is going on here and we're not I mean no one is ever going to be convinced that a that some bizarre is a conspiracy theorist on aliens during Skinwalker Ranch We saw that they use dogs as thereby readers readers, user use them as a the because they do experience certain levels of. I don't know. If it's either they could begin here. Or things that we know the more tunes their natural instincts. They could see a little bit more of the electromagnetism the world. I'm not really sure how that works, but they do freak out when weird are checked, all right for all of our pomeranian listeners out there shoot us a dm. Let us know what, but also Yeah and Wendy just freaks out. Did anybody walk past? although horror, yeah, and then they saw the light pigmentation right at this position here straight ahead, there. It is again
We don't know strange small red, like maybe a quarter to half hour, maybe for that it is gone now was approximately one hundred and twenty degrees. Is it back again yesterday, that's why I said Parents will get a better look at it, so you can get this car scope on it, quiet now, under ten or twenty degrees inside out through each other. Clearly, now, still getting reading on the meter by two clicks clicks getting stronger and that part of the tape we just played is a big point of contention. When it comes to the debunkers, they
that the Light hall in the other men saw at this point. The tape was just a light house off the coast in when they're talking about that light, in particular the bunkers might be right. The light house in question shines at five: six intervals and the spot the tape or they say it's gone. Oh, wait! It's back again! That's exactly five seconds in length! Ok, but that doesn't explain what happened next. Ok, listen to this little bit this way. Yes, it's better than half that this coming this way, coming this way This is flashlight off
okay, okay, okay, to the right I do like that. They reacted the exact same way all of us would just be like oh yeah, it's weird with the Charles is seeing is that this red light that appeared to be backed by sing tree huh is seeing this thing is now weaving its way through Why? So in a way that we described it? Was it looked like an eye, a giant red eye with a black center in a big red ring around it, and, what's weird, is the fact that its skull? stick around and it shooting off sparks Jesus these little dribble it's off to the side, which, if you saw the live show for last pipe
left. Last year I showed some footage of a UFO globular style. You are right now the things out of the back of it and was doing same exact thing interesting and you can get our live show from last year. You can still get it on last. Podcast live dot com, it still only six dollars and sixty six cents. So we can't wait. Everybody on the road for this year's live show, but if you want a little taste to watch last year's good plug, so this is Lee. This is some of the most compelling audio I've ever heard, yeah for sure and the other thing about the light house. It's not like the Light House just happened to be turned on for Christmas. This thing was going come constantly, so they would have known if it was the lighthouse all night. I feel everything is my opinion. Yes, they would have known that. Between the lighthouse other lights right, I'd like all round and the fact that they're saying weird and the fact that it was red and it like good good? I think that's the the the three to
quality is well in here 'cause. If they see this ship begin to approach right and do a little dance form, and these were air force men- it's not like they never looked at this fucking sky running the lighthouse was unknown quantity yeah. It could have like just once or twice. They saw the lighthouse, but you know the is something that was a a static object in their environment. Yeah I mean, I don't think a light house resembles a of a strange to tap hemorrhoid coming towards you. Unless it's a cool spot light may be cool to have like a golf lighthouse or it's all black and shine through life, but I feel like, which is what is offline house would want, which is just destroy as many ships as much yeah, that wouldn't really work. In the light scary. Definitely doesn't explain what happened at the end of the tape. This heading north.
Now it appears to be a pain in the coming out of the ground. resentful thirty in the options are still in the sky. Over one s looks like there's a little bit of altitude I'm heading back to order over and over with which boasted about five to ten degrees. Off the horizon, stone erratic and civil rights and answer period, the Garon's man, I think, he's Pittsburgh. I think Yes, yeah Pennsylvania, but yeah man. Let's look at freaky very cool it yeah, they saw some ship, I think, about how collected you have to be as a military person to be able see this thing.
Schudel light and not be like right, it's almost like they're, not move font investigators and there were actually trained by competent militant minds. I am trade the best teacher possible, which is me later. Also the light in question was pencil. Then, like a laser, and it struck a point on the ground, just ten feet in front of them, then the UFO flew right above Woodbridge and shone a light directly down to the a switch, is a show of strength. Fiver heard one yeah yeah like look what I can do, what I can do- and you can't do anything that I love that about Ufos when it's, because they talk about the ideas that the price of these things that they acknowledge your presence. They are communicating, So you being like what can you do? You can even shoot shotguns at me, the last guy tried that
really nothing. They didn't hurt each other, and still that wasn't the only thing that happened that night. While these guys were off in the Woods John Burroughs from a couple of nights, four was having a second encounter Jesus. When he heard the UFO was back, he hightailed it back to the base. 'cause Burroughs claimed that he was inexplicably drawn to the craft and at first halt he told his men to keep bird the fuck away from the landing site. But eventually she and a man named sergeant Adrian Bliss Stanza we're getting My Jason Alexander in the movie look like they're, very talented, very well. He was given permission to approach one of the lights to see if he could confirm or deny that this was indeed the same craft but as they were driving twords the light in a jeep, a streak of blue transparently, came streaking towards them, followed by a white object that floated in the distance then when they got out of the jeep to walk towards it. The
it started coming towards them. Oh Bustins a hit the ground, but bird Burroughs kept walking forward. Eventually he disappeared in the light and was gone for several minutes before reappearing wo again, he had no wreck. Action what happened and had missed time when he walked out, but this did add another fairly close, witness to the phenomenon, bringing the number of people who saw something that night to about sixty six thousand and sixty one Miller military guys. It's all this, but the sightings only half the story. The other half is the and the bowl cover up which will cover on the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident?
to awesome. That's only the cover up, we're also going to cover the way. Specific members of this. This entire incident movie been dead people that were affected by it, how they went completely fucking insane. We'll talk talk about like the there's a lot more here, we're going talk a little bit about binary code, we're going to talk about some people got scooped, workout these persons name Laree Warren that just some kind of in Scituate himself into this story somewhere in the MID 90s, where he just all of a sudden, Why was there a lot of those guys that will show up in this story but who took my penis between the legs. Whatever did that was me, I was doing was doing that why how awesome this is without a doubt, the best you Encounter, we've ever covered, and anyway it is compelling yeah
I love the audio is just so kickass because of Chile. It really is what it shows that the these guys really did not not beat the aftermath tale. It shows that whatever They saw some. I don't know what the hell's going on and then we'll also go through all the various ways whether or not this is a hoax. Next so to several people that said that this was some kind of prank where people so the Christmas pranks yeah one of those classic Christmas pranks. We all know about yeah Robert, my cousin Robert. He killed his whole family as it happens in a prank of awesome. Alright, everyone will thank you so much for listening. Let's see, we had a great time, hanging out with all of you in Kansas City and Denver in SALT Lake City Hall. Yeah no lie that was one of the best three day. Little mini tours, we've ever done without it out. Everyone was so fricking sweet, yeah thanks for the Vapes I in Denver and honestly thanks for all the incredible artwork, we had some incredible. We don't even like we'd, you don't need to give us any gifts.
We have to fly them back and everything, but every time we receive something you all are just so talented. I mean it's really awesome, but we got to see Jeffrey Dahmer's high school. That was cool in nineteen seventy seven in your book, I have a quite I've picture that I have to post if yeah listener that upper show to the video. Please hit me up, so I can tag you properly but may man? Oh man, we had some good honestly, I just love being the road. I love love. You like I love meeting listeners. I love doing the live, show itself. One is so much fun. We made this mean a lot to us absolutely and will be in over Seattle and Portland real soon, Vancouver still has some tickets available. So please, I don't know the next time we're getting back to Canada. This might be our only canadian trip this year. Don't you think it yeah? I think this is our only canadian trip so so far you know have fun with it make a weekend out of it. Drive from Calgary Drive Drive from Canada. Wherever you are come and see us, it will be a very fun time. So please get those
Mr Vancouver, Seattle and Portland will see you in your beautiful states, cities as well very soon and keeps on. Porn all the shows here in last podcast network, page seven top hat- was wiz brew, a movie sign with the MEDS so. This shows you love keep on supporting the network, because all ships rise, and we are really trying our best to get this network. You know off the ground and well, it's already off the ground, but when we want be flying even higher gas, so want to show you guys are tree Robin yeah. We want to get that. We want to get the tree Robbins for yep. So thank you all so much for support the network and thank you all so much for giving your pizzeria on again. Without you, nothing is possible and you know you're you're you're part of the family, we're like the Green Bay Packers everyone's part of the family here. So thank you so much Henry and I actually had a chance to interview really awesome awesome guess she is there. She is the director of Hail Satan, wonderful.
Wonderful guess that we got to speak with penny Lane penny Lane. It was really really good to go very that we talked about Satanism. She honestly, she sucking really knows what the hell she's talking, she's great and check out her documentary Hail Satan. It was wonderful! So thanks all given to our patriotic and do we If any, is there any? What do we have? Do we have to tell talk our audience about anything right now, yeah and where we're going to become in Australia here June, so yeah be a lot of those shows to sell out but come on out to Sydney. Yeah mold yeah someone I have bought a ticket to sit. He bought a ticket to go see the city can't need to be in Australia. I can't wait to be upside down. To me it is all the spiders that would absolutely all right. Well well so much for listening. We absolutely love you. I
yes, this is the time where we close it out. Huh. Yes, alright, everyone hail yourselves, hail, Satan, Hail, Dean, Magoo, Stellations, hail me and look to the skies. You don't know you shall see well in this case to the ground as well right, sometimes yeah. It's good to look at I don't know where your feet are. I guess I guess that does make sense this show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot,
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