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Episode 373: Creepypasta 14 - Oh Yeah I Like This

2019-07-13 | 🔗

On this, the fourteenth part of our Creepypasta series, we cover stories of deception, woe, human experimentation, and the love shared between a woman and a cryptid atop the Sears Tower. 

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There's no place to escape to this is the last stop. You know, there's a lot scared of right. Now there is, you know, there's a lot of people that come to us and say can you entertain me Miss Toyman made under times people go. Oh, give me a bit of a pinch. As for goose, we have great news the audience what's going, we do, but today we're going to do the very opposite. You're coming to us for Humaran are tainment in the Edu tainment right under matter of fact, you're going to get more bone chilling tales.
To take to your family and do it once or done re being scared by the news. Then they can go and be scared again by comedians. Isn't there that wonderful welcome to the last podcast on the left, everyone I am Ben Kissel. I'm staring at the beautiful phase of markets parks. I bangle markets and we got him Reza browse key over there in beautiful odd, not having an earthquake, currently LOS Angeles yeah, it's fine, it's relatively stable, physically, but lost angel. This will never be stable, emotionally applied. I'm going to say the scariest thing about creepypastas. Well, first of all, I believe is Creepypasta four, I think this is the 14th spooky spaghetti. We've done by Well, that's what we're doing we're doing spooky spaghettis today, everyone! So our pastas today grow grew its first pube. Your first few until fourteen. No, I was word with her when I was ten years old,
really. I wish I had full Bush a full bush like clear. It was like it was weird. It was like full of hair, but it was like a bunch of fishing wire. The glass in yeah. Of course it was I wasn't. I was a late bloomer late, Bloomer yeah, it's very 14th, I'm like that sure sure yeah. But then the bloom happened all at once to the blooming onion. That's why I had to go to the doctor. I just described it as a bloomin. Onion he's like you are riddled with STD, I'm just joking std free. Are you, of course I've never had an std, my life! Great! That's wonderful! I think it's wonderful, no problem. I think the scariest part about creepy pastas are might be at point the decline. Creepypasta of the actual skill involved in creepy pastas 'cause back in the day when
first started doing creepypasta episodes. When was this ten years ago- oh my god yeah. Well they going to yeah that it used to, because I guess it would be fresh 'cause. Remember classics. Member who was phone yeah. He was a classic, but it was horribly written. It was no one of the the energy of love me. Do we're now we're deep into the prog rock era of creepypasta. I thought like everyone is doing great out there, an yes there might be more misspellings than previously. But what are words and why this? Why you should tell my my spelling teacher, who said who said it You spelled that way. I agree to pop yeah it's free to, but we all agree to mom what were how words are spelled. I never agreed that the word weird should be W e r r d. It should be w. We we we w,
each try to hear Ye Rd. Why not here with three because he's returned? Tell me different. You tell me how we, if we lived in a world where you grew up, it was W eat RD. How that would be weird, it would be a it's weird! Now it's because shake the original context of words. That's what's really difficult. That's what's weird right okay, Bill O'Reilly. What a bill O'Reilly Riley to I'm my progress cap, it's a However, you want to spell it thing about Esperanto, I don't Esperanto, it's just brought, no, not good. I not good. I know one presidential candidate did lose his entire campaign based on Esperanto Esperanto is. It was supposed to be like a language like an international language that everyone could speak Esperanto like where English countable more. The international language, but Esperanto was going to be the language that everybody
because it was more efficient to learn a new fake thing, today again, what is scarier than having one symbol. Gaff destroy your political remember the Howard Dean scream committed suicide. Is he dead? This holiday debt increases ship, you still a doctor, still a diet. Coke wow he's a doctor he's a doctor, but today we're going to do the scary thing that we're going to dip are full big thick italian hands down some big free looking for jewel so you had a nice visual, I don't really know if you jewel is for June for sure I like a minestrone, but it's more of a stew and you got like a big chunky. Schultz in little tubular like little little path or he's in it and you go you
set up an mama with their bosoms hanging over the top, and you see their her breasts. Have been sort of went by the steam of the song she's, a stirring. She a sturdy since he's a stutter. What did she put it, but its border and find a school that man would not to be the most visible, getting that hey all my family. That would be he- and I know your mother- and I know for a fact that is the image you have seared into your mind, your mother, cooking noodles as the steam wet her shirt slowly. Also, now I can't stand the stopping of Howard Director, Howard Dean, just doing the scream like what he's giving them my physical. He is looking at how quoted your knees are going. I will have you know this. The doctor said my legs weren't, the worst he's ever seen. What
yeah. That is great! Well, so we're going to do today again Creepypasta going to get a little scary. I don't want you to be too Alarm am, but oh I can see how excited you become, but ma'am, please let to these tales of woe from these men, men of the so we're going to do here- is you can go, get some of that. Spicy fuckin', I don't know man You can go to the Viking Maxtor. We stored it. Where you go to this place, where it's just a bunch of glass cubes. Each weed is like it's called, got like fun little names and nice little labels and you go and get the fucking sky hit the ship that they don't want to give you 'cause. They always have an extra level like spend. Spend a little extra money is in LOS Angeles or give it up to your fucking dealer and I didn't give you the premiums so loaf of blow magic. For King EI. Don't want you to
carve it up pop it in that fucking bowls. I need a lot more bowls recently and I think all of our crafted bowls right. I fucking, I grind the fucking Keith with the weed and you fucking layer it like a fucking like a poofy. That's what I've been. Another conservative Henry Zebrowski moment going back to the bulls game of each other, Vapes, no more it! You spark that fuckin' up you that damn fucking caterpillar tangibles go down into your fucking follicles you bich. Alright, I'm fill you up, get super ready to be fucking scared. Take shoes off you lump right! I want you to open your fly. Don't take out your dick! You pervert you're at work, but open up your fly.
Every once awhile ghost of a draft can get in there and tickle your balls. Well, I also think that's equally as problematic at work, but nevertheless- and also you don't gotta, give a talk to your dealer. Just pay the money yeah just give him. That would work. That would work alright. Well, who wants to start it off? we've all done, our own independent research- and I know we got- we got some great tales to tell who wants to start Should we do uh? I don't even know how we're going to decide this. I could start if we want the easiest possible way to decide if someone I'll do it. Okay, let's do a Marcus Parks, I'm starting with a story called men. Imitating things it's credit to writer Loluma. You live on your own and you tell yourself. This is by choice, but really part of the reason is you were never that great with people, which is also
the reason you live about ten miles from the nearest town. The land was cheap, you'll, say the view is beautiful, YO incest, even if no one is around to ask there, is the benefit of the fact that out here you don't get nearly the amount of traffic or noise that comes with surrounding yourself with people which is always a plus absolutely so it surprises you a little as you prepare your dinner one night. When you think you hear a man in the woods you stop for a moment setting the knife down, so you can hear it clearly the s remind you of dogs, but the tone is not quite right hey that is creepy. They sound more like men imitating dog bark bark. My friend bark is that a dog or a man I can't tell and his time passes more join Barrichello, I mean Barton. Yes,
hello to you too fellow, are you a dumb Asian but yeah just as suddenly as they came, they were gone. You shrug it off because, probably drunk men, far from home wandering the woods pasta ten miles far from home. Hammer help any happen. That is a very scary set of circumstances. You don't really care to know, though you do lock the door. This night something you don't often do now back to my Reddit account to post on our coyotes. It's later this very same week that it begins raining, and you notice that once more that something sounds off, you can see the rain. You know it's there. You can see the words you know. No one is around and yet you find. The rain sounds not as it should, but like a man imitating rain, who pink, pink, pink, pink, pink rain rain falling from cloud spark. I can't believe how much it's raining.
Yes dog. I am rain, unlike the dogs, do find this rather soothing. You leave the door unlocked. It's raining outside. It's raining raining win. And you sleep in the living room watching and listening to the off key rain. The very next day you notice deer tracks in the mud. Is you enjoy cup of coffee on your porch? Well rested from the night before how good you finish, your cup suit up and fall? the tracks. The nearest market is so far away. You rather prefer to hunt and gather what you can avoid to trip staying as hidden as you can. You spot the deer from a distance. You also spot what looks the bush at first, but a harder stare tells you it's a man, Russell My name is Russell Bush, the that the
of a ten year old is a browser, looks like glass noodles, it's a man imitating a book sh. This is private property. I'm from the way he looks. You gather he's here to hunt, I'm not gonna, do it would be proved. I'm George Bush senior bowl. I get it but he's I know all right. America must needed needed to balance its budget, not America. God must have that budget, but the man in the bushes to too close he's standing, not ten feet from your pray. You see isn't drawn any kind of gun or bow and decide to beat him to the punch. You aim you fire, you kill your target with practiced ease quickly. You start to get up eager to see if the other man has startled but stop. When you see he has not
he instead slowly turns his head to the deer, stands and makes the short walk over and that's when you realize something is very wrong. He moves as if he has no defined bones or very fluid in you can now oh see that he's at his full height of where the leaves don't cover their no clothes or human limbs. Only thin branches, bunched together inaport replica of what they are meant to be shuffles over the deer for a moment before, reaching down sharp branches growing out, too many fingers and bringing the whole thing up to consume. See in my middle school version of phantom of the opera you realize, struck motionless with fear that all this time it was not men imitating things.
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last pod to save ten percent off your first this other website or domain on Northway. What I wanted to do with one of my creepypasta selections, so I wanted to do some ship was actually very scary to me. So I just got really high and let my anxieties flow and I just chose stuff. That was like what stuff that's not going to help me sleep um. It worked cuz. I have to be like RON Pope, we'll infomercial reads: what's going to happen? No, I didn't go. I did cycle all the deadline, announcements of jobs I didn't get, but I didn't want to do that. I don't want to subject people that my true fears, so here we go. These are ten. Rising Lee common ways. You could just die in your sleep, all. Alright. You can dive sudden, cardiac arrest,
is known as the FCA can occur when the send it to sign at real node, which is the node in the heart. That is essentially your body's natural pacemaker. It becomes impaired for no reason and basically reduces blood flow to the brain. Scariest part not only going to happen during your sleep, but applications show no symptoms before a cardiac arrest So you can just talking die in your slate. They aren't you just not working. Then end it all wrong. Node. Oh yeah, of course, load out of all the things in your body like the node is going to rat you out. It's just like a little hefty person along here, but only on the back. We love our know drew up. Do you know a thirty percent of our listeners are notes? Note I'm just saying I don't want it being the only thing keeping my heart pumping carbon monoxide poisoning other thing. I also learned that in earthquake, that's one of the scariest things is that the Fuckin' gas lines in your house can become ruptured and slowly let the gas leak in your house, while you're fucking sleeping you think you're safe next thing. You know you're a fucking horse, story for ABC News, myocardial, infarction
This is another. This is just as bad as a heart attack. Yeah caresses, your heart, stopping right heart attack happens when your blood flow to the part of your heart gets blocked. Right, Kissel Fulci it's just one plug in Little League one little piece of cheese: that's not fair! blue by bud light right, gets fuckin' caught in the middle of your vessels. Yeah boo, Boo slate. Honestly. That is really scary. That's why you always got to keep your cheese loop. You can't not drink beer. Did the doctor say that it would you die if you stop? No, every time I've ever gone to a doctor, they've requested, I a limit my beer yeah, That's or completely stop yeah! Ok, alright! Well, I'm not pounds and then just yet? No, no, no! No unexplained nocturnal death syndrome What the hell is that it is first reported one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. It's called sons it's got a pretty good, pretty scary reputation. It's saying they were one or they're saying they don't.
Who is real or not, but a bunch of people you just fucking die in your sleep and don't know why. But that's not that's, not a diagnosis Pain killer, the silent killer. When you sleep, that's not an explanation explanation. They just had to say something: yeah just die in your pockets die in your sleep, the for any reason they say: there's possible extra notes. There's many possible explanations, but basically saying it's a malfunction of the ion channel two friend trick: ular fibrillation, oh I'm getting pretty Pist off my uh. Channels. Now it's called being got in Hawaii. The dream disease. Of course, your sleep, the in virus D. Sixty eight! Now you get that from rats. Let me see, see what they make velveeta cheese out of it, but I mean I think, it's what gives it its yellow yeah, it's a type of nonpolar,
so in Terrell virus that was first unidentified back in one thousand nine hundred and sixty two, but back in twenty fourteen there was a huge increase in the number of reported cases leaving researchers to one If the virus was going to become more predominant in coming years and they had expected right, how does it kill? It can cause part, dealer, severe respiratory problems characterized by a high pitched wheezing sound. It's become a dreaded earmark of infection, it is it's been associated with muscle, weakness and spinal cord inflammation, which is probably possibly even more terrifying than the wheezing, so dying of infection is not necessarily common, but sometimes the symptoms or danger. Now I don't like it. I tell you this. The CDC named a disease of the week disease of the week, Oh my god. Congratulations dry, drowning he's like no brainer, it's a dry form of drowning. Basically The idea behind this danger is that it's a type of drowning that can occur even if the victim is left, the water, just frankly, still drowning but dry drowning
trim it? It's come to be used to describe it, though some doctors have argued for the dropping of the term. Sure thank you. What is it mean it can occur when inhaled water, even just a drop or two makes it past throat. Into the lungs there's usually causes symptoms, but they're, sometimes mild and easy miss. So, basically the water can build up in your dreams. In your fucking lungs right. You can cause breathing problems, they get worse overtime and, in some cases, these breathing problems don't strike until hours or even days later after the victim fallen asleep, but we drew you fucking dry. You die of drowning, like EDGAR, Allan POE in your sleep, but he died of drowning of his own vomit, I believe, right in a I don't know, I think it's all fake. I think everything I just said was fake, ok! Well, I thought he did die. Then you die in a ditch yet or not, but he died in a gun. You got drowned in a gutter. There's many ways you,
You can dry drought, EDGAR, Allan, POE's death, the different theories, suicide murder, cholera hypoglycemia rabies, syphilis influenza or he was possibly a victim of something called pooping so. Is that the end of your list? Henry yes and no pointed it even when Natalie never wants to hear another story about aliens and she put the pillow over your mouth and slowly suffocates you. That is how I prefer to go. Ok. No. That is not a sudden thing that would be an arranged discussion. Okay, very good! and will be with her, but all right, well. That was a that was illuminating, scary. The thing is, we can't do anything about it. No coping is when you were forced to vote over and over and over again, they used to do a back on the ballot stuffing days where you don't have like voter id is or anything like that, where they just get. These coping gangs will go out on the street. They can
that guys and then make them go vote for the candidate that they want to win, and so they made one of the possible theories for EDGAR. Allan POE's death is that he I had too much to be enforced. I would love to know if EDGAR Allan POE actually got to truly vote for the politician he wanted. We would have had a God country at this point, but unfortunately, I'm sure the corporate powers that be forced his hand- yes, well, that he was probably possibly beaten to death for refusing to. Operate in the coping. Sometimes, these guys all they bring disguises along and then they get someone and they put make him vote, and then they put a wig on him and they make him go vote again, honestly, they would be great for my real of all the different ways. I can vote a different people. I could be ab lily all right. Well, I got a little creepy tail here. This comes in from wildest bore six thousand five hundred and fifty- and this is called This is why you should never go on Roblox Roblox
I've already exhausted before Roblox Roblox, it's a dad something alright. So this it starts off here it was Monday. Two thousand nineteen, so just a lot of money it was Monday June to the This is nineteen. I logged on to my roblox. Like I do. Every day my mom came to give me a peanut butter sandwich log, which is good. That's a nice month. I logged into my account, but my avatar was cut. Word in blood. It's actually kind scary, right, yeah, I honestly think would be pretty cool yeah. I got scared, but thought scared, no big deal it's just a glitch. Okay, as we think, and so far I think that's going to change. I clicked on it. Jailbreak I've just clicked on jailbreak, which is one of my favorite games, because I'm really good at it. Took around two hours to load, but then I was in the game. Thing was pretty normal. I chose I chose.
More. Like always, and I tried to escape jail like normal, but I got tased by a police officer. I look the user? So I could kill him later? His name was guest underscore six. He was killed by Deste Underscore six six six. The next sentence is, I started crying in real life. I stopped right in real life and guest underscore six hundred and sixty six arrested me. He private judge me later in chat, saying haha, I got you a loser. I will get you. I said back So he said I exited the game I joined. Do pizza simulator, I was having fun I had about ten million pizza points When I saw someone on the game, I checked the username and it was dest underscore six hundred and sixty six Bedford Ave.
Got pizza ice cream for my mom, but she did not come to me. I got up out of my chair look for my mom. I went into the living room, and I saw her dead body. Everything was in blood. I look behind me and saw guest underscore six hundred and sixty six, not in real life. Ugly. However, I had karate practice. I did a karate punch on him. He got hurt and was bleeding everywhere. I read the way to my neighbor's house. The neighbor was was a police officer. And he shot guest. This is written, really good. There was a police officer and then he shot guest underscore six hundred and sixty six There was amazed maze I think he killed. I was a police officer and then I shot guest underscore six hundred and sixty six, the neighbor was amazed. I killed it she made me president there. It is one of the best I've ever read and it ends with a presidential victory for the wildest.
Four hundred and sixty five thousand five hundred and fifty I like, I find it interesting that she didn't turn around and see guests underscore six hundred and sixty six and it's just a man not unlike myself. No, hello, my dear yes, I do traffic in the works of the devil. Will you please be with me? Will you please try to understand me scary stuff, the world of on line gaming- oh, is it is, it could be very, it can be very intimidating. I have given my playstation name out to one person that is it I'm still hesitant, knowing God, don't get smart, but also don't do online gaming because I play games to escape from people. I know I would like division, two with people, but maybe at some point maybe, game of getting away from people. This is scariest game of all. Absolutely alright. This one is called the handsome soldier, It's probably still is this. Like a fleet week
We we it's by Katie. I love it there's a little girl growing up my It's always tried to protect me by telling me legends and tales. My city is pretty notorious for strange, behavior or paranormal happenings that have been occurring since the nineteen hundreds one old tale that stands out most in my mind, is the one of the handsome soldier. Whenever you are old enough to start going out, your parents always warned you about meeting boys and the handsome soldier. They say that if the soldier asked you for a dance or offers to walk you to your car and you go with them tomorrow, you will go missing. Others say that when you start to dance, lower turns to fire, and he drags you too hello. The story goes that a soul from the n was station down here in Texas in order to A closer eye on some of the confederate troops, all
that went very well. I imagine he was very deeply. Undercover well stay. With an old farmer who figured, he was just a passing drifter the farmers beautiful daughter caught. I fell in love with her quickly, but the daughters, confederate soldier husband stood in the way. Listen. I know you're from the south and it's nice to meet you, but tell me handle is, I need you guys are like you got on. Italians could have ended the civil war before it even started. Despite this, The northern soldier who my city later named Alexander, didn't see any harm and flirting with the young girl Alexander, was tall with jet. Black hair and enchanting blue eyes yeah? I like it. I got it from my dead mother. I love it. You look like Russell brand. It was something that would catch your eye in an instant.
Something you wouldn't soon forget during dinner. He would sneak glances and smile at her, the farmer's daughter. Of course. You look nice. How old are you you twelve nights? I don't know if that in italian version of sneaking a glance just screaming across the table. Oh no one hears this and he did it just to relish in her beauty. She was young. She was About twenty years old- oh legal, I mean if this wasn't threat story, should be twelve yeah. But, yes, long golden locks that she kept in a tight bun. The soldier was wild for but it wasn't only his doings. The farmers are Marie had grown tired of the marriage to her confederate soldier husband, she began to see freedom with Alexander and she gladly returned his advances Yeah come with me I'll, show you all the finest pork rolls in Newark that take you all the way down to Coney Island and we can play shoot the freak with the with the fifteen year olds with the bone. This
right soldier, I'm sold on that date. Beautiful black k, drew, carry their fair on for several months and tried to keep everything under the rug all until one day and Marie announced to Alexander that she was with child. Oh Well Alexandra begged her to run away with him back to the north where they would raise the child together and be happy. It seems like a perfect idea, but Emery could just leave her father. No, she refused and the couple had a very ugly fight. Much to the couple's dismay though, and he's husband had been listening to the entire conversation on the other side of the door. Uh huh, but you will say behind closed doors and I have to say that man's hey, it's not real
only had his wife and having an affair with the northern soldier, but she was also pregnant with his baby. Oh my god, and out of fury he banished his wife to the desert with no get out get outta here, the desert of Alabama. What desert is she goes? Oh ok. She intends over half this ethics states, alright, alright! Alright, got a shout mop face pot. It would do no model months. Did you wanna get out of here and did he did so with no food or water? Then he took the northern soldier tied his arms behind his back. Set him on fire. Oh, oh! No. I'm the pork roll, oh, my goodness, that the the wig Woodburn fast through the flames, those blue take this week off. For God sakes. Let me die all naturale who's bowl.
Eagle that form this country through the flames. Those blue eyes burned up until the end, and one last scream, he vowed to return for his love. Now me and my friends always grew up knowing to never go home with the random boy or accept strange drinks from anyone, but When I set eyes on him, I was hypnotized, will brand yeah yeah is Russell Brand yeah, my name. Alexander, He was alone from what I could see and he was sipping on a scotch that little voice inside my head was screaming at me that this was Alexander, but I brushed it aside. As me, and all my girlfriends swooned at his beauty, yeah, hello driver MIKE Eta, like we gotta, keep it always say. God bless! Oh my god Katie he.
The hottest guy I've ever seen get over there and introduce yourself? Do that? Indeed, that's what one of my girlfriends shrieked at me over the blues music guys she's gorgeous you're right, but what if he has a girlfriend? What if he says? No, I think I'll just sit this one out. Ok, I said sipping on my rum and coke, as I turned to relish his beauty, one more time. Something struck me we locked eyes and his eyes glared bright, blue into mine. I swear we locked eyes for at least Five tell me: do you like ACE of Base, I snapped out of it and leaned into what the girls were gossiping about when I have, another shriek oh my god, Katie Woo, he's getting up and coming over here,
say hello Pope days away, I don't know yeah, I don't you know I saw, but we're going straight. Looking good, I turn soon enough. This greek God was standing at our table. While I am Greek, Okay, can we help you with something of my friends piped up? Yes, what is your name that miss his voice was smooth sexy like that. What is your name? Miss me, I said shocked beyond belief. My name is Katie an yours, that's something I will tell you on the dance floor Katie. Would you like to have uh dad this? Is you tried that you Are you sure we do we do like is that cool tones? I do like it, but I do like the idea of just Alexander being like you and me, let's bouncer dirty now,
that he would sound. Like you remind me of my dead first wife, I thought he was the one that died, but you do sound like someone trying to trying to pass a lie: detector test by stepping on a pin just like having a little thumbtack underneath there to he held out his hand. For me all my girlfriends looked at me as, if to scream. Me with their eyes about the legend we I grew up with not I promise I knew that it was Alexander. My mind was screaming at me to run home and jump out of the covers of my bed at home, but most of me was paralyzed under his stare I tell you what, if you could see me eat spaghetti me wonder what else I could eat real messy add date. So messy is what women really want. With a couple of things, I mean it's not going to be clean, but don't worry I'll go down on you all over
Alright, I rose from my seat and sauntered over to the almost vacant dance floor. He was strong and his dancing was beyond this world. Wow we talked of life. Music and movies, nothing! You like Godel WAR Worlds, yeah thought bruises. Nice he's funny. I like that he's small, like main yeah, absolutely Brad Pitt, I think, was in that one The last good song was mambo. Five, though you. How was the last good one surprisingly Lou Bega was German yeah a lot of people. Don't know that nothing be, throwing up red flags. In my mind, everything we talked about was normal and modern. Surely a ghost can't talk about the latest movies every other culture, has stolen the Zeppole from the Italians. No listen to me, man! We are dancing! That's what I remembered you forgot to tell me your name. I say
giggling and almost mockingly his eyes even and look down at me and said sternly. My name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex you sound like you're, getting a physical, ok, so, but you're making the voice yeah. When the doctor says this, might you might feel little pressure? My heart stopped My chest as a large smile spread across my face, the ground began to heat up and everything went black now, I'm not too sure I'm dead or alive. But someone left this scrap of paper and a piece of coal to write with. Maybe if you find this, You can tell the others to not even look at him. Tell the others that I
love my family and I wish I was home. Is that a barbecue smoke? Oh wait screams, oh god fire now here he is Alexander devil himself from always: very scary. Hum Northway, thanks for native for supporting our show native, is a natural cruelty. Free deodorant, that's made. No nasty ingredients native is form. Do without aluminum parabens or talc, and his parents within because you actually recognize like coconut oil and shea butter and that's important, aluminum is in most of the deodorants out there, but it may be linked to serious health ramifications, including breast cancer and Alzheimer's native is all natural,
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manually delivered to your door every one hundred and twenty three or four months, and with no risk to try an free returns and exchanges in the US. There's no reason not to switch for twenty percent off your first purchase visit, Nate Deodorant common use, promo code last during checkout. That's twenty percent off your first purchase when you visit nativedeodorant dot com and use promo code last during check out from north way. This is a story called kids in the dark, Jeff no, not this story growing up poor in the south meant share on a lot with my little brother Ali. Most often we past clothes and skin conditions between us up until he was six. We even shared a bit. Not of us was happy about that.
You still like Kevin Spacey on the witness stand, trying to explain his actions. You see a man as an actor leader challenge in life and he must release some of the pressure. It was my tenth birthday when that changed. I got one present that year and it was a bit of my own Ali was J this right away and I can understand why you had to keep that half broken down frame with the worn out mattress the one I gotten wasn't much better, but not being broken and worn was enough. Alright, sleep question on the plot. I thought he said that they shared a bed until they were six and now his hand, birthday yeah. I know, but what happened in the four intervening years? I don't know. Ok, I slept in a hammock. I did not read the um extended universe of this
now. Sleep report was a great feeling sure it was free long longer would I have to suffer the sudden and inexplicable kicks to the stomach No longer would I wake up with all these footprints into my neck, like he'd stepped on Dracula the night before a good one, at least that's what I thought see right away right after I got the new bed, the shriek started at first, I thought all they woke up in the middle of the night and screamed becauses he'd, gotten scared, then the sound good to turn room again and I knew it wasn't. The room was a was black as pitch after sunset, the one with we had was pressed against a long leaf, pine and even the biggest
Harvest moon cast no light inside the street, just about drove me crazy ever probably at the same exact time, the sharp yelps It knocked me right out of my dreams. What was my my mom or dad at my? I knew what that sounded. Like Movie Rudy most were in of all was the fact I can never tell where it was coming from cuz. It seemed completely random. One night is come from somewhere near the closet. The next art shoot it shoot out from the corner of the ceiling. Two one slash two stars manager was rude. Any hope I'd have having my own space would get down. Whichever time ollywood silently slip into the bed with me shaking like crazy, he clasped on to me and we wouldn't let go until it was almost daybreak most times, I'd take his hand and tell him everything was going to be ok, but that would be over by the morning, but
I was never really sure overtime, the shriek started change at first. It was only by small degrees. One stop but eventually took on the primal. Sound of a prominent call, not its fiercest warning. I had a class pillows to my ears just to keep from going deaf. My mom and dad never believe me all. I basically be cause the thing whatever it was refused to make a peak when they were in the room. Apparently they couldn't even hear it through the walls, even though it was so damn loud enough that she just got worse and worse until I felt like I couldn't take it anymore me and Ali would do, would really bad in school and we just had no energy at all. I could sleep more deeply with my head propped up and eyes open the middle of class in my own room at night and thankfully, we moved out of the house. Nearly a year later
they did all sorts of things, even a child's clumsy concept of suicide to get away from the horrific let noise I ate a pile crayons, but you can't overdose on Crayola. No, there was no problem at the next house. That's what cookie cutter home on a dead end street, and I welcome the normalcy what's more. When we moved in there, there was a bunk bed waiting for me at all it normal broken bed. No more! Fitbit bad idea up having Shay anyway, the only problem is deciding who get the top bunk. I told I I deserved it. After all, I've got a new bed way back and he ruined it by climbing in every night what he shook his head. I never did that How old always Wanda The noise stop the second. Now we sharing my bed now advancer. It was a good.
It wasn't indeed, for the ghost in seem to do much harm, just look to go sleep in the same bed with the other than the screaming stops and What's it going to do yeah it was Howard dean. Can you can you roll over on a ghost or would the ghost just kind of pass through you depends, I mean so. If you're sharing a bed as well share with the ghost doesn't matter to you I mean depends: is Amenadiel Go to the shoe repair shop, right. Well, I got this is a bit of a longer one here. It's really exciting about a dog and there's a turtle involved, that is nice. Isn't that exciting? So this person, it's yellow lemon is being which is evidently a term that people who are younger use that I have no idea what it means. Well, the urban dictionary says that it was a term that younger people used in two thousand and six back window said. That's us
was that was our generation. Now I get it, I get it so the name of this tale is my name. Got a new dog? You would think that not bad right? Now, it's gotta be good, it's always good. So the story begins IVO who's better than animal person, dogs, cats, hamsters fish, even hermit crabs. At one point, which I don't like that Kristen Kermit Krylov, the hermit crab. Ok, what I think they're fine they're fine, but I would never get one as a pet anyway um one of my neighbors also has a pet tortoise, who I take all my veggie scraps to our community. Is a relatively nice regular middle class, one with regular middle class lives. We were completely shocked when a new neighbor moved in about two months ago. Within the week their yard was full of trash and old electron. Is that David Allen COE that moved in with what's going on a car sat in their yard that looked like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it. I'm not
to really judge, but this was really not the type of place. You would expect that for this lifestyle I never really saw I'm outside much. We only cross paths when his daughter came over to see the tortoise. The man who owns the tortoise he's an old guy. He lives with his wife and their pet. I guess it's kind of in old couple and their gentle giant most people would bring over some fruit or veggie scraps throughout the week it had just become our personal compost system Hank, the tortoise would eat all of our scraps is there and the it's just describing the life of a toward boy at this point generate but there's a twist. I hate the toward the tortoise. We need all the old scraps and then they, old woman would offer us some food from her garden, He sat outside a lot with Hank Everyday that on their little swing and Hank Robe the yard at will, of course, at night and
in the winter he was taken inside, but during the warm months the neighbors kids like to sit and what like to sit outside and watch him happy when I saw our new neighbor open up his somewhat still running car door to reveal a puppy. His daughter, was overjoyed. I went over to say hello to the little guy. He was a german shepherd from our local shelter. The puppy was uh is a little dirty, but that's to be expected. I got concerned when he would leave dog outside all the time I mean every. Of everyday day. The puppy was brought home MID June, no time for a furry, happy to be without water. I took over a small bowl of liquid's a few times a day, each and the poor baby was so happy. He was chained up all the time, I was ready to call animal services when the poor guy was laying down there looking almost dead. Honestly, not sure of the owner phantom at one point and fed him at one point I tried to give him a treat, but the man should be out for it. That night I took the poor baby, a bowl of kibble. It was
so sad to see Maine fast forward about a week. I wake up and I go to take the puppy some more. What when I see you got off his chain at first, I thought he was finally let inside until I heard my older, a neighbor scream. I ran over thinking. She had fallen, but when I see what the but when I see this scene, I nearly vomit you guys in the quarter you can She was cradling Hank the tortoise in her arms my neighbor's puppy, laid on the other side of the yard. Hank had a huge bleeding, in one of his legs. He looks so weak. I called the vet, but there was nothing he could really do Hank passed away yesterday, his parents holding him and keeping his keeping his as happy. His happy as possible. I took over a whole slice mango hanks favorite. He ate it a little, and it seemed kind of happy my neighbors starve. It goes on my name.
Good deal. See right now. Are you by taking care of our neighbors and my neighbors, starved his new puppy so much that he got off his chain and ate my others and hate? My other neighbors tortoises leg. Needless to say, the puppy is going to a foster home, but I feel so bad for Hank in my neighbors, but I do wonder why was, take out at night. Did somebody purposely leave the door open or did someone else open it I see a lot to unpack. There know what is yeah This was outside at night yeah, that's the big twist, the tortoises outfit and the dog gave his leg in the dog ate his leg. That is that's trial, the story about people, not care of their animals. Well, yeah! That's all that's what this is terrific than that! It's just an episode of hoarders. Well, I'm just saying it's pretty scary: ok, you shouldn't have a turtle around a dog. No, but they didn't know I think that it makes well. No that's why it's like did did Hank was
the lead outside or did someone purposely leave the door open, either way something pissed off someone in town right what three it's more of an animal based mystery than agree, because it is a mystery. It is a mister. What role did the man play in all this. He wasn't watching but why did wasn't he feeding the dog? Will he wasn't doing that, he was only ever seen, Videos on the unlikely animal couple, of course, unlikely animal friendships is always fun. You know what I'm just gonna say, though ducks like everyone, not So they don't like bill regressive. I don't think it's true. They just understand what they can get out of out of their arrangements with their animals. They ducks are fucking selfish yeah ducks are actually vicious little creatures. You're right about that, I am scared of ducks.
That was a good story, because the dog sure tortoises, like you, too, you are allowed to you. That was your producing. You produce the segment. Nail, I nailed it nailed it. For the reading is getting better. It is well, I think it's good all well start off the last round. Here my story is from user free. As in speech, and this series called the mind. Ok, ok, the mind a realm that is mysterious to me. Even to this day, though, I take refuge there during long hot days to get away from the bright burning, sun, escape there in the afternoon when the sky is gray with storm clouds and the sun is all but receded the minds. True nature eludes me.
It. Let me in to see its shadow ias depths gaze at loftiest mountain peaks, but as of this writing I still cannot say for sure what it was that I saw dreams: dreams of bright white lights peering through my window. Still wake me on quiet summer nights I shudder to even think of it. Now I will share my story with the world. Perhaps someone will listen. Ok, the true beginning of May story started with the day I was born. My fascination with thought in the mind had always confused my parents as well as my friends and classmates in my school in a small home town in western New. Oh, oh! It's my outlook, my old time. They never understood the possibilities of the human mind held, if only you could see me now, the wreck of a human being, that I become
Insane is what the tall men in long white coats called me, but I assure you I'm much more than saying I'm the only one that sees I need did start using that more often, I'm I'm I'm so much. Then saying yeah. As I grew up. My love, for studying the human mind, did not waver? My obsession only grew stronger. I was given all the books, psychology and human anatomy. I could read soaking up the precious drops of information. I was thirty. Two years of age when I was finally satisfied with my research. Finally, as my studies and my prolonged childhood came to an end, I decided to conduct what I consider to be my first true experiment. My first subject was a young woman with dark, hair and blue eyes, probably about twenty years old.
I thought this was going to be about pizza bag. All right he's doing he's using human beings. First experiments. It was just a matter of getting her to cooperate. Having knocked her out, I simply put her in the trunk of my car. I drove home night replaced evening as my subject regained consciousness. The first part of the experiment was to run a few tests, simple things. I exposed her to electric shocks and slash, at her limbs to test her ability to withstand pain, monitoring her brains, reactions with a homemade device. The one question- she asked the only words she spoke to me throughout the whole process instead of one word, yeah yeah,
yeah, all white. Alas, the tests proved too much for her and she perished bloody and my girls. Her body was cut up into manageable pieces and dispose stuff, and I needed a new test. My eyes Second subject was a bit younger sixteen years of age, most I lured the brown hedge bright eyed use with promises of Fame as the star of a television advertisement. That's amazing, a sprite commercial. I proceeded to hit his head with a crowbar in him unconscious on the ground a few feet away from my vehicle again The subject was taken into the testing room where he was exposed to rigorous tests having his skin punctured with wires to test his skins resilience and having his brain probed through a small cavity that I had drill
in the front of girls this time I put the subject under a strong anesthetic to minimize screaming and compliance? My isn't that isn't the scream a complaint I feel like that. It would be. I would if I would have put this cream in a category yeah we put in a complaint. The subject did not survive the tests, but I did gain some valuable data. I disposed of yet another body, this time feeding the scraps of flesh to rats that had made their home. Seller. My third subject, I knew by name. In fact he was one of my best friend. Clyde on Clyde
of western New Jersey. Oh, he was a stout man with a short Whitebeard, fifty five years of age. Once again, his head connected with my crowbar once again, anesthetic was administered once again limbs were strapped in apparatus is creating loud buzzing. Sounds this time I did notice, my neat round hole was drilled in his skull. The other end was connected to a large box containing the components of the yes, which was connected to the output, a pair of glasses modified, so that the lenses were small lcd screens, a switch was flipped and my device began to code in his brain signal. I was about to unravel the mystery of human thought. Read am I discover humanity's true nature, or so I thought God come on large red eyes, suddenly
appeared to stab me in the face they moved away for me to reveal a scarred pale body. It smiled and moved forward to step it didn't stop, smiling behind waves of emotion and a sudden screw pain that pervaded my chest. I slowly, and I understand that what I staring at was the true face of madness. If Seth Rogen? I can't even do that. Bucket programs, like oh millionaires, that funny good for him three bright lights appear: from the solid white ground and float up to the level of the figures head. Blinding me an Obsc, ring is still smiling face, as I say, We became accustomed to the spheres of light that radiated in
direction. I looked up again to see that the pay you'll read I'd figure in tone. Gray clothes looks more familiar in Oakton White. It was the face of the one hi welcome to my mirror on cold early mornings, when the sun's rays is not yet on the ground. The one who kept me comfort, and my hours of loneliness, and I welcome information thought it was gonna be Hank. The toward my my modify so. I have to sit fallen off my face hours ago, and yet my vision was unchanged. Finally, after an amount of time that seemed like months
visions faded away. I was only out for about a day. I was satisfied with my discovery and I began to write of my work for the world to marvel at it. Two days passed before the face appeared again smiling tear for was ever the figure opened the door to my study, leaving it slightly ajar it ambled towards me extending its hand, suddenly a shining stick, metallic blue, appeared from its chest and extended into mine puncturing, my skin. I woke in hospital. My neighbors appear to have heard my screams. The doctors insisted that I had stabbed myself with a letter, opener and then no vital organs were injured. I still needed rest. My work remained: unpublished,
images of the man in the light still haunted me and now, even in this pat says, and which I am often allowed to practice. My writing. I am sometimes visited by the pale red eyed figure, but even he just sits and smiles at me now, shaking his head in disgust, I mean honestly, a padded cell is the closest you can do to retire in a bouncy house. Mark is, did you write Is this about? You did not it's credit to free, as in speech free as in I, I really that was hammering about himself good our news. It's really fun yeah yeah a lot going on there. Who is a letter opener anymore? Does anyone have low your openers anymore, but I just opened up my finger
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read I'll start reading it and then I'll reveal the source. Ok, Mary Ann felt excited sexually waves, shooting up her legs to her crotch in her breasts as she drove Hurkle. It was swelling up You drove to the Sears tower. She knew she was on the right track. It didn't throw in the other case at the boys they get rid of them. It was more than women's intuition. She was heading to the moth man. It was a feeling vibrating on the top of clip leading wrong like a dowsing rod to water. She parked her now wet jeep near the Sears tower holds the entire with I put that in there I put that in there she looked at the sky. So the silhouette of what looked like a giant fat circling around the tower she needed to get closer after slipping by security guard.
Mary Ann snuck into an elevator and hit the button for the sky deck on the 103rd floor. Hopefully she got a closer look at the moth man. She filled her stomach, learn which is the elevator shot upward? Yes, she eggs. It on floor. One hundred and three this door his opening to a wall or windows showing off a million lights of Chicago spread as far as the eyes could see had brought up her she walked. Or the solid glass legend when she heard a voice inside her head. Why do you seek me? Misty baritone voice echoed she turned and saw the moth man Sears Tower Hall, he's about six foot with a dark, gray, color and glowing red eyes wings folded by its side. I'm doing scientific research, she muttered, as he approached I've. Seen inside your mind, the mosque meant said. Your purpose is not scientific research. All you know what you want to come here and you may have which
You want Mary Ann side, giant phallus extended the moth man's crotch was about a foot long grain fun very small, rigid, downy feathers around the cock in you are beautiful. She said stroking, moth, mensoff soft feathery chest. I always wanted to be fucked on sky deck, she said slowly stripping off her pants boots, panties and drop it in the corner. She turn around been over sticking. Her huge ass up in the air- you like it She asked if she could hear an exciting squeaking sound in her head. Did she ask it like that? Henry don't like yeah, I like it. My name is Alexandra. Oh, very nice did everybody Texas she walked over and got down on. The glass or part of the observation ledge getting Vertigo for a second. She saw the Chicago traffic rushing one hundred and three floors below her. She in Butner shirt to reveal her pale, honeydew melon size, boobs, her perky, pink, nipples sticking in either
directions. She left her legs together and slowly spread him revealing a tough that neatly groomed bright air on top of her country come and get it. She could do the moth man who waddled forward led by his massive erect cock. He approached and began to slide into her the rigid FED tickled, but in a good way. She she laughed pleasure is the inserted into work. He began a rhythmic pumping up and down build momentum is wings being in a flat with the rhythm This is a fantastic Phuc. The moth man echoed into her head what a fantastic pussey girls queening, a bird They do smell, swept over as he continued to flap his wings ha. Yes, oh yes, wait now. She said: let's change position. She pushed off. His hips and he slowly drew his long penis out of her. She stood up taking. Turn off all the way, so she was now completely nude then turn around. She pressed her hands at massive tents against the windows of the Sears Tower arched. Her back and struck her as far as she could
hungry, posse aimed at the moth man. Oh yeah. I like this moment, said she the Norman's entering, or are you at the bright lights of the city? around. What is the point of all of this? Every it's the only one man, true Erotica, written in a book called fat for them off man at Crypto, erotic, adventure, three fat for the moth man. Ok! Is that how it ends? No, that was so baby. She said now. I want you to come over. Your mock me jizz all over me shut down on your knees, both make commands you. She heard his voice in her head and she did what she was told. He stuck in his grace off Alice between her boobs aggressively pumping now, what's in, while sticking ahead of his Cochran in her mouth for a tongue squirrel in a suck before resuming his aggressive titty. After a few minutes of this, his voice Surat loudly returned her head he said in a second layer, huge blast of pinkish
jelly shop work his on her face and with the window below our it was a. With your mouth, so that's that was twist ending kind of saw that one coming both literally and the color of the season was somewhat pink. Pepto, biz, wish. Yeah yeah, oh yeah, and he said technically said sorry. He said Ectoplasm Maddie see stuff. I don't know if I need the post sex moth man. I kinda liked him before a little bit when he arrived at. Why don't you just saying what a fantastic pussey it's something that I've explained during the act of love yeah. Yep yeah. All right. Well, there I'll do this again little or out I go there. It sounds a lot, I'm sure do people really I mean I'm I've. I can speak
will do get aroused by crypted pornography. It's all going be written. Of course, yeah huge cock huge cock, and she got great boo bees. You could think about the movies. My final let's a short little ditty, it's by a fella. His name is Evan cast Keanu, yeah. This was called pay attention. Okay, it starts with this This story starts around three: a am after a regular Friday night at the bar with my friends there I was alone waiting for the subway, so I could go home and get a little bit of rest after five minutes. This must be before all the strange, shut down, don't even get actually cuts down at the blasio. You want to be president, my president, at this after five minutes the train arrived it.
A literally empty. So I took a seat and put my earphones on at the next station. Two men and a woman entered the train and took their seats like They were close. They like ten meters away from me. They look drunk in dirty. They were coming back from a party or something like that. Both of them were kissing on the girl who just stood there as they kissed her. She didn't look like who is being abused or anything? So I just turned my eyes back to my phone so Tuesday, so anyway, So now we know what's happening, there's a out session, going on this guy sitting there too stations later in old man entered the trains, got old clothes, big beard, kind of dirty to probably homeless. He was looking at the boys in the girl until he looked at me with a shot. Expression and before I could even react as soon the doors open to the next station. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the train I screamed at him. He look put me in the eyes and said: I'm a just saved your life that girl, is dead,
he was dead. The whole time whole time and there were two guys licking on her. I guess so bad liars vampires, perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps it was vampire absolutely been vampires. It could have been record executive series of people in the entertainment industry and they were just doing it on the train. Just right there on the train was late. Let's not forget that empty train. Well, that was it yeah. That's cool, I actually I had one last one. I want to read if it was a, I have a listener. Request. Sure sure. Are you ready here? We go. I said in the floor of my kitchen in a circle of candles. Read in the shifting flickering light. I was working on opening the device it was angular in shape and made of wood or metal. It was tough to say that the puzzle had would appear to be representations of pepperoni and cheese on it. Somehow I to reconfigure this into a pizza slice. If I wanted to open the portal
the flavor to. How was that I was making progress, twisting a pepperoni Aaron, realizing some cheese there. I move my fingers along the cross and almost imperceptibly awful to click. I knew he's almost there, I spun the cross. The row and suddenly I heard the tolling of distant bells taco bells and a almost neon blue light, started to pour in from nearly every crack and seem in the room. I heard the cans of mountain dew in my fridge explode. The very is bags of chips and other junk food, some throbbing and pulsing. The two eventually burst open. I turned to my right and only there was an open doorway where, just seconds ago there was a blank wall, fog filled, it was lit by that the same blue light. I couldn't make out anything past the entrance, but I knew this was my ticket to Flavortown
a man size, shape formed in the fog and I could barely make out it started. Approach me and eventually stepped into my kitchen stories are true. The pizza puzzle had been the in the mayor of Flavortown himself guy. Gary Snail mail. He look different. He wasn't wearing the bowling shirt and said he had some kind of latex and leather contraption that did not fit him in the late he was poured out of the outfit but is blown through small square small and almost look like old. We're purposely tightened around the flesh, as blood leaked from them in his skin was blackening as it did. He had his trademark. Sunglasses on and same hair, but his overall skin tone was now bluish, gray, He had spatulas. Another cooking implements tied around considerable weight
What are you I asked in explorer in the further regions of taste a deep into some angel to others? He took a step towards me. Extended his hand. Come you solve the slice. You must come with me and taste are pleasures. I declined to take him and I followed him none the less we walked for what seemed like eons to lab or reading theme. The corridors, my sense of smell was being constantly salted by new and varied sense. Some amazing, some so bad. I couldn't even imagine what they could be coming from the corridor finally opened up into the worldwide to above everything there was a giant floating burrito. It was uh possibly large and could be the orange of the various food smells Flavortown seemed. It would be a lot nicer than this when I heard the stories yeah burrito, let out a loud blasts of sound, almost like some kind of foghorn my mind, could barely comprehend what I was seeing. Oh my god, I muttered no
This is mine, the God I serve in this world and yours the got a flavor hunger in Greece, my God all the flavour Tom. I gasp for air. The stench of the massive shifting burrito was starting over power me starting to make me have flashbacks of meals, pass, What you wanted this is, what you wanted to taste is smell man. You want why do I ticket to flavortown? And now you have one I shouted and he chuckled behind me. I heard a noise like a greased up, ball bearings. Moving a slab of wood guy took a step towards me, declare
My god wants someone to taste what it's created and I brought you. He sucked me hard in the chest and I fell back immediately landing what appeared to be an open, upright coffin of some kind, something restrained, my arms and legs. I a split second, I looked down and I saw over size, forks and spoons holding me in place a short stabbing pain, errupted from my side, and I saw a tube full of what it look like. Crisco impaling, my side pumping me full of substance, more spoons and forks held my head in place with my mouth open, an arm. What looked to be sausage and bacon drop down in front of my face jamming itself down my throat. I couldn't breathe. This smells in pain overwhelming I blacked out, I woke being held at a forty five degree angle silver screen, though now my head was free to look around for all the good. That did me.
It was nearly pitch black guy approached me with a grin plastered on his cold face. He removed the sunglasses that I saw his eyes were sewn shut. They gave up a lot to become what I am now site is meaningless to me, so I cast it off It's all about that taste brother, I'm going to show you the life and then you're going to join my culinary Kabal. I'm all about to knock your socks off with this fresh, take on a classic. I'm going to put this in your mouth you're going to feel like an atm 'cause. This is money he stepped out of you and return with the wheel table. Not unlike those you would see in a cadaver in a more it was covered in MAC I mean she. He took a large food off his belt and thrust into the heaping mound and turned to me and shoved into my mouth. With a dispassionate look, they've screwed shall one of my teeth. He allowed it He loudly shouted to add through the
an animal. I could taste the cheesy mess. My sanity must have started to slip. It 'cause. It really did taste good, oh good. After I saw after I swallowed. He filled my mouth again immediately. This time it takes a slightly different better. Somehow it was a him the thing that couldn't quite place, I chewed more and I realized it- was bacon. I looked at guy and he green again. He tasted bacon, yet it Kick it up a notch right, he started, making sucking this with this mouth and slapped his lips. All yeah built city, eight, some of the MAC and cheese himself. That bacon is made out long Hey give you know what I'm saying I look down. I saw that the strips of flesh for my torso and legs and many more whole rose, would it be my fate for all eternity? It looks like like. I got myself into nothing. Trouble. Thank you bye. This is my curse, my flavor town to flavor bound by George and believe a bull tail flavor bound. I got a tip my hat
scary, scary, stuff. The flesh was him, I have to come along pig that was a little rude long. Pig is slang for human flesh Is that right? I had to another account number what country they call. I think it's the Filipino kid had, but they called the human flesh. They eat, roughly Tran, lights in English, too long pig. Ok, I guess we know how see us that's fine long enough. I love pork man, I love pork. It makes me feel guilty, though my guilty habit eating. Lot of pork feel, like I don't know if it really nice. I honestly wish get a patch I wish I could get, I the default, the need, I don't even mind. I'll, have some turkey bacon I'll, never mind. I don't like Turkey bacon. I think Turkey bacon is a poor facsimile. Okay, only I don't like any fake version of anything look at this and we finally got to
man corner. It only took us till the end of the show Turkey, bacon. I don't mind turkey bacon. I don't give a shit, alright there a was creepy asked, does spooky of spaghetti. That was fun stuff number fourteen number four he came over to John at these. You really can track the entire breath of how we've changes a podcast over these episodes. They give you take all fourteen of them to get. Other. That's gonna, be a trap, all the way down to what it was like to be a drunk twenty eight year old, all the way to what it's like to be a medicated. Third, there. It is. I know that, certainly my journey, absolutely if you guys we are to be in San, Diego and Oakland, and LOS Angeles. We got tickets available for all of those. So if you are in the Clint or San Diego areas come on out to our live. Show it's gonna be so much fun. We cannot wait to
see everyone there and, of course, in LOS Angeles, we are going to be performing in The cemetery, which is gonna, be a blast wait. I can't wait for this. Show I'm so excited to see everybody is always like. Now it's like such a good time. We did. We had such a good Simon Australia. Oh my god, still recover yeah god. If someone wants to send me solo or maybe as you just did so well, with your teeth and I'm not even mad but like we don't need to have an iron brew moment, but I just love solo. So much hello, man yeah and are usually not going on here. No, you cannot, you can't get so like I've tried. It's a very expensive one place the it sells it like online and it's very expensive. There's gotta be some FDA reason, no there has to be like you or so not pass a government test like are not Kingston biscuits. Also, I love and miss so much how did they say 'cause? You are also in Japan for four days Marcus. How do they say the word pod,
over there. I have to look it up, but I think it's podcast. Yeah yeah yeah, that's something like that. Now Gebbia Japan was was very. It was fantastic. I loved it, love it yeah. Australia is so fucking cool. I would like it if one of the coolest trips I've ever taken. We clearly, I think, they're very much. They are keen keeping their australian things, Australia, yeah yeah. I could see that I mean honestly, I had such amazing beer over there. They don't have bud light, so I had to venture out for my little safety net and hit the great great pale, ales and yeah the food was amazing. Australia could not have been better yeah actually, which I'll talk about. Actually a dead podcast in Japanese is part, a cure so to all who out there yeah, yeah and super cool. They did not really know what it was. What a podcast from the bartenders that I spoke to in a in Kyoto just that kind of casually yeah. They are one of them knew of their existence.
And the other. I had a very difficult time explaining knowing this is why Henry and I were both like. Oh man, really hope Marcus is just relaxing and now you're actually doing more we can ever in Japan because you have to introduce the other podcast. They can't even get to the idea that you may have a podcast now yeah, it's like a big inning over the work but I think the very beginning of the work. It's like damn it you showing them all of this stuff. Also, your recording with them you're literally doing a podcast with them. Yes, you gotta be careful mark is a slippery slope, will work out there yeah, oh yeah, you might find working, no matter what out there in a beautiful Japan, yeah and if your music heard having to go to get out of any act is the coolest part of the world Eniac eniac yeah. Do you see him? Why are you so are any act now they've got it's the coolest place. They've got this gigantic selection. They, instead of having a jukebox. They have these huge catalogs of forty five l, but like forty five records that they have and you can just go through and choose which record you
wanna play and then the bartender will go over and Chuan play each forty five individually. But now doesn't it seem like a hoarder jukebox yeah, it's a much more difficult jukebox, but then, but it's really fun. Yeah yeah. I believe this is very. This is, were Marcus yeah, you don't really like records. They like it. They like it the like flipping. The thing really do they were both of you and I are just been like rose metallic on this and on it will mark one of the people. There are extremely nice yeah So I know yeah, especially at that bar they were super cool. It took me a long time when markets started. Collecting records me be. The quick thinker was like go online and you get right. You get everything you want, but Marcus likes to, hunt yeah oh yeah. We are, we are viewed to be. I believe the term would be posers in that work. I've been collecting records since I was fifteen, I'm stuck in love
all right up all right. Everyone will thank you so much for listening you what you got something that Rick on yet so Creepypasta this week next week, get back and use from uh, I'm going to say it's true crime, history yeah! It is so it should be header time, but it's also true crime, history time so that everyone is going to really enjoy what we've got coming up next to come back hard, you better, never come back harder. Obviously we come back hard with that and then the topic after that, I'm especially this is one that we've been waiting for a very long time to do so, I'm, excited we have a lot of schitt about the funking fold inside if you absolutely in the podcast after that puffins going to replace main uh George is going to place. You replace you Marcus an will, have Wendy sitting in for Marcus it'll, be all pop podcast it'll be a puppy that would be cute. I'm alright thanks for listening, hail yourselves Health Dayton. Oh guy Elation oscillations, helmy. Alexander you're, so
You smell just like Russell brand yeah. I also spilled a bunch of ravioli and Russell brand. The last time he doing a show in Newark. So thank you. Thank you This show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot.
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