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Episode 371: Bonnie and Clyde Part III - Filthy, Smelly, and Surly

2019-06-28 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series on Bonnie and Clyde, we cover the blood-soaked bad times and the hunt by legendary lawman Frank Hamer that finally took down America's favorite criminal celebrity couple. 

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started cells replied barrow. These inhabitable psychic impasse right cannot like copper set six cents, the environment will use it it's kind of how he got them out of it Your mixes that he would like you'd have like a hunch that summoned Frankie was going on and they get out of there, EC spider ham What are you happy? I'm glad reversal of spider, I'm glad you have one Spiderman referenda and which illustrate the thing is that Clyde Barrel at the same time was also now very smart now right, so he was not smart, but he was psychically smart. Does that mean
mentally handicapped could possibly be the most psychic group of people. The world and we don't know about. Failure of yours is only going to get. Professor exhibit was brilliant. He ran a school, he had a wheelchair, which is dear to publicly arrange everything you ruined your own career, everything that is wrong. I don't ask no one answered my question, though I think no, I don't know, no, none, the less. Everyone is Andy, capable that's what I say they re the last broadcast on the left. I am bed Kizil with more. Barks alone, and we have had Risa brows key as well. Angry Jake injuries around skinny, dear you, hungry jacket, was broken I'm home of the war. But
I would put forward on a cheeseburger and sold it to customers. I definitely farther into my pants just now. It's Monday, our clothes space, where you in an enclosed based in Sydney, Australia, where Barbara Accordant Bonnie Incline Part three from studio in Sydney. Yes, it's absolutely beautiful. We're looking out of his gorgeous streets of Sydney. Everyone looks great some bodies. You know this is you know, a place that is its it's really. Work were very comfortable here, because all the music is made for middle aged white men earlier, so we actually feel right at all. I think we're just going to places where middle aged Whiteman hang out, and that is why what else is there? I understand well speaking of well now There's really know subway. Here we are part three of body and Clyde. The tale continues. This is when they shed gets full real yeah
So when we last lap Bonnie incline, they just left Joplin Missouri after their first real shoot out with the cops the pictures that made them famous have been these to the world and buck and Blanche. Euro were now a permanent part of the game because of their involvement in the murders in job. But that's how it got me Travis to work with us for so long because they are a sort of a party to our secret crimes. Interesting told technically. Does that mean they can blackmail, as whenever they want of fire off as a result of those actions, the Barrow gang was about to enter one of the most miserable in difficult times of their very short, lived. Gone with the days when they could stay at a motor court wearing clothes that we're freshly dry, cleaned everyday yeah we're we're pass the rockstar area we are now in two Vince Neil,
a two hundred and forty pounds in Dublin on the floor well acquainted with a needle lange, and it is our right- were insects to sex tape, Vince Neil Territory, eight, I was a new peak for him. Was it yeah you're in. Can stick it use to at least make it too calm. You Navy now bonding Clyde WMD Blanche and bug slept in the car and base and muddy streams eating mostly canned food like Vienna, sausages. I well Poohpooh Vienna only thing you're eating for those you who don't know we're being sausages are they are or a bull tasting, tiny weena can't that's where our now really are also supporting our support of I like spam, and I like I'm, I'm not gonna, say I like Vienna sausages, but if it was like
between eating Vienna sausages, unlike saving all like a packet of my com to eat for the protein Evanna sausages. No one thinks about that. When you're, like Starvin, in making afraid reviews each year com, that's rotti wow, well, not really know. I don't know that Oh, no, not a merger. Furthermore, the dust ball was far from over even a small dust storm encountered while driving a car was enough to fill a person's mouth with dirt with the windows up in the Barrow gang was driving through those does storms. Regular basis, other criminals, on the run during this time had safehouse it's when things got hot, but those were the big timers. Despite Bonnie implied celebrity status,
They didn't really know any other criminals outside of West Dallas, yet not needed in a real indoctrinated criminals like senators and guys that can actually help you. That's where they ever was all the dirty money that the rest them was spread around. He took off the cops in order to protect a safe house for you, and then you have a place ago or body and Clyde we're doing the De Ai Weiwei right, which is like what we ve learned is that you know you do it hard for really do the hard way for many years right sucks netted nobody care. No. That is really interesting now with them. When it comes to the safe houses, I've been played a lot of division to, and I gotta say they need to set up those safe houses, so they can pass travel specifically. If there's a dust storm dirtiest. All I hit fast ram. It's kind of a more at all closest Bonnie Incline could come, was they found someone either sympathetic or starstruck enough to let them stay at their house, but the gang never stay longer than a night, because the reward for their capture just kept getting bigger
think that if we just came out shrilly and went through the out back into showed up and spin like when I last part cascade, markers goblins, the annexes, kiss a long beer kiss me, I'm Henry Brain, the gay arousal. While the other day, I see my damn near every day, the Barrow gang had to steal a new car, especially since there was now five of them on the run to get after two weeks crammed in war. Car, though the gang figured. It was time to steal a second car and form a small caravan So, in Roston, Louisiana, the Barrow gang roared in the town and WMD hopped out and stolen car belonging to a mortician named Dillard Darby was so memorably played by Jean Wilder and the nineteen sixty seven movie. I was so heartened to learn that this was real yeah, that was too
Laurie. I was a gene. Wilder's first for all was planned. This guy, no kitten will sort of like the Movie Darby and his friend, a local radio celebrity named Sophia Stone. She was too far woman, a middle tat love our community. Oh that's what everybody say we like it look turned up. It's gonna rain on Friday, original Chacha allow she's the best of Darby in stone, saw. The whole thing happened, so they Hopton Sophie is car and chased after the Barrow Gang so they are ballsy mad. It wasn't long before Clyde, who is already a little irritated. The operation had gone smoothly turned around and started following them. He eventually Cotter yeah he's a short angry man. I don't. I don't understand, I certainly have never done anything purposefully, very
because of my he just to my blood brush. I know you're not going to end up like Michael Douglas in the movie falling down shooting up a fast food restaurant, because the border region right you're gonna, do that they encounter wasn't quite is cute. Is, it was portrayed in the movie after Clyde, forced Darby in Sofia off Road and asked why they were found. Em Darby said he was found because they always got gear in Response Clyde, pistol, wit, Darby gear and forced him in Sofia into the car. The barrow, he was driving because WMD had already taken off and Diller Darby car at this point that we split up young member W D. How old is doubly dangerous for extinct, tease child and they are now they all, are now crammed together and are going ninety miles per hour through the fucking dust fields, away from just nowhere frog. Nowhere to what I mean. Honestly, this is the greatest generation I mean the team. These guys. Are babies yeah? We could pull the stuff off, so the new hostages,
squeezed into the front with Bonnie Incline, because the gang had so many guns in the back seat from a recent armoury burglary that only book in Blanche could fit in the back upon Ami whack wicked, we could put a bike it over Emerson. Actually, legend just be out, but as we put on a bunch of guns in the back of a car that you just stall, I get the excitement. A factor of this first stone and Darby were terrified. The gang was filthy, smelly and surly from being on the road for pretty much too weak straight and book was getting pretty casual with suggestions that maybe the gang should just kill the hostages this must be fuckin. It say damages like moving every miles an hour with some twenty two year old psychopath just jabbering on I do she Caille maybe enables Gill nets like bounds. It openly out rule ninety miles. An hour were Clyde's like David David filthy,
in surly is one of the best Wayland jetting song. I ever heard that I love it. I stand by but Clyde CALM down the situation, by telling the hostages that, yes, you have been kidnapped from this body and Clyde, but you'll be just fine. Just long as you don't act for that is when Bonnie started, making small talk, ask in the hostages what they did for eleven when Darby told her that he was a mortician Bonnie laughed and to feed like to be the official on Bomber Bosnian Clyde when they were killed, thou so much fun that amazing you could you do that bad. Maybe so come around see sometime and I'm a corpse. So when the barrel Finally, let the hostages go and Waldo Arkansas. Everyone was pretty much friends and Clyde even gave Darby five bucks to make up for the pistol weapon. How many people did they?
ninety was the thirty. This is nineteen, thirty three. How are these or that to make friends you just? to kidnap someone. Anyone all work out. This is not the first time right that no bodied inclood kidnapped somewhat the kidnap, someone and afterwards You? Never really can we stay, nor is it the last Y know it will. The thing was collateral with the taxi drivers that Tom cruise who really he gets, go in the taxi driver. These go. They end up on a hit together. They have kindly friends there. Many movies, like those diseases like they gotta, get out, but think of this you come from pure poverty. You are, hard scrabble life in the middle of the dust bowl Kind of shit is incredibly exciting. The you body and Clyde Ray we're at all of you. This point you ve just hurt, see newsreels about these this work and so see gang and all of you they do is fuck raw murder rags, eight and then all of a sudden, your part of their story. It's a married this american legend in making by the Clyde doing these
what I really like is because it's not forced he is not do things out of some kind of public. Some outside pressure. It's weird: he is the character that he is embodying yeah and, if you're the one who was kidnapped technically, you gotta get out of jail free card, so you get to go on all the fun antics, but then you can be like They kidnap me officer and then you're also Hiera. Meanwhile, W D had disappeared. He'd somehow got lost in the shuffle after the Darby kidnapping embodying Clyde had no idea where he'd gone, but they figured if you sad anywhere. It was West Dallas, so they head back home to leave a message that Dublin II should should sit tight and wait for them to come back to West, also pick him up, but even though Debbie was no longer around the gang still had to feed themselves supplied in buck planned a nice straightfor
word bank robbery on May eleventh, oh- and I bet you owe him when without a hedge, they got all they got to be a crazy money and everything was a guy, but I mean they just have to feed themselves. So went they just cut out the middle men, which is the money in that transaction and just go robber, restaurant. They did that plenty as well, but we also wanted some of the glory. Also like gotta have something prison life there and, if you're, criminal and a Europe, you know if you ve, set yourself up with this. Outlaw lie style. That's your purpose that guy you wake up in the morning. You are a bank robber. Now is your job right. They go back to work. The plan was to break into a bank hide and wait until bank open in the morning. You pull the treaty, get them when the clerks arrive for work. Barrow boys pull out their guns? They got the growth. They got the drop on him
and embody and Blanche will be outside written in the getaway car ear. Peasey does what it does. What happened on say by the bell when they got stuck in the mall overnight that just now about the camp and equipment supplies door, but actual right, you're hanging out in the bank at night, Gub couple mops. You see that maybe like a police lower to clean, circulated it clear bathrooms right right, on the shelves run back room of sudden your work in it the bank money on top of money. That's a good idea When the morning came back and Clyde discovered, they should have spent a little bit of time. Searching the bank first stray weapons as soon as they pop. Their hiding holes. The clerk grabbed, nearby shot gun and just started. Fire in the whole thing was led lined up. You're, like he's just immediately,
Robocop of tell her tat. They had no choice but to run and they ran out of the building into the car, were Bonnie Implant or waiting as a pissed off teller with a shotgun chased after a man they needed what was an element in the Chipmunks Theodora. He don't know. Theodore was the gear Talkin about put your tongue out of it. No, no! No! No later you're thinking about the tall one, the smart, La Dave, Rupert though we want It was the order and not Rupert, thank you, you will do me just go by can't have not only did not everyone silent sign,
I've been by the way, a road manager on this tours name Simon, and he is a wonderful man. Oh yeah he's here, each real Bree are living wanes world to right. Now we are with an australian roadie and he's just telling stories about Judas periodic it s you carry. The stores are incredible, but they needed assignment. They needed a break in the group. They did not have at the teller chased him out with a shotgun. That's when the townsfolk owing to get there, I gotta be so exciting again what a fund data be a town folk, one guy hurled, a big piece of wood and the road to try to block the path of the Barrow gang, while another guy jumped on the hood of the car
only let go after Bonnie fired a few warning shots through the window, because money had no desire to murder, nor did Bonnie ever murder. Anyone, no matter what some of the shooting movies might say. Ok, she just wanted money. She wanted money, she one lived the lifestyle always and she wanted to love Clyde and they want to live a life freedom outside of what they were born into and what they find problem. We did this last episode to alternately. It's just always right there have or students, but when Bonnie fired the warning shots, that's when rest, the townsfolk opened fire and when the Barrow gang fired back to women, Doris Minor and full Jones. They both got wounded, although not terribly wounded. The our people are so get hurt. The only things to die that day,
we're a couple, a pig's now crossing the road and have to be directly in the path of the fast moving Barrow gang. May God, you may say, thou explosion would have been a poor. The whole thing. Ok, so that's going back to my previous point, though there looking for foods, the other day, I just don't get it, but even though that plan was a disaster, the gang tried, the exact same thing at a different bank a week later, but that time they did relatively ok, they got sixteen hundred box. Although seven hundred dollars- or that was in big ass silver dollars which were later given to queue me barrow, that's a nice
for a mom, though re my mom love shit like coins and plates, and all that kind of garbage she likes commemorative. Whatever you know, I mean I got a little boat once just sit somewhere. My Montessori Chacha Visa Neurons Bay on tragedies as well. It looks like it it's a nervous home because you bought them a pool. Technically, you also got her a pool boy, is really nice to watch them work, the poor slack and the slack back. Meanwhile, a development had occurred in the cap. Piece of Raymond Hamilton member Raymond Hamilton was a very early member of the Barrow Gang Hamilton had just been found guilty of the murder of John Butcher member, the jeweler, who was the first caught first guide to die as a result of the marrow gangs actions, but instead of the chair Raymond, somehow now, with the ninety nine year. Prison sentence. What that meant that, instead of going to death row, Hamilton was now on his way to where else but east him
is environed bloody and with that Clyde had a reason than ever to organise as long planned prison break honestly. Did it's it's it's the rights, the Ark others hole. Store. Re Clyde is obsessed with this idea for forever. It never goes away knows if you, because your bits to fulfil of his pure Robin Hood version of history. Reality rose has been like this. Is this way? If I can get some, these boys? Out of this present its almost in the psychological way or races for him all the other crimes and sins he's committed raised like, but I did one good thing in this life, but as always in eastern prison break was gonna, take preparation and men. The gang had finally gotten worse
Debbie indeed shown back up and West Dallas after go, and God knows where so body and Clyde headed down to pick him up for Blanche and Buck went to Oklahoma to visit Blanche, his father, but after picking up WMD in hadn't back up north disaster struck home. No, while driving through the town of wealth in Texas, Clyde Drive and seventy miles per hour in the pitch dark miss A detour sign drove straight through a wooden construction, barricade and flew into the air. Sickly! What they said was that this was a part of this was a part of the world where Idea of driving fast at night was the dumbest shit right to do funny If you knew it is like, they say that it was a great, an optical illusion. It was so flat and you can You see where the road twisted in turn, because it just look like a fuckin line. You your eyes could just said the Dep perception Clyde who could not drive
tat, he would do a thing that I mean obviously, would be truly the end of the Barrow gang this. What happened here and serve as a warning to me, who also loves a drive ass, fast ass? You will pass on the car. Finally came crashing down to earth the car battery exploded, good and splashed Barneys legs with battery Ass, when you learn burns that went deep enough to expose her by the man, I'm the brown size is lovely bones. Zoning body I rejected slice, your lovely beer A wide scale touched me say you, age, Lama cops like of another guy, but he's got a gun at me, quite preferred body or Clyde care. Body to a nearby farmhouse were her leg,
were saved only when the farmers daughter covered the burns with a sad mixed with baking Powder Z, Clyde refuse to let the farmer we'll get a doctor, essentially saying that if she dies she dies like often dragon I ve been drug, I even their ogle, but a part of that. It's true because they all said it could they had an internal dialogue at an agreement. They knew that it because hospitals meant prison. They everything. Be over right and they both of them. I mean truly and romantic fashion. One did die next to each other of what was going to die. The humming Clyde would not have died Clyde Kite understood on some level that he was gonna end up using to shoot You gonna make love again, but but Bonnie Otto said: if Clyde died, cheat immediately die afterwards is afforded gruesome injury
so is the actual had brittles battery asset, its battery acid? That I mean it. I think how much it has to burn through to make the lecture me that is inches flash debate around to be fair, she's, extremely thin. I dont think the battery as we get to my boat. That's that's my private action layer of fat yeah. You got big legs yeah. Today's episode had me and mark, is doing a lot of research on mergers and may him as usual, but you want to know some research. I did that really freaked me out made me sad. I uncovered the fact that sixty Six percent of men lose their here by the age of thirty five. You scared, thing about here losses once you ve started to notice. Your hair line is receding. It's too late there in the house, calls coming Romania how's, she gotta ask yourself: how do you feel a year from now you're. Here, we're still just stick in his role as it is today. You are bald spot pop up, that's for him, steps in forums that Guy
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Your or pharmacy somewhere else go to for hymns, not calm, Slash left that is F, o r each. I M s: dotcom Slash, LP empty for hymns dot com, slash with suspicion of these injured newcomers, only deepened when Clyde sent WMD back to the car, to gather all the guns using and very plainly in front is new in front of his new friends. Debbie day go get the gun, for you know what you do is, if you ever say, hey like, if I ever say Marcus, go get the guns, quotation marks fingers, that's what you have to do legally. That keeps you from committing a crime, because you say I get the and when the Winkie face and quotation figures that are clearly actually ons, it's gonna like about european pies or something exactly illegally, could be anything. But we know, and actually is for deeds.
Ass enemies or browse? Not you have it all figured out. So after Clyde told Debbie Data go yet the guns, someone in the house went and got the law at the time the lost showed up. Debbie DE was already back with the guns, so all the law did was provide. The Barrow gang with a new car gang thin took the cops hostage, but while they all driving away together, Clyde couldn't help, but let the cops know who they were. I understand, drop and credits. It's hard to not get another wrong on your. I am db. Bade me right right in with that. The cops now knew that the infamous Bonnie Parker was seriously hurt with a very specific injure. There is now a very clear trail, whereas Clyde hadn't said anything to those cops. If you, if you would have said, shut the fuck up working dropping off down the road, don't say anything, no, what would known, but now they knew for sure Bonnie Parker
has a serious like injury watch out for it. So the ego gotten away much like Dennis Raider the aforementioned Bt Gay piece of shit that he is so they just could not do what it. Why do you think that is? Why did they need to let the cops? No, because it's obviously not in their best interests? It is I truly. I I uh you know with many of my jokes- is a little bit a truism, relevant factors. It Henry's breaks the rules. Of comedy where there's no truth, that or better yet in italy- and I know that, but I do believe it really is about credit there at this why they know they're gonna be there. No, they know they're gonna die, they know they're gonna be. Murdered at some point for their crimes in the middle of something you're not going out, do not going signal I've read or what they want, the credit their building. A legend I do believe in some way shape or form. They have. This guy think that it's it's a delusion that will get
so famous like something will happen. The people to it'll, almost flip for us will become such alleging that almost become untouchable. That eventually our presence will make people. So scared of us immediately that no one will deal with us, no one I'll try to stop us and that their their long game was at Bonnie. Kept saying like why? Don't we just disappear will go and take the money that we get will get a big score? Will superior up to Montana, but it was never going to be like that. With Johnny Depp in this Hollywood, vampires band just go up It was also partly some a form of payment like it has to all. This has to be worth something my money is damn near dead. They just got no correct. Everyone's all fucked up everyone's filthy they ve got no money. There click run out, they spend money as soon as they steal it. So a little bit across that is almost payment-
it will need to all they got its pride single. No, when you broke pride is, are you got me as performers? You worked for free for the vast majority of our career still for the first fifteen years. Of our careers. The applause was there. Work. When that's, why you did it in the eight ILO there that's what this whole thing was about his be about going past where you were born. It was spot me right. Indifference making will not making an errand but making make it a fucking go for it, and the development of difference or when the guy finally met back up with Balkan Blanche outside of Sayer Oklahoma, which is that where they met just down the road from where my family's ranch was at the time really, my father was bored and Sarah, no, the cops were still in tow, but although book again suggested Maybe we ought to just kill em Clyde insisted on letting the cops live, because the cops had cradled Barneys head the way to say they ve been very kind to Baja, it's nice out, they handcuff the cops to a tree and just drove off, go get it
if you'd. Actually it's another moment of why they d war and baby movie was like kind of close and tone if they weren't also just total shit, hats and right right or bodies, legend jerry, however, would prove to be a permanent burden for the gang Sea, despite Clyde's Cruel, Ivan Drilgo, like statement immediately after the accident. Clyde wouldn't leave Bonnie side. While she was recovering that's because, even though the two of them regulate they got in a fist, fights they get a scream and matches that were curl, your fuckin hair, they still loved each other or maybe more accurately they were unhelpfully code dependent on each other, Well, I mean absolutely. I also love that idea for a son, a hair salon, if you, if you really could The argument that could curl your air were you just go in and to people. Cream and at each other, you watch it it's entertainment, and then you walk out with abuse
will throw you you ve never been to scream. I bet you never know that agreement, which is one of the most incredible holistic hair cut in Serbia's I've, read how much more here I've had recently. I do I'm gonna screw and a bit more rights back when we're gonna get shot. So while Bonnie was combat and from a serious burn injury that most likely dissolved the tattoo bearing her first husbands named metal. It was up to Debbie Indian Buck to do all the robberies and one of those in particular showcase just how young and dumb w d actually was, and just how truly terrible at the game that Buchwald system, you D didn't even want to be there, because you couldn't do that. First robbery yeah- I was forced to steal that damn car he kind of each just over the head- he's kind of institutionalized little bit by them, like, I think, he's kind of Bin. He's getting raise into the business and all
The way they talk about it perspective, I think, is interesting. Were Clyde and Bonnie the view it as a job. Well done. You d, a bet. First, it's dangerous, but eventually start to view it as like. This is my job. I have to learn how to do it right now. I'm dumb, but one day I'll be, is brilliant. As our leader climb up when the Barrow gang driving around in a small Sudan and then he needed and they needed something bigger if they were going to comfortably transport Bonnie. So during a group to restore robbery, WMD spotted the stores, delivery truck outside into and decided. That would be perfect despite the fact that a grocery store
The livery truck was slow as hell and extremely conspicuous. It might as well have been the big dog car and even if it wasn't a bad idea in the first place, it became a worse idea when Debbie D got the keys in the store owner and found that the battery was dead and still W De didn't give up he sort of pushing the truck down the hill. So he could pop the clutch, and after going through all that, trouble dvd D, I did ass. He was driving away in the truck murders and also to go to after all, so he drove back up the hill and returned to buck, who is rightly wondering where the fuck, w d gone right, Josie, don't w p is not a good enter sounds like if the Scooby do Gang just started off it is going on here, but now it was box turn a fuck up. Great two of them took off. Bach, was driving too fast and crashed into the back of another car while going over a steep hill and two cops heard that
crash just fifty yards away, so they were on the scene almost immediately and who, if you'll remember, had never been a fan of taken. Hostages got out of the car brought. The shotgun with them, while Debbie D got out holding a browning automatic rifle butt DVD was terrible shot, so he was pretty much useless, but on the other hand, wasn't he opened fire in hit officer Henry Humphrey, who died a few days later, but the other officer survived and managed to you'd off to of diabetes finger, all that's left, leg, injured and all the while, not after this Seen perhaps wasn't all that surprising that cop sorted attaching is many crimes to the Barrow gang as they could. Here's the thing about the Barrow gang was that they could cover hundreds miles in a single day bury this was light on it wasn't unheard of. It was just knew that someone could one day they could be in Arkansas and the next they'd be in the panhandler Oklahoma, it's like that New star
correct that I saw it all themselves and go to another play its not new in Sartre gets very old and North Africa, but it, but he would relentlessly dr again Clyde barrows one ability was Dr thing doesn't Zella use. Does he does is a very good at it? No one. I was buck that got into the car accident that wasn't clutterbuck lie when he jumped over the thing go in seventeen. Eighty, nine merger entire, like you're gonna, make a mistake in sometimes bit make bigger mistakes happened instead of smaller mistakes. This is U explaining why you got into a car crash to Natalie your wife. I was gonna have exactly or because the barrel could show up pretty much anywhere anytime, was a robbery or murder with suspect to even kind of look like the Barrow gang that crime would be attached to Bonnie Incline so technically,
it would be smart to dress like body glide rob a bunch of banks, blame it on body in cloth problem. There were probably quite a few people who debt that smart honestly, you gotta like one skinny guy with a wig on your lap or dress with each other. Like short, you have a lady dressing up as a dude writer super we are like gender flew away, not bank robbery team call themselves colony, Blind right do not kind of shit sorts, his earnings Why do I know you know you made it to Caesar once again, but no just gets just straight up. Callers of body Clyde publicly offer an example of a crime that was attached to the Barrow gang that they absolutely did not commit policing, Cropper County attached, a rape to Clyde in Buck Barrow, although, although they were probably in another state but from then on
All the want of posters concerning the Barrow Boise listed rape right alongside murder, but no sexual assault that the first and were hearing about that. Do that wasn't somebody who they were doing never ate not even fucking close to what they were doing? Ok, but it was a thing that actually really fucked with the centre of the Barrow Gang because when those charges came down long saga literally to be like, I didn't do it, I didn't do it too Blanche, and so it actually psychologically it was a of almost a trick of the police. With that. Coming helps fucking fuck with the fabric of the gang oh good. Meanwhile, Barneys wounds were doing any better. The gang stop where they could to pick up medical plies, but since she spent most of her recovery in the back seat of a car bodies. Ten, ends and ligaments heal.
In a somewhat feeble position in the man who was lying. It's fuckin, gruesome man, yeah. That meant that when the booms finally healed bodies, leg was permanently curled up, meaning that while she could hop a little mostly for the rest of her life, Clyde had to carry her round everywhere. Why it's such a did! This to me is one of the biggest myth bussing things about Bonnie inclined about how the way that, when they when they ended. They were so fucking tore up we're gonna go under this. Their island is gets pocket, rude or Bonnie. Added she was a basket woman, yeah that'd, carrying her. Let the matter holter, I'm sorry, Miss body. You are now a basket woman. So now they are actually Debbie DE later said that when Bonnie had to go to the bathroom either W Dear Clyde would have to carry her into the tunnel.
Improper down on the sea. Get this guy's a pay for that go now loses. This is all custom experience. You can do just being a toilet waiter, so Bonnie wasn't doing too well, the gang decided to treat themselves to a cup one night at a nice motor court, implants, city Missouri next to a grocery store named Slims castle and a restaurant called the Red Crown tavern. Now this broke all of their rules, every single one. They had a lotta rules about how they don't stay at any sort of hotel. They don't they don't appeared public. They had been camping off for so long, but I really think caused all of the spider says, we're gonna. Everyone was saying like this is a pocket, bad idea and Clyde was, I know, and I think a part of it is that I am a little bit. I think that he thinks it were beginning to be killed here. It is going to happen. I just want bond
to be in a bed for a night, but we knew when I go. You have asleep before the murder on. It is clear that a good kid, I'm sure trip of turned out better bucks ends. Think about how we should not be fuckin do in this. That was the right one follow has once again, it was the little things the gave away the Barrow Guy as I said, it was well known. Bonnie was injured and Everyone was a fan of body and Clyde, see the Barrow gang was just throwing used, bandages out the window or they were leaving them a campsite caught him and when I cut off my thumb tumbling down there, ill shit I just left in place because I did travel for works only travelling. I wish hewing shit. I literally at the hotels just filled with my fucking US lamps yeah, that was discussed. Were you doing cut in an unusual continent? Garlic s government about can, our manager and think about it like in the laser, are bandages hued up womb
the bombings leg on a festering pus fill our and they're just thrown about the window there leaving them at camp sites, and so when people would find these bandages they'd call up the cops and sail hey, I think, bonding clear. We are. We found a bunch of festering bloody bandage. Wait a second before we are now more text, strange lemme. Take a look at these causes invariably big ketchup. So let me give a drop, Oh is put to the homeless guy from Dennis the meadows. Just where you live in a farmer in I was not too far away from plaid city reported, find in some bandages, suddenly, wasn't so strange to think the bosnian Clyde wherein the area that's red flag number woke. Furthermore, the red crown average, which was right next to the motor court, where the Barrow gang had decided to arrest was unbeknown to the gang, a popular hang out for both local police and the state highway.
The troll thought you knew. I had to use the worst of all of you walked in they didn't its literally plain clothes cops just sitting at a bar were watching Bonnie Inclined, for that is the role, and there are like telling how never going is watching his whole areas and then Blanche into the office of the motor car wearing very expensive. Highfalutin. Writing pan but she had bought a, but it was like it. This was a time when, like a woman walking in wearing fancy pants was a town scandal. I ones like I saw a woman we're in job burgers over at the motor court in would started get around and then it started getting an even more when this woman, was wearing is very expensive. Clothes was pay and loose change that the Barrow gang had stolen from a bubble gum machine. That's how that's how broke they were. They were robbing bubble. Gum machine then went to.
Our pale kids level crime and the centre came when Clyde taped up all the windows of their cabin. With news pay That's so smart honestly, you gotta do it sometimes in a hotel because they have like flimsy Kurt. You try to sleep, you got a cover with trash bags. I am guilty of it. I'm sure I think, all was dark. Blanche was all, so buying meals for five and she was seen buying bandages saw you gotta, say is like now, I am by and for family, and for me, I'm trying to get real fast, so I openly lie about that. So word finally got around to the sheriff and the share of surmise that most likely the Barrow gang was hiding out Platt City. Now, at this point, the Barrow Gang hadn't ever faced any real opposition every time. Gotten anew shoot out before it had always been with barely trained local cops.
Who had no idea what they were walking into, but this time law enforcement was ready. They got themselves be hours to match the now trademark, Barrow Fire power and when it came time to read the motor court jacks. County Sheriff Tom Bash showed up with a policy of thirteen shields and an armored car. Yet you all have a role, and indeed yeah, when the cops finally commenced, the rate found that the gang had split into two separate cabins solve the cops approach. The cabins had called out to tell the Barrow gain, give up your surrounding the Barrow gang responded by opening do is spoken, it's hard cause your backs against the wall. They don't come out, they don't talk, they don't high, they don't negotiate. Just literally I wish I was surrounded by goober. Each driver ebbing upon another shields are supposed to protect the men from any and all Ba our bullets and they sort of dead, but the Ba
were so powerful. The cops were knocked back on their ass with the power of a fire hose every time. One of the bullets connected. So while Clyde and Buck were laying down covering fire from the two different cabins dvd went to the garage in the cabin that he was shared with Bonnie Incline and open the garage doors they could all escape that and they discovered the cops had brought an armored car. Oh my eyes, so Clyde render the garage as well and open fire turn out. The armored car was actually more useless than the shields Clyde's bullets pop through the metal plating and wounded the driver in both legs. So the driver said fuck this
He got out of which cleared the way for the Barrow gang to escape, because you put the week is due did cited, the driver think that's kind, that's where master placer goes because this is an all things are born, gave it to me and it also their back out of there. But the thing is that if he had not, they would a fucking just killed. They were killed like ours, a fuck, an obstacle, but then gave my window and that's all Clyde needs, because once you go short, you don't aboard. As I said, Balkan Blanche had been staying in a different cabin from body and Clyde, so they had a run across in open area with no cover to join. Bond. Clyde and W D in the getaway car, but as they were running Bach, was shot
in the head with a bullet, entered his temple and exited out his forehead, taking part of his skull and exposing his brain and yet Pock did not die. What how did he die he did dropped to the ground. I also about Blanche who was only ninety pounds when the malnutrition a being on the road for weeks at a time they were all malnourished. She mustard up the strength to drag him to the car under fire and she got him inside up up up up up up up up up your husband. Just had a fucking quarter of his face. Blown off also interesting showed just how hard it is to kill the human ape. We are very protected too skulls really strong, it's difficult to blow it up, so it took out a chunk of fuckin rain and he was still alive. Xyz is the J F K, Jackie O moment of the store? Ok, so as soon as buck was in Clyde, hit the gas and sped away under a hail of bullets as Blanche shielded buck in the back seat, but just before
you were out, arrange a bullet shattered the back when Shield and Blanche his eyes were filled with shards, but although the Barrow gang had gotten away their first ever real, even gunfight had resulted in one near fatal head wound and a serious. I injury, while the only wounds that cop suffered was from friendly fire and the guy who got shot in the Lex will the friendly fire thing is. I would never get in circle, yeah you're about to shoot us you'll end up shoot your best, but that guy would go on to say I was shot by the Barrow Gang and I live. It's like you were shot by your buddy fret about the values that the his buddy Fred didn't set like they. Let him have it for a long time, because that was his favorite swords like yeah got this injury back when I took tat body, unclouded, Platt City back and thirty, four and the like Fred, shot you or stupidly about the barrows hadn't kept their car full aghast, so they needed to fill up
but when they pulled into a service station, the attendant was met with buck brains, fully there's a whole loudly out of the car covered in blood, while Badge Blanche screamed about her eyes and the bad guys want unleaded. Would you go straight you earlier? You guys got em slim Jim so the barrows moved around it next station where they managed to calm down enough to get bandages aspirant in hydrogen peroxide, which they poured directly into Box Head Hall, honestly dude. He was around the way these they talked about. It is that he was on the ground, his brains completely visible and his eyes are like rolling back unease as LA and they live. We gotta clean this model, or do they go get the peroxide and they're just like? Should we choker shirt with within pad it
now. I just feel his head with it. They just brutal approval or what is I feel like rain Jeffrey Dahmer tried to may examine. This is not medicine who I know it sounds dumb, but doctors later said that this probably saved bucks life, at least for a little why role longed his? Why misery by prolonged is life because it kept infection from taken Haokah, but it was obvious to even the barrows the book was now gonna live Lop ear. What was the first book so they pulled off the road near Doin and unloaded into an abandoned, amusement park that it closed as a result of the depression place called Decks Field park? I think that is true truly the depression literally killed, amused they all unloaded and they waited for buck to die in peace. Amazing,
the battle staring at him, yeah just kind of certain like as they don't want to die in a car. They weren't him to die and a nice field in nature. You know it was. It was, as always, it was a sweet gesture. I wanted to put up with the teacups right laid him down, and it's him just like a nurse like what, if wage, like no let him down natural law but was still call here and enough to request fried chicken. You wanted a last meal, so Clyde the town and got him a last meal, but still even after the fried chicken pox did not yeah! Well, that's all you get. Some chicken is great. Like you, you go get me some astern mass creams. Really. Can you get me in a news?
paper and you're. Actually me on Anita and pursue hateful, maybe go give me a new apart phone someplace motor actual. If you go get really extended, colonel wire and ass, he lay there dying. He had to sit and listen to double ideas, deputy sat there import his heart out say, and he decided to outlaw life just wouldn't for here we have also. This is a lot for you. Two deputies outgoing zone is suited, can't I'm going back to West Dallas. Meanwhile, Blanche still you sit there. Just I filled a tiny piece of glass. The blessing they could do is try to pluck the larger pieces out with tweezers like Bonnie would sit. There are, after all, and just hold still, you guys got it. This is the last page in March, but in this part of
One draft line. They can't see the quotation marks na all ended up, looking like sinner bites, damn near hell raise yet it and the whole time a screech owl had set up can't next to their car and wouldn't stops whooping and screeching screeching in swooping wire guy. They were there waitin for buck to die we're a. I think. The term is a mess. Yeah, that's right! It's time to celebrate your new graduate with a bunch of Jack Daniels or check off that annual gift for dead, with a bunch of Jack, Daniels or Quip, treat their teeth to electrocute brush from whip and help them build. Good habits for the future, like not always drinking the Jack Daniels. Sometimes you can where's your teeth with it living alone. Dorm room like I did for many years, because all my roommates died the signal guiding features will not only be a gentle reminder to stick to daily self carotene, but will keep their small bright. Wherever they go this your guiding,
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there's, not a moment's rest for them. Posse number two, but this time the townsfolk Jones join hey man, you got engineering the people the year ago did a Dennis name. Herschel Keller, who brought his own Tommy gun then what are we in this car? Two world wars all told there were fifty people ready to do so. On the Barrow gang when it was all said and done about, half of them were drunk oak good. We also with its way. It should be what it is got a rage, filled town, folk crowd, at least half have to be drunk, or I mean that a pair of credit. He did actually go through the crowd and pick feel like you're, too drunk you're, easier to your very soon. I am unaware number one is apart deposit you, some kind of administrator pull Europe out of that was like the dude, the dude woke up at the motors like I have to stop drinking.
We are talking about random people. This is my rock bottom and so at five, a m on July, twenty fourth, the posse attacked. Luckily for the gang, though they'd all woken up early to make hot dog breakfast yeah yeah, it's like being with their single that again and when Clyde heard a branch snap, he and Debbie DE grab their guns and started firing into the darkness, but again they were no match prepared. See both Clyde and Debbie DE were shot almost immediately DVD Gettin grazed in the face Clyde gettin seriously shy in the left arm shattered the bone. But still neither wound was bad enough to take him down man. They just don't fuckin, stop again the Barrow gang managed to all get in the car, but they got stuck on a tree stump almost immediately. They all got out and started run down the hill, but why They were running buck fainted. Where are we
it even die. You got up here Do you see he's got only cause. He got up and ran faster than we do when we're filled with fried chicken. He ate a whole chicken while just brain does you hold the brain in? I think they put a cork in need. It was like a chicken bone stuck in a whole new debts. Who does is how cannot sideways? Why, like away all the vine good, because if you look at the set up of this, they do they fucked up It was a car in the middle of a completely open field. They draw clearing. There was a clearing, so the posse literally composure ITALY, surround them in the forest, and so they were just fuckin stock dead to rights. Yeah! Oh, but now Clyde had a choice. To make remember: Bonnie could barely walk. She still
cover and from the birth Souci carrying her. This holds carrier the whole time, and so now he was faced with the decision to try to save his dying brother or his lover course. He chose bonding ass. It happened q number one crush by garbage as Cross Legged Caesar's, and this is where it gets very only every away the very sensual. Unlike me, really means, and how will we liberals right all again? Also, we are exposed this June. There's two windows the go right: where is that flash? You then press- or I am alone by well, but the thing was: is that buck kept fighting, even though he was on the ground?
laid out. He was laid down in the months. He had a handgun with them and he's still Byron shots, our capacity for only half a mile. He only stopped when he was shot many more times in the body, including bullets in his chest, but still Bach, did not die what he won't where the ball. It's just Tommy bear the back of an eye out only survive this. I think it does speak to the quality bullets embossed right because they have to just because saw or a mean honestly itches we're bags of meat. It's hard to drain us yeah yeah, I've! You, if you somehow miss a lotta like the main arteries and if Europe, if you have that adrenalin, go on hard enough. You're gonna keep going he's like the night in
of Bryant, nothing other than I thought only grandma, despite them the Holy GRAIL wow. So when the posse finally got to Blanche and Buck as Blanche was just laying down on the ground next about she wouldn't leave aside. Ok separated buck from his wife and arrest them. Both in his Blanche was being taken away, a photographer from a dumb, newspaper raised his camera to take a photocopy. Now, Blanche was more than half blind from all the glass and are eyes, but she could still make out shapes. So in the photographer raised his camera, she screamed because she thought he was raising a on to execute, are on the spot? And now that's a famous vote that photos of arising because you see her like it is heard, mid, scream and book is just a actually Cole, slaw near I write so Blanche was taken. A jail embark was taken to the hospital box survived for another five
day. This is ridiculous. Is absolutely ridiculous. One point his brain came out of his head. His entire brain with a little white flag grow. I just said, cannot go I'm just a hostage. I didn't rob a bank that was long enough for Cuming Barrow to drive up and say. Good bye and book did not die from the gunshot wounds. He died from pneumonia after a surgery to remove the boy. From his chest the doctors did it did. It push comes to shove. It was still malpractice lost you now and even so, the bear a family held up on buying a headstone for buck, because they were so sure that Clyde was gonna die soon, after that they figure to be best, save money and just by one. For both now urge you makes it is always good to think about. Sales at this point is how that works. Meanwhile, Bonnie Clyde and W D. He had gotten away yet again immediately asked
the shoot out they made their way to a nearby farm where they were met by nineteen year old, more veil feller moves up for a five, a m cow milk and fashion. Oh yeah, how do you, milk all those with no army marvel new debate, mouth yeah go down there, then you spirit nor bucket. That's how seem to like it better when you swallow. Marble said that by that time, WMD had taken over carrying Bonnie because Remember Clyde had been shot in the arm. Oh, my God Embodies nightgown was stained with blood, could she'd gotten a buckshot wounded? Stomach money had been shot as well in our bodies on a cheese. Her leg is still burned to them bound up now: she's gotta Buckshot, without one shot in the arm for our boy climb, Debbie days, diabetes, been shot and face chaise us honestly. They did live an escaped They managed to be completely surrounded by fifty p
Why escape from an armored car does then be ours, the surrounded these guys, but this point are living up to the world. About them about how they are unstoppable. Yang doesn't seem like the bank robbery years really. What's so legendary, it really is just them living this law is the escape yeah, I'm pretty soon of the remaining gang was back on the road driving Fellers Plymouth, again bonding Clyde gotten away, but at even greater cost buck was dead, Blanche was captured and blind. Debbie D gotten shot in the face. Clyde's arm was broken by a bullet in Bonn was picking Buckshot out of her ballot, yet they were fact on. Their clothes had been so soaked with blood that they had to take a sheet from the Feller house and cut holes for their heads to poke through, and they had a where, though sheets, until they can buy new clothes and the best part now's in his office appear, get caught weak people or to think that we're going
or clansmen ago, meanwhile, Blanche was gettin, a visitor in jail, who else had shown up to personally interrogate Blanche Barrow, but J Edgar Hoover yet the well you know is common. You can hear the clock, like my arms, any kicks off as earrings like now things. Bodyguards errants takes office, wig my God and biased later said, that J Edgar Hoover threatened to gouge out her one good eye. If she didn't tell him what he wanted I don't know ratio out of character magic such a sensitive may God, the most the Blanche could give. Him was the name of mysterious fifth member of the gang WMD Jones who up to that point, it's more than an unnamed companion. No one knew who WMD was this entire time, but now fuckin everybody knew g. Hoover New yeah Jaeger New went out to the press. It was released like it is now like it is doubly De Jones, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Bear
out on the road or it, but after Blanche talked, she was charged with assault with intent to kill and was sentenced. Ten years in Missouri State present. Actually, that's not that bad percentage. She was vaguely fair for her yeah as far as W De Witt, though he made good honest, promised to leave the gang. He got the fuck out of their after helping body and Clyde restock their arsenal Debbie these stuck around long enough where they could fend for themselves, then he went back home, he'd eventually get picked up, and he only did fifteen years soaker his part in the barrel gang while about I mean it is that is lenient yeah well, so it was back to just Bonnie and Clyde, but after escaping to huge shootout spawning Clyde were more famous than ever, so they were able to ease
recruit to prison escapees named Henry Mass and go and doc potter cool off the ranks. Names are off, but I see you here all issued about Bonding Clyde. They can't be killed by the police. They, are you know, they're the fucking? They go anywhere and steal from any body and in a medium and its Cairo, whose are one armed fight Foot for man whose all hat embodying embody, who is essentially Collado I'm told him please do sure, they said honestly, though, by this time her looks at it, but the with the sitting, for, currently her time on, a road had made her. Looks completely road and by the time she got to this point, you look like she was ten years old and she was altogether the fifth adoration at the Barrow gang headed out to Oklahoma, to rob a bank and they failed miserably once again because of a lack of preparation. They arrive to find the entire state on high alert because a massive prison break had set.
All of Oklahoma on, just as they are able to do a little bit to recall. The gang was chased for four hours and Clyde had to steal for cars in one day to escape. Finally, they got stuck in the mud en masse gale. He set off alone on foot, but he got taken down by a couple of old Ladys with croquet malice and got sent to prison for twenty years. Who was that the route that was Henry mask? He was like the new member of the body and this guy that came in like thinking I've hooked up with John Dillinger. I've hooked up with bought pretty boy. Floyd right is gonna, be fuckin on easy street and then two days later he gets taken number couple of fuckin old Ladys with piece of work, and I haven't got a tougher sentence: the W day did go goodness Doc potter got away, but he
like hail and hearty realise that pony and Clyde they would just hype like that's all bony implied were, was just a hundred percent hype row. It was back down the bosnian Clyde. It was a good thing for potter. They left because the barrows we're about to have another near c c. Law enforcement knew the bonding Clyde were still and not a West Alice and share of smooth Schmid and given up on his grudge. All he needed was to know when and where to find him on November. Twenty second nineteen, thirty three, an informant finally gave smote the information he needed, but but he knows who that inform was. Although Jeff Gwen has two pretty good gases, the smart money was on Joe Bill Francis who is engaged to Clyde, says Marie. Never trust anybody with three first nay, I've never heard of that three first name said Joe Bill was,
bit of a son of a bitch and what it turned and Bosnian Clyde just for the reward money. The other possibility was that Billy, Jean Parker Bonnie Sister tipped off the sheriff Department in exchange for I sense for Bonnie police. The suffering Bonnie was going through was gettin. Just add too much for her sister by error. They had several family conferences, were day straight up. We're like please stop it point. Even Clyde Barrow asked her to please leave the gang like will you do that? like heresies these moments when they did these big family visits, were they all begged her to stop? Because at this point, she wasn't even adding to the gang no right, but she wouldn't leave Claude hey so bodies in it for life, but either way when Bonnie implied showed up in West Dallas for Q me barrows birthday in November of nineteen thirty, three smooth Schmid was waiting with deputies. Bob Alcor and Ed, castor in TAT hidden in TAT, actually knew Bonnie from her waitresses days. Ted was irregular. Ok, but his body and Clyde arrived at the again
upon meeting spot Clyde. Spider sense, ganglion, spider him. He didn't know why. But for some reason the meat just didn't feel right. So Clyde kept driving the posse still open fire as body and Clyde drove past. They almost shot Q me barrel in the process, while Schmidt CAP Yellin, how injuries do just about the most feudal fuck, a gesture you could imagine no pedophiles. Don't have that spider him sense, because none of them realise Chris Hansen was in that house a factory to catch a no unbeknownst to the posse, though one of those shots had connected a bullet had passed through the car door and it hit both Bonnie incline, in the Lex, blew his amiable symbol.
One bullet with through the cook, as they were not fucking around its they weren't does. All that was probably a ba. Are some very high, callow yeah, but so wounded again again, yeah the pair went to a crooked doctor in Oklahoma and got fixed up, and this would be such an embarrassment fresh mood. This was a mass of embarrassment goes its again here began, he lost him again and ass. It was immediately blown up like body and Clyde care because I mean I get it in the world. If we lived in the dukes of hazard world see boss. Hog start bunnies hey, I was it's kind of book or it was while Bosnian Clyde. In Oklahoma, though, that they figure to be all right to swing by and seek some sanctuary with pretty boy Floyd, because it was an open secret that pretty was headquarters? Weren't Salazar, a pretty boy Floyd, had to decide
thirdly, low opinion of finding and Clyde, but not because they were small, timers and Floyd's words. Body and Clyde were too careless with the lives of civilians. Which was a fair opinion. Now you have so Lulli, but Floyd sister in law didn't know this and welcome to welcome them to the floor at home, because in her opinion they look like dog shit. They were filthy from bathing and muddy streams emaciated from eating fuckin, nothing, but we need, and they were bandaged from multiple gunshot wounds burns and what habeas cheese us right. Must smell. Like the mummy like a gas station, the now they only I need a night or two between Floyd found out that they'd come by Cuz Floyd. Wasn't there at the time he told his family, never helped him again, saying quote: if they don't like it, they can look me up. Who is he kill? A big go now probably goes without saying that binding Clyde were at a bit of a low point,
Korea mom gets a fair assessment gather definitely at their. I would say the second adoration of talk soup, other Dorothy, Michael Jordan, plain for the Wizard space Yak. But strangely, what would lift them back up? Was a plan from Clyde's pass that just bout. Everyone thought was a non starter. They thought it was never gonna have, but it was just pie in the sky. The east impressed break now. As we mentioned earlier, ramen handled and had received a ninety nine year sentence for the murder of John Butcher and Raymond Hamilton had ended up at Easter and Clyde hadn't forgot about his promise to break Raymond free and in January of nineteen. Thirty. Four Raymond got word to body and Clyde that he
ready to go. The plan was to have Raymond's brother Floyd Plant, a couple of pistols under a bridge near a back road where the prisoners were clearing out brush, then on the agreed upon day, Raymond Hamilton and his friend this guy named Joe Palmer, would grabbed the guns, get the drop on the guards and meet Clyde near by and an escape car. Ok and surprisingly, they pulled it off are usually workable. Clyde agreed he's like because you don't want to be fully involved. He's ok, I'll just be me, and I will just be all I do is DR that's all I have one job dislike in writing in Iceland yeah, I know movie, he didn't say anything drive he didn't have to know. He was his body spoke for a jacket and the jacket spoke. Any drive many Drovier Joe Palm in Raymond Hamilton, shot and killed two guards before,
into the woods, fall by prisoners, Hilton Bobby J B, French and Henry Myth that all right, a methane wasn't a part of the arrears, A break plan but Clyde been haven't romantic ideas about an eastern break for years, so he liked the eye. The brain along one, more guy, who, just to add the balls to run, is romantic. The right agitate for that right is only yet right. It's up! It's a romantic idea there. Yet romance romantic doesn't just mean fuckin, it doesn't just mean like. It can also mean like a high flute, unlike sort of a pie in the sky. To it's also a beautiful idea, and you think that its more perfect then it is nothing to again what I was saying before. Replied Barrow believes that this is the thing that makes him a good guy. He goes and he can really fuckin like he'll. Give your fuckin give something: the american punishment system, monarch and punished
just on this, but that also solves romantic. Amor burnished will find that I'm kinda yeah, so methane went in the trunk and the car made a clean get away nice. But all this came at a giant gantt cost. Although the prison break it filled, the barrows gangs ranks with experienced criminals, both the break at east EM and the inclusion of Henry Meth then would be the beginning of the end. That's because eastern Break, introduced, legendary Texas, Ranger, Frank Kamer, into the story. Now, if anyone got a raw deal, nineteen sixty seven Bonding Clyde Movie, it was prank hammer in the movie he's portrayed as, kind of bumbling, boss, Hoss type character, he pleadingly tracing bosnian and Clyde around the country, while they laugh in his face and column and eighty in net in it now Where was so probably different from that portrayal. That is fair, he sued Warner brothers for defamation of character after the movie was released and gotta.
Heidi settlement for the trouble tee. All right, all of the hammers were very serious, sounds like it. In reality, Frank Kamer was what you would call. The original text is law. Man he's the tap person that Texans aspire to be here to bring Kamer is the romantic ideal of what a Texan is, but very few actually are truly in love with Frankie. I love Frank AIM, Frank hammers, fucking, great luxuriously gut. He certainly wasn't perfect, but Frank Kamer was a shining example of heroism, honour injustice in a time and place we're all three were in very short supply. Those that Chuck Norris show where you offered, Is anyone Walker told you chuck? Norris is a piece of shit. Why are we sometimes we open up here
doors by. I don't know it's just a matter of with party I didn't I didn't know he was a target for I thought that was upon trunk Texas, rangers you're from Texas. I thought you might this under mean to ruin the death or break Kamer had been in the Texas Rangers, since nineteen o six after a track down a horse thief just because he wanted to, and there was nary a time for the next thirty years that Frank Kamer wasn't in the service of the law. If there's one thing Frank Amer believed in it was the law, particularly it was the fair and equal protection of all people under the law, regardless of race which an early twentieth century Texas, was a stance that was not only just unusual but highly fucking danger. Oh, he had entered things had not really changed. All that much. We think wended slavery and eighteen sixty four sorts. Forty years ago here at all
shit. Frank hammer stopped countless racially motivated lynchings in taxes, oftentimes single handedly, facing down mobs of fifty people or more one time, he snuck two prisoners out of the back of the jail and hid with them and alligator in an alligator, infest It swap all night things down in the mud and tell the mob moved on Location BAR I'll think logger loud usually occur alone. Nice people are so crazy. In mobs o met a mob mentality is forever horrified, while another time hammer walked through an old school, tortures and pitchforks mob. Just kick in people gotten away into the ship emissions with its appointed boots of India Gallagher Goby creaking- maybe you gonna be spent, whereas kicking you're gonna keep
That's my. I love taxes, trig man, that's very good. Almost time, like these mob assholes, they would just back down on hammer say so like he had that much of a present a guy right. He was big guy. He was about six three six for my god by that and in that time yet miser yeah yeah hammer had actually got talk. Into joining the coup Klux clan in the early twenty way. Retail me this group or yours, it has both dragons. And was that's for creative, only seen fantasy novels and how I wish to be an ill, but not fair enough to be one of the beautiful Levin Ill of that exists in the hills of delay drew. This is act before anyone really knew who the K K K was. This was a kind of in the resurgence in the twenty ok, but hammer was told that they were like a booster club that
They are a boost, jerk lower there to aid law enforcement. Well, you know shit. We need we need all the help we can get. That is great, but during the first and only meeting hammer attended, the grand wizard started by laying out a plan to tar and feather a local sex work. Wow lewd ease me, and why do we ought to start of one of the extreme planets get we just talk about Megan Costume, like legally them alone break every stood up, walked the sinner the hall and told that if they dared fucking do if they haven't thought about doing it, Heathrow every man that room into jail airy and was that hammer became a lifelong enemy of the K. K, K already battled them. His entire fuckin career but Frank Hammer also wasn't afraid it uses gun far from it. By the end of his career, Frank Hammer, had killed fifty three men in the line of duty and have been wounded. Seventeen time. Something tells me on earth You're generations of men were tougher. Maybe one
Thank about it. I dont know because all this should sound so like law yeah mean they tell me, you never stated the w is what does this medallion? That's? What he's Delta Medallion fact, Frank area to tell new recruits the best way to enforce. The law was with forty five slug oh my god. What but it wasn't like he was trigger. Happy remember. This was a time when every one in Texas was arm two years under EU is very trigger. Syria we'll talk about how many men, he'd kill hammer said this, and this is a direct, the men, I have shot dial of all been criminals, the act of committing a crime over desisted arrest, I'm hired to do that work, it's my job. I do it because I have to. I don't like to talk about it I'll think about it. It
somethin to be forgotten. Man talk has real man. I really do just see him just short of taking off his pants Does he wants to sit down and he rest them nice over the chairs and that no crease yeah? He seems like that kind of guy, very Marcel, an eye and in full disclosure. I have this respect for Frank hammer knowing full well that he shot and killed my great great, uncle Jean means during the Sims Johnson, more of nineteen seventeen, my goodness Texas silver really- and I like the river of time you ever can't. We talk about this shit. It's all just deep, Texas, fantasy world really is so, if your great great great on knows my great great uncle great great on it was my grandfather's uncle o O who'll. Yet make means is my mother's maiden. I like with me:
God what cool name guenever if a ballplayer yeah now the Sims Johnson more, is far too complicated for us to go into, but to make a short, the war was a blood. Viewed with Frank, came are working as a bodyguard for the Johnson's because he was married to Johnson and my great great uncle g, who was also a Texas Ranger, married to assume why they fight all the time. It was a blog view. I don't you its extreme, its extremely complicated. I can't go into the Sims Johnson Word all happen happening Garza County outside opposed near Claremont yeah. What's all about why you? Just don't body lost my shovel? It's very complicated, submits blood future. You know it's always one. He also words blood like we're supposed to head to diet, Coke refrigerator, and now there is no. Every day I have a diet. Coke and a way to work could not love s party. You want
blood. For we view the uncle g tried getting the drop on hammer and even managed to shoot Amer in the shoulder, but air pissed away, uncle and sent him run, hammer gave chase and when in women means got to his car and pulled out a shock on hammer bloom away. The inside information I got from my friend we, that is that an assassin approached my great great grandfather a few days later and offered to take revenge on Frank hammer for five hundred dollars. But my great great grandfather was sick with the flu and died before he can give an answer which ended my family moment in the Johnson Sims WAR or I flew very dangerous and the story girl, a man like you kimono showed up man
the Far EAST or whose, as it is my great on, serve you to attack a man in his sleep. Is it that kind of assassin? No just an all, just some dude with the gun guy unjust. I acknowledge knowledge. I reset your bill, just a random. Do he checked, I mean he is an assassin just because he doesn't have a sore doesn't mean he's, not an assassin luxuries, a guy that goes to people say like you or demanded. Like this merely wants to kill a man. I ve. I guess it. It is a pre murderer where, for me, an assassin has a sniper rifle in a billiard. Stick up like intoned, you been Darrow, Moronto, that's cool, but have my great grandfather said. Yes, my family We ve been pulled into the Sims Johnson WAR, which would put the home means: family endanger, which means that Frank hammer could has suffered by families bloodline by possibly killing my great grandfather, and I wouldn't be too can you guys right now, wow this back to the future,
but at any rate, Frank Kamer had been and now I just wanna go, but I do know it's absolutely wonderful. I'm very happy that Frank hammered did not kill your family knows that. That's all The here, I'm really glad they did not least the Texas Terminator onto entire. Absolutely yes, but at any rate, Frank, he had been in and out of the Texas Rangers for years by the time Bosnian Clyde came along C4 about a hundred years. The Texas Rangers reporting directly to the governor of Texas. That meant that the quality of the Texas Rangers depend heavily on who was in office at the time. Some governors took it seriously and filled the ranks with good cops, but others use it as an opportunity to trade political favours, and so rangers
often came and went depending on who is giving orders from Austin at the time, and it just so happens when Bonnie Clyde came along. The Texas Rangers were full of incompetent lackeys of the famously corrupt Ma Ferguson. Who made a nice little side. Hustle selling pardon ah always being quoted framer had about the Texas Rangers, as it were. A man who was wrong can never stand against a man who was right that doesn't stop come and why there is a myth that Frank Kamer quit when Ferguson was elected because he refused to take orders from a woman. But Frank Kamer had already worked for more Ferguson during her first term. In the mid twenty but Frank Hammer knew that there was about to be another politically motivated, ranger Perch, common empt. That meant that Frank was on, way out. He knew he was gonna, get fired anyway, right Rousseau to stick to the corrupt Ma. Ferguson Frank
wet and on the way out said some massaging the shit just stick it tomorrow, all right, but when the Eastern break out occurred, prison superintendent, Lee Simmons, who was fire crueler than he was weekly portrayed in the highwayman by the guy who played Mimis husband of the true, carries weight on yea use places like weepy, like I just don't know. What's going to happen, when my prison break happens, he was the fuckin psychopath, with the bat get the guy he was putting. Off the fire ease them, but I have no say, but they ve already idea of those mother fund or to the ground TAT Mimi Bo Back Stevens Point was constant claim to fame. Also we got Peter Peter Weller gap from I woke up and me go about their reasons. Could not let the break stand and Siemens could think of only one man who could finally come in and clean up the mess that Bob, inclined had made all over Texas Prank aim the pay wasn't right,
your clothes assumes. You shows no really understand why you showed up Frank Gimme, your clothes, but the pay wasn't great, but the deal was finally singed when Simmons agreed to let hammer keep and sell anything he might find Bonnie includes person when he finally took them down hammer was also promised as much time as he needed to capture Bonding Clyde and he got an assurance that more Ferguson was behind him. One hundred percent, regardless of politics or of their past and once Frank Hammer was on their trail Bonnie and Clyde had just a little more than three months. To live hammers on it. Meanwhile, now the boy inclined had actual professionals in their gang. They were doing better than ever. T just
darted tall requiring the literally they are. They are fucked up beyond belief right, but they are asserting get a system and certain too much tore, isn't that unfortunate. Their first robbery scored thirty eight hundred dollars, which works out about Seventy two grand money, but a big reason why the robberies? What so smoothly was because it was Raymond Hamilton and held by be doing the actual bank robbing? Would they were hard? Mother, Fucker, Jerry, that's the entire time Bonnie Inclood you to bend the face. They should about action. People work and they are the producer? Yes replied. He was just the getaway driver, which was what he should have it during the whole fucking thing was about Clyde, those that, since family was so important to him. He didn't mind, indulging the Other members when they wanted to see their families kind of like David, Thomas, wouldn't inner way, yeah it's. I thought, we'd. What? What? Because Dave Thomas was an orphan, he said he's old thing
Was creating families within the Wendy's community, encourage families to work at the restaurant or first of all, I have no idea of any of that is true. This is, I mean, I know there is an orphan did. Likewise, families is interesting to say: did you gonna Dave Thomas, like Youtube, hole or something? I ve Thomas was a these David Copperfield, a burger I did not know. Yes, are you love the Davos, the founder of Wendy's? I don't love him. I respect him all right. He had a good idea and around with a square burgers got all of it with a barrel gang started. Spending a lot of time in Vienna will perish in Louisiana with the family of Henry Methane. Now, although Clyde in Henry Methane didn't know each other before the break, they became fast friend, an eastern Henry, had earned the nickname, Tush Hog which was somehow a tribute to his toughness sitting but how? Now, if you are in prison in you, got the nickname, tush heart beat it
you might be different, might need every anchors. It's like. I could hog and all to go in a whole series of different direction. Snowy I reckon I already have been up to your snout and tush horsey gaps in the documents of the videos and Clyde like Henry a hell of a lot more than he liked. Raymond Hamilton, see Clyde and rain Hamilton were still button heads. It had only got worse when Raymond started bring along his own body. A woman named Mary, Dare yes, I think button heads is actually how Henry got them name jewish, oh yeah, Mary, but she had they bed there. Dear dear dear, didn't it the Mary, oh dare sounds like the perfect bank robber girl friend. She was really just a painting, yeah yeah real Nancy Sponge and yeah see body totally understood that life on the road was heart. Bonnie didn't complain, but Mary, oh, dare spent her whole time
piss in and moaning because they weren't going out to dinner at fancy, places and dance and a night clubs every night like she thought, a glamorous Krim, we'll gang show. I mean honestly she's what all of us would be doing. The thing is a good year that we're not another tush are gonna write iron automobile frozen out, we're not doing now is, but she guide. You know what she thought. The idea that we like. Why would you go to a famous nightclub view on the run from the law riot? Go to these points a thing about celebrity, but I think she have like a Hollywood version and are actually was watching all these movies, like angels, with dirty phases and stuff, like that, where she sees all these criminals hanging down, I suits they. Ve all got martini glass and they're all haven't a wonderful time and Mary O death that thought that's what life in the bear gang was gonna be, but it just walk in Vienna. We knees and bathing and serious literally, is someone who wants to get into the Porto industry, the sex work industry and they just go to allay their like. This is gonna, be just like Boogie Knights and like did you finish
The movie and ignores the first I have to do, is put in writing, but Clyde was stuck with Mary, oh, dare because rain. And was pretty much the only one of the gang who really knew what they were doing. But finally, Mary went too far when she tried to get right of Clyde Mary really likes Bonnie, but Mary didn't like you're a piss off body for one night, after Bonding Clyde, got new a particularly bad fight. Married tried to convince Bonnie to slip Clyde a Mickey and leave him behind to four a new gang with Mary and Raymond. That's a bad look. Do because Bonnie is fucking, a loyal yeah that she is a fuckin little serpent. Like some point. She just lock were No, what did you just say do what
Who then be Mary? Oh dares thing in there, just havin, fun and all of a sudden is a click. Click her fucking eyes change. Will that's what people gotta realise when you're in a battle when you're in war I mean, obviously, we haven't bidding gunfights together, but we ve gone through a lot together. We can make fun of each other. When some of the outside says something is just like: no, no, you don't to do that. No lawyer, if you like your fucking kneecaps telephone, you literally just started in this gang. I got no well after that. I'd told Raymond Mary to fuck off and call in Raymond. Never worked together again. Why are they might eventually crossed paths again, if not for the fact that body and Clyde were going to be dead very soon they had to know. This was come in their rights, while the debt and clean away hoped it would happen.
Because that's how all of these stories end in a blue Laurie I mean Bonnie had always other. She had a whole side plan where she thought that they would retired at the hills, and they would do all that shit. That was not confer can happen. The biggest Clyde didn't know how to live in other life near I right now, but at this point they pretty well heeled up for the most part I mean bodies, Bonnie is healed up. She can like kind of hop along there not like they don't have gaping wounds in him. Ok, oh yeah! They are killed up enough yet they're, not hill ghouls, they are just. There are, after all, Frank Kamer was hot. On their trail, working in total secrecy, hammer traced, Bonniest, I'd steps, sometimes sleeping in his car and eating canned food and hot dogs in an attempt to get an Clyde barrows had he went into full christian bail method. Auditing raises been like worsening ongar, do
I've got to Tom my leg up to my, but I don't know what it's like you imagine. Just getting into oh hammers goober arrived after he's been in there for eighteen hours, eaten sausages, and I just get Mustang till right. We're out like that caused. The myth is the hammer. Did this for the entire three months that he chased them really hammer was still go on back home for his wife, Gladys, cooking, every once in a while. We are christian bail, ear. He is Batman onset all day, but he still has a good nutrition. In order not to go to the fucking jam, you still got like a couple. A called he's gonna have to take where he does have to be like this. I would like to put a travel All my horse play the new back.
Robber barons, I'm excited for it'll be five year, albeit with it. Yet I'm gonna be penguin. If groundswell is enough by me, I saw at least eight retweet thought we, but the trusting thing about homer is that while he started off with a horse and sick shooter and nineteen o six, he was a full on detective. By the time He started Chase embodying Clyde, who are worst in ballistics fingerprints and criminal psychology. So using those instincts hammer star Following leads particularly leads that sprung from the EAST Imprison break teaming up with some of the Dallas Debbie's have been trying to catch the Barrow gang for years. Hammer win till the wheezy Anna see, for the most part, Bonnie Incline to steer clear of Louisiana when it came to their crimes, which met,
Criminal investigations concerning body and Clyde were non existent when it came to that state, but hammer figured that the lack of investigation actually made it. The perfect place to investigate, writes in his hunch turned out to be correct and looking into the lives of some of the criminals involved. The prison break hammer discovered that, although Henry Methane wasn't originally from Louisiana, that was where family now lived. Specifically, they lived in Vienna fell, perish so hammer keeping the lowest possible profile travelled to be invalid. Perish in contacted Sheriff, Henderson, Jordan and told him to give hammer ring, should Bonnie incline. Ever show up pretty soon after that share of Jordan got a call from Henry methods. Father I and the methods were not well liked in Vienna fell Parrot
I ve was a mean drunk and his wife. Eva was just as bad. I like it when there's too mean drawing on rare, but despite their shortcomings, they still loved their son Henry and they wanted to do everything they could to rescue Henry from the troublesome gotten himself into her. So I ve methods old Sheriff Jordan that he gladly turn over body and Clyde just so long as Henry got a pardon for any and all crimes he committed in the state of Texas, right absolutely jellia. I mean that's what they do because Texas Rule just gladly pardon you yeah this point in time and then, of course, you could work as a Haug dancing on his entire life or whether you could teach tush auguring local universe. It is so Jordan. Hold up hammer and hammer agreed because hammer had pretty much been given Carte blanche to do.
Whatever he wanted by Ma Ferguson. Just so long as hammer broaden Bonnie incline, but this time at this point he so deep been do his method copying. He is in the swamp thrust as a firm, Furthermore, for them is like become. Like Frank, Frank, don't call me frank, you call me Mister Plan but plans so talk rank issue when the girl, but right around, that time Henry will be directly responsible for a crime that would almost think the whole deal and that same act would also turn the tide of public opinion concerning America's favorite outlaw couple. So they're still get and cheers in the streets up to this point, yup, ok, on Sure sundayed. Nineteen, thirty, four Bonnie Clyde, Barrow Gang Member, Joe Palmer and Henry Methane, were on their way to West Dallas. To spend a nice afternoon with the Barrow in Parker Families Bonnie had even been
along a little pet rabbit, to give to your mother, which Bonnie had named Sonny Boy, I will say, a rabbit, the terrible gift, yet William Roupell out they are they. I love when we had arrived for a short period of time. I loved Philip and he was a lovely rabbit. I had a rabbit name rusty. Everything is covered in shit, yes, that there are any by and they do by small pellets. So once the barricade close Joe. Was sent in a town to give instructions to the full noise on when and where to meet in the meantime, Bonnie Clyde and Henry Math, we're waiting on the side of the road on highway, one fourteen just North Grapevine for Palmer to return it's at this point. The two motorcycle cops a six year old, Ebby Wheeler and twenty four year old, Hd Murphy spot of the trio and decided to investigate, and once again the woefully underprepared cops had no idea who they were approach Clyde, spotted them coming. He turned a Henry method and said: let's take a very important and which we now discourses group. If you have a criminal gangs,
you need a all, get on the same terms, get on same page right or what the terms mean. What's slang, What are we talking about here? Yeah cause decline. This meant, let's take them hostage in dump them down the road somewhere, then get the hell out of Dodge. Ok, which was the same thing. The Barrow gang had done half a dozen times before. It's like what we say: we want to record a pot gas. What we say we want to toss allude yeah. That's right. We always say that tall salute, that's how you become a tool, ah, but Henry was new to the gang he hadn't been on the road with Clyde and Balkan dub. De back when they did shit like that, all the time plus method was drunk and when methane got drunk. He got aggressive near so when Clyde said. Let's take, what Henry heard was: let's kill off so when one of the copse got off, thereby can approach the car Henry whipped out, a ba are and fired with.
That warning, hitting Ebby Wheeler in the chest and killing him instantly. As far as the other cop went, it was his first day on patrol in he had even loaded his shock on or even gotten off his bike. Yet not like each other, Could this wild gum and as he fumbled for the shells Clyde, he knew they crossed a point of no return. He just took the queue and Clyde blast. The rocky with the shop kill him as well. I mean I guess at that point: is just like yours. I hour, I will respond with an hour. Now we get either we do this. Are we die? Then Henry walked up to both cops and fired a few more shots into their prone bodies to make sure they were dead, or at least that's one version of the story. Although it's the one most lie. Play old man, Schaefer told a different story, William Schaefer who was watching from his front. Porch half a mile away went on record with both the press and the police, saying that he
personally saw Bonnie, deliver the kill shots, while the cops were lying on the ground is Barney, deliver the kill shock who has one leg? Yes, but that the story told by MR and MRS Fred Giggle It's a set of thing. I've ever the day. Where do you shot that Young got right? You're? Taking this very serious, more absurd that you couldn't be June or the giggles had been out for a Sunday drive and they were much closer to the scene than old man, Schaefer and the story. The giggles told matches up with what Clyde later told his family. Ok, regardless, though Schaefer Story Old Man Schaefer That was the one the press went with, and movie theatres across the country showed, Israel's of old man, Schaefer Color,
fully reacting the scene and its front yard. You wouldn't believe it. She came out. A car does baboon huge breast shown expose, then she put the gun in her jack real. He won't put these and then Claude took off the dress and too. And start making love and did not. When I entered not said Colonel Water said, let me walk and mixing. I know we're. Corn horribly John Radio was playing started rain and right. That was one of the best Asia, as well as a journal I know that your line, but also as a journalist, that's the story we're gonna get you in the sad story. We're gonna go with things, looked even worse for the Barrow gang when it was revealed. The officer Murphy was just two weeks from his wedding and it got real bad. When his fiance showed up to Murphy's funeral in her goddamn wedding.
Well, I suppose it's like November rain yeah is, like literally, is November re now mad. Furthermore, the cops had invested, first embody and Clyde being the sole murderers here. The wheels for Henry methods Pardon were already turning and if it came out Henry met was a murderer at might put a Kai Bosh on Frank. Hammers whole lot a show. He got away with what he got away with the public and always assumed that Clyde was a straight psychopath, but that image had always been tempered by body who'd always seem like a good time girl along for the ride right as such a body ever turned herself in or was caught, it was assumed that she get up with a relatively light prison sentence, maybe ten years vendean, but all that changed after what came to be known as bloody Easter.
Now, you had all men shapers image of Bonnie, murdering and honest young cop, with a shock laughing and say, look at how is head bounces, so Vonny was caught. She was going to the fucking Chair, Ma Ferguson, even put a price on bodies head for the first time, offering five hundred dollars each for Bonnie and Clyde for the Barrow gang wasn't done just yet five days after bloody, Easter, Bonnie, Clyde, Henry and the rabbit got
stuck in the mud. Once again, after some heavy Oklahoma rains and I'll tell you what that rabbit was the actual psychopath Zulu had a little grenade up its ass here. I've seen Dottie dark. Oh, I know how it goes so the gang decided a just sleep in the car and wait for the road to solidify and that's how officers, Percy, Boyd and Cow Campbell found them easy. The cops thought they just found a car loaded drunks and when the Barrow Gang saw, the cops approaching Clyde tried to get away, but the road was still wet. So the tires son under the ramps. I've cow Campbell was just an old man who taken up a constable job to shore up some of his losses in the depression because he was barely train. If at all, he was a little jumped, he thought he saw. Someone go for a gun, so Campbell Drew is peddler, little pistol and fire.
Of course, the Barrow gang responded with rifle Young, a bullet severed, Campbells Aorta, and he died shortly thereafter and the barrows hit Boyd as well, but decided to take him hostage instead of finishing em off the problem the car was still stuck in the much vaunted. Do there's a lotta logistics yeah, always with body incline. Absolutely. Luckily, though, this is a relatively popular area. So when the shooting started, a few farmers came out of their houses to see what was going on. Noticing them Clyde immediately drafted the farmers with his gun and got them to work on pushing up the car leaderships by delegation, I guess so in time a motor stop to see if they could help Clyde pointed his rifle in their direction and made them get out of their car and help as well. It wasn't it a man named Charlie Dobson came by with a chain and a truck that the Ford Vitiate finally got free. The whole thing has taken about forty
minute, ok, a whole timeless corpse this old man's in the road right next to choose, but only few miles away. The Barrow gang found the road blocked by two more car, stuck in. The mud is well, my goodness is such a paying a goddamn. It is nothing these you remember they have stopped this, and this is another week, constant yeah movement. This is five days after the laughter, bloody Easter and leaving the road, the whole fucking time and so on there too, when they found the other two car stuck in the mud, Clyde and Henry got out and help them pushed the cars out of the way. This whole time officer Boyd, was tied up in the car with Bonnie and when Boyd was dropped off a few hours later. He said that he was totally convinced. The pony incline were not cold. Blooded murderers,
although there may have been a little Stockholm syndrome at work here, Boyd said that he was convinced they were just dumb. Kids drowned in the deep and he kind of even forgave them for killing is par there. I was that it was the first day on the job for his partner data and have a chance to bond railways, and when they let boil go, he has only if there is anything she wanted to tell the press on behalf of the Barrow gang Bodies, only statement was this tell them. I don't smoke cigars, man. That is like the least of what about you in the papers. They, they said, say: you're, a murder and you're hanging out with a rapist, I'm no haven't spacey I don't smoke cigar. I dont think, and still this whole time, the state of Texas was working on a pardon for Henry Method, despite the fact that he'd been involved in Murder, it seems like he was. The most aggressive want yes, very much sell by this
I'm. It was well known that Frank Kamer was on the trail after bloody Sunday hammer put together a posse, and since the Texas government had to look like it was doing something they released gamers involvement to the press, which is he was trying to keep it quiet as possible for so long, because he knew the longer use operating a silent with silence, Chin and secrecy without them, knowing that he was on his trail that then he'll be able to catch up to them easy. But the fact that Frank Hammer on the trail. Didn't really bother. Bonnie incline could be that they were too young to know just how legendary Frank hammer was sprang, Kamer was a celebrity, could also be fear one more cop who gives a shit right there. Already a thousand cops after us right now who gives a shit one more gusher, but they didn't understand. It was fucking. He it is Steve Cigar but from undersea shot a real life. That's that's good! Oh understood, Stephen Seagal, very bad back when he was thin kind of or Frank hammer
original plan was to take bosnian Clyde alive, and this is despite the fact that the Barrow Gang, notoriously never surrendered, no matter what the situation and really frank, It was by no means a stranger to shooting first and asking questions later. His real issue was that he didn't want to have to kill a woman. So it's very very weird: it's very old, very old school taxes honour like I, don't want to shoot a woman but the view, Bonnie as not a woman they viewed or as a syphilis ridden gargoyle. That was the whole thing was that anybody, any woman consorted with criminals like this we're supposed to be like property of the gang and that's all she did not see a lot of slots aiming involves. What that's? What a lot of the Dallas police Frank Hammer was just pretty much like now, she's just a person. I don't want to shoot a woman she's a criminal like all the rest. The kitten really pay attention to lobby the like the more like personal
Not that didn't really matters like I'll fuckin care. No, I guess she's killed, she's been involved in the deaths of air. Think eight police officers. At this point the I don't think Fraid cameras gonna be like. Do you think that an egg and markets cheating. I don't know I don't know well, the thing is Is original plan skirted the inevitability of murdering Bonnie Inclined soon the Barrow gang came to be involve perished of his Henry methods, family. They didn't stay with the methods. They stayed in an old abandoned house which was really easy to do. Since the countryside was littered with foreclosed home, Okay, so francs plan was to figure out where they were going to sleep Aforehand sneak in The game was asleep pistol, whip of submission, kick their guns away and take him in
we see those these camps because he or she is among our digital turning his leg. I've ever seen on one may put a little bit of fun fun like, but it soon became clear to hammer. This wasn't gonna be an option. The biggest problem is that it was damn near possible to tell when the Barrow gang was staying the night or when they were just pay. Some through and after the Barrow gang killed, Cow Campbell him anew that the longer the Barrow gang was out there, the more dead cops there, we're gonna be land in the ditches of Texas in Oklahoma. You want to try to avoid that. I think here they he just wanted to get him the fuck off the road, no matter what the car right. Ok, so we got a switch Jesus he's going to from his more passive ways, yet so Frank figured the only way to take him down as a good old fashioned ambush. The plan was fairly simple. First, they had make sure Henry Methane wasn't anywhere near Bonnie. Inside with the ambush occur because Frank hammer prided
self on never going back on his work. He always said every time made a deal with the criminal dead matter. Who is doesn't matter what he did if he made a deal, he was gonna honour. His word no doubt that the big I must tell you, will see what happens honestly. This is Getting me really excited for robs zombies, three from hell for some reason. I really like this is a field that may really serious. So during one of the quick visits. Ivy methane took his son aside and told him about that Henry was a little incredulous at first, but it didn't take him long to accept the fact that he could either live with the betrayal or die with Bonnie imply yet because he wasn't codependent body, and I imagine he's watching them, fuck all time or new like it. I have shown that shit uses to kind of third real with second part. A hammers plan was to make sure that the Barrow gang came to see be invalid as a safe haven, and this is how hammer actually use the press to his advantage. He deliberately made it look like he was focusing on
Arkansas Missouri Texas in Oklahoma, any made damn sure. No one song in Louisiana put on this Wigan. This fancy dress and again completely Blaine. Did you see my ample bosom? I'm married local business man whose taken care of me and our two children learn after much John Candy and Armed Endanger Granville. But that way the Barrow gang would start to think about Tinville as a place where they drop their guard, and so on the weekend of May nineteenth Frank hammer got word that body and Clyde were in beef and veal for an extended stay as soon as he hurt hammer put together a policy of six men, including himself, his body from the Texas Rangers, many galled, Debbie's Hinton, and a court in Dallas who are able to give a positive idea. Bonnie incline and deputy Oakley in Sheriff Jordan from being fell, perish
Am spider have superior poor girl? That is there. I was it into comedy comic books. I never liked funny books, but I did like spidery I owe button bright was so cute as Plan Henry Methane disappeared from the gangs. Soon after arriving and be Anville tell embodying Clive is gonna, go see his cousin Willie, and you can pick me up. My dad's place later, move back in the day. A sego seeing your cousin Willie used to big. Ah the of TAT I used to be slang for Masturbating go see my cousin Willie now public, who embody and Clyde, went to go fetch in Re Madman, Ivy told them the Henry wouldn't be back tell the next day nine a yeah must be along masturbation and assume is Bonnie Inclined agreed to come back at the appointed time. The trap was set
Sir Henry was all in Henry was all I knew exactly what was happening the whole time. He completely betrayed them completely. Fucked up over to save his own scant, I'm looking at both the all right. Now, I don't know, Well, do you know what my prices since the end of the movie? The thing I don't know who which one of us will turn on the other, but in the end it was good. I wasn't boys ere, it will refer. I was pretty good or bad night. The policy of six set up an m. Site on the road to ivy methods, house sitting about ten feet apart the Elsie was armed with lever action rifles. Thirty, five cow were rifles made to kill big game and, of course, be ours, but hammer had the biggest guns of all he'd brought a twelve gauge shotgun and a cold monitor machine rifle with a warning shot magazine known as one of the ultimate kill shot weapons due to their ability to punch through damn
near any nineteen thirty's version of old pain. What surprised me I've got to try and take some of us will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus. Why good is the look no the ambush was just as important as the fire power they were using the place they set up camp was such that wild I could see anyone coming down the road. Whoever was come. Down the road couldn't see them and forbid, the posse used, who else but old ivy method. They had a pull his truck. The side of the road and remove a wheel, and they knew that Clyde had warm enough feelings for ivy that he feel obliged to pull over and help wow. So at eight that morning? Beth then took the wheel office truck and waited problem was plenty a friendly country.
Folk were ready and willing to render assistance. You need help with a wheel. We're do what a trap for all ages. Trapper me do need help with the wheels border know. You're the ivy just had to keep it wave and people got out. Then I've he's a real asshole. I tried to help with spoke entire he's. It was good enough to help with just After nine a m, though the posse heard, the high pitched wine of afford vitiate come down the road now hammer never actually seen body and Clyde in the flesh until this moment, but TED Hinton, who knew by from a wages in days he idea as as they were in sight and as predicted when Clyde saw that it was, I
I've been on the side of the road he slowed down to see how he could help. It was at this point that Frank hammer stood up. It was just about to give Bonnie incline the chance to surrender but be enveloped. Paris. Deputy Prentice openly was stand idly a little jumpy here, given how many times Bonnie and Clyde had escaped and how many cops they had killed while they were asked understandable. Oakley was also a crack shot so with no prompting oakley squeezed the trigger and sent a spray of bullets flying towards the car One entered directly into the side of Clyde Barrows head killing him instead I really thought you were going to say and then he live for another eight months. They were back on the road. He went back to school and became a wow. The men present said that the screen
that came from bodies mouth immediately afterwards haunted them four year. Oh my god, but it was too late to stop As soon as Bonnie screamed Clyde's foot slipped off the clutch in the Ford, started slowly moving forward. He was at that moment that every body open up a bit up up up up a crazy did in sixty seconds the six long and pumped a hundred and fifty bullets into the car they ripped Bonnie to shreds. Then, when the car stopped hammer walked up to the vehicle, opened the door and fired a few more shots in the bodies, just to make sure wow TED Hinton said when they open the doors. Bonnie includes bodies, looked like nothing. More than wet red rags. Sixteen seconds ends thus whole crazy tail and not a goddamn one of the copse helped ivy methods.
We'll back on the car. We all do when you asked me what I meant Roused me earlier, you won't come help me with gonna fuck, you, so almost immediately TED hidden, started, filming the scene, a reporter had given him Sixteen millimeter movie camera for when he finally got Bonnie implied and Hinton had been cut. Around this movie camera in the trunk of his car burst. Seven teen Month, wow among bony income Personal effects were three Ba Ares to sawed off shot guns, almost a dozen and guns to thousand rounds of ammo fifteen license plates suitcase is close. Make up fishing tackle road maps. A book called the saga of Billy. The kid true cried magazines breaching stories about themselves and a sex. Holy shit, entire writer for the EAST, St Ban interested, oh my god, I'm Frank Amer took the guns, so he could see
them to true crime, memorabilia collectors, because I was already a big business and he took the tackle box for his own personal use as payment for a job. Well done, so he just wanted, lures out of a thing Laura's. This whole thing was a large play. Brigham lures lies in the guns, but he also at this is just you'd been hunting You'd see out even just a plant for three weeks have been addressed as applying who is retained activity we don't know if you there see just say it, but Bob Alcor Anita for sex, but he later felt guilty about it and returned sacked the Barrow family Interested worded spread ass in Bienville, parish, Paris, the bonding Clyde been killed down the road and pretty soon
souvenir hunter showed up trying to pry bullets at a tree. Trunks with pocket knives wondered even tried club cutting off Clyde's ear and is trigger finger, but was pulled back by the cops on the scene before he could do it. The most morbid thing that a few of a managed to get was a lock, of bodies, bloody hair. I feel that this is an answer to how many times we ve done interviews with journalists and shit where they ask so true crime. Now, for you legs, it's been worse than actual its pages. Do yeah, nay. We laugh and joke. No people used to go and try to cut the fingers of dead criminals, so they could put on their mantle That is what the trigger figure, though, that just disconnected from a body. What do you with the look on it. If you look at it, you pick a pickle. Ok by that afternoon, the car with Bonnie includes Corps is still inside, was told to the nearby town of Arcadia. The only hitch came when the tow truck broke, down in front of an elementary school right.
In the middle of a reset, all three of us were that Ill elementary school playground, Ruby like this I got blood, somehow the cops weren't able to stop a throng of children approaching the car in one of the more curious kids just reached up and pull the sheets ride off with a body all these get you guys are given. The bodies of the funeral home was even more of a chore within hours at the ambush. Sixteen thousand people had gathered in this town of three thousand and the Undertaker had to walk out and spray a mall with embalming fluid to getting a back up, that's something
always wanted to do it, but although the two lovers were inseparable and life in Parker made sure that Clyde did not have Bonnie in death, and so the two of them were buried apart. Ten thousand people showed up to Clyde's funeral in Dallas, where he was buried with his brother buck in the shadow of a shared tombstone, but that was nothing compared to Barneys Funeral twenty thousand people up to see Bonnie get buried. While funding is. I was this in celebration, or in grief was Hilary. I've done that it was always there was respectful of Kenya is a big moment at the time they were a day were mass of symbols rather dry, both in its hard when you're, like icons, can be neutral. I think I think, there's there's a part of it where they obviously do This story is not their terrible criminals, but there's something about it. That meant something to the country.
Free, and so we are when they died. There's a little bit of when you're living curiously through them in your romantic, fake idea of their freedom. Also dice and it shows like an hour out of it. I think the almost encourage people to shrubs these funerals being like this is why I have since, when you become a bank robber, you get shot a hundred and fifty times and good turn into mush, but while Bonnie inquired, where the first, the celebrity criminals, in the thirties. They were by no means the last by the end of that year. Nineteen thirty four John Dillinger, pretty boy Floyd baby face Nelson and the whole or gang were all dead, what the hands of law enforcement, and why was that? It was the kick up words like our we're, not even get to pretend to capture these people. Anymore. We're just gonna, fuckin kill rather like the the wild West is dead. We will see to it that others are trying to do run interested as far as Henry methods pardon when he got Scot free for his crimes and tax. It he's the one
you're, the one that shot the motorcycle cop by ten wasn't he's joy prisoners. Maybe I can remember yes, but it was a bit, but he got a pardon for all, with all of the oak all of it, but that pardon deal didn't extend to Oklahoma, because methane went down for the murder of cow, Campbell member right after they killed the two motorcycle cops. They would have to Oklahoma and killed a guy up there, and that pardon deal was only with taxes so there are like Yang Pardon but aren't were taken in Oakland It's like what happened with Paul metaphor right now, all you they wanted to get it, but hammer still came in testified methods. Behalf because a deal's a deal you me out I'll help you out always go awry. Methane serve only eight years and got parole so emerge two people got eight years now after a prison escape yep yeah bad men died a few
years later after he passed out drunk on the train track and a locomotive cardamon half what to happen, but that's called going from twelve ensure to a six into W Jones. He lived until nineteen seventy four, no, she has even did like an interview with Playboy magazine like the early seventy, it's an interesting reed because it it's him talk about back in the day and know how will you I that's cool time period and nineteen? Seventy, because people like Charlie Chap We're still largely goes, there were left over from a truly the period of the american type lying. Ragland me like all of this was like that. Not all those people are gone of things about deputy on, though, is he was shot to death by the boy front of a woman he'd taken home from a bar wow, that's he ended his life, my goodness and Joe Palmer and Raymond Hamilton they get sent to the chair for completely separate crimes outside of the Barrow gang
workers, and for that yeah they were, there was just they were going to end up in the chair, eventual ok most the Baron Parker family they ended up do in time for harbouring known criminals. They had got anywhere. From a few hours tat. Some of them got two years and present. Ok, you me and Emma they both did a month each really, it seems the only kind of sword, a happy ending when it comes to the story involves the infamous body and Clyde death. Car refer you her beloved bog. Since the car was stolen, it was returned to the original owner in the condition in which it was recalled. It's like the big Lebowski and since it was useless for driving the owner rented it out to a guy who called himself the
crime doctor or a hundred and fifty dollars a week and the crime doktor took it to county fares throughout America for years afterward I wish Charles Manson would have just married stock. We see a fuckin stuffed up a taxi. We Charles may interest in a glass car I daughters day why he was against that plan. It is the ways euro killers should go out. The idea of making them a sideshow would have been Falcon incredible. We open for him in the crime doktor he even took Emma include me on a tour for a time with the car, which is low, weird yeah he's a little weird yell things little where, but the car eventually got a permanent home at whisky PETE, casino in Prim Nevada, where it can still be visited to this day, what a beautiful town, that must be firm, Nevada GDP wow. I love it
right, and that is the story of body and climb. Goodbye love, thereby tenderness, goodbye body and Clyde did air in the sky being stupid, There's a Robin Robin gods. Bags add is awesome what a tell me ass, an especial thanks to everyone who helped out on this episode, including research assistant, Rachel, shoe and Billina, who is invaluable with the gang and Frank Hammer, research all right, and if we may have a thirty second profanity freeze Ben starting. The clock Now I would like to thank my niece can be parks who did the leg work on the G, MC story and she's already a true crimes. Third in training at twelve, despite having no idea what I do for a living, including you very much call her fathers allowing her to listen to this thirty second segment of
the show her job, Kilvey, Susie's Red go down together because, like we weren't able to cover even half of the story in the series like this to this story, truly is actually crazier and more intense and more complicated than even than we were able to really cover driven, read the book Dahlgren, no dull, rynason hallucinatory, cipher book from the seventies that reminds me this whole story where it is there So many alleyways in its aid- if we talk about a last episode where it's like this kind of fever dream that you're caught in where their exploits were it's so interesting like when you read go down together. You feel like you're with them. Now, if you feel like you, can what what it's like to be on the road like it, it's a nightmare like their their part of it. It's really scary from. Obviously they did, they deserved. It Clearly they deserve to be hunted, but that feeling of light
you can't go anywhere and you can't do anything. The shit being also see how it's also brought them together, because you are the only people understood, what they works, guaranteeing nobody else in the world. New Iranian Clyde we're going through, but Bonnie Incline right, absolutely all right! Well, that was of some little history lesson. There so we got a bunch of shows come an upward were right now, obviously were in beautiful Australia. This tour has been dope thanks for everyone, but to our show in Perth, Adam It was so awesome. I were excited per Sidney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It's gonna be completed and then we will be in California yeah, like my contacts, Philip go to last gas on the left dog com for all the shows There we have common up in the next year, we're going to Europe or commoner. California were coming to the MID West or come, and you know the New York area, New Jersey weapons.
Of any all kinds of other place man, I can't believe, or do it a casino show and Atlantic set. My fellow excited like written is gonna, be fuckin. We as real we're, I'm really excited. I met a buyer. I that is the one time I will gamble. Can you play blackjack with me popcorn, let oh yeah no I'll go with you wanna casino adventure, and I see that the one that's a one spot I'll do it, because it will be a little dalliance, but I dont like Alec spending money on things. I get nobody. When you spend money, you can actually get money at a casino. You I'm bad gambler. I am bad gum Everyone will take you all so much for listening. We view without you, we don't exist so hell, you're, so hesitant again. Muggers delays me hee, hee, hee and honestly coming I am extremely proud of, I'm gonna have Australia arrive in a book blast seriously. It is so worth that it is just a beautiful place beautiful after you get
for the time change, which makes you feel like. Oh, I don't feel like. I'm Tripadvisor yea go by By your show was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our shows by supporting them. For more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.
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